The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 7, 1968 · Page 17
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 17

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1968
Page 17
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Palm Beach Post, Thursday, Nov. 7, 1968 B5 GOP Victory Party Fizzles On Late Returns SUSAN HAYWORTH ,N SMASH from both parties. David Reid and C. E. McGe-hee, respective GOP winners in the tax assessor and tax collector county races, reportedly had parties at private homes. Jerry Thomas, Democratic Party winner in the State Senate Race also was reported to have had a partv. . . Sheriff William Heidtman held a victory party at the Colonnades Hotel on Singer Island which drew an estimated 600 to 1,000 persons. The sheriff's party got underway shortly after the polls closed and lasted until about 1 a.m. SALE! UJP! Republican party workers had estimated that a crowd of up to 2,000 persons would attend the Tuesday night-Wednesday morning victory celebration at the West Palm Beach Auditorium. However guards on duty at the party said the crowd . reached a peak of about 300 after 11 p.m. They Included ' hired help in their total. Republicans, having rented the hall until 7 a.m. Wednesday anticipated about 1,000 persons for an early breakfast, according to one source. The auditorium was dark and locked bvla.m. , Gov. Claude Kirk was to have visited the auditorium party. The last word was that Florida's governor was on his way to Key Blscayne to visit the president-elect. Mrs. Donald P. Reich, arrangements chairman for the celebration, blamed the poor showing on the late results caused by computer breakdowns and other complications. "At the time people would plan on going out, the results weren't in or weren't definite," she said. In some cases the Republicans were not making too strong a showing mm btx mm WTm mm aw on DIALING FOR FOR WOMEN ONLY . . . WHO STILL ENJOY WEARING and that would tend to keep them home, she explained. "Results were at least four to 12 hours late. By the time victories were clear. It was too late for many to go out." About 1,700 complimentary passes to the party were sent out to party workers and supporters by the County Republican Executive Committee, sponsor of the celebration. Other tickets sold for $10 each. Many of the persons attended other parties and would have paid a visit to the auditorium party except for the late hour, Mrs. Reich said. The executive committee paid $350 rental for the hall, according to auditorium manager Ralph Boyes. Hired help, security workers and a catering service cost more. At least one person paid his $10 expecting to find an open bar and was shocked to find drinks were one dollar each. Private celebrations were held elsewhere by candidates DOLLARS HIGH HEELS $99 VALUES TO $30.00 4 PM TODAY SIZES 1 K II AAMA 10 f EE SAKS FIFTH AVE DELISO DEBS MANNEQUINS TROYUNGS FIANCEES RHYTHM STEP Okeechobee Returns Favor Wallace (IX SHOES P-T Classifieds ALWAY8 FIRST QUALITY u f UP CANCELLATIONS PALM BEACH 832-7664 SAVE 10" TILTING Reg. 169.99 NOW YOUR CHOICE! 111 Built-in 2 HP motor cuts Vk" at 90, 2'i" at 45. Rips to left center or right of 4' panel. Lifetime lubricated boll bearings,' self aligning fence plus mitre gauge. NO MONEY DOWN ... USE PENNEYS TIME PAYMENT PLANI Use 30.99! ARBOR SAW 5139 Pay at littlt at $7 a month SAVE $6! Machinists tool chest Reg. 27.99 now 21.99 Pay ai lillla ai $5 aiaata Big (20" x 8'i" x 13 ',.") 7 drawer chest of heavy gauge steel construction. With lock and key. 