The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 4, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, October 4, 1944
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Wednesday, October 4, 1914. TIIE DAIJ.Y CLINTONIAN Page Two I,A r,lnr'rl to ;1V J20 Oil tllP i Two US Armies 4 . .. . .. ... .,. City Rivals Clash In Series as St. Louis Squads Open '44 Run nnlinT II 1)0 I UUUKI II ii Vi 0 Nation Mourns Death Of Alfred E. Smith, 'The Happy Warrior' ran up against sustained artillery assaults from nearby satellite forts, and as correspondent iluss reported: I'lidei-groiiiid Not Penetrated "I'nderground sectors of Driant have not yet been penetrated. A sharp alert is being maintained throughout the entire raptured section of the fort against possible counterattack, w hile I lie Americans hospital. ( iHiiliilemes Stream III Then the niessages of condolence began stream ing in. They came from President Koosevelt, James A. Farley, 'iK'i-iocralic national committee Hobert X. llannegaii, Republican national coi.imil lee chairman Herbert llrownell Jr.. as well us churchmen and citi.'.ens in all walks of lite. "The Happy Warrior" whose ! brown derby and gay marching song "The Sidewalks of New Virk' stirred millions to pyliticjil battle, long ago had removi-d .himself from partisan politics and retired to tho roll' of elder statesman. , One-time candidate for president and last Hfnioenitlc nominee lor Hint high office b M'ore Franklin I. Koosevelt, Alfred Kmanuel Smith was a direct contrast to his successor as the party's titular leader, born as he was in the humblest circumstances in New York's lower Kast Side. The son of Alfred Emanuel and Catherine Mulveliill Smith, the late ex-governor of New York State was born on Bee. 30. 1S73 In the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan's toughest neighborhood. Smith was governor of New York for four terms, a record that still stands. J. ltaskob. sirrived at tb Pound Foe At Metz, Aachen (Continued from page 1) forces already are in territory that the Nazi tourist and propaganda bureaus of peacetime days advertised as among the most hospitable and beautiful iu the world. Pierre J. Huss, International News Service war correspondent with the Third Army of Lieut, (len. (ieorge S. Patton, reported that by 1 1 a. m. American troops fighting savagely In a storm of shot and shell, succeeded In encompassing three main corners of Fort Driant and were steaming up for an attack upon its heavily-defended central portion. A spokesman at (Jen. Eisenhow er's headquarters said the garrison. which guards the approaches to Metz, had been captured after a heavy battle yesterday, but this ob viously was somewhat premature. American infantry and tanks which plunged into the interior of the fort (Continued from page 1) of the Cards begins his windup. Cooper has a record of 22 games won and 7 lost in the regular season. Opposing III in will be Deiinie Calehouse. a run of the mine Browns pitcher whose record was nine won and lo lost. Residents of St. Uiuls. who were apathetic about the series until the Browns captured the American League title in a senationai finish lust Sunday, were aroused over the title fight. They figured that no matter which team won. St. Louis wag lo hold the World Series Championship. Nazis Chemical Industry ! Those who wonder how Germany; has been able to maintain her large synthetic rubber program, based upon alcohol, and also hew she manages to produce sufficient feed, will find the answer to a large degree in her wood-sugar industry, from which both alcohol and protein feeds are made. (Continued, uom pace 1) ate cause or liis death was lung congestion and heart disease I'ulluwiiig a longer illness of intestinal and liver disturbances. Administer Ijisl Kites Kight minutes before death, his priest, the Hev. John Healy ol St.r Vincent Ferrer's Church. arried at the hospital to ndiuinlsier tin last rites ol the Catholic Church., None of his faintly was at tho bedside when tiie end came. "A threat Man" He died at :30 a. m. of an illness