The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 5, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Thurs3ay, October 5, 1944. Tagc Six PROGRESS OF THE OTHER WAR THE DAILY CLIIVIONIAN Behind the Scenes f At th Movies i9U a t jlllrin HOLLYWOOD . . . . . r Arr'' Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Nary a single person ever sus-peeted that Bing Crosby, as 8 man of the cloth, could give a WtokUtitrq M The WerUjr CUmUmUm MM ' Ih CIlMuo PUtndealer absorbed in ISO PoMlhd Dally Except Saturday and Sunday Scorge L. Carey - Editor and Publisher heart - warming performance. From all reports, though, Bing's By HARRISON CARROLL Slog Features byodirate Writer HOLLYWOOD Strange are the ways of coincidence. Sheldon Lyons, one of the ectors in Universal' "Fairy Tale Murder." has a brother-in-law in Normandy with I at the Po-tofnce at canton, uuuu M Second Claat Matter G table, rival Twentieth Fox musical stars, were : j back to back and, if tluy '. much conversation, I didn t i: . t. Jimmy Durante, with Ro;;;..3 Callahan again. He and his pa 1-ner, Jackson, did "Umbriago" and got an ovation. Virginia Hill serving jereboams of imported champagne to her party. p tadlana Republican Editorial hmartA the quartermas- Phoa33 characterization as a priest in Paramount 's "Uoing My Way" brings him into the limelight for top Academy Award laurels. A major share of the credit must go to Leo AlcCarey for hit Phone 32 3 tera corps, ine r, k n tt tr U t some milk from an elderly Mutahpum delieate direction of this great French woman motion picture which opens Sun KiPUBUCAH DITOKUt who turned out ASSMIAIUM day at the Wabash Theatre for a five day run. Damdest thing has come up on the "Hangover Square" set. Linda Darnell has to play several scenes with a cat and she's violently allergic to them. Once, her face swelled up and they had to send her home. to be the moth er of Jacques V.M..M K Tourneur, RKO director. News of the meeting; Thiirda and I'riday As a welcome change from the LjlJ was communicated to Tourneur. The first more serious dramatic screenl are m liieli lias come this way since the start of the war, Warne; Bros. "Make Your Own Bed," a Harrison .Carroll ne naa of lus mother in three years. 1 Swell human interest story behind Judy Garland's sponsorship of an M-G-M film career for Betty Jane O'Kelly. Years ago, the two girls both went after the same role at Universal. Cora Sue Collins got it and Judy and Jane became great friends. Recently, Jane received news that her xyer husband had been killed over Burma. To make forgetting a little easier, Judy is bally hooing- the film career of her friend. uprightly comedy of nonsense starring Jack Carson, Jane Wy-maii and Irene Manning, opens tonight at the Palace Theatre Brenda Marshall and Twentieth Century-Fox have canceled Bren-da's contract by mutual consent. She goes to New York for a play either "The Annex" or a new John Van Druten comedy. Lt. Bill Hol-den 3tays out here. INTO Fl IX SWING. Now that Congress has adjourned, the campaign will get into full swing, with all members of the House and two-thirds of the Senate going before the electorate. The fact that this great nation, in the midst of its mightiest war effort, finds it Based on the current shortage in domestic help, the film goes gaily along its way, pointing out the many problems inherent in this situation and never once pretending to solve one of them. Spencer Tracy was up at 5 a. m. every morning in. Hawaii. Visited 13 hospitals in 13 days. Would Lana Turner, La rain e Day, Susan Peters and Walter Pidgeon all cast their first vote for a president this year. The girls have just reached voting age and Pidgeon is a new citizen. just wander unannounced into a ward, sit down on a boy's bed and talk to him. Formula was a big hit and both Spcnce and the Holly ,Vr , PA m wood Victory committee can take Cl.l MlflA Thiiixhiy Marking their first screen appearance together, Orson Welles and Academy A ward-wiimer Joan Fontaine arc. eo-stsT (i Jn 2th Century-Fox's magnificent- filming