The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 21, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 3
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Thursday, September 21, 1911. ' tHE DAtLY CLINTONI AN1 Page Three plus 1.06 .5; Elkhart, 1.29 3.7;; Evansville, .33 15.4; Fort Wayne 2.3C plus .3; Gary, plus G.KO 1.6; Goshen, plus 4.28; Employment In Indiana Shows Notable Cains (Continued from page 1) 3.7: Hammond, 2.78 13.3; Ickes Appeals To Miners to Halt Wartime Strikes (Continued bom pofe 1) County Youngsters Receive Reading Club Certificates Cayuga and Newport youngsters received certificates for completing work in the Vocation Reading Club at the Newport library recently, according to Mrs. W. G. i'arrett, librarian. Eleven Newport residents received certificates including: Patricia and Hetty Jean Moore, Shirley Max- Doctor Hero of Sea' Tragedy in Hurricane; Three US Ships Lost NORFOLK, Va. Survivors of the I'nlted States Destroyer Warrington, sunk in the hurricane last Wednesday off the Virginia coast, are recovering in the Norfolk Naval Hospital, but an untold number of Overseas Christmas Mail Show 100 Percent Increase INDIANAPOLIS, Illd. A 1"0 per cent Increase In the number of Christmas parcels for overseas shipment io armed forces this year was reported today by Postmasier Adolph Si id'-nsllfker, who urged Indianapolis residents to mail their gift packages early. The mailing deadline is Oct. 15, lie pointed out. LOVELY-ALLURING-LOW-COST Naiural-lookinKCurkuiid wavceiww f yiure, eawiy, cool ly, at home. Lo it youradf. The umii.iiig Ww " contains Vt-rythjnf? yuu nH. permanent wtvts solution, curlerw, shampoo- ami witve-iet. 'W fur t-v.-rv tyu irf hair. iJrnsi;d by HiUyud ni.ivio Mills. Over 5 million oltj. iet Churm-Kurl Ku today. At any department, 'I i uk or i ht 10c store. Gil he i'li.iiiiuii y und AU lrug HI on Huntington, 1.15 plus 4.7; Indi-anopils, plus .73 - 1 3 ; Kokomo, plus 2.04 plus 24.5; Lafayette, 2.- 51 plus .1; LuPorte, plus 8.49 plus wiin n ii.ii per oi'iil rise ill uianu-facturiiiK industries while Kich- IS. 2; Lawrencehurfc and Aurora iuunci'8 m,lo.vim-nt li'vel was 20. (i plus 7.3G Plus 7.5; Marion, 7.00 16.5; Michigan City plus 1.82 mt cent under I hat of !)4 3. their fellow crewmen were lost. UlhiT iHMwntiiKi'H ol' chatiKP in One of those missing, and among the heroes of the sea tragedy, was HiaiiulacluriUK ciniiiyiin-nt duriiiK neia, l-eggy Jane Newlin, PeKi;y Ann Foos, Nancy Sullivan, liarhara Slew-art, Nancy Anbury, Charles Wiggins. Anna Lou Asbury and Jimmy Sullivan. , 1 -6.K; Muneie, plus .16 1.2; Kk-hmond. plus ."9 20.6; South liend and Mishuwaka. 1-46 3.3; Terre Haute, plus 2.00 plus 11.3. L. Lewis by entering Into a controversy with him. He signed a contract. No amount of vituperation on liis part will dU the coal he Is under oblination to dig under that contract." Itenorters were Informed that In Lt. (JG Robert M. Kennedy, i nhyslclan, of (32 Percy Street) El f - From where I sit ... Joe Marsh ra -. - aukuki irom July, 1944, and August, 194:!, include: Anderson, plus 2.10. plus 2.4; Woomliijiton 8.57 II. 1; Coiinem-ville 9.73 plus .!); East (MciiKo, gin, 111., who apparently went down llie last month there have been 73 with the foundering ship because he strikes by supervisory employes of (he I MWs district 00, costing over In order to be given a certificate the club members were required to read ten books from the time the club started In the spring unlil lt ended In the fall. The members ranged In age from six to thirteen inclusl ve. For the past five years the New Henderson Chapel Mr. and Mrs. Owen Downs and family attended a birthday parts oti Mrs. Forrest KokkIp Friday evening. Mrs. Owen Downs called on Miss million tons of coal. The govern Keeping American . Homes Intact .J . THE SWING'S TO THE ment has seized 73 mines In Penn sylvania, West Virginia and Kent ucky. refused to leave his patients. KefiiHed l Irf-ave Wounded He had two badly wounded men in the ward room, men who could not be moved, and would not deseit them to save his own life, although ordered to abandon ship. Lt. Kennedy, was a former medical missionary to India and the father of two small children. Fellow officers said the doctor new E Jennie Merriman at Dana Saturday. The interior secretary revealed Mrs. Kdith Davidson and daugh port Library has organized a Vocation Reading Club for the students during