The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 28, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1944
Page 5
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'lJi;e Five THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Thursday, September 28, 1944, Reopen Embassy Valga, south along the Baltic coast, and from east and south of Riga all took heavy toll of German personnel KOBERTAJS 1 BEAUTY SHOP JUT North 7tll St. PHONE 1H4-W GUARANTEED PERM ANENTS 'jf;,".1- "raw-! w'i . land materiel, wane me razi gnu SB bunion aoaai i votes p1 mursaav Jor ,n tne Bal. Couples Class of Baptist Lnurcn ariou8 ndecd. meet at church at 7:JU P. ni. mil. . . ., of ,nR Dan entertain the Philathca Class ana , Ruman forces , goulnern Men's Bible Class. Members of the northern arm of th( CouDles Class are to bring a pump- , , unnck Hun huen nincers aimed to knock Hun early today to augment the drive. Simultaneously, Allied forces striking from northern Belgium a-long a line to the BOUthwest extended their bridgehead across the Antwerp Canal west of captured Turn-hout. The German agency DNB asserted that new airborne landings were m.ide along tho highway connecting Nijnngen Willi llols-le-Dllc, to the southwest, hut tho enemy account w;ib not substantiated in Allied quarters. Ilallle Along Itall Linn DM1 said alnn that fierce righting was raging along the railroad line linking Ilriis-le-lluc with Eindhoven to the south. Along the rest or the western front from points north of Aachen, bin nla urmiiim Chanter No. 264 O. E. 9 FRISTS gary from the war is advancing, drive deeper into German positions In the Capathlans south of Sanok. Drive Nearer rwrli Hordcr ned army battlers, fighting with Indian tactics In the mountainous in.i Hmvn ver nearer the Czech S. and Morris Chapter No. 66 . will have inspection at 7:30 p. m. at the Masonic Hall. Dinner will bo served at 6:30 p. m. t the Clinton Hotel. 1aV Home I Home L Young Peoples Class, First unns- oslovak border, and surrounded and Tri Kappas Appoint New Birthday Party Held For Committees At Meeting Jerry Lee Ugo Yesterday Committees for tlio Incoming year Jerry Lee Ugo observed his third were appointed at the Tri Kappa birthday anniversary at a party giv-mcetlng held Wednesday evening at. en yesterday afternoon at the home tho home of Mrs. diaries Schelsky. . of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Members working on the commit- Ugo of Crompton Hill, tees are: program committee, Mrs. The dining room was beautifully John Uentley, chairman; Mrs. Don 'decorated In blue and pink and the Marietta; excuse committee, Klslc table was centered with a two tier Meyer, Marynotto White and Mrs. angel-food cako with three candles. Charles Oledlnger; charity. MIkb (iuests present wore- Janice Kay Mnrjorlo Caldwell, Miss Hnrbara Hutson, Kdwnrd Taylor of Clinton, Burgan, Miss Hetty Ann Dick, and Anna Ruth West, Carolyn Joslyn, Miss Ruth Ann Wood; scholarship, pierce Carroll, Charles Stickles. San-Mrs. Helen Johnson, Miss Dorothy dra Lou Hutson and Beverly Ann Devonuld, and Miss Klnora Muriet- cK0 all of Crompton Hill, Lorraine ta; by-laws. Mrs. iK. W. Powell, and Ferrari, Centenary Wallace and Lar-Mrs. Schelsky; audlllng, Mrs. Ble-, ry Page and Mrs. Orvllle Page, St. dinger, and war fund, Mrs. H. H. ' Bernice, Mrs. Ralph Carroll, Mrs. Wlsehart. lAdolph Stickle, Mrs. Morris Joslyn, j . .. . . xi .nnl1n Hilt- tian Church, Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace, Walnut street, 7:30 p. m. Acme Club, Mrs. Cecil Ansieau, Walnut street, 7:30 p. in. i,i, i.odea 7:30 p. m. at knocked out German strongpoints dominating the Carpathian defiles. In this region Soviet advances liberated the fortified stronghold of Wo-tho Czech frontier after the hall, bunco and euchre at 8 p. m. a battle which left hundreds of dead where Hie American First Army m battling insido Germany, southward lo Lunevllln In France there was active pal rolling by both sides. The Americana met stiff opposition from pillboxes and strongpoints, near Ilurtgen, southeast of Stolberg. Germans on the field. Friday un,Uv nunco Club, to I.