The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 2, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Monday, October 2, 1944. ejCmint Clinton Social Notes Indiana Landslide For COP Ballot Seen by Capehart (Continued from page 1) Jivin Janes Meet Tuesday At Dorothy Guinn'g Home Miss Dorothy iiuiuu was liostess to the Jivin Janes Club at a meeting held Tuesday, at lier borne on South Fifth street. Following an important business discussion, games were played with prices being awarded to Dorothy Snowberry and Juauita Jackson. ried the state by 27,000 voles while in IVs2 the majority was 127, uoo. On this Capehart based his pie-diction that the Republicans vwould car-ry Indiana by 200,000 votes this year. Bul-li Kpealis A. V. Burch. Evansville, farm-implement manufacturer and candidate tor the office of state auditor, foresaw the nd of -"one-man government" in America with the election of Dewey. I'i'ge J'oiaJ Vote Burch, who is at present city comptroller of Evansville. urged the the first major rally held ill Clinton during the present, campaign. . The officials, introduced by Vermillion County Republican Chairman Clarence Campbell, included Walter J. Cillespie, candidate for Joint senator from Vernjiilidh. Fountain and Warren counties; Thomas Potter, state chairman of the Young Republicans Club; tjeorge L. Carey, treasurer of the Vermillion County e,en1rul committee, Clarence M. Wright, mayor of Clinton; Melvln Hickman, candidate for county treasurer; K. P. Zell. prosecuting attorney; Howard Watson, county coroner; Is'O Brown, candidate for commissioner; Founlaiu Firaugbu, present commissioner. Loren ,(.;rilflu, candidal for coun-tv sheriff: Ira I. Church, county au- "It is matter of record," lie continued, "that the country did not get out of the depression 'the loug- Large bouquets ol mangolds and were arranged throughout st is liistory during peace zinnias Kven. he added, the spending of gy billion dollars failed to put the country back on its couomic feet. Outlines I'roKimw the house. Refreshments were served by audle light at a table decorated with a beautiful oeuterploe of gold marigodls aud green streamers. Corsages were given to each member as favors. total voting strength of Indiana to He outlined ui 11 point program w wlu,uM iu November as the basis of his campaigu for the , Senate In answer to charges by his ,, ... , ... , Those present were Misses Noma , 1IUU '(..UUlll.V AT-BlWiii ,,ww t.. tuir H..1...1 i.iiniiu Hone opponent tiov. meury r . nciiriciter ..,.,, ,j, uu,.i.i..., j.,,m. tfCUV ' ' ' ' Uiail Ol lUUWU ,v.K,u..i. tor; Carl R. Biggs, county ciers; - mittee. he urged that the mechanics miltee, ne urgea vnui me .mwuini,,, - of voting- registraUou. -lc. be Mrs. Ida Lewis, county central com- Shirley cottreti, jjoromy nwra 1 - Guiun, Dorothy Snowberry. Juanitai Drawing a laugh from the atten-Jackson aud Dorothy Craft. The tive audience, he answered Schrick-next meeting will be held Tuesday. " declaration that bis Cape- Worthy Grand Matron of Warsaw Present at OES Joint Meeting Jfriihalt'iii iiajiiii', ;.H, WM aud Mort ib 1iu)t-r tm Hold Joint Mating iiui-Mluy JCvninj;. Ovtr loo MmlM'tt Hud jiuMi AtUMid. Mrs. Mildrad Y. Smith of Warsuw, Jnd.. worthy prand matron of Map Order of Eastern Star, was wi'lconi-d on hor official visit by Morris Chapter 86 of New (joshen and Jerusalem Chapter 254 of Clinton at a joint meeting Thursday evening. Preceding the meeting, dinner was aervd to 75 members and guests at the -Clinton Hotel. The worthy grand matron was escorted eaat by members of Jerusa lem ChautHr who are school teachers. The Job's Daughters presented her with a gift. Many other grand officers were present including Mrs Nelle tf. Johnson of perrytu'iile, pant grand matron, and Noble J. Johnson of Terre Haute, past grand patron. They and several others were intro- One Hundred Guests Attend Fairview P. T. A. Meeting Approximately JUO guests were present at the meeting of the Fair-view '. T. A. held Thursday evening at the sclioolhouse. During the business meeting the executive committee elected the following oiricers for the coming year: Mrs. liussell cralt, publicity chairman; Mr. Knauar, membership; Mrs. Lane, hospitality; Mrs. Kay Munsen. Founder's Day program; Mrs. Basil Kennedy, budget and finance; Mrs. .Marie Watson, publicity; Miss Holt, study group; aud Kussell Craft, program. Short talks were given during the evening by the president, Mr. Little, who spoke on PTA benefits to the school and Mr. Knauar. An old fashioned spelling bee was enjoyed with Basil Kennedy and Ulenna Herris-ford winning. J'lans were made for a box supper to be held some time around Halloween. The exact date will be announced later. m Saturday Birthday Party Held At Southard Home Miss Khirley Gene Southard observed her tenth birthday anniversa- t ii ken cure f bv Nov. 1 in order t hat cil Harden, district vice-cl.airmas October 8 at the home of Miss Helen 1 nans) purpose 10 ui . 1. Louise Hope, leal V syang that he not only want- and national comuiiltee-woman. Officials introduced from the audience included Jess Monroe, Vigo all who are eligible to vote will do so. ('ntted OOI Party "The Indiana Republican party is now united," Lauer told the audience, many of them his friends and neighbors before he moved to Wil- county C10P chairman; Lloyd Ellis, 0 a to Kill tne jew 4eiu uui w . , , j. he wanted "to bury It." Montezuma Staff Sergeant I t0unMx, victory Wos Tn flnrvrfia Rfrntlv 1 1 . First in hia urogram was the Fouutaiu County chairman; Mrs. wiiiiiun Cilfov. district vice-chair man of the Young OOP; Abe John KSirt. Euaene Davis, V. S. Army, Monday Wakofe Club, regular meeting and Initiation, 7:30 p. iu- Mrs. Kay Shew. Tuesday Fortnightly 'lub, Mrs. Blanche Strauss, on Clinton-Terre Haute road. Members meet at the Clinton Hotel at 7 p. in- -Bus will bring members back. Jjreaiuland pleasure Club Auxiliary, October 12. Marie Libel, hostess. Ked Cross Surgical Dressing, i p. m.- p. in. Alpha Club, Mrs. Clay NeaJ South Sixth, 2 p. m. Wednesday Women's Kelief Corps, 2 P- m. K. of P. Hall. Wednesday Embroidery Club, Mrs. Kay Wright, 2:80 p. in. Parke Homemakers Ec 'Club, Mrs. Claude Newton, 11 p. m.. Mrs. Claude Coburu, Mrs. Lizzie Hamilton and Mrs. Evelyn Shaw, assistants. Covered dish luncheon. Ked Cross Surgical Dressing 7-8:-30 p. m. Women's Democrat Club, meet in back room of club room at 7:15 p. m. Men will meet in front room. Thursday American Legion Auxiliary, Legion Home 8 p. m. Installation of officers. All officers and chairman are urged to be present. Ladies Missionary Society of First Christian Church, meet at the basement, 2:30 p. m. Guest Day. Ladies Furnishing Society of the Presbyterian Church, at the church, 2:30 p. in. Ked Cross Surgical Dressing 1-4 J. m. Red Cross Surgical Dressing 1-4 p. m. Ked Cross Knittiug 1 p. m -t P- m. Friday District convention of Women's Relief Corps Auxiliary meet with Auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic at the Memorial Hall in Terre Haute. QUICK aUQ VOUipiWl-e Viuillli VI nir war aud returning servicemen and liamsport three years ago. "County, district aud state or- women to their homes imen to the.r homes. son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davis of Montezuma and Miss Florence Sledge were united In marriage re 1 sanitations are completely In ae- 2. Business took the second plaoe lontillued .i.aua , ti,iuk busi- . . .... son. Warren county chairman, fcveiya Niemeyer, Vigo County vice-chair-man aud Mrs. Wesley Malone, wife of Vermillion County's representative in the state legislature now in the U. JS. Army, Pfc. Wesley with the -encouragement of all busi ih hp iinoiiriiEPiiiftiit ,of all cently M Moultrie. Ga. where Sgt. w r going w wm. Davis is stationed. Me urniKeri the cu rrent a na ianu Following a short wedding trip to r-op Urket as one of the best in the mountains of Georgia, they now many years and said that many in dependent voters are swinging to have an apartment at Spencerieid, near Moultrie. ness, both big aud little, In order that good jobs at good wages will be available. 