The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 26, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 6
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Tuesday, September 26, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Six No. 1 on List, f i Fifth Army Fights For Gate to Nazi Po River Valley (Continued from page 1) US Fleet Patrols Philippine Area, Peleliu Near Fall (Continued from page 1) BUSINESS SERVICES "falsification' which not 'even Goeb-bels' would have attempted. "Now, were we prepared for war, or were we not?" asked Gov. Dewey. "It is a simple question of fact." Marshalling his arguments, the GOP nominee proceeded to: 1. Quote a statement by Gen. Marshall that In 1940, a year after war commenced In Europe, the nation had a mobile force of only 75,-000 men and the Army was only 25 per cent ready. 2. CJuote Gen. H. H. Arnold as stating that the Army Air Force, on December 7, 1941, was "equipped with plana but not with planes ". 3. Quote Sen. Harry S. Truman, Democratic candidate for vice president, as suyiug on the Senate Floor, four months before Pearl Harbor, that the White House was 1 blame for the then stale of national pre; paredness. 4. Quote Majority Leader Sen. Allien VV. Barkley, us saying, In his speech nominating President Roose- vh tnr n fmirth term, that "when Third "Attack Strikes Major Steel Centers (Continued from page 1) two of the raiders had been shot down and four others "houvlly damaged." i l'roviding a typical example of Japanese propaganda extravagance, a Tokyo lOngllsh-lauguago broadcast directed to I'aeiflc areas not loug after the domestic broadcast stated that "13 enemy planes were shot down" during the Munchurlun attacks. I'M Disclose Italil Although no Japanese broadcast so far recorded has specified the type of the rudlng planes, the United States War Department disclosed that 11-29 bombers were used, making it their third strike against the steel city of Anshan. While Informing Japanese Empire audiences of the raids on Manchuria, the Tokyo domestic radio al so reported that 12 hours earlier a force of 10 "large type" American planes hud raided Nanking, aiming at the river dock facilities. "There wus slight damage suffered in the I'ukow area, but our military Installations suffered no damage," the broadcast Insisted. r Z J. ; T " .It made no claims to having ha Miy. of the raiders.. corabinatloa heating' and cookl Stoves, 1 designed for domestic usJL tor Installation -on or - above- tIA floor and for 't lis pie of coal, woo Soil, kerosepe, asoljne an?: ga est r)onedi;f Certificates) niustj '4s o . Costa Bica ... Basically on agricultural (jountryj the principal industries of Costa Rica are based on agriculture and include coffee processing, sugar cane grinding, the preparation of cocoa, and the manufacture of wood products. Other Costa Rican industries supply domestic needs with textiles, leather goods and shoes, soap, sweets, cheese, tobacco, candles, starch and furniture. THEPCTURE8 H"v More Honda ' -.J 9c FINAL TUE. iOc HELEN VINSON kRTHUt TREACHER HELEN BROOERICK PMRIC KNOWLES 1 EDWHRO BROMBERB 'QuaKut" JOEL KUPPEIBAN Comedy and News ,.,;,,. TflKITE T Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices dra, flu inanrrian: 8c for each leading line (one column line, like ne of tbese). Next two days lrserUon: toe same le charge (you get three day at double the coet of the first day). Neit three days Insertion: the am 8c charge (you get a whole leek five days) at three tlmea the Cost of on Insertion). Each group of three day thereafter, Ic a line. niackface (like tills) 10c per line. All claulfled ad Including memorials and notice of all kind must he paid In advance except those by regular cutomer whose account are paid monthly or those from organization whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible (or lis paynieuu FOB SALE 5 ROOM MODERN HOUSE, WATER softener, all storm sash and insulated, basement under full house, linoleum in kilehen and bathroom, Venetian blinds throughout house, reasonable price, 830 Walnut Street. Call before 11 a. m. or after 6 p. m. t77 .MUST BE SOLD QUICKLY TO SET-lle estate. 