The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 25, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, September 25, 1944
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THE DAILY CLIN 'x"0 N 1 5 N Monday, September 25, 1944. Tage Four 'THEY ALL FALL FOR THE UNIFORM! THE DAILY CL1M0MAN ehind Hie Seen mi y At the Movies J I'AI.At K SIXDAV, Monday John Wayne, the most ui'rgu ru n It ssfMlshed m The Weekly UUmtonUn ISM The OllBtoo Plalndealer absorbed In lDOfl Published Dally Except Saturday .and Sunday HOLLYUIOO hluli sclmol debute! Wayne, un- mentntive of stars, once scored in dcr contract to iiepublic Studios Beorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher Jtatered at the Postoffice at Clinton, Indiana a Second Olaat Matter Seabees," which op'iis at the Pa- By HARRISON CARROLL i Xing f Vnturen by ii dilute Writer HOLLYWOOD Margo, Lt. Ed has a top role In "The Fighting Indiana Republican Editorial Aawdatloa die Albert, Anita Loos and Anita's niece, Mary, were at the beach the luce Theatre Sunday. Susun Hay-ward and Dennis O'Keele have leading roles. Phone S3 Phone 32 other day doing the concessions when they were ly for a priority passenger. She called Paramount from the airport to say she and several other soldiers' wives were sitting with their knitting, and that she intended to keep on sitting until she got a plane, even if it took a week. Paulette and Meredith have arranged a three-week vacation at the same time and Constance Collier has loaned them her New Sork apartment. Understand Gene Autry, now a flight officer in the Air Transport rpotted by a WAIIASH girl fan. "Look," said fSjy gtfUBUCAX iDITOVM. the fan to her Marine companion, "there's Eddie Albert, the lit Siiiuhty, Monday and Tuesday "Chip Oil' the Old lilock," fnl-versars latest Donald O'Connor-Pegay Kyun feature, whleh opens at the Wabash Theatre, is by ull odds the best of the lively comedy musicals which have teamed these engaging young personalities. The film is a superior ex movie star." "Movie star, Command, Just completed bis first overseas flight. hell," said the Marine. "Thlt's The four Crosby kids report to the guy who kept the boats ample of movie fare suited for all the family, and waH received en Paramount to do their brief acting stint in "Out of This World." Elev moving atTara' wa!" en-year-old Gary, the eldest, has thusiastically. Harrison Carroll Deen on the family ranch in Ne WwmJw TO vada for two months. He gained 16 pounds and grew an Inch and a half. HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Veronica Lake's mother, Mrs. Keane, is burned up about fan magazine Interviews in which she says Veronica was unfair to her, and claims she is going to write something telling her side of the story. The Frank Sinatra musical scholarship plan is going through. AIR TRAVEL AT 3.5 CENTS A MILE. The average American is fascinated by predictions of transportation facilities in the age of the air, which, we are assured, is just around the corner. It is often difficult to eliminate excessive optimism from the rosy prospects that are dangled before our eyes. It is hard to Makes you sad the way Ann Dvorak and Leslie Fenton stuck roi.r.MHiA Sunday and Monday There's no douht about It! "The flaiiK's All J-Iere" musi-c a 1 1 y, mirthfully, gorgeously, dancingly, and by any other way you choose to measure your entertainment. "The Gang's All Here" is the brilliant new Technicolor musical triumph 2 Hi Century-Fox Is out the London bli'z together, then came to Hollywood and separated. Mary jane Halsey, the R-K-O starlet, at the Hollywood hospital for a serious operation. . . . Lt. Frankie has authorized Goddard Lieberson, of the classical depart ment of Columbia Recordings, to get a direct statement as to the cost of. air travel, and, of course, utilization of air line up a group of judges to select a deserving student each year. bringing- to the screen of the Columbia Theatre Sunday. Starred in Ihp production are Alice Faye. Carmen Miranda, Phil linker and the Itiug of swing, Benny Goodman and his Orchestra. j4t-G-M is readying a second and leoret ending to "Women's Army" hi case the war is over before the picture is released. . . . Actress Larry Dannenberg, former public-'' 1 ity man at the Warner studio, back from Italy where he completed 21 missions as a bombardier. H wears the Purple Heart, the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters and the D. F. C. . , . M-G-M Star- , let Katharine Balfour