The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 21, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 4
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Thursday, Si'ifotnU'r 21, 191 U Page Four' THE VAhtY' fcfclNTONIAN Friday evening guests of Mr. and Mr. Alton Hose und daughter, llii'lr perimeter to 12 mil. detsplle fm ffeelual Jap ull. inpis I'l iliM'upl Vault opeiutlou with tiit lii boiiibim; Myer, Mr. Clyde Iluell, Mr. Place, Mr, (larger, Mrs, Jessie Dej I'lanly, Mr. C, K, lli-ebee, Mrs. Paul TOISfTlV IVY ' nm T KILL IT hill 1 lie ouier skin. It labels off and) F.vaduii. were their mm. Corporal and Newport Clubs, Classes Hold Regular Meetings in Past Week attacks. Mrs. Hubert i. Hose of Ft, Monmouth, N, J , Mr. and Mr, Lester Center News Of Interest Terre Haut, Capital Out'hln are Nott-d Here; Carmack, Mis Kllzabeih Myer and the hostesses, Mr. Kersey and Mr, Vouman. Keveral guest were pre, ent Including, Mr, KdHh Voumans Keen and son, linger of Newport and Mr, and Mr. Harlan Weatherman of j iitlli II vmti Hie ity iiileillon. ;i-t ; little T. l kolnlfon at any druif ! loie, t 'leaiime with xiup and water. Apply lull slii'iitflli. It's POMKIl-I I tilien one applhalioa I I enoiiKh, Today at t.lllis llutmuuy, ! Inc. of Chicago, Marilyn Kersey and Cates, Ind. Mr. and Jfr. J'aul K. CaRpr of Newport announced (Ills wwk l' cngaKPinvnt und milirumlilnts iimr-riase of Ihi'lr only dmiaun'r, MIsb Penicillin Froduction It I estimoted that the average production cost of penicillin ha dropped in one year from 17,000 per halt ounce to shout $7,W) pec pound. Hey, end Mr, noy Morford and Mr. Clara A. Myer, all of Newport. called on Mr, and Mr. Warren Cooke of near Dana, Mis Klaine Wlilttliiglon, granddaughter of Mr. Myer who was spending the day Charlotte Itussell, and Mrs, Sumner Brown of Bono, a former member of the club, Paul Carmack of Newport spent Saturday 111 Danville, Mr. Orilllo Adam of Newport entertained member of the Friendship Circle at her home here last Friday, i ' The afternoon wa epent socially and refrehiuent I here served to HERE'S SOMETHING REALLY CUTE, WARM with Iter grandmother, accoinpauied turned to their home In Indianapolis alter Ble nding two week, with friends In Newport. Klevi-u in-iiihers end one guest, Mrs, Kpencer tfwa.e, were preaeut at the meeting ut the Kortnightly lliineo I 'lull held at the home of lira, tJraee Donley Friday eteiilng, Mr. Mary Adams aeted as assistant hostess, liuneo was played at three lahhs Willi prizes going tu Mrs. Iva Brayj'al, low; Mis. Mary Brooks, high; Mrs. Klizalietli Ktewarl, travel; and Mrs. Orplia Ktewarl, liuneo. Kollowing the games, refreshments of sandwiches, salad and coffee were them. Mr. and Mre. Carmel Sullivan and -Pauline Hamr, (o Midshipman J K. Boatman, I). K. N. It., mm of Mr. und Mr. lialuh Boatman of Carlluvlllc Illinois. II Im Hager la a graduate of Newport HIkIi Krliool Willi Hi.' duns of 1943. Immediately upon graduation, ahe entered Indiana Ktate Tearher'a College where ehi? Is now a coi'hii. more. During Hie (siinnii'-r wonUm he has heen iui.loyd In I lie aafety department at (lie Vigo (dduaiiee Plant. After the wadding he expect to aeeomiiany her husband to I'ortf r