The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 29, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 5
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Page Fivo THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Friday, September 29, 1941. rMaioTLeague t Soviet Troops was officially described as stubborn ; by the Russian communique. Nazi jel.uients bulled aimop'd and lank i reserves into battle in frantic ef-I forts to break up the Russian ad Scoreboard I Hack at Nazi Here is the race at a NEW YORK. N. Y. American League flag Eastern Walls vances. Reports of local actions along Ihe Czech (nmtier told of the destruction of Genua it ton es in units of luli.ilion and regimental strength, as well as of the capturing of great qiiiiiuilies ui German materiel. glance: W. L. Pet. O B. action (-Tearing a patfi fur J. KJih'-ro who crossed (lie Tecli goal standing uJ for the loiiu wore of tiie eve-iiin;. Kurietta's kick was blocked, making tk' wore Clinton C. tjerstuie.ver 0. Ansladt took the Clinton kick-off to IVch's as as the uuarUjr ended. .mtoihI iiaitei Drixes b AlacliaiiKo. Strange and VtTolwko took the ball to Hie Soya id line where Cirvy stepped an rtid-around play with Clinton taking over on downs. I.VVmti Aainsi 4 liil4n A 15 -yard holding iieiially set tlu Wildcats back but tin- ;iliiiai-Heiiie-ro duo act wtw tlu ball ou Teclfs ;i7 for a first down on the next Mud-Spattered Wildcats Win 6-0 Contest Defeat Gerstmeyer Tech Crew for Season's Third Victory in Muddy, Rainy Field; Barbee is Injured Mushing through four guarters of U paiiK1 played ou gridiron best described a guoey. Clinion's mud-spat-lered Wildcats cauie out on tin- hint' England we are taking a flyer on Dartmouth to win. Duke .Meets 1'enll A grand Duke team, with one game under its belt, comes north to tackle a highly-touted but still untried I'enn team. We give Duke an edge, but realize that a I'enn victory would hardly be an upset. I'uiilue U'iux Nod Moving into the strong Mid-West we are picking powerful Minnesota to top an untried Nebraska team. We think Ohio Stale should bounce Missouri arouud and we like Purdue's chances against Marquette in a lough game. We also pick Northwestern over Wisconsin and Michigan over Indiana. We re told Illinois has something this year but we must string along with Great Lakes to beat them. (Continued liom pas II TP 4 4 4 Detroit 8i . 64 .573 St. Louis 85 65 .567 New York .83 67 .553 Weather is Major Factor in Last Lap of A. L Rate Double-Headers May Deride Hot league Raw; Timers, Browns Toss-l'p NKW YOKK. N. Y. Tlie alli-t mini m-vi-r was eyed ho lit-only durini; a pennant f iplit as he is inc onlid today iu St. Louis and Detroit. With the TiKt'i's-Sonators same In etloil and tin' Yanks-Brown battle in St. IxiUi washed out yesterday with the rest of the American League slate, double-headers anion): the Water Buffalo The ponderous, plodding water buffalo, often so docile that it can be lid aiound by the nose by native five-year-old. con be aroused and become dangerously mad on scenting a white man. creeling barricades aimed at checking Ihe speed ol tile Russian ollell-sive. I'ih'hs 1 nit'lelitiiig Advance As advancing Russian forces continued to MKd white Nazi lorces attempting to prolong the detente ot Hie Baltic region. Irontal assaults against German positions, combined with encircling tactics continued to dislodge Wehrrnacht forces from prepared positions as Suv iet units cotuinued their unrelenting offeu- ouH tf ii fi-U tutiuli' with llu i'.i-tt- play. lon to TVch'a 2ti, Clinton culled time out. On the next play Clinton fumbled, losing the ball as Tech LAFAYETTE. Ind. A turuoul riulililiK teams were necessitated to- Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CH1IIOFRACTOB X-Kaj 235 Blackmail of 15.000 fans is anticipated for recovered the bobble. Tern traversed i jay allj, h played, will just about the field to reach the Wildcat's 25 IIASFIIAI.L TODAY Probable pitchers: .IMCIlll l I.F.;l K New York iBouliam and lloruwvl at St. Ixiuis (Kramer and Potter I (21. Washington (Niggeling and Wolff) at Detroit ((Autry and over-miret (21. Philadelphia (Black and Floresl