The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 4
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TVeanesflay, October 11, 1944. THE DAILT CLINONISN l'age Four f Behind Itelcen THE DAILY O TTOMAN "CITADEL OF DEMOCRACY" Kidnap Reunion mi mils ihi i IHAK MaMtahe mm The Weekly tmtouin MM IV Oils too Plaindealer absorbed 1b iuot Pnbllened JJail Except 6aturdy And Sunday rnwLumyjKju eorce L. Carey - Editor and Publisher Mmteret at the Potofflce at Clinton, Indiana By HARRISON CARROLL Kiug alurefc byndiate Writer HOLLYWOOD M-G-M talent scoul s have been to Camp Roberta on Red .Sk?lton's tip that Private John Standley, who's been in Red's revue, is h , t Republican Editorial wmnw Universal looks on Ann Blyth as Uieir best young star possibility. Just to keep her happy, Uiey are bringing a 16-year-old chum, Doris Driscoll, out from the east. If you can't place Ann, she's the cutey who played opposite Donald O'Connor in "The Merry Monahans." A national magazine gave her a full-page pin-up picture a few weeks ago. phone S3 Phone 32 a young Ed Wynn. The boy can t jsign any contracts while he 12 in the Maeatmm ASSOOATIOt Bruce Cabot has found a houM Army, but make a bet that M-U M will grab him as soon as the war is over. r i - I 9 i I Deanna Dur- the old Pauline Frederick place on Sunset boulevard. I asked Errol Flynn what on earth Bruce will do with such a large house. "Oh," said Errol, grinning, 1 think he's expecting some pals out from the east." One of the actors in Monogram'j John Dillinger picture will be George Purvis, the nephew of g w 'r 1 bin is looking ' ..---M very nappy, can it be because P h otographer garrison -Carroll Bob Landry is back from the invasion of Fiance and is headed here within the week ? F. B. I. Man Mel v in Purvis, who led the raid that trapped Dillineer in front of the Bijou theater in Chi cago. The former F. B. I. ace now ii a colonel of military police and has ) ' i y ' sjp m The family of John Hodiak finally solved transportation difficulties and arrived here Saturday. John has a house all ready for them. Apparently, though, he may intend to live permanently with his folks. He's only loaned his bachelor apartment to Roger Pryor. just returned from an assignment in Italy. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Mari REUNION WITH HER three and one-half-year-old son, Jimmy, in fat. Hsu-abas shelter at New York, w as 41m h.innv cnlintT nf O tVV'n.mnnlll lyn Maxwell expects Bridegroom John Conte this week. The apart hUVl , i.v DLL ment is an ready. . . . Greg Mc- Now it's Ida Lupino's sister, Rita, who's injured in a fall. She came a cropper at a camp show clure "The Great John L" ) fEG I STt t? A W PN lvre- i a I r.:.:.:;-: smashed his car in Laurel canvon I ' A '. a-j' U.J. last week, and has water on the and narrowly escaped injury. . . - knee. And, to make the casualty TI-5E 194.4 ELECTIONS.' list complete, Ida s secretary, Les lie Forrest, has been taken to the searcn wy jvirs. ajuuisv xa". Manning of Phoenix, Ariz. The boy was kidnaped from Phoenix last August by a woman who represented herself as a relaUve of the Mannings. The youngster was found in possession of a woman reported suffering from alcoholism on Aug. 24 at Coney Island, The woman vanished from Bclle-vue hospital but the child has been with the welfare society pending mother's arrival. (International) hospital with an undetermined ill ness. . . . Isn't Xavier Cugat's real interest a New York beauty named Ann Marsh ? She's with him nearly every evening at Ciro s. . . . Proud The big topaz ring on Helen Forrest's finger is a gift from her manager, Bill Burton. . . . Location troupe of "Hold Autumn in Your Hand" is carefully inspecting all bedding since Zachary Scott almost crawled in between the cover with a black widow spider. , Janice Carter ill at her Cleveland home and unable to go overseas as planned. . . . Desi Arnaz gabbing at the Florentine Gardens with Six-Foot Showgirl Juanita Bredt . . . Ann Gillis and Tim Taylor A Mocambo twosome. . . . Gladys George has been alternating at Papa Johnny Green has written a song. "Serenade to a New Baby," which he will dedicate to his wife, Bl ILT ON COAL. The majority of American homes are heated by coal. Because of this there is an inclination to believe that coal's primary use is in the home furnace or stove. Actually, it is used for countless purposes of which the public is not aware. So far the coal industry has meet every essential need, in spite of strikes. If it had not, our homes would not only be unheated, but they would be