Attend Itt union Jlr. and Mr. Arthur Klout and son Walter Hussel of Hi, liernlce were week end guests of her shsier, Mrs. Haymond Ifeber and family. Mr. Charlc Mlllfgau and children of Clinton spent Wednesday with her lter, Mr, Hoy r5turui and son Honnle Hay, Judy Jordan of Terre Haute vlslled Keveral days with lier grandparents, Mr, and Mrs, Milton Crane, Mr, and Mrs, James Munay and children moved to Fairview recently. Mr, und Mrs. Hoscoe Wright and ehildreii of Newport vlslled Miss Allee Ka relay and Mr. Audra Owen meeting by Die and daughter, Martha Jean, of Hoofe ward the close of iliiJ hostess. stall, III,, Sunday, Willie there they attended Hie movie "Going My Those.pre.sent vPlm: Mrs. Dorothy Park, Mrs; Nellie I'ktt, Mrs, Dora Way", AND SENSIBLE FOR THE LITTLE ONE! Fuzzy -Wuzzy Slippers Warm Lamb Skin Lined With A Bunny Design On The Toe! COLORS IN RED AND BLUE Tamils who have bought thews from u tell us the little ones just love them, ; Sizes 5-7-P-lt Priced At Only $2.99 Mrs, Minnie Coffman of Terre Harger, Mr, .Otiia'ilcMasiers, and the hostess, Mrs. Adams, and four guests. Mm. Kathleen Allen, Mrs, served hy tlie hostess. Those present were: Mrs, Garnet It.iii. Mis, Klossle lloltaclaw. Mrs. E. J. DudUff and the Iwo small Park hla nest poet win r alie will remain until' he la aisslKiiid In aetite duly. Hhe will then resume lr mudies at Indiana filate T.a'her College. Midshipman Boatman la a graduate of Carliiivilie High Sehool and attended the houiiern Illinois Nor children,. Vovonne and Wallle, Miss Juanila liroady was elected family moved last Monday to the farm where Munay did live. Miss Jean Carlin of Indianapolis spent the week end wilh her parents, Mr, and Mrs, Hubert Carlfn, Virginia Voumaiis, Mrs, Oressa Ingrain, Mis. 'Jraee, Voumans, Mrs. lira, zeal. Mis, Brooks, Mrs, K, Stewart, president and Miss Beverly Arrasmlth pianist, of tlie high sehool group Haute spent last week with Mis D, tlraee liheuhy of Newport, Sunday dinner guest at the liheuby home were Mrs, Will Collier and Mis Lll-lie Malone, tiolh of Dana, Five members and two guete were present at Hie all day meeting of the Missionary JSoeiety of the Newport Friends' Cbureh last Thursday. The meeting opened by elnglng "Take My Life oud Let It lie," In unison followed liy the erlpture Mrs. U. .Stewart, the guest ana two Sunday School class of the Methodist Kollllle I 5 Mr, Hoy Hninii and eon mal L'olveralll. I'rlor to enleriiig the service he waa a licensed me- I hostesses, Mrs. Uooley and Mr. Church at a meeting held In the Adams, LOUISE church Thursday evening. Hiss A birthday dinner In honor of Inc. Broady wis elected to replace Mrs Mm. Jaiuea Dowers of Cayuga was Kenneth De Long who recently tfttefiwfff Hay spent Tuesday night wiili lier parents, Mr, and Mrs. Hay lleber. Miss limld Hell, who is employed in Terre Haute, spent the week end with her parents, Mr, and Mrs, Irv-in Welt, Mr, and Mrs, Lowell gweaney of given at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Keith Voumans of Newport .Sunday. moved from tfil city, teorologlst In the I'. H. Weal her Bureau at Carhundale, III. In July, lDi'4, be reported for training in the Naval V 12 training unit at Indiana Btate Teacher