The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 27, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 2
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T7 V Wednesday, September 27, 1914. T II E DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Two BELGIAN DQ5JSLE FEATURE Qm Four Red Armies Converge On Riga; Airmen Aid Drive son. Admr. Oct. 2. III'. T. W. Kans vs Allen Pierson, Admr. -Oct. 'i. Ahern Kuneral Home vs Allen l'lerson. Admr. Oct. II. Dr. 1. L). White, vs Allen Pierson. Admr.- Oct. 3. Sophia Selree vs Chris Donner, Admr.- -Oct. :f. I COURT 'HEWS ) Charles Cue of Clinton 1ms been named a defendant In n suit for dam-BKes for $1000 flli'd hi Vermillion Circuit Court by Churlcs M. While und Charles W. While. Jr. The complaint alleges thill 11 r. Cuel failed to Rive the right of way ul the inler-Bection of Main and Klin street In Clinton on July 1. 1!MJ to a car driven by Oliver Osborne of Kock-ville and owned by Grace Cloud of Indianapolis, ulso named defendants in the suit, and the car crushed inlo the plate glass window of White's I'hunnacy. The window wits B'A feet high and 115 inches in length. Punctured Tjr It Is e surprising- lift, unknown.) most people cstn (tlfyse it) tire and automotive industries that a punctured tire seldom will go flat immediately. When s naii penetrates the casing and tube,. the combination of air pressure and resiliency of the rubber result in 'the tube's clinging to the nail causing the puncture. In so many cases, noticeable loss of air does not result until a considerable amount of time has passed sometimes it is a matter of months. M Bathtub Nuisance A nuisance is the around the edge of the bathtub. This ia caused when the tub settles away Irom the plaster. After cleaning the crack, fill with a plastic strip manufactured for this purpose or pack with rock wool and finish with prepared cement, plastic wood or putty. hjs.B Vi ft ft vi r 4 ' -in y fej 4 J ( k t) t j?. (Continued from page 1) riedly prepared to evacuate the port. (The Nazi-controlled Latvian radio reported that occupants of Hi-ga who possessed permits to travel to Cerinany would be evacuated itailiiig at 4:. 'Ill a. in. (Riga time). As Russian armies cut bloody uaps through dermaii defenses in .lie Baltic states, the tree German national cdiuniiUee i n .Moscow liroadeast an appeal to German forc--s in tin1 area lo surrender. The appeal said l hat the Nazi high command had written off the Baltic loreis as lost, and termed further resistance lo tile Russian drive "sheer suicide." Elllaige Czech Hordel' Hold Far to the south of the Baltic front. Russian forces in Poland rolled ahead through mountainous Carpathian terrain, extending their front on the Polish-Cxeehoslovak border to more than 7u miles. South of the Polish town of San-ok. Russian units blasted Nazi de- I fenders from two niuiintaiii stroug-i i,..t,iu .i.Imi.. ii,,.,i ,,r si.tiwil.- im.:- sian infantry, witli aitillery and aer- support, swept forward along the Haliiniua Wetlinska ridge in lieavy fighting to. advance more than eight inih s and capture over :il)U Nazis. Aim ul Hi 'iff nt' H nil!' Jll-V t .r- ..i. i the northern Jaw of a pincers aimed at the heart ot Hungry, last itel- lito remaining in the Axis camp. Kained control of another vital pass through the Carpathians in pn-para- IN LIEGE, BELGIUM, signs appear, inspired by the town s liberation. Joyful citizcii3 raise posters carrying sketches of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and I'resident Roosevelt on tivater billboards, ripht ...above, and decorate the German pillboxes with scrawled messages of welcome to the Allies and liau for the Nazis, as shown in the photograph at the left. (International) raids have been possible only at per- iiul of 10 days of more "but it con- stitutes a definite! advance in tile warfare against Japan." :'e',iu-alize 50 liases ,11011 lor a irunuu inrusi 10 unit up: ,.. m i i it.. wit!, ILiKsiaii H.I.I Romanian troops:"1'" !. W'"!'