short of electric light and power. And that would be the least of our troubles. Steel mills and trains, in fact our entire industrial mechanism would grind to a halt. More than 200,000 different products depend on coal. American civilization is built on coal literally as well as figuratively. Last year the United States bituminous coal industry mined more coal than had even been taken out of the ground in any country at any time in the history of the world. This year the country needs an additional 37,000,000 tons. Thanks to the determination of the industry, the country already has 22,000,000 of them. If there had been any real coal shortage we would not now be carrying news of victory in Europe. That is how much you depend on coal ! , Terre Haute Star. FANTASTIC SAVINGS. At the end of 1941, less than three years ago, the American people had about half of the $130,000,000,000 accumulated savings that they possess today, according to the Securities and Exchange Commis Bunny Waters. Later he'll record the number for his Decca album. . . . The doctors want Barbara Stanwyck to undergo three weeks of treatments before her tonsilec- tomy which spoils her plans to Charley Foy's with Lyle Talbot and Taking a Backward Glance visit Lt. Bob Taylor at the Glenn Lyle s drug store partner. Max Mrs. Kd Thompson and brother, Frederick Lowe, of Mecca, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chew, of Souih Fifth street. Sunday. view Naval Training school near Marx. . . . Hear Brockton, Mass., will slaughter the fatted calf for Orchestra Leader Sonny Dunham, f At the Movies COM M HI A Tuesday and Wednesday Columbia's merry-go-round of laughs and jive. "Beautiful But Broke" starring the most ferocious she-wolf you ever howled at. Joan Davis, opens at the Columbia Theatre tonight. Also featured in the east are: Jane Fra.ep, Judy Clark, linb Haynies, John Hubbard and Willie, West and McCinty. "Bermuda Mystery" featuring Preston Foster, and Ann Rutherford opens as the second feature. home-town boy who has made good all over the country. . . t-ara mount interested in screen rights to Ozzie Nelson's radio se THKXTV VKAKH AJ TODAY' Hono J'liir Atliaifs Hune l-ovil To See Home Talent Bono Hitfh school issues a lit Chicago. . . . Susan Peter's brother, Robert Carnahan, arriving here to see the family for the first time in two years. He's a Link trainer instructor stationed in Michigan. . . . Mexican Star David Silva is telling friends that he and Mary Ann Hyde are engaged again. . . . The feminine style of toeless slippers is a mysft ry to Groucho Marx. "If I wear my shoes that way," he says, "I'm a bum!" t ries, "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet." . . . Since a fan maga zine story identified him as a pip THIRTY" YK.ARS ( A) TOJ.Y ' llinjest Columbus Day I Parade Vtt In it,v ' The Christopher Culunihus day I parade, in Clinton, this morniuK. i was the greatest in the history of the feslal day, in t li is city. Be-1 sides the usual marching of Ital-j ian lodges, including one woman's ( lodge, tliere was a considerable! turn-out of Americans. Mor'ov-, enthusiast, Dick Haymes has re ceived more than 300 pounds of tobacco from admirers. the calling of the docket, the session was adjourned until next .Monday. The adjournment was because of the fact that Judge B. K. Aikin is engaged in the trying of the Ehrmann case, at Iiock-ville, and it will take at least the entire week to reach a verdict. Personals Mrs. Bloomer Clark returned to Terre Haute, Sunday, after a few days' visit with relatives here. She was accompanied home by her son, Husseil Clarke, and wife, who spent the day with her. William Guy o f Clarke's Hill, was the guest of ftliss Louise Smith, of the Marshall hotel, from Friday until Saturday night. Herbert Thomas visited with his parents, at Cory, Ind., Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Coinania of North Kighth street entertained Miss EITie Daniels, of Marshall Hotel, Sunday. Miss Daniels came here recently from Mecca. Garden Furniture In selecting garden furniture, consider rustic seats and sturdy wood-en benches, rather than too light canvas swings and chairs, because closely spaced lattice in fences and garden shelters breaks the force of the wind, yet admits air. I A LACK Tuesday ami Wednesday "Harry Ape" featuring William Bendix and .Susan Hay ward opens tonight at the Palace Theatre. "Call of the Junnle" with Ann Corio, James Bush. John Davidson and Claudia Dell opens as the second feature at the Palace. Theatre. year old high school student in Chicago. But it wasn't a motion picture camera; he was a model for collar ads. Curiis's latest appearance for the studio is in its horror film, which opens at the Wabash Thea-"The Invisible Man's Revenge," ire tonight. er, the down town stores were, in many cases, decorated, thus showing that Americans are accepting the idea that they, too, should join in celebrating the world's greatest geographical discovery and the greatest feat ever performed by any navigator and discoverer. 