The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTONI AN N Monday, October 9, 1944. Cage Six PUBLIC NOTICE OUR DEMOCRACY- by Mat Indiana's Political1 Leaders Pay Tribute To Wendell Willkie COOP HUSBANDRY Inna University providing opportunities for tho youth of the state as It has offered 111 in opportunities la his youthful days." Dr. William Lowo Bryan, president of tho university during Mr. Willkies Btudent days, predicted that the voice of the dead leader "will still be listened to in congress, in parliament and at the tablo where plans for peace aro made." MULTPUES WE YIELD i I ' I m M irI r smtilw U I aWViJ BUSINESS SERVICES Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices When the early Indians planted corn they put in lima beans to climb on it- grew their winter, vegetable supply for succotash fkom one planting. -Tr.u.'t'.' 7 Jv HTWVJs. (Continued born page 1) Announcement of Mr. Willkies death was mado from tho pulpits of all tho churches In Uushville yesterday and all tho cily's flags were at hair mast today. The 1940 presidential nominee had business and farm holdings valued at nearly half a million dollars in Rush County. Uushville also wns the girlhood home of his wife, Edith, nnd the Willkies visited Ruslivillo frequently. Courage anI IndepeiKliiii e Senator Samuel D. Jackson, a Democrnt, said tho news of the death "made mo heartsick. "Wendell L. Willkie wns something new in American political life." Senator Jackson nsserted. "lie was a Hooslcr boy who gave tho country a good look at courage, independence and determination, nil wrapped up In one colorful and energetic personality. We saw this at work In our democracy and lilted it. He made good even if he did fall to become president." Democratic Governor Henry F. Schrlcker said: "No one could be in Mr. T.'illkie's company very long without experiencing a strong feeling nf confidence In his towering character and his absolute fenrleaBess in a discussion of all public questions. In my onln-Iqn, America has lost a great champion of the rights of mankind and one who was prepared and anxious to render a great service to tho nation and to tho world." i giomer K. Capehart, Republican nominee for United Stales senator, said that the passing of Mr. Willklo ''brought to millions the disheartening feeling of having lost a real friend." "He was sincere In everything he did," Capehart declared. "Despite his climb to world fame, ho remained a loyal Hoosier. Death robbed him of his plans to retire to his Indiana farm after he had given his best In tho Interests of our country." Ralph K. Gates, G. O. P. nominee for governor, said: "Wendell L. Willkie fought hard for those things In which he sincerely believed and he had the courage of his conviciions. He has made a lasting contribution to human progress and his influence upon national and world affairs will be deeply felt for many years. We are all of us deeply shocked to learn of Ills untimely death." II' Praise Willkie - BLOOM 1NGTON, Ind. Wendell L. Willkie was termed "Indiana I'ni- I versity's most distinguished alum-! nus" by President Herman B. Wells j today. Flags were at half mast over the I. U. campus today in honor of the j man who left the university in 1916 j with a law degree. President Wells Bald Mr. Willkie "had a clear vision of a greater Ind-1 ftnston The modern practice op sowing red clover with oats or barley gives a second crop -after, the grain has been harvested. so, too, when wg put our money into war bonds and life insurance and savings accounts we accomplish two things- help- to wn the fight for ou county's security and build our own at the same time. Collects 286 Rare Odors Collecting rare odors is the hobby of Dr. Ralph Bienfang of the University of Oklahoma school of pharmacy. He has 288 of them from far corners of the earth, such as oil ef rose from Baghdad; hyssop from central Asia and zdravetze from Bulgaria. Dr. Bienfang preserves the odor in oil and transfers it to a card. The card holds the odor for as long as two years and is filed in a card index. With The Compliments Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for MARIE SPEERS 52 1 S. 4th St. Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day YOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT PALACE Last Time Tonito CARTOON NEWS Chicago Bears Vs. Washington Redskins FOOTBALL GAME TEXACO t'UNTON, INI). 