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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 10, 1944
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Tuesday, October 10, 1944. PiiRe Four if IDE DAILY CLINW)NI3N "SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK THE DAILY CLDiTONIAN 1 Behind the Seen K t il in HOLLYWOOD i : fctMlhwl The Weekly OHatontan ISM The Clinton Plaindealer absorbed' in 190 Published Dally Except Saturday and Sunday leorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher Watered at the Poatoffice at Clinton, Indiana as Second Class Matter asnbe kdlaraa Republican Editorial Aasoelatloa Phone 32 Phon Sfl By HARRISON CARROLL King Fcatiirci Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD. Out to "The Czarina" set I go this week, loaded with $04 questions. Mae West is giving Broadway her version of Catherine the Great. Now cornea Tal- At th Movie 1'AI.AC'H WAIUSH Sunday, Monday ami Tuesday A powerful and absorbing melodrama combining some very a-musing comedy incidents, Para-mounts "The Uninvited" which opens at the Wabash Theatre Sunday, promises solid entertainment nil the way through with starB Hay Milland, Ruth Hussey and Donald Crisp as a very capable acting trio. Also to be seen In her first feature role Is a delightful young actress, Gall Russell, whose charm and beauty have captured the hearts of fans who have already seen the picture. 4 lulah Bankhead rl -a- a1aHka4sW to uo ner ver- Dcoiini irtu fnimeut j Bion of Russia s SVJX s ASSOCIATIOK colorful ana amorous empress. Director Otto Preminger is lining up a shot so La Bankhead receives me in h,e -J res sing room. She's all done up in imperial finery, a bnTiH - emhroi- "I did not," says Tallulah. "Those pictures were all funerals. And not even darling funerals," she adds grimly. Over at United Artists, Director William Sciter is shooting one of the last scenes In "It'i a Pleasure," the Technicolor picture that Sonja Hcnie Is making for Bill Goetz. Arthur Left, Sonja's manager In the story, is talking to her about her marriage to Michael O'Shea. "Why don't you wipe the slate clean, make a fresh start?" he asks, "You mean a divorce?" replies Sonja. "I couldn't do that. If he wants a divorce, he'll ask for it. Until then, things will have to remain as they are." She finishes the shot, catches sight of me on the sidelines. "You see," she says, "even In the movies, everybody's always asking you if you are not going to get a divorce." In almost every picture, you are apt to see a shot where the camera dollies forward to the people on the screen, photographing as It goes. You don't give it a thought, but, on the set, the shot is often amusing to watch. Thin wook at M-n-M. Judv Gar Harrison.Carroll rOIXMKIA Tuesday and Wednesday Columbia's nierry-go-round of laughs and jive. "Beautiful But Uroke" starring the most ferocious she-wolf you ever howled at, Joan Davis, opens at the Columbia Theatre tonight. Also featured in the cast are: Jane Frazee, Judy Clark, Bob Haymes, John Hulard and Willie, West and Mctiinty. "Bermuda Mystery" featuring Preston Foster, and Ann Rutherford opens as the second feature. EUROPE'S PATTERN AND U. S. Indications that a Danubian federation will be created after the war, with Vienna as its capital or hub of administration, limn the pattern of Europe's future. With Germany broken up into at least three parts, as most foreign affairs authorities believe practical, there would be a federation of the west having its economic ties spreading from Scandinavia to Gibraltar. It would be dominated by France and Great Britain. Al.Af'E land and Robert Walker are doing an intimate scene for "The Clock." They are sitting by the window In a little Italian restaurant. Between tviom nnrt the camera are a num Tuesday ami Wednesday "Harry Ape" featuring William Ilendix and Susan Hayward opens tonight at the Palace Theatre. "Call of the Jungle" with Ann Corio, James Iiush, John Davidson and Claudia Dell opens as the second feature at the Palace Theatre. dered gown of pre-war silk that set the studio back around $3,000. The Bankhead tresses are piled high on her head, but no wig-Producer Ernst Lubitsch doesn't believe in wigs. Thinks they make picture look too much like a costume ball.1 I go right to the point. "Isn't it strange," I ask Tallulah, "that you and Mae West should be playing the same character?" Tallulah doesn't exactly yawn, but her voice is touched with ennui. "Oh, I don't think they'll be the same character, dear," she drawls. "Of course, if Mae had had a success, I might take a different attitude." "But