'mnt Opens; Then Adjourns The October term of the Vermillion circuit court was convened at Newport, this morning, by-Judge li. S. Ailunan, and after San Diego San Diego, Calif., is the south-westernmost metropolis of the States. sion. I The agency reports that the people of j this country have $84,000,000,000 in cash I and deposits and $46,000,000,000 in government securities. In two-and-a-half years the total has doubled. i The great gains have been made de- spite tremendous expenditures for war-' making and the imposition of severe taxes , by the government. The figures seem to i demonstrate that the nation can carry its debts and that the future of the average WABASH Alan Curtis. rniersals tall. ednej-diiy and Thursday dark and handsome star, appeared foei'ure the camera lor the first time when he was a seventeen- First American Medical School The first medical school in America was instituted in 17C5. The University of Pennsylvania founded in 1740 is "connected with the above school. tle paper called the Hono Hooster mid last niKht, tlie Bono community fair came near being a Bono buster. The Jiinn school auditorium needed rubber sides. The lame of this fair has so grown and this year's program has been so well advertised that the house was literally jammed to the windows anil doors, when it came time to put on (lie farcical comedy, "Nothing Hut the Truth." I'eople were seated in the windows and in every available foot of space, i Keennl ('roufl Attends Itevival A record breaking crowd was in attendance at the revival meeting at the Coliseum last niKht, according to reports today. The young people's meeting scheduled for 6:30 was not held. Itev. Cletis R. Drown of the Baptist church preached the sermon. The speaker urged his hearers to live clean, conscientious lives, reminding them of the fact that all the movements, thoughts and desires are watched from above. lersonals Jlr. and Itrs. Walter Lear, of Syndicate, are announcing the birlti of a baby girl born today. .Mrs. John Haughee and son. First Taxi The first auto taxi in New York city cruised on Fifth avenue in 1904. AVEN o CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffei who was facing the front porch, cried, "Come right on in, Laura. Russell's face was red as he leaped to his feet. Laura came into the room quietly. She was dressed with more care than usual, and her hair was newly waved. She smiled at Russell and patted his arm, then held out her hand to Dan. "We haven't seen you in years, You're looking very well." Anne said, "Mr. Smith did everything." "You, Russell? How sweet. After we're married you'll be such a help. I didn't realiEe." He made no answer, but heaped salad on a plate for her. Dan looked from one to 4he other, then winked at Anne, who sat very still. Getting no response, he pushed back his chair noisily and went for coffee. He returned, dragging his feet, and banged the kitchen pot on the table. He had suddenly stopped smiling;. Laura patted Russell's arm. "Dan always was unconventlon al, wasn't he?" She turned to Anne with sugary sweetness. "And you, Anne, what tinid was mother expecting you to go for her? She likes to come home very early, you know. It's your job to keep her from overdoing." Anne rose quietly. '1 think I'd better go along now and see how Dan's eyes were mocking as he bowed over her hand elaborately. "You're more beautiful than ever. Kdward, of South Kiflh street. ( rneut today in Terre Haute visit- irg with friends. ! Do'iaid tierrish, who is attend- inf Wabash College at Crawfords-j ' llle, Ind., is spending the weeli- end with Ins parent!.. Dr. and Mrs. W. I), (ierrish, of .South Fifth i street. I used to dream about you out on 1 l2 h WA I h r pr r t u2i -ZUi 1 I W L il 56 1,9 40 41 4Z k mf s ypy J p .r W'ZZi the desert." "Especially when you were thirsty." Laura's laugh was like ice SYNOPSIS A leading and popular resident ot Till hot. little Cliesapeafcts Bay village, is llltS. EUNICE REYNOLDS, elderly and urulih- to walk, but tin' po. ssur of vomi, id' .