of Charlotte Bronte's "Jane F.yre," which opens at the Columbia Theatre tonight. a bow. HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS Vir At JCavier Cugat's Ciro's opening, Stephen Crane danced by Ramsay Ames who was wearing one of those decollette white evening gowns. "Hello, Ramsay," he possible and desirable to carry out its constitutional method is an inspiration in the strength of democratic government. Incidentally, it makes silly the predictions, offered by gloomy professors of disaster, that we would not have an election. Naturally, in the efforts of the various candidates to persuade the voters to cast favorable ballots for their election, many foolish statements will be made. The men on the stump, and their supporters, will say things that are exaggerated and, oc ginia Weidlcr pot off the train with the wrong brief case and lost all the new mur'cal arrangements said, "that's a beautiful gown you almost have on." What he didn't know was that the gown was designed by his ex-wife, Carol Crane. Steve's date of the evening was Sheila Ryan and it's interesting to note that he has given her a gold and ruby pin with matching ear rings, casionally, things that are utterly untrue. There is no reason to be alarmed by the. tirades that blast the citizen's ears. While our campaigns are not entirely marked by excellence in manners, they are Why Kilowatt? ' A thousand times a man's name fs the word kilowatt, electrical unit of power, derived from Greek, chilici, one thousand, and Watt (James), name of scientist who devised mechanical unit of power and named it horsepower. Electrical power, measured in watts, is the product of volts (pressure) multiplied by amperes tquantity). Alessandro Volta, in 1796, discovered principle of electric battery. Andre Marie Ampere, about 1820, made important discoveries about flow of electrical current. Taking a Backward Glance j for her personal abearance act. The brief case she got was full of chocolate bars and chewing gum. . . . Lt. Jules Buck (former Hollywood news photog) to wed Joyce Gates. , . . Producer Hemnatead had two pictures chosen th'i year to go into the archives of the Library of Congress "Mr. Lucky" and "Tender Comrade." . . . Louise Allbritton cutting her vacation short to help San Francisco exhibitors prepare for the Sixth War Loan drive. . . . Ellen Leeds, 22-year-old wife of Broadway Producer John Wild berg (he had four shows going at once) has turned down a Fox movie offer to direct and produce plays with her husband. . . . Jennifer Holt and Attorney Milton Golden at the Troca- were called to attend the funeral of Mrs. t'ohuin's brother, J. A. f'olegrove. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drown and daughter, Kldreth, of Farm-iiieimt. West Virginia, arrived above the standard set by most of the : : V, ot hiatal, r.f iha ilHIKTl 1 K.IKS tion. MiO TOD IV I 'linlim't 'Orphcuin" To 0m-ii Sttiunlay -Nif;iit The chairs have arrivf-d j Monday night for a visit with Mrs. Flo Harrett, of South Fourth street, and the Coburn families. They expect to remain for about two weeks. Cugat's first night was sensational and his youthful rumba dancers, the Garcias, will be grabbed up by the movies any minute. Garcia does a terrific rumba with a glass of water balanced on his head. Place waa crowded with celebs: John Payne with Gloria De Haven, John Carroll with Marjorie Stewart, Angela Greene with Maj. Charles Ballon (he's former New York attorney), Van Johnson with the Keenan Wynns (but he danced a lot with Jane Wyman), Jane Ball with Jack Diamond. Vivian Blaine and Betty for MUNITIONS DELAYED. Declaring that urgent munitions programs are falling behind schedule because ihe new Stone-Moore moving pic 'lire theatre and the work of put occu,yinK the council chamber during the day and would not adjourn until 9 o'clock. Beginning the first meeting night in this month, the sessions will convene at 7:30 o'clock, instead of 8. the hours for the summer months. So far as is known, there is no matter of great importance to come before the