The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1944
Page 5
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Page Fiv THE DAILY CLINXONIAN Friday, October 6, 1914. THEY BOTH LAID EGGS (jij Clinton Social Notes I Mr. and Mrs. Pete Vomid and son tlury Howard ;:ud Mrs. Wiliiam Howard visited PHM. Third Class and Mrs. Rayniou Howard in Terra Haute recently., V Minute Bat A bat so email that It crawl through cracks in bamboo stems i native to the East Indies. , r '4, . ' , Mrs. Sarah Guinn; rehabilitation and employment, Mrs. Hazel Koncaunon; service sales. Mrs. Madge Oliver; war activity, Mrs. Gladys Reed. Following the installation of officers, the incoming and outgoing officers were presented with a corsage. Mrs. Phoebe Jtodgers. outgoing president of the organization, was son of official figures rcleastd by i'acific l-'het Headquarter:; show.d today that Japanese forces have lost Almost eleven men for every American killed in the twin conquists of Peleliu and Anttaur Islands in the l'alau group. I.o.' Vaiik Kiileil Auierican casualties through Oct. 5 totalled 1.022 killed. .l J S j wouuiled. and 20 missing. Jap d -ad I lor the i-ame period totalled !l.o4:i killed with lio figures available on the number wounded in the two successful campaigns which have hiok-eu the back of enemy resistance jn the rJilllle III Palalls. Siijiplemeiital figures Issued by i.e-,i- ii-iriert revealed thai the veteran First Division Marines suffered j nie greatest number of casualties I among American forces with 771 j killed, l.iiG'i wounded and 2,7 miss- i illg since lliey stormed the i'eleliu 1 beaches on the morning Of .September 1 4. MONUMENTS 0 A rfjjfU'Le lAne 0 For r-M-riJre Drop I t A rd E.W.WaUh Monument Co. 'atllt Hubai.ll Ave. Terra llaule. Inillauua FrWay D. A. H., Mrs. Kose Johnson, 7:30 p. m. DEB Club, Mrs. Jessie Richmond. Modern Martha Sunday School Class of the Methodist Church will meet with Mrs. Clarence Wright, 27 Blackman street, 7:30 P- B. District convention of Women's Belief Corps Auxiliary meet with Auxiliary of the Orand Army of the Republic at the Memorial Hall in Terre Haute. Sunday Roeder Reunion, Half Century Club on Blackman street, October 8. Dinner 12: 30. Monday ; The Woman's Club, Mrs. Guy Southard, first fall meeting, t p. m. Jerusalem Chapter 2S4 OES meet at hall at 7:30 p. m, Tuesday . Jjvfn Janes, Shirley Cottrell, 7:30 ItOBERTA'S BKAIJTY SHOP :7 North 7lll HI. I'lloSK IKI-W GIAIiA.Ti:i:D l-KU.MANKNT.S . Legion Auxiliary Holds Installation Services Thursday MxtJl District I'ieMilesnl Of jituivillc. Did. Hum (Charge iii JntjuUuJioii. Mi. Marietta. I'uJlK. New L'M'aJ j'rt-HiUi'Ut. Mrs. Marietta Fullz was installed as the president of the American Legion Auxiliary at the meeting held iu the Legion Home Thursday evening. Mrs. Doris Smoot, Sixth District provident of the Legion Auxiliary of Danville. Ind. was in charge of the installation services. Additional officers installed during the ceremony were first vice-president, Mrs. Stella Kamm; .second vice. Mrs. I'ho be Rodgers; Fec-retary, Mrs. Esther Haiti; treasurer, Mrs. Amelia Manship: chaplain. Mrs. Augusta Howell; historian, Mrs. Marie Jackson; sergeant at arms, Mrs. Margaret Eaton; executive committee. Mrs. Marie Porter, Mrs. Edna Kell and Mis. Enid I.emstra. Members working on the various committees for the incoming year are as follows: Americanism, Mrs. Helen Walthall; child welfare. Mrs. Amelia Manship; community service and music, Mrs. Margaret Eaton; if y.v i imvZrti ' j -inr " , ,,asCLfaitt. JaV..-. -i .j..a. : Throw Vour Scrap Into the Flgbtl p; p. m. Important Meeting. 