The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 9, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 9, 1944
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Monday, October 9, 191 1. IDE daily'clintonian tage Two BROUGHT THE LOGS AND WERE EUSKZQ fftfcteEON Allied Campaigns Are 'Ahead of Schedule', Fair view Iloositr-bom Willkie AcvlaiiiHHl liy Friends, Foos (Continued trom page 1) Gen. Marshall Declares Dewev AtUuks "Dim Sot reoy"1 In Polish Talks iCoutlnued from pan 1) night in efficiency and not formid flown in a special Navy plane. ISur-ial will be delayed mil il his arrival. able in numbers." Pcspile greatest complications. the Allies are "going ahead of 'ihe man v. horn Winkle vigorously sailed in IMU. President Roose-11, lead the list of world nolables schedule'' in the Pacific. "And the same Is true although .Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kootltz spent the week end with relatives in tlreencastle. Mrs. I'.lla Davis returned home after spendiue ten days with relatives in liiley. Hobby Ostium. Harold Craft. la-vnune llem-loy. and Pal MeCarter of Clinton were Sunday quests of Ralph Kerr. Mrs. Cora Runyan is sponditiir the w eek n il li her daughter and family in llary. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCrea of Indianapolis spent recently with his larents. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M-''rea. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flynn and ;nn Richard spent Sunday witli Mrs. "dith I.eckner in the Paris Hospital. who personally expressed gnet al to a lesser degree In France, no added. V.'illkie's death. Winkle, sain me President, was "a great citizen." earnest, holiest, whole-souled." and a man of "tremendous coinage . Fa - PHorson Explains New Soybean to County Farmers a' ncu- wivbean variety, the Lin All Partli1 Join Praise Mi.n nf nil uarlies. almost all of whom had reason to fear the lloos-ier's forlhriglrt of attack or coln, released recently in Indiana by the agronomy department at Purdue I'niversity is expected to Increase the welcome his Impartial support. Joined ill prabing tile mall who came incomes of Hoosier tanners mis jeai, m J. Peterson, Vermillion County from almost nowhere to grab the Paris. 111. ' 1 I Mrs. David Fauixht and sons and I Mrs. Helen Arniitaae of Klkhart. Mrs. Ruby Kelley of Hazel Iiltil't. agricultural agent, announced re cently. This can he done, say the agronom 1,'epiiblican nomination lor 1 resilient in 19411. The llonsier lawyer who received more than 22 million voles in a dra-laalic bid to heal President Roosevelt in the llH'i elections, died al i "'! a m vesioi-dav of coronary ists, as soon as enough seed is avail able to plant half of the pronaDiy i,-r..-,n nun acres now in soybeans for ind Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lowden of :'linton were Sunday miosis of Mr. j ind Mrs. Charles Louden. A. M. M. 2c Krnest P. Donna of j the Navy has been transferred from j Pensacoia to Chicaco. 111. He spent i the week end with his mother. Mrs.j May Donna and brother Franklin grain in the state, to Ihe new vari thrombosis, lie had been ill for about L. , . ..-.. ' - ' r v - -1 :. GERMAN ATROCITY These arc binned Russians. O.- what remains of thrm. They are stacked up between logs in a funeral pyre. The victims brought their own logs. Machine-gunned by the Nazis, they " then were thrown upon them and eet afire. The picture, says Moscow, which released it together with the story of the horrible massacre, was taken in the Kluga settlement. (International Svundpboto) (Contlnuea nom paee H and National OoinniiitiMMiinn J. lius-scl Sprasue also roilo from ' York Cily to Albany Hli Hn ;"v vrnor. Thoy fold liiui that OOP. diuno' of carryiiiB the stm.' are inci-paslii); daily and that ho will rliiirh u York's 4 7 plpctonil votes liy his