5 Room semi-modern home. 1048 South Fourth St, Sec T. Wess Hoyse, 4 mile northeast . 'of Clinton, 1st house north on i - gravel road off 41. t79 GREEN B EA N S 7 K EN T L C K Y WON-ders, Irish and sweet potatoes and cabbage. C. E. Woolen, two miles , north of Hillsdale. ' tins SIX ROOM, MODERN HOME, ALL newly decorated. Good location, Immediate possession, terms if desired. O. F. Houston. t74f PRY CLEANING CAN'T REMOVE It. One spraying of Arab odorless mothproof protects up to 5 yrs. against moth damage. Lee Hain. EXTRA NICE I'EONY CLLMl'S IN red. pink and white. Now is the time to plant. Hershey's Store and Greenhouse. I70f GOOD EATING AND CANNING pears. 250 North Ninth Street. ' t8lx DINING ROOM SUITE, IN GOOD condition, St. Bernlce, Phone 424. t77x ZENITH CABINET BATTERY R A-dlo. Everett l'oulter, Wheelervllle. t79x APPLES AND I'EARS, NAKDFs Fruit Farm, Lyford. All leading varieties. t3x FIFTH VEI N COAL. ALSO II R A-zll Block. Charlie H. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f 0BICK, any kind yon want. Clinton Into Wracking Part do. Ernie's, flume 8, Clinton. BStf FOR OVER8KAH C II H I S T M A S gift see Karaio's Jewelry Shop. 179 PAID NOTICES NOTM'ti! A Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 F. y$A A. M. called meeting Tuesday, Sept. 2th at 7:00 p. m. Work is In E. A. Degree. John Griffith, W. M. Charles Brown, Sec. t7C NOTICE MOOSE! Be sure and pay your dues on or before October 15 to stay beneficial. Floyd Guinn. Secretary. tso " NOTICE EAGLES! Don't forget initiation and party Thursday night. 28th. Dues will be due Sept. 1. J. E. Foster, Sec. t78 NOTICE! I will not be responsible for any debts Incurred by my wife. Thomas Lark. ' " NOTICE! Trl' Kappa Rummage Sale. 219 South Main, next to the bank. Saturday, Sept. 30. t79 JOIN Ol'll CHRISTMAS I.AYAWAY Vluh and select a Keepsake Diamond ring at Faraco's Jewelry Shop. t7i WANTED TO BUY BICYCLE FOR BOY. 212 N. Third Street. t7Cx HALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Cllntonian. FOB RENT MODERN FURNISHED APART-ment. Close in. 415 South Third (Street. tl.'if HELP WANTED EXPERIENCED HELP FOR STORE work. Tombaugh. 179 SOLDIERS at Camp Ellis, 111., have Informed pretty Angela Greene, above, that she has been moved to the number one position on their pin-up list. The honor came to the actress following the publication of her picture In Yank Magazine, 'International) Deurne, and a mill 15 miles nortlv of Deurne and six miles southwest of Mook in an offensive which added new threats to the Nazis' danger of being outflanked. Allies Clear Calais In western France, "satisfactory progress" was made in clearing the Germans from the port of Calais, site of heavy artillery emplacements. The Allies won control of the high ground overlooking the town und reached the waterline west of the city. The Germans reported a major American offensive from the Ejiinaf-Remiremont sector against the vital Belfort Gap leading into the Reich while the British Second Army continued Its all-out efforts to reach the beleaguered sky units at Arnhem. . Censorship Khroiiils Ituflle A censorship blackout shrouded the flUld 'developmepls (on Europe's flaming batllefroutJ.,put from enemy broadcasts Rnj ihj brief official information1 'available, this was the general' picfiire. 1 British ' Second Army troops battled fiercely to gain control of Elst In central Holland in an effort to open the: main supply road between Nijmegen and the airborne forces at Arnhem.' 2 Other Second Army troops were reported to have reached the vicinity of Doom, where the late Kaiser Wllholm spent 21 years in Exile. Widen Mosole, Bridgehead 3 The German agency DNB re ported that United Stales Third Army forces have widened their bridgehead across the Moselle and deepened It by several miles. Repulse of Allied attacks In western Holland was claimed. 4 Nazi sources estimated that between three and four Allied airborne divisions have now been thrown into the battle of centra) Holland. 