1 ffffffffffffm,m,fffmfmf,'ffmVtWfff J presented a past -president s pin i from the unit. ) During the business session it was .reported that 8, SOU poppies have own purchased and Jul have been .donated to the Auxiliary from individuals to buy awls of records for the armed forces. I Four guests, Mrs. Kay, Danville; ,Mr3. Merle Kdinondson. Mrs! Lloyd Woodard and Mrs. Earl Pruitt all of Terre Haute attended the nieet-, Jjjst. I After the meeting refreshments of I pie and rake wi re served by the oiit-I going officers and the members of the Legion were invited. J m I Crompton Hill Classes Organizes War Bond Club J The Bond Bombers Club of the Crompton Hill seventh and eighth '. grades was organized at a meeting : held Thursday. j The president, Doris Kitchen, presided over the meeting. Other offi-jcers elected during the meeting were viee-nreKirlent. Rnrbara Turchi: SCC- Crompton Hill 1. T. A. meet at the school house Tuesday October 10 at 7 p. m. Plans will be made for the Homecoming and Carnival which will be given on Tuesday, Oct. 21. Hope Residence Scene Of Jivin Janes Club Meeting Miss Helen Louise Hope entertained the Jivin Janes at her home on Walnut Btreet recently. Following a business meeting, games were played and prizes were constiution and by-laws, Mrs. tHW , sdufathjn of orphans of vet-T 4,.? .... irr. J retary, Betty Stash;: treasurer, John NOT A WI CHOOSEY is Betty, the hen, who is shown above roosting atop a bust of Hitler, that Bgt. Wiliiam HJenemano of Kenosha, Wis, uses to decorate taje front of an American tank. The hen, picked up in St. Lo during the tattle there, has been with the unit ever since and rode Into Paris atop the tank's gun. Here she shares honors with jVdolf In the profession of egt'-laying. (International Squr.dphoto) awarded to Dorothy atiowweny au Juauita Jackson. nefresnnients were served by candlelight at a table attractively dec Lee rur.cni; anja class rtpoui, a-e- . rica Iltirner jersyis. fairs, -iniawi,?. i,. ilargaret 7-aiiibert,' Girls State, Mrs. rteri ami white were chosen as the Avaneije JJ ordan;.-, junior activities, Mrs,' Bessie Long;' Knlghtsvllle orated with a centerpiece of dahlias. 'class colors and the rose as Uie class Home, Mrs. Manship; legislation Members attending were Misses Norma Jean Weir, Dorothy Snow-berry, Shirley Cottrell, Dorothy fiuinn, Juanita Jackson, Dorothy FRESH CUT Craft and the hostess. FLOWERS Mrs. Hanna Glass, membership, -Mrs. Kofceft; mftl 'THitVOf Mif.' Ismd-stra'; ant ionai ' defense. Mrs. Gladys Reed; national , news. : Mre, Stella nought; Pan-American, Mrs. Ann Macki'e;-- Poppy Day, Mrs. Rodgers; publicity, Mrs. Marie Jackson; radio. flower. The committee cnoseii iw select the class- song tonsists of Mary Jane Thomaft Nancy Thomas, Bertha Smith, Donnie West ttnd La-Moin Smith. Those working on the committee to pick the class motto are John Lee Turchi, Lee. Edward Wheeler and Donnie West. . Pupils having birthdays ' in any ai,,,;,l month will entertain at a M'Arthur Raiders Strike Jap Oil Dumps 2nd Time (Contlnnea Dots page tl The next meeting will be held at the home of Miss Shirley Cottrell US 1st Army Drives Past Siegfried Line (Continued from page 1) on South Main street. ROSES LONG STEMMED I'ED ROSES DOZ. C9c BUNDLES OF 25, $1.25 0 9 Phm. Third Class Howard Honored At Dinner Party Air, and Mrs. Monroe Howard of Blackman street entertained with a dinner recently in honor of their inn. phm Mate Third Class Ray- Notice! The riintonlan Wants Your News. Please Tall Miss l.ear To lb-port Social News. Phone 32 or 33. raiders to enemy forces defending Balik J'apan, enabling the Japs lo prepare for the attack long before the planes arrived. Other V. H. aerial formations slashed at Jap shipping in the i'hilip- MUMS liEAI'Til'I'L BIG .SI'ICy BI NCHES 7'Jc RUXCH birthday party during that month. Those having birthdays during the , vacation will entertain in April. ! I Max Z. Anderson of Monticello, lArk. is visiting his cousin, -Mrs. Le-j