1 8. A fair, equitable policy toward disabled veterans. i t. Fair and .equitable care of the aged. Maintain Farm Prices 6. Maintain prices of farm prod- ward the Republican ticket nuts Ouced anu given a near,y welcome. , g fl afternoon at a party The degrees were cunl.rmed on one , thhome uf her parents, Mr. .candidate by oi fleers ot the Morns!' , " M.., Mrs. Davis is a teacher in the Mahogany Jewelry A etrikin feature of new Jewelry it modern designs made of xruahof ay in a &ew amber jfihad. year. Raise Peart Harbor Issue public schools at Berlin, Ga. and unapier liiiu ini we uiuiurn, uw if;u. . will coutinue her teaching there. Sixth district Congressman Jwobie The table was beautifully decorat Nelson, Harbara Elaine Jenkins and loiniiutn. Terre Haute, raised the Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gross and I ucts at a high level. current issue of the responsibility ed in red, white and blue and centered with a birthday cake. fee cream and cake were served as Michael Goltlner, were dedicated to principles of the order. Mrs. Smith gave an excellent and instructive address and gifis were Size of Grapefruit When marketed, grapefruit rang lu size from 28 to 126 to a crate. Mr and Mrs. Ernest Dixon were t. r,niorced peace. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hor-I 7. Restore a financial policy and for Pearl Harbor in his oriei iaia. He outlined Congress' attempts to et i what he called "the true story ace Russell of Tangier, Ind. Guests attending were Anita and ( reouce xne ueui. 1 8. Maintain and raise the high nresented her and Mrs. Clare Pow- behind Pearl Harbor" nd said that at the moment n investigation is woini n,Rie to determine if charges standard of living. 9. protect Bmall business from unfair practises. .. . . ..... Sonja Anderson, uaroi rvuiiuuu, ell, of Bowling Green, Ind., district t)la wllliam((i Barbara .Graham, deputy. Shirley Carson, Noreen Howe, Vera Over 100 members and v.sitors n,arv Kerguson .Helen were registered for the meeting and Thomag Brvl Pain(!, Marily punch was served at the close of the , ..'.,. Doris ,n80Ili Betty should be filed against the coinman- Pa Act-a u ihp ime of the great navai ROB BETA'S BEAUTY SHOP S7 KortU 7th St. PHONE 1M-W 'GUARANTEED PERMANENTS 10. Extend social security and unemployment insurance in a practical way. disaster Admiral Kimmel and Gen- j & .evening, i Hion. Joretta Wasson and W'anda eral Short. (strung Labor Planks Many district .nd county Repub lican officials ;attended the rally Eddie Dale Cox, 646 Sycamore street, was admitted to xne ' hospital Friday as a medical case. Miss Louise Vocatore, ti. i, Clin Mr. and Mrs. Ben Funcannon and son, Frank, Mrs. .Woodrow Foncannon, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foncannon and daughter. Uorutha and son. Max. and Miss Joyce Eluine Wahlschinit spent Sunday at Chauncey. 111. as the guests of Mrs. Dollie Wells, mother of Mrs. Hen Foncannon. 11. Protect labor from unscrupulous employers and labor leaders and maintain collective bargaining. Another pertinent point raised by Capehart was the question of the abolition of federal bureaus and a-gencies .established under the New Deal. A steady irise In Republican power in Indiana has been noted in the CLEAN Mrs. Eunyan Hostess To Blanf ord BB Club Thursday ton, was dismissed ironi vu uue hospital Saturday. Vestal. The honored guest received several nice and useful gifts. m Local Methodist Fellowship To Be Guests At Mecca Meet The Clinton group of the Methodist Youth Fellowship will be guests tonight at C:3il p. m. of the Montezuma Methodist Youth at the Mecca Methodist church. Methodist churches of Clinton, Da- Mrs. Bessie Runyun was hostess as? Elmer Nolan, soutn bigiim wv., Mrs. Anna Forte, R. 2. Clinton and Mrs. Beulah Duinmer and baby, R. 1 Mnnie7.iima. were