The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 11, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, October 11, 1944
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Wednesday, OHobrr 11, 191 1. Page Two THE DAILY CI.INTON1AN GnAVCTAuE) TO HITLER'S RGEG.73 G NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued ftotu pug 1) Dewey Schedules Ten Major Speeches in Final Campaign Drive (Continued trom page 1) T courtIiews j Laura Mili'lu-ll of Hi-lt township has filed a iHMilinn in Vermillion Clrruit Court for I he appointinenl of a (iiiardian lor her husband. Henry iMHi'hell, a persun of'uusuund mind. A s J ' ' V s' '. " ; VM,Hfi I ' - V , j c - . 1 THESE GIRLS, employed at a resenrch station of the British Ministry of Aircraft Production are hauling a cart on which is the remnant ( f a Nazi robot bomb. Flying bombs which fail to explode are put through a critical examination at this station, and when the research is completed, the bombs are taken tp a "graveyard" for the removal of salvageable parts. (International) llearinc wan had In Vermillion Circnil Court on the application for Kiiit money and maintenance in the divorce case of Anna Kccrus vs Nathaniel KeernH. Mr. Keerns was ordered lo pay ?:iu on the 1st and 9th of each month maintenance, and $ attorney Ices on or before Dec. 1st. The divorce case has since been dismissed on motion of the plaintiff. ilerschel Turner of Kujjenn township has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Elizabeth Turner on (.'rounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. He asks for the custody of their children. Barbara aged S. Lilly a.ed ti and Willard aged 5. The couple was married Apr. 22. 11)33 and separated Sept. 2S, 1SM4. Minnie Hush of Highland township has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from George Bush on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Hush asks for the custody of their children, Marie aged 8 and Kay aged 6, together with reasonable support. The 'couple was married Dec. 24. 1935 and separated May 20, 1910. CfOP Short Term Senate Nominee Opens Campaign (Continued from page 1) over the bread lines and .soup kitchens of the Hoover depression days. It will se i ve to k ee p their la in i 1 i es together until a new opportunity arrives. When that opportunity arrives the stale will stop paying." Democrats prepared to welcome three" party notables to Indiana. They are Vice-President Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Aricull ure Claude Wickard and (iovernor Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma. The Vice-President will address a lartfe rally at .Muneie Saturday niht and will speak at (jury Sunday. Secretary Wikard will speak at Washington Nov. 1 and al Marion Nov. 2. (iovernor Kerr will appear at JOvans-ville Nov. ;i. The Republicans will hear glamorous Representative Clare Uooth Luce (It) of Connecticut, "the Beautiful (trains" at a rally in i udianapolis ; Sat urday niKht. j :f:rR cotmniD is zznucEn to prison enclosures funeral of Wendell L. Willkle, will relurn to New York lomorrow morning to review the Columbus Day parade, lie will remain overnight, registering for Ihe November election from Ihe Itoosevell Hotel Friday, and reluming to Albany Friday night. He Is expected lo have for M. i.ouis on Sunday, remaining there only long enough to deliver his speech. Fire Prevention Week, War Bond Rally at School Meet Marion Munson, Olin Swlnney and Mrs. Delta Swineliart, were the principal speakers at Ihe, general assembly program held ut the Clinton High School gym at 1 p. in. Wednesday, il was reported today. The program was a combination of Fire Prevention Week and a War liond Rally, sponsored by the Junior Class under the leadership of Mary Jane Hurt. H. L. McCool and Florence Salaroglio. The program included special mu-siq by the Clinton High School Band; a quartette, Man Hungerford. Floyd Foster, Dick (i lover and Johnny Fer-puson; cornet-solo. Bill Richardson,, accompanied by the band; and patriotic poems by Eileen Donald,. Marilyn Joyce. James Roberts and Mary Anna Bullock. - First Woman Belva Ann Lock -vood was the first woman permitted to practice befor the United