The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 11, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 5
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Pagr Fiv Wednesday, OHober II, 1914. SEAHAWK GUARD - - By Jack Sords G. I. JOE'S TICKET FOR HOME Nazis Tear Donn Aarlien iliaus'7 Sfirrrn!fcr Flag AD1USTE0 SERVICE RATING CARD .......... VMYSHHAL R0... ....... . ........ JAM 01 SERVICE. . ...., U. S. Carrier Planes Strike Close to Japan (Conlinut'd from pajie 1) V't V ff. iUc , r I III . j'l ;r i !'!it li .! ' W.'iu:; Multiply b Mil-.... Type of Credit i. auvicc cBUur Number of months tn Army dn Sept. : t. OVERSEAS CmBCTT Number of anonttu arrwd owtVM . -'jr. ml ; .., :;:. Wildcats Drill For Garfield Match Friday Clinton Team to Make Trip to Terre Haute For Stadium Battle; Seek 5th Straight W in Drilling li.uxl fur (he nasi two nights, the Clinton Wildcats are et-(ing Into shape lor their bout Willi the Garfield Purple Eagles Friday night in the Memorial stadium at Terre Haule. With four straight victories to their credit. Ihe Wildcats will try to uui caro vessels, six .small cargo ships, one destroyer, and two small oil tankers. S. COMBAT CREDIT Number of DrroratHjiff n4 Bran Service Starts. 4. rABENTUOOO rSEJMT Nutnbei of cluMicn under 1 ) M , TOTAL CREDITS. CEITIFIEI v KM mmCimt ort reter sidf before iUiny ctfrrf out- f Continued from page I) their lire bombs and high exposives while niacliiiie-guns popped on strafing guns. It was the first installment of t he destruction promised by I lie ultimatum which the Aacheiiiles failed to answer although they apparently tried. This morning American out post h spotted white 11a waving from houses in all parts of the city, but evidently the Nazi troops have been hauling them down one by one. as has happened before in Isolated instances during the campaign. Ti to lllock rSui'iviidei' Some troops came over the railroad t racks marking the front lines although two or three German officers ensconced at the roundhouse tried lo stop the getaway by rifle lire. Nine prisoners agreed on that story. ('apt ured soldiers also said they had orders to kill any civilian found in Ihe frontlines. as non-combatantK make it five when they take on the Garfield crew in what will probably be a top-ranking game. The Wildcats are also aiming for Of the Si enemy airplanes destroyed, fourteen were shot down in aerial combat while 75 were blasted on the ground by the daring American raiders. M it seller's Flee! Mlrikes The bold foray into enemy-controlled waters was carried out by Vice Admiral Marc A. Mil seller's fast carrier task force which recently operated as a part of Admiral William F. Halsey's Third Fleet in raids on t he Manila area of the Philippine Islands. It was the closest sweep of American naval forces to (he Japanese homeland, t he previous nearest assault having been made on the Hon-in Islands, about iiuo miles southeast of Tokyo. Shore .Installation J tombed Shore installations and buildings were bombed and strafed by Admiral Mitseliers powerful forces and many structures were left burning. The Pacific fleet headquarters lattrcUM far fiHta Ml AWWTEI SERfKE RATMC CAM DETERMINE ALL CREIHTS AS OP THE DATE OF CESSATION OF HOSTlLrTIES IN EUROPE. Wrtte the proper wmmber for emch type of credit mi NUMBER column Multiply tm number by the figure on the same line- in the MULTIPLY BY column, and wnte the tesuUtng figure in Itir CREDITS column. Add all figurt m the CREDITS column to obtain the TOTAL. CREDITS SERVICE CREDIT and OVERSEAS CREDIT. ,4 fer determining the number of whole months, give credit for mm additional month if you have 15 or more days left to your credit Overseas