The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 6, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1944
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY CLINTON IAN V Page Three Friday, October 6, 1944. nd inf. API) 400, Camp Sau Louis SUPERMEN'S SUPER PLANE-THAT'S NAZI CLAIM Obispo, Calif. U.S.A. American, Nazi-, Forces Deadlocked InDrianl Hattle NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued from Page One) Private first class Dale Newlin son of Mr. and Mrs. Elvir Newlin of Newport, spent Monday and Tues day with his parents. Pfc. Newlin Furlong, commandant of Pearl Har is stationed at Ft. Bragg, N. C. U.S.A. family would be arrested. The prisoners added that no laj- as tliejr knew the same method had been widely used in recent weeks to bolster Nazi battle endurance. Gestapo chief Hiininier is believed to have Issued strict outers lor use of the de ice. The 'Mi Minimis flux of fighting inside Fori !riant cimi iuiicd to ou-hcuie exact details of the situation, but reports from in.iiile the fort indicated thai Cerniau counler-attackt) had evaporated, although there was no sIku dial (Jerniaii tanks and ill faniry hud railed a halt to attempt, to drhe the Yanks hack to the southwest corner of tin1 fort. Seaman first class P. J. Grumley, bor Navy Yard, It was announced today by the 14 Hi Naval Dislrict In Pearl Harbor. Though no longer at Pearl Harbor, Kenoglio has been a-warded the certificate by Admiral son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grumley of Cayuga, former residents of New port, spent the weekend with his Kurlong In recognition of Mb faith parents. ful work and contribution to the war effort while there as a civilian em (Continued trom page 1) t'endera. IVritidic rlppfnn urlillcry Iuiituki-h from both nil'H were Intenuinyh'd with inecHHiwit Orniiui mortar fire from the fur) hx the third day of the HKKault drew to u dune. (ieiMM-tilly KptjtUiiij; the rourth day of rinhtiiiK williiii the fort continued the deadlock. Prisoners taken today naid thai every man iiiKide the foil had Kilned a document nay in j? that he would not surrender, and if lie did so that Robert Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lewis of Newport, is spend ing ft leave with his parents here. Newport Sailor Writes fk -. .... , ,- ' ,. J . ' .1 w ' - , v '"- 'I--.! .-. -vV "J Classified Ads Sell Most Anything To Hometown Paper of Experiences Overseas ploye. The certificate states that while lie worked for the I'nited States Navy at Pearl Harbor during the second World War, his services contributed to the mission of his base In support of the I'. S. Fleet. U.S.A. Pfc. John Tomastic has returned to Fort llragg. N. C. after a three-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tomastic of .South Ninth Street. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Corporal Paul Campbell, son of (Editors Note: The folks back home are always glad to hear from the boys in their communities. Last '!' week, the Hoosler State received letter from Paul R. Moore, son of Mrs. Ida Moore of Newport. Seaman Moore not only thanked the Hoosier Men's Heavy Mixed GKAY WORK SOX 2 Yx. 25c LADIES COTTON RIBBED HOSE 2 Fr. 35c MEN'S COTTON DRESS HOSE Only 15c Fr, BABY'S WHITE LONG HOSE Fr. 25e for getting his paper to him in such a short time, but also told of bis ex perience somewhere in the South Pacific. The letter is as follows:) Dear Editor: I received the good old Hoosier Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Campbell of near Dana, returned Wednesday to Grand Island, Nebr., after spending a furlough with his parents. Cpl. Campbell, who is in the Air Corps, has been In the service lor the past 28 months. TJ.S.A. Sergeant Milton Crooke returned NEW GERMAN MULTI-PURPOSE PLANE, ahown during a reconnaissance flight, is labeled by the Nazis as a super plane. It is called the ME-210. Photo supplied by a Swedish picture agent (International) Baby's Training Pants to size 12 39c Baby Dresses, Robes, Blankets, Sheets Crib Sheets-SEE THIS NEW DISPLAY ALSO A NEW TOY LINE State a few days ago, and I sure was glad to get it, as It was Just like a letter from home, reading WABASH SUN., MON. AND XLE. all about the people I know in Newport and surrounding towns. I think I've went over it about a dozen times DOLLS, TEDDY BEARS, DOGS, CATS to Camp Campbell, Ky., Tuesday morning after spending several days with his wife, Mrs. Martha Harriet Crooke and small daughter, Frances MONKEYS AND MANY OTHER NEW TOYS GUNS, $1.89 DRUMS, WAGONS, CARTS Table and Chair Sets Doll Buggies and i(s commander, Colonel Hine, won the Silver Star for gallantry In action for having personally led the bitter hand-to-hand fight in which j the 168th took Lanuvio to remove I one of the last major obstacles be- I fore Rome. j Colonel Hines, in a jeep, was the : first American in Civitavecchia, where his regiment captured two I big "Anzio Express" railroad guns that had so often made their stay ) on the Anzio beachhead an unpleas- j ant one. Carol. U.S.A. Corporal Sam D. Chipps, son of All Can Be Laid Away - Small Payments CLOTHES DRYING RACKS $1.69 Mrs. Beulah Chipps, spent the week end with his mother. Cpl. Chipps is '? Jt . - 4 J i ' large ize i iaj i ii r.. jv.