The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINXONIAN Wednesday, September 27, J 941. ALLIES ADVANCE IN ITALY (1 Clinton Social Notesfy lilil'IMiliiiX GERMANYdJ 1 1 a i y Indiana G.0i Officials Greet Gov. Dewey .(.Continued liom page J) Scofe of Milet ;1 1 1 lit1 ittfjUV,,nir' J4 ,iPy?m! sV? SWITZERLAND !Vv bmnns. f 0 10 Hi i 1 1 1 i i 1 1 i 1 1 - : k Two Guests Present At Delphian Meeting Tuesday The Delphians met at the home of Mrs. Alice Bonato Tuesday evening for their regular meeting. Mrs. Bess Wright, president of the club, presided with Mrs. Bertha Foltz giv-... ti louami. Her tonic was, "Rho mm Wednesday Friendly Bunco .Club meet at ,the home of Mrs. Mary Shannon, ,7:30 p. m. Trl Kappa. Mrs. Charles SchoUiky, 8 p. m. Old Glory ,Club Meet for 7 o'clock dinner at Antonini's. iLeavc gifts for mystery pals at hall. White Heather Circle, 7:30 Mrs. Marion Wilkle, South Sixth stroet. Red Cross Surgical Dressing ,7 p. m.-U:30 p. iu. Past Chiefs Club of Thelma Temple, at the hall on Blackman street, 7:30 p. .iu. Thurwiav Octette Club will meet at the iwnno nf Mrs. Mary Kimball, 1138 Vftt CAPORITTOQ desia, A Country in Africa." This perately and there's nothing to prevent .them ifrom .continuing to put up a stiff ,rosiBtance," he .continued, adding that many writorB ithlnk ithe war could "go on all winter ". Leaving .London September 5. Pyle with .Clark iLec, .noted correspondent fur the international News Service, tile two writers crossed tile Atlantic by boat, hoping to got a rest before .leaving for .the iPnclfic area. Gut iOiIiIk i" rl.ondoii Although they both had colds In London, neither .told a doctor for fear .they would 'be .prevented ifrom coming home. ,(111 arrival in New York. J.oc was put immediately in hospital while Ernie, .though ,cou-l.iinly deploring in writing his frail health which earned him .the nickname of Puny Pyle, was still up and around. .In appearance he Is .much yoting-or-looking .than pictures and written descriptions lead one .to believe. Most outstanding feature Is his electric blue eyes which Bee and seem ,to jot down .every .detail of his surrounding and the people he is with. As a boy in Dana his wild mop of pinltish-blonil hair earned :him the nickname "Shag" ibut his .name is now affected by his receding hair was named after John Cecil nnouov. who took a great part iu the devel opment of the country. Members attending were MrB. Garnet Hayek, Mrs. Hazel Taylor, Mrs. Martha Adams, Mrs. Ruby Balmond. Mrs. Bertha Foltz, Mrs. Bess Wright Venice South Third. Noon luncheon served. and Mrs. llo Hennis. Mvhiitv nals exchange glftB. I T, o-iinata tin. EdllS SlieW UUU w a 'n. ft. at Centenary Metho Mrs. John Dunkley. attonded the .Indication that .the voters like a fighting .campaign was shown .last night, when a .total ,of nearly 20.-IIUU .persons turned .out at .Clare-iiiore and Vinitia, KJkla.. and t JVlo-nett and Springfield, Mo. Moils ,in ITciti' iHnule ilt was .demonstrated again ithis morning when large crowds wore at the stations in Mattoon. ill!., and Terre .Haute, ilnd. .liutli of .the ;lattar groups were disappointed, .however, us .Governor .Dewey, .tired .from Hix successive speeches .vesturday. did not appear on the train platform. Sensing .the .nutation of ithe .people ,to .his .Oklahoma itlity ttpeooli. Gov. Dewey lias continued .the .tenor of that .talk at the .various stops tt-long ,the way. .He bus .lashed at the ".indispensable man" theory; promised a .record "house .cleaning" in Washington: served notice that .those who .follow the .communist parly .line .will ibe drivon from public service and hit at .the big city machines and Sidney HUlman. dist Church meets Thursday aftor- meeting. Refreshments of ice cream and cake wore served following the business meeting. j AO IA IK. noon, 2 p. m. with Mrs. Leo nuti-man, Mrs. Emmett Wright assisting. Couples Class of Baptist Church moat at church at 7:30 P. m. Will SEA Th next meeting will be held at v.