meeting tonight. The secretary of the city board of health is to make his report and this will, it is believed, he of considerable inter- ting them in place is in progress. dero. ... In a year, Lionel Hampton has worn out six sets of drums playing a single number. "Flying Of manpower Shortage, J. A. Krug, acting- There are three hundred of the Chairman of the War Production Board, l-1 " re lhe m,Mt home." modern pattern, and built for TWKXTV VFAIW .MiO TODAY Kfrn lrcvMition Dinner riaiiH Are Complt'ttMl The ticket gale for the chamber of commerce fire prevention dinner, to he held at the Roma Chinese Sage on Democracy "The people are the chief element In a country; after them are the deities of the arable land and the corn; while the ruler is the least important of all." One might think that the above was uttered by one of our Twentieth century statesmen but the quotation comes from one who is said to have been the first and only original democrat on earth Mencius (Meng-tse), a Chinese scholar born about 371 B. C. comfortable seating. The arrangements are being hurried for the opening next .Saturday night, and chides the American people for what he describes as "thinking in terms of next year's automobile instead of this year's war". The failure to secure a full quota of la house is anticipated ! st "n aount of the criticism capacity hotel. Ninth street, at 6:30 o' from the first picture to the clos- P'vpn 'e "a" department at Ing. The hew house has been he last meeting.. The secretary clock, Wednesday night, indicates the attendance will be good. sutfea yesierany mat ue nau bor for production of vital military weap Washing Wicker Furniture Wash wicker furniture before painting it with a solution made of one heaping tablespoon washing soda to a quart of warm wator. Use a small scrubbing brush. Stand the furniture in the sun to dry. Paint it the same as unfinished wood furniture, carefully brushing cut any paint that has a tendency to accumulate in the crevicei where the reeds or willow withes cross. The following announcement Bussian Caviar Free In the days of free lunch at bars, the Waldorf-Astoria was noted for the finest free lunch of all time. Some days this free lunch included Russian caviar. n Saccharin Saccharin is a coal-tar product several hundred times sweeter than cane sugar and used as a sugar substitute. (christened the Uriiheuui. It is lone of the best arranged places , in the rily, with excellent enti- ons with high priority ratings causes Mr. Krug "considerable worry". He feels that has been sent to all members from the C. of C. office. been issuing final orders to property owners to mow their weeds. Personals rr P Mis. James Downie and daugh- 'ilation and convenient exits, fine t'harles V. Hean, president of Portable Air Conditioning A portable air-conditioning unit, weighing only 13 pounds, has been invented for homes snd oirices. Circulating air cooled by evaporation of water. the lag in manpower drives and the conse-iof the features w-u ie the music. the Indiana Insurance society the quent slump in production can be attribut- wnl(n '"' be h tlle -Vu"r,; fal"-! -rfc. -M:ir" and Minnie, of will be the principal speaker. Mr. Bean is recognized as an authority on fire prevention and is a forceful and entertaining speaker. There will be several out-of-town state agents with his as Centenary neighborhood, were guests of Dave Downie and family, Monday, and Miss Minnie has remained for a week's visit. Mrs. William Baldwin of Lafayette, lnd., has been visiting her sisters. Mrs. Hose Crovitch and Mrs. Orca Iloyles, this week. ed in part to an attitude of complacency on .,.;,,.' Hntm ,,, the part of the people. j over Tin Tonight Mr. Krug explains that the chief ef-i Tllc regular session of the city feet, of the manpower shortage are felt in ! C industries from which the most crucial , council chamber, last night, alter outrut is needed, such as heavv artillervi which a recess was taken until o THIRD HAVEN o -Thank you, II ss Withers. I'll SYNOPSIS A leading and popular resident of