service means any service outndr ot continental InnU of the V S , including Alaska ll begins on the mate of leamng m jO and ends on the date of arrival at port in tiie U S. COMBAT CREDIT. Include the first and each additional award of the foU lowing only: MEDAL of HONOR, DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS: LEGION f MERIT. SILVER STAR, DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS. SOL-UIER'S MEDAL. BRONZE STAR MEDAL. AIR MEDAL. PURPI.E HEART, and BRONZE SERVICE STARS Battle Participation Stars) No other award r ribbons will be included PARENTHOOD CREDIT Credit will be given for children unoVr 18 yearn tS 9C of dale of cessation of tioslilities. but will not be allowed for more than 3 children. A i r- a look-in on the Wabash Valley championship race with their last week's victory over Wiley increasing their rating considerably. Spearheaded by Don lieinero, Anthony Knrietlo and Jack Gilman, the Wildcats have developed a lasi. slashing offensive and a strong line with outstanding blocking and tackling. Garfield's Eagles have played three games, winning over Linton and losing to Sullivan and Elrazil. two of the most powerful teams in the Valley. The kick-off is Bet for 7:3U l. ui. with a large crowd of Clinton fans expected to make the trip to Terre Haute for the match. Kaptbp, 4uS 50A(?D Of -?fe. i communique mentioned no specific vw IOWA S6AHAWKS gi.e( last yeAR mo e-f-sni&p ARMY'S ADJUSTED SERVICE RATING CARD will look like this, when readjustment of personnel and partial demobilization start after Germany's fall. Each enlisted man will get one of these cards to fill out, at which time point values for the multiplication column will be announced. The war department will announce how high the score must be for a surplus rating that makes a man eligible for discharge, but if a certain Johnny Doughboy is considered essential in uniform, he might just as well forget his score lie's in until his services are no longer needed. (Inter national) were supposed to have left the area under orders. A be; ut 1 00 flermau soldiers who had been manning pillboxes on the nori heastern edge of Aachen came in with while flags. All the prisoners had copies of the surrender leaf- . lets dropped by American planes yesterday and fighter-bombers this morning. Hoiiihers Man at 12:ft0 Hut there was no surrender of the garrison, so fleets of fighter-bomberH began droning overhead at 12:30 p. m., peeling off by twos and fours to deliver the first installment of the promised destruction. Nearly 150 bombers attacked and real tacked w ith loads of high explosive and incendiary bombs and now the artillery is beginning hundreds of guns are blasting, including eight-inch pieces and 240 millimeter batteries, the whole torrent adding many tons to the weight BOWLING RESULTS WISKHAItT I.EAGI E MODEL CLEANKKS Evil!. 15 S 167. 149 479; Purcell. 109. 97. 10; 311; Thomas, 140. 14ti, 130410; Verona were said to have been severely crippled. Shell Nazi Bases BLOOMINOTON. Ind. Three players, including Cant. John Tav-ener, center, were forced by injuries from the I. I, lineup yesterday and probably will not be starters in (he homecoming game .Saturday against Nebraska, Coach A. N. B MeAlil-lin said today. The other two are fullback Harry Jaade and center George Parker. Gilfoy. 156. 128, 149 433: Molt. Yanks Spearhead Steady Drive On Nazi Bologna Case (Continued from itaiEft I) 124, 132, 168 424; handicap. 22'J. 229, 229 687. Totals, 91li, 899. 