The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 9, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 9, 1944
Page 4
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THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Monday, October 9, 1944. Prc four es5D t1 Behind Hie Seen K.I 'in ; THE DAILY OMTONIAN "DIVIDED WE FALL!' IMS HOLLYWOOD I ttaMlsbml as The Weekly CMmtonlan 1M The CStaton Ptelndealer absorbed In 10 Published Dally Except Saturday and Buadar feeorge L. Carey - Editor and Publisher Jnrtatwfl at the Portofllce at Clinton, Indiana H-rivmA (IkM Matte f At the Movie WAHAMI Sum lav, Monday and Tin"lay A powerful and absorbing melodrama romtihilne sonic very a-muninjj conif-dy lncid'-nin. Paramount',, "Tho L'nlnvUf-d" which o fx- n s at 1 h W a b a li T h ia r Sunday, promts solid f-nt'-rlahi-nM'tii all lh way through with rturn Hi-.y .Milland. It'iih Hup")' and Donald Crffp as a very ean- By HARRISON CARROLt King rramrri HyndlciU Hrilrr HOLLYWOOD Only peron at Paramount to get a lelter from r Indiana Republican Editorial Aaaorlatlow Bing Croby a, characteristicai. ly, not a big-chot but Mickey Cohen of the uardrobe department. Phone 32 2& Phone S3 "Wiih you 'r'U were her e," America. . . . Songwriter Johnny Burke has more offices than anybody else in Hollywood. Five In all! ... On the last hot day, Helen Forrest made one of her few beach trips of the year. A lifeguard look a look at her un-tanned skin, said: "Please talk to me, you are tha Arat whits woman I've seen In weeks." To give you an .dea of present travel conditions from England, the Wesley Ruggles were 30 days en route and lived in a room with. 10 other people. Pin-up request of the year: 8et. Mum hum - ablf acting trio. Kipusuuw nwu wrote the crooner, "the Heinica left the warehouaea full Alo to bf wn In h'-r lirft rwl Is a d'Jtehtful ourif (Jail Ku"M, whowr rbarm Associate of cheeaea, fine A.944. and lfa u t y lia v ca ii u rr-d I he f-aris of fans who have un ;niy An.?rTl& wn the picture. VAI.UK D. C. Smoke, in the South Pacific. wines and aau-aagea and nobody to take care of them but me and the Cla. What a block party every night the Luftw a f f e leaves us alone! ;sif in-lay Mfdiiftflil, urn wrote asking for a leg-art pose of "Miss Gulnn Williams. He thought Guinn "Bit Boy" Williams was a girt Horriwn .Carroll 9 r Weeks ago, Jane Wyatt had ' v.: R-K-O shoot a picture of her and I can't say where I am," added Eing, "but if I get any closer I'll have to fight." HuiKlay and Mmdy A French criminal and th f?u-roift Inspfctor who holds him prisoner, put tlK-ir combined wits a-painst thlr common Nazi t-n'-rny in tic Varn-r Bro,- film, "'n-ccrtain C!ory" w'ifch fp-ns Saturday at thf I'alace Th'-atr?, fttarrlrifg Krrol Vlyon and Paul Lu- As fn tbifir rwnt "Vummti to iurf-lf" the Vsrn-r Hm A d '?t ii ti ft jr. i her baby son, Michael. She's just received a letter from the National Health Publications, saying that she and the baby have been chosen as the typical American mother and child. The publishers want to use the picture on the cover of a book about baby rare. Valt until the boys get a look at Cathy Downs, lA-year-oId former model working In "Xob Hill." She'll probably be tabbed as Hollywood's dirojle glrL Has four to her cheeks. i hfro auxin (;:'klf l h- uiHMtrhitm 1 th'-m of man's cjourae1 and di- tit ' TfA HOLLYWOOD HI JIXKg: Keith Afrpf All ih talk rtfana T.vnn , Brasselle can Ull his grandchildren saw Maj. Bob Livingstone only one Indicted MR. DEWEY OX TAXES. Senator La Follette of Wisconsin, discussing shifting