which has lasted jsince his wile's passing last May 4. Announcing his death. Smith's physician. Dr. Raymond K. Sullivan, said: "This is the last of a great man. He was a real man. a great father and a great American." Father Healy said Smith knew that he was dying and prayed quietly until he "passed on peacefully." Immediately following the pries', members or Smith's family as well as his old friend and associate, John endeavor to consolidate positions al-j ready won. "The Issue must hang in the balance unill we pierce underground or the CermaiiH capitulate." Advance at Slow 1'jtre Supreme Headquarters said that the advances intjj Cerniany continued at a slow and difficult pace. Well-fortified terrain beyond captured t!-bach above Aachen offered Its obstacles and while many Herman prisoners taken still showed themselves to be of low calibre, there was no appreciable diminution of resistance anywhere. Fighting at the historic port of Dunkerque was halted under a truce to facilitate evacuation of civilians. This was the same procedure followed at Calais and it was evident that before many hours the Nazis at Dunkerque scene of a fleeting triumph in 1940 would be compelled to surrender. Forrest Kaufman of Hillsdale was granted a divorce from Jlarparet Kaufman In Vermillion circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Kaufman's maiden name of Roetter was retored. The couple was married June 30, 193(S and separated i!i June 194 3. Hearing was had on the application for suit money and maintenance In the divorce case of Marie Keller vs Cecil J. Keller. Keller was ordered to pay $75 on the 10 and 25 of each month until the further order of the court, and $50 attorney fees on or before Nov. 1. Harriet Baldwin of Clinton was granted a divorce from James Baldwin In Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment and was awarded the custody of their daughter, Sandra. Baldwin was ordered to pay $5 per week maintenance. The couple was married June 9, 1937 and separated July 17, 1943. Edward F. Ashley of Cayuga was fined $1 and costs and sentenced to Indiana State Farm for a period of 30 days upon his plea of guilty to public intoxication. He was arrested In Cayuga on Sept. 29. Faye Burke of Newport was granted a divorce from Forrest Burke In Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Burke was awarded the custody of their daughter. Mary Junetta, 9, and Burke was ordered to pay $5 per week maintenance. The couple was married July '29, 1933 and separated Aug. 14, 1943. John Gambill of St. Bernice has filed a petition in Vermillion Circuit Court to modify the divorce decree as granted to Ellrieda Gambill. The petition alleges that when the divorce was granted, Mrs. Gambill was given the custody of the two children; that the son has been with the petitioner this summer and has entered school in St. Bernice. Gambill asks that the decree be so modi fied as to give him Custody of the boy, and that he be relieved of fur- ther navments to the court for bis i i support. Hearing is set for Oct. 13. j The great steel mills, the mines and all affiliated industries, down Walter L. Hackl or Vermillion ' to the smallest agricultural unit. Countv has filed suit in Vermillion 1 have been incorporated ruthlessly in Circuit Court seeking a divorce J Hitler's pattern for making the Mo-from Anna Hackl on grounds or selle region into a seond Ruhr, cruel and inhuman treatment. The In Florange. roundup caught 200 couple was married Dec. 14. 1932 : bona fide Nazis among the town's and separated July 28, 1944. I population of about 2.000. These i party members were employed at Fern Montague of Perrysville lias ' strictly secret jobs, like those in I he filed suit in Vermillion Circuit j nearby secret arsenal and the under- 11 ana li U '"'! inoiiiii im .. support ol' his cliildivn until further order of Hip court, i lie cause was I continued as to attorney Tees. The , couple was married Dec. 3, 11133 and separated Sept. 22. 