try my best.' :3 o'clock this ew-iiing. Tie guests of honor. Kstiiiiate 2.HM At OjK'iiing Of I iiHtn Itovival , With the coliseum packed to overflowing last night, the union -jaiDoi. sieepy nine inesape&Ke Bay ' re- Mr. and Mrs. Ft. H. Coburn, of fact j South Fourth street, li ft yatur-was i uay for Scioto. Ohio, where they "Of course you'll wonder how I knew, but then I know everybody viiinge. is cess was on account ot the filial the p-gisirai inn board URS. EUNICE REYNOLDS, elderly and unable to walk, but the possessor and its shells, heavy tires, heavy trucks, airborne radar, combat transport equipment, combat cargo carriers, foundries and certain parts of the textile industry. in Talbot and everything that hap pens. Everyone confides in me. If Of young laeas. one lias ooep nominated by ber LroDg-wUled grand- revival meetings, scheduled to eoniinue for three weeks, made I can help in any way, don t hesi oatignter. LAURA, who lives with ber. fetra. a much more successful charge CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbejfcr tate to ask me, Anne thanked the woman again, Heyoulds hires ," An unofficial estimate placed tin ANN Id WILSON, personable young smiled at Jane, who seemed a bit (now lurxer. iu ner uuioe. uuuk-titre nance of laura la numlM-r present at over 2.00U or ;"( more than the first meeting embarrassed, and continued on up Morris street. She paused to look at a g eat mass of crepe myrtle Rt'SPF.LL SMITH, conservative youns tinrnev The nlnririilv of RussHI's last year. IVr-soiial fife Is shatffred by the arrival, after lone ah-nc. ol ttis ouupoKcn. no- growing at one side of a house. It reminded her of Savannah, except .Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Plott of itrazil spent Sunday with their era) brother. DAN. that here Us beauty waa more astonishing, more unexpected. Mrs TESTRRDAT: Anne still has not heard ol the dislike iaura nas i&jcen w uer. NEWS DOESN'T GUARANTEE PEACE. The cause of world peace will be helped, we believe, by the promulgation of rules designed to provide for the free collection and publication of news. Jt would be a mistake, however, to assume that this, of itself, will guarantee world peace. The right to publish news is not synonomous with its publication. We have seen repeated instances of what we consider unfair coverage of issues and.' events in the United States where the press is free to collect and print the news. While newspapers have, in the main, at Reynolds' porch was only a few steps farther cn. The front door stood open invitingly, but there was CHAPTER NINE a screen door, of course. In an 'daughter. Mrs. (Men Hoxwell, and family of South Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Yant and 'Mrs. Yant's mother of Center-iville, Iowa visited this week-end 'with Mrs. John Folden of Fair-view Park. They are touring the eastern states, New York, Ohio and Niiifura Falls. ELEANOR BANCROFT watched Anne cutting the flowers In the swer to Anne's ring a voice called out cheerily: garden of the Inn and swallowed a lump in her throat When Harry "Come in, Anne Wilson. I've been terlous any more. My daughter ' she's really my granddaughter, but sometimes she's older and more crotchet ty than I am well, she left a message that y u were not to come here today. That I was going to use somebody else." Anne rose slowly to her feet. "I'm sorry. J didn't get your message. "Do you think that was MY message?" No. I thought you wanted me, and . . "Good. That's settled. : do want you. Put that old witch, Mrs. Slotts, in with me? Not while I've got a cane I can swing good and hard. Do you want to stay here?" "Of course, but if it's to cause trouble, and ..." Mrs. Reynolds banged her cans loudly on a chair. "Answer me yes or no. Are you going to be my friend or aren't you? Can you J( stand up to my persnickety granddaughter, or can't you? Do you fight or run away? Yes or no?" "Yes -I fight. I don't un away." Anne mad her decision and her jaw squared as she said it "Hurrah!" cried the old laCy, and banged her cane again. A