catii-paifrn speeches in tin1 state. Attend illkie Funeral Gov. Dewey's plans for this weel ate somewhat tentative, due to t li death of Wendell 1.. Willkii'. U ! rxpected he will return to New Yorl Citv for the hitter's funeral. He nisi will lie in New York Thursday to re View the Columbus Hay parade am he probably will leave there Sunday night for a Monday niplit speech it St. Louis. Republienn leaders are convinced that Dewey, it elected, will ask Secretary of State Cordell Hull to servf as an experienced adviser to the new administration in the formation of f word organization for durable peace Will Retain Hull The Republican nominee ha! never criticized Hull in any of hi.1 speeches. In addition. Hull has work ed closely with the Jovernor's chief adviser on foreign affairs. John Foster Dulles. In his Charleston speech. Gov. Dewey said that n, if electi-d would see to It that the work of. international organization for pallet Temains a non-partisan effort "will-the help of the ablest Americans o! both parties in command". Many Republicans consider Secretary Hull as the chief asset to the Roosevelt administration. They believe many voters would switch to the Dewey-Bricker ticket if they were convinced a chance in administration would not cost the nation Hull's services in the field of international relations. a month and developed a streptococcic throat infection last Wednesday. Seen ill Campaign willLi,. who withdrew from this West of Fail-view Park. A. M. M. 2.'c Donna will take a course in ad vanced mechanics course. year's Presidential race lifter defeat A' PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT, BUT-- in the Wisconsin primaries, had been evpecled to play some part in the final election campaign. Miss Martha Foltz of Clinton spent Sunday with Mrs. May Donna ind sons Ernest and Franklin. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short etertain-id Sundav for their son Tvt; Ma ety. It should be possible to reacn this goal in 1946. liy seeding this new variety exclusively, where best suited, which comprises at least half of the soybean acreage in the slate, it will be possible to harvest an additional 2.-.-,00.000 bushels of beans and add tiO.OOO tons of soybean aneal to the amount now available.' Producers of Lincoln soybeans this year have selected their most fertile soil for the "planting of this crop, in order to assure the mairiniin seed increase. This list of certified seed growers may be obtained by writing to the Seed Certification Service at Purdue. i- For additional information regarding the new soybean, farmers may contact their local county agent. Short. Those present wefe Mr. 'and Mrs. Alex ramus and uauumei i-oi- ma Jean, .nrs. ueurfcia raumn, mi. and Mrs. John Kitchen and sons nobby and Jackie of Anderson. Hcr-hert Short of eDtroit. Mrs. Maner-va Curry. Mrs. Zola Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Short or Terre Haute, James Short. Mrs. Mary Turbeville Indiana Observes Fire Prevention Wek,Oet.8-14 Announcement of a stale-wide ob-sorvanqe'Of National Fire Prevention Week was made today by Clem Smith, state fire marshal, in a message to Fire Chief Wayne Peer. Tlif observance is to cover the period between October h aim October 14. Fire Chief Peer lias announced that his department will cooperate in the campaign and that he desire: tl,n Iw.ln nf all citizens of this com and children. Donald and Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murray and daughter Janice Kay. Mrs. Hazel Smith spent Monday in TerreHaute. LADY'S STOMACH WAS LIKE A GAS FACTORY; MEALS TURNED TO GAS ; , , f ; t ?, - , v.; ; -' - - '. ' 4 . ' - -V i I -f . -1 lit Jv : v r i -- l i' .. ' -r," U. S. Navy Levels Daylong Attack On Marcus Isle Base (Continued from rage,,Qw'e) ; lease batteries was silenced, lluild-ini;s were hit and