States Supreme court io EfltiilMHH YES NO Bo you have poor digestion? Do you feel headachy after eating? Dcyou get sour or upset easily? Do you feel tired listless? Do you feel headachy and upset due to poorly diee3ted food? To frel cheerful and happy again your food must be digested properly. Each day, Nature must produce about two pints of a vital digestive juice to help digest your food. If Nature fails, J'our food may remain undigested caving you headachy and irritable. Therefore, you must increase the flow of this digestive juice. Carter's Little Liver I'ills increase this flow quickly often in a3 little as 30 minutes. And, you're on the road to feeling bettor. Don't depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion when Carter's Little Liver I'ills aid digestion after Nature's own order. Take Carter's Little Liver Pills as directed. Get them at any drugstore. Only 10 and 25C. S A L IE 7. 1 He (he Itadio II. and t'lu-laking eoiu- t,i( phases on B-24 Liberators at Itiggs Field. Tex. In t lie Soul li west Pacific nine months. Sgt. St razzahoseo has flown mure than 2" combat missions over .hip held installations, lie has one enemy aircraft roved and one probably destroyed to his credit, U.S.A. James G. Hard ma n, son of M rs. Roberta Ditto of South Kighlh street, is spending a nine day furlough here from Key West. Fla. Haidtnau has been serving as a Navy) Paratrooper. This is his first visit j home in a year. Kccord Harvewl Seen for 1911, Depart mm t Says WASHINGTON. D. C. The Agri culture Department predicted today that the 1 it 4 4 crop harvest will be one of the greatest ever produced, wit li a record corn yield of about three billion, two hundred million bushels expected lo surpass the previous mark set in 1942 by !." million bushels. "If the weather does not unduly interfere with the tremendous harvesting job that lies ahead, this year's crops may rank with those of 1942 as the greatest ever produced in this country, 7 the department declared in its crop report based on conditions as of- Oct. 1. t).( In addition lo bumper crops, , of wheat, grain sorghums and possibly rice, it now appears that the corn, crop will he the largest ever produced and the total production of all grains seems likely to eijual (lie record tonnage of two years ago, the report said. . ,. In only four previous years has the nation's corn production exceeded three billion bushels in 1 !, 1920. 1942 and 194:5. Meantime, indicated production of all wheat of one billion, K9 million bushels represents a decrease I of six and one-half million from a month ago, caused primarily by loss-j es of spring wheat from excessive , moisture during September. Despite this estimated decline, this year's, wheat crop remains the largest on ! record and the second crop of over i a billion bushels in history. Kstimates of the oat crop, slightly above that indicated a month ago. j were placed at one billion, l:t2 mil-; lion bushels, which exceeds last year's production of one billion, 14:i, million bushels. The soy bean crop was estimated at ls5 million. 970 thousand bushels, represent ing an increase of about seven million bushels over the Sept. 1 prospects, but about f per cent less than last year's yield. Wabash Ordnance Explosives Used On Siegfried Line (ConrlDuea n.ip. nat: 1 i :no'trn k (.'o.. Inc., has bcfii piodur-inK K11X unil its coiiiposiiions for over two years, and has rurnlshed ast quantities of this explosive to the Armed Forces of the I'uited Nations throughout the world. The du I'ont ("ompnny started construction of the plant in VermilHon County in Pfceinber of 1941. and befian pro-uuctiou many months ahead of VWRIII'IHII won hi;; w tugs 'i .fitly i,. ;iso a !;'nlti:i!e of :-")-ki1 ;:i ::ciiti Held, I pleted his training by r''.r; ,r "ill r Vv'" '-'j'ti and receiving his winjis. Kent overseas last Annual that time has flown over I against the Germans ov lie wiic l Hit SHlCe Kritu'''. (ierniany, 1'oland ami other countries Of occupied Kurope. U.S.A. Mauler Sergeant Koheit .1. !! dich, son of Mr. and -Mrs. Frank lu-dich of North Srvnnli Street. ('Hilton, and husband of Airs, Odette Ifo-dich, Clinton, who is stationed with the 15th A A F in Italy as an airplane crew chief, has heeii awarded lite distinguished unit l;uli:e as a member of u veteran lath Arm Air Force Liberator Homher group which has been cited for 'outstanding performance of duly in armed conflict with the enemy." Commanded by IA. Col. Joseph (I. Russell, the group received the nation's highest organization awarded for an attack on the aircraft factories at Wiener-Neustudt, Austria on May 10. U.S.A-Andrew F. Fenoglio. North Ninth street, is now receh ing his "hoot " training at the 1. S. Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, 111. U.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorge J'ilipovieh of Universal have ret lved word from their son, George J .iipovieh, that he lias been promoted to Private First (Mass. He has also been transferred from Camp Cooke. Calif, to Camp San Louis Obispo, Calif. U.S.A.- AC Francis Troskey is visiting liis parents. Air. and Mrs. Anthony Troskey and family of 1'im ersaJ. Upon completion of his furlough, he will report to Norman, Okla. where he will receive training as an aerial gunner. 1 U.S.A. Cpl. John Vranich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vranich has been in the service for two years. He is in the Quarter Masters I'nited now stationed at Ft. Warren. Wyo. U.S.A. Technical-Sgt. Mario A. Strazza-bosco. son of Mrs. K. Hi razzabosco of 750 Vine Street, Clinton, is an aerial gunner in the lied Haiders, a crack heavy bombardment unit of the Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific. He received his training as an aerial gunner at Harlingen, Tex. and Dr. G. R. McGUERE CHIROPRACTOR X-Bat 235V Bhwkmar. My best Friends were amazed my . l improved LOOKS ..newiKlRGY..PP! V Promote the flow of vital digestive juices in the stomach 2 Energize your body with RICH, RED BLOOD! Improper diet, overwork, undue worries, colds, the flu or other illness often impairs the stomach's digestive functions and reduces the red-blood strength. A prrson who la operntinft on only ft 70 to 75'0 healthy blood volume or a etumacb dlgt&tive capacity of oiily bti to 60',r noriiuU Is Feerely hnhrln-itpp' J. At such limes Nuturp m etis extra hHp to restore Its imlaure and function properly. Uninvested loud jjlare." a tax on the Bytem...inulllcient blood atrcutUb U a detriment to pood heuiih. If you are subject to pour tlipestinn or suspect delicient as tlie cause of your trouble. t have jio organic complication or forai jufei-ilon, tS3 Tonic may he just what you neetif PSS Tonic Is epetlally desiiMied 1 1 1 to nromote the flow cf VITAL J U iKSTl h JUICES In the stomach and i2 to bull 1-Up BLOOD STRENGTH when dellrtent. Tlube two Important results eimue you to enjoy the food you ao c".. to niake use of It as Nature intended. Thus you may get new vitality . . - PP become animated . . . more attractive! Build Sturdy Health and Help America Win Thoiinnds and thousands of u-ers hare testified to tbe benefits S&b Tonirn..a brnuuht to them and s-leiulnceM-aieU hows that tt i;ets r.-sult-thAt8 wh. -manvpaVSSSTonic builds sturdy he. ,h -mY"sv fee. like yourself again' U drugftorcsinlOaiidLOo.sizes.' w STURDY HEALTH I''? J .f Tih S GERMAN GEtERAlS, who were loading Nazi Armies in France until Allied foreta took in. i prixnners. are shown in the. e stnkano; camltds taken as the penrrals commence; out the m Allied prison oampri. Left It risht, they are General (iciiitlier. field commandant of Mar.llo; Ii.ij. Con. Von Kclb?rt, held cm mandant or Besancun, Franco, and Maj. Con. Isoie, tsccund c:jiamai:' of Marseille. This is a Uni;od Ktatcs Army Signal Corps radiophoto. (Intcrn?.iion:.l Zoundr.hoto) ; ARCIISKDP SFELLfMrJ N REICH F - .Blm.f yyjyjiini;F: .v-. .ymfa " r ' 1 - r v. i J i'i Ji 1 Vl V ' ' . I i wn.i. si:i,i, at thi: homi:k kai:i,i:s isksidkm-k ox statu HKiiiwAV (in, i ; miux xoieni oh i.Ti; nox ol' iik;ii-wavs ;i axi) ia SATURDAY, OCT. 14 iu-:;jMN; AT ll:OU lAH k The Follow ins Property: IIOLSTEIN and JERSEY COW Good milker. Be f resh in February. 