The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 20, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 5
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Page Five (THE DAILY CLINTON1XN Wednesday, September 20, 1914. i . By Jack Sords1 CRISLER'S BEST Major League Scoreboard B i : ; I Bo McMillan's "Po 'Little Boys" Face Tough Season III Squad May Turn Out To Up Another Miracle II; Meet Mini Sal unlay II) U' I'ISCHDIt iiloo.minctiin. I ml. Willi t, . , NrVEISE, "' - fcy role of -foe eesi Pi)i-reRS f urn - i s ,r i yf- jy (&sn got from (he Brownie bench rankled and the Senators were out for re venge when they Invaded St. Louis. And I hey got It in spades. They got II by blanking the Browns, li-n, in 11 nerve-wracking Innings and when I hey r ped oir the Held the lirowns were one anil me half guinea behind I he TIkoih and no relief in sight. I'he UniwliK weal in the Kama knowing I hey had In win In may on Hie heels of the Tigers who earlier In the day had virtually blasted Hm Yanks' pennau! hnpeH by Inking Ihem. 4-1, with young Hal NewhouB- er negotiating his 2(llh victory. The Red Sox, who hail very lew pennant prospects, lost what little chance they had when they blew one to Steve (iromek and the Indians. 2, and dropped five games off the pace. There were no games In tne rat- in3i T.!t,'iie vesienlav but the pen nant may be clinched by the Cardinals today. If the Cardinals win or ir the Pirates lose today, the uaras will have the flag nailed to the mast even if they should lose all the rest of their games. Oil, I almost forgot to mention that the White Sox took the Athletic.. Inst niirht. f.-3. and I do so now only to assure you that both teams are still in the American League. Marines Score Fresh Advance On Peliliu Isle (Continued from page 1) blows against a wide range of Jap island bases in the Pacific. GEN. DOUGLAS MACAHTHUR'S HQ. New Guinea Jap installations on southern Mindanao Island Iu the Philippines wre left in flames when American Mitchell bombers blasted enemy military positions in a new softening up assault, headquarters of Gen. Douglas Mat-Arthur announced today. The mission over the Philippines was carried out simultaneously with a devastating heavy bomber assault on Jap air bases In the northern Celebes during which 145 tons of explosives were showered on enemy targets. Conditioned by Lake : Fruit was scarce in 1943 in western Michigan because Lake Michigan, owing to the cold winter which preceded, had little carry-over heat to release to the air. fa Cook Scrap Cook throwout potatoes to feed them to pigs but it is important that the potatoes be cooked enough or enough volunteer plants will coma up to spread spore and spoil a crop. rn DYNAMITING?? THAT TIES IM MORE WITH HIS - MURDER.'.' llSl ltl,l, TOK.W rrobalile pilchiTs: ami:i;u n i,i:.(;i !; New York (yueen) at Detroit iTiiiul I. IIomIiiii i lirelsi'weril I at Cleveland ( Harder). Washington (Leonard) at St. Lou-Is i Krauierl (night I. Philadelphia ( Christopher) at Chicago ( drove ( night l. NATIONAL Li:(il 10 Chicago ( rierringer) at New York ( Volselle). Pittsburgh (line) at Brooklyn (dreggl. St. Louis (YVilkH) at Boston (Bar ret! ). Cincinnati ( Heusser and Walters) at Philadelphia Kaffensbcrger and Sehanz) awl-light). VKSTKItKAVS ItKKCl.TS AMUHIC.tN I.UA;i'K Detroit 4, New York 1. Washington 6. St. Louis 0 (11-Innings) (night). Cleveland S, Boston 2 (niglit). NATIONAL LKAtJlK Pittsburgh at Brooklyn (rain). Cincinnati at Philadelphia (2) (rain). (Other clubs not scheduled). TOMOIiROlV'H CMMKH NATIONAL LKA;l'K Chicago at New York. Louis at Boston. Ittsburgh at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. AMKItlCAN LKAGl'K Washington at St. Louis. New York at Detroit. Boston at Cleveland. DIAMOND i DOPE I iu- i'A-r itoitiNsox NEW YOIIK. N. Y. If the itrnwns blow this pennant and the chances are better than fair that they will they can trace their de feat back to their last series In Washington, when they and the Senators staged a small-sized Donny-brook. Of course, the Good Book says Hint if thine eneniv smite you on Hie lug you should turn the other cheek. But it is apparent the Sena-i,,r. ilirln't rend the Good Book very eun.i'ntiv or II thev did. maybe they thought the words of wisdom there in ilirln t nmilv to lail-end ball clubs In any event, the jockeying they f.