The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 10, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 10, 1944
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I Tuesday, October 10, 191 1. IHE 1M I L Y C 1. 1 N TX) N 1 A N Page Two Tir."VO. Clio c? Your A's-ct'cfJ Es Missing ing for help?" French Inhl the sergeant. 1 didn't want to g." nald the Mk Texan, "but the Hist thing 1 knew there I was on my back with that kid. 1 had my tommy gun and on the way we picked up a Ill'owning auto matic rifle. We got lo the edge ut the clearing as (lie last machine gull squad came through and turned In : the direct Inn of the wounded men.. That was when the Jaiw-lhere must , for my riistinKiiishcd opponent-not because of anything I say, but he-cause of the recent history of their own party-a story they do not like, written by men whoso action they do not approve. It is spoils olitics versus good Kovernment and 1 need not specify to any Indiana audience which is which." In an address at Halesville. Governor Henry Schricker, democratic -senatorial noniinee. expressed the- belief l bat II Wendell L. Willkie Jiad lived, he would have played an important pari In wrlllnK the pence. ".Mr. Willkie was a (treat liberal and ouislandiiiK champion for I bo rlelns of man", the Governor declared. Governor Simeon S. Willis of Ken-lucky arrived In Indianapolis today io Ih-kIii a two-day speaking tour lit behalf of I lie republican!). He .appeared at lloswell today and will address a niuht meeting at New Castle Wednesday. Capt. William E. Jenner, G.O.P. nominee for senator, short term, will deliver his first campaign address at Uloominglon tonight. It will be broadcast. a i Get In the. Scrap! have been a hundred. Jllinpeu mem. "II was pretty lough on the machine gunners who had little chalice to deleud themselies before they were cut down by grenade mid machine gun lire." The Texan emplied his bar. "I'n- Clinton Doctors Are (liven Parking Rights in Cilv (Continued frum page 1) dllional accounttiiK i lo I"' kiihIm-iI by the Board of Works. Road ri'iiairs were mil liorlzi d hy the council (lurliiK Slrci't (' l- Bloner Joe l'olkilin' rvpwl. Wurlt done by t lie street cniiiiniiviiiii during Septi'inher inrludeil r"iil rln B the railroad rrnsKiiiir at .M ntld-iiy and Water Streets. I'alch hiiKln were moved hack iii;lit feet duiliiK the repair work. Twenty-five loads of crave! wen-hauled to the bvwiikc disposal plant to fix roadways in the area. In addition ten truekloads of limbs were cleared from the streets and one load of tin cans salvaged. Work has begun on the construction of a new Seventh Street Bridge over Feather Creek. The original bridge was washed out in a flood several years ago and no new bridge has been built. Construction of the structure is estimated to be finished in about three months. HoosierPoliticos Active in Stale, Kentuckian Here INMANAl'Ol.IS l'uliliral lury llnimUli'il ovit tli slak' ilurinf.-Ihc past 24 lioui's. Al lloKWHI. Ilulpli V. (iiil".i. !!''-iubli(Mii iiumi nt for Bovi rniir, pnil-Hi'il Hi,' ifcorils of tin' Kc'inililic.iu-(oiitnillcil loKlnlalun-u r 1 : -i I ""il I ! t :i . "II lliiisi' li'ciKhiliiroH Mini cavi n Idiodioiil Mow lo tho noior-iolm I wo H r ri'nl rlllli. ri'ilnei'd mows Inconu' lax lor iriall nt ri-lm n tu hy .Ml icr ci iil. lllw rallzcd old iikc astiln-lanrp. I,iii,cK, ( out (llclalorial power ri'iiti'ri'il In ll' uovcnior. niacli' Iho allorncy pou'ial an Him-iIvo olllri'r. I'nai'li'd a mirit synli'lil. Incnani'd nilnlniuin pay for public wliool w-tlu'rs and minced I lie budncl by 5IKI.00O". (laics asserted. Homer K. Capeliart, tl.O.I'. senal-orlal noniinee. today continued nn Invasiuti of Lake County in hopes of turnliiK that democratic citadel Into a republican area. Capeliart reiterated his prediction that Coventor Thomas K. Dewey would carry Indiana hy 200.000 voles. Speaking at Wabash. Senator Samuel D. Jackson, Democratic Rllher-natorial nominee, charue that the Republicans are evading state issues. "Let us have a discussion of the slate issues", Senator Jackson said. "Let the voters have u pood look at Ihe'record. If e do this, many ranli and file Republicans will not vote derstand I got H Japs With It . he, said. "Hut you should have seen thai j hoy French. He was III the middle of the mess, trying to drag out wnun- ded men. When a Jap shot finished the chap he was