helping Jose Iturbl to forget Tommye Adams. They were at the Biltmore Bowl together. . . . Elsie Anderson with her ex-groom, Huntz Hall, at Charley Foy's. . . . Al Barbee, Bonnie Edwards' wealthy ex, at the Clover club with Debbra Fisher. . . . Charlie Kempner the first casualty of "Hold Autumn In Your Hand." j Kay Linaker and her husband, Everett Burnside (he headed the re Fast Growing: Grass Reports from Germany tell of scientists who have produced a rapidly develuping grass which, in a few hours, will cover a new airplane landing field in such a way as to make it look from the air like a level pasture. J - , I " I cent Industrial exposition here), have separated. ... Frances Mc-Cann, M-G-M's red-headed singer who looks so much like Greer Gar-son, Is retiring from the screen until March to have a baby. She is married to Lt. J. Walter Rogers, craft on a large scale will depend largely upon prices charged. Recently, Dr. D. H. Davenport made a Buryey of the post-war period for the Cur-tiss-Wright Corporation. He concludes that air passenger travel will increase seven-fold and air express thirty-fold within five years of the end of the war, with passenger fares at 3.5 cents a mile and express at thirty cents a ton-mile. The findings of the expert are considered conservative by many officials connected with aircraft manufacture and port lines. Nevertheless, it may be assumed that the rates quoted will develop considerable business for aircraft lines and that, as business warrants, special planes will be developed for cargo and for pas-1 senger service. Taking a Backward Glance Fractured his foot leaping over a wall. . . . United Artists, throueh War Trial for Him to Viiitfutf ItHiiK attracU'd there by induc'eiiM-nlK oifm-ed by boosters of (lit! buskclbull team in that state championship town. Truitt himself says lie was offered a chance to work, up there, and go to school and that he had assurances from the Waynctown Jr. . . . Did you know that Binnie Barnes' father was a London detective and the author of two mystery novels? . . . It's no wonder, says Martin Koslcck, that the Japs are getting panicky they are facing a terrific shortage of ships, oil, planes, steel and islands. ' TWKXTV VKAK.4 AiO TO DA V Kdncatimiul Campaign Has Prizes OilVied Children Not mure home lighting but better home lighting is said by their new affiliation with Morey and Sutherland, will put out five cartoons with a Latin American background. . . . Vera Hruba Ralston, the Republic Ice-skating star, is off for New York on the finish of "Lake Placid Serenade." Re-member back In 1940 when she was the girl without a country and received 3,000 proposals of marriage from Americans willing to help her get citizenship T boosters that they would help push him on through college if lie makes good in basketball for them and in school work. That ,he those considering this subject to be a common need in America. After working like mad to finish "Kitty" and fly to New York and Burgess Meredith, Paulette Goddard was put off the plane recent- The Lighting Educational com says is the thing that appealed most strongly to him. He is said to have about a year's credits, after doing part of three years' work. While he has always been a bonafide student at mittee is offering prizes for sciiooi children, who will study this subject, write some essays and otherwise reveal what they know. The object of this campaign is Clinton high school, while play program has been prepared, with 10. T. Albertson, state secretary, and H. G. Rowe, state superintendent, the principal speakers. liev. J.. O. Drown of Hill Crest, will be in charge of the music. Those conventions have attracted large crowds in the past, and the officers are expecting a larger attendance thajj ever before this year. Entertainment is to be furnished by Clinton City schools, it was announced. Personals Ernest E. Moetto, of South Jlain street, left today for Chicago, where he will spend a few days on business. Ilaymon Houser, who went to Martinsville sanitarium several days ago to' take treatments for rheumatism is reported to be very much improved. Mrs. Lennie Miller of 223 Water street was the guest of her cousin Mrs. Leta Hickman, of Crotnpton Hill, yesterday and last night. to teach, through the school chil Speaking of Names Speaking of names, people can't cuss the weather around a New Jersey coast town's grammar school, for the principal is Mrs. Brooks Blizzard, the music teacher Is Frank