new deal policies, once remarked that the business of the country could adjust itself to progressive legislation, but could never adjust to uncertainty. As Governor Dewey spelled out last night, uncertainty has been the only constant in new deal tax ation. The tax laws have been changed fifteen times in twelve years, and the changes have not been merely in rats but also in philosophies of taxation, so that no man could plan ahead with any idea as to where or when his enterprise would run head-on into some new tax scheme. Mr. Dewey proposes that we get away from these interminable changes, that we ; create a basic tax law which is simple and generally stable. One under which onlyj the story of how he got the lead opposite Gloria Jean In "Fairy Tale j Murder." A Universal director saw I turn giving impersonations of (Frank Sinatra at the local Or-jpheum theater. . . , Arm Miller's I ex-dancing partm... Bill Shawn, now an Army private. . . , The Ham Steiffels have arrived to take 7 in flew xorK. iney oion L oe-corne engaged. Diana is 18 now. Her parents are giving her a pearl and diamond pin that originally be-iMiged to her great, great grand-Tiolher. She gets a similar pin on he day she rnarrie. June Home was speechless with joy v.ben her mother called the uiwlio with news of Jackie Cooper's acquittal. . . . Warners couldn t get Veronica Lake for Humphrey Uopart's picture, "The Eig Sleep," so turn they will test Veronica's cousin, Heleoe Kcilsen. ... Mock feud rages between Director Joim Erahm and Elia Kazan. Erahm lfeTxf Wv-' fill:- up residence in Hollywood. Steiffel will manage Mickey Rooney's affair. . . . Bert Gordon, The Mad Russian," soon to have a book on the stands. It's titled. "Ring Up the Curtain," and contains the choice jokes Gordon has used in 12 years. . . . Lou Costello's birthday gift to Eu: Abbott a station wagon. . . . That was Anne Sterling with the rates would be adjusted up or down from time to time, to get more or less rev Taking a Backward Glance i Lyle Talbot at Lyman's, . . . "In UjjjUotiabl' cbaract-T'5 tj'? p' lmit-Ud on tb Hoor. II in lb XuU'U- tjon to iij-ai tb HhJ: or of lb i city ' po w -:!ar pJaf f u 1 uw-j ijut and vim ov"1 aJd Inier--j iria; cot's are to ! pJVd off 'j dijrirjK tbe whiter, i t Mnum rimed all of Kazan's baggage out of a rented apartment. Kazan re-ti'Jiited by sending Erahm a gift-v rapped shmiikcn oead one of tJiobe that coirie frot CefitraJ the Mi'iJe of 7 where," just published, is the 105'h song by tfca team tti Jii.imy Mc-Hugh and Har- TH'KXTV K.KH 4 H Aii mtv Mama -lrt "i d like to ua(fHt thai riln-ton tiariijy paB a lire ordinaw8. enue. Mr. Dewey seems to nave me oiu-j fashioned idea that revenue should be the , primary aim of taxation. The new dealers j have preferred to look primarily to bor- rowing for their spending money, and to; use taxation to punish and reform, with a new batch of punishments and reforms for j choir and Hom'-T Vj3cb, winter ;nd evanaliijt, Tb? tour was un-4jrnkjn as a Rjan of advrtis-iiitr (Jj union revival tn CMnUm tbrouf.boui lb- couij1T- 51 r, and Mm. EbWe MTat? and , it wbi'li I soHiHii'- to b! J tmit6 iti fiiwi leni;ruous sur-! roundiriKs. this time in a stran ' ' tale -diJUt two i, )fcfcoloi;i- Forest Freer If a constructive lorext program is followed cow, including sustioe4 yield management, iiicieased Ore pro1cljon, and other necessary measure, it will result in no dtrt-denili after the war. wn. ujrti"ari, or irr naut. vi-wiih Mr. and Mrs, C. Han- ui a 1( i u k ii o ij ju lory to build fir fjroof rooJts oia ail rj-w Firuc-surR or old rod'e are h- jn rpla.c'd was tbj nfivrmz of G. A. Tbompwfi. of b lir- jTo HHne la 'j ISttftdl I Tbe llpublican fiwier from jVea fJintoti awd vkriwity are uo-Hur to btiiJK tii tfvutnary hand i to Climon. jsaiurday ruijjp. for ! the John )3rrdJe li-publicitjj !IM-akin?. MoC.'ardle will pj8k al Ube airdrome ujjI1 tbe weather d rivals the crowd jt:to tb fonoer IfepUttt bin. on Main tret. over culiy al pole's lend, who find j Oi.