15 SIIOATS 40 to SO lbs. RABBITS One Belgian Hare and 1 New Zealand Sr. Doe; 4 Jr. Does and 4 small While Rabbits. Mother of these took 1st Prize at Fair. 3 DOZ. WHITE ROCK PULLETS ' 8x10 Bldg. for Brooder House. FARMING IMPLEMENTS, ETC. Good power feed grinder, hand feed grinder, set furrow openers, corn shelter, 2 hay carriers, 2 hay forks and shovels, ..pump jack, line shaft, several iron pul-f leys, two-section harrow, 1 or 2-horse hay rake and cultivator, 1 single barrel 12 gauge shotgun and shells, oil brooder and three coal brooder, stoves and hovers, chicken feeders and galvanized waterers, 1 pressure, 1 shallow well and 1 pitcher pump, lawn mower, hoes and small tools. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Large blue and ivory enamel range, good stove with reservoir and warming oven; real good Heatrola, really heats floor; good city gas enameled rang', with pilot light and built-in oven with automatic heat control; two other Heatrolas; Florence heating stove; two 3-burner oil stoves; 2-burner oil stove and 2-burn-er oven; 2-burner heater; bedroom suite; four beds and springs; good inner-spring full size mpttress; day bed and mattress; chest of drawers; two dressers; pillows; cupboard; oak dining table, sideboard and chairs; jtwo breakfast tables; 9x12 linoleum rug; large reed rocker; 4 other rockers and kitchen chairs; radio cabinet; electric table lamp; porcelain top table; carpet sweeper; quilting frames; child's large fire engine automobile, complete with ladders and bell. In good condition. Kayo lamp; wall lamp with reflector, almost new; wash tubs; 3 coal buckets; dishes and pans; numerous other things. TERMS CASH HOMER EARLES Xot Responsible lit Case of Accidents. JOHN McCOOL, Auctioneer. Lunch Will Be Served. schedule, in reeoliltton the construction elilldoet-t warded the Amiy-Naiy "K w "liel 1'eh ruary. l!ii:i. Knlil-e nt):it ( sell The demand ol Hie Armed Forces for the Ordance l)iiartineiil's raw super-explosive ni;uilll'u Hired a! ,a- Vice-Chairwoman INVITED R ?t EA IJI hi J I J P III rli Ij ! !3 r I II I C a A GROUP OF YANKS greet Archbishop Francis J. Epellman of New York( Call; 'Ijc vunr to the U. S. forces, in front of a church in Roctgen, Ger-n;n:y. Ti c Arc Iib;:hnp's visit lo tlie Iicich town was one of many stops a his tour of Luroueun battleurounUa. (International) ' , I IM...I- in ,ln in,-.- VVurl.- is so ' tii.l SPONSORED CV HIE ... . WOMEN'S DEMOCRATIC CLUB THURSDAY, OCT. 12 8 P. M. DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS First Door North Of I'alacc 'i'luatre Oils G. Jamison 6th District Candidate For Congress Edna A. Bingham State Vice-Cliairwcman lV Georgia Arnsmon rJln-.i! il'ii' 'I"' iniiv out put ul tin-if 1 1'L'ht js u-tl id iii"'" i cnrn in c- 'Miii' nit nt. Iiiiji'tm-d ih-t-iMii iunl r-II liinil r.iihiL; n--rtiiii(!ifs ha- in-, er-:'Si'H tin- nil'- (il ittmltirli.'ii eon-i i siuY r:.!!y ln-oiui i 1m- original d'-.-ipn : Rlivap.n-ii. vviiiif Ai in I K"tci j t coiiiimi'- ! cili lor run natfi j Sharp UYdiiiiion I s; Svvn in Chilian Trl iimiiliii' s lioni km rn1 stocks. H.ivV uhai Hit- iiarkiiiv induwlry jn t tlii is ua u" ailaliilily ol' varioun ciUHMd iruii iit-ms put in lliis vear't I'raeh'S lack of manpower cut down thu iniiu.-lry's pack which will Im- "only alimit average." With mili-tarv r'Mjuir.'iiM tiiK lnr peaches boost ed a!ue earlier estiniatesi, civilian supl'lh-ti will )e "luaierially less than ear." ;;hhouh the pack exceed r's. ,uom rniiient needs are liemv. rivilians will find "ery small" iitiantilies tt! pears on tile yi'oeers' Shelves. Fruit cocktail hUh military demand, less fur civilians. Pineapple anil pineapple juice he "st ill sea reel hie to low lf4:: military require- t lie ini. hriuiil Kptt in piM LTir, iiitrieuts will hi t iMwtiuti in ample quan- Thruw Vcyr HiJjig .Into the Kiul ("aniuu! (pood SlocK f ( 'i'it iiHi'-il from pa.Lt- 1 1 ;t . j;i t t ;.r I w li t' ;is h l l; tl j 1 1 ics. ' i't ins w ill tnr hM-:s, h-nci- mil as many lnr ri-!ih;.ii lat vt-;ir" A ilinns. ! P.-rk :-j'.- 6th District FOLIC TuMia' -- liiatfriitlly hs limn 'ii'-li's l.i-i .-ar. Ap!i.-u-y T!ii- :?;! it i y mhi n-o itiiif -r fMit i f l.uw. !. n ,ii tins pi'-i ur- t'u uhl rati- J ; i.i i . . . , . , . ...... i . . I J le;i H 'I!iiir-'e (u etr I.ini, s 111' j 111 U'S. j J Mills V.-..1 s or J--1' , ;--(! suI'.-l.ui-

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