The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 2, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 4
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Monday, October 2,1911. TIIE DAILY CLINVONIAN 'uRo Four Behind the Scenes LATEST TERROR WEAPON! THE DAILY CMMONIAN 1M1 Mm in HOLLYWOOD Hfcllih-fl mm The Weekly OtaitontaB 1M n GHttoa Ptatneler absorbed In IMS Published Dllr Eictpt SatunHj n(J Sus&ay Storge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher . HL.'ntry which fought .":( ::i8 made Deanna h:!.')iary member and '.rl of the regiment... 4 : :;i Hays Al Pearce, a cut fight. "You're By HakkiSUN C Kins V tur Sj n.ii. HOLLYWOOD. ! neweat bride fs BoMc curvaceous Moji-ie h from Betty Grable'a M:u; acli:;ij e f i4f fA Movies Simihiv, Mi. u. lav. Tin-winy, Wiiliicsilay anil ThurMlny Nary a sincle person ever 8im-licili'd that HiiiB Crosby, as a man of the cloth, conlil dive a luarl - warminK x'rfoiniance. From all reports, Ihotich, HIiik'k oliaracHTlzalion un a prli-m III I'arainouiit s "(ioiiiK M' Way" hrini; hini into the liinclli-'ht lor tup Aea.lemy Award laureln. A major share of the creilll nuift no to l.f-o .1oCar.-y for hin di'llrate direction of this ureal notion picture which opens Sunday at the Wabash Theatre for a five day run. r bUiu lifpoliUran Editorial Anrlmim r.iWAi to a:i ccr.-: !-1 Fbon 3a Phone 32 r u.'iifr (M;li.-r every v.y," screamed i, k Vf. h," meowed the second "Ar.A tiiil's another thing I can i!o and you can't." and v. ho J u I flni'.ird a role in "Nob in "Nob IJ.II. MumtntM n E 8' w. Ilobbie tnavi'icd l I Lt. William P. I Combs, Marine sit v V hero with a ITti'ler Hand that th screen version of "Winged Victory" opens in New York, Dec. 6 the eve of the Pearl Harbor anniversary. V.j- :&- '" V - -M :: a vv;, -;- - : :'-t V';;: l- . .;. .. -...... . .i, -. 7 , . -v. r;i..;y Assxuniim ivy presidential citation, and already f3 on her way to H o u a- PA LACK Sunday ami Monday "The Adventures of Mark ton, Tex., to meet her in Twain," Warner liros. colorful and inspiring film of America's Tie-up with a candy company pels Ton! Seven's picture on 300,-000 boxes of sweets going overseas and on 100.000 more to Gls in this country. Incidentally, Ton! has just had her first namesake the daughter of a Murphysboro, III., girl who was named for Toni'i mother, June Caprice. laws. most beloved literary genius. Toueh break conies to the Palace Theatre Saturday at midnight starring Frert-ric March and Alexis Smith. The production shows March as for Spike Jones and the orchestra. They got within two miles of Paris and then had to come home. Spike's main war souvenir is a German tuba which he is having made into a cuspidor for his playroom. Mark Twain in four hundred and nineteen scenes, covering a period from his birth in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi in Producers Pine and Thomas practically frantic Their picture, "High Man," is fiout high octane gasoline and the company has been working at a plant surrounded by millions of gallons of the fuel. But Pine and Thomas had to keep the cast on location for two nights because they didn't have the r t commute to Hollywood 1835, through his adventurous boyhood and adult life, through the Civil War past the turn of the Century when death wrote finis to a brilliant career. U. S. ROLE IX WORLD AFFAIRS. Those of us who hope to see some international organization of the powers to restrain aggressors and to maintain the peace of the world might as well realize that it cannot be accomplished unless the United States is willing to put something into the undertaking besides words and resolutions. It is conceivable, of course, that the effort will not succeed, even if we give it wholehearted support. Certainly, without our participation it will have no chance whatever. We have tried the policies of isolation and excessive nationalism. We have, nonetheless, been dragged into another world air Tt is reasonably certain that the Tempers still flaring at holly-wood parties. The other night the wife of a well-known comedian smacked a wealthy and recently separated blond actress over the bead with her handbag. For the sake of the record, Spencer Tracy did not go overseas on one of the regular Pacific tours. M-G-M postponed his picture and he immediately called the Victory committee for an assignment. They sent him to Honolulu to play the hospitals. He can't go any farther The St. Louis Cardinals invited Harry James to be their