!!.. i , ,, . I stales he was amazed at the resiiirs Imulnm irom tlif south ... til.' cam- ' ,.. ,,,,,. SK TW.L-S tremendous shipping problem, j chinii War I 'uvoi s l-'o;' I. The course of the war in China I has beoii in Japan's favor; sale sup- ! ply routes to China still are lo be opened, by the Allies. Japan has l.uuu.OUO nun un der aims, ii.OOii.nito mure available and l,iii)n,HMi betwe n 17 and 2o who have not yet been railed up. Japan haw u normal replacement of HUO.OUu lo U.Vi.OOU a year as fp'sh drafts come of ar;e. Industries Ileyoiid Airmen (.. .dost of Japan's industri beyond the raime of air attack, save for super (mm hers. Tie- A lib s j.nist oblain bases -iio to (iuo miles from Japan. Cleaning Ash Trays Ash trays need frequent clean' jngs. Soak in hot soapy water, wipe dry. If there are any stubborn stains, remove them by lightly scrubbing with steel wool or a stiif brush dipped in hot sudsy water. h fir i W ffs pi irh . f pp' m OF I William Heiroo vs Chris Bonner, I Admr.- -Oct. 3. I Ninth Street State Bank of Clill- iton vs Krank Mnzely, Admr. Oct. 3. Ninth Street State Bank of Clinton vs Krank .Mazely. Admr. Oct. 3. Real Estate Transfers J Margaret K. Davis to Nora East-,,! nt tract "V" Clinton. $1000. I Doinenlck Hodeghiero to James K. Scott et ux lot sa In White. Satter-; lee & l.yday's 1st add. to Clinton. $1. Bessie Spurr et al to .Margaret Vincent, trustee to re-convey pt. 34-jlU-ll. $1. .Margaret Vincent, trustee to re-I convey to Bessie Spurr pt. 34-16-9. Ui. ' Home Owners Loan Corp. to Joe ' Hubk lot 111 Livengood k Adams' add. to Newport. $1. Dora II. Harger to Walter .Moore et ux pt. out lot 13 adjoining Newport. $1. Franklin H. Thompson et ux to Krnest D. McDonald et ux lot 2 Bert Nolan's add. to St. Bernice. $1. Fritz Itohne et a! to Hubert Lind-sey et al pt. out lot 20 Clinton. $1. Louis D. Crisp et ux to Walter B. F.llsberry et al lot 28 Perrysville. $1- Hubert Tomas et ux to Stella M. King EVa lot 49' Sunnyside sub. to Fairview Park. $1. NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE I Continued rirno page 1) his friends in Clinton. For his complete address contact his mother at route one, Box 49. U.S.A. Pfc. Mike (arlyle has returned to Camp Ifucker, Ala. after spending a la-day furlough with his family and friends. Pfc. Carlyle is in the Field Artillery. U.S.A Pfc. Richard Huniioe, son of Mrs. Anna Ounnoe of liogart street, is spending a two weeks furlough with his mother, family and friends. He is stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wash. I'.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kerr of Fair-vied recently received a letter from their son, Cpl. Herman Kerr, who is stationed somewhere in the South Pacific that lie is in line health, although he has been in several invasions. He also mentioned meeting Johnnie Mul'fatolo of KlondUye and Arthur Cartwright of Terre Haute who are stationed on the Bame island. U.S.A. SSgt. John Kerr, oldest son of .Mr. and Mrs. Kerr is still confined to a hospital in New C.uinea where he has been for the past two months. SSgt. Samuel Kerr, is with a Bomb Squadron on combat duly after a 4 Mi months rest somewhere in the Southwest Pacific. lstSgt. Robert K. Kerr stated in his letter to his "parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kerr, that he is still stationed in North Africa and will be there for some time to come. Pfc. William Kerr is stationed at Ft. Moultrie. S. C. He is working Willi the Military Secret Service Work, with the C. A. Eyes Fused Together The lids of the chameleon eyea are fused together, leaving an opening no larger than the pupil. Murie Kelier of Clinton has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a limited divorce from Cecil J. Keller for a period of two years. The collide have two children. Anno, aged ID in I'. S. Army and Norma aged 17. .Mrs. Keller ask for support and maintenance during the two year period. The couple was married June 30. 