-is. fc";;e li.'is "- a Autni-nat. d hy her strong-willed siand-dauWiter. LAUKA. who lives with her. Mrs. Hfynulds hires ANNI'I WILSON, per.-nnable young New Yorker. ! he her nurse. Lonj;- tune riatnii uf Luuia is Rl'SSKLL SMITH, conservativp young attuiney. The placidity of RusbcII's lif.- is sliatu'ifd hy tin? arrival. aft-r & l. itfj ah?t iue, of his outspoken, hh- cral brother, DAN. , . YESTERDAY: Dan. RiipspII find Anne liavi" a delightfully informal dinner toytther at Kuril's house. CHAPTER THIRTEEN RUSSELL found himself caupht up with Dan's excitement as the latter prepared dinner foi the two of them and their guest, Anne Wilson. Lan tossed salad into the bowl and said he'd lived on various grasses so much that he could moo perfectly. He knew ali about salads. He'd worked in a restaurant in Long lieach where all he did was make salads. He'd been a pearl diver in Kan Diego. 'Tearls in California T" queried Anne. "That Is news to me." "Also to any chamber of com-j niercc. beautiful one. I'earl diver 1 American is as bright as ever before. Washington President Roosevelt praises work of Dumbarton Oaks Conference : "This time we have been determined first to defeat the enemy, assure that he shall never again be in position to plunge the world into war, and then to so organize the peace-loving nations that they may through unity of desire, unity of will and unity of strength be in position to assure that no other would-be aggressor or con-querersh all ever get started." Albany Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, Republican nominee for President approves Dumbarton Oaks decisions: "All peace-loving people must rejoice that we have found so large an area of agreement about world organization for peace. The unanimous recommendations open the way to the next steps." Wenatchee, Wash. Gov. John W. Bricker of Ohio, Republican nominee for vice-president: "Federal taxes should be reduced as soon as possible after victory. Such action would enable business to map out constructive programs, without con in a thin glass, cut I m not a mir age. I looked in and saw everyone so jolly. No one was home, so I thought I'd come and beg a crust with friends. She stressed the last word ever so slightly. Anne had now also Permanent Wave Perrr.anc' t wave is a process ol shapii: the hair, without destroying Its elusti'- ty, from a straight to a curved : ate. The inner structure uf the i.;ir is muddled, while tightly w iumi (.round s rod, with an alka-'ine p L'pru'.ion and heat. she is." risen quietly to her feet. Russell spoke quickly. "Of course you know Iiss Wilson, Laura." Russell looked up quickly. "But you said this was an evening off." Dan got up, too. "I'll go with you, Anne. I want to say hello to the old Laura flashed r smile. "You know I don't, Russell." She held out girl." her hand. "I reem to keep missing Laura beamed. "They're leaving the dishes for you, Russell." Dan grinned. "You're here to help, Laura," he said. "Good night." Try, Try Asain Untcccs..ful c-iidiaati'i for the t.r.j . who mil tunc and again I ).:..-!e hui.'tne V. Dsbs whu run e'S, CfjiT.e Clinlun and C. C. i I'lnitiny. o;ir tunc and Ji-im Hay, i A iren Burr and Jcnninua i 'Jiyan, Unee tunrs. means dishwasher. You have no idea what a remarkable dishwasher It was two weeks later and the sun was so much warmer this afternoon that Mrs. Reynolds had moved her wheel chair Into the stant fear of changes, and to provide jobs for all." shade of the trees that lined the edge of the Public Lot down by the 62. diminutive for Daniel VERTICAL .stable 2. toward the sheltered side 3. argument 4. consecrated . internation?' language 6. imitate 7 tribe SO. having teeth 53. vipers 65 bej drapery 56 river In Scotland 67. firm b'J. Hebrew high priest 60. S-shaped w oi m 61 Charles Lamb s pen-name you, Miss Wilbon. I was surprised' not to And you at home." "Your mother gave me the evening off, since she was with Miss Molly." "Of course. She knew you had friends. I hated to intrude on such a gay party. I see you like beer, Miss Wilson. You must order a case at the house so you won't lack for anything. I suppose you've known Dan a 1 ng time." "W'e met just two hours ago," Anne said calmly. "It was very kind of him to invite a complete stranger to dinner." Laura waved her hand. "There are no strangers in Talbot. And mother told me how much you fitted in. Now I can appreciate it better. It isn't often this little street rings with such laughter. I waters edge. Mrs. Key nc Ids felt very well and at peace with the world There was a good breeze un AttcieiH Oolt Clubs Twenty-nine old gulf clubs dating as far back as the IbaOs have been presented to the Franklin institute, in Philadelphia, by Alexander Find-lay, one of Use fathers of American golf. One club, used for water hazards, is fitted with teeth in the head der the trees, and it seemed a long time ago since u.ere had been a military school here and this had been the parade ground for the young cadets. