The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 3, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 5
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PaRf Fr. e TIIE DAJLY CLINTONIAN Tuesday, October 3, 1911. K-RATIONS FOR GERMANS PURDUE MENTOR - I f .: m Pvt. Arthur Wake in U. S. Hospital After ETO Duty Following approximately 2 1 months of overseas duty In North Africa and on the Anzlo Beachhead In Italy. Pvt. Arthur H. Wake. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wake, Sr. of Detroit. Mich., former Clinton residents, has arrived at the Hal-Inron (lenernl Hospital ut Willow Brook, New York. Pvt. Wake, who was serving with the Military Police Battalion, was wounded May 28. 1944 when his company was on the way to Rome. He was sent to a hospital in Italy and later received the Order of the Purple Heart. Pvt. Wake received his basic training nt Ft. Bragg. N. C. with the United States Signal Corps. He was employed In Detroit. Mich, prior to his induction Into military service in June, 11142. He was graduated from Clinton High School in 1936. I ( t. h f 7 tLnLiU-i. .--ft-tnrnT .i'i GERMAN CIVIIIANS get their first taste of U. S. Army K-rations In an unidentified German town as Allied Civil Affairs unit takes over. From the expressions on their faces, they like 'em. (International) ft v peefoswze. THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: Browns Win St. Louis Nod For Series Fighting Brownies Given Favorites in Home Town ; Cards Cocky on Eve Of Start of World Series lly LAUTOX C.AltVKIt ST. LOUIS. Mo. The Browns baseball club which repeatedly refused to accept defent In the toughest of all American League pennant races today was the popular choice here In the old home town to win the world series beginning tomorrow, although the Cardinals are one to two favorites with the bettors. The price on the opening game is 11 to 20 In favor of the Cardinals. In the last couple of years the Cardinals have cut their world championship teeth on a diet of New York Yankees and as a result, were so cocky today, on the eve of the ull-St. Louis classic, that you could feel their confidence as something akin to a man about to fight with a stick against an unarmed cripple. The Cards know they are great. Kt. Louis citizens aren't so sure, llest Kxcept The Cards think they have the best club by far up and down the line and they probably have, excopt for certain facts which are presented in toto herewith for the first time. They are pestered with ailments from top to bottom at a time when they must meet the hottest club baseball has seen In at least a decade and perhaps in a century. The . Browns are full of health and vigor and spurred by an epidemic enthusiasm bunging over from their winning the first American League jen- nant ever nailed to the Drowns' i masthead. Here are the Cards, betting favorites, cocky and perhaps unbeatable with the latter to be ascertained by those Browns: Outfielder Stan Musial ran into Debs Garms on a flyball only a couple of weeks ago and was carted off to a hospital; he's better but not quite the same, liitwliiler Injure Knee Danny Litwhiler recently hit himself on the knee with a foul ball and has missed a couple of games in the outfield trying to recuperate Whitey Kurowski, the volatile third I t...mnn lo ncl nx-nvor ni. from an ...J ,. w,'lt .he! t.l,r h"n attack 'of intostt- nal flu a few days ago in New York. Johnny Hopp has a bad back. That covers everything, except three pitchers, viz: Ted Wilks has ulcers; Max Lanier has a strained back and pitching arm and Al Jurisich is so badly ailing that he didn't even go op the road last time. Needless to say that some of this can be discounted. For instance, Wilks' ulcers haven't prevented him from winning 17 games while losing 'four, nor will they mitigate against