College at Terre Haute. The wedding will fake plaee upon Midshipman Boatman's graduation from V. t. N, It. Midshipman's Devotions were given ly Donna The dinner was lit observance of Morgan which was followed by group reading. Mr. Opal Walthall, vie presideut of the society presided at the meeting In the absence f the Mis. Dowers' tsotu liirthday anui versa ry. singing. Mis Barbara liolllngswortli uresldeut. Following the business I had charge of the program lor the Kidney, III, spent Sunday and (Son-! day night with his parents, Mr, and! Mrs. Silas Swiraney and helped Mr ! A lovely birthday cake was pre niM'tiiig, Mrs, Walthall discussed the evening assisted In the recreation by sented to Mis. Dowers and her great cchool at Norlliweslern 1 invcrsiiy. addMMfwii ttvieffwrl iuw , back to t i grandson, llarioii Vuu'tians. sang first chapter of he Missioning So-ejerY'i new fetiidrbo'oli errVi1fed;"The At that time lie will receive his cum II. J'l'i Jits J, Walt. liefresLpitih were served v Miss jdiu MiAineriiwf.ife-ie-., f m 'u llnv Morford became a flliem- hejr i,urwr Miiufal. yayiouut, IJL on Monday, ' ' ' '"' ; ' ,Mjss BertJia ntdefl flotiir won fifst 'prize on tier aiigef food cake at the jjtale Fair at fndia'n:iiioll Mr, oiid Mrs,' Ward porter hten- er'f He'oey'du:i''iliie .ueet- jufr.j.Tkfi Dremilier! (vere. dyiiBissed with a word of prayer by the acting "Happy liirthday" to Jer, -A . TlMMte utieudiug lii dimier werf; Mr, and Mrs. James Dowets, Mrjjand Mrs. diaries' Opwer and Jfniin. Wayne and Marvin.' and Mr.' and Mis. Paul timiiil. y aud daughter, Jletljr, all of Cayuga, Mm, Jim Dowers of Terre Haute, ant 'Mr. and Mrs. CJeeu yoanwnf id the hoaf-esse. Mr. ml -Mr, KHth Voumans and family, nil tit Newnoi1!' ! , Mia Mabel MiteheiJ f Kix-hland. Was,,, and Mrs. frank Ford luf mission tus 'Hnsigu lirr Die Culled Ktates Naval Hescrve. Private , first ass and Mrs. William J.' Kdwads and daughter, Bhirley Lee, and jc. Kd wards' mother, Mrs. Hulli Ktlwards of Terre Haute enjoyed a woner roast at the bome of Mr. and tyrs. Howard Myers end daughter, Wiarpn Kay the past week. Mis. J, J. C'hljwp returned to tier home in tft. liui after spending a week Willi her mollier-in-law, Mrs. presideut, "'":! ' Those attending were; Mrs. Walthall, Mrs. lihoda Adams, Mrs, Mattie dedhe Porter reunion reeently al , tJie.'liome' of tlr, and Mrs, Jerfyj one, of Tennessee Valley. '' ' 1 '- ( Hurlsou. (Mrs,, Clara A. Myer, Virginia jAsbury, Miss liroadtf and Mi Maliia (fiarry. 'A; Those 7reij4iit were Hey, ftfWoH, Mrs. Clyde KtiwielL Mr. B, H'iim, Uiye juft ti'a;he.r for the clask, and Mr, fi. 11, NliiAd and the meitilier, Hetty Adams, Iil liishop, KViadna U'.e, Auif SM4lajrs, Martliii'Wiek. eu, Nancy Kullis'an, Jesse Haker, Anuay Leu , Ashtiuiy(r'liarlolt us-sell, liarbara Stewart, Heverly Arrasmlth, Bartara iWiltugsworth, Juan-It Broady, Virginia Asbury, Gloria Ann Asbury, Martha Harry, Bob Mc-Masters. Itoger Keen, Marvin Kersey. Roy gturm took a load of !, .lorford and two guest, Virginia Ut IndianapvDs Tuesday' night oid 1 hrougJit'hack a truck load of t-riUfi' er on Wednesday, ' '"' i and Thomas Wajluall. Sterling:,, 111., are visiting their Mr, and Mrs, Iee Morlnan of Falr-i i parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. MilelielJ mount. 