The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 8, 1968 · Page 40
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 40

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1968
Page 40
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40 Palm Beach Post, Friday.Nov. 8, 1968 THE LITTLE WOMAN Mt2.otTHea.s, """! 7 :vz I LEASMED I - 1 I'M HERETO TA.LK. TO' THAT BM THE JTOm I o Answer to Previous Puzzle YOU ABOUT A RAiSE Soup de Jour r 1 J OP COURSE, VOU KNOW VX THE COST OP LIVING JX -HAS GONE UP rf, ' STEADILY-- TV - .I IBM in -SA. r I J 1 ."V x . vtln f BLONDIE ONCE AGAIN THEY PICKED "fiE. MOST A8..E, COMPETENT I dion't even KJOW I WAS i N T-C RUNNIN5- , WELL.. LOCO, THE I A ACROSS I Pppr i Purw vurti I lliwtmi chowder II Ctillwtlnn (if lSKnglinh etmHmer (Mil ) is Mile tor a rlti view 17 Italian city 18 TtBHUIIIlft (cull) 19 Winter epplo 21 Single drink 23 Vetlver 24 Italian 29 Appends 32 Too 33 Split with diced ham 34 Water (Fr.) 35 "Mason" author's first name 36 Assay 37 Knowledge of moral principles (theol.) 40 Exclamation 41 Stories 43 Stop 4R Vex (coll.) 4U Verbal SO Troubled by puti 54 farm building 85 Burden SO Candlenut tree 87 Gunlock catch 88 Roman emperor 89 Transgression DOWN 1 Sections 2 French soup 3 Not too much (music) 4 Dance step 5 Limit AND BSiLUlANT ONE Vjl ) M M A LA AMI. TuCli TO QC ' ,1 V If VOTES ARE IM AMD VM THE TRiSE MAS m SlCui Their chief ' -L, . . ' 31 Urge payment 35 Congers 36 Slavic rulers 38 Garment cutter 39 Pronoun 42 Lithuanian t jld coin 43 fragrant oleoresin 44 Car model 45 Sleep (slang) 46 Great Lake 47 Hall (Sp.) 51 Compass point 52 Ermine, for instance 53 Within (comb, form) 6 Indiana (ab.) 7 Prophetesses 8 Kind of salad 9 Deprivation 10 Poker stake 1 1 Encounter 16 Microbes 20 Preposition 22 Palm lily 23 Popular girls 25 Discourse 26 Unclose (poet.) 27 Not elsewhere stated (ab.) 28 Consume food 29 Roma i bronze 30 24 hours t V It 1 1 II VJ k-"- I Ill di (C) tt.n, Fw, mm SyiwUfi.. W . I (. World riMa rnrrvrd H-8 I know I said it was absolutely perfect, but that was yesterday." REDEYE (comb, form) HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY n tn BESIDES DIET. WHAT'S T PODFT IT 1 . . .... EVER OCCUR TO YOU.TRACV, THAT THE RUGCED TERRAIN OCEANOGRAPHY COT LETS ENJOY THE TO DO WITH THOSE OF THE OCEAN'S FLOOR AND RIDE' TODAY, OCEANOGRAPHY? I THINK "OCEANOCRAPHV', IS OVER RATED. STRIKES ME AS THE NFW BOONDOf.LE. BLOCKS STAYING At- DIET, I M NO THE ABSOLUTE UNIFORMITY IN ONE PLACE? SCIENTIST. OF ITS SURFACE SET UP OPPOSITE FORCES? jr. LCn DVT! 1 " i i DIED BY I 'A U LASER. I 1 2 h I 14 15 16 17 I 8 9 1 1 0 111 12 13 14 15 fiT 17 ' ---- -iJg-2tT 2l 221 23 j24 2b 26 127 128 29 130 131 T3l P!?33 Haul iiail 34 1 3b 36 LJ 1 IkMU 37 38 39 40 p ; 41 42" 4744" ; 49 ""5F 51 152 1 53 j 57 58 59 8 DICKTKACVfe THEY GOT IN5IPE- November 8, 196)1 BySYDXKY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIKS (March 21 April Wi: You are given a chance to test ideas, theories. A social contact tonight proves of value. You settle into a groove; you know where, how and why. Stick to issues. Line up facts. TAURUS (April 20-May 201: You can shake off restrictions. A project is completed. Know it is don't hang on to past. Look to the future. Evaluate potential. A friend could confide a problem. Be discreet. GEMINI (May 21 June 20): Tonight you can get a good idea of where you stand financially. Stress new contacts, originality, independence. Income potential is accented. Listen and learn. Good information available. CANCER (June 21-July 22: Tonight the cycle moves up: you attract favorable attention. One who teaches asks your opinion. This is a fine compliment, enhances prestige. Be considerate toward an individual who Is sensitive. 