The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 7, 1968 · Page 41
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 41

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1968
Page 41
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Palm Beach Post, Thursday, Nov. 7, 1968 D5 Jn Movie 'April Fools' 'Swinging' Night Club Featured x - .v. ; . 1: well as frame. Then she was known as Poupee Bocar. She's from the San Fernando Valley and her real name is Anna, but Poupee was her nickname. That's the French word for doll, but she isn't French she's part Italian, part Peruvian. Her manager decided that Poupee was hard to pronounce, so she went back to Anna. She was a schoolteacher In the Los Angeles system, teaching languages. She speaks French, Spanish and Italian. One of her pupils was the son of a personnel manager and, instead of bringing teacher an apple, he brought her a contract. She's been acting now for about a year and if her talent comes anywhere near matching her looks, watch out. Suddenly, there was something new in one of the cages. It was Rosenberg, wearing one of the girl's purple boas over his suit. He was plotting a shot from the girl's angle, but his cast and crew thought he was having fun, and began serenading him with "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody." n V hi LAST DAY! "BARBARELLA" JANE FONDA IN A 1 v MOMENT HE COULD 7 iTriAAnppnw By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (NEA) It was a little like window-shopping in Paradise. All over the set were cages, suspended off the ground. In each cage was a girl, in feathers and little else. This was supposed to be a jazzy night club The Safari Club and the waitresses made the Playboy Bunnies look like hamsters. Whoever dreamed up the gimmick of the club ought to run right out and start to sell franchises. In this, alas, fictional establishment, the customers are equipped with pop guns and the way to attract a waitress' attention is to shoot a cork at her bottom. You'll see it all in a movie called "The April Fools." Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve are the stars, and it is in the Safari Club that they have their first big date. They are sitting at a table and Jack blasts away at the waitress, who turns out to be a famous San Francisco topless dancer named Yvonne D' Angers. Yvonne packs a 44-inch statistic on a 5-foot-3 frame. It's enough to give a girl-watcher instant myopia. She's a Persian, and says she came to the United States originally to study architecture. Since then, of course, the United States has been studying her I if Bnd the on,Y man ncAniN I who could save him A -'tlJ! w Open 1:30 60c Till P.M. Mon. thru Fri. it A i p Director Stuart Rosenberg, a bulky man with a bulky mustache, came by and talked about Yvonne. "You expect a girl like that to be a dlngallng," Stuart said, "but she isn't." Her undingalinglty is obvious. While it was her topless condition which first brought her prominence, she has reformed. Now she wants to be an actress. She commutes from her home In San Francisco three days a week, to study acting here. "This is a tough scene to do," Rosenberg said. I felt terribly sorry for him. "Honestly, it ls. It's hard to get it to look right. It's hard to get some of these girls to say a line. You can get all the bodies you want, but talking bodies ls something else." There were bodies a-plenty. The casting director I've put in my request with the Reincarnation Bureau to come back next time as a casting director had assembled a grand group. Curiously, they came from all over the world. There was the Persian, Yvonne D' Angers. There was a tall ex-ballet dancer from Germany, Renate Vasselle. There was a dancer from England, Carole Bryant. There was a big Delaware Indian, Lisa Todd. One of the most Intriguing, however, was an exotic-looking local girl. Her name now ls Anna Bocar, but I first met her a year ago when I was juuging a body-painting contest and she had far and away the best-looking canvas as Loss Taken Lightly NEW YORK (UPD-Paul O'Dwyer, an impish Irishman and antiwar