9c FINAL TUE. 40c Color Cartoon "Frog and the Princess" LATEST NEWS You C j Can't t-rvju'l forget! f'k Vlrmt ! Insertion : go for MCh reading line (one column Una, Uke one of these). Neit two days Insertion: the same 80 charge (you get three days t double the eoit ot the flrit day). Next three days Insertion: the - wme 8c charge (you get a whole Keek five days) at three times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (Uke this) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mem-orlams and notices of all kinds must it nM in advance exceDt those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment FOB SALE ItEAL ESTATE FOUR SEMI-modcrn homes. In Clinton, 1 In Lyford. 1 Acre of ground, four room house, newly painted, lights and furnace. 1 modern houses, in Clinton, 1 close in. 2 Fairview residences, 1 Bplar Hill 4 room house, 4 acres of ground. H. S. Call phone 326, 227 Blackman. t85 I'EARS, LARGE KIEFERS. HAND picked $1.00 a bushel, drops 25c. May Donna, Cheery St. west Fair-view, road east of Geneva Tavern. t87x MODERN HOME, EXCELLENT Location. South side near school. Owner leaving city. Mrs. Everson, 230 Higglns St. Clinton, Ind. t8Gx DRY CLEANING CAN'T REMOVE It. One Bpraying of Arab odorless mothproof protects up to 5 yrs. against moth damage. Lee Hain. ELECTRIC COFFEE GRINDER. 1N-quire Mrs. Margaret Vallosia, Universal. t87 64 IN. ROUND OAK TAIiLE AND buffet, 1454 So. 4th St., 1'hone 137-J. t86x 4-DR GRAHAM I'AIGE SEDAN. 19,000 miles. Good condition. 4 fiO N. Ninth Street. 87x FIFTH VEIN COAU ALSO BRA-zll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f BRICK, any kind yon want. Clinton Auto Wrecking Part Oo. Ernie's, i S, Cllntoa. Bser LADIES BROWN I'LAID COAT, Size 12. 257 Casey Ave. t87x GOOD EATING AND CANNING pears. 250 N. Ninth St. t94x COOLEKATOR l'KE-WAR STYLE. Call 1133-3 after 6 p. m. t87x COOKING STOVE. JOHN TOFFOLO Fairview. t87x 1937 FORD MOTOR A-l CONDI-tlon. Herman White, It. 3. t85x GOOD GOAT MILK. 44 N. 7TH Street. t87x BABY BUGGY. 707 SOUTH Fourth Street. t84x GREEN MAJESTIC RANGE, 954 North Seventh Street. t8tlx MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS. White's Pharmacy. t8(i PAID NOTICES NOTICE! Called Convocation Vermillion Vfri Chapter 125 R. A. M. Wednes day, Oct. 11. 7 p. m. Work in R A Degree. Visitors welcome, w uhain Vastbinder H. P. Ray Shew, Sec. t87 FEMALE HELP WANTED EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. GOOD pay. Antonini Restaurant, North Ninth Street. t87x HOUSEKEEPER POR 2. RUTH Owens, 218 N. Main, Tel. 233-R. S5tf WAITRESS, VICTORY DINER. t75f WANTED WORK AS HOUSEKEEPER IN widower's or motherless home. Dux 105, Cayuga. Ind. I UK Wanted to Buy, SeH or Trade GOOD USED FURNITURE AND stoves. What have you? Tom Itigsby, 142 South Main Street. t90x LOST BOY'S GLASSES, DARK liLUE case, lost in Clinton or between Clinton and Sandytown. reward. Notify Walter Oilman, Route 3. t87s TWO MALE HOGS. WEIGHT around 450. between Clinton-Terre Haute. If found call Fairview. (86 NON-lUSM$N NOTICE STATE OF INDIANA VERMILLION COUNTY, SS: IN THE VERMILLION CIRCOIT COURT SEPTEMBER Term, 1944. Lewis Dayton Hedges vs. Juanita Hedges. - No. 17650. Be it known that on the 30th day of September, 1944 said plaintiff filed affidavit in due form, showing that the defendant Juanita Hedges, a non-resident of the State of Indiana and a necessary party lo the complaint herein; and that tho object of said action Is Divorce. Sutd non-resident defendant Is now, therefore, hereby notified of tho pendency of said action against her and that the samo will stand for trial on the 1st day of December, 1914 the samo being the 71st Judical day of the said Term, 1944 of said Court, and unless Bald derend-nnt appear and answer or demur to said complaint at said duto. tlie same will be heard and determined In her absence. U'ltnnsn mv linml nnd tile Seal of suld court, this 30th day of Septem ber, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS, Clerk. Aikman. Miller & Causey, Atty. in2-9-16 44. Combined Soviet Armies Race Over Lithuania (Continued from page 1) were killed and threo possible escape highways were blocked off. This left the Nazis In Riga and western Latvia enly one roll lino and two dirt roads by which to flee to East Prussia. ' 1 Riga, capital of Latvia, was threatened incidentally as Soviet columns east of the city broke loose from their southern anchor, the town of Ogre, and pushed some 15 miles to the southeast, taking Tinuzi en route. Ogre Itself was seized after stubborn street fighting, the official Russian communique said. Morv than' 900 German defenders died in preliminary engagements. The East Prussian offensive got under way suddenly. Soviet detachments forced the Venta River and drove a wedge into the German defenses. Then main Russian columns broke through a deeply staggered enemy defense system. The Nazis launched strong counter-attacks, but the Reds