-.-fV.v.V.V.v.-,"r .unntniVwV- -:: the home of Mrs. Honnis in two i TK Q; BOLOGNA weeks. entenairt the Pliilathea Class and Men's Bible Class. Members of the line, he admits ruefully. l'vle cot his start in journalism m Halloween Party Planned At Ladies Game Club Meet ; Kivhippti members of the Centen- Couples Class are to bring a pumpkin pie. .Tnt-iutniem Chanter No. 254 ,0. E. at the .La Porte .(Indiana) .Herald i jiriiuK Game Club held their re S. and Morris Chapter No. 66 will after attending .Indiana .University for three years. From there he wont m u ..Mhiiiiiltiii with the News and gular meeting at the hall Tuesday have inspection at 7:au p. m. ai tne Maonnic Hall. Dinner will be served evening. the Evening World, and .Post until at 6:30 p. ni. at the Clinton Hotel. Plans were made for a Halloween party to be held at the meeting hall October 31 with Mrs. Sena Gambai-ni and Mrs. Irene Turchi as hostesses. Members are to bring a gift for their mystery pal. Bunco was played following the hiiiiiiiosn meeting with prizes being 1!;15 when he joined .the benpps-Howard Syndicate for whom he still writes. Off to .Pacific After a .two-mouths rest at ibis home in Allium limine. Now Mexico where his wife, .Geralditie Hiebolds I'yle, lives, .Ernie will be ,off .to the Pacific .where .the ,GI Joes .fighting in the islands and on .the waters will become again the most .import Betty Jane Payton Weds Wilburn Harris Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Clifford 1'ayton of Fairview announces the marriage of their daughter, Betty Jane Payton to Wilburn Jesse Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hurris of Lyford. The wedding was solemnized Saturday evening, Sept. 23 at the Christian Church. Rev. DePoistor road the vows tor the single ring ceremony. Attendants of the young couple were Sgt. and Mrs. Ernie Harris, brother of the groom. The bride was dressed in a light blue suit with white accessories. Her corsage was of pink tea roses and babys breath. Mrs. Harris was attired in brown with brown accessories and wore a corsage of yellow tea roses. The groom Ib employed at the War Dopot at Terre Haute. They arc making their home at the Doughty apartments on Klin street. r P Mrs. Cluder Guest At Mystery Pal Meeting Mrs. Howard Eaton was hostess Monday to the regular meeting of the Mystery Pal Club at her home, At the conclusion of the business meeting, bunco was played at three tables with prizes going to Mrs. Bert Turchi, bunco and travel; Mrs. Bi-mon Turchi. high; Mrs. James Curry, low and Mrs. Eaton, mystery .package. Delicious refreshments were served at the close of the games by the-hostess. Mrs. Gerald Cluder was a guest. The next meeting will be on October 9 with Mrs. Billion Turchi as hostess. m m m Bunco Played Tuesday At Golden Star Club Meeting Mrs. Elmer Allgoud of Crompton Hill entertained several members of the Golden Btar Club at their regular meeting last night. Seven members of the club attended the meeting. Bunco was played with Mrs. Thel-ma Alexander winning high and travel; Mrs. Mary Archer, bunco and Mrs. Myrtle Stickles, low. Refreshments were served and the next meeting is to be held in two weeks at the home of Mrs. Alexander. MSgt. and Mrs. E. C. Sadring left Monday for Galveston, Tex. where they plan to make their home for the present. Mrs. Sadring was formerly Miss Ann Jane Houston of this city. They were accompanied as far as-Oklahoma by Mrs. Frank. Gugliel-metti and daughter, Martha Catherine where they will join Pic. Frank Guglielmetti who is stationed at Ft. Bill, Okla. m m T. M. 1c Mrs. J. H. Beckner accompanied by Charles C. Beckner, C Ph. M. of Columbus, O. spent the week end in Princeton, Ind. visiting friends and relatives. awarded to Miss Virginia Perfetti, f'.arly .Rubber Indians of the Amazon .region knew