na Warren and old friends of Clinton. He Is a former telegraph operator on the C. & E. I. railroad and mon Howard on leave from Flori Canadian troops slugged their way deeper Into middle Holland, carving out a three-mile advance north of Baarle Nassau to the vicinity of Al-phen, some six miles south of the main highway linking Breda with Tilburg. Extremely heavy fighting raged along the banks of the Leo yot it HOME 'LOWERS BRIGHTEN WITH American Beauty fehop Vera Mae 131ack 312 S. Main J'hone Kiecialiucl Hair Styling 0 Permanent Waves 0'1I Evening pines, Moluccas anil at ceram. sins- m ing or badly damaging a total of If nine enemy vessels. j s" I'liilippfiies (Shipping Hit i f At Jolo in the I'hilippines patrol j planes sank a 2,'mo tou freighter-j f transport and left a I HOO-ioii j J freighter In flames. At Amboina, in f the Moluccas, bombers destroyed ai 1. 000-ton freighter-transport, sankjf four smaller craft, and accounted , g is now a general agent for a Southern Hallway. His father, Piatt Z. Anderson, was a county surveyor and built many of Clinton s bridges and roads. Mr. Anderson will leave Saturday to visit his nephew in Ter-re Haute. Mrs. Warren will accompany him there. da. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ferrel, Mr. and Mrs. New-ljn Howard and son. Norman all of Terre Haute, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Donna and son, Gary Howard of Indianapolis and the honor guest and Mrs. Mildred Howard. Jolly Eight Club Meets At Greulich Residence Members of the Jolly Eight club met at the home of Mrs. Frank Greulich Thursday with Mrs. Joseph Gaboney as assistant hostess. pold Canal, where flame-throwers wielded by crack Canadian units opened up a new bridgehead for the Dominion troops. Twelve miles northwest of pivotal Nilniegen and south of the lower jyinifHTP nil n $ I 241 8. Main Ht. Clinton, Ind. I for a large flying boat and other air- :f craft. m Rhine, the Germans mounted a ; "fairly strong" attack from the west i In the vicinity of Opheusden. British troops were forced to fall back a short distance before regaining j 1 Another 1,000 ton Jap ship, a coastal vossel, and many barges were blasted at Coram. j Simple Test Aids Thousands Who Are Hard of Hearing Thanii to an ear no-risk bearing lest, many tliwifcanda who have been lempyran.f deafuned now Bay they hear welt again. II you are Iwherei 6y ringing, Lulling- oia'l bu.l due to hardened or coagulated "a (cerumen), iry Ihe Ourme Home Melliod teal You must hear better aftet making thia .mnle teat or you get your money ha. k at occeT Aak about Ouriuc tar Urol today i A comparl- J'EARL HARBOR BIRIH$ Sgt. and Mrs. Paul Cappa, Jr., iilanford. are the parents of a daughter born at the Vermillion County Hospital Thursday. The infant weighed seven pounds and ten ounces and has been named I'aul- Bunco was played with Mrs. Raymond Thomas winning high, Mrs. James Cunningham, bunco; Mrs. David I.indsey, low; Mrs. Gaboney,; travel and Mrs. Bud Greulich, guest. . Refreshments were served and the ' next meeting will be with Mrs. , James Cunningham in two weeks. a ate i ette. Mrs. Cappa is the former Missj Mabel Cervo. Miss Frelda Voto, North Eighth street, spent Sunday in Indianapolis, Ind. . WYC "BOND BUY NOW ON OUR CONVENIENT LAYAWAY PLAN. A DEPOSIT DOWN AND REGULAR PAYMENTS WILL HOLD YOUR SELECTION UNTIL YOU ARE READY FOR IT! 1 ft DROPPING A HANKIE... 