The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 26, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 4
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Tuesday, September 26, 1941. " THE DAILY CLINV'ONIAN Tage Four Behind the Scenes "PJNCH HITLER" THE DAILY &ENTOMAN 1MJ ajEjrin HOLLYWOOD i fliuTlili r as The Weekly catatonia iaM f Ska Olisttoo PUUndesUer absorbed In 1WM Fsblished Call Except Saturday And Bunas Eeergc Ij. Carey - - Editor wad Publisher By HARRISON CARROLL King f ealurcg fcyndicate M ritar HOLLYWOOD Latest Mocam-bo excitement took place when Turhan Bey. who has been Ruing with Lana Turner, stalked into the place and JSP tt mt tbe Fostotnoe at uiimoa, uibiimi mm feeon Out Matter avdlaoa Republican Editorial Aawdadoa spots here with a British rubber biggie. . . . Nice wedding present for Nigel Bruce's daughter, Jennl fer, and Lt. Jay Gould III. He is being transferred from Washington lo a southern California airfield. Greer Garson cutting her hair short for "Valley of Decision." First time she's worn it Umt way since "Mr. Chips." plunked himself $ down at the ta Phone S3 4gjp JtoM M f At the Movies J'AAACH Tuesday aJid WikIih'mIhj' Capturing the behind- the -scenes romance, gayety. adventure of lite as it is lived at the Inited Sums Military Academy, Edward Small has lavished his talents if showmanship and entertainment on his first major film attraction for the current season "The Duke of West Point." which opens at the Palace Theatre tonight. Headed by a cast which Includes Iouis Hayward. Joan Fontaine, Kichard Carlson. Tom Drown and Alan Curtis, this romantic drama tells the story of young cadets who enter a different and difficult world when they become Plobes al West Point. "Outlaw Trail" with Bob Steele, Jtoot Oibsotl and Chief Thundercloud opens as (he second feat u re. ble where Lana was pitting with Lt. Jjob Stack "Why, Turhan. what at e you tmatnm ASSOCUTlOg I 4 doing here T" ? asked Lana. "I have come to I 1 Wait until the other boys at th Station hospital in Claiborne, La , see the birthday cake that Hedy Lamarr is sending to Pvt. James S. Roberts. He's the son of Ruth Roberts, Hedy's dialogue coach on "Experiment Perilous." r i I I taKeyu home,' 1 I replied Univer- Iff; I sals handsome m, ) Kl W .'.3 ' ' i I i ir f actor. A few Harrison Carroll minutes later. he whisked Lana onto the dance floor and the two were seen to talk vigorously. Then Bey walked out of the place fast. Exiting soon after with Stack, who looked plenty embarrassed, Lana said: "I'm leaving with Uie fellow who brought me." WA1IAKH Sunday, Monday ajhI Tuesday "Chip Off Hie Old Block." I'ni-versal's latest Donald O Connor-Peggy Kyan feature, which opens at the Wabash Theatre, is by all odds the best of the lively comedy musicals which have teamed these engaging young personalities. The film is a superior example of movie fare suited for all the family, and was received VICTORY IN 1941- Gen. Eisenhower says that victory over Germany is possible in 1944 and that the campaign against Germany is already fully five days ahead of schedule. This will end silly talk in this country, and elsewhere, about the slowness of Allied generals and their tardiness to take advantage of opportunities on the field of battle. We think it can be admitted that trie German defense of the line drawn across Pal of a famous band leader writes from New York about seeing "The Adventures of Mark Twain," with Vincent JLopez on the fitage. "First Mr. Twain died," he eaid. "later Mark died, then Lopez got up on the atage and he died." the Norman peninsula was more stuooorn than expected and that, perhaps, there .., iffi.nitv in landing adeauate sup- The Navy flyer who made the rounds with Frances Langford and Jon Hall before Frances left for Canada was lit. Bob Ferguson, pilot of the plane that had to make an emergency landing with the Bob Hope troupe off Australia. And now it can be told that Frances was painfully bruised when the plane had to put down on a sandbar at 70 miles per hour. She was hurled into the cockpit and one of Bob Hope's suitcases fell on top of her. CJXMIiJA Tuesday ajid Wt'djicsday A timely and tixcHing, new melodrama, Columbia's "Two-Man Submarine, " featuring Tom Neal, Ann Savage and J. Carrol JS'aish Naish opens at the Columbia Theatre tonight. "The Crooked Circle" with Ben Lyon, Zazu Pitts. James Cleason and I rent Purceil opens tonight at the Columbia theatre as the second feature. Colette Lyons had to make a test for Universale "Frisco Sal" on the last day of leave for her husband, Tech. Sgt. Alan Dinehart, Jr. He brought her luck. She gets the part, her best