The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 25, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Monday, September 25, 1944. TODAY'S NEEDLEWORK gna-Himinl highway, while northeast of Fireiizuolu other Fifth Army groups cleared tile path to the I'o valley by taking lour key positions on high ground. Ai'tinn in the central Dalmatian Chicago Man Injured As Car Goes Off Road at Dana Stanley Rose, 29, Chicago, was taken to the Vermillion County Ho.s-..ici vrMnv. following uii automo Clinton Social Notes Monday Jerusalem Chapter 254, O. E. S. -Masonic Hall, 7:30 p. m. Election bile accident four miles north of British Troops Reach Trapped Airborne Force (Continued from page 1) Islands, off the Yugoslav coast, saw Nazi garrisons cleared completely iy, ,m the central eroun with the of treasurer. Allied occupation of Solta, northern Mrs. Foncannon Honored At Miscellaneous Shower Mrs. Everett Lyday of 616 Vine Tuesday Minnehaha Club, 7:30 P. m. at most Island of the group. Clear a.l Garrisons the ball. Dana on state road 71 at 6:JV p. m. Friday. Mr. Rose who sustained minor cuts and bruises and a compound fracture of the right leg was later taken to a hospital In Chicago. He was reported to have fulled to make a turn uud plunged through a bridge neur .villi Duin Into the creek. The car. a lotal loss wus taken to .Mike s Auto Body Shop. American Legion Auxiliary mem street entertained Friday evening with a miscellaneous shower in hon Naval and lund forces, supported by the Balkan air force, drove out Heavy riiihllng continued to rage bers nieefr at Legion Home, 8 a. in., Tuesday for membership drive. tin. German aariison of two com at Arnhein. panies. Few Allied casualties were Red Cross Surgical Dressing i v- or of Mrs. Ruth Foncannon, me 101-mer Miss Ruth Gross. Bunco was played during the evening with prizes being awarded to An official announcement from sustained. m.-4 P. m. Gen. Dwlglit D. Eisenhower's headquarters said that some relnforce- Atiii.H wiirslilns. Including the U. Golden Star Club, Mrs. Elmer aii- ...un,D i,uri rrnaui-d to 1 he north uanK Wllma Gross, nign; iviary uuu... low; and Martha Ann Clark, bunco. S. destroyers WoolHcy and Edison, bombarded Nazi positions near the good, Crompton Hill, 7:30 p. m. Clinton and Clinton Township Re-..i.Ko wnm.n' Club Republi of the Lek under cover of durknens. Alrhnrnp iiliita have battled fUrlOUB- The winners presented tueir prizes to the honored guest. iv ovafnat heavv German resistance.! Franco-Italian frontier. The naval action, which took place Sept. 23, was reported in an Those attending were mtb. lukik can headquarters, South Main, 6:30 p. m. Covered dish supper. Bring covered dish and table service. and held positions across the river McDonald. Mrs. Dorothy Adams. official Allied communique which Fifth Army Rolls Past West Flank Of Gothic Line (Continued from page 1) Mrs. Mary Gunnoe, me nunuieu said that enemy batteries and stor Wednesday White Heather Circle, 7:30 Mrs. age dumps were hit. guest, Mrs. Ann Gunnoe, misses Frances Ralston, Wllma Gross. An for a week. Tlirust from Mymegen A sudden thrust east from Nijme-gen, on the Waal Rhine, hurled Allied forces acroRs the Reieh frontier Surprise Birthday Party Held at Hill Crest Center Mabel and Charles Gunnoe, son and daughter of Mrs. Anna Gunnoe, Bogart Btreet, observed their birthday anniversaries at a surprise party given Thursday evening at the Hill Crest Community Center. Bmnll tables were set up in the gym and cleverly decorated with red, white and blue candles and crepe paper. The head table, bearing the large birthday cake, was decorated with bouquets of flowers, candles and crepe puper. Gaines were enjoyed and prize? awarded. The waitresses and waiters wore aprons made of red, white and blue crepe paper. Refreshments werr served. Those attending were Norma Lee Konopka, Dorothy Polomski, Mary-sue Tucker, Anita Rodeghiero, Mary Lou Procarione, Opal Gaiafla, Mabel Gunnoe, Billy Watson, Bob Dagley. Ronald Janik, Claude James, James Helms, Esther Kitinoja, Barbara Ki-tinoja, John Graham, Miles Kajan-der, David Renwick, Frank Marrelli, Max Hungerford, Julia Markello, Helen J. Edler, Ann Mae Gunnoe, Louis Getclie, Eileen Donald, Richard Gunnoe. Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Llnberg, Edith Marie Graham, Myra Griffiths, Sally Cogan, James Wad-Hoii Patricia Emory. Rose Mary Marlon Wilkie, South Sixth Btreet. na Mae Gunnoe, Martha Ann ciam Red Cross Surgical Dressing 1 p. and Agnes Renwick. In a new penetration of Hitlers m.-9:30 p. m. Mrs. Freida Smith 01 w)ubh The Mediterranean air rorce dispatched heavy bomber formations which blasted Nazi airdromes in the Athens area of Greece and battered submarine installations at Skara-manga as well as covering railway targets at Salonika. Wednesday Bridge Club, Mrs. disaster. was unable to atteno, uui e.,i I a rennrt from Radio Algiers Guy Briggs, 2 p. m. said that Fifth Army men on the Past Chiefs Club of Tneima lem-ple, at the hall on Blackman street, 7:30 p. m. Idle Wile Club, Mrs. Earl Turner, west flank of the front were driving naat thp f'.ntliic Line towards the by Alice Brook Tyrrhenian naval base of La Spe- 2 Amurinan Itofllirv SllOn X siirifv that Dlain bedspread by South Fourth street, 2 p. m. zia, 40 airline miles northwest oi "Holy Soil." Attacking In the neighborhood of the Reichswald Forest, Allied forces smashed through German defenses to make still another entrance into the Reich. Frontline dispatches said that British Second Army units with the aid of American paratroopers previously dropped In the area had taken the town of Beek and driven two miles beyond the town into German soil. British Near Essen IThe British radio reported in a embroidering this gorgeous peacock on it. Your whole bedroom will get an "uplift" from it. Vera Mae Black 312 S. Main phone 89 Specialized Hair Styling Thursday Red Cross Surgical Dressing 1-4 p. m. Red Cross Knitting 1 p. m.-4 p. Rimini, western anchor of the German defense line.) Seize Four Key Positions The drive of the Fifth Army bey-nnu ihp rpntriil Gothic Line took its I l'crinuiii'iii. f Phone l or An Appointment J Pattern 7298 contains a transfer pattern of a 15 x 18 and a 3 x 14 inch motif; list of materials needed; illustration of stitches. Thi nattern. together with a forward units to a line approximate Dhnntia Lodee 7:30 P. m. at ly 12 miles south of the vital uoio- the ball, bunco and euchre at 8 P-m. . B & P. W. 6:80 p. m. at the Py-,ki.. eidoro hull, not-luck dinner. London broadcast that British arm Berto, Peggy Searing, Dorothy Mar Seaman Martin Entertained At Family Dinner Sunday Mr and Mrs. Ora Weaver entertained with a family dinner Sunday in honor of Seaman Second class Robert Luke Martin, wife, and children, Tillie Ann, Jackie Lee, and Bonnie Lee. Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fisher and son, Jerrold Williams of Kankakee, 111., Mr. and Mrs James Cloyd and sons, Roy Lee and Eddy Ray of Rockville, Mr. and Mrs. Emery Jackson of Blooming-dale, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith and Martha Hoyt of Indianapolis, Mrs. Maria Dean, route three, Mr. and Mrs. Baxtor Maudlin, Mrs. Bertha Searing and children. Seaman Robert Martin will return to Great Lakes, 111. Tuesday. mm Mrs. Ora Weaver, Mrs. Lorraine Cambie and son, Douglas and Robert Martin and family spent Friday in Terre Haute. Each member bring own table serv ored units taking part In the new drive into Germany were less than 37 and a half miles from Essen. CBS heard the broadcast.) , kello, Catherine Mildazis, Anna Markello, Olypmia Buffo, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Gunnoe, Agnes Renwick, Mrs. Anna Gunnoe and Mrs. Joseph ice and drink. Stitch in Time Club will mmet with Mrs. Carl Miller, corner of third and tt 11 n m. for covered An Allien he.idouarters spokes First Step Fallward Have Those Topcoats Cleaned Now man said that the Invading column needlework pattern of useful and decorative motifs for linens and garments, FIFTEEN CENTS. Send FIFTEEN CENTS In coin for these patterns to The Daily Cllntonian, Household Arts Dept., 664 West Randolph Street, Chicago 80, 111. Write plainly NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN Nl'MBEH. Our new 32-page Needlework Book is yours for Fifteen Cents more . . . 