6 An entirely unconfirmed French radio report, undoubtedly preinalure said that Allied forces had captured the German town of Cleve at tiie northern end of the Siegfried Line. Get In the Scrap! zuolo and Marradl along with sev eral dominating heights on the right flank of the Americans. Brazilian troops with the Fifth Army at the same time scored moderate advances against stiffening German resistance. Kiglilli ( apt ores Town Troops of the Allied Eighth Army, In what was termed a "most successful night attack. " captured the town or Bordonchlo, six miles northwest of the Adriatic port of Rimini, after breaking through the main body of the first Nazi paratroop division and advancing 2.0U0 yards. The Eighth forces held to the newly-won terrain despite German counter-thrusts which resulted in further disorganization of the enemy and Inflicted heavy casualties on him. Hold ituliiion Area Headquarters disclosed that the entire area between the Marucchia and the historic Rubicon rivers was in Allied hands. British troops established a number of bridgeheads across the Rubicon, capturing the town of Camera-no and advancing more than 1.000 yards across high ground beyond. Stiffening resistance was encountered In the advance. . " ' Advancing 30 iniilcs since 'breaking into' the Gothic Lino a month ago today, the Eighth Army has taken prisoner 8,709 of the enemy and inflicted an estimated total of 26,- 000 casualties. 1 ' IuTsei'liig I'mim in lU-serves , Although the Gothic defenses have been smashed on a wide front by the Fifth Army and the line' has been turned by the right flank of the Eighth Army at Rimini, Kessel-rlng is pouring In seasoned reinforcements at critical sectors in desperate efforts to set up new holding points along the forward slopes of the Apponlne ridge Immediately behind the Gothic defense zone. Tactical aircraft of the Mediterra-near air forces blasted German communications In northern Italy and gave close suport to troops in the battle area. Heavy bombers continued action against German shipping In Greek waters, attacking harbor installations at Skaramanga, I'ireas and Sa-lamia. U. S. Defenses Lagged, Dewey ChargesF.D.R. i fCoottaoea from tw I) crow" which Includes Harry Hop-kjiifl, Madame, Harold Ickea, Mayor prank Haxwt Sidney Hlllman and Earl Itrowder, the "ex-eon vicl and pardoned Communist leader". TIM! AltaiMloiiex riedgo fi. President liooseveit, In Ills opening speech, abandoned the "high sounding pledge" that ho would not campaign In the usual sense by delivering a Rpeech of "mud-slinglng, ridicule and wisecracks, which plumbed the depths of demagogy." 7. President Roosevelt resorted to joking about depressions and "waged war against the nation's job-making machinery," and now has "no better or different program to offer". The Oklahoma City speech was In sharp contrast to the six previous Dewey talks. It was described by veteran political reporters as one of the sharpest attacks In modern American politics by one presidential candidate agaliiHt another. Takett lKHW Kingly Taking the issues raised by the President one by one-, the Republican nominee repeated the charges labeled "false" by Mr. Roosvt'It, He safd ft hui not been his. Intention to "rake over' 'the Roosevelt record in the field of preparedness for war, but that he was impelled to do so by the latter's insistence that the charge of unpreparedness was a Factorwanlrolled m: aiii;. With 6rad A' CasMlbdckl 6.00-16 7.00 Only the -finest materials and the best workmanship go into Firestone recap. POLAND'S J? ' ' ' w I Xoirt Grade A U R JMml buck ! M il ASTKOLOOICAL FORECAST A BKIEK GENERAL GI.'IDE covering Business, Financial, Vocations, Health, Love Affairs and etc. Send ONE DOLLAR with DAY, MONTH and YEAR of birth. Four questions will be answered absolutely free of charge. Write to L. E. Ves-al 4 u 5 South Main .Street. .South liend 10. Indiana. 175 FOR I'M.'MUINM. HEATING, ELEC-(rlc wiring and sheet metal, stove pipe and elbows. C. & J Kama-rata. 836 N. 9th .St. J'hones 20 and 163W. MOTH PROTECTION 2 YR.S. ON clothing and 6 yis. on rugs, furniture and blankets, with one spraying of Arab Odorless mothproof. Lee Hain. FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I M'A L 8 REMOVED, large or (mall, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charge. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMATE REMOVED FKEE of charge by Dwiggfna and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. i tExf AITO ;lass. all types op (IIoks for all makes Installed. Mufflers mid lail-pijM'N for all ems., Krnle's. Phone H, South Jluln.j Clinton UU IF YOU HAVE PROPERTIES To' sell, I will be glad to have you list them with me. I believe I can sell them. O. F. Houston. t75f ETHYL. WE GOT IT! SURE also 5 ply tires The Gas Market, 115 North Main Street, Clinton. tliOf MODERNIZE Y O V It DIAMOND with a beautiful new platinum mounting from Furaco's Jewelry Shop. C7W WE HAVE A NICE SELECTION OF colors in water paint. It's good, loo. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. Tel. 322. Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clin-ton or 166-J-2, Montezuma. 1FTH ' VEIN ' COAL, GENERAL hauling. Phone 592J or 1130 Pike Street. t83x EMPLOYMENT WANTED POSITION' AS' RECEPTIONIST-OR typist. Doctor or dentists office. Knowledge of MCH forms. Box 442K. ' t77x FEMALE HELP WANTED WOMAN TO DO WASHING. WILL deliver and pick up. Inquire Western Union. 176 WANTED WAITRESS FROM 7:00 a. in. to 3:00 p. m. Phone 785. t70f I WAITRESS, VICTORY DINER. t75f WANTED TO KENT 150-2110 ACRE St. Bernlce. ARM. IONE 245-t79x LOST PERSON WHO TOOK LIGHT TAN sweater from Cranes rest room, Monday noon, please return to Cllntonian Office. Reward, t78x WANTED SOMEONE TO LIVE ON FARM AND take care of stock, house furnished. Mlildle-aged man preferred. Two miles east of Atherton on county road. Ca! 1)0 or at 3ftu South Main Street. 178 Wives of King Solomon King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubine. With The Conplimeat Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for EDWARD SANDERS West Third St. Just Come la And Ask For Them I Wat. h This Space Every Day TOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT Phone 62 raided the Philippines again Sunday and previously declared that martial law had been Invoked throughout the Islands. Heavy righting continues on Peleliu, headquarters suid, and the latest advance wus made after marines by-passed stubborn enemy strongpolnts on the rocky rpinc of the island. Infantry Reinforce Marine An enemy barge was destroyed by gunfire from warships supporting ground forces In the Palaus and elements of the eighty-first infantry division have reinforced Die first marine division on Peleliu while other army units are continuing to mop up enemy stragglers on Anguar. While American naval forces posed a constant threat against the Philippines and the Peleliu campaign progressed, United States aerial units executed widespread raids against other Jap island bases 111 the Pacific. GEN. DOUGLAS MACARTHUR'S Hq., New Guinea. A new record for mnihal nfflcipnCV W9H PRl .ihlislied to day by a navy Catalina patrol plane which sank a jap seaplane tenner lair, rinelrnvpr PKCnrls In Olie bombing run over Jlavao flul in the Souther phjlliiiiines, i,j hlilw irfiwneo tokum-i- - Gen. Douglas MacAr.thur revealed In n Irirnmmliirillp tlinr fiie nlA'ne. ono of the famous Cataljna "Black Cats," spied 'the three enemy' vessels dur ing a routine night patrol over (lie Phfljnplnc. Tfhe., destroyer escorts, being fileled by' the tender, wore lashed alongside the larger vessel. ,The CataJua made one popio run. rr urceiKfrin bombine sank' the -de stroyer escorts immediately, and the seaplane tender capsized and sank shortly after. New Offensive Begins: Nazis; Aid To Arnhem (Continued from page I) was labeled "satisfactory," with spokesmen for Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower announcing that the Eindhoven- Nijmegen corridor, against the aides of which the Germans have been throwing their full strength, now measures 20 miles In width at a point a few miles north of Eindhoven. DNB, the Nazi propaganda agency, issued a totally unconfirmed report that the British