10i4 and separa ted Aug. lti, 1K44. Laverne Newman of Cayuga has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Wil-lard L. Newman on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment, and that her husband is an 1 abituul drunkard. Mrs. Newman i.sks for the custody of their son, Lawrence 10, together with reasonable support and alimony of $1500.00. Hearing was had on the application for suit money and maintenance, and Mr. Newman has been ordered to pay $30 on the 10th and 25th of each month pending the divorce, and $50 attorney fees within 60 days. The couple was married Oct. 14. 1933 and separated Aug. 21, 1944. Jess Harris, 22 of Rosedale and Betty Payton. 21 of Clinton obtained a marriage license at Newport. The following cases of disallowed claims have been set for trial in Vermillion Circuit Court as follows: Hamilton Harris Co. vs Harold Henderson, admr. Oct. 2. Emil Yelich vs Harold Henderson, Admr. Oct. 2. Frank Roshel vs Harold Hender- MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service Ilrop Vs A Card E. W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana FOR SALE THE D. V. COTTRELL HOME 10 Acres more or less. 4 Room house on lawn. Screened porch, 2 other porches, shade, good water,, cistern on porch, electricity, grate, chicken house, mile off road 41. Priced To Sell See C. E. HAWKINS Or D. V. Cottrell ItOSKDALK t -Ar X , ii , -J,-J , IS.. 'A i; 1 Printers Ink Salvaged One type of paint can be made out of waste ink scraped from printing presses, says "Witcombings." Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235'2 Blackmail r U I l a i A UllltOIl Man relt LlkX I c r l. rll Jt swollen Ballon, 1U1I 01 CAmaPfc fia lieceiitlv. Clinton man slated ! tliut he used to lee.1 like ft hwoU j '"!"" "" vory ...' . He J ''' 11,11 "f Kas,ttml W" " ! s liquids lor hours Was tc-ri dy ed Ih ,, m,i u ne o i he hum reds in this iMinity i fills wluil 111' Hauls uitliuut Has or iiloutillK, mill 1iok'I r-K"'"' "r 1 1- lil Sl (illll- ill J I MI S. 111! fl 'ils a ww man. ! i:itH-Hi;M coiilains 12 (iri-at i lli rhs; llii'V ili aiiso bowt'ls, ck-al' Has from stomiuli, a.t oil sluKuisli liver anil kiilnoys. .Misoialilo people. soon feel ilitli reiit all over. Ho don't Co on siilleriim: diet KUI1-HHI.I" While's (Itexall) J'haruuKy lll'Ug blore. touts I Island-skipping has neutralized j about SO major .lap bases in tin Pacific, and the Marianaa invasion piact-d American forces 1 , 4 i 0' miles from Tokyo. 0. Allied forces now are establish ed ho that another major move (in-j to the Philippines! will place I hem in a position to virtually sever Japan's north-south sea communication lines. Following are some of the hiiji-liKhts of the factors favorinv Japan: 1. According to Die FKA Japan is capable of increasing her war pro duction. I l:vond Itoinbiiiti' I tan ti"' I t. Ceofjraphy fights on the side of Japan; the Allies are still beond mass bombing ran He of Jap cities, :!. Before major invasions can be launched, the Allies must solve a 4 it i; t i ' rl I !i XW v" 4 ! j ; ' ' ? Wf.'VX ' K t .ain to itnoc! liuniiiiry out ot tilt1 var. .Si.ier air i"orc-.s aaiiortiiiK the sicct'sslui JJaltie caiiijjaimi scored ifaviiy oer the liattered J.tit't watte, blasting 2'J (Jerinan Iilanes Irom tlie sky over Latvia and Estonia. Stormo-ik units dislroyed several .Nazi artillery batteries and aecounted lor a German military train and over tltl motor trucks in sorlies against Nazi forces tailing bucl; on Jtia. a- TOP i Him p V Clinton Soldier Writes Home Praising Work Of Writer Ernie Pyle (Contlnawd from pago 1) II don't know where). 