The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 9, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 9, 1944
Page 5
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TIIE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Fi'.c Monday, October 9, 1911. BUCKEYE QUARTER - By Jack Sords' verted seven times. The Naval Academy juggled tin attack, und no Navy mun scored twice. The North Carolina Tre-Flight rioudhuHters sconrd another sinl-I' leant tri'iuiim when they came off a win over Navy to beat Duke. 13 lo i, Si;ni KoKloWKki, ex-Holy CrohH and Iftitli.tut Olio Oraliam, former Nortli-Meieriit-r. Hhoitldered the burden for I lie ('lotHtttiihltTH, both passiiig and riiuniiiK the Klycrs to victory. MuiugHu defeated MinneHota, l-'S Notre Dame Holds Lead in National Gridiron Picture Irish Jk-at Tiilanc In Saturday Fray; CoHt'Kf WiniHTH Are Shaping l'p NKW VdliK. N. V. .Voire ll; Lanier Hurls For Cards In Crucial Game Today's 8ri( Malrh To Ih'vUU Cardinals Win Or ttrotvn Hay 7th Game; Nelson on ftrotvn .Mound KT. I-OI IK. Mo. Tlie noiide- Wildcats Maintain Winning Streak in Triumph over Wiley I). Itcincro, Muriel to Score for CI IS In Oiilhlanliii Ciuiw; Wildcat Lint; SIiomk (rooil Form in 12-7 Win Over Terre Haute Crew; Tackle Cai-ficM iixt With a hard-driving line and power-house offensive, the Clinton Wildcats Friday night rang up their fourth con U. for the prized Little Drown Iml. I. r of tin- iii(!iIimI 1 9l;l iJiik a Wolverine hack Hull Weise colli-viale rnuthall title, has another ' M-orcd thren tiuiea. MichiKan twice triumph under im belt Unlay, but I halted Miiineoata on the one-yard from now fan look forward U noth-, mriiie. and fuiuhlea were costly lo iiiK but hard work. both team. iwript ISrowns, wtio briefly (teemed about to clutch l lie world haxeball championship in their uncertain law, today stood one down with Tiie Iriifh took their 8cond bailie of the year Saturday from unieied I' two to t'o again! the Cardinal and thuif face elimination by late thin afternoon unless they are fated to ('linloii KeilerH Ko!l to Double Win Over Linton D feat ing a strong Linton Kegler aggregation, the Clinton Dianas bowled their way to a double set secutive victory of the season, handing the Red Streaks of jTulnne. 2 to ii. after hiimtiliiiK I'lii the wei-k before. ItH lo II. From IlliK week on. however, they Inilftt l,ei;in I with a liartniouth learn which will j bow only after a bitter fiKht. and ! i-'O on aj;ainKt auch ofifonenla a j WiKConxin. Illinois. N a v y, Arrniy. lli..ii..l. C:..(.ri.i.j T.l. aiwl l:r..ul j ut on a ffnUh aueh a the one that Terre Haute s Wiley High School a 12 - 7 defeat by virtue of earned them the American League pennant. Fireballing Mort Cooper fourth quarter touchdown. Clinton's game, centered around Don Reinero, Jack Oilman and Anthony Enrietto, consistently kept the visitors Lake, Naval, which marred . mch -rie win at Linton Sunday. Ave and Menetti were the high isoutn isetiu recora in tne ciokiiik on tiie defensive a 111 hard-charg ing Wildcat rolled up 11 finrt down to Wiley' three and allowed only one Wiley touchdown threat whirh the ftireak capitalized on In the ond quarter. The match wax evenly divided be arranged all this yenterday by a county of 2 to 0, W in or I4mm They had to win today and set another deadlock to bring on a ev-enth same Wednesday, or by lotting be booted right off the premise. Xelnon Potter, the