masent of the world series. HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS diaries Scott, Marine corporal brother of Twentieth Century-Fox actress, Mary Scott, has been killed in the Pacific. . . . Bonita Granville because the studio will need him back, Sunday, and Monday Columbia's "Cover Girl' th ten best musicals, of the year rolled into one, starring gorgeous Kiia Hay wort b and (leue Kelly, wilt open at the Columbia Theatre Sunday. Kiia Haywonh is co-starred with Gene Kelly. u Strong Root Growth Encourage strong root growth, so that plants will not be easily uprooted. Dig deep and make a good soil bed, so that roots will spread down and out, making an anchor against the wind. Give deep and thorough soaking, especially in areas that call for almost daily summer watering. Remember that light sprin Chan ceo are 10 to one against a reconciliation for Susan Hayward and Jess Barker. The Mocambo same policies, pursued in the future, will 1 J ;nIr,l,r.mcnt in th npxt" WOrld-. has $35,000 in unpaid bills on its books. . . . Hoagy Carmichael song book due around Thanksgiving, including photostats of his original penciled lyrics. . . . Screwball of Taking a Backward Glance has switched to Bill Smith, who used to be married to Ethel Merman. . . . Ann Miller dating Trumpet-Player Leonard Sues. . . . Simone Simon and Bert Fried lob a new combination. . . . Congratulate the Dick Haymes on another wedding anniversary. They celebrated at the Mocambo. . . The Ade Kahns, he's one of the GI press agents with "Winged Victory," expect an heir force addition in December. . . . Lionel Hampton and his sensational orchestra en route here for 10 weeks of personals. . . . Brian Donlevy will cash in plenty on government orders from his tungsten mine. . . . Favorite song at five Army camps played by Singer Jo Stafford was Jimmy Mc-Hugh's old favorite, "The Sunny Side of the Street." . . . Milton Berle celebrated his thirtieth anni klings make for surface root-grrwih and that snallow roots make for plant heaving when the high winds come. THHITV VKAISS .UH TIAY leau iu uui in w..v ... wide conflict that comes along. As we see it the only chance of preventing another great struggle lies in the creation of some form of international justice, backed by the might of the larger nations. They must not only yearn for peace but make some sacrifices and take some risks in its behalf. To believe, as many Americans believe, that one American is more important than ten foreigners is silly. To assert that no nation will dare attack us in the future is absurd in the light of Pearl Harbor and the declarations of war that deluged us from Europe. the week: Ben Blue, who bought an expensive silver saddle from Cowboy Star Bill Elliott and then realized he doesn't own a horse. . . . Lucille Ball back from Las Vegas. She was bringing a flock of silver dollars to pass out to her pals but met a train full of GI's and distributed the money for lucky pieces. , . . Michael O'Shea heading for Santa Rosa to ride in bis twenty-first rodeo. Wasn't he ordered to lay off? Especially as he is working with Sonja Henie in "if Pleasure." . . . The fifhtinir T1) orj;an lias hvt-n built by tlso Viij)is Orj.ais f :onajany. oi Hih- hind. I.L. w ho arc fiaid to tie th ' builders of the hiirhest prstd iti lortans mad". While no! one of iue .larst tb"' make, the one to eojjf to Clinton will be of goodly irojortio!is, lM3ds having excc-I-lent qualiti- as an instruiuonl. Anilt-es And yiiss projK-riy ov.n-rs to mow the A-'-t.t is about 1 2t-! r pi-iiaiss, and t!n re is a urotc'iiiiy that (lie effort will result in some residents bt-iiie broLcht up for the scrutiny of Mayor Morgan J- Tucker. The health Sfr tary has sent out a?ou t t is t '-e h u i)dr-J not ices in th last two das noticing the re-cipients they miiht mow the weeds about their pr mis s w i'hin the stijiuialed fhe days. l-rsonals f'harb'5 O. ltjctor. of this city and Miks Fanny KHinssworth, of St. Mary's. w-re married at Char-lestown. Ii!.. Thursday, by County Judee Hurrah. Tarret Han. of north of the ijv.was in Olimcfu, Thursday. He Curdled Mayonnaise If your mayonnaise curdles while you are making it, put one tablespoon of water or vinegar into a fresh bowl and beat the curdled mixture gradually into this liquid, to make a smooth emulsion to which the rest of the oil can be added. w Kor Union The S. H. errn trading stamps, widely whI iu O'f laitf-r cius. have uow com 10 Clin'.