his starting against the Browns sooner or later, Wilks, "ooper, Brceheen He, Mort Cooper, 22 wins and seven defeats, and Harry Brecheen. sixteen and five, will be the Card standbys. Against them, the Browns will offer Nelson Potter, nineteen wins and seven defeats; Jack Kramer, seventeen winB and thirteen losses; Kig Jakucki, 13 and nine, and Denny Oalehouse, nine and ten. All the Browns hurlers are right-handers. Cooper and Wilks of the Cards are righthanders and Ilrechecn a southpaw. The Cards arrived back In town from the east late yesterday quite certain that everything would be all riirht. although they won only 14 and lost IS in September and won: only five out of 20 over one Sep-1 tember stretch. They are unruffled by all that because they clinched I the pennant on Sept. 21 and before and after that feat had very little ! ! i HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY II Chinese Delegation Joins Plans Drawn For Security Pact , ' MM , I. (Continued from page 1) force can be adjusted with little mo dification to the document already prepared by the British, Hussinn, and American delegates. International l'oiee Hottg'lit The Chinese plan. It was disclosed, calls for an International police force. At first, this appeared to be an obstacle, since the United States early took a stand against such an organization. President Roosevelt suited on June 15: "We are not thinking of a superstate with Its own police forces and other paraphernalia of coercive power.' l'DK Plans Kiliule Forces Instead, the President said It was planned that each nation would maintain Its own forces, to be used at the direction of the world organization. It is now revealed that the Chinese plan can be accommodated to this idea. Instead of Insisting on an international police force, the Chinese memorandum also provides that: "Member states shall contribute armed forces in accordance with plans formulated by the council." This refers to the executive council of the new organization, which would be composed of the big four nations, plus France, as permanent members, with six or seven smaller nations as rotating members. ', I'se Two-thlnls Kule Though the smaller nations would outnumber the larger nations on the council, they could not outvote them, since a two-thirds vote would Michigan, were taking It easy for a few days as the Cream and Crimson prepared for a game with Nebraska Oct. 14 at Bloomington. The rest or the first string also were dismissed after a brief session yesterday Coach Bo McMillin was expected t try some backfield personnel expev intents during the week. SOUTH BEND, lnd. Severn: experimental shifts were made b Coach Ed McKeever as the Irish drilled yesterday following their return from whitewashing Pittsburgh. Mistakes made during the game were reviewed. Johnny Bay, freshman, was shifted back to center, while Elmer Angsman was moved from fullback to lert halfback position and Johnny Corbisiero, also a freshman, went in at fullback position. I GUESS THEVLL KNOW IDE MEANS WAR, TOO CO TO HER Rooming M0UtE.6IMP, AND 6ET HER' BRIU6 HER tATEP. GIMP'S PEfe&VS HOUSE LEAVE MERE-AND GUESS THEVLL 85i IJthere she MERE- AND. M GOT TO CATCH CAR By fack Sords SOU CokoK oP-fc& fUf&J& Football Notes LAFAYETTE, lnd. A virtual ban on scrimmage has been issued by Coach Cecil Islnll in an effort lo have the Boilermakers in the best possible physical condition for a football encounter with Illinois Saturday at Champaign. Joe Collings was being groomed as a possible successor for Jack Morton who suffered a back muscle injury in the .Marquette game, since there was some question as to whether the left end would be able to start this week end. BLOOMlN'riTON, lnd. Center John Tavener and guard Joe Kempf, who suffered injuries In Indiana University's victorious assault on Thimble Theatre Secret Operative 48 , ffwTwrw Starring . W-M pofeye 7lRWIN,fM GOING TALK TO THE THEN I'M GOING TO DROP OVER TO THE SKULL CLU5 AND ic Dtr.r.w cniikin ' OUT ANYTHING JW JJ dan SLU&GEB, PEW5 Lf FT THE CIU BI6HT AMIR SHE TALKED TO YOU.' Cc- v I 1 V 1 I I I . 