The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 7, 1968 · Page 38
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 38

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1968
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

1)1 Palm Beach Post, Thursday, Nov. 7, 1968 THE LITTLE WOMAN I I I i ' I'VE BEEN LVINSHEQEl iM "- .XP I CX3NT WAVE ! l''C I'M SOWEQVOUS J '" iP THINtONS-SOMEOAY ( WELL, WHV SHOULD ) j ( A THINS TO WEAR J ( I CANT SLEEP.' ) I OOQ. DAUGHTER COOtOE N THAT MAKE VOU j j TO THE WEDOlNS f Wjv yvCt -1 WILL 86 SCTT1NS . NERVOUS? . ' y fWHATS THE jj VMARRiED V- j THOUSLE7J V 1 r g rg i i i . ' Time To Eat ACROSS 1 Standing roast 4 Com 8 Seasoning 12 d tea 13 Whit 14 Notion (Fr.) 15 Mine shaft hut 16 Chemical salt (var.) 18 Compel 20 Air (ab.) 21 Diminutive of Susan 22 Light blows 24 Folding beds 26 Vipers 27 Distress signal 30 Mountain crests 32 Governor 34 Banquets 35 Fancy 36 Wapiti 37 Hind part of foot 39 Dilatory .40 Main point 41 Female saint (ab.) 42 Savory meat jelly 45 Pertaining to Homer 49 Delight (poet.) 51 Isaiah (ab.) 52 Merit 53 Cosmic order 54 Shade tree 55 Small barracuda 56 Cicatrix 57 Observe DOWN 1 Oriental foodstuff 2 Portrait 3 Broiled 4 Spanish priest Answer to freiixii faille 5 Auditory 6 Dead winds (slang) 7 Australian bird 8 Examines critically 9 First man 10 Apollo's mother 11 Golfers' mounds 17 Ineffectual 19 Ejects 23 Month 24 Restaurant 25 Soviet city 26 Onagers 27 Places for hunting seal: 28 Preposition 29 Irish 31 Moral principles 33 Exploit 38 Heathen 40 Gigantic 41 Smudge 42 Primates 43 Hand blow 44 Father (Fr.) 46 Eight (prefix) 47 Small island 48 Arrived 50'Art (Latin) 7 HUTU! TE.A1 F.EiRJSI W A T TE ROte AJLJA g5R NNteF'-AN 8 9 10 11 L ' . ' . . ', i 1 1 -.w - II. TwAT 5 MlSHfV NICE -OP MINA TO SHOW JR pirnr f SEE IF VOU CAN FIND -f rlVnl nN- .1... t 7 A MAKE ROOM FOR ' ONE MORE OM : V - THE ANT ' WV"5, H,UL' s i 3KUI "UK. n;w 5 U SOMEWHERE 1 V Ml Whf t-fTVwj H-7 mm 1 14 "Smartest thing she ever did she bought one that was expandable." I HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY r vV 4 5 16 13 24 25 30 34 36 37 38 45 40 42 43 K4 49 50 52 53 55 56 (Ncwjpoper 1 2 13 12 15 18 17 20 23 28 29 32 35 I 139 m l 47 48 51 54 57 enterprise Assn) 'AFTER MONTHS OF TIDES AND STORMS, MANY OF THEM CONTINUE TO FLOAT IN THIS SAME AREA.'' THEM BUY HER 3 I DON'T WANT JACOBY ON BRIDGE TOOK SSSV! WHV HERE-ANP ,1 1 NEW LOCK ff- ITH WRING-TO f NJj WHY CHOP DOWN I, I --ON MY ) 1 id HERE.' I R0PCENP I k DOOR-' I-f M iTA PUUEY? J VI Z- - XJf3 BE C iV . l Sj . loX- . I FLEEING FROM N WFE V if I JuST SOT FZD "X APFLUENCS ? LACK 'M W.Tn DAD BORROVUNS I V Oi CO.VMwMCA"0 ? iV V MY CAR Kc6 SJS vnu DEFEATED N THE ELECTION) 15 WERE TO OFFEk REDEYE n FIGURED IT'D BE NICE TO VISIT THE CARIBBEAN SPOT WHERE WE DISINTEGRATED INTRO AND HIS CUTTHROATS DIC K TRACY THE FLIMTSTONES CHIP I COULD y'''1'5 THAT THESE MARKS-- LOOKS LIKE A J LAND UP y, 'COPTER LANDED HFRF' IT MUST I IX U TrTV. X I yOU i2AN ASAY , ( SKIP her, a am gotasadV STORY TO TELL JPCXJLBUCK lilTanerIl November 7, 1968 By Sydney Omarr "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Study alternatives. Some ideas are not fully developed. Relations with neighbors, relatives are highlighted. Utilize your sense of humor; be versatile. Don't insist on only one method. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Solid indications point to an income increase. What you have been seeking could materialize. Be responsible. Make no claims which cannot be backed. A sincere approach today adds to profit. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Cycle remains high. Circumstances continue lo favor your efforts. Appeal spreads. Write, advertise and publish. Make known your views. Your impact is felt. People are favorably attracted. CANTER (June 21 July 22) Step forward; leave past behind. Don't give in to compulsion to tell all. Be discreet. One you trust may act in an unusual manner. Patience is required. Be a self-starter. Accent original approach. CARMICHAEL It's mwaVs the "BI& HELLO" WHEN I BRIMG HOME A f A They'll Do It Every T X .V. ' I m THERESA VERY ODD AND STRANGE FACT ABOUT THOSE WOODEN 'GOLD INGOTS!. TRACV. TAINT MONEY.'.' I IT'S A AFFAIR OF TH HEART.' 7 1 WISH COME INTO AND FIND f AT FIRST USHT WEU SO TO THE ROAD BLOCK -SAVING YOU'VE BEEN 0R2EREP OUT. . ATRAMSPLANT. MY FUTURE DADDY AND A MOTHER - IN - 6000 ONE . GOING AROUND WITH A CHEAP IT.':'-GIVE f check, s $2ix!U Jzl v- wJL TRACY, HAVE VOU EVER HEARD THE WORD, CEANOGRAPHYTj THASS TH' POINT, DEARIE.'.' AH HAIN'T LAW GONNA BE YORE MOTHER-IN-LAW.'' YOU' GOME "HE hAlL, I 50" A O'.VORe a THE ?Or T-JA c-'2i. By Ncg Cochran IT'S 0AY MARY.' HE'S BEEU RIB6II06 WE ABOUT MY TYP1W6, AMD BET ME A DOLLAR I COOLDU'T WRITE HIM A FULL-PA6E.SIW6LE SPACED LETTER, WITH WO MISTAKES IkJSIDE OF FIVE MINUTES.' HE THINKS HE'S 60T ME RATTLER BUT I'M MERELY THINKIWO.' HAWS AROUWPAUD WATCH HIM PAWIC WHEM I START P0UNDIN(3 THE KEYS.' V. r 1 f IWHMI 3 THE CAC LINE?AC k. THE PO' THA L.pc ,t Forcing Bid By Oswald and James Jacoby NORTH 7 A 1043 V J63 K854 K76 WEST EAST AS A652 V 1084 VQ975 J9632 7 Q J 10 8 A9532 SOUTH (D) A AKQJ87 V AK2 AQ 10 1 Both vulnerable North-South CO on score West North East South 2A 3 A OA Pass 2 N.T. Pass 4 A Pass Pass Opening lc Pass Pass Pass id- Q The simple way to play 'orcing two bids with a part uore is to treat them as one-ound forces. Hence, when N'orth went to four spades, he vns making a mild slam try. iotith was delighted to accept he invitation, even though s'orth's two no-trump response lad not been encouraging. West's queen of clubs was lllowed to hold the first trick. The suit was continued and imith played low from dummy i second time. South was sure hat East held the ace of clubs ind wanted to keep dummy's ung of clubs lo exert pressure igainst East. He ruffed the second club ind ran off three rounds of rumps. Then he played out lis ace and queen of dia-nonds. When East discarded a club m the second diamond, South, ho was something of a show-iff. spread his hand and lainied his contract. He re-narked, "It was a mighty ood slam contract. If West leld the club ace or if dia-nonds broke evenly, it would lave been a laydown. As it is, here is an automatic three-iiiit squeeze for it." South was right. When the defenders refused to concede, he led out his last two spades, tie . discarded hearts from lummy. This left North with :he king and one diamond, the jack of hearts and king of .'lubs. West had to come down , I LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Curb tendency to spend too much. Trust a hunch. You can get what you need without being extravagant. Accent on social events. Relations with friends are highlighted. Pleasant surprise is due. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Give full play to intellectual curiosity. Find out the why of events. Promotion is indicated. With added responsibility comes greater reward. Higher-ups observe your performance. Give your best. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You advance by being careful with memos, correspondence, travel plans. Some may express envy. Be philosophical in approach. Realize that you are working toward long-range goal. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Finances of mate, partner grab spotlight. Emphasis on necessity for change where budget is concerned. Recent resolution should be fulfilled. Otherwise, chance for loss is increased. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Seek harmony. Not wise lo insist or demand. Spotlight on public relations. Improve your image. Do so through conciliatory statements. Important to settle domestic misunderstanding. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Be knowledgeable where your Job enters the picture. Some subtle changes may have occurred. Keep up with them. An associate may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Know this respond accordingly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fcb. 18 1: Good lunar aspect today coincides with pleasure through creative endeavors. Put your heart in a special project. You could gain meaningful compliment from one important to yon go to it. PICES (Feb. 9-March 20): Time to complete, to tie loose ends. Obtain settlement. Property. value could be affected. Accent sense of security. Day to finish rather than begin; get facts in proper order. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, you tend to be Intro pective, highly intuitive. You can size up people, situations with unusual accuracy. Change In domestic situation proves beneficial. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cvcle high for GEMINI, CANCER, LEO. Special word to CAPRICORN: keep health resolutions. Time BOWLING KEEPS HER SO BUSY SHE DOESN'T HAVE TIME TO KWOCK. THE, OTHER GA fl HUM-11 P WH t NtA. t. TWI 1 m ft vf THIS KITCHEN JUST UPADT rr Nn ( AS v f')J DOWN BECAUSE THE 4E1 AS 'ED I Y 6ET OUR BEAl'TV I WINKtCII.CKA?E: I - AN? ;H CASE PIGHTIN6 HAS BEEN STEPPEP ONCE Produces Slam to two hearts in order to protect his jack of diamonds, while East held onto three hearts and the ace of clubs. Then South led a diamond to dummy's king. West had already been squeezed out of heart protection. Now East was squeezed in turn because he had to hold onto the ace of clubs and South's deuce of hearts produced the 12th trick. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.i Q The bidding has been: West Norlh East South 1 A Pass IV Pass ? You, South, hold: AAK76 VKQ94 A KQ107 What do you do now? A Hid four no-trump. You plan to hid six if your partner shows one are and seven if he shows two of them, TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of responding i heart, your partner bids i spade. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's Q 1 v Cp OVER! GET jr OVER, YOU-WHAT'D I PO WRONG?- THESE SHOES ARE TOO TIGHT FOR ME,", ,HtwitK ball - VOU NOT iN THE XT' WHAT BODY ENGLISH.' 'T BRIDGE IS FOOTWORK-" I HAVEN'T I SEEN HER ON J HER GAME.' V BRIDGE IS HER GAME REFRIGERATOR.' FLOTILLAS I TV WITH FRED V r-f TRYING TO hJlZ 1 KICK 'EAA fTruc 7TN I DOWN- Jl i o,r u,,rr M I H I either OF 'Eft TO t ymmmfq i!IL2ISlsa 51 ONCE STAV? AWA 1 T THREE JAY ?LAY:V YOU'RE CARPS. A? THI4 T;v1 UP. th:nc:.n of some i AIOVIE-STYE MOVE . a 1-J I'7A P, m ANp HOLE iLJf lTS PAE EMOUSH UPINASABNI 1JM NOW -AND THE S0DNP KNOW IN THE .15 C- 6JNFIRE IS C0MIN'- REJIPENTIAL i I AS A BATTLE I J'CtlVJl I..i.'-. .P""1" r k mm jSTEVE CANYON OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople i om Your phony rIENRY RIZE OUT OUR WAY .FIPTY-FIVE secokjps... FIFTY-SIX... YOU'LL MEYER MAKE IT., FIFTY- . , .SEVEN.. GRAM PAW KL HENRY RIZE... ri ipu I lit ...rVE HEARD ENOUGH Ll ...HE DONT KNOW H OUT OF YOU! rM GOING AW! EVEBYTHIMG... YES.BLTT W TO BUST YOU RIGHT CMON, DOC,) HE ONLY PARTICULAR IN THE CHOPS.' j LEAVE I THINKS WHO CALLS FERD'NAXD-g VOU'LL BUY THAT'S I OOCHA'S I WHAT I CONTRACT? Vl SAID.' J NO NOW LOOK, - SALE.' I KAYO, I... ( POOPLES- TO PUT t T 6UE65 TPAT - IT INTO 6NE5 UTHE 50 WHAT'6 YOUR HAN6UP? 6AJDVJ( ENGLISH J) OLYMPIC 1 HAD A SHOT AT A 616 PART IN A YOU RECORD FOR PLAY HE WAS SUPPOSED TODO JvTAUGUT 5UMPIN6 TO THE BEACH BUMNlYBlT BUT "SHE: HEKTOMCONCLUSIOMS WAS NOWHEKESVILLE BECAUSE IICOKTHeN- -ir IN "SCHOOL SHE HADATHINlG VPARTK A60UT 600Kh V U, iff 1 j fi 1 16TAIGHT j mm LJ J 2" TfVW f- -'A I I

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