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. I am. After supper 1 11 demonstrate. I do beat when I sing, but I won't impose too much on my audience." Anne laughed. "I thought dishes would be my job." Russell bowed. "You aio our guest." "But I am not contributing anything. And I haven't any talents." "When beauty is perfect, it is all talents and p.ll-suihcient " Russell, the careful, rising young lawyer, hadn't intended saying anything like that to this smiling young girl whom he had wanted to question seriously. He felt himself flushing while Dan shouted. "Bravo, old boy! You have come to life." Anne touched Russell's hand and her eyes were bright. "I've never been so beautifully flattered. No wonder people are crazy about Tal- j bot. And don't you dare try to Sho had liked to look at uni 8. rugged ni Ji. i- lain i Q. burning fil 10. diminutive or Teresa 12. uncommonly strong-vuictti peraon 15. pet up 17. Scotch cap VJ. spread for drying 22. female deer , 24. Oriental tea 25. head covering 27. educate 29. before 30. three-toed sloths 33. sister 35. gaiters 38 positive poles 40. couch 42. chosen for ofhee 44. single unit 40 networks 47 commanded 4S lyric poems 4'j gaeiic 51 web-like meiTibi'Mve 52 lit land f)4 the sun &a symbol for liUuuin HORIZONTAL 1 evil 4. boast 8. likely 11. malt drink 12. slant 13. cereal grass 14. discount 16. goes in 18. closest 20. cloys 21. tinged 23. personal pronoun 24. strong box 26. speck 28. ocean 31. exclamation of triumph 32 goddess of the dawn 34. bitter vetch 3ti New England state labor I 37 Luzon Negrito 39 chest protection 41 altar ends of churches 4.1 negative 45 continued story 47 Anieliran rjluiiitr Washington Robert Patterson, Undersecretary of War warns Mechanics Education Society of America against calling a general strike: "The government of the United States will not be coerced by any group, nor will it allow any group to place the lives of our fighting men overseas in additional peril." Washinton Price Administrator Chester Bowles: "The only answer to inflation is full production of civilian goods with all possible speed." forms then. They didn't have much military meaning. All war seemed meaningless in those days so lonr could hear Russell saying that before the first World war. Now there was a second one in Europe. She didn't like to think of it. She wouldn't listen to radio reports beauty is a 11 -sufficient He's such a ilatterer. I hope you won't believe Buddhism Older Buddha, founder of Buddhism, lived in the Fifth century, B. C, and the determination of the Canon of the Buddhist scriptures was completed at least 200 years before the birth of Christ. na I'licvpfiorus and Lime Phosphorus and lime, found in certals, cfcgji and water, are two very imj oi tant mineral foods vitally iSMjntial fur the iroptr nutrition ot the human body, scientists say. about it. half of what he tells you, especially after a few beers. I'm not ruining , you, am I, Russell?" I HLlASTsa50RTp oInBpJr ATriE TIrJaIp 0 SAjgTIRjE EjiWOjNE. 5 P I DjgC E OJPIE NiriNiGG T O HjE MirefrjR EjAfpsT" 0!E, 10-11 It was better to think how well He was once more stolid, in com grown these trees were under which she sat, trees which had plete command of himself. "You might like some dinner, so do sit been planted only after the mill. New York Thomas J. Watson, Pres tary school burned down and no more boys with' shining, eager faces marched here, now and again turning to look at the sailing ves ident of the International Business Machines Corporation: "Without the proper apologize and tell me you didn t mean to say it. That would be heartrending." Russell rose to the occasion. "I did mean it. Beauty is all-sufficient and " The door bell rang sharply, pan, down. Well warm up She patted his cheek and cut in smoothly, "Just a little salad for me. It looks tempting. I'm sure Miss Wilson fixed it." She sat and smoothed her dress, l?i IliiliUtt:fc AwraRe lime of solution: Gravy Boat Use a gravy boat for filling jar wUi jcluuji and preserves. sels h'-iding out for Baltimore, iTo Be Contjnuedl " J flow of business services, no peace organization can da a. complete job." , .

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