dragging. French raced back and started bringing out another wounded man. Navy Day Parade To Highlight Local, County Observance (Continued horn page 1) night in the Half Century Club will further plans for the celebration. Individuals and organizations re-nresented at last night's meeting in- B. I. PAVEY ABSTRACTS NOTARY PUBLIC NEWPORT, INO. e. 734 Walnut St. . Clinton, Ind. . Tel. 419-J Sullivan Marine Rescues Ruddies Under Jap inns (Continued from page 1) rlnded Nick Karanovich, -Kwlianiro Cluh.I'atsv Iiuatto and Dow Mitchell, of I. inns Club: Lawrence Homey, Aut Repairmen and Service Station Asso elation; Mm. IIcsb King. Pocahontas, Uie Jap officers when they iiuil play ing 'possum' and is credited with iiu io iwnu , . Marietta wiping out one group Bingte-nanaea. .)a A,1!iiliarv. MiKS Mar,,a RE-ELECT HSk B33 JAP' TWIN-ENGINED BOMBER, caurjlit by a Navy rn-Y search plane, Is destroyed .n the a.r near o-"ai, Northwest New Guinex. The NavV plane closed in after a two-mile chase and downed the Jap Bhip, as shown. These are oIEcial United States N ivy rliQtogi-ipha- (International Souadphoto) ert r. an W. MacU'ie, Delta Theta Tau; Mis Marjorie Caldwell. Tri Kappa: Holt Valerine. Boy Scouts; Key. Hoy Lin-, berg. First Presbyterian Church: Rev. Charles Depoisler, First Christian Church; K. C. Boyd and Leon Woody, Commercial . Club; Floyd Guinn, Loyal Order of the Moose; Maynard Wiggins. Newport Lions Club and Don Clark, Cayuga Lions Club. VERDUN DEBRIS FIND RON IN Settle 100-Year Dispute Recently, two South American countries, Venezuela and Colombia, settled a border dispute that had lasted for over 100 years. 4) ' men tne Japanese wiinurew imo the brush again, and the few marines still on their feet were ordered forward. A runner was sent back for corpsmen to care for the wounded. The Japanese promptly came out of concealment, dragged the wounded marines to the edge of the undergrowth and set up another trap a-round them. Two things were happening at the same time. The second and rear squad of the machine gun section was just moving into the area. And down the line. Private First CIubk French was appealing to a rifle squad leader Sgt. A. E. Crawford, of San Antonio,, Tex. "There's wounded back there. Let's go get 'em out. Hear them yell- YOUR Prosecuting Attorney REPUBLICAN TICKET ' , ' -' t "J i ' J "1 - : n , . . ti . Willkie Rites Held In New York, Body Sent to Indiana Or. G. R. f'cGUIRE cumoPRACTon X-Ray 2331 Blackman fCoDtlnuefl Irom page 1 if0" At Rushvnie. it will be placed in h n-vMt tn await the arrival of Mrs. mm Drop Everything for this Amazing Way! jjy r - j' f t' Too't worry if rdiuurj- iiii'IL'kIs 1imm- SuintPd you. t'tsr. nl Imiiic. tin? formula used T IHICTOltS mljiuu'liw-ly Ot nolt-d J n;7'; ' ton & Minor (,'linic. He nmn:d lmw (J I l' iv yoor itllr inhi. tun, b..i-wh nre n li. vc.l. ;t 11.00 tul.o 'lln.rnlon & Minor's Kcctitl ohil-mt toituv. Or tit oiiN3"-ltvii'P'y iltoni-, ton ft Minor : 1 Sin.l'":-iiTi.", onlu n 1-it r-oU more. Trj JniToi;s' wf 'loh.M. At .ill f"1 tli'Uir Kl.m-s fv.'fj li.-re -In C'liiitim, ut jiUiS, Plairimicy. ':- - :-'.i' : B -'. ,.' .-".v.- i - W'illUie and lier son. Serviees will be held there before itnerment. Tlioti'-ands Pay ItesiMMt Het'ore tlie casket wan cIukcmI and the bp r vice held, thonsiinds nf Nw Yorkers streamed past the bier of the man who entered polhieul proin-iueiK-e as the 1940 Republican presidential e:iididale and who captured that liifch" dcFiKiiatidii from Hi lH'MfwioiiiUtf. m -4k wimuwiMiliii(' in a spe.-iaeular demonst ration of iMPpular acclaim. StnrtiiiK at 2 p. in. yesterday, peo-pie filed throuKli the church ut a rate estimated to he more than .-imhi an hour. The line never wavered until midnight, when the church doors were closed. Willkie' body was brought tu the church early yesterday, in a simple bronze casket. Placed beiieth the pulpit in the center of the church, it was draped in an anierican f la k around which were banked some of the many florial tributes sent the family. Willkie had on a dark busi-nw iutt. a white shirt and a small-I'i.cured blue tie. In keeping with the family's wish the setting remained as : J&?:&iMr$. ? 