The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 3, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 4
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Tuesday, Or tol)cr 3, 1944. " THE DAILY CLINVr'ONI AN ..'age FouiV THE DAILY CLINTONIAN PROGRESS OF THE OTHER WAR At tht MovieM Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ami Thursday Nary u single person ever suspected that lllng Crosby, us a man of the cloth, could give a heart - warming performance. From all reports, though, Hing's characterization as ti priest In I'aramount's "tloing My Way" brings him Into tho limelight lor top Academy Award laurels. A major share of (he credit must go lo I-eo Mct'arev for his delicale direction of lllis great motion picture which opens Sunday at the Wabash Theatre for a five day run. I LiL f "st 1 r 4 i r Ulili i il as The Weekly CHm Ionian iaN The OUatoo Plaindealer absorbed In IMS Published Dally Except Saturday .and Suaaay leorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher 'MS! f i ill lj4'l t i I m me roatof nee uinuoi mm Hnrnnd Olaaa Matter ' She V 'v .'-V-ys" r Indiana Repabllcan Editorial Phone 32 Phone 31 Mmntnum 1 - t f giPUBucA oimm. Assouan mMm " V V3T i j I'.M.ACM Tuesday and Wednesday ir U s fun and fight you want, see "Leave it to the Irish" Willi .lames llilllll. Dick rurcell and 4, Wanda McKay which opens al the Palace Thealre tonight. "Law Men" fealilring Johnny Mack lirown and Raymond Mutton opens as the second feature. i v S.J.'. 5- r TH2--S UVO AWlBiCAN SO:d:-S$, Jic bearing the name of the cora-rndine; general of the Fifth Am-.y in Italy, and the other the name of the Nazi commander oprosir.B him are Cpl. Frank Kesselring, left of Milwaukee, Wis., and Pvt. Cecil II. Clark of Paragould, Ark. They read the rise and fall of respective namesakes in the Stars and Stripes; Both GI's are in the commanding general's section at I'ittn Arr.iv headquarters. ffrtfernationaJ IIow to Live Lous How are you feeling? Is your waistline smaller than your chest? Do you sleep eiGht hours or more daily? Do you love a lot, laugh a lot and keep young in heart? If you want to live lontj you better do these things. So claims Richard Harrison in his "Fifty-one Steps to Long Life and Happiness." Others of the 51 steps are: If past 40 stay in bed all day once a month. Sleep in the raw. Don't go to funerals. Cultivate poise. Don't let anything make you angry. Don't live in the past. Wear youthful looking clothes. Take one fast day a month. Precipitating Carbon Carbon can be precipitated almost immediately from a colloidal s-ispension by the addition of a little hydrochloric acid. If the liquid in which the carbon is suspended will not mix with water, vigorous shaking after adding the hydro. -chloric acid will form an emulsion at least temporarily, and this will facilitate the action of the acid. MILLIONS TAKEN FROM HOMES. Some twenty million Europeans have been uprooted from their homes and dumped in other places as a result of the war, according to the estimate of T. T. Scott, Director of the London office of the Displaced Persons Committee of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Mr. Scott calls attention to the difficulties connected with the repatriation of around ten million Allied nationals, recruited or forced by the Nazis to work in Germany. In addition, about two million were shifted by the Nazis from one Allied country to another. These figures tend to explain the Nazi war exertions because every foreigner forced to work in the Reich relieved a German to become a soldier. Thus, it will be readily recognized, that Hitler successfully reintroduced slavery as an adjunct to modern warfare, repeating the practice of earlier peoples in that respect. There are immense difficulties connected with the exchange of populations in Europe. Millions of people, rendered homeless by the processes of warfare, have no abode awaiting their return. Others will undoubtedly run into objections based upon actual, or alleged, assistance to enemy forces. "iiiH&mumJl . mr Firemen's Pay Per capita expenditures for salaries of Arc department employees increased from $3.02 in 1942 to $3.16 in 1943. In connection with pay increases for firemen, larger cities were slower to respond last year. With an average salary increase of $100 a year for all cities, thofce of more than 500,000 population increased salaries