The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 4, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Wednesday, October 4, 1944. ey, "to have a low tax rate wiui a national income of 150 billion dol FLAMING END FOR LIBERATOR BOMBER OVER AUSTRIA (? Clinton Social Notes Simplified Tax Laws Under GOP Rule; Gov. Dewey ( Continued from page II Bona! income taxes to a scrapping of most of the existing excise taxes, t'hargt lniNMiM otiditin He charged that the Roosevelt administration has failed to estab- lluh n tuv iml!v which encnil r:l lies Universal F & F Club Meets At Councell Home Recently Th fnlversal F & F Club met at the home of Mrs. Ann Councell recently. Bunco was played and re- frMuiinii'niH were served. Those present were Mrs. Helen Dalton. Mrs. Mary Antus. Mrs. Vic toria Molle. and Mrs. Elizabeth business and joli-niaking, and that Trnalrev. ' The neit meeting will be held at "the Indies! New in-aiers at last admit that this admllnstration has the home of Mrs. Helen Dalton. lars, than a high tax rale with a national income of 76" billion dollars, a. we had under the New Deal at Its peacetime best. V "Itoad Blocks' "What we want Is a thriving, progressive country with Jobs for all. We want our tax laws to be stable and undersiandable, so they will no longer be a road block in the way of progress. We want them to be levied sensibly, Willi understanding for the human needB of our people. "That kind of tax policy we are going to have. We are going to have the kind of (ax laws under which America may once more live and grow. We will have a government which wants to see every American get ahead." Gov. Dewey's talk on taxeB. the eighth speech he has made In this campaign, preceded by four days hi. Saturday night speech at Charleston, West Virginia. No Mention of I HI! The Republican nominee, who demonstrated in his Oklahoma City speech that lie Is ready to trade verbal punches with President Roosevelt if the latter wants It that way, did not mention the President last night. This ld to reports that Gov. Dewey in willing to keep his side of the campaign at the "constructive? level If the opposition does the crealed an Impossible condition BYF Holds Re-Organization Meeting Monday Evening A re-organlzatlon meeting of the World-Wide Guild under the new Baptist Voutli Fellowship Program was held at the First Baptist Church Monday evening. Mrs. Ray Crawl was in charge of the meeting and the purpose of this young girl's organization was discussed. It was decided to hold the election of officers at the first meeting which will be the second Tuesday of November at the home of Miss Mary Sue Tucker, 134 North Fourth street. Plans were discussed for the Nation Vesper Day which Is always the first Sunday of December. Cirls present were Barbara Clemens. Joan Russell, Wilhelmine Kowling, Beverly Crowder, Mary Alice Smith, Mary Katherine Hlan-ton, Winifred Craft. Mary .Sue Tucker, Betty Gray, Ruth Adams and the leader, Mrs. Crawl. Mrs. Minnie Burge and Mrs, which urgently needs repair." Gov. Dewey, declaring that taxes must be levied sensibly, with "un George Kaufman of the Union Hospital. Terre Haute were recent six o'clock dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Willhite, 623 South Main street. derstanding for the human needs ol our neonle." nronosed the following program, to take effect Immediately "7. r after victory is won: A change in personal exemptions bo Income taxes no longer will be taken from the pay envelopes of persons earning as little as $11 per week. Wednesday lU-riuced Income Tax ICales Reduction of personal income tax rateB to prevent a slowing up of re The meeting was closed by a of prayer and the singing of the covery after the war. f'hant'itie: and reduction of the in come tax on incorporated businesses same. ' V song "Into My Heart.' , Mrs. McCulough Honored Recently On Birthday to the point where It "no longer Mothers Leisure Club, 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Joo Gregory, 114 North Ninth. Teachers and officers of First Christian Church meeting. 7:30 p. m. at the church. A. B. C. Club, Mrs. Albert Henderson, 7:30 p. m. Tempus Fugit meet with Mrs. Dow Mitchell, 439 Walnut street, 7:30 p. m. Miss Margaret Blower, assistant hostess. Mrs. C. W. Huxford, Jr. devotions and Mrs. Fred Anto-nini, the topic. Friendly Bunco Club, 7:30 p. m.. acts as a drag upon production and a barrier to Jobs." Elimination, after the war. of the special war-time taxes "which now Mrs. Claud McCulough of was the honored uest at a dinner given in honor of her Mosquito Death. Every year malaria-bearing mosquitoes are responsible for the deaths of between two and thre million people. . b aVc lOAIlNO FROM HER FUSELAGE after being hit by enemy fighter plane, during a mission over AriL a AmericUberator bomber is shown Just before she death-dived to earthy -J-J-CunbTrof Washington, D. C, who made this picture from another plane, .aid the pilot was BTJEZ?L TninLr man was In the now turret a. th. bomber dove ... (Intvnitwnti) birthday anniversary recently. GueBts attending were Mr. and rise to 95 per cent and which are "almoBt confiscation." Scrapping of all excise taxes, as soon as possible, except those on alcoholic