Sunshine, the eighth grade teacher Helen Clowd, and the janitor Is William Showers. Plucking Ducks After plucking ducks or geese of the feathers and pin-feathers rub them with cornmeal to remove all down. Another good method of removing down is to pour melted paraffin over the fowl where the down occurs, let it set, then peel it off; with it will come all the obstinate down. dren, the method of lighting homes In a better manner than has existed heretofore. By having the lights properly arranged, properly shaded, etc. it is contended that we as a Nation will de WAR AHEAD OF THE NEWS. The rapid advance of Allied soldiers in Europe keeps ahead of news dispatches and makes it impossible for news maps, even when telegraphed, to accurately portray the battle-line situation. Our soldiers are advancing so rapidly that it appears impossible for the Nazis to make a stand. The war of movement prevents stabilization of German lines and, unless the Germans can make a stand on a fixed line, the destruction of the German armies is assured. Under Secretary o f War Patterson points out that casualties are much lighter during a war of movement. Regardless of the grief and sorrow that accompany the death of individuals, the armed forces crease our percentage o( popula tion that are forced to wear glass f , u i u : : es at an early age. It also tends Needed Corn If you placed one grain of corn on the first square of a checkerboard, doubling the number of grains on each succeeding square, there would not be enough corn in Canada and the United States to finish the board Valuable Oil Seeds of India's Chaulmoogra tree are worth 10 limes their weight in gold to humanity, since oil extracted from them is used in arresting to make the home environment more attractive. Animal Sunday School Meeting Oitens TiieMlny The fifty-fifth annual Sunday school convention of Vermillion County will be held at the Uaptist church, Clinton, on Tuesday. September 30. it was announced to THIHTV VEAItS AGO TODAY Triiiu's Going To Wingate Stirs Relic Is Taxicab The car in which Archduke Ferdinand of Austria rode when he was assassinated in 1914 now is used as a taxicab in Sarajevo. The Chinese Cook Police arrested a Seattle, Wash., Chinaman in a fanlan game. The Celestial gave his name as Chow-On, and his occupation as cook. by the president. ION ANTONESCU, the Nazi-bacl;ed premier of Romania prior to the country's recent f-witch to the Allied side, has been handed over to the Russian high command, according to an official Moscow statement. Antor.escu, the statement said, "might prove to be a suitable .candidate for the list of war criminals." (International) of this country have been exceedingly for-! "jay Dortha I Some Criticism all day Fred Truitt of Clinton has gone Skidmore, of liana. An tunate in escaping casualties. ing basket ball, he has not remained in school steadily, and it is said this is largely reponsible for his failure to get further a-long in the matter of acquiring credits. ' it fcihuU Down Account of Slack Demand "It is not good news, but we are forced to announce we are going to shut down one of our six mines right away," was the statement Coming from the J. K. JJer-ing Toul Company's office, this morning. No. 3 will be turned over to the cure of engine men and pumpmen, and the machines and tools all will he withdrawn, until the demand for coal gets better, is the announcement. The mine is not being abandoned, but the explanation is that the company had entirely too much expense keeping open more holes than the demand for coal lustifies. I Vi-sonuls Miss Jessie Short has taken a place as waitress at Clinton hotel. M iss Orphea Snow is taking the )luce of iliss Bertha Hess, who !s on the sick list this week. Miss Hazel Gosnell of the fiil-'lert IJiolliers ?tore is off duty oday on account of lier mother, Mrs. Kate Cosnell, being ill. Mrs, Fred Gosnell. Mrs. Vera West and Mrs. fin una West attended the Huffalo Dill show at Tcrre H.nite, Tuesday, and called )n friends. Ancient Maginot The medieval fortress at Fama-gusta, on the island of Cyprus, has walls 14 feet thick". First Dental School The first school for the training of -'enlists wa? opened in 1840, at Bal Unic-.e, M;. CROSSWORD - - By Eugene Sbeffer SUPER-SUNS. The astronomers tell us that there are three stars in the galactic system which SYNOPSIS hold the screen door open while I . A leading and popular resident of are more luminous than the sun. They T&lbot, sleepy little Chesapeake