The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 6, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, October 6, 1944
Page 7
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Friday, October 6, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Clinton Wildcats Face Wiley Gridmen Here Tonight o SERIES NOTES ST. LOUIS. Mo. Facts and figures for the first two world series games: L. 1 i Grid Thriller In Slorc at C.H.S. Stadium Both Teams I mlefVatrd in Season So Far; Steady Rivalry Flares as CHS, Wiley Meet Scheduled Kramer, Wilks On Mound as Third Series Came On Cards, Browns Battle To Break One-All Tie In Crucial Series Match ST. LOUIS, Mo. Lineups for today's third game of the World Series beWeeu the St. Louis Ilrowns (A) and the St. Louis Cardinals (XI : Standings: W. llrowns ( A I 1 Cardinals (N 1 Second Game Paid attendance: ;ir.u7(. Gross receipts: 152.503. Comrnssioiier's share; $ 22.8K y 3 of hens and pullets Is the first stop in the prevention of this malad . On some farms having more than one poultry house, thereby making separate housing easy, it will be profitable to keep the lies! of Hie old hens lor their second year, In such cases, the hens and pullets should not be allowed together when turned outside their houses. In the majority of cases. It will be most convenient and profitable to sell all old birds before housing and pullets. This will aid in the control of not only colds, but also of avian tuberculosis, the extension poultryman explained. Keeping just a few for sentimental reasons will ruin the effectiveness of this method of breaking disease cycles. A pullet may be expected to lay 30 to 51) eggs more in her first laying year than in her second, says Sicer. A large proportion of these eggs probably will be laid in the season of high egg prices. Greater than usual profits should follow. net in that game yesterday, when the Itiiiwiis wenl slightly lo pieces afield to make four errors and finally blew it nil when a fat old catcher named Ken O'Dea enine up lo bat as a pinch hitter in the last hull of the 1th for the Cards. O'Dea SIumIm Hit Ray Wanders, (he Cards' firsl baseman, had singled to open the lltli. W'hltey Kurowski. Hie third baseman had sacrificed and Sluts Marlon, the shortstop, had been purposely passed, when O'Dea came up witli one out to bat for Emil Ver-ban, the second baseman. The score was tied at 2-all. O'Dea slashed a hit to rinht, Sanders scored and the llrowns were dead-locked one-all in games. But the actual hero of the game was a rookie pitcher of the Cardinal farms named Sylvester Donnelly, who for the second day in a row went in as pinch-pitcher and this time turned in a performance to rank with the greatest ever seen in the world series. Donnelly in Kighth He relieved .Max Lanier in the eighth with Mike Kreevich on second as a result of an opening dOll-hh Ilmniollv n fir., hulling rielit Players' share: $77,fcu2.i:i. Totals For Two Games Paid attendance: (ls,:j 1 s. Gross receipts: $:Ui 1 ,b2 1 . Players' share: $15:!,Ji2S.71. Commissioners' share; $45.273.1 5. Each club's share: $25.(154.78. Each league's share: $25. 054. 