1944. Lewis Hi'BKes of St. Bernice has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Jua-nita Hedge on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. He asks Hie custody of their children, Barhara. 13. and Marli ne. 9. The couple was married Sept. 2". 1930 and separated Aug. 10, 1944. Thomas J.ark of Clinton has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Irene Lark on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was married Feb. 2S, 1940 and separated Sept. 6, 1944. Anna Keerns of Perrysville has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Nathaniel Keerns on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Keerns asks for reasonable support and alimony in the sum of $2500. The couple was married Mar. 23, 191 and separated Sept. 27, 1944. Concetta Apa of Clinton was granted a divorce from Patsy Apa in Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Apa was awarded the custody of their minor hlld. Patsy Apa. Jr., with Apa 'ordered to pay $7 per week maintenance. The couple have anolher chilli of age. The couple was married Aug. 1, 1929 and separated Mar 29, KM 2. Moselle Valley Yanks Clip Cla Of 5lh Column (Continued from page 1) Duesseldorf when you enter communities like Hayange, Florence, Marspich. or Algrange. Every sign, every street and every official building bears a German legend, every second child speaks nothing but German, and the swas tika is stamped over everything. ' Second Ruhr Region tuted In many cases the Nazis had burned their uniforms, but other means of checking quickly established their party membership. Talking to the Nazis made it evi- dent that Goebbels. Ley and Ros ;enberg. supported by Hiinmler. had carried on an intensive campaign to get the party inemberB to adopt and diffuse encouragement propaganda among the Germans. The propaganda line ran to the effect that the Allies would never get beyond the Rhine, and would be beaten next year after a winter stalemate. Seen "WeajMHl I'wd Tiie secret weapon bobbed up a-gain in this propaganda, lo be um-iI lo deteat the Allies alter the winter, thus making it imperative thai every German heed Hitler's call and hold on iu a grim etlort to gain time. NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued tiom page 1) Nnrth Main mreet. lias CMin.'id tiie pn-spriht'd i-inirs' ol study at (' A v iatinu Machinist MaU-s School at tin' Naval Air IVr.inn al Training Centrr. Norman. kla. r.K.v ( I'aul L. Mahuiiii or Tinr- if-w Park ht ha- !'-n -onval's-hii: in a honpiial in lialy rfinitv K-nt a l.'l-tirani i his pan nis. Mr. and Mr. J-- Mahnrin thai lie ha.-armd at Stark Hospital. S. (. and will h- B tit to a lujiital closer to Iiih home. r.s.A. Frank K. Carlson, fortm rly nt riinton. in gendiii a in-day furlough with his il'. mother and sifter in Detroit. H will Muni to Ft. Leonard K. Wood. Mo. F.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. Ceorye Wilihii" r r.-iw-d word that th'-ir !;ul is now stationed in Haipan. I'fc Will-hit r-orts that there are a lot of snipers on Saipan. I I'vt. Gt'oife Klliott Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. ,-ori' Klliott. Sr.. I'vt. Jo' n Hlazovif-h. son of Mr. and Mrs I.o'iis Btazoifh of I'niversal. Pvt. K. l.avon. pon of Klza Law- son o; roi-t two, Clinton and Pv M.;iiri - Iais. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jt "j.h L. Ia is of South Fourth Sti"- have n transferred to the INI" KTC, Csiinp Wolters, Tex. UzsiWi Ads Sell Most Anything voun seesing a ajvorce nun jjct- iwuu i.-of"5rwituiv . is Montague on grounds of cruel 'are unarmed and not dangerous in and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Mon-a military sense, but politically"!"'; tague aBks the custody of their I are a potential menace, daughter, Frieda, 3. together with i Many Protest Innocence reasonable support. The couple was I Most of them sat in shuttered married July 7. 1934 and separated houses, in civilian clothes, and pro-August 11, 1944. I tested their innocence with vigor. : ! Now and then one claimed to be Circuit Clerk Carl R. Biggs has j anti-Nazi, but a Nazi swastika but-iBsued the following marriage licen- ton under a coat lapel, or a brown aes: Wayne Phipps. 