1 WONPER IF WHY THE NEW OCCURRED TO THEM LUCK f r -WHOEVER THEy ARE - THAT THIS HOU5e HAS A BACK DOOR' l It. ii 1 W V 7 (Newspaper Fnferprise Ann ) JACOBY ON BRIDGE A phantomIIj East Outshines South on This CARMICHAEL r I UNDERSTAND LEO (July 2.1-Aur. 22): Excellent for social activity. Eriends, desires are highlighted. Utilize showmanship. Entertain be entertained. Eine for an evening on the town. Troubles could disappear. Celebrate. VIH;0 (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Study LEO message. Combine forces with a person born under that sign. The two of you could make beautiful music tonight. Some restrictions fall away. There is greater freedom of thought, action. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Tonight you have an opportunity to improve standing in community. Key is to be alert, cooperative. Express ideas. A member of opposite sex plays a significant role. Speak up. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): By this evening you are happier, under less pressure. Demonstrate interests, hobbies. You will have an attentive audience. Excellent for special entertainment at home. Invite the boss. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-UEc. 21): A mate or partner confides a desire to fulfill it requires additional financing. Know this, and don't deceive yourself with false bargains. Stick to facts and quality. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Obtain a hint from the SAGITTARIUS message. The question of responsibility arises. Don't shrug off duties. Overtime or added assignment actually works to your advantage. Act accordingly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21) Feb. IS): You can finish a task which has proved irritating. Stick to it. Tide runs on your side. One who attempts to discourage you is jealous. Heed your own counsel you're a winner. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): The day features the excitement of discovery. Personal magnetism rises. People are interested in what you say, do. Know this and put across point of view. Don't waste a golden opportunity. IE TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, you are powerful in that you can sway large groups. You are a natural executive and a real go-getter. Recently you turned failure into success; continue. GENERAL, TENDENCIES: Cycle high for GEMINI, CANCER, LEO. Special word to AQUARIUS: influence spreads know this and take advantage of it. YOUR PSYCrilATR.ST tl-0 T. AND inA f he HAD ' ONLY I TO, FRED.' i TWO V J V ViSiTS ? v y S vyas"NN WAS CURED YOU Of SMOINS... TELEH BuRNiNG m HOLES IN HIS COJCH y es V ruffed with the nine, and West overruffed with the 10. West led his king; of diamonds whereupon East came up with his second key play of the hand. He ruffed his partner's trick with his five of trumps and played his last heart. South ruffed this, whereupon West was able to discard his losing spade and South wound up making the ace of diamonds, two diamond ruffs, one spade and four of his five trumps for a total of eight tricks. Down one. NORTH AKJ1095 V 9873 10 Q(i2 WEST EAST (I)) A 7 2 A 8 G 4 II VAQ2 V K J 10C 5 KJ872 4Q4 10 8 3 AK5 SOUTH AACj ! A 9 G 5 3 A J 9 7 4 Neither vulnerable m 3 i THE FLINTSTONESi West North East South RIGHT.' AN' SHE HAINT SHE'LL GOT NO FAT HIM, BEIN' A t""", TO DO.'.' -BUT , 1 2 3 KETCH HIM- ) STUBBY LI'L l:ff'(ll V WIUCKW hrt f . I tUCK: -HMVt- 1 A Pass Pass rtiss Pass Pass Pass Pass 2 V Pass ad V A ( MESSO' A, THING.' rx THESTOMACH LAir,c- f? VCMILLUN7AAt,''V."!) FOR IT?- ( SHE GOING ) rrt?i (TIMVPT )3 Opening le afeP ! ZasVv Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Pass 1 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AA K76 VK0.94 A K Q 107 What do you do now? A Bid three hearts. You don't want to go right into Iilackw'ood because your partner may hold two aces and had spades. TODAY'S (JUESTK)N You bid three hearts and your paitner bids three spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow 1 IT NlEVfK FAJU5 THE PHOME ALWAYS WHEN YOlJ'RB N A SHOWER- L'lL ARNEU 7. 