beverages, tobacco and gaso iuu uw Mrs. Alva Bummerville and grandson, David Moore, Mr. and MrB. Herschel finider and Mrs. Emma basement of Clinton Hotel, Mrs. Pressure Increase Heat expansion may cause a tire pressure increase of several pound immediately after vehicle ha. beea run. ' ' line. Middlebrook all of Dana and Mr County Agriculture Agent At District Conference Maurice J. Peterson, county agri and Mrs. Robert Shew and son, Bob Kimplirv Hasir Laws rtv-erhatilint? nf existing tnx laws Tanks Back Fifth Army Advance On by of Universal. and creation of a simple and gener cultural agent for Vermillion Coun Mrs. McCulough received several Marsonne Mott, assistant hostess. Red CroBs Surgical Dressing 7-9 30 p. m. Women's Democrat Club, meet In back room of club room at 7:15 p. m. Men will meet in front room. ThursOav "I ally stable basic tax law. ty, was one of eight representatives attending the district all-day meet-ino- nf neents. held in the Federal Roosevelt Calls High Command War Conference (Continued tnxn Page 1) Key Bologna Hub Establishment of a consistent, national tax policy directed toward achieving lull employment, rising national Income, national solvency and ultimate reduction of the national Building at Terre Haute, Tuesday. Sunday 6chool Council of the J ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 137 North 7th tit. PHONE 1H4-W GUARANTEED PERM ANENTS (Continued from Page One) FirBt Baptist Church meet at the home of Mrs. Wayne Jewell, Ml debt. HOME, Italy. American Fifth Plans for their year's work were discussed with O. W. Mansfield, John Lunn and Melvin Flock from Purdue University as speakers. Home demonstration agents from the district held an auxiliary meet South Fifth street, 7:30 p. m. Ev "It Is far better," said Cov. Dew Army forces smashing forward along a wide front In the center of the ery teacher and officer are urged to nice gifts. m m M SDAV DI.VXKR til KKT Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Martin and family were Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kennedy, Miss Edna Hate, Charles Case all of Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Vasco Hun and sons, Vernon and Bobby of New Goshen, Ind. and Mrs. Permelia Ewing and daughter, Gertrude. WOHEK'H (WB TO MKKT The St. Bernice Women's Conservation Club will have their regular meeting Friday, Oct. 5 at 7 p. m. t the Men s Club house. A door Some 30 Jap fighters attempted rt inMnt the Allied bomber for Italian line drove against stern Cer be present. rii'He 1. WSCS. regular meeting ing to make plans for their work man resistance and through heavy mations. Seven Jap planes were shot at the church, 2 p. m. All ladles are mud today to hack out limited gains invited. down during the operations, auu three U. S. planes were lost. and wrest Important ground lroin the Nazis. with Home Economics and 4-H clubs. Counties represented were Vermillion, Park, Vigo, Clay, Putnam, Green, Owen and Sullivan. American Legion Auxiliary, Home 8 d. m. Installation of 'ripple Jap Planes Give I'll (Vmnterliltrwe officers. All officers and chairman At Mount Battaglia. wnere jvazi are urged to be present. tidies Missionary Society of First Marshall Albert Kesserling hurled repeated counter - attacks against Christian Church, meet at the base yank positions in desperate ellorts In the Philippine area, a u. heavy patrol plane destroyed or severely damaged a large enemy flying boat, seven seaplanes, a fuel laden coaster, and three bombers of Wolfe Field in a surprise dawn attack on Zamboanga. Heavy and medium bomber formations continued the merciless neutralization attacks against Jap air to recapture that vital height, Hn HEAR THE TRUTH About Campaign Issues TOM FUSON, Speaker Wednesday, Oct.4 -7:30 p. m. PUBLIC INVITED DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS 226 S. Main Complete Halt In War Work penetrable American resistance fin ment, 2:30 p. m. Guest Day. Ladies Furnishing Society of the Presbyterian Church, at the church, 2:30 p. m. Red Cross Surgical Dressing 1-4 p. ally forced the Germans to cease prize will be given. Refreshments will be served by Mrs. Huth IJoane, Mrs. Julia McGinnis and Mrs. Lucille Jones. Bring own service. a Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Martin of Mulberry street had as their week-end guest, Mr. Martin s Bister, Miss Rosemary Martin of Gary. their efforts. On the main road to Bologna American combat teams drove some two miles beyond captured Monghi- On In Detroit doro, defeating fanatical Nazi resis tance to seise the towns of San Bene detto and Kan Andrea. Pace 1) (Coa tinned Spearhead units of these forces m. Red Cross Surgical Dressing 1-4 p. m. Red Cross Knitting 1 p. m.