screen role tc date. HOLLYWOOD HI -JINKS: Vic Mature due here the middle of October with the Coast Guard show. Norman Reilly Raine reports an Army convoy passing Twentieth Century-Fox with nearly all the trucks bearing painted nicknames. Topper was one called "Maiden Swoon" being swiftly fqilowed by another, "Super Wolf." . . . Studio had better hire somebody to teach Cara Williams how to drive. She terrorized a busy Hollywood street by zooming .two blocks in reverse. . . . Isn't Deanna DurbLn inspiring that torch carried by Warner Dialogue Director Freddy de Cordova? Attorney Seymour Chotiner now touring the spots with Dorothy Ford, who's even taller than he is. . . . Johnny Meyer back from Washington and going places with Janet Thomas. . . . Ward Bond at the Somerset House with Mary Lou May, . . . Simone Simon consoling Ben Bogeaus at the Players. . . . Ginny Simms and ex-Fiance Pat Nerney at the Trocadero. . . . The gent getting all those smiles from Marianne O'Brien at the Clover was Judge Virgil Moore from the east. . . . Paul Mantz due to cash in if the pictures about Ricken backer and Gen. Billy Mitch-eD ever get under way. He owns the only five flyable World War I planes. . . . Orchestra Leader Sonny Dunham lured three limousines to transport his band rather than disappoint soldier listeners in Merced and Fresno. . . . Bill Marshall's brother, Elmo, lost a bet that B'U and Michcle Morgan would have a baby girl so now he has to jump into the swimming pool with his clothes on and butt his head on the bottom three times. vv an viaj.j-vi.j o - - plies on the beachheads in the early days of the invasion. It should also be borne in mind that bad weather, which hampered supply routes and kept the air force on the ground . " '' J'W KXTV YKAUS MiO TOilAV Taking a Backward Glance ('. H. H. i'layri- Jii.iuml In J-'tMt)li rrwIiM1 Warrou Pierce, senior ill Clinton high school and a nicnibcr of the C. H. P. football Miuad. sustained a broken shoulder bone TH1HTV J'KAKS Plant Short Lengths Only short lengths of salads, radishes and greens should be planted at one time, because they remain usable during only short periods, and because there is no sense in growing so much of anything that some wili be wasted. (iO TiMAY 4'luiton StM-rer rlayor With t 'liuanu Team John Jardino. of South Eighth Pat Dane gave Tommy Dorsey a two and a half carat diamond ring on HER birthday. Make a bet that Pat will do little if any testifying when the Jon Hall matter comes to trial. . . . Sally Haines and her actor-husband, Bud Wolfe, reported separating. . . . Myrna Ley had gay times with Capt. Gene Markey and a Hollywood group in a Washington late spot. . . . Attorney Milton Golden was telling the Archduke Franz Josef and archduchess how the wife in a current divorce case objected to washing her husband's sox. "Poof!" said the archduchess. "I knit as well as wash my husband's sox. Come out to the apartment and you can see them drying." . . . Ruth Waldo, who figured In the mink coat episode with jack Topxjing, touring the late street, left today for Chicago, Alex Kibb of Clinton is the only other member of the regiment still living in Clinton township. Captain Hall, of near Dana, is a member, but neither he nor Mr. Kibby attended the reunion. Mr. Wright is a faithful attendant at reunions. IVrsomils Mrs. David Butts and daughter, Waneta, of Carbon, and Mrs. Elizabeth McElfresh, of Zena, O., Ancient Custom Among the priests of IsJg and Se- rapis thetonsure was th custom. It entered Christianity through monastic ism. Bert Chastain of South Eighth Greek Invention The anchor, traditional insignia oi safety and security in any country, was a Greek invention. yesterday eveninp in football j practice on the athletic field in 1 attempting to make a tackle. He was taken to the Vermillion county hospital where an X-ray picture was taken and disclosed lie had received a fracture. His Injury did not cause him to be oul of school today although he will not be able to resume football practice for some time. J. V. IVimey Cos Xew fcloiv 0H'n The opening ,of Hie J. i Penney Co. More in the room formerly occupied by he Recreation, has attracted people since morning and favorabh; comment is heard among visitors, as they admire (he windows or look through the store. Cigars for the men and flowers for the women have been given out all day as souvenirs. are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. st reel. E. W. Bretz and M. O. Cock-rum of the Staats-Kaynes jewelry department, will each spend Sunday at their homes at Hunting- o THIRD HAVEN o where he will play with the Mason Park association football league