dismissed from WHISTLE 2 past two elections, the senatorial Thursday evening to the members oi the B. B. Club of Blanford at her home. Bunco was played at two tables with prizes awarded to Mrs. Agnes Hnhiiic hunco: Mrs. Annabel Han- the county hospital Sunday. candidate said. Figures in the JD40 election showed that the GOP car- 0 You Can Best Assured Tint A n v t h i n V You t Notice ! The Clintoninn Want Your News. Mease CaU Mis leur Tu Report Social News. fhoue 82 or 88. rick, high and travel and Mrs. Or- I na, Bono, Newport, Montezuma, linebarger Chapel. Mecca, Kosedale. , Kockvllle. Bioomingdale, Kingman, j Marshall and Bellmore make up the i Clinton group. Send To Olmstead's For Dry Cleaning Will Be . Returned To You In Tip-Top Condition! LOVELY- ALLURINC LOW-COST rtii'ru I linli Naiursl-lookingcurtasiiilwaveanow fM youn, caaily, cool-ly, at bocoe- Do it jruumit. Tbc aiauiot tmW mW fina Bizzy, low. A delicious refreshment was served by the hostess. The next meeting is to be held at the home of Mrs. Agues Bohlnc, October 5. MONTKZt'MA tilKI, WB Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Martin of Mon SSgt. and Mrs. Andrew Ferran- cFiiisteads MHIMONBMT a (iiiionle. III. are tne paieui CLimM ' Carl Former, president of the Greencastle district, will be on the program as well as William McFad-den, Clinton group leader. m m Mrs. Waunila Hanks visited her son. Private Carl Wayne Hanks at MWAWC KIT of 'a son born .Sept. 11. The infant A 1-lTTi.e BCTTeR- weighed .nine pounds and li " and has been named Kichard An Phone 129 unambt, otution, curie, luamiw 7 ., Jr lor vry type ol bun Ffl by moi tan. Ovei 6 million sold, tet Charm-Kurt Kit toda. At any deisMUwnU driw or 6 tk 10c alwrc (iillia I'liiiriiuicy and All llrng Hlor I Camp Atlerlmry Sunday. tezuma announce the marriuge of their eldest daughter, Mrs. Leona Taylor to Clarence Garl of Indiana drew. Sergeant Ferranuo is tne ao" of Mr. and Mrs. John Ferrando, Clinton. , r i i. S 1c and Mrs. Kenneth Daniels. , f.ii..,n are the parents of a J 2 Amprinin Beaut v Shot) 2 polis. The ceremony was pertormed n lOffirfu,. Mich.. Keot. 12 and was 1 Vera Mae Black 2 812 8. Main JNione OU followed by a reception in the home Mostpplar"yar 'round" dr lira pint Always od 0liciowi. YOU Mkt oV Mr mi 2 muKi. 20 tomovt if mi Och aocko. F Inm otk ye" SW' for L0flD0tlDCBt.y 35 Howard Str, San fronting 3. Cctlf. rtlK-CIHllzeu iinir melius 9 son born at the Vermillion County Hospital Friday. The infant weighed seven pounds and six ounces and has been named Harold Hubert. of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Martin in Lincoln Park, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Garl will live In Detroit where both are employed. I l'ermuiieiit Waves Open Evenings m 9 m Complete Halt In Detroit War Work is Feared (Continued from P tl TO AMERICAN WOMEN ASKING "Will Defeat of Germany Lessen the Need for Saving Used Fats?" .rKTiirfiff-i "HO!" THE GOVERNMENT ANSWERS "VTHE contrary, They have all been advised of the seriousness of the situation, the union official said. Kear Uroken Pledge Members of the executive board have told them they are afraid Detroit workers will violate the 'no strike pledge' unless we get immediate action," he declared. "I am gravely fearful of it myself." The workers want an immediate WLB investigation of wage differentials in Detroit, he continued, "without the usual, long drawn out procedure of the board". KANSAS CITY A complete shutdown of the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine 1'laut in Kansas City was reported by company officials today as members of the International Association of Machinists (AKL) formed a picket line at plant entrances. Demand Discliarge fit. niMciiiniata union declared a Mrs. America, the need for saving used cooking fats will be as great or greater than ever. Virtorv over ia tee MARSHALL tj American farmers are doing everything possible to build up domestic production of fats and oils. But