130 illustrations of designs for embroidery, home decoration, toys, knitting, crochet, quilts. dish dinner. Bring table service and had seized the town or mook in tne covered dish. drive as well as capturing Beek. At the base of the British corridor running north through Holland, Mrs. Francis Van Sickle and daughter spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lear and family, south of "Clinton. Mrs. Van Sickle, whose husband is serving overseas, makes her home in Mrs. Simpson Hostess To lToirvipw Home Economics Allied troops pushed across tne uois t a n Canal In a drive tn widen at Sixteen members and seven guests the bridgehead across the Waal at Eindhoven. The Allied inrust carrieu to the neighborhood of Deurne and north toward Veghel where British Dance at Half Century Club Honors D. Helms Birthday nnn Uplmn was honored on his of the Fairview Home Economics Club met recently at the home of Mrs. Andrew Simpson with Mrs. Bir-della Brown assisting. A covered dish luncheon was served at noon. The meeting was called to order civtppnth birthday by a dance at the 'A LITTLE GETTER' Notice! The Cllntonian Want Your News. Please Call Miss Lear To Report Social News. Phone 82 or 83. combat teams battered sirong German opposition aside after hurling back a determined Nazi counter attack launched from the village of lT.rn PERMANENTS At Prices To Fit All Purses ADAM SON'S HEAUTOHIIM 355 South Main St. Phone 502 220 Elm St. Half Century Club Saturday night, Phone 129 given by his parents, Mr. ana Mrs. Everett Helms. by the Vice-president, Mrs. Martha Polland and devotions were given by Mrs. Brown. The Club Creed and Pledge to the Flags were given fol ITnon arriving at the party the Retreating Nazi forces were pushed back from the Escaut Canal to the general line of the Antwerp-Turnhout Canal. lowed by the history of tne song guests were given names of famous couples like Tillie and Mac, Pop-eve and Olive Oil, and found their NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS of the month, which was given ny Mrs. Dorothy Weber and Bang in un South of Aachen, In the area anoui Rotgen, Allied units scored slight .Din, oiminat heavv German resist ison by the members. Roll call was answered by each member giving their most embarra- ance, advancing after reducing Ger man Btrongpoints. Bing moment. ' ' Mr The next meeting will be neia with Mrs. Ann Olmi and MrB. May-me Smith as hostesses In October. SALES OF REAL ESTATE Farms and Residence Properties in and Near Rockville, Indiana , PUBLIC SALES ' ' OCTOBER 2, 1944 OCTOBER 3, 1944 Excellent general purpose' farm; approximately 180 acres approximately 115 acres tillable and highly pro- fctiirp; pood imDrovements: elec- partners for the first dance. Dane-1 Ing was enjoyed throughout the evening and Don received many gifts. Crepe paper hats and horns were distributed. Punch, ice cream and cake were served from a table centered with a large, birthday cake made by his aunt, Mrs. Joe Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Helms were assisted by Mrs. Helms' three sisters, June Owens, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Mary Pagliero and by Davey Helms. Those present were Joan Dicks, Louise Call,. Margaret Hone Plani, Rose Dirker. Martha Trunko, Mari Third Army Advance at Stalemate for Moment; Beat Off Counterblows Universal Eighth Grade Organizes Patriot Club Thn