-4 p. m. Friday D. A. R., Mrs. Rose Johnson, 7:30 p. m. DEB Club, Mrs. Jessie Richmond. Modern Martha Sunday School Class of the Methodist Church will meet with Mrs. Clarence Wright, 027 Blackman street, 7:30 p. m. Briggs Manufacturing Company. surged to within 14 miles of Bolo installations in the Celebes, hammering Langoan airdrome, southwest of Manado with 40 tons of bombs. Night reconnaissance planes continuing their assaults on shipping in the area destroyed a coastal vessel In Amoerang Bay. From this attack one U. S. plane is missing. PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii. Fanatical, last gasp Japanese reiBtance was being snuffed out today by victorious American marines and army A strike of between 850 and 400 gna. Notice! The Clintonlan Wantt Your News. Please Call Miss Lear To Report Social News. Phone 82 or 88. maintenance men closed the Chrys ler and De Soto plants, affecting 15,500 workers. At Briggs, the plant wan almost completely shut down as niatrie convention of w omen 8 a strike of between 00 and 700 r Relief Corps Auxiliary meet with maintenance men made 20,000 work forces on Peleliu and Angaur lsianab ers Idle there. in the Palau group. Auxiliary of the Grand Army or tne Republic at the Memorial Hall in Terre Haute. Three hundred and two mainten Final enemy opposition on feie-heine encountered at bloody ance workers, including electricians. American Beauty bhop , Vera Mae Black ' 812 S. Mala Plione 0 . ! Kpeclulized Hair fityling Permanent Waves ' Ofien Evenings rirfne where unuea Biaa welders and the entire staff of crane operators were out at Willow 1 V Sunday Reeder Reunion, Half Century Club on Blackman street, October 8. Dinner 12:30. fighting men made continued prog-aaa Kitnrlnv and Monday in the Run. A company spokesman aaia workers would be sent home in an grim and difficult task of routing hour if the men do not return to Jap forces from -nearly inaccesai- work. cuves. according to the latest news release issued by Pacific fleet WASHINGTON, D. C. Striking maintenance workers In vital De 1 CLEAN troit war ulants were requested to Ground operation, on adjacent Angaur Island were in the "mopping up" stage with the Americans vir return to their iobs today by a six- as t tually iu complete control. man CIO I'nited Automobile Workers Union delegation now in Wash iirniCTl C L ington to confer with the War La J WASHINGTON, D. C. Momen- bor Board. events were shaping up tooay The hark-tn-wnrk telegram was Can T?ont Assured in the war to cruBh Japan as the re- w xuu " dispatched after the union represen f the tiiuelv meeting on tne That Anything You xnai a ii y l u i u g - j m mrimJ'o TTr, Ttrv Plpnninp- Will Be ti west coast between the navy's top- tatives had held preliminary meetings with WLB administrative offici ranking strategists. als and Just prior to the start of CliU 1U D o Returned To You In Tip-Top Condition! their conference with the full Doara. d?msteads Summit Grove MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service Drop I s A Card LW. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana A LITTtt ilTTM' 220 Elm St.. Phone 129 Have a Coca-Cola Eat, drink and enjoy yourself Mrs. Viola Smock was called to Jackson, Mich., Halurday. Her brother-in-law, Charles Kdwards, who lives there is very ill. Mrs. Nelson Marris of Montezuma visited her mother, Mrs. Viola Ferguson, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Harrison, Clinton visited their son Collett Harrison and family Sunday. Mrs. Flora Helt and Mr. Luella Davis left Saturday to spend several days visiting Mrs. Minnie Coflnian, Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Beauford Khewmak-er visited their daughter, Mrs. Basil Hixon and family Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Bonebrake r V A xt- s anr! familv called on Mrs. John White and children, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heskett nave mirchased and moved to the prop he has 184,999 sisters erty north of Summit, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller. Mr and Mrs. Cottett Harrison and daughter called on Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Karles and family at Dana, Sunday evening. r! M - There are 185,000 telephone operators in the Bell System the largest number in history. As telephone calls have increased, more people have been added to handle them. Service generally is good but some Long Distance lines to war-busy centers get crowded. Then the operator may say "Please limit j our call to 5 minutes." We appreciate the way you're going along with that suggestion. ...or adding refmhrnent to a backyard barbecue Plenty of ice-cold Coca-Cola helps make any barbecue a auccess. He plenty of "Cokr" ice-cold and ready to drink. When you shop, remember to aj fur Coca-Cola. Everywhere, Coca-Cola Hands for tit pMst tbst rtfmba,hMt become a high-sign of hospitality in the American home. onus under aumotfnr or tm coca-cou commmt n Diseased Seed. Untreated seeds generally carry en their exterior, .pore, of harmful disease organism, which not only infect the mature plants, but .low up germination. These spore, cause teed rotting and aeedling damping-off , which result in poor stands and weakened plants that fail to yield paying crop, of beat quality. Then too, many dangerous disease, are introduced into the .oil by diseased eed, and, once established, these disease, often caw heavy loasr. jrear alter year, , , INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY lt't natural for popular naraoi to arxturre friendtr abbrcia- u V oon. That'a why n" hear ) CwCoU called "Cute". TEKKE HAITK COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 0 IM tk CC Ca.

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