1 was casually engaged in conversation with a first Lt. of the outfit and as is so often the case with soldiers, of an rank in a foreign land the subject of birthplaces came up. The lieutenant inquired where I was born, and when 1 told him that I was born between Clinton and Terre Haute on Hie west of the river, he said "Is that bo? Do you happen to know anyone by the name of Foltz, thereabouts?" I told him that the Follzes and I were just like that when we were kids and lliat my name is Isaacs and my mother's sister is Beiiaa Foltz. who is a school teacher in Clinton." We hashed over old times. I ho he isn't as old as I am. he had played basketball with the llono and Hillsdale, Liana and M iiitezuina crowd. He was personally acquainted witli Ernie Pyle from thai neighborhood, who i. a very famous war correspondent lor the service man's news "The stars ami .stripes The Stars and Stripes is paper and Krnie don't miss many of them with an article much the calibre of this one. (lives you a idea of the kind of literature we are able to get over here. According to this article Cliutou and vicinity had better get the flags out for Ernie, because it looks like he is healed home (lucky devil) and he is d' ing a grand job over here even if lie never fires a shot. Such is the pride of the Army in the Stars and Stripes that it was delivered from fox-hole to fox-ho'e on the Normandy beaches the morning alter 1) day. Who wouldn't be proud to belong to an Army like that? Even if they are a bunch of rough necks. Anyway, things go along and Mister Hitler is fast coming to the end he so richly deserves. We are all waiting (witli as much patience as we can muster) for the day when we will start back like Krnie is about to do. and touch the good old Way of Vermillion County and home, though the Vermillion counlys are scattered all over the land of the free. It sure is great Lo be an American. Complete Concaaecc Of Japan May Take Two Years.OWIVamsU.S. fContluuea nom pa 1 1 "Pacific commanders ass.-rt that Japan lias lost the power of a stra tegic otfeiisne bevond the ranue ot her land-based planes. This is due' to I'. S. supremacy in aircraft car-1 riers. and to the sinking of many j of the lighter fcerewiini; unils of Japan' fleet. Nut eliminated, however. is the possibility of sporadic raids by the Japanese on our west coast." No Internnl 4 ollapse The OWI also warned that "no internal collapsH of Japan is expect ed." and pointed out that the enemy ; has a powerful army of 4. mm, eon , men, his jieoirrapliical position is favorable and he still has a stronir nay of lo to Hi battleships, lo to 12 larjie aircraft carriers and smal ler warships. The strategic ad antaes of the Allies were listed by the OWI as follows: ' 1. The hupe Allied war produc tion. The r. S. alone produce s.tiun i combat phin.s a inontii as contrasted with Japan's esiimat-d produc-tion of 1 . 1'Mi or l.' planes a niunt li. l .S. Sea Supremacy 2. The liiited Slates has definite; sea supremacy in the 1'acifie (lo rei tlie OWI warned of the possibility j J of Jap raids on the r.iiiiic coast.) 3. Japan's merchant shipping is 'J beitm sunk at a much greater rate 4 than her ability to replace ships. M SinkinvH are estimated at 1 .riioi.epd j 4 tons per year as c(ni :ir-d with the J enemy's ship coii.-iruction of l.oon,-, daily h A Paper! PT it i 9 a. rn. to 12 Starts At Arnerkan Legion Home d Sf hozm Boy S ponsore TAXPAYERS OF CLINTON, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, FAIRVIEW PARK AND UNIVERSAL MAY PAY REAL ESTATE, PERSONAL, AND POLL TAXES at the Vermillion County Rationing Board Office in Clinton on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY SEPT. 28, 29, and 30 KAKIi G. JMt'KKX. ('Ot XTV TitK ASI HKH, WILL HAVE THE COl'.VTV TAX HOOKS AT THE ItATIOXIXti HOAHH OFFICE OX THE A HOVE HA'IES FOIL THE COX EXIKXCE OF Mi TAXI'Al MiS. EM JiVOXE IS I IHiEII TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OI'I'OKTI .MTV TO I'll TAXES IIF.HE. 1HUT1.S: THIKsKAV AMI FltlHAV 8 A. MU TO 4 P. M. SATIHHAV A. M. To XOOX. Of' 1 he Sacred I And Bos ton and Church rma Clin Gove 3 Persons With Scrap Paper Are Urged To Have Bundles On Curb Or Where They Can Se Easily Seen By The Collectors Have Your Scrap Paper Ready ! uuo tons annually. j J T 4. Xipionese industries now are j j 1 - -' :' ' - . - - - .- --.. J bombers1.''lt was tlointedurthaVVlTe

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