-nj-)i. lonnd logeihr fn an 1 issue fiir t'ir than either of 1 tli.j. each new tax bilL There are some points in Mr. Dewey's tax program where we think he should ua. of fry ib TU if'd i r'-t laBt vjijjf,)r. 3r. McKai-e wa? formerly 3"ad-r of the Capilol tneaW or- pr'ntion coijjmiti- Mr. Ifki!JS about auw! of fir utid TM Cardener Be a IMy gardener. Clear sway Baxwa snJ Eggs According to the statistics of railway dining car, eggs and bacon is one of the most popular dishes in Scotland. Mrs. W. F, Kw5)'T is report 4 to b SI! at bjr bom in Walnut wrwt uf farina: from a severe cast- of ivy poisoning. all njijtea in and around your gar- j have been more explicit. He says he would j change and lower the tax on incorporated j businesses. The best way to do that was pointed out by the committee for economic development abolish the double taxation ! of incorporate income. ' j He promises to eliminate all excise tax- j EDWARD A. RUMELV, executive secretary of Frank K. Gannett's eomijiiu on constitutional gov-erntRent, was Indicted by tin grand jury on a charge of contempt of the House of Representative through hi failure to turn over to a House committee the record of contribution triade to Gannett organization. He is sb.ov.T3 above fcetore a House committee Investigating cs.mpai!;a expenditures. (Interiatwnal) den beiore you sldn ana Keep a liiai iJalie your garden a Vuty i:ot. jjjtliudfe! of prwfti tsuu. bad ti.ia.df : Jjjupr-(sjv.e jnift ion jf Afii'ji'if"rf ' bundrds of ar-B of tbbjsl" roofs, a one of big calributiujr Att Wachinrw -wry d iifie-pf io Tour of vujty About Si automobile wutait3-inp liie cjiu)FtrfjrB. uiiiou eboir auii mHjbrs of tb- riiujK-liHf eonducj-iujr 1b revival lawtiiiirs at ib coHwurii. l'fi vljonJy aftr a. m. 4day for a iuur of IVnuilJion ciounty. JliiiiKS r .'b-.duJ'-d fieme Accideais . . About Xi.WH Americans were killed last year is b'jnie accidents tw1c as muny a in industry, where mil-1km jf dulteiTt were spent k st tsfwty programs. Copenhagea Copenhagen as t" capital of i Oenmiirit. ' f5miib' artery or. i TbouKb tb p-b will he of i m ucta Iti l ere , ft be -bi I rjid, to ; uutwi ttwd ma in any walk of ilife. tbe fact that M''ardie I a i araifj Aidir. and draw many il-I lUBiraiiowfc as to tb J'Wl of il ; tariff on all foi'mif from what : lif poiuig out iu coune.-Tifjj m-jib bi oviw 1u!ij-. bjanet) tbj ; apiMjiit" of tbe farmer for 1i-ar ' jijjr IsiiJi, and juite a .crowd of ; ibeaj wjJi Jiejy coiu in, U' tb i w-eit-i ii-r l favrabj. J Mrs. J. P. JtouaJity ud o. i !ouald, ajid iir. Mr. Ida ! Youtr. afid Ijuis. who are tijiim v v;u AjlJi TOUV Kink J1 -"Hit l or Tb bi lwtrk- piano Trji-d out. tbi moraine aud aJJ tbe arraij'-'JiH'tiiB are ejnj:l4-d J'or Jj - o i j ;j of t b V. at i jj k rifiU. tojiioj-ruw ev.