Democrat defeated Tuesday by incumbent Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., took the loss lightly In a telegram to James L. Buckley, the Conservative party candidate who finished third. "I do not storm the heavens with prayers that your influence among the electorate develops," said O'Dwyer, "But I can hope that your tribe R00W10R. wTSSEn 11 CHRISTOPHER PUMER U 1 Ifi? C3 1 LUIFNMER'CAMBUSWW li .VpSi THE V' ,vl Sffjr s. HIGH -"" ""cmtrnk comoATioi (APVIrtpkm) HERMAN AND BRIDE Herman, Church of the Immaculate Concep-leader of the British pop group, tion in Mayfair, London, Tuesday. "Herman and the Hermits," poses Herman Ls 21 and his bride is 22. with his bride, the former Mireille His real name Ls Peter Blairnoone. Strasser, after their wedding at the Henry Fonda To Star In 'The Prison Story , "Kubrick provides the viewer with the closest equivalent to psychedelic experience this side of hallucinogens!" Magazine "A fantastic movie about man's future! An unprecedented psychedelic roller coaster of an experience!" . "Kubrick's '2001' is the ultimate trip !" "EX" We By SHEILAH GRAHAM HOLLYWOOD, (NANA) Henry Fonda has signed to star In the "The Prison Story," The screenplay was written by the boys who were responsible for the script of "Bonnie and Clyde" David Newman and Robert Benton. Joe Mankiewicz directs for Warners-Seven Arts. I was interested in boss Ken- Maddox Sends Nixon Hest ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) Gov. Lester Maddox, a vocal Wallace supporter, sent a telegram of congratulation to Richard M. Nixon today. Here is the text: "I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on your well fought buttle and your hard-earned victory. "As you know, my suppu, went to another candidate ue-cause I sincerely thought that he more nearly represented my own political views and those of the majority of the citizens of my state. "Nevertheless, I firmly believe in the American democratic process which has elected you my president and the president of all the people. Therefore, you may rest assured that I will give you my full support and cooperation to the extent that the best interests of the citizens of this great nation are served." neth Hyman's recent statement that his studio is planning to make many more films in Europe next year because when you are in Europe all you hear is that picture-making ls returning to Hollywood. Kirk Douglas, before we move on, is signing for the prisoner role in "The Prison Story" Fonda plays the Sheriff, lamed by a bullet, who becomes warden of an Arizona prison in the 1880's. Hume Cro-nynls also set. John Lennon's Japanese ar-tlst-glrl friend, and expectant mother, Yoko Ono, ls planning an exhibition of her posters in New York. Lennon will accompany her. That should be good for a traffic tie-up any day of the week. Joel Grey as Jimmy Walker, the late peripatetic Mayor of New York in the roaring 'twenties? Joe Levine has been discussing the project with the diminutive Joel. An- Mm other project for Mr. Grey when he leaves "George M" on Broadway a film in which he would be a reasonable facsimile of Eddie Cantor, with Bill Cosby as Bert Williams. "The ideal stars would be Clark Gable and Grace Kelly," Norman Bogner said discussing the film version of his book, "The Madonna Complex." Yes, but I'm afraid he'll have to come up with a second choice. Stanley Kubrick, who sometimes takes two years or more to make a picture, hopes to win the Napoleon cycle on the' screen by hiring England's number one Napoleonic authority, Professor Felix Mark-ham, as his technical advisor. Sometimes the tortoise wins the race. Wasn't it Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who made her later employes sign a statement . that they would not write about her? And since the butler revealed royal secrets for a magazine, the Queen of England and her family have insisted on domestic secrecy which didn't stop publication of those fascinating shots of the Queen in bed with her last baby. SUSAN HAYWARD "VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" -IN COLOR AWARD WINNER "THE GRADUATE" - IN COLOR iii M6Mpst5 STANLEY KUBRICK PRODUCTION Theaters Today BOCA RATON "Tho Boston Strangle!