The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 6, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1944
Page 8
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Friday, October 6, 1944. f HE DAILY OtIKfOIflAH I 'age EiRht spent the past (week with her modi-er, Mrs. (Christina Dunn. Mrs. Christina iJuun spent Thursday in Terre Haute. Neil Uunu, Sr. siieiit Thursday in Fairview News Of Interest BUSINESS SERVICES Indianapolis. llr Klsio Hieger and Mr and Mrs. 'liarles Itoss of Indianapolis spent rocently -with Mrs. Ida liller. Neil puun of Indianapolis tpent Thursday oreokig with his (urenUi, Mr. and Mrs. N'eiJ, Sr. Theodore Newport of Indianapolis spent Thursday evening Willi friends. Community Club met at tlie Town hall Friday evening. After (business session tiuuco was played and jiriu- Tin$tont 7, 0 Oradc A iQuPiity Cmnelbedk 0 JSo iRtutlOQ (Conifictute KeedeA POLAND'S SERVICE STATION I SKKSTOSE TEXACO ,m V. M.MK .MKWIf, Patsy Thomas Honored It Weiner Uoast; Community Cluh Holds Weekly Meet Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shore spnt Monday in Terr Haute visiting 1'ru.nrlH. Mrs. Gladys luun spent Tuesday .i Ter-re HauU1 Mrs. Floyd P-eniungton and daugh- i4,vrs fiol-ly jjou ana oau. iw-ui c-.- urday with Mrs. Wayne V-estai and HiiE-lilrs -of Clinton. Eugne Shull. Seaman of Sampson, N. y. is speudiiig seven days leave with ibis parents, Mr. and Mrs. ttawson :S'bul;l. . -Ovie Fence of Indianapolis -spent the -w-eek tcd lir1. Mrs. Hurry Smith -spent Monday in Term; Haul. Mr. And .Mrs. (George Cline and son KMorge and Mr. sind Mrs. Char- les Cline nd daughter 'lrarliue spent Sunday with Jack Whippo in S.-y-ford. Mrs. Cladys Wimui-i-l-t rurtid (t-o -fliicn.iio u-fter -sue.nd-i.lig -several days with her iuottor, Mrn. Aline ,St.iaKt. A wloner roast was iuH at k -nome oi w.r. ro-im w i. .-"' c Wodnesttay -vnn m 'uonwr i -daugnte-r, 1-au.y. t none -- Callumne Aber-nathy, j)-oa-u Keuue- oy. wose mwy " ' li-urin. Hii-rtia,ra iRay, Mary Alice Smith, Patty .Sanders, Rose Ella Smith. Donald Thomas jaud Mr. ,auo Mrs. iiia-nry way. . Mrs. Jessie pres-ton (f Clnctanatt S iou4y III In ! York Hospital -M5W yiOKK. :N. . -Wtvudell I.'l WHlk-ie Is .seriously fUJ (today t (jo- j now M m ftosjdltd tat -ownwUcatloii , ti(f ii-i-lments. - . , ' aiue f0 atepubtlcan dureaUUvn-tiiiiil oouiinoe ie jmftej-idig ifnotu a Upt-, ocoiic.ic (tliroat a-"d oougeHt-lon'iof (Che -Iiuirs ,wvd ihotU ilib-wat siwoiiiilist j and a ihea.nt flpecialiBt hav,e ibeeu -called into .c-oiu-uHatiuu. accord i-ny do,! Willl-iie's ipersouiul physician, ' &r., lUi-u.ia-nii-u Salter. - "W.e iluive (every ihope of Siis ro-l cowry (today." Wr. .Salter -sa-id- ''"y-es-'j -terday (his teuiperat-u-re was 0 -( .and i -his -condition (grave. iBut ;afiter !Pon-; icilliu iujeot-ions li-is itew-iierature dropped ito S'02 -at a-0 o'-uloek this ,mor-uing.'v WiiUkie. -who is ,0.8. -e-nrtwod (the liospitail Sept. if or a -physica-l -eheck-UP and -nesl itoUowl-ug a Htumac-h -dis-o''dr he suffered in i-udiana ug-iMH(. Me has iheon inactivie itu ithe jxieHirtentinil -campaign iivoe ihe -with-4rew the -race tor the Eepub-, licau siiomination .alitor -his -defeat lu the 'Wisconsin .