The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 8, 1968 · Page 41
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 41

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1968
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Friday, Nov. 8, 1968 11 Close Balloting May Bring Cries For Reforms minht want to turn the process fitful,-jniateur national reporting 'system operated by Within that outline there might be many degrees of federal intervention. Congress might want to continue relying primarily on local politicians of opposite parties to watch each other at the polls, or it Sen. Birch Bayh, D-Ind., has led the fight for direct popular election of the President. His re-election Tuesday should assure continuation of that effort. An impulse for basic reform should also be given by the growing public realization In recent days of the nasty politl- Nixon, as he recalled in his victory comment, knows what it is to lose a close election indeed, to lose on a few thousand votes from Cook County, 111. and with the distrust of the existing system so evident, he might find it not only poetically just but expedient to press for reform. cal and legal wrangles that the present system would permit. If no one had won an electoral college majority If Illinois has gone to Hubert Humphrey, for example then there might have been fierce bargaining and also lawsuits about individual members of the electoral college, then among the house delegations that might have made the final choice in January. It may be the natural Instinct of a man who succeeds in winning the presidency to discount the need for a change In the system that elected him. But in Richard Nixon's case that might not be true. hold the integrity of federal elections. But it might be wise to include some general supervisory power in any constitutional amendment now proposed to change the presidential election system. That amendment would, of course, eliminate the electoral college. over to nonpartisan teams as in Britain. The constitution probably gives Congress the power now to supervise presidential elections in this way. Supreme Court decisions going back many decades confirm the reach of federal power to up- . m--- '---'---'-:- .--..,-,,, . , r ,,, ,, (Cl IMftNr York Time NrwsSrrvIrr NEW YORK - The 18 election may not have clarified much else, but It has made clear the need for reform in the way the United States elects its presidents. That belief is an inevitable result of the confusion during the long count last night and this morning and of the very real possibility that the country might go for months without knowing who would be the next president. The complexities of the presidential electoral system have long baffled many Americans and even sophisticated observers abroad. The closeness of this election will spur the movement for a direct popular vote to replace the electoral college system But last night's events show that this change, which could be effected only by a constitutional change, would hardly be a complete cure. The uncertainties might be worse in a direct popular vote for president when only a few thousand votes separated the major candidates. "If this year's election had been up for decision by popular vote," an observer said, "the temptations to fiddle with the returns and steal votes would have been even worse. You might have been fighting 1 r- WHEN y& IT'S ( FALL J INORThV iPiLiL-iPiBSTrinyTajLi coif wbliltuibs? CxS-FT. UTILITY S ORE ROOM COW OR SHEEP MANURE iEENDOOi 6 6 6 rrtOi A Sir. Mints TOUR HAtJI rTTTiLlSJ SOURCE OF ORGANIC NUMtS Man aloctro-tlata ititl eMirrtchM W'dt toaali inn liinetii blat itk white trim ftnisk LAWN 1ND GARDEN FERTILIZER Sometimes the natu ral FERTILIZERS do er V V UH? wonders where othe jmi ' mixes have failed d! TRY IT! YOUR in the courts forever about ballots here and there." It was not only the posslbili- ty ot an electoral dead-lock that caused concern this year. 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Anyone who has been through a close British election knows the kind of public confidence that should exist. There is no hint of partisanship in the worthy groups of citizens who painstakingly count the votes in a borough hall. A seat in Parliament may be won by a handfull of votes the margin has been as low as one but no one doubts the honesty of the count. After the 11 general election Labor had a majority of only l.'i in the House of Commons, but the Tories attempted no legal challenges to the result. To achieve anything like that in the United States would require a whole new mechanism to supervise the counting of presidential votes. In the nature of things It would have to be a federal system, doubtless relying to a great extent on local amateur help bul established under a federal law and federal standards. Any him el such a lederal et-fort in the voting Held usually produces powerful resistance in the nam'1 of states' rights. And i' is ci'amly true that the copsi'tu'inn generally left elec'ioMs 'o r ontiol. li'j' , " i' Jhilosophical !mr."M' e '",( eonstitu'ion w .is '" :H states i'.x voting qualiticalions. And even that fortress has been breached by federal legislation to assure Negro voting rights. In broad terms what Is required is not hard to see. It is a uniform, national, officially managed counting and reporting service to replace the variety of local practices and the what you want for straight, true partition work. Also will make nice picnic tables, etc. lawn mower can t reach. I Short, square or round pointed. Long, square or round pointed. 3 8-FOOT LONG V " g $5 MONTHLY lUII' ' iTTT, LAWN CHINCH ' -'ja COLORFUL ig LAWN & GARDEN 1L f WHEELBARROWS 1 SPRAY Jf GRASS f SHEARS! vV NO. SS3C B Temper hardened steel JU . 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