team, of Chicago, which will meet the Campbell Browns on the association grounds at Evanston, Sunday at 8 p. m. October 11th, the same team will engage in an international the some grounds. This is known contest, which is to be held on as the rhalh iiRe rup competition. There will be 22 games played during the season, which opened September 13 and closes March 28 of next year. Old 4.11 liuliiuia KnjoyN Annual Ib'union ,evi Wright has just relumed from, where he attended the annual reunion of his regiment, the 43d Indiana volunteers. He reports tliirly-seven present and a good time enjoyed. Attorney Hoy Shattuck and one or two others made speeches and there was plenty to eat and interesting reminiscences. burg and Oakland City. J. S. Morrison, who has been visiting Willi Charles Sanders and family, left today for his home at Indianapolis. He was accompanied as far as Terre Haute by Mrs. William Bevan and Miss Mrs. Ida Dooley and son, Mot. Orplia Morrison, of 'Kansas, go to Terre Haute, Sunday, from where they will be joined by Miss Hazel Dooley, and go on to Pa- many days, had sometning to uu wim throwing our armies off schedule. Altogether, the successful invasion of German-held Europe, involving the cross-channel transport of men and supplies, the attack upon heavily fortified defensive positions and the breach of cleverly utilized hedgerow positions, with losses far below those suffered by the enemy, was a military miracle. EXPLAINING A "FAILURE". A reading of German communiques for the past two years has revealed many interesting examples of how the Berlin war office covers up decisive defeats. As everybody knows, the Rhone Valley has been the scene of a terrific German disaster. The Allies, after landing, proceeded up the river at a record-breaking pace, meeting with ineffectual resistance. Here is how the news of this battle was reported to the German people over the German radio: "In the Rhone Valley, all enemy attempts to overtake our marching movements in the sector of Valence failed." Certainly, one would have to know the facts from other sources to understand that "marching movements" represent a retreat that almost equals a rout and that the "enemy attempt" which "failed" means that the Nazis ran so fast that our units could not keep up with them. Chicago Dr. Marcus Nadler, finance professor tells American Bankers Association : "The only way to solve the public debt problem is the hard way namely, through the institution of economy on the part of the government and its subdivisions, through an increase in production of the country and an adequate tax system." Washington Jean A. Brunner, newly-elected commander-in-chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars: "The German people accepted Hitler and his gang, and they should be made to pay through the nose through imposition and enforcement of economic and social controls." SYNOPSIS ( A leading and popular resident ot ; Talbot, sleepy litll Chesapeake Bay village, is URS. EUNIOB REYNOLDS, elderly and unable to walk, but the possessor of young ideas. She has been dominated by her strong-willed granddaughter. . LAURA, who lives with her. Mrs. I. Reynolds hires ANNE WILSON, personable young New Yorker, to be her nurse. Longtime fiance of Iura Is RUSSKIX SMITH, conservative young attorney. ... . VesTERDAY: Russell goes home to 1 find that Ills brother. Dan, has returned after several years absence. Dan says that among other Uiinjrs he has been In jell. Many went in not only to look but to buy as tiie goods and prices apparently offer a buying inducement. The store handles furnishings for the whole family. JVl"SOIUll.S Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cubrilo. of Universal, are I lio parents of a baby girl born September 21. I ris. 111., where I hey will spend the day with Charles Henry and I family. Vl It is their first child and bas CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbejjcr been named Mika. Miss Miuette Jackson, of Indi annpolis. is visiting in Clinton this week will) Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Jackson and family, of Kim street. Miss Jackson is a sister he was sure she'd like It. She wanted something youthful and colorful. It was what Laura couldn't understand in her own mother. It was part of Laura's serious outlook on life not to understand anything that wasn't serious. She had mocked Dan. And now Dan was bu, a shabby hobo, proving she was right in her original estimate of him. Russell thrust the pin back into his pocket and went down to the kitchen. Dan was eating cold pork and beans and crackers and jelly. He looked up and grinned