78. Stadium Harwell, Osrar i ii ii ii Kiiuif pi u-1 1 ei m; jhi v iikb ItKOUNH (A) (iutteridge, 2b Kreevich, cf Laabs, If Stephens, ss McQuinn, lb Christina), 3b Moore, rf Hayworth, c Kramer, p 4 ARD1XALS (X) Bergamo. If IIopp, cf Musial, rf W. Cooper, c Sanders, lb Kurowski, 3b Marion, ss Verban, 2b Wilks, p i i i-i i lor tue uarus; jacK Kramer, (17-13 for the Rrowns. CliiUm vn Wiley 4 lint on High School 8 p. ill. Officials: riiaHe 1'. AVJilU, Heze huk Htai-tiiig I.Iih'ui: Clinton Foster R E . Poviin Ii T . Secoiidino R G . Glover , C Oilman L C - Graham L T Cirey L K . M. Reinero Q Ji . D. Reinero H B . Enrietta 11 JI . Curry F li Wiley Fuuuion Price AIcilarKiie Dodson Hoctor Greenwood O'Leary Kloufer Umpires: Dunn (N), Ripgras (A), Sears (X), McOowan (A). SPORTSMAN'S 'ARK, St. Louis, Former Vigo County GOP Prosecuting Attorney Dies TERRE HAUTE, lnd. Final rites for Will A. Church, 72, prosecuting attorney of Vigo county from 1924 to 1!'2S, have been set for tomorrow. Mr. Church, a prominent Republican, died yesterday. Mo. - Purdue Specialist Warns Fanners on Pullet Care When the time comes to move this year's crop of promising pullets into the laying house, do not mix them with the old hens, advises J. W. Sicer, Purdue University extension poultryman. Old hens, even though they appear to he in perfect health, often are carriers of poultry ailments. The ordinary cold is one of the most common poultry diseases that may be carried by hens to the young pullets. Complete separation A rookie with a sparkling lmnd(.ri thpn Btrucfe QUt th.ep men filler lUalioy 1). Lee record, Ted Wilks, and a veteran 1 S ImI- Oscar who suddenly found himself this season, by name Jack Kramer, opposed each other today in an expected hurling duel in the third game of the all-St. Louis World Series, Parker House RolU Parker House rolls originated in Jhe Parker house in Boston. while walking only one to end that threat, and all told fanned six, from there on to the finish. He also contributed one play that will be talked about perpetually. This came in the first half of the 11th when the Browns might have won. Ceorge McQuinn, the first baseman, opened with a double against Donnelly, who seemed to be getting a little shaky under the strain of his efforts. Then Mark Christman. the game that must break a one-J THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: i the Urown third baseman, laid one deadlock. Wilks, brought up from the bushes by the Cardinals this season, had one winning streak of 11 in a row and concluded the campaign with an incredible record of 17 victories a-gainst four defeats. He is a medium sized gent with a curve and a fine change of pace to stand the opposition on their ears. He's a young Pole out of Fulton, N. Y., originally, now cast in such prominence t hat he scarcely can believe it himself. Kramer is burdened with the task PiUY A6Aii&f rue- 4 at fJA .'J A One of the best games of the season is in store for Clinton Wildcat fans tonight when the locals play host to the Red Streaks of Terro Haute's Wiley High School in the CHS stadium. Plus the traditional CHS-Wiley rivalry, the game will be highlighted by the fact that neilher squad has been defeated this season. CliuMm t'UM-oreri I pon Clinton's iiowor-dm ing Cats have also kept all comers away from their goal line, so that in three ganiPB they . have run up 3i points against their scoreless opponents. Wiley's list of wins includes the Brazil Red Devils and the Crawfords-ville Athenians while Clinton has handed defeats to Paris and Wesl-ville (111.) and Gerntmeyer of Terre Haute. Although the Wildcats have a Blight edge over the Red Streaks in the number of games won in Iheir , series, the Wileyinen lust year eked I out a 7-ti victory oer the Wildcats. Coach G unny McCool has been ' Football Notes WW o of pulling (he Rrowns back in the O lead which they lost yesterday with a H to 2 defeat