fires were started." An earlier comnunn'tiue from Pacific Fleet headquarters revealed, meanwhile, that the death toll anionc Japanese troops in the Palau Island was raised to 1 2.2:1" and reported that American ground forces on Peleliu Ish'nd have made further gains against encircled enemy positions on l'murbrogol Mountain. Headiiuarters listed 11. k:! enemy dead counted on Peleliu and 1.150 on Angatir where mopping up operations are coiililllling. American forces have taken 214 prisoners on Peleliu and eleven on Anna nr. The latest advances of American assault forces against remaining poekels of Japanese entrenched in the recesses of rugged I'murlirogoi were supported by Marine Corsair fighter planes which blasted I lie enemy with 1 .oiifi-nound bombs. American plains also ranged over other islands in the strategic Palau Arrliipelueo, destroying a fuel dump and two small biiihlinus in an attack inanity in the annual all-out drive a- Interesting Social News Everyday One lady said recently that tier stomach used to lie like a "gas factory!" That Is, ulien she ate a meal it seemed to turn right into Rs. Rbe was always bloated, had awful rtomnch gas pains, daily headaches and constant Irregular bowel action. Now, however, this lady says she Is I'llKE of STOMACH A8 and she says the change is due to taking; ui.. Y U,. hi.m1k niToe with. gainst the fire menace. Chief Peer eflectively called attention to the waste of fire by citing figures to show that between WIS and 1939 the first loss in the t'nit-ed States exceeded eight and a quarter billion dollars, enough money to build 27.1118 medium tanks. 2117.-142 Ta-nnn guns. 9S heavy cruisers and 11,1X3 bombers. The Fire Chief also said there lire more than 2IKI farm buildings Ildillgs Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Raj 235'2 Blackman Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and children spent the week end with relatives in Danville. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith of Kloom-incdale spent Monday with Mrs. Ora Weaver. Miss Ida Weaver of Clinton spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Ora Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Murrain ol Indianapolis spent the week end with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scott of Terre Haute and Frederick Scott of Texas spent recently with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shores. Herbert Short of Detroit. Mich, spent the week end with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fauldo and datiKhter Norma Jean. Mrs. (leomia Faulds and Mr. and Mrs. John Kitchen and sons Hobby and Jack ol Anderson spent he week end with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Milford Shores and daughters of Terre Haute spent Friday and Saturday with bis parents. .Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shores. s r,iw-i..-.i. . - jn HicHier. No gas or bloat alter eunnts. destroyed by fire each day fi,.,inli,H1 find constipation are nitnd Kii.les and Canada, in call "Ob! what relief:- siaies mm ing upon farmers 10 participate in j c""' in.i... fU'i.v rtoii'l other gas and con stipation siiri'c-rcrs K Krb-Holpr IMtlt-HKLI" contains 12 tireat iwr cleanse bowels, elenr the anti-fire crusaile. Plans are being completed by local firemen for the local fire prevention drive and (1 expected Hint part Relief At Last, i For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ ' laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creon.ulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have vour money back. CREOMULSION on i he villages of Ngatrianr and jrns from slomaeh, act on sluggish " of the observance will incliidi ol the -observance w, I BOB HAWK, radio quiz mas'er and comeJian, thinks what a marel- . ous Christmas gift beautiful Lynn Gardner. Ills vocalist, would