during the next 12 months, because of a smaller hog kill and reduced yields of some oil-seed crops, we expect that approximately a liillion-und-a-tliird pounds less of fats tvill be produced. Need Greater Than Ever Therefore, more than ever, salvaging used cooking fats is an important resource on which the country must continue to lean in order to tide us over. Saving used fats is not n glamorous task. It takes efiort. But it is one that only you, the American housewife, can perform for the country. We ask you to continue the wonderful job you are doing to help speed final Victory. airtke veutertlav as thev demanded i the diacharae of four foremen and J one acting group leader ana the re 9 . 4 "NT WOEK m THE ARMED SERVICES requires me to keep on eciitduie without Uil- My 1940 1 ord lias carried me, reliably and comfortably, more than a third ot a milium miles." f . i z n rrr at e is 1 Germany still leaves the Japs in possession of the Dutch East Indies, the Philippines and Malaya countries from which we formerly imported about one billion pounds of fats and oils each year. Even victory over Japan will not case the situation immediately. Not for a year or imire can these areas be brought back, to pre-war production levels. In the meantime, the need for your used fats will be as acute as ever for these reasons: 1 Eveniafler European victory, we still have Japan to beat. .Vast supplies of ammunition, medicines, paracbases, rubber boats, soaps and other battlefield essentials must keep on going to our fighting men inaa steady stream. These all requite fats to make. 2 We nuiirtbelp in the rehabilitation of liberated countries Mich as tireece, Norway and the Netherlands,, wifli medicines, machinery, etc 3 Many factories now producing for war will turn tomanuiaelating tbe civilian Kuods we need tu urgently. Tbeae factories will cuusulue vast quaotitics of indiaaiial iau. instatement without loss or seniority or pay of one probationary employee. Office employes and about 200 maintenance workers were the only ones of about 10,000 persons regularly employed on the morning shift who reported to duly. The plant has an over-all force of about 19,000. The 1AM bargains for all unions in the plant under terms of its contract. Make Navy Engines The plant manufactures engines for the Navy Hellcat Fighter I'lane. ind has lately been making tbe newest and most powerful aircraft engine in use by tbe Navy. The latter engine, utilizing a water-injection lystem, is still manufactured under vavy secrecy. Jtrys A. A. WtlN, lubrication Specialist Columbia. South Carolina Millions of Americans can cell you bow their Ford cars have carried tbem through thick and thin. When new cars can be built again, your choice ot a new Ford will be backed by evidence you can verify for yourself on any street or highway. It will be your assurance that the smart style and performance of your new Ford will be matched by enduring thrift and stamina. uiaecroR or dutkibutkmi WAR IOO0 AUM1N131RA1IO -BEWfi A IUH1CAII0N SPECULUT, I know what nexlea can do to any car. With regular ford Protective Sesvice I feel sure my car is good sor Mother 200,000 miles." ttnUR COSTS MVE IEEN KE6U6IBLE "Only one major overhauliaK ia four yesrsand liut was after 2 50,000 miles! Nauiraiiy I boost Ford cars. !' awaed three of them." & For every pound of used fat, your butcher will give you ii and two free ed points!Keep on saving every drop MEWS NOTES-TWMiadr;aWVyr Can awpfaae ptoaf, eon ere ki MOO warn -d km ii rvmrari . . . eaavon to awaa a lan-iaaa caacral highway 22 aulef tortg. Firemen Extinguish Blaze At Coleman Residence Local firemen extinguished a fire in a bathroom at the home of Fay Coleman, 840 South Seventh street, it 3:30 a. ni. Monday, it was reported today. Firemen reported slight damages to clothing in the room and other .articles. Hsri Itat l.lia,IU (uf. Hsrcarf las UataU canv-aaf ftsi IfKlt-twl kM Ml 4 IBS:-

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