The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 26, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 5
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'agr Ff-- THE DAILY CLINT0N1SN Tih-mL,v, Ki-jicii!.cr ll'lf. nStandindsU Si Date Changed For of Kay Seiiultz, quarterback from Cliicago, and with t lie binU' iuinbituiticnj of iioris Inuiam-lu II . Ed Cody, .Sianley Xubieki, and Chul-lnens KlHuU. Major League Scoreboard loyle would be ready by Saturday. Wi'h QuarttTbaf ks Ki d Clawson and Lien Si'hadlor, both letter winners, still sidelined. Doyle will probably mart against Wisconsin. 1) o y 1 e, Milwaukee freshman, cracked hie rib during practice more than a week ago, and later fractured it when he choked while eating a fried iot.ato. I AMKHK'A.N K Clubs Won Ixiat Vet. Detroit K 114 St. Louis H 4 New York HI '47 Boston t1"11 Clevelantl '1 'su Chicago ti 7 -i Bhiladelphia S .r'N W'asliinglou til .412 Brownies Tie Detroit In AL Pennant Race Holiest Raw Since VMX In New Climux as l'atlliiLC Teams Tied for First ; Yauks Defeat Alitteiies ItASHH.AI I. TOIJAV J'lollitlilr .il.('lHl'p: ami:u( m:.v; I'liiliul.'lphia I i i in li 11 1 ul JJi'truli I'l'niyi I. .Wu Yuri, ( I'.nnliiiin ) lit t'lliriif.u I ItHIIlllill'tl i l liirM 1 . Wildcats' Match With Gerslfrceyer Cliutoa Team to Tiay At Te rre Kau e Thursday Right ; Third for Locals A rluiMtM" in i''-li''luli 1 1 ii iKHiiiK1-id i In (ltd- (f (In- CliiiUMi. rMiu.-y- r 'I'- cli t'iii'i'' Iikhi ! iJiHii if 'I lull .-.liiiy niflit. Ciiiiitui htlnK-1 titii- Altluiiirii (liiiloii's roniutrt lur llit j..;imc KiM-rii if;; l-'rid.iy ni'nl tit--llir (I, lie uf ih' r:i in . orstmi'T-n rcturKt to I lit- V'.nin fliiiii't-il Jriwh J'rt'iuiit for JMtt StH TH JrllfiNU, 3nd. Noire Dunu' cunt iiuM'd hcrinimai;' av-uiust J'ii in-buiTh i'la today an tlu- Irish prr-imn-d to trjiM-l for tlnir HCiiMtn's op- iifi' Saturday without tin1 K'-rviwn of ('.rum' Katl'i'tiian. iw-'t hack I'roiti Cin niiiati. or Ct.-iM';' Obula. f.-uaid front Cliiraru. liatt rimui t'l'MfU'd a biokt-n cnl-l ir bun f ii s'Tiin uiau'.' and ilnila lutK iM'i'ti dniM'U. n s( niay s sf-ri in m Coafh Kd M K -v r n.oxt d Johnny M; k-LT'iuk-Iu tw rh'ht i'uaid and Khiin-d fliirk AlarKiolt to Mi hulibiuk. lit SI. Mollis l;,,-.ic.i I Hi N ATIONAL l.i:A;l K liiltl. ) lii'lil I. Treasury's New W- J Tax Form Ousts Levy Advisers LNDIANABULIS. hid. Many Indiana tax advisers soon will be "put out of the business' according to Joseph L. Nunan. of Washington. I)-C. Villi ed states Commissioner of Internal Jie emie. The new W-2 federal income tax report form is the answer fo taxpayers' plea for a simi'liticd. easily understood form. Nunan explained during a visit yesterday at the office of Will JL Smith. Indiana collector of internal revenue. The form. hicli is approximately (he slue of a bunk chii'li. will be given by employers to each employe subject to wil liliolding tax. he said. The front Bide will tell the gross amount earned and the tax withheld. The employe will have only to answer a few questions on the back and mail the form to the Internal Kevenue oflice. Later the office will send the taxpayer a statement of the amoutn of lax or refund