SfiO a year. Keep Baklnj Powder Dry Baking powder is a somewhat perishable product. If over-exposed to the air, moisture is absorbed. It should be kept in a tightly closed can in a cool, dry place. i Oeorge W. Iliggins of Indiana About Gypsies The first gypsy tribe left India some 2.500 years ago, but it was not until the Fifteenth century that a band of the gayly dressed .wanderers made their first appearances in western F.urope. April the War Month Participation of the United States in four great wars began in the month of April, namely: the Revolutionary war, the Civil war, the Spanish-American war, and the World war. Taking a Backward Glance polis was in the ehy, Friday. His mother has not been' so well this week as for a few weeks pre Born In t). S. Sir Charles Stuart Burnett, air chief marshal for Australia, was born at Brown's Valley, Minn., lived as a boy at Devil's Lake, N. D., where his father was a rancher and banker. THIRTY YKAHS I morrow. The game ib likely to lie Mrs. B. McMahan of Rhoades is visiting a few days with Mrs. AGO TODAY la lively one. Republicans' Jiilni I-Vimglio's Fric-nds Thomas McMahan. Mrs. Hubert Murphy and Mrs. T. H. Rally IGInd To Sec Him Hack ri i;iir.rTr.T.tniov l1v. thei .Tohn Fenoglio. Willi Ins wile Hank Stevers of Mecca were in first for republicans in the fifth .and seven children, arrived home the city, Friday evening. o THIRD HAVEN 6 rtitri. at Tpitp Haute. Friday , this morning trom uaij, wnen- they went for a trip several months ago. The trip was an unusually slow one, the family be people were watcmng. When they reached the inn Eleanor Bancroft greeted her gayly: Morris street- He seemea very quiet. She laughed . nd said' "Why so dull today when I need someone to make me laugh ?" Mrs. Mary Crossley of Khoads is here visiting her mother, Mrs. John Murdock, of North Main street. Dr. and Mrs. names of Mecca were in the city, Friday evening. Dr. Harnes visited with Dr. Kvans. and Mrs. I.arncs, who is in charge of the lirown store at Itosodale, was tho guest of Mrs. Anna Dowuic. Hello, mere. 1 nope yuu n w,.. night, brought out a crowd that more than filled the Young s garden theatre, gave a spectacular street demonstration and gave the big audience some good speeches to listen to. Prominent In the parade, though they arrived only in time to bring up the rear, were tin-Clinton first voters, and others with them and the Majestic band. I'm thinking about you. That's nice. Then we can both ing back to us. ing sixteen days upon the water, before landing at New York. However, they had no trouble after getting out of Italy. As recently reported in the flinlonian. Mr. Fenoglio has told Mends about what a hard time lie had to keen from being enlist- "Have you a room ior me ; "Always. Here, Mr. Gilford, let think about me. Did you know I'm not with Mrs. Reynolds any more?" CHAPTER rWENTY-NlNB MRS. REYNOLDS banged with aer cane as Laura told Arne to 'Get out and stay out ." "That's enough out of you, Laura." Laura pulled the stick from her nother's hands and flung it aside nith a firm gesture. Then se faced Anne boldly. "Are you getting out of here or Jo 1 have to call the police to put you out? There's a name for women like you, but I don't care to use it here. V.'c don't want you in Tal me taki one of those bags, i ou re just in time for lunch. I'm gl.-.d you ' Yes. Everybody in town Known. Why didn't you come straight to WEATHER AFFECTS AIRBORNE ACTION. The weather is an important factor in airborne invasions and aerial strategy will always be closely tied to accurate forecasts of conditions over the area of oper- fltinnn mc?" The Italians have k unecial car carried all t hat : ed in the army been mobilizing a great army, and She looked at him in surprise Did you want me to do that?" "Aren't you my wife?" "I wonder." She hesitated, then could get Into it, and unite a number went in other cars, while some eight automobile loads also t 4 1 t .t lnnrA ho made the trip bot. Get out of here and go back said quickly, "It wasn't ngnt v get married as we did. " in me recent ura.i uyvu h Tn ,,,, met Mr. uinoru. i iuiu w. you." Anne laughed. All at once she couldn't help it. She said, "We met by moonlight. Moonlight is vondcr-ful around here. That's why I couldn't think of leaving.' At lunch she was glad the fat man seemed contented to talk and talk and not expect her to answer questions. There were