-on. or will ix iwr?. t(-p3jThiii Salurday. as a jaK advert iiiiM-nt in this issfje auiiouncts to public. It is a profit-siiarinjf plan af advt-TuAne and !o"sii:s ior versary in show business hv doine six Armv camo show's. buehi"BB. suntimixiii? to a -rn:n I 3iWMunt to puicljarx-rs on Vitus Bering Vitus Bering was the first European traveler to reach Alaska. The strait separating the two continents was named c5tcr him. I. S. Almond Crop During 1939 the almond crop of the United States amounted to 19,200 tons, but in 1940 it dwindled to 12,000 tons, according to estimates. Vitamin C Three focds especially recommended for their vitamin C are oranges, tomatoes and leafy vegetables. "C" is destroyed in cooking. Jio matter wnat Kina oi econouuc ,B ,,..,., prent between ourselves and the peoples I fash Emporium i hm in-odqwr -r ii " u il-n f f o irrniif Ivor will I. rs for prtlai'JUi. fh" i;f riai f iljinas ofivrd l--Ji3e ar- Maud Hw!hs Married .Miss aude HtdLs and Cli? Andf-ws pave their many friends a i-uri-iif'. Wed:i-fciay. when ;tihjy weut to Paris and were mar-, rW'l. TUey went from there to In-' di'Hnajilis and will return this v.--jj!i on Oje I o'clofk er and : o o 1 1 1 j i r home, wen of the ej'y. re the eroom Ijas been 1 living. Mr. Aodrews is the 'dauber of Mr. and Mrs. Noah ' H'd "e- Savins near tne j room's Kor a tiui ?:e vas one of th' "tit-Vo irJ?.'r and lat r worked as niuhi cashk-r at Cliotou ho-1 u L Radio on Wrist A radio that can be worn on the wrist like a wrist watch has been invented. Rent Day Michaelmas day, September 2S. is one of the four quarterly terms on which rents are paid in England. Lighted End of Cigarette According to experiments, the lighted end of a cigarette is 1,375 degrees Fahrenheit when it is puffed. rangd in the fjaM-meni. In ori-T to j?Jt fx-.' siitr;-d to tJs rw&otos. tjj .S. A- H-arp Inw-niaiir a fjSaS come over the top. Anyway, as we see ii. it is about time for the United States, as a nation, to reach manhood and take an adult role in the affairs of the globe. wii! IfaVe in a lew days for Car--Hiariio. 133.. where he wiil work for a short time and be with his nephew. K. B. Heim. i Mr. and Mrs. James Clover. from west of the city, spent Thursday with her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Kiatt. of Fouih Fourth rtr-t. and attended the carnival. Mrs. Joe !r.iey and family, who ; have b-,-n living on South Fourth f re-t . i.ioved into the rooms , vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph i Campbell, in the Boart block. iho to oltain-d Hiruij ur- o THIRD HAVEN o JAPS WINNING IX CHINA Capture of the long-established Amer-crlsr. in Central China i4o.u mwjv ""o ri - - - SnHiz-atPB that the enemv is making: con- "wi Hn :it l"tr 1aii-l"p H All Ws Or. A. A. Wrr-iiburn. wc-nry of vie city L"uhi dei-artment, is 3;i:iki3j.' a Jial tflort to force siderable progress in his efforts to cut lh'sJiTJ China in two and to destroy American air- Mi V -.P V 3 3. -an Worshipped Mouse The ancient Egyptians worshipped the mo-jse because they believed Ihe to be under the of the sun and a sure antidote agajnst jsudden death. CROSSWORD - - By Eugene Sheffer SYNOPSIS A leading mud popular rpfident of .'be. eitpy little Cotfiaptak Buy i?3. ECX1CE REYNOLDS, elderir and unable to va.k. till tiie poss cs-T it ycucg ideas. Sne tiff t' n dvnj-rmu-d hy Ltr irya-wUfcd giaiid- daughter, .ACKA. who lives with her. Mrs. iljuolds hires --g WILSOJC, personable tque? New Toriitr. to be htr nuisc Long-tii: fiaiit cf Laura u -iVSSELI SMITH. cMrvatir yousg al torn-v. Tne plat-id ji of Russ: Lie iM stall- red by the arrival. aJwr a kmp absence, oi his outa, Lr- DAX. TESTER DAY: Laura azmonncet that Anne W;i5 -n will not ujte care 4f Mr. RtjiiLide- white flashing flight of a heron across the sunset, the grotesque,; half human friendliness of pelicans, the flamboyant beauty of hibiscus, bougainvillea, poinsettia, even the Maze of azalea along the lovely old streets of Savannah, all had left her cold and untouched. She had arrived here in Talbot at night,! weary, hopeless, her money aim est gone, no escape in sighL She had fallen asleep soothed by the fragrance of white lilacs. She had awakened to a new world in which at last there was meaning again. The rooster's crow had music in it, clarion music of triumph-Yes, the level rays of the sun were like golden spears being flung into her room- She leaped up as if to a challenge- Yesterday she had been able to lie in bed and think about a new day and a new purpose in life. Today was the new day. She had a job, a start, a chance to stay on here where no one would think of looking for her, where she could close a door against the whole past and bolt it fast- She had been interested in the old crippled lady at sight Sfie liked Oddest Fraternity The o:ae;t Greek Jencr frslemily in tiiis ccuj.