about the substance that , cama to be called rubber, and had used it for centuries before European conquerors set foot on the land. From cuts made in certain .trees, the natives learned, dripped a milky fluid that would harden when exposed to sunlight or to the smoke of .their fires. By pouring .the fluid over molds they contrived to shape crude jars and shoes. They discovered that articles of clothing coated with the milky .mass were waterproof, .that balls made of it would bounce. BOTH THE AUISO IIOHTH ARMY and the American Fifth Army In Italy continue their advances northward, pushing the Nazis back toward the Fatherland. Greek troops of the Eighth Army fought their way forward along the Adriatic coast to within a mile of the port of Rimini (1). The troops of Lt. Gen. Mark Clark's Fifth Army widened their breach in the Gothic Line above Florence (2) and approached Flrenzuola. At the same time, other units of the Fifth approached the outskirts of Pietrsanta (3). The Po river (4) is the last hope of the-Nazia for a defense stand before retiring to the Alps and escaping via toe Brenner Pass.' (Iateiaattoaal) travel and bunco; Mrs. Kate t,urr, hiuh- m. Irene Turchi. low and Mrs. Valena Taparo, mystery. Re ant "story" in the world .to -the "Hoosior Vagab011d". freshments were served Dy tne Hostesses. Mrs. Glenna Berrisford and Mrs. Tillie Dennes. GUKKTH AT OHltOHNK HOME Young Peoples ClasB, First unris-tian Church, Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace, Walnut street, 7:30 p. m. Acme Club, Mrs. Cecil Anstead, Walnut street, 7:30 p. m. Jolly Hoinemakers Club meet at the home of Mrs. Ott Armstrong, Walnut street, 1:30 p. m. Red Cross Burglcal Dressing 1-4 p. m. . Red Cross Knitting 1 p. m.-4 p. m. Pocahontas Lodge 7:30 p. m. at the hall, bunco and euchre at 8 p. m. B & P. W. 6:30 p. m. at the Pythian Sisters hall, pot-luck dinner. Each member bring own table service and drink and covered dish. Btitch in Time Club will mmet with Mrs. Carl Miller, corner of third and John streets, 11 a. ni. for covered dish dinner. Bring table service and covered dish. Friday Clinton Township Farm Bureau meet at the Crompton Hill school house at 8 p. m. Ralph M. Krlebel of Purdue, speaker. Bring sandwiches. Kappa Delta Phi, formal Initiation, 7:30 p. m.- September 29, Clinton Hotel. Not for Women Men's garments are not proportioned for women. They fit badly over s woman's bust and hips and are therefore less comfortable, leas durable and less attractive .than those especially' designed .for women. fennsylvanians Predominate fennsylvanians .traditionally represent 90 per cent of the undergraduate enrollment at the Pennsylvania state college. Ernie Pyle, Noted War Writer, Visits At Dana Home (Continued from page 1) AT FIRST JIONOFA .Protective Food Eggs are one of our best protective foods and are among the best of the body-building foods, supplying protein in both white and yolk. They also supply minerals, such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, vitamins A, Bl, B2 and the pellagra-preventive factor. USE ODD l Cqld.PiepatatisjitJbmdAil home-town of Dana will also be one, of the premier cities. After being in France from the first invasion days In June through the liberation of Paris iu August, he returned to England, exhausted in miud and body from the gruelling war routine. Correspondents see more of the war .than the Gin and being trained observers are harder hit mentally by the tragedies of war, he said. Casualties among .correspondents are terrifically high, be said. Within the last month in France they hit a bad luck streak with many of the writers being killed, captured or wounded and victims of battle fatigue. Estimates place the casualties among the correspondents who. unarmed, follow the troops wherever they go. at 40 per cent. No praise could be high enough for the fighting men in his estimation. Examples