The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on October 2, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 2
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Monday, October 2, J91L THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Taco Two ier, Airs, i of St. lier- motli FURY" FDR TUJiWS V Fairvicw 1, Private Foresterf There are about 900 foresters OA the payroll of the private forest in-' dustries, of whom more than 700 are responsible for management of the forest lands. The others deal with the manufacture of forest products. Of Interest M'Arthur Stab At Philippines Nears Rapidly (Continued lion page 1) LoaI lYojrft AiirnH Shower in 'JVrrt Ituv; Community Club M(Hs MONUMENTS ' 9 A Complete Line 0 For Hcrvice Jrop t' A Hard L W. Walsh Monument Co. all Wabash Ave. 'lent- Haute, Indian IIU'C - Mr. ami Mrs. Lumlis Conliliil iind son ruluriutf here alu-r Hix iiding the HUiinuer in Koutli Dakota. I'll. C, M. Wulki'i' vraK I raiiKt'encd from fr'l. Knox. Ky. to t'aini Cimt-it:'. Ark. IU' mjji'IH Iii- jiasl two wct'ku witii tiiK wiii' uimI hous and liaioiils, Mr. and Mm. lluw:oi' Walker. Mr. and Mib. Lloyd IJulc and sun of Kilwrwood and Mrs. ( urtiMf 'l il-Ix-tl of Lodl ri' cdiK'sday i-i.-niiiK diniM-r (.-wills of K-v. and Mrs. Herman Harper. Martin llanier of t;n al l.ukes Na-vul Traininn Stations is siM-ndini.' Iiis furloiiKli al tl' liomi' of his rather. HernialP ilariier and oilier n-laliien. Mrs. J. K. llalletl and dantdiler. Vera and Mrs. Krnist llarriuctun visited Saturday ami Sunday villi a Hub-'!' ami Mi ! 1 a mis Alls. JliMolhv ruytun, Mrs, W Amu' Prul1iii' t'liilliitTc tiUriui hhowcc Sumhty mi, M;s Kuini: ;-.t ill. v..-.-e li.ti" rriHvWl of St. Luke .: i ii r);ieuo. Air, and AlrH. i ' V.ViiMim and son of Hoojieton, and Air. Harold J'rit'kelt of Amhia. Ind., Air. and Mrs. John i l i and Mm. Olio Hc'd of t'h- !jHVi)ir, Ml. i J i . and Airs. ISert Short pent . ,-",uiih:y wsiit relutiveH iu Clinton. I aMs, i;!;m1s WiiniueU of Chicago. iJM. siMiuliim ilit' week end with i ii- i' aij: !n r. Al I'K. AHee Klreel. I nie I'-MH'e of Indianapolis npt ' wt'k end here, ,1. ri, ( arty returned to Camp Cor-d' M i'1'HT KpeiulillK Heveral do' With : is nii'itier. Alls. Klh'ii Alarkello. '.Jr. and AIih. Kd (Keek of ('Union :--; nt Alonday with ftlr. and Al rB I-':; ik i-'t'i li'iland. Vrs. Anna liarren of Terre Haule a Sunday, taunt of lier sister, .'.lis. Ijou i'.-in-rio and family. Wrs. Martha Holt of Indianapolis six nt Uie past week with her uroth--r. Air. and Airs. Frank Felherlund. Mrs. Ulanche Konk of Clinton is sr.'!idiiitf several days with iier dauj-'hUT. Airs. Keith I'rhkett. hum' of Al it. I.foiiU i Ti-ire ilutUt ill hoiio! AlrH. Kli'MiC KuicMt t-H, ni.trri-il iiTcni !y. Tin rii'id otipi H'('i'.'ii i AlrH. Hazel r;iiiijire HiJi-nt .Monday wit li M military men predict il will cause a vital sliortaue of rubber and oil in t lie Nipponese war ellorl. Distract liiiia Jnive Tiie driie into Hie 1'liilippliies is exiiecled to distract l lie enemy from his successful olli'iisive ill China. Japan's recent successes on the Chinese homeland have forced Hie l'-nited States to Kile up several tal-uahie air bases. However, once American airmen can take off from bases in the Philippines, they should he able to slash deeply into Japanese shipping lanes in the China Sea, as well as into the enemy's communication lines on lite mainland. WANTED RAILROAD WORKERS Of All 'fie Sl:lC: KKI'KUMONTATIVE IIAII.KOAH lil-.'TIKIiMliNT Jill Will nation lloard Office Clinton, Indiana K ! 'J'tieMlay l:t) lo 1I:3U A. M. Clini iiiiiKion. AIih. Martha Kitili'loii ! K'iit Sunday with Al r.