(jjf!r. 7'b mati-ayc-'i.U','T' .aunouijc' that she pla.ct-jte t,o b' iudu-u-d Ih lb ujoit .t-derly ii)i!i)nr.. una al no liirie o THIRD HAVEN o fro praciwtalJy p'ry town or vil-la? So lb euusity, wiib cial es except those on liquor, tobacco and gasoline. That can and should be done, provided enough revenue is obtained elsewhere. If business taxes are pared to the point where they will no longer seriously restrain job-making, and if sales taxes are knocked out, the government's principal reliance for revenue must rest with the personal income tax. But here also Mr. Dewey promises reductions. Some reductions will he possible. Mr. Dewey says per DumWre to he un; by lb1 uuioxi 1 ir.jicn of til life that be bad kept itwn Lcura, even Uiougb be saw j ner every Say and they were en-: (faed. fie ciuij't talk at ut bimxelf j tu tier and, to be exact, cne didn't : talk about heiself to him. stiie V3ieu p-jlaf it Talbov. fcJJ Jittl .:8iii Unit 3'llllU, in fc't'Ki'5 ftKytfn.' is-,ir mii m,ie t ' ' Iter fro:;; 'JKavaiiami. Kau., fjave been m a big law oflSce m Bald-more at the time Dan bad run away. He'd only opened up here because Lan bad run -way and his mother insisted on having a son at band. He was glad be d eon back to Weston now, although bis mother was gone. Tbe eastern shore was bis world and bis time in Baltimore bad been condusira Tie to iT'aHy, 111., lor a nin whb relatives. , stand- Calfed by ti& Srlimu: ' I tallied abo.ut tier business venture i.avi". wti ttrm Hi r. v 1 of the moment and he talked about i.vuuidfc bis cae, but that was alt Each aKKJS wil-wM. erauiMit'i rooos i knew Hat the other was doing, sons making Sll a week should not pay in come taxes. That revenue could be spared. but not what In other was tiling- I proof of it- He belonged here. lii'ie naii'-e w Laiuiu But how far up would Mr. Dewey go? li:'X f'finn -? sensitive rowr 1 w-s- n r-aa always seesnea a en. Ann now iaa was uwv-a. nr tr'.jriicy. i j if io-' y vf I'.uss1; ; ijie. 3:gnitied way of doing. He bad seemed to fill rluasell's mind a he Dibivbhiig jj;juj-ies m wm acei-cifr.n last year totaled 4.VW.U'Jt Ki:1ij 33U.0fU resuJ-.nig itj torn ijer-jTicMieat disabibly. W'.t iut;s, n.tdi-caJ cxpeiise and ovcjiea,d iiifcuiaut-i-otts fuO'j.bWXiUt). apologized to Miaa TiJler for ke- Would he exempt $12 a week, $15, $20? To the extent exemptions are granted, the present br oad base of the income tax will -raJ iirotJij. iiaiios and jfrriiiig tiite furnace. 1;ak. i He -a jLut ur fihak2spear j uig ber ao late and too her bon in eonaequenca, Kusa Toiler waa ahout bia own age and had a bony face and higii-brded cow wnl& always maae him tninJc of a boat. 01 wrote tiie iiiie tending, "witJ3 a '0- uti .Iter "det lut'ii'i'-ni Iif to iJf Ui Xl&diiLfJ U1S.09 LCD QJS ffaUar "Submerge" Gal CROJJH'OKiJ - - - JSy iiw iZyfa- - r r f r r f h r r r 1 1 Ik. znjiL-K! " la i I oil . p 1 -rifi 8 fi!ii;r;" "ra 'jirir fctttiOltit. ts-f 1:i.vt' it:, tua' Her father did haw a bttic boat yard and built vor$ boaia for oya-tennen. and cmali a&iiing; yachta. Mia Tiiier af!ecte a great acorn of water and all that tkoated bpoa it but che araa a very good kjpai ctenojrrapher- EaeaeU considered njmseif quite lucy b get her, cinee she bad worJ&ed in both Bai-timore arid Philadelphia, where aha had naturally earned mora money than be could pay. Once ttiM Tiller arac dropped at her door and Russell bad refused her mother invitation to rtay to fc'jl jfc-UJi be and Laura baO been a strauj;e enz.i couple for five yeara now. Iajin cijfht ior a m-ineDl be bad euciaenly Celt very near to ber. He bad wanted to eaten her in his armi And aie bad orJy wantied to teli Anne Wilagn istie i-a not wanted. Arme Wilson. The ciajiie slipped nicely off the tongue, and Eleanor Bancroft bad aeeined to back up Mra. feeynolus' opinion ctf ber. Laura, sn her aide, iiad ireeu brufique, if cot fcetualJy CHAPTEE ELrEJtf FUfiKEJX MITH tras