their summer vacation rr, ter, Orpha, Rev. Verrill, Mary Gil that he has requested the Department of Justice to take action un school. The Cayuga library, a branch bert and Avis Jenkins called on Mrs. The ma Jones last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hiberly en "urn uie one in this city, a80 organized such a club, under the direction der the Rmlth-Connally Act against miners who have closed the government operated coal corporation mine, McVeigh, Ky and the RaleiKh, Wyo. stayed up all Tuesday night, Ignor RADIONIC HEARING AID BECAUSE: Zenith gives you "per-ooal-focui" finftercip lone-cootrol. You adjust to different lound condition and surrounding! at easily at focusing binoculars. READY TO WEAR, complete with rod!-onie tubm, crystal microphone, Nutra(-Coior Earphone and Cord, and butter. tertained at a family dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. Jtoark and Mrs. Hiu- ing the mount ing fury of the storm to treat the injured. Mining Co., Glen Rogers, W. Va. erly's birth anniversaries. Those o. i isb r.aitn Porter, librarian there Cayuga youngsters who were awarded certificates are: D,.an Ackmann, John Porler, Vera Weir Grace Nicholson, Rolia Hays, Melissa' (Lt. Kennedy's bravery, recited by Mom and Sis sit down to write (heir daily letter to lien Jr., , . they're closer together than ever . . . bound by a strong anil com- . nun purpose to keep their fam- -ily, their America, intact. From where I t-it, the strength of America lies in thai family . spirit in the tolerance and mu-,. 1u:il respect and understanding . t thai have made the American . family u strong und viUtl force for fiood ! QoC iUt : , present were Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe We're great home lovers in our town. Family folk like most Americans. So when war came, and the boys left in uniform, and the girls went into war plants, folks began to shake their heads. Take Ben Ryder's family, for Instance all doing Momclhing different. Young lien's in the Navy, and bis sister's in the airplane plant. Hen's foreman at Hie tool shop, and Ma spends her days at (be Canteen. A broken home? Don't you believe it! When lien relaxes with his evening glass of beer, and battered survivors of the destroyer, Roark of Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. ". wni model, no decoyt Lawrence Jones and Mrs. Allie Cum ... wn price . . . Unt quality.Zenith's finest. came as no surprise to his widow, whom he married after a romance and CINCINNATI, Ohio. The United Mine Workers today cleared the way for neKotlations for next year's contract with mine operators as they closed their 38th constitutional con eiiiiunou ana Wanda, Max Warren Hartman. mins. Mrs. Hiberly and Mr. Koark received many lovely gifts. at the University of Illinois where they met as students. She said in Accepted by American Medical Association Cttmcil m Physical Therapy, Elgin: Nutritional Value Top-class protein for tissue build Wu Medical Missionary ("His heroism is not surprising. ing, iron for red blood; fat in an Undesirable Quality Rubber is not without its undesirable qualities, one of which is the great swelling encountered in the presence of mineral oiip and the consequent loss in strength. He loved human beings. He went to vention with the adoption or demands in principle to guide their officers. The miners acceded to the request of President John L. Lewis that "you will give me your confidence and rely on me". easily digestible form, and several of the vitamin alphabet are contained in an egg. "rris itmmmuiT- i ! India and spent four years there as a doctor with the Medical Missionary Congregational Church Service in their behalf. Copyrihlt i944, fJ rr wing Industry i No. 95 of a Series "1 have had Presidents or the Cnited Slates call me to the White House over many years and tell me what a nice guy I would be If I would only do what they wanted me to do." Lewis told the cheering lllinei-R. ' Nine times out of in, they want ed me to do something that would ("He would not sec anyone suffer If he possibly could relieve that suffering.") Loss of the ship was announced Sunday by the Navy, which also released news that two .coastguard vessel, the Cutters JackBon and Hed-loe. were sunk In the same storm. Crew members not numbered among the survivors of the Warrington are carried by the Navy ati "missing" and their next of kin have been so