at Cleveland (Gromek and Harder) (2). Boston (Cecil) at Chicago ( Lopt I (night). .N ATION AL I.F.AGI K St. Louis (Wilksl at New York (Melton). Cincinnati (Heusser) at Brooklyn (Chapman or Davis). Pittsburgh (Ostermueller) at Philadelphia (Barrett). Chicago (Derringer) at Boston (Tobin). decide the hot American I-eapue ut'nnant race. Should these and the isive. The figlitiug below Sauok. near I the Polish-Czechoslovak frontier. rest of the remaining crucial games Purdue's home football opener tomorrow afternoon against Marquette. With the possible exception of right guard and right tackle assign-menu. Coach Cecil Isbell was expected to start with the combina ineyer Tech lilac k Cain in the Memorial Stadium at Terre Haute last night. 1). Reiner Kcoits While the players on both teams as well as the spectators who bra-ed the wind and rain were getting con fu Bed over who was who in Hie mud-covered uniforms. Don Keine-ro scored the lone tally of the same in the closing minutes of the first quarter. Passing plays were put on the shelf labelled "for dry weather only" as the pa me wan played in mud DON'T FORGET For Quality Liquor yard stripe. Another 15-yard called against Clinton nut the Tecli squad on the Wildcat's 10-yard line. Tech JllowK 4'liaiice The Wildcat line froze solid and Tech lost their best opportunity to score as the half ended. Tiiii-d Quarter Clinton kicked off as the second tion that was impressive but futile. against the Oreat Lakes squad last week end. MEED'S There was a possibility that Jim McMillcn. veteran right guard, who half of the mud-derby opened sometimes ankle deep. The few pas- strange took the kick off but was suffered a slight shoulder injury may be relieved by Morris Kaastad y "House Of Uuaiity although McMillen's name appeared on a tentative lineup issued by the university. Ken Olaesner also was COMPLETE RUM LINE listed for probable right tackle assignment, although Tom Hughes. YKSTF.IIDAVS P.KSFLTS AMERICAN' LEAGUE New York-St. Louis (rain). Washington-Detroit (rain). Philadelphia-Cleveland (rain ). Boston-Chicago (rain). .NATIONAL I.KAl'K St. Louis 2. New York 0. Cincinnati 10. Brooklyn 6. (Other clubs- not scheduled). hauled down on the 40 by Oilman. Soon forced to punt ou downs. Enrietta went up to his own 35. then joined with Curry and Cilman to pace the ball to the 45. Tech called time. I'sing up their four downs, the lSlack Cats asain punted out this lime to the 22. I'se T-l-'orniation Clinton went into their T-forma- WINE - WHISKEY Also who also played in the Oreat Lakes ses that were tried were failures as the ball was too soggy and the gridiron too muddy to accomodate the fast action necessary for aerial maneuvers. J J ax Fractured 1ejr Clinton's starting right guard. Gilbert Uarbee. sustained a fractured leg in the game when he was injured early in the fourth quarter. He was carried from the playing field and rushed to the Vermillion County Hospital where examination showed the fracture. game, still was considered as a possible starter at the position GIN - BRANDY - CORDIALS be washed out, the Tigers will be floated into the pennant by one game. Two Wins Xeeded Steve O'Neill's men. however, are not depending on a flood-tide to carry them into their first flag since 1940. Two triumphs over the Senators with concurrent double losses by the Browns to the Yanks would give the Tigers the 11144 A. L. championship and establish them as opponents of the St. Louis Cards in the world series starting in St. Louis Wednesday. Today's schedule is crammed with exciting potentialities. With four games left to play: the Yankees, now all but counted out of the race, could leap to within a game of the Tigers through a double-win over the Browns while the Tigers were losing (wo. Two losses by the Tigers and a pair of wins by the Brownies would put the St. Louis boys ahead by a game. Hot? This race is blistering. Yanks Least Favored Of the three teams in the scrap, the Yankees are least favored by the schedule, since tiie Tigers and Browns finish at home. It was only through their recent efforts that the Yankee road record was lifted to a .500 average, and even should they