make for some lonely GI overseas, however and unfortunately Lynn ' wouldn't fit into the'regufatioli-.sizc box for sending gifts to overseas servicemen. Bob holds a correct-size box which, when filled, must "ot weigh over five pounds. (International) ,- f ; Miserable people spection of business houses and a a general cleanup here. KltH-HKLP. (laniliant-'e! on Hahehbuap, the largest island ill the chain. Headquarters also disclosed that miliiary government was set up on Peleliu on Sept. li ami on Kongaliru mill 'L'eschlls oil Sei.l. IIP. It Was White's (lirxull) I'liaruwy Drug Wore. Velvet Grass Seed A bushel of velvet grass seed it Free Air for Fish Cobra Is Snake Enemy No. 1 Service stations provided free sir I The king cobra, which averages for fish traveling from the Hew ! 18 feet long, is the largest of the York aquarium, which is being torn j venomous snakes. It inhabits southdown, to the Boston aquarium. 1 err, Asia. weighs only seven pounds, and a I ' bushel of tall meadow grass seed ; Classified Ads Sell Most AnVth'mf weighs 24 pounds. I i previously announced that military J government was established on All- gaur Sept. an. For Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Throw Your Scrap Into the Fiatat! - A Sat at,- Pj-h w, a--ur r-jir-o tvsu Ki Tiif-U'S-'. 1 ll PLACeC! BEFORE I CA5H ? "h i , -rr-t.. Limi A hb'VdUV UflWNV M u;N1 AM' Til' 1 UC . i,w- , , , ' im ruiD T WOlLU Everybody raves about your areiJ HflWUJ'f-this islwe POitiCM J GHJEEM SWALl.ERED A AM LAERTES. OPHELIA'S BKCS4E0! f' Vl AUO WITH POISONED SWORPS.I PERCEIVEJ TOO! J 6WE UNCLE CLAUDIU6 TUfc, rjj tFW M'MLtTES ik IPfmHT ll l .. . ...-nr- jR SBODBVE.LAEUlfcb; salads, Peg. What's the. secret? SWORDS AND BiiL- r f ;:iw:- ZJf V IS1 HtKfc I AMD KILLED Utu: IfGLSD W HA)E AT WEE - y T0 MEET ; mO UIGHtKLlb it.i i ike rae bath- t ' .- Tnt GIM DAV6 - ii r.'-wsiae' .11. V X W 'I LL '.. h ;. "M M -A i ity" V "1 K.J iS 1 ift ft! fin1 Wl BUT It TURN'! OUT LATE P TUAT IT WllMT FDISON .t i .ir B-.t nraici I A t.iAC t AVIM! Tlb- 1 HAIRBREADTH HARRY ,kV:Hi.i. .... i c . i.l-ii ic it jon rf Pf mDED ' "wELL.iautSS YOU'UE r WHAT ?!! SAY! MY ACTlAlG SAWED THE SHOW! THAT ACToa.HARBY.FRlN6TANtCE--W ON ACTING LIKE YOURS, ESS- -sUpLM UNKMOWN ATTtMS STARDOM I , . j-t, At; uiTC-iwir uir,H HUtlW'. HAMLET WOUIU MAVfc BtfcM YTOAT HAM HAMLEi :: MILLIONS AGREE Miracle Whip does work uondcis with salads! A unique combination of old-fasiiiontd OMELETTE GOOD UAY.wjy CONTRACT FW rrw, , Hi V (,U6 Sltl-MM"!! boiled dressing and fine mayonnaibe, Mirade Whip is by far America's favorite salad dressing. ' OAfOETTv!! PKETTV!! BUT 16 EUD'i' HUFFED . CWE2 6LICW A tUKN POWNll tXTY 1! "p ITAMD UWDER THIS ?HOVJERi " . " .1 I ,. -rv.,- 1 l-, I L,,r,r-, , I 1 1 .-.KJFZ UCDC A Kxl I KU ITCT I I I ll'fl rilbi dUNto, r-.rc uinue:ll n-u" " - I I feAID "if COME 3USTTHE WAV iM' V rT AWHILE .yOU AKEN T WtT A 'A J i J (I'M SEMD(Ki6 VOU A MODEL WASf5- (, .SjA r J 1 FORTH AX -& lSP- Ul Ji feS a girl. 'iSUU Al Hr sTX -! tillie kf mtM ) the SVSll J W V I : IV I feAV. DON'T LOOK SO COLD I TQiLER I I ll SUESSl I'LL RAtSE THE I F5 ,q. JBRRR! I (5UESSI 1 Htts r-"tC I LJKtr HAT rui DC USED TILL THE JUME ISSUE I'M WJET rl AJlMDOM SOTH3 aV PutT'NS 1 MEVER THOU5HT THE MODEL FtMOUGH rVOlMD VMILL BLOW i50 REAL-lSM GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUQION PRICES "The butcher, the baker, the candleiticlc mofcer . . ." ail need a different type of sales book and we have them. The world-famous Rediform sales book line gives you greater variety, better construction, and finer qualify, all at "mass production" prices. Let us quote on your sales book orders. n The Daily Clintonian Vermillion County's Home Newspaper I'll' INK 32 , ; 'mmm UMm bmsm Let us show ou our complete" uke ;U lit ' 111

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