The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 7, 1968 · Page 19
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 19

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1968
Page 19
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Palm Beach Post, Thursday, Nov. 7, 1968 B7 IRS Administers Gun Laws transferred to. However, I noticed that taxes were deducted from the reimbursement. Why was that? A The amount you received Is classified as wages subject to withholding and not a reimbursement for deductible moving expenses. When you actually move to the new location, the unreimbursed cost of transporting you, your family and your household goods may well be a deductible moving expense. The cost of meals and lodging while traveling to your new home may also be deductible. For further details, ask your IRS district office for Document 5014, Employees' Expenses, Educational Expenses. SELLING Contents of one of Palm Beach's finest homes 130 EL BRILLO entire contents of 18 room home must be sold including fine 18th century French, Spanish, English, Venetian furniture, chairs, sofa, mirrors, Bric-a-Brac, outdoor furniture, Statuary. Entire Servants Quarters Thursday, Friday, Saturday Nov. 7-8-9 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. DANIEL Q I'm a free lance writer and one of the magazines to which I have sold a story wants my Social Security number. Have they a right to ask tor it? A Yes, payments to self-employed persons need to be identified by the Social Security number of the recipient when they amount to $600 or more. These are reported to IRS on Form 1099 Just as a bank reports Interest payments to us. Q My baby is due the end of the month. When can my husband start taking another withholding exemption? A As soon as the child Is born. The full $600 exemption for a dependent may be taken on your tax return for a child born any time before the end of the year. Q My company paid the plane fares and hotel bills for my wife and me when we went to look over the city I'm being BOONE 1 fr, U AOIVs. "IP ill 7:30 PM TONIGHT " This column ol questions -and answers on federal tax ' matters Is provided by the local office of the VS. Internal -Revenue Service and Is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. ; Q What's this business about an amnesty period for I registering firearms? I didn't know firearms had to be regis--tered with IKS? A Certain gangster-type weapons such as machine guns, sawed off shotguns, short barrelled rifles and sl- ; lencers have been required to be registered with IRS since 1934 when the National .Fire- I arms Act was passed. The amnesty period from '. November 2 to December 1 permits anyone who owns a gangster-type weapon and has violated the law by not registering it, to register it without penalty during the 30-day amnesty period. Grenades, bombs, land mines and other destructive devices should also be registered during this period. . The Alcohol & Tobacco Tax Division of IRS has the responsibility for administering the gun control laws and can give you the details on registering these weapons. Your local IRS office can give you the address of the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax office nearest you. Q My return went through OK this year and I got my refund a month or so later. Is , it true I can still be audited and have to pay additional : tax? I A Yes. IRS generally has three years from the due date of a return to make whatever checks might be necessary to assure that Income and expense Items are accurately reported and to assess additional ' taxes. For this reason it is advisable to keep tax records for at least three years. It usually takes about 5-6 weeks to process a return calling for a refund. In that time it is only possible to make sure the return is complete, the arithmetic is accurate and that the taxpayer is not filing a duplicate refund claim or has an outstanding tax liability- Q Is the cost of an out-of-state bunting license deductible? A No, hunting licenses are not deductible. Q On a Job overseas will I have to pay foreign Income tax and ours too? A It depends on where you work and the circumstances of your employment. The U.S. has agreements with many countries to ease the problem of double taxation. A U.S. citizen may also, in many cases, be able to take a credit or a deduction on his U.S. Income tax return for the foreign Income taxes he pays. Under certain conditions all or part of the income earned abroad may be exempt from Federal taxation. For details on this send a post card to your District Director requesting Publication 54, "Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens Abroad." Q We purchased tickets to a football game sponsored by a charity group. Can we deduct the cost of the tickets as a charitable contribution? A A portion of the ticket price may be deductible. To determine what this might be, find out what the cost of your seats would be at a comparable football game. The difference between the regular cost and the price you paid may be taken as a charitable contribution. To make it easier for taxpayers to deduct the proper amount in these situations, the sponsors usually will list the deductible amount right on the ticket. MJTfiCENTlR AUTO CENTER Hurry! Offer good thru Saturday! Timbuktu: Far Cry From Tourist Haven FULL 4-PLY POLYESTER CORD for a smooth ride with no start-up thump! 