1 I y . I I TTXZ Xs . j , I HAH NOU) THEw l VlL, A' iXO N U(i isM &tit Wr m,- Value of Grass Because grass is so common, the average person fails to realize its value. Because of its high vitamin content, dehydrated grass is being placed in food, especially cereals. Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 2351 Blackman TMtftE SHE'S TALKING be required, including a unanimous ole of the permanent members, De-'ore sanctions could be applied. In all of these points, it was dis covered today, the Chinese plan is practically Identical with the document drawn up in the first six weeks of discussion at Dumbarton Oaks. Use Diplomatic ICcommilc Means It stresses, however, that before military sanctions are taken against in aggressor, pressure of other kinds nust be exhausted, namely, diploma-ic pressure and then economic pres-?ure. Already the Chinese have Impressed the other delegations with their I 'sire not to find fault with what its been done, or to impose their views on the other three powers, but to hasten the general agreement. Where the first phase of the con versations required six weeks, this phase is expected to be concluded in one week. rs Island of Madagascar The Island f Madagascar is S95 miles long. PULLS UP l fRONT OF Pi '7 SUf5 GOiUG OUST HI TIME TO 5E HER. EE&EMT ' L,. shif? THAT5 OUR OWLvJ Kyou threuu it aujavJI fTHBs PLEMTV w?u)tfJ'"55 &pM - i vam so xH2frU lip) s-yz,r,Z m-j -smgz- o SERIES NOTES ' ST. LOt.'lK, Mo. Pitching selections for tomorrow's opening f.;uine of (he all-St. Louis world series between the Mi-owns and the Cardinals probably will he made this afternoon, the rival managers indicated today. The Itrowns were to get in their final workout under Manager Luke Sew ell between 11a. m. and 1 p. m. and Manager liilly Soulhworth was to lead his Cardinals onto the Sportman's Park diamond at 2 p. m. The pilots were expected to reveal their series starting pitchers after their workouts. Sportman's Park, scene of the sev- e in i-njt ... been decorated for the occasion bare spots in the infield have been re-turfed and temporary seats erected to swell the seating capacity to around 35.000. Among the notable who will be in attendance are President Ford Frick of the National League and President Will Hurridge of the American. High Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis will miss lite games due to illness which confined him to a Chicago hospital. CHICAGO, 111. A thiee man board will represent the ailing Judge Kenesaw II. Landis, high commissioner of baseball, when the world series gels underway in St. Louis tomorrow. An announcement from the commissioner's office said the Judge would be unable to attend the ser ies because of illness which, while not serious, prohibits him iroin traveling. He is 78 years old. The presidents of the two leagues. Will Harrid'e of the American and Ford Frick, of the National, along with Leslie M. O'Connor, secretary and treasurer for the commissioner's office, were named to represent Judge Landis. They will control and 'direct the games and "ilelerniine all questions which arise, evccj-L ion which the decision can be red until after the series." WITH AMKIUCAN I'lVT IN ITALY. - An uctive a war bubbled on the Hal today as the boys from S all oilier ciiiin ,,r V ed overhead favoted lie ':.rei:; to win. bill expressed admiral inn for the gallant comeback oi t he drown Whetted by the tighi ii'.K American League race, scri. est soared hirli and Stripes, the paper, Ml 1)1 it lied th American oe( ticht clot-ing ve'-iiw. will arry a I'll of ion. The Star.