due. Nunan pointed out that the new 1040 form for those not subject to withholding tax also is simpliied and will "make it much easier on the taxpayer." Itttdtver MtU'iittJ nntM-di A1AU1SUX, Wit- - Couch Harry St ulild ruber today continued his Mirch for capable replact-mentK as the Wisconsin J-iudKiTH took a lij-'bt workout tor Saturdayn nai"' i'" Northwestern at Kvanstoti. .Stubldre-her Indicated that the tackle posts are causing him the most concern. The only teteran tackle ju hand, riarence Ksser, lias been hund- .lull al ! W.i hind N K V YOHK. X. I'. Tin- luiUi-il . I . . ; i . in 1 1 ,i l l li'iiiim I. N TIi M. skill f ii I Urn- Cluhs St. Louis rittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago New Vork j I :..l u al H'....ic.i ( An- Lost Bet. 4 0 I'M! CO .Dfa (13 .57) 75 ,m H! .442 S7 .412 JK -4u5 89 .3U5'2 1 lit) icai-utd bv a knee injury. The oth-J Boston Annirican Jj'-anui nnatil ran' tuiirrj 1 il II S . whi n Uie J.lfiidit 'I M-'-rs iiuh- j 'j' cd out tin1 i'li'i iand llitlliiiiH liy hall 1 , a game, lias i-nirci-d iuiu unotlur ul i cii, its dozi-'n cliinaxt'S tuday with tiii 'rriii: arrival of till' SI. l.ouis liruunr. in!r ( ,'is,'i a lirKt-iluc' tit' with tlir liwriiil Tit;-j ci,i crB. at III The Brownii'R tnnee vaunhd linn (- k;i Brooklyn hi in- ers taid Hlulildreher, are "new ureeu as a shamrock, and untried.' Bhiludeliiliia (Willi-ls anil In l.u ur KotiH! ; my) ul Xi w Yurli ir mid Ail' n I I " Kiiim- I . .mo l !' rid, sun ami I'lisscalil tiid- lii,ia I Lit and l' tlli'-llv I m-.-i l I twi-linlil I. a sun. . Tech j Wildcat Hopes Soiir KVANSTUX. 111. Northwest In ! Iifir i hlnl inmv ' Hie WlIddilH will l'Kr I'.l.irK ;Hh who l:iM ii bv iv. ;. i-'h y ChMUii ionw, lln' l AH h'.tu; li losing Hi wei-U were , ln1),s t(),. ., ncressl'llt OIM-'ling of its " Wabash Vul-I 1144 Big 'J i n football season Salur- I. r. To See Vm biiison (111.) d.,v against Wisconsin were given ANN AKBOH. Mich. H. O. CriB-'a iaiost today wlicu Veteran Tackle ler said today the Wolverine passing game, thol ,o)lu Kroeger and Quarterback Jack combine of Bill Culligan and Pick Ten opener here Saturday against Indiana. tjriduien who saw action in the Marquette tussle took things easy in today's practice, but the others were sent through a stiff scrimmage in demonstration of Indiana plays. vi: ;ri'.nivs i!i:sri is AiiniticAx u:a;i ; New York :!, Chicago 1 11 I II- ic touch- jjjoy,. wer' jiriumunccd l it fur duty. ! Kiflenburg which has accounted tor score of j Kroiger. who was sid' lined wit li i three of Michigan's lour touchdowns, Verotsko '., injury wile 11 Northwestern defeat- 1 including the two that beat March back-',. d jj.Vauw Friday, r-lurned to i.rac-1 ijuette last Saturday, would see Jenkins. I tday. while team trainers said fileuty of a.ction in Mihcigau's Big Citl h iii;.uaui'd rl'iK up u dnwn ;it...unsl III' Al;. tikiiih 1'7. AlariiaiiKO. Anntndt . it nd Smilli iu;kv up tlu T t'iHd viiili Jarvis. O.ut, Sl.