7 --A THAT LITTLE BAB1 ' 23 : IN OUR NEHBORHOOD ...WHINE S HE'S FINISHED HIS NAP AND WANTS TO BE PICKED J 7 UP. THERE, THERE, LITTLE BAB DON'T ' 15 CRYING Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time AGAIN rr - -V . CRY- PAY UP--- A TEM WHEN IT'S TIME TO HE'S NEVER AROUND? Ask amy gas-station man about the customer who watches to make sure the last drop is in"" 1ft9 T-LJlTx, -J rr, Jam . West led liis aco of hearts and continued with the queen. South r u f I e d, looked over dummy and asked his partner why he hadn't rebid his spades. North replied that he would have done so if South hadn't gone to three clubs but by this t i ni e South was absorbed in the problem of making his three club contract. As you can see. South might well have m a d e two over-tricks by the simple expedient of conceding a trick to the king of clubs but South worked out a play to go down. See if you can figure out how he managed this. Kast did come up with a good defensive play. South started working out his downfall by playing the ace of diamonds at trick three and rulTing a diamond at trick four. He was still in good shape but things took a nasty iurn shortly thereafter. His next play was to enter his hand with the ace of spades to lead another diamond. He ruffed this with the six and Kast came up with the good defensive play. He forgot to overrufT. He also was careful to discard a spade, not a heart. South smiled cheerfully, entered his hand again by ruffing a heart and led a fourth diamond for dummy to ruff with the queen of trumps. This time Kast remembered to overrun. Then Kast led a fourth round of hearts. South v HI AND LOIS WEL-,S;STERS.'F " ,:p rAVTMAT WHEN WE GET PA5T THE 1 BUT YOU ARE REALLY ONLV A) BOAP BLOCK AN' YOU FLV V.E To MY FKIENPS ON THE COA4T I AAIOHTGIVE ravCiy -THEY V0H'7 iTOP mm us to a$k about our. JL" I'M KINPA HEALTH . I PULL IN PISAPPOINTEP.' HEEE.SaLPILOCM.' 3 THE REBEL5 ANP .--oa i'fl MONy SOLDIERS W777jS?l INTERESTED IN THE LAST PA5E vSf W,TJ WE' ?0ZTR? ,c VOU -V -Y V.RI'E THE STORY itmiJuL ,p -WHERE I SET YOU THE STOM OF WY l LIFE ... FOR A NICE FEE, KN0CKEP 0CF. ' IPI T 10 L'.t OF COURSE. HLP I 11 1 BONNIE ANP CLY3E -Vijjj'ji m Mm mm w ii ii r i in 1 1 1 am. '.- 'sieve can vonL 1 rr By Neg Cochran OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople HATCH&TFACE SHE POBSNTl OH MR. BURNS.1'? I FEEL fine REALIZE THAT IWT GOING TO COME &ACKP0LL! THIRD DEGREE MI&S HER NOW MISS I HEARD YOU HAP CHANCE TO LOVELACE AOKE BURS CAME TO SEETHE GET I THOUGHT THROAT.' BEAUTY THAT-3 AOUWNTEP J, YOU WERE ,.ER UK ON 4 KfcPUACEUHER WITH ANY AVAILABLE WHILE SHE WAS ; VACATION BACHELOR) ON VACATION V 3i HELEN OF TROY'S . m- - ir- rye: l"- NOPE! THE SAID IT VSOULDNT NO T V PEOPLE EVEN COMPETE f SALE?; WOULDN'T V WITH A THIRP V INTERVIEW CAME OUT LIKE A BARNYARD FULL HAVE YOJ FLPPED 'L. X 3tJ6jL-. TOOK HER AROUMD ITNOWV lAVVORO, FATHER, I'W) BECAUSE" 6HE THE GRAND- KHERE i K.LK5HTED TO HEAR DAUGHTER OF AN (XV 60DDY.'I PUKE i That samdy 60ta) Besides, you can bet id i Lo&ic ' PART IN THE MEW I NEVER MARRY A &IKL Wwoi Iff PLM.'ViDYOO -A COULDN'T DANCE TME REALUTE 50ME PEOPLE UOO&ALOO- 7 I? TH0U6HT VOU MAP- J?V yj L: UEH-HEH-ELOPEO?) VS V Tff v v yt Ji. U i i 1 pqp'S heart iL OF GUINEA HENS r TOUCH OUR V RATE MOVIE,' rX UA UX STUFF it'rr. . n i w S" tHE ONLY THING vTHATS RIGHT, OOOLA, ...rr was A we had theytj mc?) pooples has a and he PRETTY BUY WAS YOUl VCRUSH ON YOUl COULD AWFUL' Vtr' MAKE M3U ' CT-- VA srAR'' ll mi tM hf III M OA TRAPPFD BV LCVELACS H-8 'A H ,1

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