win Ihe remaining four games, they would have to be helped along by Detroit losses to stay in contention. LIBEI'S LIQUOR STORE INTO.V. IND. BLOOMING TON. Ind. Indiana University's lineup for the Michigan game at Ann Arbor tomorrow will Phone 7!)l I 140 NORTH TH ST tion with V. Kemero snooting out to set up a first down with ta adding five yards on the next remain the same as the starting line- un against Illinois last Saturday Barbee. a senior, will prooahiy oe)piay. out of action for the remainder of. Oilman twice drove through cen-the season. Iter to add two more first downs to Wildcat Dominate lJa" j Clinton's stack as the third quarter Although the Wildcats d oiii mated fnded. with the possible exception of fullback. That was Coach Bo McMillin s TOMORROW GASIEH .NATIONAL ;.KAG E Chicago at Boston. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. St. Louis at New York. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. AMERICAN I.KAGUF, Boston at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. Washington at Detroit. Philadelphia at Cleveland. intent before he left for Jacksun. Mich., with 34 members of his 0 )su I ICIE! OAf. sauad. The Housiers will work out today at Jackson before going on to Ann Arbor. Before entraining. McMilliu said lie had not decided whether to the play throughout the game, allowing Tech to get only to the 10-yard line once, numerous scoring opportunities were muffed because of the mud and rain obstacles to the game. Oilman turned in his usual outstanding defensive playing with Curry giving good account of himself. Fourth Quarter: As the last quarter opened Iieine-ro plowed through, the mud to Tech's 20-yard stripe with Oilman following through to the 15. Cerst-meyer's li:ie held against the Wildcats for the remaining downs and the Black Cats took over the ball. Intercept Paw Again One of Cerstmeyer's few passes Every Saturday Night AMF.KH 'A.N I.KAGI F. Won Lost Pet. start George Sundheim. of Lagrange, or Harry Jagade. of River Grove 111., at the fullback spot. Both scored in the mini grid encounter. rj BOWLING RESULTS Don Heinero and Tony Knrietla also by BEER-WiNE-WHISKEY-MIXEO DRINKS No Cabaret Tax Until After 9 p. ra. starred for Clinton. Curry and Oil-jof the evening was intercepted Enrietta on the Tech 3 man doubled in brass, playing Clubs Detroit St. Louis New York Boston Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia Washington 8 64 .573 85 65 -567 j 83 67 .553 75 75 .500 72 78 .480 69 81 .460 1 68 82 .1531 62 88 .413 I.KAGIF. Driving down into deep Tech territory again, D. Reinero scored a down on the 20-yard stripe. Oilman was rushed on a pass and the touchdown try went glimmering as Tech took over to punt out to the 35. Add Mudd spattered H spls Suacessive five and 15-yard penalties put the Wildcats again close to paydirt on Ihe Ifi-yard stripe but Oerstmeyer's line held Ihe few remaining seconds with the game ending on the 6-0 score. Summaries: To liufe Gentry and Paul I Dizzy I Trout Manager O'Neill has dVlegated the task of keeping the Tigers in the lead. Trout, who with Hal New-houser forms the most valuable pitching pair in the majors, is looked upon as a sure winner every time he steps on the mound, and Oentry has made himself valuable through several stirring jobs in the tail-end of this race. Johnny Niggeling and Roger Wolff will start for Washington. k miner. I'oller Duo To Jack Kramer and Nelson putter will go Ihe job of keeping the Browns in the fight and possibly sending them ahead. Opposing the St. Louis liurlers will be Ernie Bon-ham and Hank Ilojowy. Only Ihe two National League games were left unmolested yesler-ilav. Hill v Southworth fielded the l'IK .1 I'OI.A I.KAGI K PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Mooney, 1''2. 179, 154525; Jones, 100, 131. 1S 459; Baysinger. 150. Hi'J. 135 154; Peck. 173. 154, 114-491; Straw, 205. 144. 178-527; handicap. 15. 15. 1S6 46S. Totals. HJ.16. 933, 955- 2924. VERMILLION ROOM- Hays. 17i. 171. 181-531; Asbury. 133. 130. 14H 409; Guerri. 1 15. 134. 150 399; Kirkinan. 224. Iti'i. 173 563: Tasso, 158. 172. 157 487; handicap. 191. 134. 194 582. Totals. 1000, !l7. 