-lry is Fiji Etta Kappa. fc-.riiTary cogiale 3KCK-ty, ft-'unded 2776. &evea Tire Sixes Th?re re seven d;5erent ised cd 151 pa&senger ctrs. S:cris Mama CHAPTER EIGHT ANNE WILSON had u room Into fthich the first rays of the sun poured. Even before cunnse she would wake up and lie waiting for the golden spears to fill her room. For the first time in her life she was discovering what beauty there vras in the early morning. The sunrise was as lovely as sunset, and The Chinese High Command has re-j cently admitted serious reverses and admits that the situation is not bright. While we have complete air-superiority in China, the Japanese have been able to prepare for their offensive and Chinese troops are meagerly equipped for battle against the soldiers of Japan. FACTIONAL BITTERNESS. The people of the nation face many problems, connected with war and peace, and it is of the utmost importance that divisions of opinion be expressed without creating sectional or factional bitterness. There is no use to blink the fact that such feeling exists. The chances are that it will multiply, especially if the nation undergoes a severe economic strain. Host of it is based upon the effort to secure or maintain selfish advantages. This motive is not absent anywhere and. under the impetus of pressure politics, expands rapidly. Washington Rep. Karl Mundt of South Dakota advocates an international peace patrol of the air after a five week tour of the battlefronts: 'T believe an international peace patrol of the air can successfully patrol the peace and protect the world against the secret development of strong aggressor military forces." London Anthony Eden. Eritish Foreign Secretary : "We have information that the German general staff, recognizing the inevitability of defeat in this war. already is thinking in terms of the next." j fFrir w rr'"! fflrl T I I i w pr ii w Wl2A- I wr"Vwr M : Tm cutting some for the table." Anne went to her eagerly. There were flowers which wouldn't Moom in New York for another month. The dew sparkled on them. Ann began to bum softly: 'I walk in the garden alone While the dew is still on the roses. . Eleanor took her arm, smilirg. "I love the hymns, too," she confessed. "I often sing them out her-!. Bt it's a bttle early for roses. The besi part of it here is that the roscr often last till Christmas. In another month you must see Mr. Thatch er's garden. He has ..." Eleanor's words trailed off and her eager smile faded. Her hand dropped from Anne's arm and she looked flustered. The girl felt the change instantly. "Is there something I shouldn't be told about Mr. Thatcher's rose garden?" "Oh, no. It's only. . . I don't know what to ay, Miss Wilson." "Have I done something a shouldn't T Please tell re. You see, I m so grateful for all you've done to make me feet at home. And then sending me to Mrs. Reynolds. That was a kindness I ii never forget." Eleanor drew a deep breath. "Do you really want that job so much?" "Indeed I do. I walked around so happily last night. I'm afraid I was late getting in, because the house was all dark. But I locked the door as you showed me how to do" And you really want to stay here in TaJbot?" "It means everything to me. I'm honest about that at least. J want to forget New York." Eleanor managed a shy smile. "New York must be hard to forget. X have a sister who lives there. And we have a b:g fat man, a writer, who comes down here. Every time he says he wants to forget New York, and the next thing we know he cashes back there. We re expecting fcim soon now. It's spring. He L-ually has the room where you are. and he s.ts :n the window writing and bumming some French sor.e called, We Shall Make the White Lilacs Bloom Ajrain, He sings that hymn you began, too Hes lots of fun sometimes, anf makes us ail laugh." "I don t want to meet anybod from New York." "Weil, there aren't many who come here. Now, you tell me which flowers I should cut." "May I really ?" Eleanor handed her the scissors. -You can cut what ycu like," Anne s eyes were shinir-g. " You really shouldn't trust me. I J want them alL" "Go ahead. There will be more tomorrow " tie