with a mouth full.1 "I only made a little raid this time." "Why didn't you heat things up? There are the tongue and chicken soup. Why, you didn't even make coffee for yourself. Or take some more beer." "I can't be bothered. Don't worry about me." "But I am worried. Play the radio tonight and stay in. Tomorrow I'll take you to Weston andi get you some clothet. Have you a' suitcase or anything?" "What a laugh. It's only In ma azines where you bum your way around the country with suitcase and radios. What you don't see I haven't got." "You could wear a suit of my pajamas tonight." "Huh. I don't even know what pajamas are. But I could use ciga-rets." "They're In the smoking stand In the living room." "Swell. I U put the shades down and nobudy'li know the black sheep CHAPTER ?Oun RUSSELL STOOD stiffly as Dan made his mocking reply to the (statement that this was his home, too. "I don't think you grasp the I Importance of what I'm saying." "Sure I did. This Is home. What's of Dr. Jackson. f into my mouth. We're both older now, so let's not argue. You see life in one way find I in another. You believe all work, all ambition are a joke. I think they are all-important. We have rights to our viewpoints." "But you haven't married Laura Reynolds yet?" "No, I am not marria And I'm going there now. is her mother': birthday. I thil t would be nice if you came w1 me and paid your respects. Mr teynolds is one of the few people m Talbot who ever asked after you." The young man ran a hand nervously through his hair. Then he glanced down at his shoes and shook his head. "I can't go visiting like this." "There are razors upstairs. If anything of mine fits you . . ." "What a laugh. No. Run along. I'll just eat something and go for a walk. I won't pester you more than a couple of days." "Then where are you going?" "I'll head west again, I guess. I just came from there, but that's the way it goes. You know, this canned stuff is the nearest I've been to heaven In ages. Look-tongue, ham, chicken, tuna. Whom were you saving it ail for?" "Maybe you." Russel said t, then turned and went out of the kitchen and up the steep stairs. It was as near emotion as he had let himself come. He knew clearly that he must not let himself feel sorry for Dan, who had always been unstable, careless, mockingly Independent even as a boy. It was well over two years ago that Dan had disappeared, saying Lindy Home mine is yours, and what's yours is mine. The first part doesn't mean much, but the second part is music to me. When do we tat V "I've already eaten. I have most of my meals in Weston." "Ah, yes. The lawyer must eat within the shadow of the courthouse." "There has been no reason for y ? y" y1 fa T1 a q tTh TS a te ": iK wv w? 1" T n w-r to yyy'1 44 49 1 1 lirl 1 I I Iff! i i El'.v my eating here alone. "I can see that. But now I'll be home, It's different. But about tonight . . ." Dan broke off in little laugh and a gesture of rubbing his stomach. Russell hesitated a moment, then went Into the kitchen, where he unlocked a large cabinet which was oiled with food in tins and Washington President Eric A. John has wandered back. And don t I worry about clothes. I'll scram." "I'm not asking you to go. And I wish you d talk properly. I merely want you lo be properly dressed. Thin perhaps we can find you glass Jars. Dan's madcap blue eyes sparkled at the signi. ie snioxticu his lips, then chortled. "I'd certainly have busted off that lock if I'd known what was there. The whole place was locked up, incidentally, so I had to break a pane of glass to get in." He pointed to the window over the sink. "Why all the locks, anyway? Don't you trust whoever cleans for you?" "Mother liked to keep things locked and eliminate temptation." Dan grinned. 'Tame old Russell, aren't you? Still sticking to the letter of the law "I'm a lawver.' Shoshonean Indian foot-like organ sunburns insects African antelope pointed weapon 2 suffer 3. mapping out 4 ship officers 5 gulf of Arabian Sea 6 the heart 7. Jewish month 8. traveling 9. unit of gem weight 45. river-island 46. appearing gnawed 48 unit of heavy weight 49. affirmative 50. percentages 61. turf VERTICAL 1. opening he was looking for what fun there was in the world. Before that, he had gotten Into all sorts of trouble, been put out of every school he'd been sent to. Once or twice a brief scrawl on a postcard had come, and it was to one of these vague addresses that Russell had written, saying their mother was dying and wanted Dan to come home. And Dan had received lt in jail. It was good she had never known that. It would have shaken the one belief she had clung to, that Dan