10042971. NATIONAL Clubs SI. Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago New York Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia Lost I'd. 4 7 .6 89 61 .593 63 .583 76 .493 H) .4 30 88 .413 90 .404 91 .39 3 Won 104 . 89 88 74 - 65 62 61 59 Ninth at Vine Street both line and back positions. First Quarter: Enrietta kicked off for Clinton with Smith taking the punt and returning it to Tech's 45-vard line where he was stopped by the entire Clinton line. On the second play of the game Clinton recovered a Tech fumble on the fiO-yard line. Clinton's backfield took turns carrying the ball until Oilman scored a first down for the locals. Tech called time as Hauls went in lor Strange. On their own 20 Tech look over the ball on downs, calling lime again. A 20-yard run by Verotsko was voided as the play was called back on an offside penalty. Verotsko started a Tech drive that saw two first downs roll the Black Cats to Clinton's 45-yard line. Clinton called time. iiussell stupped Verotsko cold on the neit play, throwing the Tech left half to a three-yard loss. ;irlllicyer (O) I, E Cowger I, T Chancellor f. o Martin C Shepard H O Cianteo COCA-COLA McCown, 1-6, 153 134413; Hollingsworlh, 191. 143 156490; Vielti. 125, 1 42. 137 -404; Kenoglio. 157. 158, 108 -423 Hageman, 173. 167. 148- 488; ban Clinton (li) Cirey Graham Oilman O rover Barbee Povlin Russell M. Reincrio D. Reinerio Enrietta Curry Ozier j (.aVd against the New York Olants NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued from page J) It T -H E -Q II - Musial. Johnny Hupp Jarl , minus Stan Smith I!ay Zanders and Slats Marion, and 1 . .... - ..I... 1 1....- dicap. 203. 203. 203 C09. Totals., 975. 966, 8S6 2827. , Jt'LES TAVERN Vi.paro. 1S9. L H Verotsko R H. Angstadt y B Machango '.,r,.ttb.. startea a pncner wno in-itiuiun.- uui been more used to bull pens. Mix Donnelly. The Cards still won. 2 to now serving overseas w it h the Ball has 211 111 Air Command. Sgt. Score by periods: n a,1(i Donnelly went the route visited two large cities. Bombay and 201. 158548: Roth. - 0, 1.;;. J2i 430; Gainbiani, 1' ". ITS. 175 529: laocli, 205. iVC. 141 516: Benlti. 187. 224. 19', 601; bandi Clinton 6 0 0 6 ( jneiunati Reds spotted the Gerstmeyer 0 0 0 0 0 Hrooklyn Dodgers live runs, then Scoring touchdown D. Reinerio. Ii,iuntd the Bums, 10 to 6. with a Totals. -462. cap, 154. 151. I"4 the Substitutions Clinton Secon- ' furj,,us nine-run assault 3086. 1080, 1061, ! dino. Veizina. Baunigartner. Paslo- Intercet Tcli Pass Tech tried Ilie air route but the pass was intercepted by Quarterback Martin Heinero. With the right side of Clinton's line blocking. Oilman got away and slogged up to Tech's .;-yard line before he was nailed. Advances by Curry. D. Heinero and Oilman set the stage for a quarterback sneak by brother .Mart who hit the Black Cats' 22 .scoring another first down. The Wildcat backiktd went into Calcutta, while stationed there. U.S.A. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Sergeant John Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wright of north of Newport, was recently promoted fourth inning. The Dodgers earlier had flattened Harry Gumbert undei live-run attack in the first two frames. re. Foster. Gerstmeyer Sfange. Yuhe. Ruzgony. Nicholas. Evans. Harris. Johnson and Stabletoll. Officials Referee. Harris Men-dcnhall; umpire. Babe Wheek-r: headlinesman, H. Firebaugh. HORN'S ;rTT. SHOP Lane. 191, 15 !.0 519; Paloncy, 157 126. ' -430; Waugh. 169. 180. 116 .: Cooper. 148. 148. 159 IT Xarauovich. 177. 171, 144 : handicap. 112. 112. 112 336. itals. 954. 895. 878 2727. DIANA SWEET SHOP Weir. '6 l ir' Top-Flight Crid Teams Go Into Action Saturday to bis present rank Iroiu that ol corporal. Young Wriglil who is ' stationed in India told his parents in ' ja recent letter that "If I owned all 177. 194. 