right-hander who started the second game, which the Cards won to 2 In 11 Innings, was picked by Manager Luke Kewell for today's back to the wall encounter. He left the previous engagement for a pfnch-hftier in the midM the 4ft, then heaved a Ions pass to Enrietto who was under it on the 55. Picking up his heel, the fleet-footed Wildcat liallback followed perfect Interference down the sidelines to score the winning run. srorers for Clinton while Fritz and Mehlhoff starred for Linton. CLINTON Taparo, 214, 183, IP! -543; Wilson, 114, 1. 207 570; Straw, Vtl. 149, 236-571; Ave, UfO, 2VI, 13 til 3; Ueneiti, 223, 234. 202 65. Totals, 1013. 'Jf,7. 7S Z5S. LINTON Briggs, 1. 210, 153 531; Premo, 214. 101, 152527; Bredeweg, HO, 171, 153 4J4; Fritz, lf2, 20.3, 20358; Mehlhoff, 207. 175, 210502. Totals, 09, S20, 8732702. Knrietlo's pass conversion try minutes of the last campaign, Tulane was game, but provided no real test for Notre Dame. The Irish rolled out 301 yards from scrimmage to Tulane's 1 75, and unveiled a new running star in Chick Maggioli, who scored t wo of Notre Dame's four touchdowns. Another tally was racked up by ace Boh Kelly, who ran the hall thirteen times for 77 yards and scored on Frank Daneewicz's 2S-yard pass. Army is another traditionally strong starter which must face oft this week against tougher opposition than was seen Saturday wle-n the Cadets marched over Brown, 5f of a aeventh inning came tying ral ly put ou by the ftrown. The Card W T lesMisA were to uw Max Lanier, the oulh- tween air and around dueling with Wiley scoring lla touchdown on a Miller to Kauhion nam while Clinton took to the air (several lime in niarchea down the field. The Wildcat Koala came in the aecond and fourth quarter, ibe firt as the climax to a drive from their own 42-yard line to Wiley's nay-dirt. Knrietlo scored the clinching goal on a 45-yard enrint. Knrletto opened the game kicking off to Wiley with the Wreak re paw, who was driven to cover by of tte- Mo s-fXe zv&ei laiieu. Wiley took to the air In a rain attempt to put the Streaks back In the game but nihwed out as his fourth pass was intercepted by Cl-rey on Wiley's five-yard line. Scar Third 4oal A third Clinton touchdown was mulled ax Mart fleinero fumbled within whispering distance of the goal. j The only blots on Clinton's performance for the evening was the Tiff m'L 4KfoiUw the Hrowns in that second game, or BJfx Donnelly, the rookie right- ban der who ban done sensational relief to 7. 11 tt. more experienced and al- crackling curve and a ball that dances, Mort was m good that he got fl.l.VTOX Taparo. 1S6. 213. 23- 604; Wilcon. 172. 212, 1S4 ,: Straw. 1C. 1S2. 17 S3C; Ave, 2t7. 1S9, 20K 54: Benelti. 17s. 17. 201 655. Totala. 4'J. 9S2, 76-2M7. I.IXTOX Jone, ld2. 173. 1 S21; I'remo. 204. 179. 10 503; ways tough, is cerlain to provfd work. When the Browns won the opening game of this sometimes drab series they appeared to be on their way, but blew the second - - . then Al Zarilla and Mark f'hrixtman on turning to the Sis. scbritiK a firt down in the process. Forced to punt failure to convert on touchdowns nd the fumbles, two of which may out lJ Cardinals. He was unbeatable in the pinches, but an easy mark for Sanders and Lit whiter he eased up, Kojining C(mt"T never did to ar;y ap;x-rciablx- extent. f'ooper teamed tz-.f height of pit-ehiitg perfection in thai sixth at a lime when the Cards led by only l to it. aike Kreetjch opened with a ktnt'lc uuA u't-K fitrt-i-A t,v t't-nt. Uiredewce. 