would meet a good girl somewhere, somehow, and she would make him over. That had been a dream, too, like all the other plans by which Dan was to come out on top of the heap. Now Dan was back, and there was no sign he had changer at all, except to be more irresponsible than ever. He had come home and calmly broken a pane of glass because the door was locked. So he had always broken anything which stood between him and the momentary object of his desires. Like all shiftless people, he was also ruthless. He would stay here now until he felt the urge to wander off and disappear again. He wouid accept no . analyze ston of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce: "A men can't be independent with a tin cup in his hand. States and communities cannot carry on their proper responsibilities if they look to the federal government to finance their activities." Chicago James A. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy: "The Japanese must be conquered, conclusively and definitely. They must feel the heel of war and learn by bitter experience that it is unprofitable business." Chicago Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury: "I do not think the j job of selling war bonds will be more difficult after Germany surrenders." Oklahoma City Thomas E. Dewey, Republican nominee for President: "The simple truth is, of course, that Mr. Roosevelt's record is desperately bad." Washington Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War: "The Germans are doing ihpir best to muster larger forces of troops Answer to yesterday's puzzle. position of some Kind. "Oyatenng's over, Isn't it? Russel's face flashed. "You're not, an oyMerman. You" "Right. Don't rub it in. U I don't, get upset about me. I'm not worth! It. I never will be. Now run along) and see the beauteous Laura. I'll: read and be very correct. I need a1 good bath and a good sleep. I guess ' I'll use my old bed in the old roora."j "I have turned mother's old rooc into a study, but ..." "Far be it from me to mess up, your study." Dan's ye were' mocking. Russell went out to his car through the front of the house. He! was half furious at Pan and at the ' same time half sorry for him. There was a new wistful note about Dan: which there had never been before.-Taking canned beans instead of the ham or chicken was indicative ot it. Before, the best of everything had been barely good enough for him. Before, he would have leaped at the chance of ge'.ting a new suit.' Before, he would have want money as w ell as figareu. Whenemr to came home from school it had been like that Something bad happened to Dan. Jig Be Cootlnurdt 1 1 - HORIZONTAL 1. ship-channel 4 ara 9. drinking vessel JZ. ventilate 13. dried brick 14. consumed 15 oblong shallow dish 17. nostrils 19. Normandy city 20. feminine name 21. weaves' 23. shine C6. cooking utensiis 27. grain husks' 28 negative 29 unit of v.orlc 30 hurl 31. dance step 32 Roman coin 33. position 34 head 35 react 37. female hor- 38 glorify 39 pith I 40 gambol BECAUSE his plane was grounded. 2iK& o n elIr e bo 24 .ijA JA rIpJA Se'M E 25 Ir L E vfAmfljH eIrIoIn eIr AnAimjonA PlOjD 3i RjE T iTrI E q MA! L AJd Y 33 tltinAWAkaslE'E 34 PMraEnGiAWt!"! Jb j the famous flyer, Charles A. Lind-j bergh, arrived in New York City by train on his return to New grammatically reduce to fine particles growing out garden flowers mild fatter progenitors box peel narrow apertures fashions sheath speak pastry small couch dove call fmish sup v4 "I know. And I'm a failure. Dan 'was to be so clever and do so much and set the world on Arc. How sick you must have gotten of it all. Dan must go to special schools. Dan was an artist. Dan was a genius. Everything must give way to Dan. It seems funny now, doesn't it? You're the lawyer because you did everything for yourself, and the smart young brother is a tramp bumming . meal." Russell put a hand on his shoulder. "I said this was your home. I mean it. You are to stay as long as you wish." "Which you hope wont be too long." 1 wish you wouldn't nut JOflJij iorK aner serving ior several months at various Pacific bases as technical aviation expert for the government. He won several F I BE rPscIaIR O I D e d'e NmATrrfr"Rjs E L ITS sfTsjE" D Ic A L L L A T Eli BE Fll A L E bonds of restraint. Russell shaved and slipped quickly Into fresh clothes. He glanced at the little jeweled pin he had bought for Mrs. Reynolds' i citations from government ofll- cials for experiments in strato-j sphere fliihts ( i A i race lime of ululiu: ti mi nu (-. birthday, U waj ft smbls t'lU but. for a desperate stand." 1

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