-w i.o Btalioned at Camp George, Ky., cross the state line from Indiana. U.S.A. IRONING CORDS Full Length 69c - 98c Sockets and Plugs, all kinds, 10c, J5c, 25c Mrs. Robert J. Rose received word When relieved July 28 for a brief rest, a few days after reaching the Arno River, the 168th had been in combat 291 days. 1 BLACK RUBBER COVERED WIRE 3 Feet 5c GREEN RUBBER COV ERED WIRE 2 Feet 5c NEW LONG HEAVY FELT RUNNERS $1.69 to see if I have missed anything in it. I was in my first invasion the other day. It was thrilling to see the cruisers shell the beach and the planes dropping bombs. Later I saw in the news report that Mac Arthur was with the task force that went ashore but of course we never get to see him. We landed all of our troops safely on the beach. I will say one thing, I give the soldier a lot of credit for what he goes through, eating canned rations and living in fox boles for weeks at a time. I know all the people back home gripe about gas and food stamps and all, but they don't know what hardships really are. If they were over here following the soldiers, doing what they do, they would really have something to gripe about. Some times we don't get any mail for weeks at a time as we don't stay in one place long enough I guess. But when we do get it, it is a happy day for all of us. I knew you could get the paper to me quicker than anyone else. The folks sent several papers to me since Friday that her husband, Corporal Robert J. Rose, had been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He is stationed at Ft. Monmounth, N. J. U.S.A. Robert E. Potter, 17, of Hillsdale, is receiving his intial Naval indoctrination at the U. S. Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, 111. His recruit training consists of in County Clerks, Deputies To Call for Absentee Votes INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Indiana 27 x 54 Size --89c New Line Rair Ruirs S1.98 - 82.35 county clerks or their deputies must I call in person at the Statehouse Oct. 18, 19 or 20 for absentee ballots, it structions in seamanship, military (Mjf&ffi Il.ilirVl 1 rrn.ll aiiUAKO BsSjrfliiB Metal UUAK ana asm iray kAiua , . ISSt Priced $2.98 to i. 4.95 was announced today, the ballots must be available for voting in the Clerk's Offices beginning Oct. 23. Wrapping of regular absentee ballots and packaging of national and state ballots by counties are underway on the main flour of the Statehouse under supervision of Cooper C. Clifton, TOMBAUGH' 25c TO $1.00 STORE HaunUHl Houae in I'aianiolinCs "The Uninvited" results in weird hapiK-iiings like this. Itucli Hussey holds liuhted candle as Kay Milland carries (Jail Hussell to safety. Donald Crisp is starred with Miss Kussell and Milland in this stirring film which arrives Sunday at the Wabash Theatre. Cornelia Otis Skinner has an important role in the picture. w Clerk of the State Board of Election I I left the states in June, but I only Commissioners. i received two of them. I got the one you sent me In about eleven days. And it sure was a God's send to re Throw Vur Scrap Into tha Flghtl ceive it. As this Is about all I can say at the present, I will close. Give all my friends In Newport my best regards and I hope I will drill and general Naval procedure. During this period a series of aptitude tests will be taken by the recruit to determine whether he will be assigned to a Naval Service school or to immediate duly at sea. When his recruit training is completed, the seaman will receive a period of leave. U.S.A- Robert Swingle, son of Mr. and MrB. L. R. Swingle of Perrysville, is spending an 18 day furlough with his parents. He is now stationed in California. ... . - . . U.S.A. - .. , Seaman first class Le Roy Swingle, Jr., husband of Mrs. Ruth Swingle of Newport, is now out to sea. He was In New York last week, U.S.A. H. E. Fillinger, Jr., H. A. second class, who is stationed at the naval training center at Great Lakes, IU., spent Thursday night and Friday with IiIb grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Myers. U.S.A. Robert Swingle, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Swingle of Perrysville is spending an 18 day furlough with his parents. His address is: Pvt. Robert Swingle 35S3011, Co. A 342- be able to see them