30 MONTH GUARANTEE WITH 1 5 MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT! PASSENGER TIRE GUARANTEE GUARANTEE AGAINST FAILURE Ptnneyi guarantees every Foremost lire taint! ill failures in use this guarantee lasts for the entire guarantee period stated for each tire. If the tire fails during the guarantee period, return it with your guerantee certificate and Penneys will, it Its optioni (1) repair the tire, (2) replace it with new tire, or (3) give you n immediate refund. If w replace the tire during the free replacement period, there Is no chargei If we replace the tire ifter the free replacement period, you pay 50 or 25 less than the current selling price of the tire including the Federal Excise Tax (see guarantee against failure chart for details). GUARANTEE AGAINST TREAD WEAR0UT Penneys guarantees every Foremost tire (except the 72 series) against tread wear-eut for the entire guarantee period. You benefit is follows: If your tire' wears out during the first half- of the guarantee period, return It with your guarantee certificate and Penneys will replace your tire with i new tire (the charge for this will be 50' of the current selling price including Federal Excise Tax)t II your tire wears out during the second half, the charge will be 75 of the current selling price including Federal Excise Tax. These guarantees do not apply to commercial use of tires. Here's new y.vr guarantee fainit failure werltu Irrtire wwrrtee perM J4metiii free replwement ft'ni 1-12 months SOSaff periej IMS months US off eriea' 1M4 months SIZE REGULAR FED, TAX 650-13 16.95 1.81 700-13 18.95 1.92 695-14 18.95 1.95 Rev. Frank Marshall and the Rev. David Marshall, who are brothers. Their wives are also missionaries. In fact, Mrs. Frank Marshall is a tourist attraction. "I've had 45 American visitors In the last three weeks," said Mrs. Marshall, offering iced tea tothe4(ith. A wedding procession, led by the parents of the bride and bridegroom and friends of the family, is even a better tourist attraction but one that All cannot always count on. In the Songhai Tribe the mother of the bride carries a long stick with a white rag wrapped and knotted on top if her daughter is young and is marrying for the first time. If it is the man's first marriage, his mother carries a stick with a red cloth. The procession, made up of women dressed to the nines, winds Its way through the alleys of Timbuktu, making as much noise with drums and voices and handclapping as is possible. "Songhai and Arabs marry cine, two, three, four times," said All, with the faintest sniff. He is of the Tuareg Tribe, also Moslem but monogamous. And even in Timbuktu all men are not equal and do not conceal for a second their snobbery. As a group of poorly dressed, dark-skinned men passed by, with black cloth wrapped arouni their faces, Ali referred to them as "slaves." Slaves in Timbuktu means unpaid serv ants who receive food and floo. space for sleeping. Were the also Tuareg? "No, of course not Tuareg," said Ali. "Slaves are black. We are not." Black tubeless w INI i plus federal tax and old tire. 1 1 ,- - plus fed, tax and old tire plus fed. tax and old tire Penneys Auto Diagnostic Center THE SCIENTIFIC TRQUBLESHOOTERS u HOW Black tubeless (l')N.V.TImniNi'WflSrrvlrr : TIMBUKTU, Mall Tourist brochures in West Africa gush about "mysterious Timbuktu." Worldly Africans in Bamako, the capital of Mali, are as eager to see Timbuktu as. many New Yorkers are to see Niagara Falls. . There Is one mysterious mo-' ment that Timbuktu offers that Is not easily erased from the mind. It happens on arrival at the tiny airport here, set in the Saharan sands and baking in the while, dry sun. A handsome, shy young man in a clean-looking long robe steps forward and says In hailing ; Kngllsh: "I am from the tourist office; welcome to Timbuktu." It is a mysterious moment, for in the countries of West Africa a tourist learns that each new airport and new ; town generally means a trial by fire, almost never a wel-come one. It is Mohammed All whose