The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 3, 1944 · Page 2
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October 3, 1944

The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 2
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i Tucsday,""Ofo!iT3, 19! I. THE DAILY CLINTOMAN Plan Rivaled BRITISH RCLL ON AFTER LIBERATING EtfvJMOVEN .avv Officially CIomh I'roJwOf Capital Brawl (Continued bom psfe 1) '"""ftiffWWg Door If the toyotn jlf of a door rubs, tighten the 'and lower hinges with a screw oror-r. If this doesn't cure it, install a third hinge halfway between the two and sar.d the bottom edge tiith fine sandpaper. Un sightly nail hcles can be fiiied with patching plaster avaiSable in small quantities at a paint Elore. Scrape ot -A: lotse plaster with a knife and foiiow dsrectifBJ on the container. Political Tide Rising; Dewey Speech Tonight (Continued trum page II chore patrol rtrt had In-en examined by liear Adm. ttiliiam Cham-ben, eoiiiiaamlaijt of the Hethewda Naval Hospital, where I)jcfciu is a battle (at i tru1 patient. Rnfto)inf IhNM-Hlw Hifihl In coordination of libit, u' version of the fitfht. a hotel enoy1. who refuwed Ho alio- hi name to be used for fear of loping his .(oh, (Se MONUMENTS 0 K Complete l ine 0 For Service Itrop t" A Card LW.WalihMoanmentCo. 8114 Wabaoh Are. Tern Ilauu-, Indiana I of M-rlri- that maliwi Jl oppor-iiiiis. idj Im- dralfral!y reilwrd. 1 b,iu hav lh kind of thai 1 do ml dswrouray'. Int J-nwnrae I 3i-n to Man n tjun5 nd to ; old !'J-!m-"-. j iov. libit to remain in Al- ituy umil Kriday. i;n be mill no to Xwr Vork City and lhnw to ; cJiarl'-ttou. h-r.- he trill arrive cured thai "the Hjflit taru-d over I an irtuml about ilitao." At th beirht of the fiik'uii'H the hotHI (pnaploy said. there --re "about 1 people miUitiK. around' hel ballroom where the teamster' ban-j que had twld,. ,-r4 WHY BE FAT? i A " $ if jt -t; ! Get slimmer I tBf.'dia-ly aft'-r hU Charlmtonl ht 'iJI return to .-' V'tkj City, wtuere h i-t to remain for ; l-4'ial day. xMil- until he mmj ijoal on hit toiir of the d)le V1. without exercise Y'rj ET!''Wpr'5Trilt -zrA fetre lft tS l: t At IJ'S T'.n owe - The Re- today by ! ca". wai asry oait- i . p-r c-ji ittft-m awn- I. eiwr SAeHYlM.S'. Temn. were pSeded Sa f , - - ' "i i - , J ro.---lorir f itjtf ATM att THt tSfTISH governmetiit ha.snn-2'Jc puoaic a tremefatScais isocial swur-jiy phut as an axjra'er, at l.t in part, to the eoTjtiover-sial r'-n of a ytar ao fomauialed by Kar VU-liam BeveraJge. ahmre- The Bev-erldg: plan J1 be deftikd by Its authior as pariiaraent convcnfci after a eYj-wetllc vacalion, pis-ridais-g Bereiie is tyx2fca.8i in has cos3tt for a stat in the Hcwxe, 'I at et n&ue&al. ftl rtlRl-' 1 ' sh'-'JF Vire rr-d'-fiual eanaiiaate, a i! Guv. John Hr1-ker to a thoroMj:Ji j feoui6e-leaato2 of the federal pay-; ; roll! if the (70V b? rtnred riwor-j ijiotJiF In the NoemlMT tsatiomal e!ec-j ,( tJoc. ! j HHms; in (bis Ienaorratif j i trvunbold as hH rats-jmalm 'r J Ll- i'HAii4IA, jviuio Jilain The employe sa5d a w-'3l-dres.