9302745. MORGAN GROOKKY Swick, forfeit. of destruction dropping in Aachen. itOMK. Italy. Naval action reported today in an official eoniniun-I ique from Allied Mediterranean headquarters said that the I'SS j Kherle shelled a Nazi ammunition dump, enemy occupied buildings and a railroad bridge Oct. , while j supporting Allied ground forces near 'the Franco-Italian border. BULLETIN Three lituidred tickers fur the 'Iiiiioii-iaf lieltl f-aiiie liave Iteeu ivceived at the city schools office jiiid will lie on sale through Friday. The advance ticket price is ;t.K- while ailniission at the atc in Terre Jiaute will he o5c. High School Hand to Go To Garfield Game Friday Officers of the Hand lioosters Club held a nieetin ut the Clinlun Hixh School pyimiasiuiu Tuesday evening, it was rioried today. I'lans were made to take the high .school band to Hie Cliuton-Carfield fool bull lAdtuc and it w;ts decid' d to targets in the attack hut the Domei report said that the American planes ranged from Amami Oshima, 200 miles south of the Jap homeland archipelago, to Miyako shima. nearly 500 miles farther southward near Formosa, within 400 miles of the southeast China coast. Jiound Fast 4 lina Sea The Iiyukyu islands are spread over fT0 miles and mark the bouu-day of the East China Sea, extending from a point 60 miles east of Formosa almost to Kyushu at the southern tip of the Japanese archipelago. The islands are strategically important because they command the southern approaches to tiie China coast and would conceivably play a buffer role against an American invasion of that area. it was believed that no large concentrations of the Japanese imperial fleet were present in the Jtyukyu anchorages since the communique mentioned only four combat enemy' combat vessels. j In a communique released after Ihe report of the Kyukyil raids, I'a-i cific fleet headquarters revealed 1 that Carakayo Island in the I'alaus was secured Monday by assault for-! ces of the army's Highly-First nivi-i sion. only twenty-four hours alter , a landing was effected against virtu SOUTH B1CND, Ind. Coach JCd WcKeever's Irish prepared today tor their third game of the season Saturday against Dartmouth at Boston. The Notre Dame varsity was excused from yesterday's opening drill but the shock troops were put through an intensive scrimmage session. FIUSTS W. Foster. 152. 100. 154471; ISerlo. 137. 172. 1 i K 4 77; Turoci. 138. 177. 149 -4114; ('. Foster, 165. 142. 129431;: West of (his sector othor Fifth Army units battled against exceptionally heavy German resistance to reach the town of Vado. Suiith African troops with the Fifth Army continued to press fur-ward in heavy ie and lake fUht-iiifi itbout Mount Stanci. one of the remaining Nazi strongholds of the Uothif Line defenses. ; mey, J 81. 158. 172511; handicap, j 155, 155, 155465. Totals, 928. 969. 927 - 2824. 1'El'Sl COLA Hays. 169. 1 4 4. 1165478; Cheek. 150. 1 44. 128 ,422; Feuoglio. 164, 1 39, 1 22 - 425: LAFAYETTE, Ind. - I'urdue's football players are faced Willi their severest test of the season in the game to be played with the Iowa Fulnwood Powder One cord of pulpwood is used In making smokeless powder for 90,000 rounds for a Garanri rifle. Rheumatic Sufferers Nagging, Muscular Rheumatic Pains May Be Checked Fast Ask for the srnuine Williams RUX Com 1 pound. You aleep, work and play with new enjoyment when you get relief from ni eing pains. Many people declare they suffered so at times that they could hardly sleep and did not feel much like work Ins;. And then Williams RUX Compound brouiiht them Krateful relief and in a hurry 1 The ingredients in KUX, beinft liquid in form, re taken Internally and so are available to speed relief to areas of pain and congestion. Result wilt speak for themselves. Take only as directed. Roeommended and sold by WHITE'S PHARMACY continue monthly meetings of the club. A discussion was held on the need of new unicornis for the band. Maloney, 181. 