tall colored cook came In from the kitchen. "Were you calling, Mrs. Reynolds?" "No, I mean yes. Molly, this Is Wilson. She's going to take ' care of me and make me feel young again. She's here to lunch and every other meal. And, like me, she enjoys good food. We want a sample of what you really can flo." Tiie cook ooked bewildered. "Miss Laura said" "Whatever Miss Laura said doesn't count This (s MY house yA 12 ii h is 7 a T l MA r- J -jr IIlIIlIIIZP T llZZZ!LllZZt mm m 50 51 'Ay 52 54 Vp. 54 55 5b SO waiting for you." came out to open up the garage she went to him and whispered, "i can't tell her, Harry. I tried to and I can't. She wants to stay here. I don't know and I don't care why The girl went In to find the old lady sitting in the living rom with both hands outstretched In cordial welcome. Anne put down her little bagi and took them, ber eyes shin she wants to forget New York, but I'm sure it isn't anything important You know how New Yorkers ing with happiness. "I hope I'm not too early. Mrs. Reynolds. are." You wouldn't have been too His eyes twinkled. ! know early if you had come at dawn, a) tempted to be fair in their news columns ! this goal has not always been achieved, j Recent surveys of readers indicate very : plainly that, to many people, the news-; papers of the nation are somewhat sus-! pect. It does not do any good to denounce J people who reach this conclusion. The best , thing that responsible newspapers can do is to study the situation and attempt to bow YOU are, anyway." though on the whole it's better this Anne held up her basket for way. Only why su-.h a little bag? You look as if you were starting Spiral, Croqulndle In b spiral uve ahe original r. Ltl t, the hair if wound on lonf Tjds irom the scalp to the er.ds. In no jumole, it is wound on shorter r.Lf from the ends to the scalp Hi.i is used for probably 80 per cent of the waves given today. A spiral requires 35 to 50 curls, steamed 10 to 15 minutes. A cnquinole from 2i to 35 curls, steamed 1 to 10 mm-uies. The spiral is naturally better Lau.ed than U.e croquinole to very! hair, and its chief use today Is fur this purpose, and for those who want the wave started closer to the scalp, which is possible with the spiral wave. It is also preferred fur very fine hair by some out for a day's swimming with one them 0 see. "Am I being very pigpy?" "We need much more than that," Eleanor cried. You haven't begun to have enough." After breakfast Anne packed her belongings and strolled p round to 10 s 9 Icelandic literature 10 fish-neU 11. of hose one-thread bathing suits girls wear." Anne sat on the chair she was waved to. "Mr. Bancroft Is bringing the rest of my things ' a car later. The Bancrofts have been so kind to me, just as if I were s relative come to visit them. "Or even better," added Mrs. Reynolds dryly. "I'm glad to see you didn': Itt my daughter's pert message upset you too much. You are going to need spunk around here." Anne was puzzled. "I didn't get any message. Was there one for me?" The old lady chuckled. That's and I Intend running it until I'm VERTICAL 1. seaman 2 note in the scale 3. single unit 4 repair 5 viper 6 burdened 7. Jewish month 8 compete 49 toper tO. Tennysonian heroine 52. approaches 54. prefix: of 55 layers 57. rambled 59 calyx leaf 60 National Park wheeled out -rt a pine box. If Mrs. 1.3. serve scantily Slotts comes, it's your job to have enough banana nee Is on the steps so rhe'll stay away. We are not at home to Mrs. Slotts or any other o ' vinegar-puss. And you slip home the first chance you get and put on a red dress, or a green one. I don't care which But no black. Answer to yesterday's puzzle convince the readers that there is no basis for the allegation. AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. "We are well over a month ahead of schedule," declares a pooled broadcast from Paris, reporting on the progress of the Allied armies in Western Europe. This means that the Allies have gained much time since the break-through into Brittany. It was started, prior to the beginning