-d, ! ray haired man had remarked to the shore patrol who eworted the to naval oificer from the hotel that "I epeet you to make a full report of thi. Tiai eoitig to make one to the President The employe teo.uSd njake no further (dejaiiijeatjoB of the individuail. At the White House, presidential saeretKrr Stephen T. Karly emphatically denied that be kne- anything about the brawl at the time of .1 occurrence. Me vid he received his first SufonaaatSvitt from je-tsiiiea seeking details of the a J legation, ad vehement Sy denied that he had received any telephone or other messages froua teauiWLers"' president To-- bitt, V u rther find iea 1 ion it hat there ; wetild be no official aftermath no the diisturba&ee eaiuje from 1 'roiled fttate Attorney Kdvard AS, f'Mrran.. who declared that no grand jury ae- fioa was contemplated. til :wjuua, vital gateway to ti tltttanxtiomlt vr-jKi; throw??, the soman, me urno Coieruor lah-4 ont at the KooHf'-' FAEilKS A WINOMiU, symbcl it HoJlajidL British tai.jj aOrxxx to :.zx, ljlkmu& tlx libosUui ffll tl Iul.i tuan at tiaJlioi-tffl. pn-l-i-r-'h por- i mi'-nt throius'J. isw iiii?;ee -3 a4BiiS!iiiratSom lat njht ' it inline: aw!B-!!attaoia- , . On th-.- eitjin-h&iE l-a dj--.aan:vt aJj-3J"- trary b3 piaSjBsf jf-YiTa-oi'-id to aM-out war THEiR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL STARTS PATRIOTICALLY; I ttwtakwwltMMIfiblWtAMML . '-The -.KiwiKvi-ve9t ad?n$nlSilin l ! d3Axs?' 5jfe rt32T-1BaBisi I" S for a f'urib nertsa jtarJ a it did jtii th- d-jiy of 'i(h' i-eond and thaid (( t'-rra rat3s;aiir,ni-:. he ehr:d- I I'ojstSn O'at th'-re are now'nr-I 1y thrw a?,d a half mfftfcm fJdTl j I fHuw Earth Fisfei Man In a little mote imb two yesn3 fee feirth "i33 ps.E 5r isgajia but the approach ot be as cjo a KSW QOIiiTUFUTS rrf:rre ceveMtif; f CHEST COLDS t-jMif rtfct . t-'.TyaC tr1tt mjwwiibqd Jii'r; iJj' ' T, h' . J-A-ni you eaj buff eit'i erjjaoes.. i$ri'k-r dvlwA: 'The pyraiiiiiid jmk of the f'-d'-ral nyro1! 5n lt I toSm on proirrp-c-jvHr- 'o one fenov to what e-- Cera tarfcwmt Covemrnexit tUUiAux isficatc &at appjyiug mineral oil to roast. w-wejjj Jjiltay a hat the b-vel will be'' Yanks Ad andng In Moselle Valley Uncover Arsenal I lr.g car cora 3: m tr bJ.ts as a tje tat4t, ii STMrans oi repJiir.g trji-n earwuraifi- 3jfted n'JS bigber-"iaiay a. the ii4' -d 13 "UJ.'-V" ti "(he n iU aj.1 ber of bwra wera t has -j 3-(jwja li:ri'er aied larger. rereatSrog a ij - -tr-jtj)c CiUiajJt's tosja hurot& ii.C l. j-iJ, a'J Te bsJteriiie in the U. S- are tic5Kg I'M poudf o! .'rja itrrup each jajt ulc Ilt caJss, krjirjg atii sTR'tflo- ,j ?-.-M3'i4tr iijior 2'uriimg the roaonib Itn-1 iKndjaiifly jiitvK.idj!rjg an elion." 