all soon. Dewey Readies Challenge To F.D.R, Issues Paul R. Moore How the Navy uses youi-rJAS7E PAPER in an Elco' PTT DOATT See Gen. Marshall's flight to Paris As Signal for Final Blow (Continued trom paz 1) (Continued rrum page 1) reached as to whether a major offensive can be launched this month or whether it will be wiser to build up supplies over the winter. fri,NRTBON 1 SYNTHETIC RUBBER GIRDLES sunk deeply into the minds of the American people. Repeat Holding Charges Dewey has also repeatedly charged that the Roosevelt administration plans to hold men in the armed services for a time after the war in an effort to prevent unemployment. To this. Mr. Roosevelt told his radio audience bis administration has been working on demobilization plans for many months and that service men "will come home and be returned to civilian life at the earliest possible moment consistent with our national safety". During his radio talk, the President appealed for a big turnout vole and also took a slap at poll taxes imposed in some of the southern states. Seeks Heavy Vote Appealing for a heavy vote, Mr. Roosevelt said he did not want to wia or lose by a small majority that he wanted the result to be an overwhelming verdict by the people. He said there were many undemo h2 1 ?t , " 1 iwmi - M . 1 1 ----- 1 - in n . .;. AND PANTIE GIRDLES Orig.$2.98 2.69 Fine quality, firmly woven synthetic rubber 1 girdles in popular step-in or pantie styles. Tearose only in sizes, S, M, L. 1. PAPER TOWELS AND TISSUE 6. FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSTRUCTIONS 11. FUSES - - 2. FIRST AID KITS j 7. TORPEDO MANUALS ' 12. RADIO CHARTS 3. PAPER CUPS ' 8. WIRING DIAGRAMS 13. RADIO MANUALS 4. NAVIGATION CHARTS & FORMS 9. FUEL SYSTEM CHARTS ) 14. EMERGENCY RATIONS 5. LOG BOOKS 10. FLARES 15. FOOD CONTAINERS cratic defects in the voting laws in various states and singled out poll taxes as one of them. He noted a national election was to be held despite the prophesieB of "some politicians and a few newspapers" that it was his purpose to abolish all elections. . Hegarding the war. Mr. Roosevelt said It is "not won yet" and declared Lliat German and Japanese resistance remains as dctcruiim-d as fanatical as ever. He said the Allies shall have to fight their way across the Rhine and perhaps eery inch of the way to Itcrlin. Warm Fuzzy Wuzzy HOUSE SLIPPERS SIZES M QQ 4 to 9 Soft, warm, fuzzy slippers to keep tootsies warm on cool mornings I Wine and Royal Blue in sizes 4 to 9. Sturdy Hardwood Curtain Stretchers si x i no SIZE! aCsSV Hard-to-find, but Root's, ha them. Other styles in heavier quality, 54" x 90" size at $3.98; 56" z I 14" size at $3.50. 16. POWER PLANT MANUALS 17. ORDNANCE MANUALS " nam i'ELCOii it a regiilered trade mark of Iht feerie Boat Company 10-Yards AbHtirht-nt CHEESECLOTH handy re CARTON VMS Fine, firmly woven cheesecloth for dusting, cleaning, polishing and many other household needsl Snowy White! Jiffy French Fry POTATO CUTTER SLICKS CQ. and DICES! W3P For tasty french friee in just the right size I Easy and quick to use . . . made of long-wearing metal f Clinton Soldier Fights With Clark's Army (Continued tiom pafe 1) This Space Donated by The Daily Clintonian sion and SS troops, the 168th fought through the mountains, gaining ground north of San Angclo and San Vittore. They lost 40U men and inflicted 1 2u0 enemy casualties in wresting Mount Pantana, before Cas-sino, from the enemy in a seven-day battle. It was the first regiment to hold a bridgehead on the north VOT-HEN the PT's charge into " Tojo's fleet, don't ever forget that your waste paper is helping. And it's needed today more than ever! Waste paper is our No. 1 war material shortage. Two million extra tons have been called for this year. Save all your waste paper. Bundle it and turn it in regularly . ; . to send out more PT's ; ; ; to help their bluejackets come home again. Men's Leather Opera HOUSE SLIPPERS 2.29 to 2.99 Fine quality, soft leather slippers in Brown or Black. Restful to your feet after a hard days work! Sizes 6 to 10. Beautifully Printed Strawberry Cloths 52" x 70" QQ SIZE! 90 Lovely for breakfast, luncheon or dinnerl Fine quality white cotton with bright red strawberries! I bank of the Rapido River, captured U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Cairo, Mount Trochio and Cervano in a surprise maneuver and, taking Hills 56 and 213, became one of the first Fifth Army units to penetrate the Gustav Line. Ietai-ktl on AnJo W'm hheail The regiment debarked on the beachhead aruuud Aiuio March l'J1 TUMBLE TOGS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ; , Sizes Small - Medium and Large . , From 1 to 8 Years Price 79c to 1.98

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