two or three other guests who were only interested in boats. She found her mind wandering off to Mrs. Reynolds and wondering what the old lady was where you came from. nne Rnoke for the first time Allied Air Forces naa two aays oi iavur-nhlp wpather. Afterward an unusual ViM-y, III., Sunday The Push hall team will play Plywood Strongest, Oldest Do you know what is the strongest and most rigid material in the world, shock and fire resistant, lightest in weight and waterproof? It is plywood a "sandwich" of wood and glue which is finding ever increasing use in pre-fabricated houses, radio cabinets, airplane fuselages, luggage, jig-saw puzzles and truck bod-ies, among other products. But plywood is nothing new at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York lies a mummy in a plywood casket made around 1900 B. C. rw; vou think you've said may at any time get mixed up in the Kuropean war. Though an American eilizeii, now..Mr. Fenoglio says he was afraid he would be put to much trouble to get out. if they once got him lined up fa enlistment in service. Personals Miss Mildred Foncannon, of west of the city, came in Friday evening, to visit over Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Hose Fonean- III., Sunday and on Oc- moueh?" blanket of haze restricted aerial reinforce- at 'a loher 11. will nlav a double head "I haven't begun." She pointed icr finger. "Get out now. er at the teams against whom they will play is the Walkovers and the other one has not been The old lady swung around. For -nee Laura's manner frightened ment but recent dispatches indicate that at least one day of good weather made it possible to succor cut-off paratroopers, British and Polish. Thf haw over Holland, we read, was doing. She thrust that thought fnllv agreed upon. Casey, it is her. "What is all this? Laura, .awav. Mrs. rtevnoius nau b.u u said, will use a former Push, to- non, at the Marshall hotel and let Laura put her out. Laura wns definitely in control now. Ana "Do you icei inut way . o-k-posc you do, when you went to the inn today. You didn't even send for me. You might have let nv carry your bags." "As if you wanted to do that. "Anyway, I came around to Invite you to supper. I was home all afternoon and I cooked something you like. Rus'U be home soon. You'll want to talk to him." She threw him a quick glance. "Why should I want to talk to him?" He laughed strangelv. "I can think of lots of reasons. One is he' a lawyer. He can tell you the easiest wa. of getting rid of -. husband you don't want I guess I served my purpose. You showed your doctor friend you could get a husband even if it was only a pretty poor there was the matter of Russell Was it nossible Russell had told CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbcfjcr Laura that she had made love to him? That didn't seem sense, but Cans for Traycr Wheels Old tin cans are used for prayer wheels in Tibet. Natives run a stick through the end of the can for an axis, paste their prayers on the outside, give the wheel a good spin and "they're on their way to heaven." Laura had known someth'ng. After lunch she went to Tier room and unpacked. First of all, caused, in part, by Nazi flooding of vast areas, smoke from the Ruhr which drifts over when the wind is right and the smoke of battle and flak. For the Germans, whose air forces are weaker, fogs, squalls and rain are potent defense weapons. At times the enemy manufactures a limited smoke, or fog, screen to protect vital targets, such as the battleship Tirpitz in the Norwegian fjord. she had no intention of letting Laura or anvone else make her leave Talbot. Secondly, there was no place else for her .o go. She had you're crazy. You" "Mother, this time I'm having my way. How many other times Anne sneaked out and what other men sh2 ran around with is none of my business. I'vj put up with it-Lord knows who she was with or what she did before she came here or while she was in Washington. But last night she went too far. Russell and I are engaged. She dragged him out and made love to him. and then tried to force him to marry her. A woman like that!" "It isn't true!" cried Anne. Laura faced her triumphantly. "Russell says it Is true. He begged me to marry him right away so you'd let him alone. You hung on his neck, kiraung " l "No! No! No!" Anne felt thor-jughly bewildered. Laura smiled. "Do you deny you arere with my