you'll admit she tops you ' In one thing," I say. "In the number of guardsmen lovers." "I'm sure of that," agrees Tallulah. "She's doing it circus style. We're doing it discreetly." , At this point, a Twentieth Century-Fox publicity man interrupts tactfully. "You know," he says, "this is Miss Bankhead's first screen comedy." "But didn't you make at least one comedy for Paramount several years ago?" I ask. ber of people a family dinner party with cnuaren, a puiuv (M-G-M's KOger Hiaens) areumuy -playing "If I Had You." The camera Doom starts iurwaru. Edens, as soon as he Is out of the ni..ti, cHiriHeniv flattens himself against the wall. The family din ner party disintegrates violently. Children are pulled aside, the table anA nhnira are snatched awav. The boom rolls right over the place Light in Dark "Vhere on earth is that switch?" You wouldn't have to ask this question, even on the darkest night, if you had one of the new electric light switch plates which glow in the dark. Made of plastic material into which luminous pigment is molded, the plates come only in ivory for toggle or push-button types. Single plates cost about 30 cents, double ones 60 cents. Five minutes' exposure to daylight or electric light completely recharges the plate. where tney naa Deen siiung unu moves into a closeup of Judy and dk -fct fhrratcrh all the furore. Taking a Backward Glance have remained in soulful contemplation of each other. THIHTV YK.lltS A(iO TODAY County Instil lllo In Well Attemlral "The county institutp held at Once a Barber Richard Arkwright, the Eighteenth century inventor whose production of cotton and thread and yarn-spinning frames made him famous, ws a village barber in Preston, Lancashire, before he became a knighted and wealthy celebrity. Earthquakes Too In addition to 29 volcanoes, all more or less active, boiling hot springs and geysers, another geological disturbance characteristic of Iceland is earthquakes, especially in the south where the volcano of Hecia, only 70 miles east of the capital city of Reykjavik, is almost constantly in the throes of eruption. Rowley Poems Tragedy Thomas Chatterton, the precocious English genius (1752-70), wrote "The Rowley Poems" when he was 17 years old. He passed them off as ancient works he had found in manuscript. Unappreciated and facing starvation, he committed suicide in his eighteenth year. Newport this week is said to have had the best attendance of any in years. One feature of the meeting was that all instructors in charge of the meeting were Hoosiers. Prof. Richard I'ark of Sullivan eo. gave very interesting talks. U. I. Christie of Purdue had charge of the agricultural department. Miss will sell tickets at the skating rink this season. TWKNTY YKAliS A(JO TODAY Exchange t'lllh Minstrel To lie Held Nov. J.'itll Clinton Exchange club today announces as its date for the poor kids Christmas benefit minstrel Thursday, Nov. 13 Lust year's minstrel by this civic body brought in enough money to pay for about 35 baskets which were distributed at Christinas time "We are going to outdo last year's minstrel." said C. M. Poor, the president. "V have a lot of talent and are sure we can put on a show not only to attract large crowds, afternoon and night. Uomenic Costello of Nebreker street who was operated on at Terre Haute Wednesday is reported getting along very well today. Rev. John C Giffen of the Presbyterian church returned last evening from Indianapolis where he attended the the Annual State meeting of the Presbyterian Synol. While in Indianapolis Rev. C.iffen visited with Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Pike, formerly of Clinton. Daffodils and Iris Divide and replant daffodils and Iris. Daffodils may go a dozen years without division, but you will hive finer, larger flowers if you divide them every three years. McNeil, teacher of domestic scien Berets In Spain In Spain during the Eleventh century the women wore plain berets, whereas those worn by the men were decorated with flowers and feathers. ce, and Miss cozzert eacn gave Quassia Wood Quassia wood is used to make bitter beer, but there are reports that in ancient times, before the advent of hops, it was used as bitteiing agent. . and looks forward to its being used with much pleasure, not simply for the special concert", of Run-day evening, but at all services where the organ is needed. i)lieillll Now Ojhmi; Is Fine Movie House The new Orpheum theatre, which will be operated by Otlior Stone and Joe Moore, was thrown open to the public this afternoon. The building was thoroughly remodeled for the picture show