111, movej Monday to the William farm where Sweauey' left. Beulau f.'hipps and family. Corporal Bam O. Chlpp accompanied her and her amall aou, Jerry, home, Mr. and Mrs. James Trosper and children and Mrs. Kieliard Saultz of Clinton spent Sunday wilu Mrs. Mr. and Mr. Halph Milligau and , PUBLIC SALE I Hill Si ll At Public Kal At Mv lUsidint' One Mile Stiuth Ot Ulaiiturd, Intl., and Mile Kat t the KtJgar o, CWal t'omjiany Knoun At The LON BLANFORD FARM Monday, Sept. 25, '44 SALK WAiiSSiSii AT I )'CUCK HORSES 1 IJay Slare - !0 'r. Old. In Foal By JaJ'k. 1 Orny JIare - 1 Yr. Well Uroke CATTLE I Cow, 4 Vr. OltL Fiehh In February. 1 .Jersey Heifer, Pasture ISred. 1 Calf Jut Weaned. 1 Ctw 5 Yrs. Oltt Calf by Side. 1 White yearling Bulb 16 HEAD OF HOGS 1 Sow With Seven 1'iijs. 1 Pure Bred Sow With Five Pig. 1 Stw Not Bn d. I liuroe Boar, W Vr. Old. 20 BALKS OF WHKAT SIKAW 20 BALES TiMOTHV HAV IfJDI CfirMTC' ' v-"" 1"r, t IUHdih Hof. I llrlr LUltiCII I , ,,!, (I.. ,,- i.unjt Phiu, t ( uunmor, t t It.ilh'r, I r,!'Ml lf.ii-,si. IIi'Hmm Ili', I 'J'h'w iW-thiH tWmm, I Tin-.- H'e liulhii Phm, I On- !.,!- Jol.u l.-.'e Mle al llilll, 111.411)1.' 1'i. mwiI tiny.!. 'J,.-e, I yi'hjhj, ' w-l Hmefr, ''u,'Mli I Ik- ;II.hi trim Ki ttle, f l tiioiv, I Tu.-he lieh tlulkjuK fUm, and itttluf .irtieh ioo io MinhN, , H. R. BLANFORD A. f, II4I I;, 4ue, 'U'.ltMti: '. Hlil, M'-tTMiW, Jte, of Newport. Another daughter, Mr, jtoy Sollar and husband of aouth of Covington were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. MHeiieJJ. Their grandson. Sergeul Iouard Synder, who 1 home Frank Wickeus, Bradley Wickeus and daughter of Bridgeton and Mr, and Mrs, KaUiu Myers and daughter, spent Sunday with Mr, ud Mrs. ' Birt Ford, ifroin New juinea, is also visiting this week with them. (Georgia Kdwards and baby and Mr, and Mrs. Howard Myers and baby. Mr. and Mre. William Trosper and JOI-.1 liolllngswortli, Mrs. F-dgar Diederick of Indianapolis spent Wednesday evening with iter grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Couy. Mrs. Diederick 's husband referred a football game in Clinton that night. A family diBr was held at the home ot Mr, and Mr. Hoy Stewart of Newport Sunday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. 8am Stewart and family, Mrs. Flora Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stewart, all of Newport, Mr. and Mrs. H. K, Duuivan and son of 5eabrlug, Fla. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Stwaii of Covington, and Mrs, Anna Heed of Hyuiera, lud. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Smith and son, Bobby, were Mr. and Mrs. Finest Hodgers and children, Phylli June and Morris Dean of Veedersburg, Mr. and Mr. James Holdeij at )Silverwood and Mr, and Mrs. Charles lledtuau und four daughters, Judy, Patty, Carolyn and Jean, jf Attica. ' i Mrs. I'-'lla Moore ot Marshall, Ind., Mr. Mary Urooks returned to her home in Newport Friday alter upend eon, Leon, of Clinton have returned! borne after spending a week at Hie fcome of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Myers and baby, Kharon Kay. Mr, juid Mrs. f'slle P, Nelson re- Mr, auj MiK. Walter