141. 160. 203 504; on downs. Wiley kicked to l, Ueine-ro who started a drive up the field. Aided by Knrieito and (.iiman the Wildcats reached their own 40 before an Knrieito fumble gave the Istiffer rsistance to Army, which i sent Clenn Davis into par dirt three times and all-around athlete Dale Hall over the goal twice. The pjit-- Nolle Vaatf' nt-ttrt-, say the expert, is miHeiiding, Brown, howeter. was overwhelmed by the Army reserve power, j Na vy. u pset by Nort h Ca rol ina I I're-Flight in a previous contest. have thwarted scoring plays. In the line department the Wildcats shone as they haven't for the past several years. Line blocking and tackling was near perfection called third strikes and ith one out and the baw-s loaded In the until. then fanned three pjneh-hhters in a row in the ninth, Milt Hm-, Chet Laabs and like Charlak, the first two going down wi'h the bats on their shoulders as the ball blared in there and darted on pat them without so much as even a bint of Fritz. 23C. i:7, 231 4; Mehlhorf. ll. 21S. 210 613. Total. Hal. 'J24. S 2CS. i hey started all over again to lakej the third tux&le and a 2 to 1 edge, j only to Jose two in a row through j yerfterday. The Cardinals they are! playing now are the genis w ho preadeagled the National League! field, rather than the luckless ones! who failed to make a four game ball to Wiley. The lied Streaks proved unable to, with the hard-hitting Cats rnivinc- .Moore, seemfoglv endihtf that threat. ; cause hack to thrash J'enn .State. 55 to 14. The Middies rolled up eight I I touchdowns ar.d shone the spotlight I but Vern Hiephe:is singled and George M'-Quiun waiked to load the bas'-s. That s when Coop-r got a-rilia and Chris:uian in order with niove against the solid Clinton line ing all comers they had played a ball so were forced to send a kick down game. to the Wlldactx- coffin corner. In The Cats maintain their perfect Keinero again sparked a drive up 'record in Valley play, while Wiley the Held to hit the Z for a first j loses out in the conference competi-down. With Oilman, Curry and V. lion. The Terre Haul sud also sweepas some thought a likely outcome. i'tHHHT WitMiw Atf Position WANTED RAILROAD WORKERS iff AH Type kke: i:ki'i:ksktative Wort Cooper, so often the victim j of the American League Hub and; on kicking star Vic Finos, who con- i , twin each, and r'bartak. Kreevleh. McQiiin, f'hritman. Baker, Hyrn. Befnero pushing the pigskin for twolau'fered a break in their ten-game winning streak in the game, with! 2 i;aiij;od i.KTii.tMtNr swing. In all, be set down 1 2 on strikes, within owe of the record, and won by 'he margin of the home run bit in the sixth by Hay Kinder, in the eighth by Danny Litwhilcr. Two 4iMu0UW Mistake Gatehouse made only two mistakes of consej uenc-, but as it l urned out that meant the bail game, those two home run bails, which gave Cooper all be needed wi'h some to spare. G alehouse allowed only sis hits against the set en made by tiie Drowns off Cooper and he struck lower of the c ardinals first game, J retrieved bis position as the current! ace in baseball when be pitched per-i the Wildcats avenging last year's 7- j 'their bats on their shoulders, one joi the highlights of world seri'-s play go j (it all the way back Ut tne first of them. It was a pioeh-performance lhat Jturpasjw-d even