nrf?nnl7atlon meeting of the Universal Eighth grade Patriot Club (Continued from page 1) was hold at the school nouse iai week. fight. Previously we took thousands Tnmmv Killa. chairman, opened trie light and power; well located about 8 miles east of of prisoners daily. Now It nas be I 'ftjviti il ri I the meeting and then James House come a matter of killing as many holder, president was in cnarge. aa ni-iKsihle dailv and lyn Joyce, Nancy Wood, Shirley Griffiths, Rose Marie and Shirley Henderson, Myrtle Manshlp, Ruby Peck, Hilda Lou Salmond, Betty Jane Da-(. Frfith r.rahata. Marv Evelyn Kjon.iv oioiitoH nrrirpra are as fol smashing the first class equipment lows: James Householder, president; Rockville. Excellent stock farm; approximately 200 acres approximately 80 acres tillable and in good state of cultivation and balance good pasture; good improvements; well ith nf Rnrkville. they are compelled to commit in ev arv fnnntpr-Httack. sa. iff Dolores Tasso, vice president; juna Diiin.rinh ...rctarv- fieraldine Kel- Griffin, Carolyn Whltcomb, Sally Co V lit . Vd This "bleeding" process is bound ley, treasurer and Marguerite Lear, to nniierniine the defensive strength gan, Myra Grimms, Gloria usmon nninrpa T.on. Vera Jane Eaton lucaicu wmi v ...... " , . Four (4) modern, well located residence properties .!! .1 f.. U. mi-l nf 1?tlr VI 1 Is reporter. Mary Latinovlcn ana mny Joe Granger are the program chair neoreina Alley. Mary Lee Vrabic, of the Wehrmacht, the same as its offensive power was smashed in Mary Catherine Sawyer, Marty and men. Vranno it lina been significant that Th momhpra nre to nay ten cent Don Reinerlo, Sam Curry, lony tn- Inquire of any of the undersigned relative to respective no major counter-attack as yet has dues each month. The next meeting rletta, Jack Russell, Jack Gilman, Dick Glover, Richard McLeish, Ray succeeded In upsetting our lines, r.v .rv nnp an In the Dleuze and Cha will be Wednesday. Septmber il. Stewart, Johnny Goodman, Johnny teau Salins sectors, has cost Hitler m Miss Mary Catherine Porter. Smith, Hugh McGill, John Taylor, additional tanks and men. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. - dates, hours, places ana terms oi ui u j JOHN M. McFADDIN, Commissioner Address: Rockville, Indiana. C. F. Asbury, Auctioneer Address: Marshall, Indiana McFaddin & McFaddin, Attorneys Address: Rockville, Indiana Porter, 616 Mulberry Street, has enrolled in Saint Mary-of-the Woods Saint- Marv- of- the-Woods, TODAY'S PATTERN Jack McLaren, Don Halsey, Bobby Osmon, George McClure, Billy James, Helen Pullen, Bill Cogan, Don James, Johnny Ferguson, Max Bozarth, Jack Reeder, George Mari-anovlch, Johnny Graham, Pearlle Ml-nett, P. J. Fuller and Bob McGaff- Ind. in the freshman class. Miss Por ney. Mpmhpi-H nf the American Legion ter is a graduate of Clinton Hign School with the class of 1944 and Is a member of the local chapter of the Trl Kappa Sorority. Mrs. Kay Smith and sons spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Ora Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. William Groves. Mrs. Donald Roberts spent Friday with Mrs. Grove brother, Mr. Weaver. m Auxiliary met at the Legion Home recently for their regular meeting. The Legion and Auxiliary lias gone together to buy a set of records for the boys In the armed for purJ M.'L :'-) ROYAL PACA j 5 sizes X 12-20 Eunice Church Morrison and daughter of Indianapolis, and Mrs. Lawrence Malone visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell of South Main ces. ' The next meeting Is to be an Installation of officers. The Auxiliary will meet Tuesday at 9 a. m. at the Legion Home for a membership drive. IOOF MEETS UECEXTLY street Sunday. Mrs. Cora Steele has returned to her home after visiting her daughter. Mrs. Grace Kennedy of Coal Water, Mich. Clinton Encampment IOOF ro. li.i with the assistance of the Rock OVERCOAT ville Encampment conferred the Pa triarchal and Golden Rule degrees on one candidate and reinstated one member last Thursday evening. ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP J 87 North 7th St. PHOXE IS4-W GUARANTEED PERMANENTS Gerald Martin, MM3C. V. S. Navy has returned to his home at 417 Ohio Street. Terre Haute, after re TAXPAYERS OF CUNTON, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, FAIRVIEW PARK AND ONIVERSAL MAY PAY REAL ESTATE, PERSONAL, AliD POLL TAXES at the Vermillion County Rationing Board Office in Clinton on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY SEPT. 28, 29, and 30 KARL G. DHKEX, COl'NTY TKEASl HER, WILL HAVE THE rOlWTV TAX BOOKS AT THE ItATlOMXH BOARD OFFICE OX THE A HOVE DATES FOK THE CONVKMEXCE OK Lot AL TAXPAYEHH. EVERYONE IS rilKEIt TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OI'I'OKTl.MTV TO PAY TAXES HERE. HOl llS: THl RSDAY AND FRIDAY 8 A. M. TO 4 P. M. SATl'KDAY K A. M. TO XOOX. ceiving a medical discharge from tiip mn nn Scut. 15. Martin' Is a former Clinton resident. MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS Mrs. Martha Hoyt of Indlanapo It's a juniper season! Easy-to-make, Pattern 9145 has slender. Ha la unending five days with her STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS rtotA man twpntlv stated that for Proven' LIGHTER, WARMER. in the :'Ot7n?OOfl'iTeBt It's a u. well and good to like a coat in the store . . .( to find it comfortable in the fitting room. But if. outdoors ... in the arena of uinter action .'. . where lightweight Royal Paca proves its mettle. For outdoors, handsome Royal Paca does more than look good. It eet- good. Its light, flexible, easy-to-move-in fabric a soft, luxurious blend of wool and hair fibres backed by long staple cotton-keeps you warm and comfortable on the iciest days. Slip into a styled-right, well-tailored Royal Paca today. And remember that it's in the cold out-of-doors that Royal Paca shows what it's made of. supple lines. Long or short-sleete brother and wife, Mr. and MrB Frank Featherland. 10 years lie felt like he had a brick blouse. Smart from morn tin nigm. Pattern 9145 comes In sizes 12, 14 16, 18. 20; 30, 32, 34, 36. 38, 40 Miss Dorothy Mae Miller and and 42. Size IS. Jumper, 2 yarns phviiia Price of IndianaDolis were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. In his stomach. This feeling was due to the lump of undigested food he always had Inside of him. He was weak, worn out, headachy, swollen with (as and terribly constipated. Recently he started taking ERB-HELP and says the feeling like a 39-in.: blouse, 1 V4 yards 35-ln. This pattern, together with a niDarir nnttcrn of useful and Carl Miller. decorative motif for linens ard gar Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith of In- tinniinnifa nnent Sundav with Mrs. Smith s mother. Mr. and Mrs. Frank brie in his stomacli disappeared me .1 v- ltiu-fl8 are remilar now. ments. TWENTY l'EM.1. Send TWENTY CENTS In coins for these patterns to The Daily Hntnnian Pattern DeDt.. 155 N. Featherland who are both ill. gas and headaches are gone and he l.lnMln Pintra Jefferson St.. Chicago 80. 111. Write Dlalnlr SIZE, NAME, ADDRESS, feels like a new man. ERB-HELP contains 12 Great Herbs: they cleanse bowels, clear ml n I )y ft in th nAth fif ROSENBLATT'S CTV'I V H'l'lll."lt. ama fim BtnmAeh. act on ftlugldgh Send FIFTEEN CENTS more for the Marian Martin new and bigger Summer Pattern Book. 32-Pages. Buy More Bonds Abraham Lincoln are in the Library of congress, Washington, D. C. They were bequeathed to the nation about 15 years ago by Robert Todd Lincoln with the request that they be kept secret until IMS. liver nad kidneys. Miserable people j booiW feel different all over. So don't go on Buffering! (iet ERU-HFLP. i White's (KexaU) Pharmacy Drug Store. - easy-to-make style. Free pattern printed ia book.

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