Moore and son. Bob, Fnslgn and Mrs. Honaid Marines Smash Peleliu Posts; Kill 7,645 Foe Moore and small son. all of Chnl.on and'HMieOt' MeMaeifrs' nt Newport ing a week with her aunt, Mrs. Charles Cormaney of near Springfield, 111. Mr. Jva Chandler, former resident of Detroit, spent last wek with Mr. and Mrs. J. v.. Broad y of Newport. Sue was ejiroute -f rom Detroit to her home' ju Oklahoma t'lly. Mrs. Cierllia Former and daugh-j were'Jt)vlSrdy'd!iiM' gaeets of Mrs, Kdijh, Win.f.Perrysyllle, Mr, and' fi'S. '-IJrflpfi Adam and two -ya'juesl datigaitei's. tjrothy formerly of Newport, .. is apeuding and HutU pem Jly, weekend with this week will) Jberniee, Mrs. jladys Mrs., Ad uns,. rents, Mr, an Mrs. John Newklrk of cfi'nVon. FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Sot Kuibara Mauy wmwrs uf fills? ttietli tnive snf-(;d rit 4iuuiirriiHMueit bc'tiUM' tlu'ir Jiliite dro."'d, slii..t..l or wulll'tf ut j.ial tin. wrung timv. lo iwt livn in fir ot thitt liitp..'iiiiif; lu ,v.,u. .lust ttpriukle little (A.S'li'.'J'U. tkf alkaliue (u.m-ridl pwwdfr, on j'6nr jil;it.'. Holds !' tiwrli aiort' iruijj'. so tlM'fl' feel more 'omrortclilf1. llo.'K no! sour. 4'lnH'ks plstp odor" d..lilure breiilli), jet i'Afcl THJKl'H at uy drug slori.. ter, Mrs. Stanley If. Jiollingsworlh und sons, all of Newport, wre Thursday dinner guests of Mrs. itaymond Woodard and family of Cayuga. Miss Uulli Kdwards otyi re Hautn-spent a few daj'.s Willi 1er s?n, PvJ. Miss Majlia,ftffciJyn' and David Hollingsworih arid jutjjer triends and relatives in this city. Mrs. Hobert J. Hose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Keen ot New Wickens ot west of NewpoftVlpent port., returned, home from Ft. "MjfiW Wisbury, ", AT ':' df'p ! w 4oujI (uvaf Army o-tit i' bul w UrX'd h idtHnt.. ' Bitkms in ik' &iithy J'ijiJippiiM'K mouth, N. i. Friday and plans to first elas William Joseph Kd wards and wife and daughter Newport. visit in this city indefinitely. Miss Kstejla Nesuitt of New It Leu mond, Ind., arrived Wednesday to sju'iid the rest of the week with hy Yet! W have new Grad-1 Goodyoar (or E and C drivers, now eligibW to buy with certificate. Got our expert odvic on when and where to apply lor a bw-tir eerlificat, JOE GIACOLETTO tsuiA)ly nii4 ieisomu'J ijj.sJallutiojjij jjj tint l)uAUi jwrea irvifli J2M ttw& A louiirs, if. (CuiumuUi'jue ??i-uli-4 io- f 4a y, BL SUR1: your medicine cabinet i$ stocked with fresh, fclitfble aiedicines t $.11 times. Thus vhcfl sickness strikes or when accidents happen you will be better pieputd to ate fox number of ) Oiu: family uatij (he doctor arrives. '.W.nd' 'Mrs. JVJ 4 Nirhols of Quaker spent Monday with .their daughter, "Mrs: Opal W'altliall and family. , . , , 'MJseS Q(r'i Al uiin and her sister. lW!.