-primary in A,p.riil. W,rs. WiHUe -has ibnen the uuly (Visitor ipfmmHtod -in litis ,r,oom. She said (today ithait she -was "oonsider-ably -choored ib.ut still w or-rled" about his -condition. dtioy More Uonds ? v , v V X JJsl i : Mr mid Mrs. George Kainm of r-iiniAn viKited Mr. and Mrs. WUtus m,. unrf Mr Dowe Swick and sons. Bobby and AUea attended a show lu Tei'ie Haute, Sunday afternoon. Miss Joaun JJraner spent the weekend with BiUy 1-ou Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Huxford spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wiluier Huxford. J Mr and Mrs. Homer lear, Mr. am Mrs u-ii M.,. f,vrl nnA Ad r. .ld Kay Brown and children were -.,.c ,f Mr uiiri Mrs. Donald Stut- ler near Kockville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Italpn urowu auo daughters Kttfhanii. Mary lo and Kathryn Sue of neiir Crotsncastle a nd Mr. and Mi's. Kenneth iKetahiemer and daughter, Wauda (job spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hclt's Prairie Club Meets Blakesleys Hosts to Home Ec Oub Weiner Koasl; Women At Count y Met Mr. nd Mrs. Raymond BlahesVor-J wore hosts ito itiie HuM e frame Home Economics (Club at a w-oinenl in.! Fridav -niirhd. Mnmhers (Ot . 1m? ilub and hlr if amilUis a-Wiaidod. i Herman F. Mayos. -who swas spre- i-iously roported ito Oiv witornd ' Naval (training ajooontly (began ,a.rniy , duty instead. Although he had ilmu 1 acceiited ifor the .Navy. ,vhc-ii he c-e- pti-rted at the j eeeption -ceuutr at J -eaiuii Atterbury tor iinduotion, he WH.K nr.siirnnd flrO rf.h AriilV. M-r. iind Mrs. fcayuioinl (BlalvtiRlo-y aud Mrs. (5oi 'Wn;Uyn i Nowtont and (Flroy'd iWitavtlrick aud augiittr, Norma, ttf (HlHBdaU1. Mt. and iBtn Ga.wut -enttu'-tainod Mt. (and Mr. fCUvanloB iJatg-Mid eou ;and itiilil iMaiiiP, aU itri' Montcy.uma. as WrtHk,tnd ,guels. Mr. SCiully ,o StUiwanU .and bWi. (Kotrwat (TrBt.u.iind ilaat. ff'liurBUay 1U1 itlwir ihume i.n Akron,, (UUio ilivlai tpnt. -Ht'V.eiuil days ih(M'f vMih ilicr ,par-(HtK, W,r. ind ftlra. it. Jd- iRned. 9'Utv wr-e iaoc(i,nu)aiUUtU jlumie Uy M,rn, Kutid. vWthp a'uiainod iin Afar-uu (unt,U Sunday. Mi'B. iKayuuiind iBIakosly ;and Mrs. iFrur.ruat Muck ;iijtitondd ift aUa-uuin iHuioUuk Mi NowMWt. flaal 'Wodntysday (C-ur J;lume iliottiwuuics iGlxxb &f idtw fiion HUocialiHt of iIJVM'due iU,Uii,v(tiriit.v, LataytitUs itlvc fdiBcviHtikw. (f BOWLING RESULTS i(kx'A-km- :(Uii is BOiKNiKy (BAa'TiKity iaw iLane, Stie, (1.68.. 4-87 Dt'. E ; J-'aloiicy, aii2, (08, HM 21.; (Vaugh, O-lid. aCH. 1-88 .0.7; . (Cooper, J-68, til. a-Ci iKaruio,vich.. Hi, 0)1,7,, a,7 d-itu; handicap. JM. PEC, Hi 8,70. totals, 4)d8 hGE, 0,7 EMi?.. l-'t'KUC SlfKV,l.CJS rt.TO. Moon-,ey. (1.7(0. d-CS, lOti-O-lHI ; ilones, iM, iU, d'60-diil!; (Bay-singer, iii. ., 440 tii; iBoek. 180, ICO. 483 882; Straw. 804. tit, H iWanilicap. I'lK, 44B ti". U'o- itals, -1(8(1., 4018, U 2 1-28. 