173, 169- 523; Ghi- Keahawk at Lafayette Saturday. I Bathing Cats Many people hav an idea it isn't necessary to bathe a cat, that a cat will clean itself. This is true to a certain extent but they should be cleaned in other vays. Here are a few hints: Tabbies should be dry-cleaned -vim hot bran in preference to a bath. The coat should be well brushed the right way, A soap bath is best for black cats finish the job with a coat preparation to furnish gloss. A soap or bran bath is best for smokes and finish by brushing with ammonia and water. This will make the coat stand up well. dotti, 1 52, 1 45, 1 59- 456; handicap. 152, 152, 152 456. Totals, 968, 897, 8952760. Airmen 1 taller Verotiu j KOMI;. Italy. - - The Nazi -or- ( cupicd com mimical ions cily of Ve- rona in northern Duly was subjected j to a concentrated Allied aerial at-1 Speedster is Fined Orville Spawn. Terre Jiaute, was fined $1 iirtd cosia by Justice of the I 'race, l-'loyd d uiiin. Tuesday, (Jet. Warning the lloilermakers aboul the veteran 200-pound line. Coach Cecil lsbell ordered only a light drill yesterday to give Ihe defending iiig Nine co.-cbampi'xis a chance to recover " from bumps accumulaled in last Saturday's victory over Illinois. GltAI'ETTE - Crowley. 161. 135. j tack during the iiighl, an official ally no opposition. , ioilo;viii arrest by wlale police .s-edin charges on tate road I 1 34 4311; Stalker. 1 20. 157, 1 41 - 418; Oilinn. 105, 1 46. 135 -- 386; 'Colombo. 111. lxx. 141 41(1; Si-nM. IllS. 189. 1 82 - 489; handicap. 237. The railway marshalling yards at R, Get In .no Scrap' 237. 237- 71. Totals, 852, Kl.i2. L I I , , -p . . I lnl i . . 1 I . . . , i . i . - , r- -r-. . ,r-c- k i rl I , . , ,-t- vy-i, lit CIIULl I ITC A 1 970 2874. STEVENSON Welker. 132 lis. Til I IT! L--l' . . ITO A BEAUTY PARUORTLDARLINlrtl HaJE HER HAIR DONE FOR A tCWT WEARl BREAK -I'LL HAJEI HICH.MONU, Ind. Earlhams abbreviated four - game football schedule will open Oct. 21 against Central Normal. Only three regulars remain of last season's team. Remaining games this season are: Oct. 28 at Franklin; Nov. 4 at Hall State and Nov. 11, homecoming against Franklin. 140 390; Foiicannolt, 1 38, 1 20, 162 420; Rogers, 1 45. 161, 175 481; Oilman, 129, 161. 127 4 15; Keni-ler, 197. 155. 1 35- 487; handicap. 237. 237 711. Totals, 976. 976 2904. 237, 952, llLLIEi p CAN T POSE FOR LpH,SO OUT (N THESE VIET OjDTHESS'jOU'RE? RUSH 3QBLET HER WEAR Y00S THESE VIET A COMPLETE OJTFIT AMY LOVELY HAIR AOj AMD HAJE ITUST IN CLOTHES (Fa i :, iprW CLOTHES (YSEMT OJER AND VvHTVMY HAIR ALL jIT FIXED UF A TIME ) TCHAJIM HSB EMM ! W S. JIATKKIAL Ilollilii-'sworUi 137. 11)3. 172 472; IhUlield. 1 Hi 142. 13S 42U: 1'itli'llliiT. Hi4 115 4 1 s ; l.imlile, 13). Hi4. US 413; McCuwn. 12,. 2l, 11)17 -hanriieup, 2111. 2lii. 21'i -G4j Inls. Mill. !)7f,, !IM 27.1 i HKXAI.I. -- Boyd. 131. l!l 530; Sti' t'llson, 131. llli, 1: 41)2; White. ISO, 172. 154 Beware Coughs o from common coids That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Haill. llil. 11(1. 142 -4 13: Kirkilinn 13D, 1D0. 141-4711; li;indic:i. 1 S f lilti, IDS 594. TuliilH. 955, 1 " 1 2 957 2954. F'.--i' - ifl,r :::;'-;!" r, .-Vif W fTwuiLE I 1 WHOSE SUPEUlOB 8 WHV A6 AN iCfoR.HE WLDNTSi IX! PATltHCE.RUDy PAT'.F.NCf!1. I HEEDi ri'lTOW " T- I Vrf'i ACliNG MADE fE PlAV TO 'rf MAKE A GOOD 6TOG6E TO A Lycfl ( A KAUJUS UC6E fAT VEt Mill PUT l m Jv. , &4j V I WUCM HE OWE6 SUCCES5 MUST TRAINE D 6E AL ! AND HE , A l&Ml HARYS TRIUMPH ON WE bL WK I' M hair . TQmk p breadth ttrArTw un f Real Estate Transfers Henry H. Melton et ux lu Kant Malone et ux lot 25 oriliinul tilat 01 i harry m vMf.muwiyY Alia. HI. Oscar Lamb et ux to Ituby 11. .Soothe your irritated eyes with Murine Lamb ut. 2S-14-10. 