of sheer bravery and high courage are recorded dally by him. Home-front optimism was slapped when he warned "don't think the war is over until the shooting is over". "The Germans are fighting des- Sunday guests of Mr. ana airs. Leslie Osborne were Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Henry of Gary, Catherine Cer-vo of Indianapolis, Jack Wright of Terre Haute, Mrs. Mae Mutt and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Cadle and son, Tommy. j Fireman First Class Gerald Reed and family returned Saturday night from lielolt. Wis. after spending the past five weeks there. He has been attending advance deisel school at Fairbanks Morris Co. at Beloit, and will report Saturday to Little Creek, Va. for amphibious training. Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Reed, route two, Clinton, were Woodard Case of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Blrow-ser and family of Veedersburg, and Mr. anil Mrs. Josiah Jones and family of Marshall. Ind. m m jb Mrs. Glenn Bridgman of South Third street returned home Tuesday from Green Bay, Wis. after spending a two week s visit with her son. Harold Redman and family and brother, John Miles and family of Chicago. tract attention in many parts of the country. With the trained eye of a writer, he observed the common, ordinary things of life that many people bypass daily. He wrote about anything and everything how to build a picket fence, dogs, cats, doctors, how to roll a cigarette and even about his troubles with a stuck zipper in his pants. To Ahwka, South America In between criBS-crossing the continent 35 times, he went to Alaska and talked to old prospectors and Alaskan sourdoughs, went to Mo-lokai. the world's largest leper colony, flew all around South America. All this prepared him for his big assignment the human side of war. "I'm Mure Scared" Cruising around all over the -1....0 ho iAi-jimn a Dast master Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lohmiller of Danville, III. and Mr. and Mrs. William Salesbury of Terre Haute were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Salesbury of South Fourth street. m m m Mrs. Mary K. Randall of Ogden, Utah is spending a two weeks visit with her mother, Mrs. Amy Sturm of north of the city. LUMBER FOR SALE The lumber freeze order has now been modified so we are permitted to sell aome lumber. We will do our best to fill your order but our stocks are badly broken. We have a good stock of No. 2 boards and a fair stock of 2 inch lumber. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. nmciu'wi, ' - it, at the art of getting people to talk. to be at their ease Willi mm. uxaui-i a fiimici-ed uirl reporter. In terviewing a celebrity for the first Notice! The Cllnumian Wants Your News. Please Call Miss Lear To lleport Social Mews. I'hoae 32 or US. PEKHA NE NTS At Prices To Fit All Purses ADAMSO.V8 BEAUTOIUUM 355 'i SouLh Main St. Phone 502 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patch of Gary are the parents of a daughter born Mont so The babv has been named time, was asked If she bad any ques-.i . ait him In a slightly quav ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP l:7 Norlll Till hit. PHONE IKI-W GI.AKANTEKL) PERMANENT Margaret Ruth, and is the first ering voice she said 'Oh, no. I'm still scared.' Grinning that well-known one-sided grin, Krnie replied "Now don't be scared. Krankly, I'm more child born to the family. Mr. paicn ia a fnmipr Clinton resident and is now a Petty Officer stationed at scared at this than you are ;i Port Hueneme, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hayes, 457 uniiiprrv tttreet. are the parents of Arriving in North Atnca, a cwo.: brush with death from the diving Ml nka which killed Announcing J a son born at the Vermillion County his GI companion, brought home to Hospital Tuesday. The Infant weign-ed seven pounds and has been named Michael Frederick. Mrs. Hayes is the former Miss Winifred Hoskins. Ernie the terrific impact ui sudden death. Turning then to writing about the ..mi.... . I,.,,,, K.i i,. k he became their THE OPENING OF THE champion, to him they told their First Step Fallward Have Those Topcoats Cleaned Now at d?rristead$ First C. f C. The flrsl chamber of commerce was formed at Marseilles in the Fifteenth century. brave, pathetic and nuuioroua t.