- a:id have, full wrh ' ' Among the men. . Ilynif's .ire lui-iiiniiig to i"t into the I spirit of the series after recovfrlim from the iii.-mal : 'ioing put up by I their Bums, the !.. dgers. ; S;-t. Hoy Hardin;: (1121 Brewn i St. I Alton. 111. JUhl u: : -es the riv-((r Troiii St. Louis lis'eii"il and 1 i.-,:ide sure tliat a Nazi s!ill was go-' ing lo land a sale distance away l;e- for.' sa;.ilig. "The (arils will tunc it easily. I went to doitbl.. headers every .Sunday and watched tie ni. There's no chance for 'he Browns Pit. N:.than uhen (142:1 South Drake Iirake Aiei l n .cai-'O. Ml., who nau just finish' d a seien day stinl in the lines. addd: Tm :ui American i.earue inn loo. itml I pick the Brownies." Sweet Raisins A handful or two of raisins carefully wrapped in a waxed paper packet is a welcome addition to a lunch box for ci.ild or auult. Raisins ere both sweet and chewy and afford 1a pleasant change in texture of most luLcll buz lure, , .. ! ,. , ti,, helU .'!! ' , " l.ll!.li ' ti :::::: to worry about. They knew they ciei -yhndi ilr in ' were In from the outset. i tried to j.icl; n,.- . i ltrowiM One t p S1. Louis world sei ; The question confronting themj Combat troops --tinw is whether they can come slug- Interviewed as lern T0" & FE.V TOMEMTi LATER W.l bWITCHSOARDl KHE OUST TALKED TO , J fTHATGUV SMITH ( HE'S TALKIM'1 ( HEV. SLU&Eita-" vein-. CHIEF-- I JWE 0UTA CLEAN OPERATOR CALLb THE PCRTER TH' CHIEF -AH' SAID I I WHO DID 1 TOLD TH' CHIEF ABOUT JOE 1 1 THAT GUV WHO I I UP THI5 CA5E 1 -J HE TriOUGHl Hb KNtW WHAIJUS, Of KOLILb IHAI, I I nuKISU 3 UALKtUlO ! AM' GET &A.CK TO 5AV, VUU WANTED T'KWOW 1 I LL CALL WHO DiD TH'OOB, EH? I GIMP?? I 5LUG&ER I MUftDERj PE&&V dU5T SEE HEADQUARTERS- WHAT PHONE CALLS THAT I TH' GIMP THAKiK.S -KEEP v T t y j y I I'll RET I CAME IN TH' V r-nv ,mitu MAnc-iuci i . 0tr,uT i mvFMinifi IM-- L vr V ' CLtlftHP'S I V I . HE JUST CALLED TH' CHIEF AWAV.' 7 j J f ST' I blTTlW WITH I J S OF POLO AW Trim HIM V -A C r. S"' 1 HER NOW.' I 1 V Yk X T I I II I C S f7Z !i fcr-S sn.rtz?f? r Ci I M,WI .aMfii MMlm WTO THE ging back against a club tiiat sur- vived the gruelling grind of always I charging from behind in the lasl J two weeks of the American League campaign. The Browns are up. The Cards may be down. That removes . everything from the pale of Individ-: .,.,1 Tw.rf7.rm:inceK. I It won't help th.-m any when they; walk out there with a bat on their shoulder, hut the fact is St. Louis! is behind the Browns. Here like everywhere else they like a game guv and the Itrowns are that. The Cards were the admitted class of their league. There was never the slightest doubt as to whether they would win the National League ponant. There was some doubt as to whether the Browns would even finish in the first division. At the end, the Cards had won 105 ball games coasting and the Browns had the American Li ague nennant bv the grace of gods thai osumuri smldenlv to be unoccupied vith other things. Thev themselves don't know how they did it. Neither does St. Louis. But all St. Louis .ouis wants to know is how you are go- ing to beat a club like this one. You probably can't. Will Street Wall Street derives its name from the wall or pahsade built by the command of Gov. Peter Stuyvesant in 1653 to protect the Du'ch settlers from both the British and the Indians. The wall was removed in 1C99 but the name remained. ! I i GONE-SHE YEP. ru. RET GOIfS TO TM9SE 6UYS. AMD JOKES.' AMD JOKES.' 1 i . ' - TO HEAR bOm SHE'S MIST SMITH IN A TAXI J SMITH TMEM-WISH f COULD WHAT SHE'S SAVMUA" SLUViMB'LL Fl HER FOR THIS 1ft TO GET BEHIND THAT PALM TREE I CAN HEAR WHAT THEY'RE SAVING WITHOUT THE.IS SEEING Mt' ,0Es-rvE h'I-M 4ER-5UT JUWM IDONTFAIt- 1 I 1 THAT CAB Ij TkAVLLUNu rfcl J iiv , V I. tT zL , I

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