-4$-l!a! l V'est (41 fay-ete are visiting wilh Mrs. Margaret Conli-y and otlmr Irlh'uds this week. Bohert MeMasUM-s, iou ot 'Mr, an Jt.'' iparr Mttrtaster ot Newport, sai'iit "Sunday Oiid - Taonday nights with Hobei-t Moore of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Phil HolJlugsworth and family of near Newport spent Sunday witli Mr. and Mrs. John Hooper of Chrisiuan, JU, Mrs. Jillen Landis and daughter, Jon Ftta. of laua spent last Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bishop! miiuiiX'd thai inay homht-y tiiiifs, s fJyiiijvr in advursH -w'aUiw. rim-U4 aunt. Miss D. tlrace Hheuby of NJ!'' port. '' - Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge L. Carey and Mr. and Mrs. Max Hoacutfeitt, ail of Clinton, were tjie Sunda dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joitu C, Pie-kell of Ni'wport. Mrs. Helen Munro, daughter of Mrs. Sophia Delicti, is reported to be slowly improving lu the Wesley Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Kidney Asbury and Miss Hetty Haywood if Indianapolis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, V". JV, Asbury ot Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Robert lordon and sou. Ned, of Watseka, 111., spent the out the atta-k wi'liout -nA)uityhiy: atrial iiiUr:t'i(iuii. Jap miH-uii'v rati t'ii-p was it'ijxouuU'n.'i wiily vwy he asa area. A'ivaucji' 4tu Mortal While bin t)omhr4 inahud into Jjj-u i-liiJijjiiii? Joiiioiis. Auu'i' W'au iiivawioti irwpts on jMorotai i bland ju 4 he aJuialira -t-.xpatid d YC03 CEST BUY I.'0l7! No matter tow you measure" lii'e','quality, you caa'i beat the plui performance ot a Goodyear. You get a tire backed by Goodyear retoureet and Goodyear Re tear ch, built to carry on Good-year's 2S-year reoor4f tire leadership. Com pates tavoratl y with pte-warncrtural rubber tires!J ot Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Vein Haird spent Sunday wilh Mr. Buird's brother, Mr, and Mrs. Pearl Haird ot New. port- "' -.',l:if Byam, Skinny and Cecil " Baird 'kend with Mr. and Mrs. Alton Huki' auid family of west ot town. J Huki' auid family of west ot towu. raw-'! Aflts; MayVT3r'tri:kartJjf Crai forfville efi.'fit W afdays m 1 1 if iastJ la spent Kuiday fislrfig in the.JUttlc wisek with Uer parepts. Mr. and Mrs! Vermlllioai ltivwy. .' 1 : 1 Ko.v Stewart f Jfewplrrt, Hoy Bush and Jjniuiy Uul;ar of Wiiort spent Ktiiday in Cllnleu. Sunday, dinner guestri .tif Mr. audM' KIDNEYS i MUST REf.IOVE EXCESS ACIDS Kelp 15 Mii of Kidney Tab iub Out PoUonou Wut , 6 . MILK of MAGNESIA 25- Mrs. Koscoe 4.0 ana .tuguier Peggy Ai. wei Mi-jtiud Mis. 1au- You can trust Rtxall Milk jf Mantbia. Jure, mild, ud pieawpt to take, it is an ideal Jjxanvc for yuur clnid. a Tfr& ocu-) 0 Mrs. A,ina Eed f JJymra. Ind., arrived n Newport .rat urd-y for a visit wiili jier"dwitrl't,'r, ftU". Kaiu Stewart and faiyiJy. Mr. und Mra. Oscar Jicrwy nd If you lis ve mi cw new otwxieia yourbtood; I iwiss ituuy jre IQl uiear Newport atferuooii in pinton. Mrs. Aline 'Lake 'of Hlllsdaile, Ind., sin-lit Monday In Newport yisjtillg Mrs. Oiiiee Dcley, Mrs. Margaret Pauley underwent a I'lonMillectovijr lu;''"hursdi.f. Miss Kvadua Hose spent Tuesdiiy night with Mies Jseyrly Arrasmilh of Newport. Miss Norma June .Asbury of Newport spent Tuesday evening in Terre 1. 1 tiny lUlettt uud tuU tute work ltFXAI.I. NAMAI. ttl'KAV with Kplidric For lielii-f uf omnioii H, al oldit m I family v).hj-(,h filr. and Mr Willit; MuHten of Mum.-U', Jnd., Qvvr ihe w'4'k'nd. - BABY COUGH SYRUP 25c ft y ; ... fA7 r ''v. -I 6I.