and then rel'inished and redecorated on the Inside from one end to the other. The front is one of the very neatest of any of the picture shows in Clinton, and when lit up attracted a good deal of attention last in'Mit for a demonstration for its arrangement. Miss Lillian Kace of Fairview Paak visited at the home of her aunt Mrs. Ruby Ayers, this week. Mrs Tabitha Bell of Dana is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Clay Nichols. : Clay Nichols made a trip to Veedersburg, Thursday, and to Rockville, Friday. Miss Hilda Hutton of Tenth st. talks. The music for the institute was in charge of Miss Kdith Con-ley, of Newport. Kach instructor is Slow Growth In the Arctic, because of the short summer, many butterflies spend two summers and a winter in the caterpillar stage. Moving Mayor F. H. LaGuardia, mayor of New York city, has had 13 official residences since he took office. Horology A person learned in watchmaking is known as a horologist. The Danubian states those small countries sprawling over the hills of the balkans from Poland to the Aegean would be under Soviet influence. And this control would be economic, political and military. It now is shaping up as the Russian troops join with Tito, marching on both sides of the river Danube, and as they work their way toward beautiful Vienna, the fabled city of music, medical research, pleasant living and political turbulence. Vienna is perhaps the least marked of Europe's leading cities. It is steeped in the lore of the continent. It is a natural site for hegemony in eastern Europe. It undoubtedly will take its place again as one of the world's foremost municipalities. And what is the role of the United States? We should remain on equally good relationship with each sphere of activity, not only in Europe, butMn the other parts of the world as well. Our State Department goal should be not for a balance of power, but instead, for a balance of trade and of production on all continents. As for power, we have it without question. For the first time since the golden era of Queen Elizabeth Britain has fallen far below us in sea power, relinquishing its No. 1 position among navies. In modern warfare, machines are more vital than man power. Russia outnumbers us in men available for armed service, but our productive might still far surpasses the Soviet. With such a position in the world, it behooves America to stand squarely for fair dealing with all peoples, avoiding such secret meeting as have muddled the international scene in recent months. That is the only hope for future peace. Indianapolis Star. SOME BRITISH FEAR THE IT. S. Americans are familiar with the tactics of some of their countrymen, who, because of a hatred for Great Britain, attempt to create doubt and suspicion in the minds of the people of this country as to the intention and purposes of the British Empire, both in the prosecution of the war and the organization of the peace. We should remember, in this connection, that the British have similar citizens who are very suspicious of the intentions of the United States. For example. Sir Charles Morgan-Webb, former official of the Burma Government, tells the British that the United States is going to use its huge accumulation of gold to "reduce Brit- ain to a position of subserviency". More praised as a high class one, whose talks greatly impressed the teachers. oatwpoof - s lir h shrshrd hrdsh tiiveit Sunday Kve. Il'ogram To He The new pipe organ, which has been installed at the Catholic church, is a delight to the members who have seen and heard is, sufficiently to get an iiiea of its quality. Father William Keefe is much pleased with the instrument o THIRD HAVEN o 'Peep Box Movies Sando, the strong man. Pope Leo XIII, and the renowned Buffalo Bill were featured in Edison'i nickel-in-the-slot "peep box" movies of 1893. forerunners of the currently popular "jukes." CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene SJxffer ' SYNOPSIS A leading and popular resident of Talbot, sleepy little Chesapeake Bay village. Is MRS. EUNICE REYNOLDS, elderly and unable to walk, but the possessor of yuuiig Ideas. She has been dominated by her strong-willed granddaughter. LAURA, who lives with her. lira. j Reynolds hires 4NNE WILSON, personable young New Yorker, to be her nurse. Longtime fiance of Laura is RUSSELL SMITH, conservative young attorney. Tiie placidity of Russell's life is shattered by the arrival, after a long absence, of his outspoken, liberal brother, DAN. ' YESTERDAY: Russell recalls how self-willed and light-hearted his younger brother. Dan. had been as