a fo'J;s' pica ail day m Weston, e only a vuung. eriou lawyer cars te Court ir! aa egimiijig ooa and tx )fj a num'ber of case to arfrue. He iieea very fortunate -oUi in tiie d jfiber rf eases he faad gotten aatf i;: tiie guaJity of them. 4": H ' be narrowed and that will not be good, even for those who get low incomes. Everybody has to pay taxes, and taxes that are not laid directly will have to be collected indirectly. The great virtue of the income tax is that it is visible, and apportioned to ability to pay. Excise taxes and business taxes are invisible, paid by all who work and all who consume, and without regard to ability to pay. On his main there that we must build a postwar prosperity from which to skim revenues Mr. Dewey is talking sense and making political hay. "It is far better," he said, "to have a low tax rate with a national income of $150.000.0WX)0 rather than a hi?h tax rate with a national income of $76,000,-000,000, as we had under the new deal at 'ouftg lawyers usuaUy got rhat aider onea Hdnl -arrt tu handle ; baj ootU)e3 Harry Ban- !or one reason or anoliier. but be hie ; aupper, ba eroased the raJiroad crolt g-laneing up at ber 4 tiad not only casets he oouiC taXe , nnlMt v hi a real tntcret in. asee be could 1Jf HaiTy Eie851or Bcroft. 6' rv ut. iwi tui.y .v. ( . valued Mra. Rynoid- I I 1 ' ' tracka of the discontanued lina iucb bad run on to Ocean Oty and tunied by the iigh acaool into th TaJoot road, it waa a lawely Umiie drive home. The r jad wept betweea wheat teuda. tiiroufb lovely atretchea of .-ooaind, hoiy nod heatrUfuf with cprrns. and acroaa the isrwly nxirrorJiise back reaches of water. f-'eacnuiussoiB Creek. opmiuc rbea it 'a as ttwjnta a 4. ba4 been last tuhl. He wac frank wiih bimaetf , tc he rould itt a oceKa. He Sidnt Like tite a i-aura liafl uctt-o on complex tm-JU'iioe. n .jj; quite true no one knew anything oout tint iHinjf and able to jjbv. it a ride oi hoa atlairt je lia.'1 nc intention of nejr.ectir";j?. And the id ctf i"'jmp n case .lun't occur tt him Airuady be had eptabUJhed himself v.s a lawyer who won. He inunc.c to rt on wumiiig. o he m too hu?' to iunch wit JKTKAL 13. band J b:LU' Iw.le 'T1WOJ'j What a toreiy name for a fcweiy Ame ilaon beyond the tact thai lAura Beynolda even wht-n ahe f ot anT several day at the ton Elean- i stretch of water framed by great on tiie phone and told bm H 1 m uwr0f had liked her enoujrh ! ciuP trees. Be iau?hed as he 45 furl 40 Chinese i!ttuure 47 everything 4k spoliation CJ niab uline Ufcine ,3 coered with yiosy paint CO uispatched Oil. uni!iut l". eiiet-p u wry niijvT-Lciia. nt wu u to tewrntwTl(; ner to Mrs. Beynoio ' I watca uc aixuanc tr; !nt in;tiement 4 tail &. Iii'Uiin . toneerning T. iv vibes fc. request . sun yod 10 afbrin cross a broad held on ie next rise. was ao dej in things he couldn't and want her to stay is T'"itfOt V'by should Laura bare decided oreak away. Can . you teu mf over the puone V he concluded. "so facto that rme woud not doT "No, - lrvjrt certainly -ant," ie Wasn't Laura bemjg tmkind, if not answered, and hung itp at once, ii- Trtsumptuous. in counterman dm f There were sheep graxinf, and cat-lie and horses. A 'ew pis srunted contentedly by fence that was airoost buried tmder wild boney- ; auck rtres fioos H air would se ) heavy Mith the fraran and the ' warm breeze wouid nf wiSM the hutn of bees. With a brags be broke off fete thoughts. .Dan was affectum bins as thought of nnpinj: her bacls, bui decided against t. After all. he ac her ciothers expres wishes? And ivrrr should Laura want Mrs