meets the three flights each week that come from Bamako. . He works here for the Mall tourist office, an organization - that defeats its purpose with ! stunning consistency. No man in Timbuktu who population may be 7,(MX), perhaps 10,0(10 or even 15,000 ' works harder against greater odds than All, who is 23 years old. There Is only one hotel. It is named Campenment, which , suggests tents or sleeping bags. But It has seven rooms, ! pink sheets, air-eonditioners that do not work, electricity, frogs in the showers, no hot water, flies and erratic plumbing. Mali, twice the size of France, won independence in ' 10; her plumbing still speaks : of Paris. There is not much to see in Timbuktu, and only one way of " seeing it. The land-rover of the Timbuktu branch of the tourist office Is it. Gasoline is a problem. There are no taxis, nor sidewalks, no shops except one of Banal souvenirs and five different postcards nor are there cafes. : "It Is not Paris," said All. It is not. But the name of Timbuktu is perhaps the most famous in West Africa to Americans, to Russians (800) are in Mali) and even to the Chinese. There are almost 2,000 Chinese in Mali, as technical advisers, or specialists working for the government. They're too busy to come to Timbuktu, but they know its name and Its legend. This was the center of the caravan tfath-fm-4hTrans-Saha-ran Road to AlgerlaaTiit-Mowic.-. co. The fame of Timbuktu as a market for slaves and for gold even reached Europe. It was a center of Moslem culture in the western Sudan. In the ltith century a Moroccan army crossing the Sahara captured Timbuktu and spoiled its prosperity. The French seized It In 1S!)3 and abolished slavery. There is a 14th-century mosque and hundreds of flat-roofed, crumbling mud houses. There are camels, goats and sheep. There are two schools, a basketball court for the students and a community stadium for soccer with no seals for spectators. And there is a bookstore with a sign. "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom," it reads, in French, with attribution to Solomon In the Bible. The evangelical bookstore is run by two Baptist pastors, the SIZE REGULAR FED. TAX 735-14 20.95 2.06 775-14 22.95 2.19 775-15 22.95 2.21 Singer Stabbed SIZE REGULAR FED. TAX 825-14 24.95 2.35 855-14 26.95 2.56 815-15 24.95 2.36 845-15 26.95 2.54 only )88 Whitewalls Only $2 more! NO MONEY DOWN ... USE PENNEYS TIME PAYMENT PLAN! X REDUCED! SAVE $20.99!" REDUCED! SAVE $10! "REDUCED! SAVE 10.95!' 3 t 1 fjk i f fM WlfXj n In VMMI itrwtt, MfJt NEW YORK (AP) - Billy Daniels, the Negro singer who gained fame with his rendition of "That Old Black Magic," was stabbed In the back Tuesday night while performing at the Latin Quarter nightclub. Police captured a man they Identified as the assailant several minutes after the stabbing. As 75 patrons looked on, police said, the man, also a Negro, rushed up on stage, forced Daniels to the side of the stage and stabbed him twice in the back with a switchblade knife. Daniels, 62, was reported In satisfactory condition at Roosevelt Hospital where he remained overnight for observation.- Charged in fhes1ahblng was Theodore Harmon, 43, of Manhattan. Police quoted him as saying Daniels "is a friend of mine and owes me money." Police said that when they arrived at the nightclub several patrons crouched behind their chairs or held their chairs to protect themselves. Ruth Meyers of Tampa, who was in the audience, said the assailant Jumped up from a table near the stage. "The two men moved toward the back of the stage," she said, "then I noticed the knife. What a horrible thing to happen to such a nice man." The stabbing was not Daniels' first brush with violence. In 1957, Daniels lost his New York City cabaret license in the aftermath of a 1955 shooting in a Harlem bottle club. 8 TRACK STEREO TAPE DECK 'PINTO 23' CB TRANSCEIVER Reg. 79.95, it GOLDEN PINTO' MINI BIKE 69 Reg. $129, J WITH SPEAKERS NOW 119 $ Reg. $149, NOW 129 NOW PAY AS UTTlf AS SS A MONTH Exciting unit features full range tone control, backlighted channel indicator and new ultra modern thumb wheel design. Enjoy 'stereo on the go' at big savings right nowl Similar to Illustration. Stereo tape cartridge at low as 4.98 PAY AS UTTlf AS 6.50 A MONTH! Full 23 transmitreceive channels, "S" meter, PA system and external speaker jack. Plus illuminated color coded dial showing the proper channels for transmitting. Easy to install. PAY AS UTTLE AS 6.50 A MONTH! Motorcycle type brake and throttle controls, 3'i HP, 4-cycle Tecumseh engine, disc brakes on real wheels, automatic centrifugal clutch. PEIIIIEYS AUTO CENTER, OPEN 9 A.M. TIL 9:30 P.M. M0N. THRU SAT.

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