his turee straight strikeouts against the Drown iuch-hitters in ihe ninth, H-rUttiAy stopped ind stomped tbeoj iaaba and ;alehoue ail once each.; and wa bothered only by Kreeietij ( v-ho made a double and a Kinrle and more first downs the ball arrived on the 42. Enrietto streaked up to the 47 as the quarter ended. D. Keinero's dash to Wiley's 52 in the opening minutes of the second quarter was offslded with the IMUHD ftaiion f(.anf Offk Clinton. Indiana Kvcry TwMlay 0:IMt li !l;HO A. M. defeat. Kumtnary: Union (121 W iley (7) Clrey U.K. O'Leary r;rahaiu . L.T. Greenwood haps the fiwsl game of hi life ye-! terday to score that 2 to 0 triumph ( over Ih'ftvy Gatehouse, who le-at hini in the series opener, j ISig and strong armed, with a . Klentien who made two KinileK audi a double, but they didn't bothei j Wildcat then forced fcu punt on tbe before anybody could get on ba'ie. I He fcirurk out Moore and Zntllln J bint for loi.. lie twk full eoui-! mand with men on baK-n. fourth down. Curry mulled the place 1 Oilman U.H. Hoctor kick with Wiley recovering to bold fJlorer C Nodson j the ball on the Wildcat' 27-yard ondino IS i. Mcllargue SbrH.' i-ic UJiLU GEfl 1 . a-B 5k 1 I'ovlin ICT. Price F-PETW A MlSAoE TO Ur- ;l I i H ii 4 v i raivi; WAS LAST I FAR fJOFTH -JiT:. I ' IV .1 i I 1 I . HreVL l-KWpi - . up OfJ POJJ Tfc '( IJEAf? THE t -lr -r 3-4 T POLE . tat 1 mZm SrESin CreEB5Xy B NAVAL I O, Jfc-fe ' , '. Foster UK. Faubion M. Keinero g ii. Kiopfer EnrUtu , LH, Miib'r D. Ueinero It.H alloy (rorry KIJ. Holt Kr.ire by pjri'tl: Wiley 0 7 0 07 Clinton 6 12 Coring touchdowns Wiby, Fau st ripe, Mjifloy hftmrkm fwtvUtu W alloy plunged through the line it hit Clinton's 15 for a Drt down, then sped on down to the 10. Momentarily stalled a pa and then a plunge failed with the Ktr'-aks finally cashing in ou a perJect iiiiler lo Faubion pa iu the end zone, Virvt tiumi ,tvm Mere Rushing In Frodennan, re-re la;k)e to make the conversion fyiut, the Wiley man's fcik was of the he, eu)i-g up the score at Wiley "-Clinton 0, (be first touchdown to cros Clinton' goal (bis season. Taking a firm grip on the situation, the WibJ3t started a drive bion. Clinton M. Ueinero, KtitU'tt Co jut tfter liouchdowu Wiley t piaci'iM'Hi . Substitution Wiley !'e, Jlo.iiugwurlh, ilholland. WaMi awd Haley, f linfou Wrrina. Ic-icjlt. J'asiore, H'lm and CounseL .iffU'tal lielerwe. Dagwe; mu Thimble Theatre I down the leid, never onee rejic-jpire, Clark; I.adiinesiiau. White. . T-J ( HM? Wp KJeTr K 7-. mulshing the taJ! ixetuming w s kickoff to the 42. the Wildcats start-ed down the field, ruttniuie up four first downs In the march, Fowur Uu&hoed a Oiltxiau pass on te 57 with D. Hinero. jpping ou down to the 34, then heaving a pa lo urienio on the zv. A 5-yard oliide penalty Starring o SERIES NOTES KT. Ijn tx, Ku. Kaci and fiK-Kure of the fillb catu of Ibe aii-liui Wo-id r'jri'- l'M-n the lirowni? and the t'ardiualii: hmuA ii. v L. L POPEYE set tne "at back tor a Uione-nt. the charging CJiutojj S-anj was not to be denied. CJltnau pub'-d tb- 'arJiual l.V't 3 2 bail to WiJej 2C. then hwt the aj. bus ll;owii 4 A 1 2 Omir I'aid atti'ndane': SS.Jtife. pjgiijn down lo Curry ou t-'iv Enrietto look up tiie drie. wiggling through the Wiiey jje to Ihe 14 .'r,2.1J I33.