156 527: Kr. Shea TAXPAYERS OF CLINTON, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, FAIRVIEW PARK AND UNIVERSAL MAY PAY REAL ESTATE, PERSONAL, AND POLL TAXES at the Vermillion County Rationing Board Office in Clinton on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY SEPT. 28, 29, and 30 KMtl. O. MIMA. IIMYIV IKKWUUI, Will. It UK i hi: ioi viii iw liuoivs at Tin: i:viiiuv imai:i ii i n i: n 'j tn-: ahum: dm i s i u tiii: nv imi:v k oi Lorn. rtvpAX i:-.. i;vi:i:xt: n i it.i:n to tm: AIHAMM.l: ol THIS OPPollllMIA TO f TAMS iu.i;i:. not lis: iiiip.sdw ami i bH'AV m a. m. to 4 P. ill. HIT I l!l)V H A. M. TO VlOV Uy PAT RolllX-iO.' NEW YORK. N. Y. y "f Ihe top-flight football lean .. the na 148. 140 385; .Manship. 144. 1 76. 136 -456; Allison. 170. 114. 154-468; Ave. 169. 165, 135 469; handicap. 118, 118, 118354. Totals. 875. 945. 8392659. of India. 1 would trade It right now for one glimpse of Indiana. U.S.A. Private Meril Thomas arrived home Sunday from Camp Butler. Pa. to spend a ten day furlough with his wife, Mrs. Meril Thomas and sou, Charles. il ion will swing into i'oh lomoi-Tow with the spot" . focused on ! almost a score l re using con-ilesls. Let's see if li i.-.:l spot a few GREGORY CAFE Lanimey. 165. 123. 130 418; McDonald. 174. 115, ITS 4S7; Maloney, 167. 198. 186 -551; Hayes. 175. 153, 108496; Wilson, 164. 152. 160476: hali- prospective winners. Here in the east Army will unveil a team that West Pointers hope will LUMBER FOR SALE The lumber freeze order has now been modified so we are permitted to sell some lumber. We will do our best to fill your order but our stocks are badly broken. We have a good stock of No. 2 boards and a fair stock of 2 inch lumber. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. Hydrogen Atom The atom of hydrogen is the simplest of all the 92 elements which form all the matter known to scien- 128 384. Totals. take Navy this year. If tne Kayaets dj m 12s I lists today. It consists of a proton, ' charged with positive electricity, and an electron whose negative charge i is equal lo the proton's positive ' charge but whose "weight" or mass Is 1,(100 limes smaller than the pic- Ion s mass. Other a'oms are n.oie complicated but they fellow the sa"te : pattern; there is a nucleus, a tightly constructed center composed of pro-ton and ncutroi s, v.hi h have no electrical charge ani around this ' nucleus aie electrons. 973. 899. 950 2822. MATTIODA GROCERY Mur-duck. 189. 202. 179- 570: Lyilay. 156, 14 1. 186483: .Maltiuda, 142. 161. 161 - 464: Custelln, 182. 114. 2'il 527: Brazllkas. 164. 163. 167 19); handicap, 93, 93. 93 -279. Teals. 926. 90 1. 987 2817. n Mare Students In t' e two decades. 1S20-194O, th m . o. r of pupils increased by margin substantially greater than the population increase among riiil-dicn of school age, high school en- - f i...i .-nM..4 nr. ft in lQjn cnn ar h: If as good as ineir coaeues l,i:;' .hey are, they should gel no mil' than a good stiff workout :r. I North Carolina. So we'll string v- ill the (e::c!"-3 on Ibis one and .ick Arn Navy I' ,'i l ;.voiilc The ;. . which all pie-season dope . i - li . 1 lo be I be b ..t 111 Hi' Ian-'-, f-i -i.lld lake Nol l II Cur.lili i ! ' lit but t!ie Middies arc aoinlc to l llow lliey've been ill a route!. Nulie Dame will nut be as st;o. as last year bv -ever:'.'! .na ngs bill I bey ligure lo g a ,i:glit nod ou r Pittsburgh ".: n jiks pinny of power. nioy L'fe! Make Dynamite Peanut hulls are used in the manufacture of dynamite. snluted 24 per cent of t!: total pub- i I Dotii i;e,ruii ar.u itoiy . iu ljc stLoo enrollment. invsleri's but on report . from New r55S 5 WATCH ir. DAIJ-A GUY ip-VlX fcOULO TELL EVER ;ED A Am HAPPY 1 PEU.V IS- AlMArij I nr,.-v 1 vAi.JthT inR-UfBES II VAHERE I AM" I CUES I CAM GO ft AC K AND I ,1 jusr Movto INTO THAT CHAM INTO THAT CHAIDX SORRY VOU DCNT I I DON'T AN ADCKtDJ- "?? H I riit iti rti loiw HEB TO ', 3WADyOU I KNOW AWV THING KNOW TELLJEM VOU f gOOT TO ME- I ;, -,. maI SIIM ANVWAY--- f CI1 v- ' M0SE ABOUT M0B1W- WHERE ME-- T BUT THANKS I ' - f , MAKE SURE ANYWAY I f 1 L HE OWED SOME I HE 15.'.- k I ANYWAY" . , .. Vl'J Brisk exercises and a spirit of friendly goodfellowship will clear up a lot of petty annoyances. You'll find that a session at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. DAN DUNN Secret ftmij 3 3 f'Si lKVU3 t TU LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY CLINTON! PHONE II 131 8. MAIN ST.

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