27 of Clinton party uniform would come to light and Betty Cbilcote. 19 of Greencas-' swiftly when a search was insti- I jLtl-gfcArity 1 th. lIAtilj..Jiw --MTiir, iiMtiiaAyraftn tVimmU, midmtSimmKttmmm nrwwmm jmrsmimtumnm, m niitfllTWIiro 1 ' ' "' " f ii LITTLE GIRLS' eS0t, fT. FULL FASHIONED f lp j DRESSES W!, RAYON i HOSE Lff' -B I V " ALL METAL' SIZES I TO 6X Cem.ePrUe75f Lutich KltS Mothers, WU like the qual- M U Here's an extra-special "Spot- Ceiling tty and find grand styles for ' A light" on sheer beauty! 42- Price Tic Oi school days in these adorable VA IV iX 8aUge 1m',y M-n,'. .potKgh, ,.,.ing, for "Spotlight," Assorttnen oi H , in vibrant Patio Sun and Vista all you war workers. Easier to long - wearing fruit - of - the - 1 Beige ... the shades that will -itd Lo"m Celling Price $1.00 & rA tone up fall costumes. B'y-lO. M -"-""N Notebook C-.S3 -" I ELASTIC EDGE fn Ti i"Tl ! I t J .7T Board Covers fV " ' 25' ' ' IkMJ fcTli r; -VX 3 P ! The soft, sanitary tissues VZL Lf f ! ,CX 37C ORrf 1 find so indispensable. -S ! A Murphy "Spnii;:lil" for J, f ! ALSO 10c SIZE T 'Jfe. easier irnom.! Tire rla-o. r- A Save 12c on thu , 1 ''rPTl ''. V( ,nr..l wd.s a-w.r m.,olii, ( Murphyi "Spot- ', , I I...HI lW j "1 JTtL. tfitX Cv I J 1 l! t&MMffl" : MURPHY'S 'Asphalt Roofing r. t:..:n'r7-- rr' -Jl" f ' JUST RIGHT t'OR JiVEKV KOOITN'G NEtD MURPHY'S PRINT Q, (f5) mM ' S5L.,KoH 8Sc f't'trJTt I! TTAfl?DT;T T AC rNi? Mfif i '" 36 36 i"ch" "iie -"d ill U 1 lDrvlZ. JL, J-ri i-J lkS'iK 43 LI). Iioll SI. 17,9 108 iquar. .tt. (Tim ' v5w. .. ui hvier weights ar labaled "firea- I 'tJ?' COLORFUL PRINT , " ' M- b, umm K r j rt$$fj Hankies -'"' .!. Ciillug Price S5.98 k&xJ&ff Cr"vi QC ' 7T tij tr1 C t 90 lb. weight There's no reason for any woman Hankie, of fin. combed lawn blte 3Un2Ce ilh cenu;m nails ,o be without an umbrella with fafiW ToiXl ASPHALT ROOFING such "Spotlight aluts' as these. now for Uinsunas gifu. ' XURPHY'S 10-rib styles, all fine tjuality g?' I ' fabrics, with a big beautiful as- 5,' j r - I STARTS FRIDAY, OCT. 6 tle; John Wilson. 30 of Brazil and Frances Stroot, 29 of Terre Haute. Helen Maxfield of Eugene township has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Adrian Maxfield on grounds of . cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Maxfield asks the custody of the children. William 10 and Betty. 7. together with reasonable support. Hearing was bad on the application lor suit ouiney and maintenance, with IS EPILEPSY INHERITED WHAT CAUSES IT? k kotfoat containing fttt OpMom erf Ian 0im doctor) on nm mtetesttof mblaet wilt a (Kit FREE. vAtfte nwr . to any (MOW MM ffw Eduuflonal OWnan. 5JJ Mm A. KM VoA. N. V. Owt - Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion r-lieves promptly because it goes right to the bent of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlptrm. and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Teii your drutitnst, to sell you a bottle of Creomuiinu with the understand inir you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you ere to bave vbur monev bark. CREOMULSION For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis A CLINTON LADY SPIT UP ACID LIQUIDS FOR HOURS AFTER EATING For hours fl-r rverr nieal, (Union lady ned " " t.lrn. juiduloo liquid miwd willi ,,rrn of half-digested food. Hie nays il wan awful. At times she Mould nearly strangle. We had Mnaeli bloat- dally Ilea ria ties anil ronttant Irregular howr! anion, lo-day. this lady eals her meals and enjoys -.them. And fltf says the change is due to taking EKH-HEM. Her foMl agrees with her. Xo ga. Moat or spitting up after eating, fche is a Mi free of headaches now. and Inmm-Is are regular, thanks to tills Kenmrliable .ew t olllfiound. EKIt-HKI.r eonlaiiis Vi tit-eat HeHis: they cleans Itowels. clear Itas from stomach, art on sluggish liver and kidney. Miserable people soon leel different all over. So don't go on suffering. et EltH-HI-I.I. White's (Itevall) l'harum liiug store.

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