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Wallace was the runaway winner In Okeechobee County Tuesday, final and official returns indicated. After the official canvass and Inclusion of 191 absentee ballots and 26 "non-registered" votes for the nation's highest office, Wallace was declared the winner of the county with 1,604 votes, compared to 862 for Republican Richard Nixon and 542 for Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey. Voters In this county turned thumbs down on all three constitutional amendment proposals: No. 1 (general revision), 681 to 510; No. 2 (suffrage and elections), 667 to 500, and No. 3 640to551. . ' ' V. S. Rep. Edward Gurney added fuel to his campaign fire by taking 1,706 votes to Democrat LeRoy Collins' 988. Although U. S. Rep. Paul G. Rogers was successful in retaining his congressional seat, his margin was slimmed here by his opponent, State Rep. .Robert Rust. Final returns 'gave Rogers 1,606 to Rust's ; 1,083. Two Democratic candidates for the state Supreme Court edged out their Republican opponents In Okeechobee County. ; Returns in the three court races were Group 1, Democrat Joe Boyd, 1,454, C. Richard ; Leavengood, 657; Group 2, Re-'. publican David L. McCain, ' 1,227, James C. Adklns Jr., 921; and Group 3, Democrat : Oceanographer : To Be Honored Dr. Jacques PIccard, Internationally-known oceanogra-pher from Switzerland, will be honored by the Palm Beach Council of the Navy League of the United States at Its first dinner meeting of the season. The meeting, which will correspond with the opening of the Celebrity Room at Royal Polnclana Playhouse, Palm Beach, under the new management of James Peterson, also operator of the Taboo Room on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, will be held Thursday, Nov. 21. A cocktail hour will be held beginning at 6; 30 p.m. and dinner Is planned for 7:30 p.m. A guest list of 200 has been drawn up for the event, according to a league spokesman. POST TV WTIIS-Mlaml Channel 2 WTU Miami (haniirl 4 H'PTV-Hwl Palm Bcai tl ( tunnel 5 H'CkT-Mlami hanni-l 7 W'l.HW-Mlaml (hannrl 10 WE vr-Wml Palm Beach Channel 12 VI-lmlliHlesMOVIK THTRNDAY 'i: (5 7 inspirational Message 5: Hi 7 KdurallonalHour. U. of Kla. 6 IS 4 Sunrise Semester :35 ll Ok el's This Uav 6 10 7 Sunshine Almanac 10 Publlr Service Kllm 6 45 4 News In Spanish 6 35 5 Religious Sinn On 7 Communltv Heport lit Spanish Newa 7 (10 4 Popeve Hla house 5 7 Todav Show Id Love That Bob! Spanish 12 Sunshine Almanac 7:1512 Three Stooges 7 2-i 5 7 News Break 7:10-10 Hick Shaw Show K UO 4 Captain Kangaroo 10 Hullu Inkle 12 Klmba S:25 5-7 News Break M-10 B.inoBlllv 12 Mike Douglas Show :(- 4 MervUrllfmShow 5 Hael 7 Donald O'Connor 10 Dream House :- 5 Real Mrt'ovs 1(1 Dark Shadows 10:00 5 Snap Judgment lM" Art of Love" 12 Jack LaLanneShow 10:23 5 News lo:.m 4 Beverl Hillbillies 5 7 Concentration 12 Dick Cavetl Show 11 :n 4 Andv ol Mavberrv 5-7 Personality 111- 4 Dick Van Dvke Show 5-7 HolKwoodSquares 12:tK 4 News: Weather: Sports 5-7 Jeopardy 10 12 Bewitched 12:.10 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 KyefJuess 7 News 10 Treasure Isle 12 Divorce Courf 12: 5 News 1:00- 4 Love of Life 5 Rlpcord 7 Match (jame 10 News 12 Dream House 1:2V- 4-7 News t:.W- 4 As the World Turns 5 Let's Make a Deal 7 Ctrl Talk 10 12 Funny You Should Ask .1:55-1012 Children's Doctor 1:00 4 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5-7 Davs of Our Lives 1012 NewivwedGame 1:XU- 4 TheiJuidlng Light ; 5-7 The Doctors 10 12 Dating (Jame 3:00 4 The Secret Storm 5-7 Another World : 10 12 General Hospital 3:, 10- 4 The Kdge of Night 5-7 You Don't Say Vassar B. Carlton, 1,634, Wade Hopping, 639. In the Florida Public Service Commission race. Democrat Jess Yarborough received 1,385 votes to 670 for Republican Ray C. Osborne. Okeechobee countlans gave the nod to Incumbent 