fiance?" "No. It was an accident. I " "Your coming here was an acci C??es Actress' Wire specimen of a man. I dare say ne a the cheek Laura had given her so ratted on you some way, imi. was none of my business. It isn't now." x ... ' . - You make me Bound pretty mean. K V-S.' Y'rSM - Not at all. I used to won aer sometimes if any girl would have-me. It used to bother me a little. m g) 1 2 aS2i j2e 40 11 22 M t F f i ifcfe 49 SO 51 52 bi m m 51 1 1 irl 1 1 lirl h dent and a very unfortunate one. I'll always remember the happiness we had for a few days and that one wonderful night under the stars. I'm not made for permanency, not even in that way. I couldn't take-care of you." He laughed again. "Just the kind of a man that girui forget. When you want to get rid of me altogether, say the word and I'll clear out." Do you want me to tell any more I think not. Here is your check. There is time to catch the train. But I will not drive you to the station. I want people to see you GERMAN CAI SE HOPELESS. General Eisenhower declares that Germany's military position is hopeless and that the length of the war depends upon how long the Gestapo remains in control of the Reich. As usual, the leader of the Allied armies is right. After the debacle that occurred in France the Nazis have no hope of winning and little of long-delaying the inevitable. The Gestapo, however, has nothing to gain by surrender. It does not care how many Germans die in the vain effort to prolong the war which merely postpones the inexorable fate that awaits guilty scornfully and only a few dollars more. Laura had made out the check for a month's salary; it was the way one dismissed a servant, but Anne had no intention of making a dramatic gesture of flinging it back. She needed the money. It would be enough to keep her while she thought. As she had told Laura, she must see Russell. His kiss fast night had made that absolutely necessary. And there was Dan. All at once she realized she might not find being married to Dan such a joke. Suppose she fell in love? Suppose last night she had let herself yield to Russell's kisses? In soite of all common sense, her heart had leaped when he asked her to marry him. Right now she knew she couldn't go away without seeing him. All morning she had looked forward to seeing him tonight. And she hadn't even thought of Dan her husband. It left her feeling weak and helpless. She ley down to try to think calmly, and fell at once into a deep sleep. When she awoke she was amazed to see how long she had slept- There was only time to bathe Anne started to appeal to the old roinan, who sat numb now, star- ! tie at her. For a moment she held I out her hand, then it dropped to I her side. No word came for her. i She onent-d the screen door and picked up her bags. The front door bang?d louaiy, Emitting ner out ' t and dress before the very early 4. wrath 5 fly above 6 branch of knowledge 7 Greek letter 8. feminine name 9 prefix: against 10 woody grass 11. secret writing 16. devastate 56 Icelan-lic literature 57 S-shaped worm 58 observes 59 harvest VERTICAL 1 varnish ingredient 2 artificial lan?ua?e 3- adult males She could see two women staring t her from tlu:r housel. The fat man who had spoken to her last night came along and smiled at l)er. "Don't tell me you're going away a lovely day like this!" Something in his laughing tone made up her mind. She smiled back. "I'm just going around to the Inn. Could you carry a bag for me?" He bowed from the waist. "To have you to talk to, I could ven carry two." She let him pick up the bags. The She was puzzled at his manner. "You might offer to stay, since I have no job." He shrugged. "All right Til stay. I'll do anything I can. But let's walk faster so you can get some of my fancy pot roast- I'm not good for much in this world but I can cook a few things like that. Isn't it funny, the things a, guy can do and can't do? It doesn't make sense sometimes."- She hesitated, then decided to go with him. As they walked past Mrs. Reynolds' house it had a closed-up look. They were both silent as they entered Russell's house, but he was not there. Dan faced her, grinning. "Is it shades up or shades dowi?" he asked. - "Neither. I'll sit on the porch and wait till he comes." "Do you mind if I sit with you?" She sighed. "Dan, let's stop fooling. All this isn't right We must tell Russell." 