-.,- mt ith Mrs. Blanche Wclkcr alirarr a will meet with Mrs. Lela Youmans. Clinton Township Farm Bureau . ii, rmmninn Hill school 1'lans were maae ior a rummage mrs. ugo, no. .ia. -sale to be held at 219 South Main ! son, Mrs. August West, Mrs. Mildred street, Sept. 30. Members and ' Hutson, Mrs. Ned Taylor and the . . i . l, I. i Men Mnl-V llEO Mrs. Mary Ugo a niGHT house at 8 p. m. Ralph M. Krlebel two grandmothers, rrmnn, wnn niivi. ruiiiiiiutit: ttiu unn- Allied Lifeline Strengthened In New Thrust ' (Continued from page 1) cd to check in Thursday afternoon of Purdue, speaker. Bring uu-wiches. Kappa Delta Phi, formal initiation, 7:30 p. m. September 29, Clinton Hotel. Children's Room Suggestions for the children's room are a toy box made from the drawer of a broken-down bureau and a set of blocks created with odd 6craps of wood left over from carpentry jobs. The blocks can be painted with letters, ships, "flowers or whatever your fancy dictates. nnH Friday afternoon. Mrs. Rex Cott SMILING as he prepares to raise the French Tricolor over the French Embassy in Washington is Henry Hoppenot, chief of the delegation of the French Committee of National Liberation. It wat the first time the flag has flown over the building since it was closed In Nov. 1942, when the U. S. broke relations with V'.chy. (JntertwrtonnM of Crompton Hill and Mrs. Jonn Stefrey, St. Bernice. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served and the honored guest received several nice and use Monday Wakofe Club, regular meeting and initiation, 7:30 p. m., Mrs. Kay nnarlnra nf C.en. Dwlght D. ElBen- Shew. hower, who revealed that the Allies now are clearing the Nazis irom tne From where I sit Joe Marsh - area east of that city. British Drive to North British forces are cooperating by striking northeastward out of Hem-mel, three and a half miles northeast of Nljmegen, and Imperiling Trouble Often Starts at Home rell is chairman of the affair with Mrs. Charles Hurlow as pick-up chairman. The next meeting will be In two weeks with Miss Sally Haln, South Fifth street. a Mrs. Turbeville Entertains Fair-view Park Bunco Club Members of the Fairview Park Happy Hour Bunco Club met at the home of Mrs. Mary Turbeville recently. An election of officers was held during the business meeting with Mrs. Vera Murray as president; Mrs. Helen Colletti, secretary-treasurer. Members attending were Mrs. Louise Colletti, Mrs. Helen Colletti. Mrs. Luclllo Craft, Mrs. Pleana Hall, Mrs. Marie Harper, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Bern ice Klspert, Mrs. Vera Murray. Mrs. Myrtle Short, Mrs. Mary Turbeville. Prime Minister Places German Toll atJHW.OOO (Continued Horn pay D ful gifts. 9 m Friendly Bunco Meeting Held Wednesday Evening Mrs. Mary Shannon was hostess Wednesday evening to the members of the Friendly Bunco Club at her home on South Seventh street. Ten members of the club attended the meeting. Following a short business meeting, bunco was played with Mrs. Marsonne Mott winning bunco and travel; Mrs. Thelma Baxendale, high; and Mrs. Margaret Crowder, low. The next meeting will be held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Marsonne Mott. a in.. t..iia Mevers soent Wednes- the Nazis' lines. The Germans are fighting back ferociously and a mines from their path and registering "gradual progress' in their drive for tho harbor. The spokesmen revealed that the American 82nd and 101st. airborne divisions participated In the Eind-hoven-NlJmegen operations. The Allies now are thrusting at the Germans in a twin drive through the Netherlands and northern Holland In an attempt to smash German forces reportedly attempting to withdraw from the western area of the Netherlands. Report New Landings The British Second Army, expanding the corridor reaching northward through Holland, smashed forward southwest of Nljmegen south of Oss. and enemy reports said that new airborne landings had been carried out pitched battle Is under way, spoacs-men said. The Tommies are aiming toward the Llnge Canal, midway between - r. ,. ,rlran Arnhem and Kijmegen, ana nave of this number American. advace8 Qf tw and tnree Yanks In Lean ,.,, n .. ,holr hrldeehead at nv- that spreads to intolerance; among neighbors, and intolerance among nations. From w here I sit, yon can put jour failli In the family that lives and lets live-where Pa enjoys his smoke and maybe a mellow glass of beer or two; and Ma wears funny looking; hats and likes 'cm; and Sis grows