The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 25, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 2
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Monday, Sepirmber 25, 1914. rage Two T II K DAILY C L I N T O N I A N s:zm t&'Qzz on pzimu island Keep Covci'd According to latest reports, eggs keep fresh longest if tliey are not only kept cold, but covered. The hydrator of the refriscrator is the very best place to keep eggs. Keeping them in a coveted carton in the refrigerator is next oast. We Will Be Closed ALL DAY WED., SEPT. 27 Eecause of the Day Of Atonement WASSERMAN SHOE STORE AT FIRST JION OF A t V Kerr's Receive News of Son Many Guests Spend Time Willi Fairview Relatives, Friends Mr. and Mrs. Kd Cottri'll retuniid home al'U'r upending two wrcks with relathes in .MU'IiIkiiii. Mr. and Mi. Hirt June of Kcr-eey spenl the week end here. Mrs. Kern llrown Is wiM-ndinn st'V-rral days with relniivoB at Kersey. Mr. and Mrs. Kdwin Fox. .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kills and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shores ullended the funeral Thursday of Mr. Shores brother Hoy Shores of Terre Haute. Harold Street of Centenary spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Alice .1111 Mrs. llessle Ki'lley were Tlllliv-li.rv siu-kik el .Mi's, llil.el Ciilluul'O ul Cliulon. Mr. und Mrs. Gerald Kelley and daughters of Hazel Bluff spent Sun-diiy Willi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden. Mrs. Arthur McCrea returned home after spending the al month wlih her sons and family ul Indianapolis. Roy and K. A. McCrea of Indianapolis are spending several weeks wilh l heir grandparents, Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur McCrea. lane Annie McCrea of Indianapolis Is making her home with her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCrea and going to school. Horn to Mr. and Mrji. Clyde Wake on Sept. 19tli a son. weighing eight pounds, named Robert Donald, of I.oogootee. Mr. Wake is the son of Mrs. Mable Wake of Fairview I'ark. Mrs. Charles Met7. and daughter Joanne spent Sunday in Brazil with her brother, who is in the hospital. L jppld Prepaiathnijitjduteifdl NT i r . K GET A RAILROAD JOB! KEEP 'EM ROLLING TO THE FIGHTING FRONTS OF THE WORLD Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Workers Needed Must Comply Wilh WMC Regulations See Mr. R. O. Dettman, Representative U S RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD Ration Board Office Every Tuesday Clinton, Ind. 9 to 11:30 A.M. Street. I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flynn and . J f I 4- i fi New Outbreak of Old North Indiana-Chicago Gambling War Feared sou Riehard were called to Hlooui-jngtou by the death of a niece. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kerr received word from the War Department Tuesday, Sept. 19. thai their son John had been brought by plane from New Guinea in the S. N. Pacific to the Thayer Hospital at Nashville. Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barner are spending several days will) relatives in Indianapolis. (Continued from page 1) car parked more than a block distant and escaped. I'iiul Soil Hound, Gagged Missing their 11-year-old son. Seaman Robert ''.irlin of Great j LEATHERNECKS from the First Marine division charge ashore with, the tenth wave S3 American Jandmg .1 forces hit the beach at'Felcliu island in the Palau group on the morning of D-day. Tanks and one -ing vehicle can be seen in the background. This is a rdiophoto.i ., ,. .. Intetastional.Souniphs.ol . George, Jr., from his bed, they searched the house and found the boy bound iMl 4ilfifi - AjMrttatiwf 1MK. '"'' A--''-;"'i-"fJ- tjjf, ! The bov said he heard the (sen ..Lakes is spending ten days wilh his family. ""r itf Mrs.' hasil "Kennedy and ,upH'tPm'SuiixUy JK Tarre Haute Vrnt!Mlilik 'Wtfi"1!fbenIinft the 2reek with