Answer to Saturdays puzzle Slott. who was caiied an old witch busy aiid be didnT see why arty- by more people than ber fnother? BOK1ZOVTAL 1-abstract 4 unadulterated street wautierer 12 reiterated 34 rescue 15 posture 36. writing fluid lb. Hebrew od Itt. expire 20. devoured 21 skill 22. frozen 24 tned 2i .thing (law 27 title 26. iurmer Russian rulere 1. correlativ of either relates iA. old pronoun SO moie recent ST assist oh witty saying-abuse 41 fLter 42 some body couidnt ear snyttrn ovef tie phone, unless it was aomethinr ' iCii 1 tl if") te8 A1 I IL'F i.S He woi c-iad he bad decided hot to nante 17. snared 20. anU'nita 21. fminuw jiaine 22?res 2- wax 24 lieuiotkc euaam 20. W OTTO 27 AJncan v.iluuit 2f m inoia, jH-asaat SO. a t:of.TW rigiu bair 32 leinale ruff ci c:avat Sii tiistorted Zb a,si)y tnwed 4U. mail lsiaiid 41 mature 42 4. river in AJ rvja 40 buus 47 niiiiL't 4h. fibarp fjsow Si rXltvn Ut S2 article 4. ntijv iuhry improper. He caniled a httie its peacetime best. What we want is a ! thriving, progressive country with jobs for j all. We want our tax laws to be stable and ' understandable so they will no longer be a road block in the way of progress. We j want them to be levied sensibly, with un- j derstanding for the human needs of our people. "That kind of tax policy we are going ! to have. We are going to have the kind of j tax laws under which America may once j more live and grow. We will have a gov-' ernment which wants to see every Amer-; ican get ahead." j Chicago, El. Rep. Clare E. Hoffman ; (H, Mich., demands Attorney Gen. Eiddle prosecute the offenders "in the malodorous battle of the Statler": "Further official inaction will endanger the morale of our servicemen here and overseas who are watching the outcome of this 'incident' in- j yohlug two Jvavai officer, j al tne dbouxht of Laura fteyxiuids - had seen this Anne Vl'iisoc tor hin j had since Ian was a JutJ A'V iC N douip or wantine to say irytlmii I s-!f jwiw ai.aT warn to oo arraieue improper. j V.':ti that Broch aettied in fc ' aaa,s preferred studymj soottt He lunched at his desk on i 5 Al -rr :vd. tie trashed his lunch, hid the 9X10 tnrm. Kuaseu renaemseraa t-:.!-'d nilit container under nPsidns; Lwn for stayanj out sC m tux wastehasket so eh- It had bees bard do, tet ... Tiiier wouldn't notice and ;toe'd krae tt thorotigfciy, as be did k tp tns work agam with re- 1 everything which be to be -i ..ed eajrernesa. It wasr.t mntiJ ! 7- 11 fad t torn o'clock tnat be reroen.oered he l0 spanked soma A-awt eatmj at bis restaurant in wtore- 1 fcad tmaJly iaujrhed at V. ejston, but ieom? home to TaJhot. ' i!im fwrget tme. but lie was baring dinner with IMn ! 1M JW? remeniber the birds I The ioea was rather exotm? aU at : thm sternooo. Kohody ess sandwich and a very ricb Biarteo riila. He didnt think malted tn;!k with e;:tra ice cream in ttieni wer very dipmlied. so he orJy mculf in tiie privacy of his olliue "..-" i& ss Ti'ier. hie ctenosTaptrer. v.'1 out. lit li-'ajrhed at himself for miaar hj'piATisy, hut e had 8i vu hod a vbaneiaS for malted 'iura be had feept even fnnr ' , . fc- - - TO VIVIAW LAN, young cherry iiond ktwl Bc.reM. joes tiie novel distin-jiioi! of being "tire fyA rtvt-'il most like to be submerged with," vutec! thus br s cracil us-jriarine crew ill tiie fioutb Jat'ilic. ...c .F 44 toeasi of Xjmtrt. Tiie thournt tr.aae ium once. It was years since be d had , "7 TV jart; jas in .irtT.i1 Tiiert x.&s sl- . ood iunf taiit tcils sOss, iie d ' (la lie ( ssrt iaiwtfj.

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