- "oniojifcioner'jf tfjaie: $23 f'lube' and leatiue' thate; and down I the fjv iu two pJa, , lleitvro ftrore 1. Heifo nuiied oer frouj tl.e Wiley tour-'ard srtije. scoring Jot C'Dmon, - Tie e.ira-poja bog"' erjti(S for Hie Wiideats howler, wlih a line buck failing lo get the conver 4fc.13. I'aid all'dance: 175. 7. (;roKC recliHK; 74.'Hi. I'laei' oiiare; 3,io.l. t'ouiUiiMioner a aiiaie; $it5,2i;. Ich ciuiy b 2tnd league atiaie sion poiul for the ("al teAfc'Tive DaN Ojiwtil ENT5 TWJ 5CJJ. CUiM f ISu'S 0 , v I (.iarr alter tiie (t'JijjtjuW liicii- 1 zM2l .32. Tiir WMP CtttVt Off a Wijejr Juillbie a -xA.rej U Aft KiHWiS A FICtS.4 LWTtPt D.-V JSj-S ri O'JSTV 0flC on 0J 6JtSA 5-1XjKS MID 61? UftH TO ft CnAJB- 'lteoerfc lor today' ame: iuii: S A&OUT TRjitSV (I tSihii TU' L by t'JijiWn ju tiie 4fe but slie f'al I'otter tor tbe fstowo; and Mas fcCT T8UOC5 I Wf t.'T TO PJo&O R0O?16 MCWS-TdtV bfciD 5CD LtrT Fu5 T Ci.U5-I ihOKjiR If ViE5 TOjijD OJT HAT 1 ANT TO tuaO ftSOJI sot&aa" iiaue tr a toueiidowti w-t gijiw- itr or iJZ tltjwlr tor the ardju-j BieTiUg as t!- ijuel'efaeid i'Ciiif j too-H to i.e jr tor tiw goaJ. Tbre-j a j TMAT'il H Ut2 6 IMP lli. STA OUT e&ki-VOU 60 6CK TO Tt UU. CL'JS- I SlUCjoiS -J FT MiVI- Ho. - Lineups jsin Wofid -ri-t g.aue i- ie1ieei! In- OUI t'af (iVationaJt awd tle lu o Aiueriew ; DAN l'.lf Uwhjler. If Hopp. !. WUfcia), fr. W. t'sMt-r. r. hauderfc, lb. F urow isi, 3b. 45 Don. s. fanw-r or Li .1 t;utt" J'i" . 2b. Krw.iel, j. 'epl.etifc. A'uinu. lb. 2Sa-;tl. u. Ch; it nan. 2b, liayivoj e, I'OtUT, p. p ant nr. rjt tit; -1 twin fii lonnejjyJ . I Cmpjre: I'jpgraus fA. Duun 'N't.' V.owaL I At. a lid ear 4St, 177 ( Htroum cm about T?:" f-eoey.'-ou ret iu ; jlir-oMipMe Oitte er iiM WJlljj d'urr- ijarjjit a 'irT .a on the: itijJujaB iO-d the isxU Uj tne ; J i t-f tiie fialt iHid'd 13i" tiifeat, : Auvlr "lmti tumble j:- jIj IrfiiU to WiW a tw- t i fj muiifi-T I Mtfpetied Wllii J4'1tr OK iH' tMf'itJU. ut m pil rfidSer (fu 2lJ-iijd Dite. W'Jiej lail to gaiw in sue- J r-d ) tm v'ityr aud punted out to 'l)li1IJ OU lite J. Wiley iSubm f'MUltd' Wiiy agiixi -i-d a "lint luni-kle Iu 1- oer on (Eiji((WJ s 2 but re Jieid tixht the f "Jjuton line. 1 iaiUitLg uuty tbte arUs iu four la. i Wiley's play (U-xan 1mw the I rggd ecxe as -'iinuw cuml , eiedjiy inmard another goal, wnh 1m ouiplaid ir-ait tryjjig dper- atejv fxi iiang oito ft4eij- 7- l4-ud. I Another Wild'-at lijT-a,. tie sy-' ond in toe timd quarter, was a WiW Muarej a I'itfiioti pat m tiiie ciofing wjjfiut-w ! liie tltird. W f ii-ai Biove cauue in the ariy tuitutMf of in fourtii w b'-n JliJ-r cut !roug t'je rigirt side f t Due t ywiux up tu- "ljntoc's: Si im a Ji-?ard uriey. jjut the treaAi ovpmI cojd ar "iin-loi. s i we tlx-en;jr -r? play. Wiiy war t't ej to pynt out with ; r6Ua bMTttOES. , THECii TWEti.ft j I AROttJL' J WW 1 ( UUIM3t- oot socfttcat- Kt? MES IK Mi? OeKCt-VUH Cfc wAiT X MAVt A FU-& TOPEGKrV- UEU.O WHftT'5 TMiST? K AWXIT AH hoys? kfeO-fcjT I t-AVcMT SEE" Secret Operatire 48 AftOUT fT uoo BULLETIN I FOUTMAN i? FAHK. 1, Ixutff.j ( 1 n, MO. til neeJ of UJ One 1 f Cije(i lib- ali-t. lyUi Worid ftejie- ty Jour fcaui to two. Maiiaarer Dil-ly Mijiwonn tbi jttemoon s-i-rt-d left Mux Laner to iiurt !'r tn CiiidJuti. and Manager L-Jise eneiJ. of tne Drown, cal oe ria:iit-iiin--d -)o Fotir u pit'-Jj tr in- . CN 1 I MM 1 i i t'srfertBiz4 rittar Only fttxftit ooe-tweJtc d t2 conv 8 I KejtiTo Tvrt)iur to t- 37 iu the fen I: ' i 3-jio-tjier t'hi foti uwudvru bcd pMrfruvx pasture aras taymaa 1! CtTDt,

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