-i'ia id. Ma 1 1 in. Chanci Get Ui the scrap! Throw Your Scrap Into tie Mglit! llor and nings j ( 1st I. New Y ork 5. Cliicago 4 (2nd I 'l,iludephia 2. Detroit 1. St. Louis i. Hoslon 0 (night I. c 1 e c 1 a ii d Ii. Wai-hingf ton I night I . NtllllVHi l.KAt.CK Xew York :i. Cincinnati 2. St. Louis o. Kroi'L'vii . counted out of tin' lik'til ) piuni' to death Ki'ips with I ho TiKWR tiiroujdi a 8 to 0 Ilium )h uvi'r the Boston Ked Sox last uinlit aw NVisim Puller pitched a shutout. J'ut.tiT Knvu up only two hits, both of wliiuli came in the third inning, t'luu Jlrei-eewerd, the hard-wurliiuK rooi:ie who proved a neinesus to the Yankees, was eharked Willi the loss, yanks SI ill i 'iulii inji The New York Vank'-es. an- while, ki-pt their hat in the riiiK wiih two spirited derisions oifr the Philadelphia Athlelics. 3 to 1 in twelve inniiiKs and 5 to 4. A tnnle hy Juiiii-ny JjindeH mid a douhle hy Niek Ktten gave the Yankees their opell-inf frriimnh: and in the jiiL'litPiiri. TuwztT in Hi1 Jtiu-. Thv 'i!ri;Hri will (ak a i'-ord uf one v. in and "ii" li' with do; d a.aiiK.t tin -in to thf 1 points scon it Slowly , . . Enjoy it Fully,.. Sip ('Ulllpll'- I'ltlsburgli ill. Boston I AU-GRAIN and Tei h game. I Two nights of hard drills I special practise will precede i Oersuni y.-r l iny Thursday nil the j lion of An:". 1 game, lsl I. iiust.mi 5. 1'iltsliurg 4 (IS innings 2nd. I Chicago 7. Philadelphia (i (It) in "It's the Brew for You!" To enjoy os fine a biit as Siiw3, 4 '5vtrty entoy to , j.. .i ii-- c-thno 4nnn rl-MMV zeslv' dico. Then yew twilight, lsl). 1 niiH! 4, rliilad.-lphiu 1 ( 2nd . Horscliel Martin drove ill all the live I ' hie; Ifoosiei Hurtle Drills to Meet Mi( KJeven lilt," UIM!U! 01c ;pv.,,J'j . 1 i 'i ' aet full benefit of Sterling tangy true-beer !asij. And don f AMfRICA'S CHOICIST PILSNER -ri a -1, ' , 1. Soiqv aod thinyi cjo firsf.'6o wist tn .Sterling next time , ' you're fcst-r-rriirsty ond every sip wtl) bring you ixesb proo lliai here, indeed, is "the brew for you." - BIXJMINOTON. Ind. Indiana j University's Cream and Crimson. ' having survived last, week's 2C-1S I defeat by the lllini uninjured, work-J ed today to perfect passing plays to i 'J'OMCHKOW'S ;amks NATIONAL l.FirK Chicago at Philadelphia. Pit isburgll at lioston. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at New York. AMKRM'AX LKAOl'H New York at Cliicago. Huston al St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. Washington at Cleveland. Yankee runs w-itli two liuriKTS. one in the third and the other in the seventh. The, Tigers temporarily were slowed up wJieii Del roil was set down with (our hits by Russ Christopher in losinx to the seventh-place Philadelphia Atlieltics. 2 to 3. The winning run came in the eighth inniUM: on Irv Hidl's double and Floyd garrison's sfnule to enter. Indian Defeat Senators be used in the game with ?diehigau at Ann-Arbor Saturday. 'd by Bob Hoernscheineyer, last In the more uninterestina part of j KW YOHK. N. Y. Following year's leading Big Ten passer, the I Hoosiers drilled intensively on their j aerial attack to improve their tim-1 ing. Hoernscheineyer also worked on j running and learning new plays de-j the American League, the Cleveland . is ,ie Ui1v 0f comparative stand-Indians scored a C to 0 triumph ov-; jllps j,, ,,e American League poller the hapless Washington Senators. nant r;lcp ,ie i,0tt.