(XM - '.. I . J frs'ce patrol doe. ' " j T larmers ond other I h Haute. . , n - , iug oy tdid DigUt to fjlp Nuiura rid your yntin of maem 0:iis ut poiBuuou wattM. When dunjfdvr A kiduy fuJjeUuu perunW poicuiiuue umlter to reftiuin in yuur bluvd, it may ouune uatmiug bockuube, rbwuutatie pukw, Jejc paiiiti, 1jm uf pop end eufrK , tiwd uw juffliUi, eneUiDJi, puftuttw uudw (iie yen, iitmd&'hm ttud ilitiium. jVregueiit or suMuty pimmum Willi eiuuTUuK ud It m mux tmutf tiiuw eli'twe ttiwe in uiiwt.iinm wivt tviUl uur Iridutyu or blwlder. Kidutiyu iimy uwm! iielptlisamBiibowfll Onik yisuroxuKKuilfgr iJuan i'liio, umkI buo 4Miluily Ijy liiitliuuo fur ovw 4U ycMD. 'J bti tvti Wppy relitrf uud will bttlp the 16 uiUmi of diMjy tuM tfudb out puikxiuuu VtkVUi Imp your iilwwii. 0t Uwwi VUk. PIeasam-tastin relief for coughs due to common colds. &U Bttvy Bahu la Burma's monsoou season 60 inches ot rain may iali in 0 single month, as much as seven inches in one day. 1 for CtiidrZ? 1 Miss Mildred jrovs of Newport spent the weekend with Mrs. KatUer WJieut of Clinton. Mrs, Orace Jooley of Newport attended a movie in Clinton Huuday afternoon. Mrs. Grace park who Is spending the winter in Kockville spent the weekend at her home iu Newport. Mrs. Mary Brooks spent Monday morning in Terre Jiaute. MrsJjora Harwr of Newport spent Monday in .Danville. An interesiiiiK meeting of the Newport Home Kcouoniics t'lub was held at tlie home of Mrs. Osear Kersey Friday evening. Mrs. Herbert Youuians acted as assistant houte&s. Mrs. William Myers, president, had charge of the business meeting and the devotions. The meeting opened with the flag salute and creed. Response to roll call was "my most interesting experience of past summer." , Mrs. K. K. Nel read the minutes of the lust meeting which was followed, m lains Vitamins A Hi lj jj Bj (G), C ! 1). fZ?g. jj p I S2.59 i ICE REFMG EE ATION IS BEST BECALSEJ OlrcuUtUuB of Air PrevutJ fjuleriLuiiie tA jVood Odors! ICE rWrierat iou is Mi ir cotiditioued if Ml , it.i.nioN ..... ft. ..Ill i 111 ni r"L t4rlgirmiUr t b t prerejits tlie iiitwLuuige of food Adors. Vou don't lit U orr About covered dishes whea you ue ice. Vou can fut every tluUi f ou waut la die refrigerator and te Mire tlutt it tvilj recuaiu aweat slid fresh , , , rclaiiiiii it's wo odor aud tate. ouie lu, feee the liefrigerator. H I IVove TUM U U liosil Alllii,," A hootliing tl""""1 n,:.h :.' ' ''"" I Kt'C g saiaf 25c i I ihi..i wound 50c 1 JUST RECEIVED BUMPER JACKS RELIKERS and RIM WRENCHES PEAK AHTI -FREEZE bv the business of the present month. I1ISVI l '- The song of the month." Flow Gently Sweet Afieu," was led by Mrs. ;raw Place. Mrs. Joe Poits gave the project lesson on "Reclaiming . in- ....,,1... y.,rl Miiliiiv nr 'fj i 'arious S(yls of collars." The meet- J ing closed with th Home Kc. Prayer, jjf l lil?ei. r 3 FliESCIiirTIOS Mrs. lora JJarg-r had char trge of J which V NINTH & BOGART MOBILGAS STATION the recreation for the evening consisted of contests and refresh - Cortipouodcd w ich full strength quality 4fu$ exact b;' as your doctor iwote k. CLUITOH ICE CO. Ill Mulberry Phone 75 men is were served by the two host es. Member resent were: Mrs. Pott. IB. .11 1 9 Mil (ilWOIJTJO Mrs. Mortimer Iwis, Mrs. Neel, Mt J fJWfflfflMWffMfflffiffWffiWfMffifflM

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