notified. Battle Mountainous Seas Comdr. Samuel Frank Quarles, 311 year old skipper of the Warrington, who was among those saved, told the disarm you or prevent you from accomplishing (something for yourselves. Hut no President has any 1 (WxtiivtktX Tear thing that I personally want. I have no intention of compromising now. l J in l!4.ri, or there after." The demands In principle. Bub mitted by the scale committee, ask' ed for a seven-hour day, full waue story of the loss of his ship today.. PEANUT BUTTER 2Ji40e ng In hlB hospital bed. Hib face rate for underground travel, and (he inclusion of supervisory and technical employes under the con Hiowed the ravages of his experience, and at times he had difficulty in controlling Mb emotions. He CLOCK BREAD 22Z 2 ' 19c tract, but it followed Lewis In leav-illK the basic rate of pay to be determined by the policy committee. and his crew fought the storm for 72 hour, and for -48 hours the sltr- DEANS m WOW vivora were adrift In mountainous j NAVY fhofre Mjeb. Mo Point OOD il 5 46 seas on life rafts and floater neus It IS rorr to point to these XO-POINT, LOW POINT VALUES because they show the way to more varied menus TOMATO SOl'P Gov. Dewey To Bid for Votes In California (Continued from page 1) ('iiMipltell'K A 1l tt. .No I'oinlN V 'ans 25c 5?i better eating ... at a lower cost in point and dollars. Wlie must S-T-K-E-T-C-H your ration book or your pocket book quickly and economically at C. Columbus Co-Op. Stores. ' fine quality foods in every one of ur five bij; depart inej! ther you ' , you'll do it more easily, rt'e've ample variety of ts and our daily low j Creeks Approach Rimini Outskirts In Gothic Push (Contlbued uom pg 1) ' SODA CKACKERS iVKsro l.l. rtn . and you H see plenty of prices make savings a certainty! Seeing is believing the talk he will give next week at Oklahoma City, where he will deliv er the only major speech of the re AVONDALE FLOl K proof in these values. SPECIAL! 9 Inch Fire King Pie Piste turn trip to Albany. With Each' ed stubbornly along the Kan For- Gov. Dewey Is not minimizing the uphill nature of his fight In Calif AU r 1,1.. Purpose fcW ling COLD MEDAL , $1.15 Jill 25 lb. SWANS DOWN FAMILY FLOUR 98c 1.23 tuoato ridse. The Germans there made use of sunken roads and other ornia, where there Is a heavy labor any purchase otZ Kilc hi-u Ti-Mi-iI Mr I I). $ natural defensive aids. KROGER'S Country 'Club i i.oi it e. iiiij. KRAFT'S Miracle Whip Pint Salad Dressing 27 FLOUR 25 lb. bag $1.18 TU 1 Jsbi'ky-s flour liritifdi KMI Attack British troops repulsed several German counter-attacks in the Ce-riano area southwest of Fortunato. Headquarters of Gen. Kir Henry BUST" 25 hVl.21 FREE recipes with eoch troy 1 tots PIGS FEET Morrell's Cooked 21c 14 oz. Jar Maitland Wilson reported that Nazi Field Marshal Albert Kesselring was V. S. No. 1 GRIMES GOLDEN or JONATHANS shifting troops from the west in the hope of halting the Fifth Army vote, but the scheduling of two speeches in that state underscored his determination to concede to President Koosevelt no state outside the solid south. 'otlference Kcheduled The Dewey campaign train was to bring the candidate first to Oakland, Cal., where he was to receive the mayors of bay cities and communities before proceeding to San Francisco for an afternoon of conferences with west coast Republican leaders and reprsentatives of labor, business. servicemen, agriculture and negro organizations. Leading the reception committee at Oakland was Gov. Earl Warren of California, who telt compelled to turn down the Republican nomination for vice-president at the Chica MAXWELL HOUSE PLEASANT FLAVOR RED SOUR PITTED LITTLE SPORT threat to the Gothic Line in the J- u- ta Pass area. APPLES 3 lbs. 25c 5(li Army Advance CHERRIES COFFEE COFFEE Despite the stubborn resistance f "j ,fejJt ;iVirV. if and heavy rains which checked Al Fancy Selected lied aerial support. Fifth Army troops drove ahead to take several more important heights before Fi-renzuola. ' YI-l.lOW OMO.VK 2 one lb. bags 5 7c NoJOcail $1.25 1 one lb. bag 21c LITTLE SPORT MUSTARD qt jar 12c Mild hiwI Kueef the wst coast sector Fifth r.ivnv YAMS 3" 25c f; j .