up as healthfully full of spirits as a child should be. "The great flow oi weu-i. - . , c7 nivtainnR from acrosB chevorsel. United States Divisions "om -.,.,. ..,. ald . "general Read the other day where some folks have put up $11)0,000 to establish a bureau to combat Intolerance and prejudice. Rerkon we nil agree that that's a mighty worthy cause. But I wonder If tolerance, like so many other things, doesn't begin at home. You take a family where Ma objects to hubby's smoking In tho parlor; and Pa can't stand his wife's hats; and they both yell at Sis for liking to listen to Bwing music-and you've got the seeds of trouble! Trouble jday night with Phyllis Joyce Stic the f lan"cnnWiVn"eJh:Vading PO- Picture" in Holland now I. one of the Americans into the earn g v ,v fllrhlln wlth the NazlB ut. kles. sltion against oermany. - Mlallv strong resistance 8aThe Prime Minister's report en- along the Meuse above Nljmegen inc inioc hIj i tho Hlrpnllnn nf the en dan - m . ( J t.' 1. Newport Boy Scouts To Collect Paper October 7 Boy Scouts of Newport Troop No. Bunco was' played and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Bernice Kispert, high; Mrs. Pleana Hall, bunco; Mrs. Louise Colletti, low and Mrs. Helen Colletti, travel. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Lucille Craft in October. COmpaHHtfu iu; iio!,Hnn?trr.i T.lnirp nana . irprprt I.lnee Canal ana ne iruii - . that Britain's campaign In Burma is mi " "--';, American oeauiy aiiuji Vera Mae Black 31S 8. Main I'hone Specialized Hair Styling a Permanent Waves G5 will make a house to nvw ,, canvass of the city a week from leitner Vj", dealt with Canadians Besiege Calais On the French coast, where Canadian troops are laying siege to the Nazi-held port and cross-channel artillery site of Calais, the Dominion u.,i,.r,i v net. 7. at 9 a. m. to the war In Europe, the courage of ... . o nn the triumphf I'hone For An Appointment Cup) right, 1944,- Brewing InduMy Foundation No. 96 of a Series troops are clearing boobytraps ana Bunco Played At White Heather Circle Meeting collect scrap paper, M. S. Peterson, scout master, announced All persons are asked to take . . i k..nJllnn thnlr naner. oincers anu . of logistics which enabled amazing The White Jieatner circle mei mm n.-i ..v... . special care in uuiiumife ni.i,t ...itt, Mrs Marion Wilkic of in mit all maeazine paper smooth, Lieutenant South Sixth street as hostess. jln one bundle, newsprint In another Bunco was played with Mrs. Tom and sc.aI) pa),cr Btill in another. They McLatchle winning high; Mrs. Wal- ro lhpn aBked to place the bundles tcr Shorter, second high; and Mrs. on ther front wai k or porch where John Dunsmore, bunco. j it can be seen by the scouts. things to be done in u short space of time. IS Casualties 14.1,000 German casualties, he disclosed, totalled some 400,000 killed and 500,000 taken prisoner. The Allies, he said lost about 235.000 men k lied wounded or missing. United States- casualties were placed at 145.000. These Included losses by The next meeting will be neia j gpiondid cooperation was snown with Mrs. Walter Burnsides of South by the residents of Newport during ho cran drive. Mr. Peterson Seventh street in four weeks. said, and It is hoped that with their M. M. 2c Robert Beard Is visit- nep' aKani this drive will be equally lng hlB wife, Mrs. Dorothy Beard .ucceBljf ul. and father David Beard of South Fifth street. a Claused Ads Sell Most Anything Lieut. Gen. Alexander m. iu-... Seventh Army which invaded the Riviera. British casualties were upward of 90,000 killed, wounded and milnB- t . ,, The Allies now have between two and three million men In France, he revealed. ltenew Pledge Against iaps . The Prime Minister renewed the British pledge to press the war against Japan with the utmost en-ergy. mt.