relatives al Riley. LUMBER FOR SALE ,Xiie Jumber freeze order has now been modified : " go we are permitted to sell some lumber. We Will do our best to fill your order but our stocks ., are badly broken. We have a good stock of No. 2';' boards and a fair stock of 2 inch lumber; ..... ,. ! ' ' ' ' " ". STEVENSON LUMBER CO. ADMicnrc cctc dom ami am RnunFUC 1! Strike-Boum! Sieel' breaking a window in tjie basenjwt Si'' Mr. ani Mrs. Emery! lackson of CoonpanviMaiit In ' SIAIUlf WILtl !r and oSiildjiWri Siuuday -ll.'' Joipo. When -Uoy d.icl;d 1 Is reM,, XT" GERMANY , POLAND Mr. and Mrs. Ora m "" ,r ''"' ;' I fed; ft belt froif (his mothers ilrtss .Jieir parents, 'Weaver. t WAHIUNCTON. I). ,.1'l"l'J-'SHlci,t I Ills mouim aeo ins arms swi 9A0 ! Frontier ffiooMeVeirTiday ord"rn-d ' "Hecrel a'ry 3 Territories to be ( retained by Russia (if VaVtftMuwl to ,-UiiiV"tot'V ;9W ,l operate, 4i' .KarreU. Chp:Hteei tip.. jut SalitlUsKy. (J., Vlitn' 0liihiyee RUSSIA jBUDAKSt HUNGARY have been on liiril.e Kince Sepl. Ill over a company refusal lo deal witlij a CIO union. .h. Jieoe ell's e.vcrut i e order di-ii ctin the seizure was signed Saturday iiini uiinouneed Huh moiniiiK together wit li a co . eriny letter from t'ha irman Will 'urn II. l)n is of 1 lie W ar i.ahor Jtoard. The I-'airell coin-pa ay refused to ark now ledge pn - inns orders from Uau.i. Inius ad v ised t he I 'resident that i tlie work 'stopiiaKo has 'caused a ! 'Cotni'leVe' run ailment in the pro-! duet ieii of erii ii'al war material, i dumped him in t lie closet. Akcllevoun was pronounced djead at Clinic Hospital. Nalias was treated at St. Anthony's Hospital w Acre police said he refused to answer their questions. "Big 0Hralor Police said they were informed Nalias was a "big" gambling operator and added thai he had been arreted on gambling charges several times, but never convicted. A brother, Joseph, lives in Joliel where but li he and George wen1 said by police to have gambling interests. Akcheyoun recently. moved, from Jo-liet io Michigan City and had been living witli Nalias. Police attributed the killing lo a flarcup in the gambling war. saying that although the men had been in the house more than an hour nothing had been stolen. SMITH'S TAVERN ; 'j I" I ., V I lift li'c i - ' QipE'pBUM whieir. in (lie- opinion 'of tlie hoard will unduly impede or delay tli ef t'e-tjc jirosecul ion f the war." mi 'ini. ROMANIA h fjr-r: ftoiADi M&f' ' BucharestO '''' y' f .. zrr f f, . tL 'r i CONSTANT.. Territory to be I V,. bumm i . jffii . returned to Romania V""'- ' , I 77-"" "- YUGOSLAVIA r' BULGARIA jJ- ' X -Vj i-.-v-f " 1 aquatic We - ' ' ' " ' i! ' " ALBANIA -:rl J ITALY ' GR( EC V-r"--?ty Mr. and MrsV Everett : Swickard ,'ftnd sons of Chicago spent (lie week end with his mother, Mrs., 'Alice igwickard. Mrs. Hazel Gilmore and Mrs. Floyd Pennington spent Friday ill Terre Haute. Ovie Pence of Indianapolis spent the weekend here. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ellis of Gary upent several days will) relatives recently. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington and Mrs. Nyal Royse and daughter Bonnie spent Monday in Paris. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington had for Friday guests. Mrs. Nyal Royse and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. 'W. F. Royse and daughters Martha and Rachel and Mrs. Eliza Cooke of Parke County. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wilson and Miss Sarah Moorehouse of Pa-ris,: III. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clark. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCrea, Sept.. 4th at Jndianapoli.ii a baby girl' weighing nine and one half pounds, named Barbara Jeanie. Mr. McCrea Is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Arthur McCrea. Mrs. Nellie Barnes spent recently in Terre Haute. William McDonald of Terre Haute is spending several days with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. George Cllne spent recently Willi Mr. and Mrs. Herschell Snider of Dana. Mrs. Lillian Andrews and son Lar-ra Gene, Mrs. Floyd Peiiningston IMS OWE 1 Mistering U. S. j The labor dispute, said Uais. , ' i ni'ose 'from (he iclusal of the roiu-'i JtKiijy'to accept the directive orders! j ul" the WLit i oiii-eVniiti; the coiumuiy;. :;alid iwpl' 'J o(;!t.Lle' t'U) I'nilvd' ; j -Viiiuniujlj'ie.4 jj-tiMiy and, .A;;iulJ- , Mural JiiibleiiK'ul V.'.oi.w'S of Aipef-I ; I lea. Ap'proiijaf.1.v 1 0 1 K jnpluyee.s;' aiV iuVoi.ed jn ' Hie dispute. The I comi'aiiy. I t;iis said, ma-iufaci nres 152 South Mam 1 "E-'&i'-'.' LMsiin.t;s . lor iriuks. bho efy, and KL'SMITH Carrier Attack Again Hits Japs (Cont1uatd from page I i orano. .anU and lamlinr. trat,. ... t UNDER TERMS of the Russian-Itomanian armistice, Rnnir.nfri plcdpcs to light on the Allied side until final vtctory'over Germany, to pay Russia $:i00, 000,000 in money a:id goods as reparations,1 and tr) adhere to the 1040 frontier that gave Russia Bessarabiti and the1 northern Bucovina. In return, Romania' gcta back the Transylvania territory which the Nazis had handed to Hungary in It 10. fi ntcrhaXi'onul) Classified Ais Siiil Mt AuvttiDJ Kuu nww .mrnrn jf I BUT I'M MOT MAKINe Ujvjc; i I ; ! : f-! fpnnr? MArTUAV'THS MORB AND VM HAT A ENOUGH! I I ! J t i rsrs srr I T-WH IDCy Ss J! (Zn MAKE IrWFl A FRIEfJD OF MIME RUMS A: MODEL A6EMCY AMD I FIND ! brokeu as tsurely us tlie Filth Fltu't destroyed bis carrier-haM'd nir force in the battle of the Philippine Sea. Attack May Continue Indication that the carrier attack on the Philippines may still be in progress was indicated in a Japanese Domei broadcast which declared , MODEL'S FOR HIM, 1 rr .. hi z ixnrstj that several central Philippine cities, Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Raj 235V4 Blackman were hit by some 200 planes Sunday and claimed that two large 1. K. carriers and a cruiser had been "heavily damaged."' one medium sized carrier destroyed and another set at ire with 2u planes destroyed by Nip airmen. " I These enemy claims were wi0tnut any confirmation from any American source. I ; MONUMENTS . A rumple!1 JJne 9 i For Service Drop Vh A Card E. W. Walsh Monument Co. 2111 Wabash Ave. J Terre Haul-, Indiana -, 1 : i Throw Your Scrap Into the Fight I THIS TJVMtSl'S.gCJT JUST Two! T1LL1E r the, TOILER - By V Rust Wcstovc; BAH'. LINQELLS MODfeU 'SCJiTOUTOF A MODEL ASEMCY WHO VMORK FOR L1MDELL TbOCH VJiTH LAUJEp LIWOELL'S I'M "MOT KIDDIWSMY FRIEMD MODEL AabNCY IN Hw tov, AMD ..THOSE WHO WANT TO OUR MATwq HERS? rrr IS HERT UNOfiLL Of LIKIDELL'S MODEL A&fcMC-7 7 I t -- t r il MEN AND WOMEN WAR WORKERS 3" ,m VsiELL.GRAO NnuCXl V"1 'pJG'fONG! ROSOOE f CLD 5COUT5 (BUNKS H NI ANiCNFyh wum- Mjs HAS . i .. ..- a . in , ji moy u jThiSi to tme Bia:D Ojkdunov hsv' yOWL6 0T- Tufjife WARRIORS! JwSP OP ' IOUR TIME 15 COME' BELiNpAynopj E LL NEED EM ON RjULTICt KNOB. i we've got to saje VBaCK 0' THE INDIAN RESERVATION! UVE6 IN MV A6AL P2OMT0! HFAtrr! . .' its . 1 1 " ' vr, ut .3? URGENTLY NEEDED K. I. l)u Pont D Nonitiurs & Co. Inc. Operating Wabash River Ordnance Works NEWPORT. IND. No Experience Required Working UU lours a Week At Present Time and One Half Over 10 Hours RET IREMENTS FOR WOMEN MINIMUM AGE 21 YEARS MINIMUM WEIGHT 120 LBS. Al.v At WAR MANPOWER COMMISSION " V. S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 2nd Floor Star Building Terre Haute, Ind. DFPONT REPRESENTATIVE Will Interview at the Vermillion County Rationing Board Office At CHntun. Indiana SEPTEMBER M through 27 t -gts maw HAIR -BREADTH HARRY -TWPS I CAM N fSAv! T0AT ISaTt A kMAS-EluNCE (Tces red-Sk.mS ase dc.'; l "a uttle PO.SON i -. . t . , V" 'i )V EPu N '. VCd KSOW f2 ' VT TkAT WAR .inT ThEV 4 HAD ME MAKE FROM S Awn .5n

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