1 NOW SHE SHOPS "CASH AND CfiRRY" Without Painful Backache Many eufferere relieve naming backache Ouickly, once they discover llutt tin? real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidiieye are Nature's chief way oi tak- " Ing the excess acids and waste out of the Hood, They belp nioet people pass about 3 pints a day. When disorder of kidney function permita poisonoud matter to remain in your blood, it may cause napgine backache, rheumatic pninB, leg pains, loss of pep and euemy, gminj: up nigh la, swelling, pufDness under the e.v.'s, headaches and dtiEineas. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometime shews there is suinetUing wrung with your kidnevs or bladder. Ion't wait! Ask your drugcirt for Doan's Pills, used Buficessfuliy by millions for over 40 years. They rive happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney t uites tiuuli out poisonous waste from your blood. Oct Bonn 1'iils. LUCKY GIRLS are these three niJ-sos, members of a U. S. Army General hospital staff in France, wlio did their shopping for household equipment in the ruins of what once were the buildings of the city of Verdun. Lt. Margaret -White. Norrislown. Pa., left, looks on as Lt. jSllen Ludwig, South VUIiamsprt, Pa., shows Car-t. E.laUa S. Rucin-ski, Gardner, Mass., her latest find a precious electric iron. This Is a United States Army Signal Corps photo. (International) inostentutiouB as possible. .Mrs. Willkie requested that no pic- i ward will li Tin the si on. it i-j 1 1 : pi-ore! Hires be taken of her church, .or of the fuller i-olii-l nsiitli of the col e IlltUlV Ol!f pel l ast lies-, the su'.i ssiul tliet and a l r ple." 1,-idv She remained nh"ie wi'h tl li,.t- liiistiiind f-'l- se crul l"e ..ens liefr HIGH QUALITY AT LOW COST TRIUMPHS AGAIN! (!iiii:ii-il a lu-r brothi Interesting Social Nevs Everyday 1 i he tTi-iK-n;! iml-IU- was ; I hen 1'fi for bonie Willi in-law. Kdward. Mr.-. Willkie. ill li"i asked thai 'the public milled in ti"' cli nch ' puiiee nirjied away an sell, al til net lie j't sleiday. and early crowd I d up outside she changed THE NEW !o'r ueviTal thousand lin the edifice. Hut later - Most popular"yor 'round" doiert her mind, on the advice ot menus and relatives, and the doors were tin-own open after she was joined at, the bier by her In, i ; lx-l -i n-I . w. Kil-ward Willlcie. and Hep. aud Mrs. Joseph It. llaldwin of New York. 'Hour of Danger 'for I I AS IOW AS . K- a pint "WW GIVE GENEROUSLY TO YOUR NATIONAL WAR FUND 1 V, 1 J I' v.y " Alway pure onrJ del.ncu. TUU moM ony flavor tn 2 minute. i'O fomout rcip in acti package. Pleote atk your socf for ! Germany, Hitler Warns Members of Nazi Youth RADIONIC HEARING AID Proves That No One Need Pay More Than $40 For a Quality Hearing Aid If you arc hard of hearing, come in and let your ears tell you why the new Zenith Radio nic Hearing Au is stub tremendous success. 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This is Zenith l;i,:orvmply rc-pcatinp itself. Zenirb ponauie ladioi once sold for $200. Mass production made them better, and lowered rlv- price r $29! ?nirh leadership in PREUSlov MASS PKODt'CTlON is the reason yci enjoy Zenirh's highest quaii! in a hearing ftid at 5-m! r niir rum. i i'V w .'iiiiaii nuiio lui y. Hiiiis Avtiiait. Hit-uii had n-purtt'd ti i i -uuniz-.ttion s itsdiiin had ri-iori-n ic. i tie i'ueiirer in I' lUf'hllMT.- hi .-.I lor iiiili! s;nd: In the I riii;n!i y. r -r Jor our oi (him hy our All over the country women are setting aside extra War Bonds for the many household appliances to be available again after, the war's end. Wartime obligations still have to be filled, but come Victory, reconversion to peacetime production will come at top speed. Then your dealer will be able to present the new ELECTRIC ranges and other electric household appliances which you've all been waiting and saving for. 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Arn:istion You're Invited io Come in far a Demonstration "hart of t! i;iS 1m t il eM'Cted votit : lutv !hv. ti will f'jr idory hy J.-.d: it! tli- V'dhS- ns and in all niln-r !t-llU''li!. tlieir utishals 'aid thHr eiin:!l:.ry Creiiadi r I'i1 isl ranks ot" tli- Wi mm ii ii i mini i n I Ute IIS know Tlie enemy's meiffj-s plans of annihilmion and tlierof-ire we shrili way.- t'n; striieuie v. ill. au tvor-c i'(-a ; -r fan:: i i -al yrtil '"You as you li - 'V;:a i Sofia lit fitlners mi't e-n ixo4-& the holp naiion s uiiliiin him; aiid luibcudable I 1 ii 1 J K kS," VI lill 1 ITS J tf 1 !coiiifr OF INDIANA, INC. COMPANY PUSUC ' I

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