-. I Camlieil! .,"' I I Porto liliMiis: go national convention. Army Forces approached tiuj outskirts of J'tetrasanta, northwest of tamaiore. ' 35c Jleliriou nTLXZ' Seed,css JAM 1 lb.; jar ; Among the obstacles of which (;ov. Uewey is aware In hta quest O tA.Vil-S j of the California vote are the facts allf. Nllllklst. hecdles h i:i:v.i: that the registration of the iitate ia heavily Democratic; the migration lo- California of thoUHands of workers from other HtaUn: -smoothly Four Ruffian ArinieK Slice Through UaJtic hulnl lli-Mds 3rlfMA.Vn Bohannon Texas 18 oz. can frC( REGAL MAYONNAISE pt. jar 29 J SUNBRITE CLEANSER 3 cans 14tj POTATor.S. White's operated Democratic state machine I . S. ,o. I Omilitv and the intense activity of the CIO I0,,,s 43c V 7 4 25c political action committee. WHITI-; iivinvs (Continued tir 11 the Baltic garrison, were previously The GOP nominee. , however, is l- anet helei-lell . encouraaed by reports ite received v. i. jr m ' of conditions in Oregon and Wash-i imtton, and he is convinced that Solid Crisp 2irg- I Heads ZuC I HEAD LETTUCE estimated at a strength of j With the might of (our Russian armies driving toward the sea, the; fate of the Naxis in the Baltic states! appears to be Mealed, with the aU- j j some of the anti-Roosevelt feeling evidenced In those western states Allll All OH. m a. m must exiat also in California. With Gradt; "A" 5 Points a Lb. that as a nucleus. -lie hopes Uiat the vance of the third Baltic army west of Valga threatening to reach the Baltic and split Lindeuiann s depleted torceti in two. ,u 27c I L' 15c i argumcnts lie win advance In his two speeches will do the rest. Gut )G?MJfe!f PURE K00 LARD County Bar Association Ask How To ;! i:-fri(r).ra(or Dish Fw! At KroRt-r's Dinner Held in Clinton M'IiiIts of tin liar Association of Swift's Cooked SALAMI Half or Whole Lb. 291 t l-'HIIiy 4.1-Hfle "A" siiti.oi.v sii:ak 1 t-mler, 4ni.- 1,1.. PINT FRUIT JARS PICNIC HAM Kingan's Rudyiobt Lb. 34c KINCAN S LARD Wrtnillioii County held a squirrel dinner at the ('Union Hotel last Kat- 39c M Pis l unlay evening. The game was furn- Tasli-Creamed 2 Lb. Pail 42cJ 2 rfoz. 67c ;i:n M i!Kl-:l-' m,. mm I n sh ;rlinil &OC l-an lor l,oae.K ,r l'attis l-'anry (irade "A" j ifiln-d hy the attorneys Horner In pram rtid Katon J. Dudley, both of New-! port. 1 Following the dinner. H. H. Wise-1 hart, president of the organization. I SWIFT'S SMOKED SWIFT'S SKINLESS Upper Coal Branch 1r. Mazic Hines and Mr.s. Mantie Molycross pent Monday with Mis. James Boyd. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kickelman were Sunday dinner vlfftors with Krnst Bickelman and family near Georgetown. Ort'ille Hines and family and Man-ford Holycross and family were Sunday dinner guests of Ottis Hathaway and family of north of Dunille. Mr .and M ra. Kmeat Kickelman and daughter and Mr. and Mis. Bert tickelman were Sunday afternoon Kuests of Harvey Brown aud family near Cayuga, Did. Mrs. Bessie Webb and Mr. Lois Nick las spent Thursday night and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Bill vi:ai. KOAST J,. 2Gc Shouliler .No SAUSAGE Lb. 37c WIENERS Lb. 32c' presided at a business meeting held in the club room of the hotel. The program for the evening consisted of a discussion of military law bv KHUliT ItlllS I'1'. MM l-an, Mi-ui.v l-f.No lis. tUC QUART FRUIT JARS Complete doz. 65c VVindson Cheese Food 2 lb. box 69c ! Capt. Frank Fisher, a member of the VEAL SHOULDER ROAST ca Lb. 28c . i m; k HONKS Small Jeaii .Mealy .X Mi. It 9c GRADE A j SMOKED ' Veal Breast Lb. 1 8c JOWLS 15c Lb. 18c' ii & ; wiiiti v; fish u Or Jai k Salmon lt4lly Itelielous I!onki,i:ss I .No Point. .Ni FltCH Wa-le 32c farmed forces who is connected with the judge advocate general s office. ! Before entering the service. Capt. Fisher was an active attorney Jn t Clinton. j Those attending the meeting were j attorneys M. C. Wiggins. J. W. (Carithers. Homer Ingram and E. J. ; Dudley, all of Newport; Gordon jLang of Dana; Capt. Frank Fisher. K. (. IZell and H. H. AVisehart, all of Clin-Iton; and the three nonary members. 'Oil Potter of Newport. Judge K. K. i Davison and Carl R. Biegs. both of HEAVY BACON lb. 25c l:iSl;l'lr,H FII.I.KTS Lb. MM Frozen No Pt. Propagate Culture Wr have had a paradoxieel way of spreading teaming over regions involved. The campaigns of Aiex- nder the Great served to propagate Greek culture over the whole of the ancient world, end th Roman conquests of U.? Germanic tribes permitted then cultural developments whica benefited luediciue. Clinton. The next meeting will be held sometime in October. ! " ' . -ii

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