-st flag fight seen Ed Klieoian hurled four-hit baH'asijn (jie niajul.s sjnce 1908: veloped this year by Couch A. -N (Boj Mciiillin. his teammates collected II hits oil Won Lost pet. G.B. T.P. Mickey Haefner and Arnold Thes- I Detroit S4 .r,8 .5C8 .547 4 C4 67 - lllger. W HO reiieieu me Maiui m j seventh. x Louis k York IsIh'U lraj.-ies lioileiniakci's LAFAYETTE. Ind. Purdue's new coach, Cecil Isbell, expects the Boilermakers to open their home football schiduln in full strength a-gainst Marquetle Saturday, but they were permitted to favor their humps and bruises in a light workout yesterday after last week's defeat at Creat Lakes. Isbell had only praise for the performance of lu'B players in the encounter, with the Sailors. He was pleased particularly with the work ft f IUGH! paLe facs gRl tuiCk 'WATON BE 'SI BOWLING RESULTS PICNNY'S McCracken, 58, 111. 9fl - :;tiS; Kirkman, 337, H4, 137 3I',7; Kaster, 113, 121, 3 0 C 340; Cosla, 162, 341, 13U 433; Jones, 107, 3 31, 122 SCO. . Totals, 17, SSS. ri',19 -1K14. WAHAKHKKS Karles, 103, 98, 136337; Joues. 128. Ill, 89 32S; McKinney, 91, 109. 73 273; Huberts. 12". 114. 121 355: Wright, lir,. 120. 120305. Totals, 601, uVli. 5S3 1780. MONTKZCMA Warren. 82. 113. 85 280; Beutley, 87, 120, 133 240; Trent. IOC. 93. 134 333; Klannery. 1 31, 87, 89 307; Boote. 108, 101. 12C 395; handicap, 12, 12. 12 36. Totals, 526, 586, 579 1691. CLINTON LUMBER Kirkman, ZtiEvRE TO BLIWDi f ."S3 h'iTu that - w b-avhs) bbcimda- j - y-i ' he sn uu ' Jh WCLL MiVBF Pinri'vG I ivv im VEiC WAR C;MT SL'iEP . iZLIG AT T-E ST2.KE FOE JOC TUAT fAKUM wK.HR, OR. SCRATCH like cca-DOG! UGeU. In the National League, the lnca-go Cubs took two from the Philadelphia Phillies. 7 to in 11 innings and 4 to 1. A relief job by Hi Van-denberg took the first and a six-hitter by Claude l'asseuu was good enough to win the afterpiece as Chicago hit two Pliilly pitchers for nine safeties. J'iiates Win Play-off The Pittsburgh Pirates won a one-inning play-off, 13 o S. in the finish of a contest hung over from Aug. 1, then dropped the second half of (he twin hill to the lioston Braves. 6 to 4 in 13 innings. The playoff was a breeze for the Pirates, since they were ahead. 12 to 8. when called upon to catch a train. The afterpiece, however, was won on Phil Masi's double and Stew Hofferth's single as the Braves conquered for pitcher Charley Barrett. The Brooklyn Dodgers lost (heir single contest to the St. Louis Cards. 3 to 1. Poor support behind Hube Melton's seven-hit pitching accounted for the Brooklyn loss, since all the Card runs were unearned and two came in the ninth inning to break a 1-1 tie and give Harry Bre-cheen the triumph. . I D LIKE TO KNOW T;KE ME PRETTy CAPTUE-, x S i fi 1 A mm i. .1 m n .. J .1 12!. 104, 101 334; Thomas, 92, 131. 118 - 311: ltalston, 83. 148, U :MV. 128 35S; Mattioda 101. 139. Wei r.142. 111, 147 547, 633, 607 1787. 353; Totals, 113 4 00. NEED A rAOOEL OH DEAR. THIS IS THE MlCEST BUT ia i'il to purHYES, -out'. MR. LINDELLg l-RESS 1ME SOT LEFTl IT IW OH SOME T77--.r4GED LOTS! MIQHT AS VJELL VMEAR FROM BEFORE I JOWEDl SWLEA The smallest Polo Crounds crowd of the year- 9S2- saw the Ciants nose out the Cincinnati Heds. 3 to 2. f -Zr-T , 1 1 w J 1 . . .--. 