1 mr for- j B1 1 a ,sr T:al a5oiB3, be e9r- j pj.ajffsn-'d- that eeh n--r naitue on the' juiiyrolj jj')e.;ins four feddataoiiaai 4'ol'- . (Continued fJtjBi ptg 11 also gave tlie reasoii for tlie Kalis eile valJv rejfkm, Ji 1 tM'iieved tliat all Hi nine, stiwl njjl sd fiiet,ories iiM fllji rea were JwukeiS fvv v V . . j ; - i . .. : t- , - sor tue somrtn w-tmh. iuji wiiiiiM Hi at two jeara i le- j cyme tfce toeart jf liie euure Cer- jjaao war industry. Ijmtur MUiioBk j ljuiJl Til fii newly 4ist'oere arsenal, eiiijjluyius w-4 J'azj wrA;eri:: jur HI) bulk of its S ut'H erot'luyaies.. was abandoned iiatily. Tlie J'liiiK jer-jaaajis iel't tuillious ol' 4yJLar Sjj e--quiptnem beliiud theia. WbeJU the Axuerw:ans entered 1ue mnpretentiuus jilaut.. amazing aeiKlil :re1e.d ttliein. Hundred ol lii' Bjf gun Ijarrel,. sulne 2 feet luni: ;;;-asl, were Sn tlie jjjo-" tcese of reeej in: iljeir J'ini!iiu M!VNKA3OI-pSi. Wjffjn. A flram-Smg that timi1 Iflltx-railiwiW fin thieion-i( try avoujd dapjM-ar U the b;g9ty joJjiw-iiS sriihine of the I-ijjoerai lie : iljaii" are 3,w-'rw;iiiat-d So thread., va Srf-'tft am M lUjajlI: todajr by Cor, . fcari WanM'jj of Ca3 jfo'J3ia.. "t ;oa-, M'arr'-n yai hS wartime 5n the fij'tii of i'krw ujidwei, wwh- am jp'iii'j.iijorj of the Ii'pah3jcasa f-'re-id.(jwtiai (tit'ttdid-eiffe, J-m', Thonxa ji-xi"r of V" Voi'k- ; If flh- big e'ity b'.BeoDl roM-d po-,! 3iiiail tiia-chiii'-f 'U'h a flhwie Iu Chk-jrtgo., 5ij JejritttT City and Kaw.Ka fj'y irv.r're out of the pridentii-B -Jiion jWure "the fourth terwa -r,a.EU'tajgsa would fa33 liice a 'Ohh3y ; HEAR THE TRUTH About Campaign Issues TOM FUSON, Speaker Vednesday, Oct.4, 7:30 p. m. PUBLIC IHVITEB ' 1 DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS 226 S. Main tO ANXIOUS idve Jiadgetl quadrujjMs of GaJyejstoiu Texv to start ttxeur educationiaJ caj-r, Uiat the operumg day of sc-hocfl toimd them -aitin for "j-eauuer ' on the ctooi-tfwp- Lieft lo Joan, Jer-aldine. JeAnelte and Joyce, chiidnes of a iefense worker, g& in iitUe pit-iundwaitii p.'ctioe os their Pledge of AUegiance.' 'Ijjteraauoaal) :i hoiuw of fcardfc' the 'vovrJJor de Ii .cia red. 2'w. Cm Wiirren pv'mU4 out w if l touelie. liuu ibaiTelK were stacked tfverj'wliere, witii iu jiiles wl" .i! end jEreat atiiunber at'y'e, Tbere wasn't oui in tlie tilace, jBltliou:a tlie iermati tijuiecards re stacked jieatly in front oi tlie time iclut'it, Auiertiiam Mtieri' A few bomb ratr near the plant told f spasmodic and ;uucenti'a1ed raiding: in in area about tlie eeret boiJ. Witliio it he nlaut the best ma-icbiuery from France,, Ceronany. ibe rest of Europe and some from America contributed to n Kazi war el-tort. triJtfil hj lr:, s Warsaw Poles Surrender To German Forces ((Continued frojju j-t AjSlM.yS. Juiiilaiid- ---- A-nuii ol loeal nature marked the ji bt.i ujr ou 'the iiussian fi'or.t liniay at1 Hu ii I li-iidiUiii1'l's d''Iari-4 ttiitl 'li'Jlj..j': -js?