a boy, and how great hia love had been for a thought flashed through his mind. Suppose Dan had taken Ihe $5 and wandered off. He had only promised to stay if he could find an an-chor to hold him down. To his own surprise Russell realized how glad he was to see the lights on In his living room, though it was not yet dark. The western sky flamed with the promise of another lovely day. The little house backed up on the water and he had an idea he would find Dan there. He went around on the narrow strip of grass, which he noticed had been mowed Dan was there and was talking excitedly to a slim young girl in a neatly tailored Mue outfit with a fall of. lace at her throat. The sunset glow was on her face and Russell stood irresolute at sight of her. She seemed part of the sunset and the broad stre-h of water with the lighthouse winking Tarnished Silverware To clean tarnished silverware quickly and easily, just rub it brisk ly with a soft chamois leather skin. This will make the silverware as bright as if it were new. If very tarnished, wash first in warm, soapy water, dry and then polish. you're going to have dinner with us, though it will be the pottiest Of pot luck." "I didn't say Td stay. In fact "In fact we simply won't let you run away," he cut in smoothly. Tt want to ask you so many questions." She looked at him steadily. "Everyone does. I know just what to say. Yes, I am staying with Mrs! Reynolds. I'm not there for dinner because she has gone to see Mis Molly. You notice I've caught the tone of the place and call the pott mistress Miss Molly. I come from New York and I'm tanned because I've been in Florida. Does that answer all?" He shook his head. Before tic could speak Dan called out to them to come in. He was bustling about the kitchen and waved them through. "You get washed, Rus. Anne will help me set another place at the table in the living room. Soup's ort in five minutes. My specialty. Soma call it slum and in France it's pot au feu. Last time I made it waa over a campfire in a big old can that wasn't too rusty. Hurry up, Rus. You'll be late, and that's dan beauty. CHAPTER TWELVE A Fighting Tifo DAN'S STATEMENT that no .one could take beauty from him came back to Russell across the down toward the Chop tank like a jJjT"-TT" IsTT-' lb1" WfyY l & 9 1 10 Ml 14 P" 'fa 15 Ha 7Zy. Is " TT , ! zLJ 221 wm- tep TWm IS 36 : M 3& J rmi rHli M-J mmJfr' years. Dan had been in prison and he only laughed about it. He had come home shabby, penniless, but he still was laughing. He still seemed to have something nobody Could take away from him. Last night Russell had come home and found him asleep. He hadn't botn- faint star. A rose glow was over the river and a lone robin hopping across the lawn carried the color in his breast Russell stood, not knowing whether to go forward or back For a moment he seemed like an intruder on his own property. Dan was pointing out the various points of land and water with mocking comment. The sound of the motors in the returning work boats mingled with his voice. Finally he end 1 ed, MAs soon as my brother comes : home, we shall eat." ' She smiled quickly. 1 really can't" gerous when I get started." ered to put sheets on the bed in his old room. He'd slept In his clothes on the mattress with rough blanket for covers, his head Russel began to repent his impulsive invitation to the girl. "Where is Mrs, Gander?" he asked Dan. "I sent her home. Sha didn't is, ' on the coarse ticking of the pillow. over, he insists that at Bret ton Woods, the And Russell had stood watching him smile In his sleep, as if he had I some inner happiness which even come till I'd cleaned the joint up anyway. She also seemed to nave been smelling a bottle, so she's sleep couldn t cover. 1 Yielding to Impulse, Russell I But Dan had changed. Dan had 10-10 , ? moved toward them. "iay I also refused to come to Weston and be outfitted. Dan had glanced at his laborers shoes, his rough cordu dollar was made the supreme international currency. Fortunately for the people of both English-speaking nations and for the rest of the world, these suspicious citizens are in a small minority. They seek to make up for their lack of numbers by the volume of their suspicions and the magnitude of their distrust. roys, his flannel shirt darned in 9. edible roots took 10. position in golf 11. American elk 13. haste ask you to stay for dinner?" Dan cried, "Speak of the devil," and bowed in his mocking way "Just in time. Miss Wilson, may I present my brother, Russell, who isn't at all like me?" Russell's eyes opened a little several places, and had grinned. 