-ies of their adventures iu the war. Words Like Letter BABY SHOP He translated their pnrases iuu words in print, words destined to reach into nearly 12 million American homes. Words that were like a letter from their bous, husbands and American Beauty Shop Vera Mae Black 312 B. Main Phone 00 "Everything Best For Baby" HOURS 9 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. 320 S. Main St. Clinton Phone 609-J JlllS. KATliilYN JIUUY, Mgr. 'A LITTLE KTTK 220 Elm St. Specialized Hair Blyling Permanent Waves Phone For An Appointment Phone 129 brothers overseas to his American Although he hates war with a deep, intense hatred, Ernie Pyle loves people and the people most important to him now are the Gl Joes. Sliarcs Their Days ' Sharing their dangers, their day-to-day existence, their food, sharing scrounged (Army slang for stolen) cigarettes, he came to know the average American doughboy as few writers ever have. His chief equipment in writing his column is a stubby pencil autl piece of paper which he writes the names and addresses of the boys he inter Have a"Coke"Otlichno! (SWELL!) Hand Made Booties Mittens Each 89c NON-RATIONED BABY SHOES Soft Sole Style liQ. White Pair UV Pink and Blue Felts - 98c RUBENS SHIRTS All Sizes 9 Q Easy to Ad just t W V INFANTS DRESSES Hi At GIFT SETS $1.75 Cunning Yokes TRAINING PANTIES Absorbent Double KNIT GOWNS Tiny Puffed $ 1.49 Comfy Rib Knit Cotton Sleeves Fabric Crotch Elastic Waistband Each Drawstring Bottom - Each 39c 89c BOY DRESSES views and sometimes even personal t messages like "Joe Jones wauls me l to tell his wife he still loves her", j Tell Mom 1 miss her fried chick-j en." I liook Made iiiln .Movies I The book "Here Is Your War," made up of Ernie's columns from Africa and Sicily recently hit the best-seller list. A moving picture is j Handsome Front Panels Blue and $ i.89 Red Trim Receiving BLANKETS Soft Cotton Each QQ Slightly Knapped Qj y DIAPERS RATTLES KNIT CREEPERS TINY TIGHTS TEETHING RINGS BABY BANKS BABY BOOKS PLASTIC POTTIES SMALL ANIMALS DOLLS BABY BUNTINGS CARRIAGE SETS MATTRESS COVERS is n W2i i : T I 1 - , I i t to be made rrom tne uook ieiiimT-ly titled "The Mory of GI Joe " which Ernie hopes will be boiled down to "GI Joe'' before it is released. Jimmy Gleason is the current choice to play the Pyle role, he said, but just grinned at any suggestions that he lake time off to play the role himself. In fact Writer Pyle 1 so allergic to public speaking that he has turned down many fat radio offers and threatens to "retire from writing before taking up public speaking ". Plan Dana Premier At present, plans for the picture call for a simultaneous release, probably in February, in 5" key cil-ties. Ernie is determined that hi3 ...a way to rate with a Russian sailor To the beany Have a "Coke" of an American tar, the Russian sailor replies, Otlicbm! In many lands around the globe, Coca-Cola is spreading the custom of the pome that nfrahts, 'has become the happy introduction among friendly folks, just ss it is when served in your home. SOITUS UNOO AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COM COMPANY SY TERRE HAUTE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY i Coca-Cola "Coke" Special Attention For i MOTHERS-TO-BE i mm It'a natural tor popular name to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's hv you heat CtXa-Co'a balled "Cote". 1944 Iha C C Co.,

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