1 VSl CQ Dropping a hankie to get a beau is ',t f ffa just about as outdated as not being JXliCji sure of your dry-cleaning method. Why vPiAJV ,:lki chances with inferior methods xllLi b '"" s"ld "ur garments to j I vw I ""' M"d''' ai"1 he su,e "iat y""'re s'-1" K?7rVry ""B "olhi,lg uut l,,st quality- i 1M A j controlled, superior dry cleaning. ' jSiTir'-0. Have lour I lot lies Dry lleamd George Richardson, Mecca and Harry Welch, Moutezuma, were admitted to the county hospital Thursday as medical cases. Mrs. Kva Shew, Montezuma, was admitted to the county hospital Thursday as a surgical case. Ray Dicken. Dana; Minnie Bettl-nea. hi H 2 Clinton and Mrs. Mau- V- M V ill Tlic .Model Way" MODEL CLEANER i rine Grieve and baby, Rockville, , were dismissed from the county hos-I piul Thursday. Duane Runtain of route two is in the Paris Hospital suffering from an arm injury. j hxt Boutii .Main Hmng lit CHESTERFIELD CLASSICS 19-75 and 24 " their positions in vicious fighting. At least 200 Nazis were killed and 75 were captured In this affray. Repel .Nljini-gen Blow Along the east flank of the Nilniegen salient another German counter-blow near Muk was repulsed with ease. Three additional Nazi assaults near Allied-held Overloon were beaten back, but the progress of British and American forces In the area was slowed by the fury of the enemy onslaughts. Reconnaissance reports meanwhile showed that one-third of Walcheren Island, the dikes of which were blasted by RAF armadas earlier in the week, now is under water. Armored Battle Rage Earlier dispatches from headquarters reported that the armored battle between Nazi and American forces north of Aachen in the L'bach-Her-bach sector raged unchecked while other Allied units extended their drive to oust the enemy from Holland by crossing the Dutch frontier north of Antwerp. The Americans, commanded by Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges punched their way eastward from I'bach, where the gap in the Siegfried defenses was smashed, and reached Beggendorf, a mile and one-half east. 4 Milin into Iti-iili Advanced Bpearheads of American armor battled four miles Inside Reich territory north of Aachen in assaults aimed at widening I lie area of break-through to permit major units of the Elrst Army lo debouch on the plain before Cologne. LONDON, England. Sky-darkening swarms of American heavy bombers and fighters, probably totaling more than 7 500 warplan . battered Important military installations In three sectors of Germany, including Berlin, by daylight today Oil refineries, tank factories and airdromes In the area of the Nazi capital, at Hamburg and at Har-burg. 68 miles east of Stuttgart, were hit heavily by 1.2".') Fortresses and Liberators and about the same number of fighters. Residents along England s east coast who watched the formations roar overhead on their way to the Reich on the heels of an RAF assault on Saarbrucken during the night were impressed by the size of the raiding squadrons. The daylight raiders were escorted by wave after wave of fighters, it was said. (The German radio, according to the FCC, reported the approach of Allied bomher formations over the northwestern Reich.) The British heavyweights went out in great strength last night to blast Saarbrucken, east of Metz. France, where American troops are battling to reduce strong Nazi v 'itk ' X L 0 O To Celebrate The Opening Of... CLINTON'S NEWEST AND MOST COMPLETE STORE OF ITS KIND ... WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING AS SAMPLES OF THE VALUES THAT YOU MAY EXPECT TO FIND HERE AT ALL TIMES. Chest, r- New H usoliri flanged front H I .. ' ' I 1 .Meticulously al I , ' 1 ' . 1 j fields with the I, ! I details. Tim n-w t 1 1 ,,,! the new SW e. et heart lap' All wariu- t.W SEASON HATS 2 A V . . . 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Loin: or thort. w 98' THIS IS NOT A CIIALV STORE IiilM a'. binned Kayon II use ARROW AUTO STORE - leg fi.imry 'i.'.ih-ji to i-i, ei-.-nl f.ili chilli- 86 Pi-, es. g Paul Ifungerfnrd MAIX and MI LBERRV ClifSherrill S Land's End Land's End is the wtsterrutuart xtreniity o England.

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