1. Osear Laiuli et ux to .lolin Mazuni et ux lot 144 Jacksonville. $1. Jake Petrauski to John Mazura et ux lot 7114 Jacksonville. $1. Saul Dotlich to John .Ma.ura et ti. lots 142 and 143 JacUsom ille. $1. Helen llloek et al to Krank Cirey pil hv an eve tjhysictan, jvjsicuegx Y r34NJI wrm4",im.I I - ' " 1-,-iJ x 1 ImruoVs plot-wg ag&im1. he cant take it! r " 1 1 -i-1'-'77t-tti lAHO HERE IVAM I SM. IiOHAT PO VOU UJAt-jTl rCS TOKA KEEP VER IV 1 .-.., ..-, , mM&'te'i - srv OVER UJITH v ,ir--TS CAVL MOUT'OPINQ jrJ T, . WrA HErToF A rJOTE UM ULL..C HERE, PUERSl' yTK 1 nimble popeve asks for some puers vj thats Xoscar 2 AoiI0rm9S) cro A C TOT AMP NOUJ HE'S GONe4J BETTER T 'JL lSP!tg -XvAT bile m. rX I WAS ABOUT J T- Theatre (Q-. f I g Murine brinRJ soothing relief to 1 eyes that are tired, burning or smart- et al pi. 35-14-10. $1. Justus Heliln et ux to Mary Unlet al K'-i lot 44 Mutlhews Park a ' I to Clinton. flD. Murine starts at once to soothe and refresh. Marine contains seven ingre Willurd Canadiiy et ux to dients ; . . tS USCd in inousanu ui v uicni 9 . j industries and nrsi-aia juu. oc... iadustrie; IV I XBentle. toouaag. use u yowwu. King el ux lot 91 original ; in Ilerniee. $ 1 lino. Raymond Adams to M y (Mlish lot 79 Kairview Park. Jl. Kaunv Newkirk to M;i -il-ti il. Neal et ux lot 40 Kairview Park. J50. lleauford Shewmaker et ux to Chaneey l.ainli lit. lot 1 block 2 Summit Crave. $150. James K. Cox et ux U Wilbur Wil son el ux pt. lots 50 a.--I 51 and 62 original plat of Perrysville. $900. MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS Kussell Kable et ul to Hertha M. Millikin )t. 5-17-9. $1. Kussell Kable et al to Lane Clark f n WHAT'S WBOMG " I I OH VF AH? TH.fcT'5 -l ( AND TIUS'LL BE A , s. I MEANTIME, AT THE PLANT" SLUGGER I I HA? A COPPER 1 1 With TUAT? I I 6OOO-Y0U-RS GOlNO I f THE 1 LAUGH-WITH YOUR OK- QUESTIONS PEG6V rv II! I 1 A StCMCT OPfMTVf 1 1 JUST CAME TO I OOT TO THt PLANT I PIAKIT" J OWA MHDCUFF5 lyJ , - . et ux pt. 5-17-9. $1. One inan lvrcntly stated that for 10 jchi-s lie IVIt like lie had a hiick 111 his Kloiiiaih. This feeling was due to the lump of undi''sted food he al-ujivh had insitle of him. He was Battista Pesavento by .sheriff to Sante Forte et al lot 77 .Matthews I I A4 11 II wtLLJ HIU.',' IHV -SKULL CLUB I I VHtKI Wt Yl Wl . I 7- J I wv-HBlu VUl I V-- I C MUIM, WHO'S IHAI iiUY I , J SJrSX IV.,, fOB MWfy ) I I PI46Y-AK0 60TH I YOUR HANDS J YOU'VE 6EEN SEEING f HONEST. SLUGGER, Park 2nd add. to Clinton. J5 weak, worn out, headachy, swollen I Standard Investment Company to 8 and Willi lias and terrihly constipated. Frank 1 i l eh kit is et ux lots 59 in Standard Sub. $1. Itereutly he started taking Kill! The Cayuga Home Savings Ill l l' and says the feeling like brick in his stomach disappeared the Loan Association to Cayuga .Milling second day. Ilowels are regular now, Company pt. lots fi-7 and 8 original gas anil headaches are gone and he ( plat of Cayuga. $1. feels like a new man. longest River i - ? ' 48 jfi fcx lltll-llll.!' contains 12 Creat Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas fi-om stomal h, act on sluggish liver nad kidneys. Miserable people soon fiH'i ditlcrellt all over. So don't go on suffering! tict I--I-III-1I.I. While's (Cevall) diamine lung The Missouri river, which from IU source to the mouth of the Mississippi river runs 4,200 miles, is the world's longest continuous single river course. The Nile is second with j 4.000 miles and the Amazon, a close i Uiird Willi 3a piileg, btore.

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