52. refasten 54. symbol for selenium 55. tmleavor 57 gnawed away 59. glutted t0. Fantly tracts by sea ( Eng.) VERTICAL 1. came ashore 2. indefinite article 3. slight drink 4. acid 5. wound marks 6. more precipitous 7. correlative of either 8. steep, as flax "Clothes. What do I need clothes for? Youre a lawyer and a gentleman and you look like one. I'm a wider. "Miss Wilson? tliss Anne hobo and I look like one. Okay?' "You're my brother." "SwelL So I'll bum more ciga- Wilson?" The girl gave him her hand. "You seem to know me." Dan chortled. "Hes a lawyer. rets and eat your food, but your clothes don t fit" He knows everything. He always Answer to yesterday's puzzle. "I mean new clothes. You need couldn't help much." Russell hurried upstairs. He knew Mrs. Gander drank, but because she had worked for his mother he liked to help her all he could. Dan was in one of his reckless moods, of course. Goodness only knew what he'd cooked. Or when bt had met Anne Wilson that called her Anne already. What bad he been doing? Taunted by the questions in his own mind, Russell hurried down to the living room Dan had dug out their mother's old china soup tureen and It steamed as he carried It in triumph to the table, Anne followed with -a b g bowl of salad. She seemed to hair caught Dan's infectious gayety. In no time at all they were eating the stew. Dan poured beer with a flourish. To his surprise, Russell found the stew very good nd unusually flavored. Annie ate heartily and they both laughed at Dana stories. One minute he was telling them he'd dug some of Mr. Thatcher's garden and gotten a whole dollar for it, the next he was telling did." Buffalo Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, Director of the Draft: "The plan of demobilization must work, not just to release RA!3 UlR Russell still held the slender lElNjSliPj m brown hand in his. "I went to the HOiilZONTAt 1. emlurts 6. varieties 11. insane person 12. negotiates 14. upon 1&. talk foolishly 17 s::;-re 18. room tr. a harem 20. cornered 22 single unit 23. native of Serbia 25. savory 27. symbol for cerium 28. Roman magistrate 30. invigorated 32. tutals 'M. city in Neva J a 35. unclosing: 28. small rook 41. note in the scale 42. stop 44. wild plum 45. sick 47 bristles iR'FiPlPlAIT sItIaInIc e Hi pTjK 3e Ii- inn to see you last night, but you weren't in. I am a great friend of Mrs. Reynolds. 16. rip 19. get up 21. eats a meal 24. dull 26. slight depressions 29. Mohammedan princes 31. worsteds 30. mocked 35- leaves out 36. guides 37. movable barrier 39. hangmen's ropes 40. fished for lampreys 43. marked by time 46. Italian coin 43. Ireland 51. illuminated 5.i.eternitv He didn t know what possessed Rl'ff ilAlRiS , -I - - - - I ' rr - - tot-: r- him to express it like that or to link his arm with the girl's as they went toward the house. Dan dashed in ahead of them. He told her Dan was always bursting with energy. a haircut. You " "I always pay for my haircuts. It's a matter of pride." That was what made it strange. Two years away had changed Dan that much at least Before, he had believed in taking anything he could g-t fo. the asking, and he had never hesitated to ask. He had said the world was his oyster and he was very fond of oysters. Russell with so much work ahead, had given in momentarily about clothes He'd left word Mrs. Gander was to fix Dan s lunch and then dinner for both of them. He had given Dan $5 In case anything turned up. As he drove into Talbot, men from the Army and Navy but beyond that to the ultimate placing of the men back again with his family and his job and to insuring his rights and benefits." Los Angeles Henry Dreyfuss, New York industrial designer, predicts postwar globe-encircling luxuray cruises by air: "The cruises would be reasonably leisurely a couple of weeks around the world, with side excursions into obscure places previously off the beaten track." Her eyes were full of fun. "He told me he was absolutely the lazi est man on earth," she said. nrfflttiLinif.jpi N AiLAjNjEjNiAM!ELrrp sIe n Tfcirlo Pistil m e "Don't the two go together some a story about Los Angeles. And all ZAKUA BROI, son of Marshal Tito, wearing the order of the Red Star, is pictured as he was seen on the liberated island of Vis. Ke lost his right arm in the defense of Moscow and is shown wearing an artificial limb, (luieiaationil), times?" the A'tuie be manage 3 to eat with gusto, Acrgr time of solution: "T aftini4cs. 'I'll have to think It over." 'And I'm certainly delighted i 49. the sun &U. labor To Be Con tinued2

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