1 , A dAV-lMllMETlES -rv ARMY r 1 TILLIE i'f the 'I R16 AND iur rr 3 DONE VJITH . T If! MOTHER! t . 1 n TEXACO Doughty. 102, 107, 03 302; Hemler, 136, 122, 1 51 409; Fenoglio, 80, 61. 82 223; Shannon. 136, 138, 14S 422; Cil-ley, 176, 1S7, 153 - - 516; handicap, 2 2, 22. 22 - 66. Totals, 652, 637, 649 1 938. LUCKY STRIKE Jarc, 165, 128. 1 37 430; CoKrell. mo. 111. in.", 316: Ilain, 115. 130. 122 - 367; Ciowl. 1 12. 109. 90 - - 311; l.eiiri. 118. 152. MS -- 37S. Totals, 610. (;:'.u. 562 1822. IT ILL 2 m : M TOILER i By Russ Westover COOKED A FINE DINNER; THEN THREW IT TO DOG One lady recently slated that she nsed o Uiro J"r own dinner to the dog most of the lime. II made he sil k lnst.Xo look at aliylliinK lo eat. She was sMObVu Uh ta-s, full of bloat, had heailui he, felt Morn onl nd was hadly ons(iialed. J inully sue gut JOUii-HKI.l' and says she now eaiu 'ver)iliinu in sighi and di-Kesls it perfectly. Itowelfi nrc rejiular and normal, hhe is enjoying life once more and feels like "some older woman" since taking Ihls .New t 0111-nouiiil. l:i(U-HfcLP coiimiiis 13 ireal Heriis; they cleanse how els, clear gas from Momach, act 011 sluggish Ucr ll'l kiilnejs. Misemlile m ojiIc koou fi'l ililfcri lil all over. So iloii'l Ko on surieiliig! t.el I Itli lll 1 P While's (lteall) I'hiiiiiiacy King ttore. f AM THEY'RE LIVINS AT THE Seven Seas The Seven Seas is a figurative term denoting all the oceans and seas of the world. Today they are listed os the Arctic, Antarctic, North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic and Indian oceans, but in ancient literature the termg applied to other bodies of water which constituted the seas of the world as they then were known. Ai DAN AND PVIlM LEAVE THE SKUtt CLU& - Tun TUIV r.n-TUf RIG t, OK--I'LL WHV CdM'T REGENT HOTEL-1 KNOW JEBBY THE POSTER---Mi SOON KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND AU. A&OU7 THEM f I'VE GOT GOOD BtAe.L'H';--PPW,T TELL AhYCNE WHAT I HAVE I SAID TO YOU YOU TILL ME G 60i5 TOLD ME TO TAIL THEM HE TWW5 THEY MAY 6E C0PPEBJ-" VE5, PEGGY, IF V0U MEET M TOMOCBOW AT TWO O'CLOCK AT THE KCGENT HOTEL I'LL SIVE YOU SOME INFO0MATI0N AfcOUT YOUU fcOVnjIEMO JOE M0R1SO-- HLKE ?? J UklDlfbTAIvID" DAN mm MOW ABOUT IT? SKULL 0? llulds C'ruies Together Hardwood is iar better than sr woud for t!'e corner posts of cr..ij because it lu,fds nuils better' rim is extensively used tii.d is f tt.ry. 57 'ah m . ' t ii 1 1 hit 1 A. i'ir iFl w 1 iOtti i ti..inl IIM Xw4 11 joy life! mm 1 mi ilfiaif i !(SREETiM6S, WV LITTLE FRiEKiQ 1 tXHJBTLESS, WOU'VE H iPErJGUIMS LIVE ONLW IKI'A 1 H GOUT'ERM HEMMVSPEAR-J (UOULD VOU LIKE TO EARKI A J I HEARD OF CARRIER- - ' ; 'jMatkJM,, yjE KiEEDjj COUPLE OF SARDINES ? MOT UP Yun, i fapPT m tel PIGEONS SHALL Yj HERE.'l..TuATloM VA KIM NO I "otNU r-S m FUEL m ( MtbSAGE TO THE VADUIRAl p0R THE D f VA9, EUT TriEN-w f. k ' CM Brisk exercises and a spirit of friendly goodfellowship will clear up a lot of petty annoyances. You'll find that a session at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. Thimble Theatre Starring LUCKY STRIKE BOVLIKG ALLEY 1316, BUISST. . t'UXTOJf 'UOlill8 P0PEYE, 9-2 fc' 1 1

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