first airborne division holding an isolated position a few miles above the end of the corridor near Arnhem, has "ceased to exist." Claim Airborne Troops Surrender (The enemy dispatch claimed that the last 600 British survivors surrendered this morning at a village west of Arnhem. There was no confirmation of this claim.) North of the Elndhoven-Nijmegen strip, the Allies advanced above Deurne and now are clearing out the sector between that city and Nijmegen, General Eisenhower's spokesman Bald. They reached the town of Opol, 11 miles north of COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c TWO MAX SUBMARINE With Tom Neal Ann Savage PLUS THE CROOKED CIRCLE With Zazu Pitts Ben Lyon THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c MEET THE PEOPLE With Lucille Ball Dick Powell "Batty Baseball" Cartoon "Practical Joker" Pete Smith Comedy the treachery of Pearl Harbor came we were not ready . 6. Quote President Roosevelt himself as stating, in 1935, that " is no ground for anorehensiou that, our relations with any nation will be other wise than peaceful; In 1937, the circumstances permitted use of our money for roads and bridges "rather than into huge standing armies and vast implements of war". RATION CALENDAR Processed J'oixls j Blua-stamps A-8 through Z-8 and "U tyfftjt.fiit f-y ill 'jjuuk t guou 1U1 JO ibf.r)tK:pJiHoitely. G-C through .-5 valid now and are good indefln- lelR 'Tokedsj (may , be used for han'e. i ilcars, (licese Anil Dairy Products All red stamps A-S tfiWjih,,. antf 'S-titrdtigh D-5 In Book 4 valid Indefinitely; E-5 through G-5 valid now and are good Indefinitely1. Stamps worth 10 points each. Sugar Stumps 30, 31, 32 and 33 in Book 4 good for 5 pounds until further notice. Application for additional canning sugar must be sent to board accompanied by one spare stamp 37 for each applicant. Stamp 40 in Hook 4 good for 5 pounds of cunning sugar. No one is eligible for additional home canning sugar except those who produce for sale. Shoes No. 1. "airplane" stamp and No. '& "airplane" elamp in Book 3 good for 1 pair each until further notice. . Always present Book 3 when making' purchase as 'tumps are Invalid If removed from the book. (asolino I ' ' '''''( B-3, C-8, B-4, 0-5. B-5, C-5 good for five gallons until further notice. Tires ' Periodic passenger car tire Inspections are no longer required, but inspection records should be retained for obtaining supplemental rations and tire replacements. Tire Inspection records must be presented with appllcatio nto get supplemental gas and tiro certificates. Commercial vehicle inspection due every 6 months or every 6,000 miles. II curd-holders eligible for Grade 1 tires providing they cun show absolute need to carry on essential activities; however, the boards' quota will determine how many, if any, B card-holders will actually receive certificates ior tires since each hoard is obligated by regulations to issue tires to the niost essentiul users first. All A holders may obtain certificates for Grade 3 tires, but only after they have found tires which may be purciiased. Fuel Oil Period 4 and 5 coupons valid through August 31, 1945, etc. Stoves All new heating, cooking and 2 BIG FEATURES 9c 35c I VAN FONTAINE STARTING The Daring Truth! xsjs m 'THE ALSO JOAN FONTAINE RICHARD CARLSON LOUIS HAYWARD IN DUKE OF WEST POINT' MgSw THURSDAY ROY ROGERS in goodvear TO MOST MOTORISTS Now always, first choice of moat- motorists is Goodyear . . . a big, good-lookine tire built for extra safety and long, low-cost mileage. Bring in your Grade I certificate today; $1C05 drive out on a tire Q you can trust. (plus tax) 4.00-16 (ink vow eld tin) NINTH & BOGART MOBILGAS STATION JOE'OIJCTTO 1 6RWVILI ZJ 1 ,' " , THU1U I V) ACTIO ivlV- ..its WHAT EVERYONE WHO NEEDS READY CASH SHOULD KNOW . . . Can Be Learned by a Trip to our Office. Let Us Show You the Best Way to Get Up to yuitt Quickly. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 226 Blackman St. Firestone-Tcxaco Service I I'll N. Main Clinton, Ind. CLINTON, INDIANA

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