broke through, capturing the important highway Junction of Tryskiani. A second German defense line wavered and cracked at the Virvicial River. Russian Infantry crossed the stream on the heels of the retreating enemy, killing 2,000 Nazis in the process, and crashed to take the road junction of Plungenal, along with 2.000 localities. COLUMBIA SUNDAY and MONDAY Admission 9c and 25c HAPPYLAND With Don Ameche Frances Dee Harry Carey "I Got Plenty of Mutton" Merrie Melody "South American Sway" Melody Master RKO NEWS Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c BERMUDA MYSTERY With Preston Foster Ann Rutherford BEAUTIFUL BUT BROKE With Joan Davis John Hubbard Jane Frazee Bob Haynes THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c NINE GIRLS With Ann Harding Evelyn Keyes Jinx Falkenburg Leslie Brooks Jeff Donnell "CHAMPIONS" Warner Short ASTROLOGICAL - FORECAST. A brief general guide, covering, bus iness, financial, noaun, vocations lm-a nfnirs. niul etc. Bend one dol lar with day, month, and year of birth. Four questions will ne an swered absolutely nee. money ro-funded if not satisfied. Wrlto to L. E. Vestal. 405 South Main St., South Ileiid, Indiana. tSox OCfOllER SPECIAL: 15.60 OIL rermuni'iits fl.iiu; Shampoo and Hair style 11. 00. Arches Hair-tints Facials. Adanison's Iloau-torium, 3G5V4 South Main, l'hono B02. t84 MOTH PROTECTION 2 YRS. ON clothing and 5 yrs. on rugs, furniture and blankets, with one spraying of Arab Odorless mothproof. Lee Hain. FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I MA L S REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 6319 Trre Haute or Dana 1428. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwlggins and Sons, licensed dealers. CaU ns as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. . t5lf AITO GLASS. ALL TYPES OF Glass for all makes Installed. Muffle and tall-pines for all cars. Ernie's. Phono 8, South Main, Clinton 189 MODERNIZE Y O V It DIAMOND with a beautiful new plantiilllill mounting from Fararo's Jewelry Shop. tlOO ETHYL. WE GOT IT! SURE also 6 ply tires Tho Gas Market, 115 North Main Street, Clinton. tCOf SAVE "FUEL MONEY" WITH storm sash and attic insulation. Put in your order now. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. Tel. 322. Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. JOIN OIK CHRISTMAS LAYAWAY flub ami select a Kcvak Diamond ring at Faraco's Jewelry Shop. IIOO BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f MALE HELP WANTED DRIVER SALESMAN FOR DRIVER route in Chicago. Must be intelligent, clean in appearance. $50 per week guaranteed, can earn f85-$100. Permanent post-war position. Give references. Write Box 288. Clinton, Indiana. t8(l HOY FOR TT CASTINCJ AND i;E.. eral stereotype work, fan either be full time job or handled by high school student before school hours. No esierience necessary. BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill j Blackburn, Clintoman. HELP WANTED YOUNG MAN Olt ;lltl, TO LEAIt.V general press and bindery work. No experience not'tnutary. All of the alHH-e openings 441 hours per week, 15 days with no Saturday work. Write or apply at the Dally t'linlonian. HELP WANTED FOR PERMANENT I employment even after war termination. War and peace time or-1 ders already booked 12 mo.- ahead, j Lathe operators, minimum 12 mo. experience. Planing 'mill operators. Journeymen, all on max.- J imum wages at stipulated by Na- j tionai War Labor Hoard. Report j Immediately either by Phone 85 j or at U. K. Machine Tool Manufac- i luring Corp. t85 Wanted to Buy or Kent HOME IN OR NEAR CLINTON OR Fairview. Must have at least five rooms. Mrs. Clifford Brown, 213 Fulton Street, Fairview. t86x WANTED TO KENT FOUR OR FIVE ROOM HOUSE. ! Write or call at 120 North Third Street. tS7x j FOR KENT MODERN FURNISHED APART-ment. Close In. 415 South Third Street. t43f Coconut Busks Coconut husks have a new industrial use in Puerto Rico, as a source of fiber for padding in upholstery and cushions. Phone 62 INDIANA FACTORY - CONTROLLED RECAPPING 7.00 4.00-16 Grade A Quality Camelback No Ration Certificate Needed "r'W"" '"Mil"" after the agreement is ratified, these forces would be available on the call of the Security Council, without asking premisslon each time from the senate. . Tills was regarded as necessary in order to take the "urgent military measures" which are regarded as necessary to put down aggression. It was failure to take prompt action against aggression which caused the breakdown of the League of Nations peace machinery. Four I'nscltled Issues In the news conference, a list was given of the unsettled issues left over from Dumbarton Oaks: 1. The question of whether an aggressor nation should vote or refrain from voting when It is involved In a dispute. 