- TiMn ulnktpr said that at Replaces Copper New rolei for iteel in tanks havo replaced a total of 3,000,000 pound of copper. Notice! The rilntonlan Wants Your News. Please Call Ml ar To Iti-port Social News. Phone 82 or S3. PERM ANENTS At Prices To Fit All Purses ADAMSON S BEAITOHIIM 355 54 South Main St. Phone 502 liie iiiiiic " his Quebec conference with 1 resident Roosevelt complete agreement was reached on every point. It waa decided there that there should bo no changes in the chiefs of staff charged with the conduct of the war. President Roosevelt, he revealed, cordially accepted the offer of the British Fleet In the major operation against Japan, .and declared that a large portion of the fleet already was In the Indian Ocean. There will be a severe. Intense, prolonged and ever-Increasing air bombardment of Japan, he prom 1 a - aa v x I l vw mam ar v sparkling clean. You see, Sealtest Ice Creams anil Sherliels must pats a doulil insertion for purity our own and the Scaliest Laboratory inspections. . j YOU CAN THANK YOUR DEALER for getting you Sealteet with its smooth richness and real (never artificial) flavor. He gladly pays more for these extras. Uut .you don't. ised. Churchill deprecated premature expectations of an Immediate ending of the war. saying that many with the highest qualifications hold good hopes that the conflict In Europe will end in 194 4 but pointed out. to the contrary, that there is no guarantee that several months of combat in 1945 will be required. 11 X VIS, SMOOTHNESS CERTAINLY HHPS! We find it's one of the things folks go for in ice cream together with fine flavor. And Seal test has 'em both. IT'S A WEATHERBEE, TO SHINE IN, RAIN-OR-SHINEl $1650 Newest fashion note: Tackle Twill . . with its rayon satin tide outside to stop II eyes with its sheenl A coat to dress-up in, for even the most exacting occasions. Riga Hears Soviet Cuns; Red Airmen Pound Sieged City (Continued from pace 1) kept SealteBt velvet-smooth. So smooth that a lot of pessimists who'd jut about given upon ice cream for the duration are acting pretty happy over Scaliest. Our shcrlcts are plenty smooth, too. NO PHONY FLAVORS are ever used in Sealtest. Just real fruits, mil vanilla, real maple syrup from sure enough maple trees. Nothing artificial could measure up lo Scaliest standards. And you can ti ll the difference with your eyes shut. WOMEN IN WHITE (men tin.) see that the mixing utensils aud the freezers are kept tic states before winter weather hampered operations lunged rorward east, northeast and south of Riga, battering through Nail defense lines anil fr.infi- more than 200 towns Beautiful tailoring, dress and villages from German domina WITH CHOICI CREAM AND MILK (and some skill we try not to brag about) we've IF YOU'RE "THAT WAY" about ice cream, trv Scaliest lee Cream, lees ami Sherbets. The supply is short, hut remember we're giving your dealer ull we can ... to serve vou delirious sundaes and sodas. And we pack only jiirU cartons so that more folks can luf ve tlu belter ice cream to take home. KKAFT CHEESE COMPANY Huntington, Indiana Formerly Quierlea Creameriet, Inc.) maker softness, and the dramatic accent of two shoulder flaps. In natural, snuff brown and navy. Sizes 10 to 20. tion. Th Riiaalan Leningrad army in Estonia made new gains In its offensive aimed to complete the freeing of Estonia from the last of the Nazi Invaders. (Great Soviet advances against , Hungary were reported by the Nazi ' nR atrenrv which said that Rus- In Fine Zelan Poplin Tan and Air Force lllue $to95 ' slan troops had stormed across the Hungarian border to seize the towns nf Makn and Foldeak. While the Hungarian telegraph service report-ied that Soviet forces had penetrat- Of the Hungarian frontier at sever- 4aA ft out S&Utctt BUTTERSCOTCH ROY ALE Mavhe it's that rich bnttrrv ribbon of bulieracotch. Or pbap il's the delicalf ly flavored smoothness of llie vanilla ice cream. We can't be Mire. But we da know that one Laate of our Butterscotch Kuyale can be habit-building! Other flavors to look for: Pineapple Sherbet, made wilh ridden Hawaiian pine-anple. Vanilla and Strawberry Sherbet (half and half). And Strawberry Sherbet Rorale. Always our strawberry aherbet's jam-parked with the goodness of red ripe suawberhea real ooea. al points to capture towns 14 miles inside the ooraer. I ! Thn Knvior hleh command com munlque reported the continued ad ROSENBLATT'S vances of Baltic armies converging nn Ripa an d streaaed the fact that these operations were draining man forces in the Baltic states of DON'T MISS JOAN DAVB H THE SEALTEST VIUAGfc -SOW' PROGRAM, THURSDAYS, 6:30 P. M., WlVi cw Buy More Bonds! vital manpower and military ma ' ..lifnoa 1 Red army drives southwest from

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