7 5.. -CIR-BOORY iC&FE iLamnvey. (, EM, j6 McDonald, (I'M., SB. 178 5PB; Idaloney, a 78,, i, (Is B&6; iHayes, 1X. 11, 11(8 iif-E; Wilson, 17d, 3-6.7. Mt 6d8.; 'handi--cap. 188. 188. 188 89. JCotals, 1UIS8. nr.8, ilOM 8016. -OOCA (OOLA MoCown, 180, 128, 13d 87.; iHolliuKsworth, 118, 16. Idl 418; Klhidotti, 19. 17C. W -627; (KoilOKlio. 196, 148, 140 44; (Bauer. 142. 108. 119 804; handicap. 27, -227, 227 SKI. To-itals, 1003., 985, -923 201. -M ATTIODA ;ROlERy MlH'-dock. 1118. 194, 304 -S2G; iL.vria.v. 1144. 144. 201 488; 'Mattioda, lf.7, 188. 2110 5,r0; COHtello. 144. 105. 171 470; Hratuko. 212. Its'. 107 --624: handicap. 101. 101. -101 803. Totals, 9:S0. 932, 984 2f2. - il'LES TAVBKN Taparo. 200. 218. 170688; Koth. 144. 167, 175 486; Catnliiani. 101-. 140. 178 Ul'.9: lacoll, .146, 331. J4 dSB; ;:Benettl, 1106. ,177. 195 07; hiilldi- ;.ap, 1 2. 1 28. 128 8S4- Totals. 970. 01, 0 2926. DIANA SWEET SHOP f . Shea, 130, 320, 320 876; .dames. 347, ,131. 147 425; Manship. 1 22. 130, 365 422; Allison. 3 60. 210. 109 639; Ave. ,180, 369. 2,17 660; handicap. 154. 1 04. 1.14 402. Totals. 893. 925. 972 2790. VERMILLION ROOM (Hays, 360. 102. 172--ft99; Colombo. ,179, 22,1. 168 658; (illerrl. 175. 1-12. 124 441; Kirkman. 167. 391. 109 517; Meyer. 179. 18. 203 670; handicap. 105. lo5. 165 495. Totals, 1030, 1068, M S08U. Interesting Social New Everyday I i 'i '! PALACE Sq Yw'U Immmm mih jo? The l uiniited is leaded Mltii Ifcuspeiise -and 12-rtAtemeiit from Beginning to End. y taw l eiyantin- - iem but ' r .Yiri.. es wwe awarded to Mrs. Melissa Peterson hU'ii. Miss Madge Peterson bunco, Mrs. J,ydia iolinson low and Mrs. itioldia proves tra-l. Mrs. Ida Myers of iCoiington 18 speiuliug the week with her sister. j Mrs. Lula 3'aiey. Mrs. Peggy Mele ol I uiversa s)ent it he week tend witfc Miss o-iinne M-tz. Mr. ad Mrs. itobert Myers n4 sons of Minicie spt-nt the ei end wiih relatSfe8. Womeu's Social tit iwH meet ' (he home of Mrs. Cora Kunyaa am Wednesday. , llth. tor an all day nioeting. 35c T0N1TE tkey y f" ilT3V TI E. (Color (Cartoon "'l Yoga-nd the Pfiaee" LATEST XEWS' by Evil! '---J. DONALD onion '- h&r Dill Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day lusertlon: c tor each leading line one column Hue, like one of these). Next two days lr-ert1oo: toe wme e -charge you et throe daya t double the coat of the first day). Next three day Insertion: the una e -charge you get whole jteek tive days) at three time the coet of one Insertion). Sa roup of three daw there- iter, 8c a line. j Blackface (like tills) 10c ier line.) All classified ads Including mem- a -tinu yif nil kinds must VnaiUB OUU uvuvw ( fee paid in advance except those iM regular customers wdobc ououu re paid monthly or those from or sanitations whose hills must he allowed before being -paid. In th latter case the person asking the Duplication ot the notice -lU he held responsible tor Its payment. FOB SAJLE jflUAL ESTATE J'WR SEMI-(uodorn homos, in Clinton, in i,yford. 1 Acre -of ground, four room .house, (newly -painted, lights ,nnd (furnace. 