Hay villaye. Is WIS. EUNICE REYNOLDS, elderly and unable to walk, but the possessor half starved, waiting for you to come home." Russel closed the door and said coldly, "I see you found the beer, at least" "It's lucky I did. You don't keep muc'.i food In the house. What's the matter?" The lawyer held out his hand. "You might shake hands, If you can put the beer down Ions-enough." "Oh, I can put the beer down all right," cried the young man, and emptied his glass as proof. Then . wheel in?" . "Let me help you." , Mrs. Reynolds patfd her aim. "That all comes tomorrow. I'll be waiting." "And I'll be here." . Tha o1' woman sat watcnlng Anne through the screen door as she walked off. Anne Wilion. It was a good name. It suited her. Now things were going to be a little more interesting. There was going to be a lovely young face to watch. There was going to be or young ioeas. one nas ueeo uumi-fiated by tier strong-willed granddaughter, J.AURA. who lives with her, ... 'IESTERDAI: Mrs. Reynolds a Personable young lady from New ork and asks the girl to become her Burse. CHAPTER THREE TO MRS. REYNOLDS' query about why she had come to such a include the Dog Star, Sirius, the Little Dog Star, Procyon and the star Altair. Sirius, thirty times brighter than the sun, is eight light years away from the earth, Procyon eleven light years and Altair sixteen light years. A light year, as the reader knows, is the distance light will travel in a year at the rate of 186,000 thousand miles per second."' ' Aa man considers the universe and slowly uncovers its secrets, he can but repeat the words of the Psalmist, addressing the Creator: "What is man that thou art mindful of him?" he took Russell's hand and shook it sleepy little town, tne girl repuea: TT 7" T" !p! y o 7 a 9 'on v 7Z '7 lt ,9 " 20 iiiiiiiii;pn m ii I 33. 3-5 34 iS ZW" Is" IT 7 44 45 4i '. 47 48 49 so 22 w w "I M fen I mr I I t awakening and spring in the house as well as out in the garden. So , "I liked the name on a map. with mock cordiality. "Welcc-ne home, old boy. It's Russell Smith was in a serious frame of mind as he stopped his good to see you again." Clot In the Scrap! Russell withdrew his hand Quiet ly. "I'm not so sure it is jood to car carefully, exactly in front of his small hou.j on Maryland 1 1 came." 1 "And what about all your friends ta New York?" I "I haven't any frl nds." "Then all New York men must be as blind as bats," cHed the woman. "But never mind that. It gives me something to think about. Let's see what I can tell you. My daughter and I live simply here that is, I do, and she always has Ketr.e but Bruised see you again, Dan. Where have you been and why didn't you come home when I wrote you mother was street which was one of Talbot's smallest streets despite ita impor tant sounding name. There was a light on in his living room, al though the house was supposed to be empty. He had 11' jd alone since erand ideas. Right now it s a cir his mother died the year before Mrs. Gander, who cleaned and oc culating library. We have a good cook, io you'll eat well. I hope you casionally cooked for him, must like pood food. have left the light on, but hs could I T'te girl smiled. 1 really do. J EXPENSIVE. It cost Libby Holman Reynolds $770,-277 for the "support, education and recreation" of her son, the heir of the tobacco millionaire, Smith Reynolds, according to records filed in the Maryland courts. To ordinary people who have the burden of raising children on small incomes this seems like a lot of money. The wonder is how it can be intelligently used. The truth of the matter is that, despite the fortune expnded each year, the 11-year-old boy probably gets no better "support, education and recreation" than the dying? Dan shrugged. "I've been everywhere. Mostly west mostly Call, fornla. Your letter chased me around a bit. When I got it finally, I couldn't come." "Nothing stops a man from coming to his mother when she sends for him." "You're wrong there, brother. You haven't been around as mucb as I have. Some of the jails these days are mighty hard to get cjt of." "Jails!" The single word was a gasp. Dan stretched out in his chair again and laughed. "Don't look so horrified. It was enly vagrancy. No home, no money equals jaiL Sometimes it's not so bad. Sometimes it's on the tough side." - . "What would your mother have not figure out why she bad been in the house late enough to necessitate the use of electricity. He was not penurious about such things, but