- : 2SSr! i ' Nuxsjjj of ii.n,.tunEUi'- ha!ii"-'ii-d in tu vai. !Su Ma,itf 4-ti.M Third Collision Victim Eeleawd From Hospital Mre. Wary V-ew-oJio liu susuunit-d Scjurie in a -colUsiou of two tear Saturday wight on Jvortii KiuiU triet, a Ji;aiiivsHd from tlie i-nxiilUoa County hospital JMonday, at a reionid today. Five. iersous wve injured iu the oIUi?ioii vith 50 tilJ ifl the hospital. The -cars, driven by Itay "Williams, gt. iifjulw and Marko Zaaaudrea, glaoiord. (Collided in front ol 1iw Columbia Thaier at 31 p. m. Wil-liaous way iiutid and wsu and jnjceivd a uspendd enteiiee on 4ruiikn driving -ltares w -city court, jsuuday. I!ie rOWrM. UJJjU UTl. j.ort -major Uii!i;-u 1 1 '.(! tiloi: 1 1t. J'.l ihf Uahie to tin- Til' tplr-'i'.l lll'i'i to lli KoVi- rv.t t hat siualj 4et Lous company .tirt-'iii h widely wpiirati-d byx,Ti: - ..i1; m v j , (pk fu'i the -orettiuw6';-' -j" -U. :i &?y:T3t V, h-': . :n - X jff?..l! uajor military v. it li no eloping. Oatjified Adt Sell Most Am-thici BUT 4' CT TP MA'Jg 1 PrOU'U- COME TO W,R!C R35 bF THE A??-1Y.VJ0ULDj;"" S"UST I l I'LL SiT THb MCDEL C3. i - . Drop Everything lor this Amazing Way? -V'iH Vanks Bailer Wav Past JSazi Barriers In Bologna Push YOU LET ME BJf Hc'J f M UF I SO "SEE THE p?52r-ftS A DRES5 A4DXeXaAlJCtTfea urry if rli'iw tHA?J5E IT? V.CO!-lPETEf'vT ! rANTT ASK . , MAYBE 1 f I Vo1 ' - - J: Sun ft. .ini.t-r youf li ful :wra., I -,ri . f -r ' cr. 1. 1 TV I I -Inn. of Al.-dii.Tiun.-im r lllllr H ft I sTsSl i V' S r.rc.-s,. d al raiaoi.d lu.n .-uai- .i,J'tf J 4 M,t' jalds aid t.,,nljr isr-! 'Kt ? V 1 7. -' J V !"".,, . w . -! the fy i.ili ' 1 1 lu .Clmiuu, ut -CUh J'li.a'iiii't'i'- LADY NEAPJFCHOKED WHILE LYING IN BED-DUE TO STOMACH CAS Ob? ld Mud a lev d io tlmt ttbe Md i ie afrttid : i uUit. ae mrth wiib &mi it OH, MiSS SOfS: I'LL LT SOoHt VH SHE DO ESN T tm'.' la.ii ,' .":.,..."".; I IMS. 'S.lMtJKlfJSM VJPUL.I DONTI I VOU HAE ANY Z2-i-i ami; kSET TH4T MCOc-L SOB HEILU "' Tnll .K : 1 'tvlSlTHATri'cSlVE CREDIT m-to M'hi-h alw X HAT AtO HAtXiSAQ TO SO BACK TO S MiP tis , .iruu ,.:,.. Bd .t-; iiyy: I vawt a WiTH h BACKjj EXCEPT To Poft9 I f'"..''''!"'.' it..'!'.'... , ' UNDEUlS MCDEL (oh.VOT HtMrTvslHO AE ACTU-j MATCH i T-y" HERE'S A wmw 4-Mt 4d. ud Wiukl w n i b-r tiMviM all 111 4ioHll tUld Wlll1 l-M'h CHAMGE TO 4ulte b. h- 4-vuldu' le lint. Had j tO pfXSfJ tM-TM it tfl OM f iJiM. fi- ii.i !-. :!.. i A-WAr-P 2?wKiMyoJSOlJW jCStsS """"SCTl liaMle.i,, i,..n. Mainland 1 , -T ' S 1 ?1 I C I S' ''W DO HtM AN ILL. 1&f f '- 9 ft A.'"- -. ibM. dy jiwi IJili-HI.!.f hmi - b iOe. !- liue. HWeb. - rt'xuUt- auid Me,,f.,:d, rli vXK. T, v ";.,V - 1 '" K1: . - '? ' rfn-iS'' U -d d VUlalty. Iner td b -'. MKrt'b KMJ f--! rtitl.Tttlt N Ol. ' S'Hl't co 4MB wit.ri:: iet ttttt-HJ'J.F. bHe' (lisjiilj fiaruuir lnti: Folat Plastit-s Plastics are iriuat ii-.:a '- i .. ....... i-u w-

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