-." 2:20, 4:45, 7:05,9:25. .. THE Ml tIME HIM CLASSIC "CONE WITH THI WIND" SOON (AKKKRKK "Baibarrlla." 2.IKI. 3:35, 5:40, 7:411, :45. COLONY "Valley of I hp Dulls." 7:05, 9:25. FLORIDA "Kircciwk," 1:20. 5:40. 7:45, WHY DID 13 WOMEN WILLINGLY OPEN THEIR DOORS TO THE BOSTON STRANGLER? IN STEREOPHONIC SOUND SUPER PANAVISION METR0C0L0R THIS IS A REMARKABLE MOTION SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE ESGAV.KMEST- SHOWS 2:00-5:00-8:30 P.M. PICTURE BASED ON FACT. ADMISSION LAKE Sail and Pepper," .1:20. 5:25, 7:33, 9:40. LOKH"S( INKMA BOVNTON "The l-'ox."7:,IO,9;.KJ. LOKW'S(INEMA70 "Hoi Millions," 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8: (II. 10:00. MATS. MON -SI.7S SAT. SUN. S2.7S IVI. M0N.-THUR. ? 50 IVI. (HI -SAT. SUN $? 75 ,ST n JAMES STEWART HENRY fONDA INGER STEVENS "I I H K It II K " I.AZA THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF fm mimm i 1 1 I , J f Al M COAST PlAiA -US If CI IULT IT 2-4-6-1-10 I 1 Peter Ustinov . Maggie Smith 1 f Karl Maiden "Wllh Six You Ucl EuKroll." 1:20, 3:25. 5:35,7:40, 9: .51). I' LAV BOY "Odd Tasli's," 2:00. 4:00. S:l. 8: (I), 10:00. "Mad (iirls Lio To Hell," 3:00, 5:00.7:00,9.011. RIVIERA "Thi';nitluali" 7:25.9:40. BKA(IIII)RIVK-IN "Hosoniai v's banv," 7:00. 11:30. "Tom Joni's. " :.l. Bill LEVARI) IIWIVK-IN) "(iuilcr dlils." 7:00. "1 A l.ovci," 8:45. "Falsi' Shame," 10:25. DKLHAVI DRIVE-IN "Ham! Km Wifh." 7:00. 10:35, "Beach !i'i."9:!0. 7 i THeL A Stereo 8 Cartridge Tapes DUO STEREO LP. RECORDS PHONE 582-3615 rtci g STEREO PrCA VICTOR ADULT HITS EDDVAIiNOLD THE BEST DF EQOYABD WALKIN LOVE LAND Eddv BOSTON STRANGLER Panwaxxv Color by Ddua Tony Curtis Arnold 7 i(S(tKH0-lS0U uNOII it .0! IOlUQuLtmCCQ'!HfO if PlliT 01 iOoil GuilOHM R I il SKVDRO.ME IDRIVE-INI 1 I BohNewhar! " I "Bandolero," 7:00. 11:00, "Sweel S 1 II "UOY IN CEMENT" I trail idrive-in, I witMWN wim J "Kor Love ol Ivv." 7:00. 10:35. "Ueadll- 1 mimmm er than llie Male." 9:00. FREE rutuA ' m " i :mar C MATINEES FROM , 00 iW Henry Fonda George Kennedy Mike Kellin Murray Hamilton " l t - NHKING (Hill Willi lnftud:nf. LAST DAY l4H 0U0UtT Of R05ES AHYlMi nl olhr DORIS DAY-BRIAN KEITH "WITH SIX YOU fiH EGGROLL" The accent is on romance as Eddy casts a spell with Wlutt Now My Love, Gentle on My Mind, ll't Over, others. Dynagroove. LSP-4009 A marvelous new Arnold collection that includes the title tune, plus Eddy's single of Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, more. Dynagroove. LSP-4089 OWNS IJ S Twelve ol Eddy's biggest hits. Bouquet ol Roses, Cattle Call, Make the World Go Away, You Don't Know Me, Anytime. P8S-1185 Amidst China's most explosive era... stood a gentle giant! ALL EDOT ARNOLD STEREO LP.'S AND STEREO 1 CARTRIDGE TAPES MATINEE EVERY DAT, 1ST SHOW 2:00 Slf MOVIE 1IME CLOCK FOR F F A t U R 6 TIMtl 8 TRACK TAPES w, 3 U1G ADULT HITS STEREO LP.'S 0 $299 N - "I A I.OVI K" AnniTc 77 $5 2-c;i in it (.lid s - O .L'.J "I ,SV. SIHli:" UNLT ftlVIIRA 2 in color Swap Shop Sun. I juirofi u s no i - THURS. FRI. SAT. MOM. - LIST 6.95 LIST 4.79 FUrr "ROSEMARY'S BABY" Albert Fiey "TOM JONI'S" OTHER EDDY ARNOLD L.P.'S INCLUDED: MY WORLD EDDY ARNOLD SINGS THEM AGAIN TURN THE WORLD AROUND THE EVER LOVIN' WORLD OF EDDY ARNOLD I OH OS NO ( DtlRAT MACH 2 BIG COLOR HITS 'Ml p i 1 MS rYOKMI. hii.ui: CLINT EASTWOOD in: (ii ki:i rHANG EM HIGH EDDY ARNOLD IN PERSON TOMORROW NIGHT-W.P.B. AUDITORIUM ON US NO I lam woiik DEAN MARTIN JAMES STEWART miiaihili:kom UY IKtXIOSt "THE SWEET RIDE" il ' Mm, " m . PALM BEACH COUNTY'S LARGEST RECORD DEPARTMENTS GREGORY WMfiOTfeSes .5. 2 "jaa DOUGLAS GREFN BmBI AU wilso AIR CONDITIONED ELKE SOMMER "DEADLIER THAN I'l SIDNEY POITIER "FOR LOVE OF IVY" 116 SOUTH OLIVE AVE. West Palm Beach, Open Mon. & Fri. til 9 836 North Lake Blvd., Lake Park, Open Friday Night til 9 THE MALE" !!l LAST DAY r ii ... .l - A . . n wvrnvr uik fvonn uavii Roaai - Laftt worth st davis ir "SALT 4 PEPPERl I ortm 1 4 1

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