'Why? What good -votild that do? Unless you want to start out with me and we'll hobo to California." "What would we do there? "Ah. that's it. What would we eat ? Where would we sleep ? L4fel funny, isn't it?" They sat side by side tn two rocking chairs that faced out over . i , .. ..-..,..V.,t . I, Inmmn0 dinner which was served at the mn. But she felt better and less bewildered by her situation. Sleep had given her confidence and an unwarranted feeling that things had to turn out right in spite of all the Lauras in the world. One little thing made her smile as she dressed. Laura had packed Answer to yesterday's puzzle. ani-rltttf k irfr " ' Ski. msnjvam NAME OF HELEN C AH AC AN DCLiCLAS, Hollywoce film actress and Democratic congressional nominee in the 14lh California District, was injected into the records of the Dies committee aa it began public hearings in its in her things t nd put her out, but house door flung open and Laura oth- popped out. "I told you to leave ( Laura had packed perfectly, rv HORIZONTAL 1 capital of Peru 5 cloy curve 12 Rulf on Arabian sea 13 spoken 14. new comb. form 15 felicitated 18 auditory organs 19 strike out 20 boxes 23 also 24- loiter 25. eternities 2H. Paradise TJ2 tent -dweller 34 mouth part 35 vex 36 younp salmon 37. otherw ise 39. uncooked 40 equal: comb. form 42 lepal claims 44 Enehsh author 47 hurt 41' CjUL'StlOn M f"ir..-ik deer 17 small tree of oak family 20 hit with open l.anJ 21 city in Brazil 22 prlattnous substance 23. venomous serpents 26. oil: comb-form 27. nothing 29. terrible 'M. dash 31. hapneninps 33. newly married woman S3 Charles Lamb's pen-name 41. esnes 43 bury 44. be conveyeC 45. Grecian seaport 46 sweetsop 47. corn bread 4S prows old 50. Scottish explorer 51 cyprinoid fish 52 r.iom in a harem 03. short sleep Talbot. The train is the other way. Washington Eric A. Johnson, President of the United States Chamber of Commerce: "I shall oppose wholesale wage rate reductions after the war . . . what we must avoid is both inflation and deflation." Nashville Gov. John W. Bricker of Ohio, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate: "Its a New Deal axiom that every individual added to the federal payroll is equivalent to four additional votes for the fourth-term aspirations of Mr. Roosevelt." Philadelphia Clare Boothe Luce. Republican Congresswoman : "On Nov. 8 there will be nothing left for Mr. Hillman to clear but his throat." New York Dr. Nichols Murray Butler President of Columbia University: u-w p ant is not more machines- o vtF Rj IT v aMaTg UJe 6IAg aUtTo MA TJE Ppl l Ie in mTe n I c l yP!3 AiAnT olrjSftiE IMj ANj ing was mussed or wrinkled. She felt she was looking her best as she went to rit on the porch until the dinner gong sounded. She was not even bothered when she saw the fat man there and he hailed her bubblim over with talk in his usu al way. She even smiled at Dan as he came strolling up in his lazy Anne turned to her coolly. "I like Talbot, Miss Reynolds. And naturally I can't go without seeing Rus--!l. What I do depends on him. jood-by." She was astonished at her own ,-oiee and words, but they were effective. Laura went back into the house. The fat man picked up her bags again. "I'm glad you like Talbot. I do. I've been coming here for years." Anne made no reply as he rattled on about this and that. The Jog. Suky, joined them and made a little nmccssioa which, she knew way, and invited him up on the vestigation or Uie is. l. v. i-ouu-cal Action Committee. Robert E. Stripling, above, chief investigator of the committee, said the telegram was sent by Miss Ga-hagan to Senator Claude Pepper, Florida Democrat, ar.d urged Pep-' per to "prevail upon Vail Pittman to run f:a.n:it" Senator Pat Me- Carran, Nevada Democrat- Pitt-i man, lirother of the late Senator j Key Pittman of Nevada, lost to I WcCarran in the Nevada primary I election- - tlattmatioml). porch. He shook his head. "I have a bet L. Vj HTjA' T Ffl AjL YjEll-LijEulLaLEER ter idea. Come take a little walk tile wain, .aL,iii.,g u.x- "- -'-, sun. Dan rested bis hand on hen gently. "I really mean I want to neirJ you, Anne. What do you want ma to do? Tell me." with me." "All rilht" She fell into step by his side as ile It Tq Be CtmiinrAl Uieyj cut aloii Uie Strand tuwajiil lJit 1-y Kmg Eeaturi-s SynJitalv. Inc, tari.ii:iic science will take care of that but men." J

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