Be Continued) anyone who refused to accept infirmity. She always had. Dr. Pay-nor said there was no one like her in . . She broke off and made a quick gesture iith both hands, as if pushing some heavy physical thing way from her. That was the past that was dead and ever to be brought to life again- She had been hurt for the last time. Now she had begun a new life, she was a mw person. She had found the land of beginning seain, which was more important than finding the pot of eoid at the end of the rair.bow. She be? an to dress, humming very ij;ir to herself. Mrs. Reynolds had said she oouidn t pay much salary, but there would be good food and a sun-flooded room. Anne was sure it would be as clean, as neat, as finer in a way, because it was a be- ginning and not an end. You looked ! forward, not back. Above all, she . wanted to look straight ahead and ' forget everything' that had ever been before. For three months ah j fcad wandered here and thtre look-1 ing for a land of beginning apain. . such as was aJways to be found in fairy tales. She had gone to Florida , urst, then wandered north with the , spring. And now she was here ir, T&iboL She '3ls beginning again, j A rossVr cwrei lustily some- : vhere ie-ind the house and was 1 inswrted wt! an ec:io. From the ( :reat cottonwool tree through hose rrent-hes h sun aivayj "Uo k jovial face, b-raf gave nfy -eeting to the new 4a y. Smoke ; se from the chiirmeys of Lttle j oses, and red-wing J black b;r as ' ied clearly to each other as they ; -"urg i branches or wires. Down j 71 the lavn robins fao'j-cj about! r - k f i 4? ti- f J B-.-.-i 05 o 'i itar-hl' 10 Hi - "Vf nr git ir'.rujntr.t J) TT.alif'K'uf J me; h '.: iz C. Khoje-t:td 11 ifuu!!.:-:. 17 t; HOBUOMU 1 pcn".icn S obf-se 8. soothir.E ointmer.t 12 ocoe tar 13. herfc eve 14 chilis find lever 1.5 . heroic story 15. suffer to e 1R dodc 2 peras . arrivm sf ici-tr.lied carry. ':s t. wji-ij: of ii'.i 23 jic-ni.jie pleasant as the old lady ber5e!f. A few minutes later she tiptoed downstairs. The house was wry quiet, there were only two or th:-e other guests, old people who were semi-permanent. Several more were expected for the week-end, Eleanor Bancroft had said. Anne slipped quietly out through a dining room i;d lb shiny eyes locking lor the un--nunate early worm, no doubt, -lere was a crackling eound of :'.v-A motors as fishermen headed ut for the broader v.aters of the .ver Chop lank and Chesapeake t. The birds were not afraid of t-r tu Saturi2ys puzzle. i of that Eir 33 21.n:T:anrcr i door. A b:rd sitting on the porcn rail turned his head and looked at Albany Thomas E. Dewey. Repub- : s u-jami.ti 2S re'.:-'. to "ft mass by M'' SO LuioushVi-e Zl at once 4 a f .4.i mctr.y! kctJ e mot noise. Somehow it fitted with the rest of the music of a '.kiig world. And you didn't zi being awakened. You wanted tcss Reep B 'rzy. as you throw t 1 t ;n-t e fe s lican rTesiuenLLa.1 luij . iuc hare given the world a bitter and bloody demonstration that government tryanny is still the great enemy of free press an J speech." ' T A 2.6- rein.bue with Z2 ::7 c!-y of rov-k in it cost her in a friendly way. as if to say he really wasn't afraid. Then be flew off. uttering a little musical cry that was unfamiliar to her Her faart gave a leap and she ruxd as if begging the bird to come back- She was sure she hadn't frightened hun. He was so tame, so happy, so full of life-Eleanor Bancroft peeped around from the back of the house. "Hello, )Lss Wilson. I thought you d be ! A .0V!E.PRODUCt crr. I ?s;i r Cc t-T Url Jinx b &.i::. y , I'jt a r -:e so 1:. s ; L?r r:Ki'.her. r.rr-i, : - - -; ' i Uual sv.-.:c;j v.; - : " v.-;ii erT.--- " '.. s i:,c:itr. Viil C:Jie 1 fur ii ..l in -"j&f-ng of : t i vb at, Treariri ia j t-Ui C::gUiA an J Span.rfi ver- i s-ols- L:e Jinx, V.r&. Fa:;bcrg i a ELLjOer of fore-gn lan- usts $riccVy. (IstuzntiozsJ) jclothes back, and begin the new 7 with a song of your own. so as - St into the picture. j Ajitp smile 3 at fcer own non- ! - nse. She had thought she would :ver fed that way aam. In Flor- . a. in George nothi g had I 'c-jched her cot the flowers, or r-nshir.e, or birds. The luscious j 41 42 4J ii. iV'.jt m - " w-.-i wrac" hat f wleta: Supreme Headquarters. AEF - Field Marshal Sir Bernard L, Montf oisery: j -There can be few episodes more gionous 15 than the epic of Arahem." . 1 47;MT 4? r.c'Tnfjl down sous. Come at the Cowers. of tie ccckiTg bird, thc

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