of General Pattern's dash through France, that the Allies were behind schedule. Considering the heavy losses sustained by the Germans in the disaster in France, , it should be possible for the Allied armies to break the Siegfried Line in loss time than it took them to get out of the Normandy peninsula. If this is followed by gains as significant as those made in j Protecting Eyes Do you go in for sunbathing? Then you know all about the application of suntan lotion in the interests of that nice, even tan. But what are you" doing about your eyes? The answer is cotton pads, dipped into witch hazel, rose water or any good eye lotion, pressed over the eyes while you are in the sun. Better even than sun glasses, because pads don't leave you with that "goggle" look. The eyes should be bathed after you come in from boating, tennis, riding, even touring all day in a ear. Save that for my funeral." Mrs. reynolds' rouse, carrying only a little bag of toilet articles. Harry would bring the rest in the car. he aid. She didn't realize e was prepared to bring or not bring as the occasion demanded. She felt very happy and stopped in at the Town 'hoppe to get a piece of embroid-ry to work on. She Uke.1 the looks f the little place and the girl who ran it A bustling little woman a me over to her and shook bands eagerly. "I'm sure you're Anne Wilson t want to welcome you to Talbot and I hope yo enjoy your stay here. I am Miss Withes." Anne smiled. "I'm pleased to Know you. Miss Withers. I think I saw you on this street yesterday Morris street. Isn't it?" Mifs Withers beamed. "You are observing Most girls aren't. Jane here will ell you that. Of course I saw you You were talking to Eunice "teynolds on her porch I'm very fond of Eunice. We all are. And I m glad you're gol 'i to take tvre oi her. Sh needs a pretty face and a sweet voicj around ber. You'll do ber a worlc of good." one good mark for Eleanor. By the way, do you scare easily? 1 don't mean ghosts but cfn you stand up to people?" 'Lord forbid! cried Molly. HORIZONTAL 1. minute ounce 6. washes 11. ached 12. dwells 14. New England state labbr.) 15. finished 17. prepare for publication IS ancient 20. deletes 12. cuckoo 23. dirt j. rages 27. printer's measure 23. mistake 30. most orJorly '62. woody plant 34 delineate 35. agrees 38. vapor 41. neuter pro.-.uun 42. biimis 44 eagle 45. payable 47. inscribed throwing up her hands. It was a strange enough ques Thank you. When Miss Wilson's bags come, put them up in her 16 dash 19 soils 21 leading performers 24. wisdoms 26 assert 29 invigorate 31 large-mouthed jU" 33 everlasting 35 minis r, Assistants 3b awarii 37 wil.l plum 39 positive poics 40 allotted 43 fixed gaze 46 Independent Ireland 49 Cup:J 5I.dib 5J pet bed 56 symbol for tantalum 53 personal prunouii tion. Anne umiled. ""I don't quite understand. I have -tood up to people, if that's what you mean. I'm room. Miss Wilson and I are going for a walk. I expect the phone to h o GficiAisiTnAiRiAisi A J L ;a P E. Akls I L O "r a!3ret1E1 as sHn o oWuJslp o pPaTTCJ Xlirl u a l IfflT nJate sTmmeJr i f"GPjTlA R T E Dlslip ElNiS JpTaTn not exactly a coward. I've c.ily run away from one thing in my Lie." ring, so I intend being out If my daughter calls up, and I'm sure she will, tell her Miss Wilson fs here and I am still boss of my own home Can you remember ai! that?" "A man' "New York City. I don't want to see it or speak of it or hear of it again." Tarpeian Rock The Tarpeian Rock is a precipitous cliff forming part of the Capituline hill at Rome. In ancient times persons convicted of treason against the state were hurled from Uie tu ul Uu cUfl. Molly gulped. TP try. Mrs. Rey As had as that? Well, it's none (O-b nolds. But Miss Laura "aid" of my busimss, not just yet, any France and Belgium, the Nazis will be at 'the end of effective, organized resistance. It is a pleasant prospect. way. And I'm not going to be mys-J iTo Be Continued Airraff tinif of ftulutinn. 33 minulrt. ltil. t King Fcluit SiiiJvJtc. Inc.

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