in 11 inniny:;. He is down a bunt between the box and third base. Donnelly raced over off the mound, scooped up the ball and with a perfect throw nailed McQuinn at third on a close play that meant the difference. The next Brown hitter, Cene Moore, hit a long fly that would have brought in that run and given the Rrowns a one run lead, if not fit art ing thrm on a rally. Donnelly thus was credited with victory over George Muncrief , t he Rrowns' ailing right -ha n de.r who started (he seventh alter Nelson Potter had been removed for a pinch hiller. The game was a little ragged by virl no of the Rrowns' four errors, two of which were committed by Poller on one play, but thrilling to the St. Louis customers, who never seem to be quite certain for whom a fast ball hurler, who prominently ference game Friday. In the eastern division of tho NIHSC, Washington of South Rend, was expected by sports scribes of the area to move another nolch toward Hie division championship by defeating John Adams, a cily rival Saturday. Riley of South Rend, who holds tlie edge in division scoring, is scheduled to meet Elkhart Friday in another game involving long and hard-fought rivalry. The Illoomingtou Rant hers, w ho were slopped short in a three-game win by the lirazil Red Devils last week end. were to face the Washington Hatchets Friday night. The figured in t he Rrowns' late season rush to the pennant against all com LAFAYKTTK. Iml. Thirly-slx pluyrrs luiu li-'li iiiinn-d ly Cnaeli Cecil Isbcil lo drlind I'linlut-'s wes-Utii coiif''mi'J co-cli:iliiMuiishi) a-Kainiil Hie uinii l'-al- d llliui ul Chiiiii-paiK" tomorrow. Tlii-y will leave Lii-layetle late this afternoon following a linilieriiiK-un drill. Art Haver-BtcH'k. left Kitard, no looser is elig drilling his charges hard for to- j ers in the American League. He worked in a ship yard for a time since t he war started, then joined the Seahees and upon his discharge reentered baseball to be brought out today against Wiiks in this all-important third game of the series. The winner here can very well go on to the world championship. Thai winner need only two more Iri- ible Iml the rest of the Boilermaker lineup will he the sa as in the team's two previous names this HELPS YOU RELAX ICEEI'S YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY they are rooting. Panthers, one of the southern conference's strongest teams, expect to have I he services of Ruck Hope, and 0110 McHenry, regulars who were 111 last week.. t SOUTH RK-NJ), Ind. Not re Dame's football squad was preparing umphs. . The stage for this situation was ClaSiTpfid rA$ Sell Most An V thing night's game, which promises to he a thriller. The Cats have concocted a smooth-running defense and a tought offensive style of playing to throw at the visitors. Wiley's Coach Ted Fehring 1ms been cooking up some strong offensive plays designed to penetrate the Cats' line and some solid passing rehearsals have also been conducted by the Streaks. Johnny Secondino will start at right guard to replace Gilbert liar-bee who sustained a fractured leg Mr . w 9a today for the Imirtc opener tomorrow against Tulane. Tlie Irish finished the heavy work yeste rday witli a long signal drill in which aerial tactics were Missed. f HE IS GOME ! WE IS GONE ! WfBk' t I AND HEBE L GO, TOO Jt'Wi'K' W rVINCE HAMLfcl WILL reel g HAMLET- WELL, THE PLOT MOUES FAST .pioates Busted up THOU.hamlet! iJfOLIR WICKED PLOT.UNCLE.Bj W(;LL , I'll BE Hand here, l am.hale Ji juXi&oo !y I k anLV mEawty IV t-v ' '( NO LONGER BE A !. Tunuw iw MY SIDE .' NOW ! TO BEGIN i. HEU HEM HEW1 v - - v i r 1 5" o- V' m HAIRBREADTH HARRY A WITH, HAMS UNCLE ,KIMS CLAODIUS.SEMDS HAM TO ENGLAND WITH A MESSAGE THAT WILL GET HAM NEATLY MOIDEREO - GOSH, ISN'T UNCLE CLAUDIUS A MEAN OL' CUSS ? 