8 ,modern houses, in Clinton, J. -close In. t iFairview residences, a Briar Mill t room house, 4 acres of ground. H. .S. "Call phone :826, 1 Jilackman. 5 11187 E0H MOTOR A-l CON0J-ition- Herman White, R. 8. ft 6 (U-OOD iOQAT MILK, MO K- Str-oot. rt-8,x M-OlJIClKN lidOME, EXCELLENT iLO--cation. South .side inear -school. rOwner Ooavlng ity. Mrs. ISverson, 80 Wiggins St. (Clinton, Ann- it6x DKX .CLEANING (CANT iKEMOVE it. (One -spraying -of Arab odurleBS (Uiothproof .proteots -UP (to 6 -yrs. against iiuoth -damage. iLoe -Main. 64 IN. iiOI'NJJ AK TAiBLE ANiD -buffet, 0454 So. fttU St- d'hone 13,7-1. 4-JJR (C it A H A M I'AIGE -SEDAN. 19,000 -miles. (C.ood -condition, 4 00 :N. Ninth Street. .7x jrWH MILK lOOWK, -ITW-W MALE -hogs, itwo heifers. iBill Uuiildey. H ,8, (Clinton. itSsx 05 JEWEL -U-QLl) BUUN iHOCKET watoli, 26. 'Uood condition. Write iiox E, 442. (Clinton, ilnd- itSsx (GOOD lEATJNtt AND (CANNING ,pears. ,250 North Ninth Strout. (t8tfx irUETll VEIN -COAL. ALSO iiKA-11 (Block. Charlie K. il'erguson. iPhone a6-W. 7-17-44 if fifUCK, any -kind yon want. t!liotan Auto W recking f art Co. Ernie's. jPbone 6, Oliutun. e' iBA-BY" iHlCiOJT. 7-0,7 S-OiUTH fourth Street. a84.v (C-REEN MAJESTIC iKANUE- North Seventh Street. it80x illSED EUKN1TUUE, STOVES. TUM tfurley,-.628 So. Eighth St. itSrix FOB KENT MODERN FURNISHED A1ART-meut. -Close iin. (415 South JThird: Street. A4uf, WANTED TO JBUY TIMOTHY OR -MIXED DAX, AL falfa or clover also wheat andj -oats straw, loose or balled. N rue Frank -McNeer, 1712 South Main Street, Paris, HI. t4x FEMALE HELP WANTED EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. GOOD pay. Antonini Restaurant, North Ninth street. t7. WAITRESS, VICTORY DINER. t7f,l WANTED WORK AS HOrSEKEIOI'ER IN widower's or motherless home. Box 1115, Cayuga. lnd. txx, Wanted to Buy, SeH or Trade GOOD USED Fl'KNlTrKK AND stoves. What have you? Tom liigsby, 142 South Main Street. t!(0x WANTED TO KENT FOUR OR FIVE ROOM HOUSE. Write or call at 120 North Third Street. t SALESMEN WANTED WANTED MAN OR WOMAN IN northwest and south Fountain and north Parke Counties. Route experience preferred bul not necessary to slart. HawleiKh's. Dept. 1NJ-7S-M, Frecport. 111. Us4x LOST TWO MALE HOCS. H'EItiH-T around -400. between Clinton-Terre Haute. If found cull SJJS-J. Kairview. IMi ASTROLOGICAL - FORECAST. A brief general guide, covering, bus-iiieiw. financial, health, vocations, love afairs, and etc. Send one -dollar Willi day. month, and year of birth. Four questions will he answered absolutely free. Money refunded if not satisfied. Write to iL. K. Vestal. 46 South Main St.. Mouth Ijend, Indiana. 86x OUi'OllER SPECIAL: 5.00 OIL -Poruuuionts 14.6(1; Shampoo and Hair style l.((0. A relies Hair-Liuts .Facials. Adauison's lleau-(toriuni, .805 South Main. Phone 502. t MOTH 1'KOTECTION 2 VRS. ON clothing and 5 yrs. on rugs, furniture and -blankets, with one spraying of Arab (Odorless, mothproof. iLce Uain. K)CNB A IARCE STOCK (OF (Goodyear Car, 5fruck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly oone and Guaranteed. th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, ioe (Giacoletto, Clinton. nts DEAD AMI MA L S REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 2-oa or Crawford 63109 Tjrre Haute or 0ana Mt. We pay all phone -charges. John Wachtel Co., Terr Haute. 