he was a lawyer and did have a lawyer's mind, to he liked to know about tilings. Everything careless and slipshod annoyed him. Moreover, he hadn't liked his din i i ,' ' ,v 1 t i I v zjj I - 44. thread 47. like a family of marine fishes 61. toothless5 53. Gaelic 54. not so much 55. couch 56. cry out' 57. recent 58. insect 69. opposed to a weather VERTICAL 1. greater quantity . angle formed by union of leaf and stem Z. freeze together again ner in the restaurant In Weston and had a touch of indigestion. The frcnt door opened into a little hall out of which stairs rose don't diet." ( "Praise heaven. The last nurse I had lived on lemons and such till she could curdle milk by just looking at it I can give you a nice room, too. And that's alL" ' "I couldn't ask any more, Mrs Reynolds. Just give me a trial." "Good. Can you come in tomorrow? Some time In the morning?" "Now, it you wish, Mrs. Reynolds." . The old woman grinned. "Make it tomorrow. I'll handle Lru:-a tonight. By the way, do you have a name or have you given up names along with New York?" "I am Anne Wilson." The girl flushed ever so little as she said it. "Anne. I Uke Anne. It suits you. simple and sweet I'll call you Anne." She held out her hand. "Thank you for coming." average child of his age, and we doubt if steeply, In the manner c. the period in which the little house had been Answer to Saturday's puzzle. IClATi YinFlLlAlRlEnSLlY built The hall narrowed to lead said had she known ?" past the steep stairs back to the HORIZONTAL 1. impress 6. drinking; vessel 8. qualified 12. bovine animals 13. undivided 14. marsh grass 15. seaport of Latvia 16. a thread of wool or silk 18. raise 20. wading bird 21. limb 22. scrutinize 24. period 26. female voice ; 28. footle Si animal ; 32. withdraw 34. illness 36. detail 37 of grand parents 39. discern 40. hair on animal s neck 42 passage be- "There 1 was ight. As a law-' 4. rascal 5. outer garment . 6. disquietude 7. by 8. magazine 8. beverage ' 10. gauze 11. First Garden , 17. exclamation 39. gelatinous substance 23. stupor 24. silkworm 25. soak flax 27. lanky 29. rural 30. poem SI. stain 33. vast 35. seaweed 38. a garment 41. skill 42. palm 44. declined 45. thought 46. the utmost 48. give up 49. island 50. erase fix uarcvaxn kitchen. A door to the side opened into the living room, which was the only sizable room in the house yer you agree I did right to well. ; to keep quiet. Stamps .-re hard to ' come by in jail, anyway." "And how could vju say you ' and had been made by knocking the old parlor and dining room into one. He could hear someone laughing in there. His Lrows drew together in a frown ai he went in. 10 PlElJ R I SfEjSlj TEE N o teHce R LI I I R SljP A N E HE D N EjEEC ARE tTHl O SSSBO R E SQSjAL 3UU T E SHC I T E - UTT E S qlANlElS rtt s sy a n era sipii kJeEMa t t e ris i 125. HPl ME . I!s5 1 E ykbLi3 DEsJ3AYj have no home? This is your borne,' if only ..." ! it is as good as most of them receive. Pittsburgh, Pa. President Roosevelt, in a message to the American Slav Congress: "The day of liberation for the peoples of Slav blood in Europe draws near, and with it the time for administration of retributive justice on their Nazi enslavers." Somewhere in Britain Eduard Ben-es, President of the Czechoslovakian government in exile, addressing Czech airmen : "Next time we shall meet at home." , Dan leaped to his feet and shook hands jubilantly. "I knew you wouldn't let me down. I don't ex A young man, wearing a flannel shirt, corduroy trousers ind rough, heavy shoes, was lounging in an easy chair with his feet propped up on another. He was drinking a glass of beer which he waved In RETURMED from the United Mine Workers convention in Cincinnati, O., Joseph Sublinsky, ln-dimola, Ta., shows the injuries, a broken nose and braises, which he says were Inflicted because he opposed John L. Lewis. He charges other delegates were also beaten. - (lateia'uoaal) Thank you for a job." The girl stood up and took the proffered hand. By the way, Anne, If t!u bill at the inn is a worry, I'll be glad to . . ." "It's alt right" Anne drew a quick breath." You're very kind." "I Uuik I m just lucky. Want (0 actly expect the fatted can to be killed, or anything like that, but I couldn't find anything to eat And I am hungry." " (To Be Continued) greeting without getting up. 9-25 Average time of solution l K Kisutec. Plt. U Km i'uiuti ijtte. tec. "Hail, noble elder brother. Tin

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