1! INDIANAI'OMK, I nl. A rim-tinoua loolliall rivalry ilalins from tho first World War will pros I dp added HparUlo to Iho Indiana Hifcli School prep card this week end. The Cary KiniTsoii - Hammond panic, scheduled for Kriday at Clea-80ii Kield. has been played annually since 191S uilll the exception of 111125, when rainy weather caused ilg cancellation. Tlie (lolden Tornado has won 14 of the games and the Wildcats eiilit, Willi three lies. Lew Walluc, of Gary, a necii-and-neek contender for the wesiern division MHSC crown wilfi Kinorson, will meet Whilin.u in another con- : SO ClAUUv HAi Ui6 UlRTv- WORK TO Do ALL ITS LL IN KuN.OLKS. OER AGAIM IN THE NE)T PL" EL Jt, In the Gerstineyer game last week. Foster to Start Also in Clinton's line will be Foster and Poviin at right end and tackle with the left wing posts filled by Oilman, Graham and Cirey. Glover will hold down the center position. The brother team, Don and Martin Reinero will start the baekfield at quarterback and right half with Tony Enrietta, high-voltage runner in left half and power-driving Sam Curry at fullback. Dim Lee, Wiley's workhorse, is the candidate to start at fullback but may be replaced by Holt while Faiir bion, scheduled for the rightuing post may give way to Rowell. The rest of Wiley's starting lineup will be taken care of by O'Leary. PXfUSE ME . I'M MERT HAyM ll MDELL, VMOUUD OU POSE A FI6URE III I III Gflfin fiRllFl VUC jlkJ' vnil VVU r 111JlJ I'M WETTER T7S, ,, ., !v , , I r UMDELL ABOUTAMODElJ THAN A ' '7 the DROAINED T7; fZr JOB MOWj.N )., (;r'cii vor:d ami Hot-tor on t lie lrtt side of t he limi Ah lliirtU' and Price on (he rilil wjtii IhnUmn as cuiiUt. liacklifld Htiirt-i-H will in- Kloit.r, ! quartcrhacU, .Miller and M alloy, halfbacks. The Hed Ktreuks will he my Or. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Raj 235V2 Blackman ' carrying a siron.'; list ol reserves , I ready to step in tho n;uuo it" needed, j I A larne crowd ol' Clinton funa in (sure to be on hand lor the ante as j well as a strong continMont of Wi-j I ley rooters. WWiWMViYiV.VV.ViYiVVi'i'iV.V.ViV.VaViVV FOOTBALL! msm 1 i'Vif -.WTUPV RUMS jtiaWS ( I v y 1 Tliimble r rri . . i f -a x wv; v l j theatre 5K- y: C. H. S. IO-T Cop 1)14, Kr.- I.,-,," Tom sims aBcw. rurr.ii: agat i -p- . . . . . . . i . 1 1 V l I Y VOU JU5T 51 T THERE NiCE ? I OK GIMP, GET MV A . f Wt Lt 5fcb- , v &5 SOON A-i tLUGf.ER l.EA'.'ES, PEGG TURM5 HER BACK TO THE DESK,P!CK5 UP A PENCIL AMD SLOWLY SPELLS OUT A MESSAGE ON THE DESK TOP.' f. I I CAR WE'RE TAKIN 1 I WHAT ARE VUH 1 GET TH' CAR- I LL BE i . t Dcr,r,v niiT Tf) TU- I finiw T' BO HUOHV' RIGHT 6ACK, I 1 AND COMFORTABLE-WHILE I GET MVCOAT -VOU CAN T DO MOTH IN' AMVHOW WITH YOUR HANDS TIED AND , THAT GAG IN YOUR KISSER' li HAW I PLAMT-- J 5LUGGER,cKWCK rj 6055 j ( 'Always A Battle" At cijmo.x hk;h school stadium . v r, J ? sr w FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, - 8 p. m. " rp TSVT Secret Ljj J L j 4f Optative fg$ K- I ' jl CFA EIf AL ADMISSION' 50c Plus Tax m mi Sei-ue .Men In I niloriii Adudtied I'ree On Payment of Fed r;i! 'lav SCHEDULED HOME GAMES WASHINGTON BRAZIL (liiiliiiniiHilis) 1(1 t Ho &m nsp ixyyx i VsPA . w Nov. : VW.V.VWWWWWWiWfVrtWVWVWWW

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