18,T 1AD AA1MAJj8 fcMOl'liW HKJCB of icharge y aJHiggms Alia eons, licensed dealers. (Gall us -as coon as ithey die and reverse charges. &na Feed -Service, Daua, Phone 6. (tila-s8 or all iUiiIm itnstalled. Muf- tflliCS (HU4 tatlT(iH!S or 4iU au. Kmie'. "liuo , South Main. (Uliotuu MOJ NJiOK AM AIVKM( ,vilh ibeuuUI-ul ie' dIantiiui woiiiil-uig truui J' araco' Shop. ETItli'L. WE (GOT 1T! Sl'KE Also .5 :P'y (tires The (Gas Market, Hi ;North Main Street, Clin-iton. iWiW W-B (HAVB A NICE SEiLECTJON -Of (Colors iiu .water ipaint. Jt'e ;good, itoo. -Clinton Jjumb'ir & Supl'ly 'Co. Tel. U2B. (Guaranteed -iHr Refrigeration Service. Commercial .nd omestic. F. J Bonebrake, i"hone 108- Clin ton or jL6M-. Montesuma. iKMN (OdiK K.aUUS'J'MAS A.AVAWA)' illiib -and sulont a ovi)isuke ia-juoiid jiing it Macaco's dowBV( -Shop. PAII OllCES -OIM'JN lEOR lliljHIN'ESS AT (OOSMT (Col'ner, dOp No. -Sevimtll Stl'oet. ll'ntler iiiew .management. ft4x W :! lllmnmage Sale, Saturday. (October 7. : ito 12 a. pi- Jiiillcrest (Community (Center. iUSx MALE HELP WANTED .DKIV'EK SALESMAN FOR JJRIVER -route -in (Chicago. Must ibe iiutel- iligent, -clean in ;apiearaucc. fSO -per week i,'uaranteod, -can Kiarn tX5-tlH. (Permanent lost-war -position. (Give ferncos. -Write Box ens, (Clinton, (Indiana. tt80 BOYS TO CARIty (PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Apily,. BUI Blackburn, (Cliutonian. 1 HELP WANTED HELP WANTED FOR PERMANENT employment .oven alter war -te-r- !, (,!!( i,,n V'!,r Dtld IM .!(- tilllC Or ders already booked 12 mo. ahead. Lathe operators, minimum ,1,2 mo. .experience. Planing mill operators. Journeymen, all on lmi-v-imum wages at stipulated by National War Labor Buard. Report immediately either by -Phone s fj or at 1". S. .Machine Toul Manufacturing -Corp. - . Wanted to Buy or JBent . HOMK IN Oil NEAR .CMNTON -OK Fairiew. -Must have at least five rooms. Mrs. Clifford Drown. El 8 Kulton Street, Fairview. tStil: British Officials Xour Brazil Strip Mine Area BRAZIL. Ind. Indiana weather was highly praised by a group of seven liritish officials who are now touring the Urazil coal stripping mines however, William Tipton, of Brazil, state co-chairman of mines, and other Hoosier hosts were a little puzzled by the praise. A drlvins rain was falling at the time. The officials, who are members of the liritish Fuel Administration, are to spend seven days visiting the Hnizil block and biluniionus fields. After leaving this vicinity tliey will proceed to Jasonville, Oakland City, Uoonville and Kvansville. a Interesting Social News Everyday Dailey Chapel Soldier Home T4 Billy Taj lor Ob Furlough Al ter Panama Service; Other News Ti Billy Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor has -been -enjoying a 21 day i'urlough after spend-inr i n-ars in the jungle regions of I'unama serving with an anti-aircraft unit, lie left Tuesday tor Mi ami, ria. tor (reassignment, bus brother Charles Taylor S2C Is in Memphis. Tenn. taking a -course in Navy radio training. J-'vt. Wayne Uu.vford. stationod at Willow Run. Mich, arrived uom-e Saturday on t-s day furlough wit h his wife, Mrs. Milbry Huxford and MMm n( near Catlio and his par ents. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Huxford. Mrs. EostA" fcSi'auer and daugnier. Joann spent Saturday in llerre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eeunuay of Jssup spent Wednesday .evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wilme-r Huxford. Mrs. Ethel Griffin and daughter, Margaret spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Homer Welch (East of RocliviUe. Mr. and Mrs. William Huxford entertained -as supper guests, Monday night, Pvt. Wayne Huxford, Mrs. Milbrey Huxford -and -children of Catlin -and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hux ford and -sons, JJonald and Bobby Joe. Miss Marine Huxford -of Indian apolis span 4th w-eejiuud tb her parents, Mr, ud .Mrs. Earj Hux,ford. Mr. aM tiMm. (Gm', son. Jack and'" -daughter, Mrs, Pauline Childroe of Centre and M rs. J'helma Prall end -daugh-tor, Judy of Clinton ware- dS-U(iie,r -guests if Mr. and Mrs. Allen iP.raM ,aud ilii-iuily, Sunday. Rev, laud Mrs. Ray B-rittun -and -children of Roachdale called in itlie afternoon. Mrs. 'William Akars, daughter, Edna and Mrs. iKatherine Akers snent Saturday ev-enlug with Mr. and Mrs. fined Brown- COLUMBIA FKID A V und SATFEDA V Admission i)c mid 0c FIGIITIII' BUCKAR00 With Cliarkis fttarre4t fcay Harris Tbe &aa4i House Bwj s 'MouiitiaB FigWiBg" Wai'iiw .Bhoit "In The Nvs Keei" Paramount Short KI NDAl'aud MONDAV Admission IJc and X5c HAPPYLAKD With Don AiniHihe Frances Doe Hawy Carey ""I (Got Plenty of Mutton" Merrie Melody "South American Sway Melody Master KKO NEWS Tuesday and Wednesday X1 BLK i EATl TRE Admission te and 20e BERMUDA MYSTERY With jPreston Tosttir Ann Rutherford BEAUTIFUL BUT BROKE With Joan Davis ' John Hubbard dane Fravwie Bob Haynes XUIRSDAY Admission Se and 20c HIKE GIRLS With Ann Harding Evelyn Keyes Jinx Falkenburg Itfslie Brooks Jeff Donnell "CHAMPIONS" Warner Short First Love...Shadowed i - " . W- ( '-'j ' 4 'i N - r. v - v . -. . V w -- - - '"l&JSTTri .. Paramount J' M foromounf'j thriUmg picloruobon of Dorofdy s? rVlotoriie'joir-ro(sin9 itory of fde soperootora y iF Jft- " - p ? - 4E WMh The -CompUHrt Of THE DMLlf CLIiNTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for BERTHA KELLEV 905 S. Fifth St. Just Come lo And Ask For Them! WMch This Space Every IT TOUK SAME MAS BE SBXT 'itertat, ft AY RUTH ti if i inn iMipprw Jpf(CWC by WW'S AUW 3nT(oy ervaaie iwiw "SHE'S A SOUD1EK GAIL FUSSELl FOR AN "ALL-PURPOSE" LOAN SEE US. Buy Clothing, Fuel, Household Needs, Improvements. Loans to $300. SECURITY LOAN CO. TOO" OJSXV TOMOHT j BIG Double and .riAT. Feature Uiachmau &t. 1,I.T.N, l.M.

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