2. The enact character of the proposed International Court of Justice. 3. What will happen to the old League of Nations, which still exists at Geneva and is still functioning. 4. What will happen to the system of mandated territories set up under the League of Nations. American Steel Pincers Close In On Aachen (Continued from page I) Army front west of the Belfort gap. With forward units of the United States First Army closing a steel trap around Aachen and narrowing the German escape corridor to less than four miles, a Router correspondent with the Canadian Army revealed the new Scheldt river expedition. LeuMlri Font's Critical ThiB thrust was carried out to relieve Allied forces at the Leopold Canal, whose position is admittedly serious. The attack was mrfde before dawfn. with assault craft streaming out from the occupied town of Termeu-sen westward along the Scheldt in the direction of Hoofdplaat, some five miles up the river. Two Bmall bridgeheads were established In the area, opening the way for new assaults against the Scheldt estuary islands of Walche- J ren and Noord-Beveland. Inlands 4'miNtant Threat These islands, firmly held by the Germans, are a constant menace to ! Allied forces operating in Holland. Hig Nazi coastal guns on the former t island clustered around VliBslngen iFlusbingl, still prevent full Allied use of the captured port of Antwerp. Retailers to File Two Copies of Pricing Chart The price panel of the Vermillion County War Price and Rationing Hoard today reminded all clothing retailers. SB well as wholesalers, who sell women's, girls' and children's clothing under Regulation S:J0 are required to file two copies of their pricing chart with the OPA on or before Oct. 15. After Nov. 15 retailers and wholesalers will not be permitted to sell any garments until they have received Ol'A acknowledgement of the receipt of their charts. Roth copies of the chart must contain the name and address, type of businesB. and twnr the lil.natiiM rt an nffilal nf the firm. They filiould be mailed to! the Ol'A District Office. 429 North, Pennsylvania Street. Indianatolis. I Indiana. - - POLAND'S SERVICE STATION Master Outline Of World Peace Parley Given (Continued rium page 1) shall have the right to veto any action which might be taken against it. On this point, the document said: "The question of voting procedure in the Security Council is still under consideration." This indicated that the delegates were in wide disagreement on this very important angle of the secur ity organization one of the many probable points that will have to be settled b y President Roosevelt Prime Minister) Churchill, Premier Stalin and Chiang Kai Shek at some future date. A spokesman for the American de legation emphasized at a news con ference that the amount and kind of force which the United States would make available to the new organization will be determined by the senate. After such a decision Is made, and Guaranteed PARTS and SERVICE On All Makes of RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Taylor's Radio Service 456 N. Oth St. Phone 792 LOANS . . . S50 S100 S200 S250 and S300 Yes, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay interest ONLY for the time you have the loan. The Public Loan Company will assist yon quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed in a factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come In and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payments to suit your Income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of 8 per month on unpaid balance for amounts up to $100; amounts S0 to 1300, 1 per montb on unpaid balance. A $50.00 loan repaid In five monthly installments of $10.92 each, costs $4.00 but If repaid In 10 days, costs only 60c. Yon may borrow to pay old bills, your Doe-tor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. 8 Pay 10 Pay IS Pay menta. menu, ments. so ( T.ia s.m 9 S.02 SIOO $14.25 $11.72 $10.03 $300 $23.20 $19.03 $2SO $35.17 $28.87 $24.67 $aOO $41.04 $34.39 $20.85 PUBLIC LOAN CO. 21 9 H Mala fh. Phone 252 FIRESTONE ISO N. MAIN PCCOi THEPCTURES Buy More Ilonds ft. A Loan Service ... Up to $300 in Tune With Your Needs of the Season. Quick Reasonable Convenient. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY Starring RAY RUTH DONALD .MILLAND-HUSSEY-CRISP CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER ZL. GAIL RUSSELL DinmS fcr Um Alln Sum Mor St Mk imM. ad fnmk ten 226 Blackman St. CLINTON, i . ... 3

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