- Ai relatives at Wlieatl'ielil, Ind. and Kersey, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Klnier Kiuilli and son of Indianapolis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keiher-land. Mr. and Mrs. Kay Smith uud sons .Mr. and Airs. Andrew Fyf of Fer- i'ii.-in Hill and Air. and Airs. Huh Throw Your Scrap Inio the FlKht! oltlb and lainily. A1ih. Hai'l llf)mor of !inti and Airs. JVni J viininnm Friday with Air. I.iili.m Aiidiw:-. .Max Kliort of (:iap (Jrttir, . I; itt spoiuliiij; a 1 " -nay j iw "1j ri I wiih liiB pan-inn, A'r. and Ai ! v ii' ;'! Siiorl w (i(iT and hrotijor.. Mist Nuinia .i'-au Knapp : p- nt ib w'k t'ltd in Kvanjivillf with i-i,i- ' ye V.';(r;.i) if 'tni Terre Haute spent siiii'luy wiih her sister, Air. and Airs. .fa-ul. Hiyant. .!.--. Alma Shannon and children 1 tewfinpiftiffi o. s.tfiii' town wre Saturday nuesis of Mrs. Alma t'seliuan and ttons. A!i. and Airs. Harry Smith, Jr. and REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for president, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York, is shown above in Oklahoma City. Okla., where, it is be- ; lieved, he made the most terrihe direct onslaught against President ' Roosevelt ever made by an opponent in a national campaign. Jt was ' the GOP candidate's last address of his cross-country tour, as his ' special train returns to Albany, N. V. (International SoundphotoJ , of Illooniiutidale siiimii .Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Ora Weaver. Mrs. Kuliy Kay spi nt .Monday in Terre Haute. Mrs. lien Sims has received word of the illness of her sister .Mrs. Tom Sims of I'asudena. Calif. She is in St. Luke's Hospital. .Mrs. Situs war formerly of Kairview. Miss :. M. (iavock, S 1c formerly of Milledcei ille, (Ja. was the suesi of Mr. and Mrs. John Andrews en t .route to her home at Uoekford.' IH. MV. and Mrs. S. T. Willi lock nient Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Clovd llephurn of rayiifja. Mr. aiid Mrs. Earl McCarty or T Jlaiite were Sunday quests of Mr. and .Mrs. Tlioiuas Haines ahd A alter mot) .Mrs. M KvauKvillf with her iiidlin r-t i ru spending ten r. Airs. Alar ejiiidren of Clenn Ayres and Airs. Ingram of Uanvfllo. 111. spent Sunday "veninp wild hfs parents. Air. and Alts. Harry Smith, Sr. Air. and Airs. Hilly liozarth have m.d Iroin Clinton to Washington ."tret. ' ; lirown. The Willing Woi k;rs flat--- w iii nu't'i at tin' lionifc of Airs. Audi' Hunter on Thursday oot. r for an alJrday iu-:lug. Oul-tnMuwji u sis atS.-ijd'iJK the funeral o! Janets liouWas 'n'!.'l' m Mr. and Mrs. Holier! McCrea j sons of Indianapolis spent Sunday AT FIRST r, and Airs. John Tlionias and '-hiidn it sjieut tile week Olid III Han- M . III. Air. and Airs. Alllford Shore and daughters of T'-rre Haule weio Suit-day quests of Air. and Airs. Kveivri Shores. larry Hah' l.slinan sp'nt Thursday nipht with rlativ at Sandy- HiVi n. ' Airs. Alarian Pelak and son, Iar-i An- t n the week i-iid with her JW OF A viih his parents, Mr. and -Mrs. Arthur Mcfrea. .Mr and Mrs. Ceorse ( line speni Siiudav with her lalher, Jack Whij)- BLUEJACKET WVfAMEW TRAPE-AMRK . Oti THtlR ei6EVB syweoirZlriS THE , ectie eel'&iti air,&koonpnpeA v UNIT IN MOD&M wKFAKE ' 666 no of l.llord. I USE! pW Piepar'aUont:o9di&atdJ, Mr. and Mrs. (ieoriie (Mine were recent Kiiests in Terre Haute. The Community club met at the town hall Friday ev.nint;. Following Hie business session, bunco was played and prizes were awarded lo Kon Ciovanini. IiIkIi. Mrs- (ira'e Squires, bunco, Mrs. Anne Kills, low and Mrs. Mary Houston, travel. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Koonlz spent the week end ill Danville, 111. Mrs. Kd Sanders Is spendies two weeks with her children at Upring-ticld, Aurora and Kocliford, III. Harlow Utile of Sullivan speni MOW TO KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE C0A7 ers' Laboratory. lasy to apply right over the old roof. Take no chances with your"Porkers" and your profits! Get s good roof now! FREE TO FARMERS I Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. frank 35 of all hogs die from poor' housing! SAVE YOURS! Vf'hen your farrowing houses are snug and dry, more of your pigs go to market! So roof pur buildings with Certain-teed Asphalt Shingles they're super-saturated with moisture-proof asphalt and thickly surfaced with mineral granules. Not only weather-tough, but fire-resistant -approved by Fire Underwrit Lewis. oticcTMe COMMOH TRADE -MARK Of EARLV 10QKCMMte, ARE NOW ; 60 RARE i THtV COST UPKWRRSOF Leaning Towers In Bologna, Italy, there are two leaning fortress towers. Squat Gari-senda, 1(13 feet high, is 10 feet ou'. of Wriie or ask for 20-paue Farmer' Wartime Handbook of Available Building Materials, full of ideas! 4 . ".w.i "f plumb. Taller Asinelll, 320 feet ubove city Jraflic. is our fet.oir Jumv, m - ... . Pay Wei! The pcrutj:;l garc'. crops such s asparagus, rhubarb, jrawb.;rnes and the various bush berries come Into production early in the season and pay well for the labor sptat on them. It! evrt-PElJ,TME6.l?E AtJP t-.'lAtWPArKlJfc'SS OF THE OF FtPlfeRF-E, LIKE THE TCODE-ilflRK ON U.6. PfXltiCfc CLINTON LUMBER & SUPPLY CO. I'lliine :'J : iii AXKTKAI), Mr. noil . ih si. 4 Tr-t aLl lr ocoriOTMDSMIinS. irm COMPLI- Vso IT IS AND THERCS UNCLE f' ;rtf we the Ta-ridin' 'Ttmc iniarAiiAi dv uac fli IHD11EDMENT6. ANO COSCOE AND THE SOUS FHOM TUE V&AFE AT LAST,)!! Hi S BELINDA!.! J MV , ; TUE REVOLT OF THE PIOUX , W&Xp TRIPLE -8AB-Y W THE VRY Land cRiwAGU tobes.sjsU, I MMMMettralMMITl frf-in I I.C CTAOTCH HAIR - 1 feiSt'hf' pit. vWtt-t a yt T''i.,y I H i' 3. trtV ONaE.CUuDIOS.fOiSONfcL1 'ij.' A M5 TOOK MV CROWN AMD THV f ! REVENGE MOWER1. VENGE 1 a i6 1 so ions REVENGE!1. adsuJIT k S LrTHOU.HORAllO-ANt) THOU. vr M.ANKETT" tLLUSWEARTrtOLI 1-y . OF WHAT THOU HERE ! jS&Y ' t-Z&r IPS fI PREVltW with ham talkimc3 to a BREADTH ftAfcRY ANt so H LAONOI mow "WO TAE ENACTiMtiMT OP "HAMLET ST.VWWG HARRV HOLLIMG5K02W IN THE TITLE COLE, BELWPA AS &PUELIA, GHOST us! woo a rj r-XfJjy-.-H) AND RUtXJLPH RASSENPALE Ab CLAUDil6,KW3 OF DENMAKK i (RJITV, TUE HOOMD, iM pole would es i t40T DOG EtiP OE REEL t sdsh! I euess a consciemce I'LL JUST LET you PUT IT UP AT LOTS MORE VJU WCULOM'T HOLD ME koMES UNDER THE HEAD OF i ' I LLIET-, VOiJXjYrS, I DID, BUT TO YOUR OWN AN EXPENSIVE J 1 r- LUXURY KNOW YOU MR.S1MPUIMS PROMISED TO i J'VJE GOT A COME BACK ryVJOKDKFUL1 fO AJORK rJl OFPORTUMTy if t, ' n , - t THE COAT WITH THE CC'jL-DLNSE FABRIC i t v.trn dlnmt a two-coat j.Hiikv in an Aliuaora, TILLIE 1 ... 7rrtir,v v- -g--- 1UIU1JV llj yyp.E FALUM6 IOMM ON XOURl wardrobe. i;ut and yuu get wtaltlr. cfitiuraiKc , , . at in Aljwgora's txciu-J-very square- inc'i of i number of wool Muc and millions, in f-u. its rich "million-air" niiikcsi it so lony-wt-dr getting two coats for A Pl-iOMI 1 BUT YtT IT'S 'our Duty to Take jiL.u jiitt- . . . plu long f.-mii: time. The reason lies .lc tlijubjt-dtilic fleece, surface contains tuict the ordinaty coatb . . . millions 1j!.u'; wut give Alpaora .i n;l (aik any textile exjert) i.i Hut's why it's like tli' price of one. .av nnM sob ir tcju A PROMISE. VOU THINK UHCAWT DECIDB THE MODEL ZO& r .m the TOILER By Ruts Weslover lTILllE-rT'.SXXffa a. TtLLlE'S PROMISED TO COME ARE? My 1 FOR ME TO SUPPORT Moupa DUTy TO KEEPj BACK TO WORK AMD HER CQMSCIEMCE D -1, I HQTHH? BETIER klOMSClENCE'Ll Make HER f ) I COME BACK 32-50 37-50 " 3 luuie's COM-SCIEMCb V.'AIi KOXDS! rrt -ri Li

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