19th Judicial Circuit state attorney, Charles T. Carlton, who got 1,566 votes to 725 for his Democratic challenger Philip C. Nourse. Results of Okeechobee County voting in other races were: State Senate, District 29, Republican Mrs. Beth Johnson, Incumbent, 1,619, George J. King, Democrat, 713; State Senate, District 30, Democrat James A. Prultt, 1,065, Republican Incumbent Cliff Reuter, 945; State House, District 71: Democrat T. R. (Tommy) Tomllnson, 1,197, Republican incumbent Charles E. Davis Jr., 873; State House, District 72: Republican Incumbent Richard J. Tillman, 980, Democrat Anthony (Tony) Ninos, 894; State House, Dist. 73: Republican Clifford A. McNulty, 1,124, Democrat Irving H. Propper, 819; State House, District 74: Democrat Bill D. Clark, 1,082, Republican Incumbent William E. Powell, 822. County prosecutor: Democrat Lester Jennings, 1,571, Republican J. Edward Curren, 1,091; Sheriff: Democrat incumbent John W. Collier, 2,219, Republican B. P. Abney Sr., 665; District 4, School Board: Democrat Joe V. Jones, 1,553, Republican Vem Ft. Huffman, 947. Unopposed candidates on the ballot received the lion's share of the county votes: John A. Reed Jr., Republican incumbent, Fourth Appellate District Judge, 1,142; Democratic incumbent Irvin Frank Jr., 19th Judicial Circuit public defender, 1,175; G. E. Bryant Jr., county judge, 1,814; Haynes E. Williams, circuit clerk, 1,602; W. C. Sherman, tax assessor, 1,624; Miss Athelon Alderman, tax collector, 1,737; Mrs. Row-ena Parkerson, supervisor of elections, 1,718; Charlie O. Lawrence, District 1 county commissioner, 1,519; H. H. Raulerson Sr., District 3 county commissioner, 1,632; Jack H. Williamson, District 5 county commissioner, 1,635; Charles W. Harvey, District 2 school board member, I, 665; Leon Willis, county surveyor, 1,610. CLOCK 1012 One Life to Live 1:00 4 House I'arlv 5-10 Dialing For Dollars 7 Batman 12 Dark Shadows 4:25 4 Steve Allen Show 4::i0 7 Mike Douglas Show 12 Morv Griffin Show 3:011 2 Time for School 3::l0 2 Misler Rogers Neighborhood 10 News. Weather, Sports 3:1.3- 5 Dateline Financial 5:5.3 4 Weal her, News. Sports 5 Dateline Fishing ti:iii 2 Friendly Ulan! 5 7 12 News; Sports; Weather HI Frank Reynolds ti:15 2 Dick Davis-Stocks li .HI 2 Marketing Managemenl 4 Waller I'ronkite 5 Huntley - Brlnkley 10 TruthorCon.sequences 12 Frank Reynolds 7:ll 2 Living Hebrew 4 Perrv Mason 5 Dragnet 7 Hunllev-Brlnklev 10 The Honevmoopers 12 Treasure Isle 7:30 2 Stop Killing Yourself 5 Daniel Boone "M "Two Weeks In Another Town" 10 12 The L'gllest Girl In Town 11:00- 2 Victory at Sea 4 Hawaii Flve-0 10 12 TheFlvlngNun 30- 2 Bill Smith Show 5 Ironside 10 12 Bewitched 9:00- 4M-"The World. The Flesh and The Devil" 10 That Girl 12 Mv Favorite Martian 9: K- 5 Hazel 7 Dragnet 10 Journey Into the Unknown 12 Laredo 10 lio- 2 Fastern Mission 5 7 Dean Martin Show 10: .10- 2 Yoga For Health 10 Don Kiekles 12 Focus tid 11. KU. 4-5-7-10-12 News; Weather: Sports 11:30 4 Perry Mason 5-7 Tonight Show 10 12 Jwv Bishop Show 12:30- 4 Mr. Kd 1:00 4 News in Spanish 10M "Saint 's Double Trouble" 2:30-10 News; News In Spanish 2:40-10 Give Us This Day NOTE: These Itstlnn are supplied by Ihe Television Stations and The Pout-Times to not responsible for las! second change. RADIO LISTINGS HT-m Pahn Brarh (MM) KM Wnu-Weas Palm Heart WJMOWrat Palm feark OB WPW-Wa Paha Brack (FN) IH t "(tXT-Palm Brack (NBC) IMt WWOS-Pakn Brack (FM8I Sierra . w LIZ Lake Wank WHFW-BMwa Beara (ABC) WDBP-Dek-aj Brack WSBft-Bara Rata. WSWN-Briu Glade (MM) IS IBM I4 WSWN-BeUe Glada (FM) Ml Wrs-npttar M 3.99 Self adjusting nut driver Automatically adjusts to 15 nut and screw sizes. 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