- ... Wildcats Meet Westville, 111. Eleven Tonight Stadium Match Features Local GriduVrs in limit With Wostvillo Tirs; Change in Local Lineup With onn victory wifely hclilml tliem, tlio ('Union WildciitH will tackle the Weslvillo. lit. rnoitmll -proRat ion loniht ul Sporiland Park in the Illinois team's first name of the season. DefcatfMl Last Year 'Westville, traditionally a strong team, will come to Clinton BfekiuK revenge for their 1S-6 defeat at the hands of the Wildcats last year. Several of the first string players of last year's squad are aeuin on Westville's lineup including Hlazltis, Yerem, Brazas and Lihhert. Clinton's team, winner of a 30-0 match over Paris last Friday, is in top shape for the contest, according to coach B. L. McCool and ready to repeat their winning ways. , Clinton Lineup Verzina and Cirey will occupy the wing posts for Clinton with Povlin and Graham in the tackle slots while Barhee and Oilman will be at the guard posts. Glover will start at center for the Wildcats with M. Kei-nero, J). Reinero, Enrietta and Curry in the backfield. Westville Coach Frank Welston's lineup features Yerem and IJhbert at end; Boyd and Blazitis. tackle; Vackett and Batrich, guards; Barney, center; and in the backfield, Wargo, Brazas, Morefield and Glii-baudy. Also to see action for Clinton tonight will be Foster, Uussell, Mc-Leish, Perrara, Pastore, Helms, Seconding Weir, Keer, Counsel and Bumgardner. Officials for the game will be Ed Diedrick, Cleon Reynolds and J, D. Jarakus. Australian Tobacco The Americas are commonly thought of as the original home of tobacco but native tobacco plants, different from those in the Americas, were later found in Australia, research men report. GUNSMITH All Kinds of tiuns ltejiiiircd Arlie Pender Hillsdale, lnd. for RUBCROiD-ETERNIT STONEWALL BOARD Big, fireproof, weatherproof building board? now available for in ter.o wahs, partitions, ceilings; exterior sidewalls, roofs. Vast quantities used in homes, farmst factories. Easy to work; rat -proof, rot-proof, termite-proof, strong.dur-able. Made of non-critical asbestos fibers and portland cement. We'll sell you all you need for new I bunding, repairs, maintsaanc. Low priced. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. CECIL A.NSTEAK. Mf-'r. MHO Xo. (Mil I'lioiic :a pW I- , ; I I M4 Standings fe) NATIONAL Clubs Won St. Louis 96 Pittsburgh 82 Cincinnati 79 Chicago (Hi New York 3 Boston - 58 Philadelphia 57 Brooklyn 58 LKAGU Lost 45 58 60 73 77 82 81 83 Pet. .681 .586 .568 .475 .450 .414 .413 .411 G.B. 13' 16 29 32 i 37 Va 37 Vi 38 A.MKRICA.V LIOAGI K day when the young mentor takes his untried outfit to Great Lakes Naval Training Station. T.t liirl Paul Brown's lilueiack- et eleven is composed largely of former enlleinte KtiiTR anil the Purdue combination retains only two hold over all season regulars from tne 1943 undefeated, untied team. The history of conflict between Purdue and the Bluejacket dates back to the first Worm war. i ne Naw won that encounter and won again two years ago when the Bluejackets and the Boilermakers met for the second time. However, the 1Q41 Pm-riiie outfit, western confer ence co-title winner, scored a 2:i to 13 victory over the Naval Training Station. ni'N'KKJt HILL. lnd. An un tried Bunker Hill Naval Air Station eleven will face Western Stale of Michigan at Kalamazoo Sept. 23. Western already lias knocked off tu-ii niiiiiinciits ill eallv season games, both by impressive scores Clubs Won Lost Pet. G.B. Detroit 79 62 .560 St. Louis 78 61 .5 19 IVi New York 76 65 .539 3 Huston 74 67 .525 5 Cleveland - 67 75 .472 1 2 ' Philadelphia - 67 76 .469 13 Chicago 65 77 .458 14 Washington 61 81 .430 1 s VSt Classified Ads Sell Most Anything ' , n I rvFS-400K'nO I sTl-IT'S WMV IT'S TrVI .ViUT WHAT ABE ) . .y LVj rccOONIZE I JOE MORISO-USTA WHAT ELSE kj YOU TAKING ME TORE I? A BODY I A fTC THAT ROBY ' WORK FOR ME I DID JOE DO? 1 TO THE M0MUE HERE I WANT TO f THAT,0NE ?? J QHAT B0PY?? J WOKn Jrf n 1 II l cao-jj SEE IP YOU CAN S 7" J T S H Y.ZrJ,, rmiiTJ.- .lull knowledge nf tlii! liiamiltiri'iit Jill) lllllll' liy 1 to Mi'M illlll lant Hi'll-!suu acallmt liTPlfii' iilmliidi'H. our iK'siluli-H Hi nay Unit Ills 'liiiiii' lil-'lli- hoys" may lie just that in I In- I'liuiiiiK i-aiupaimi. Itii; Timi Si-liiiliili' I'li'iloiiiiiiiiiitly a froaliman tram. Hie 1 If 4 4 Monsters attain lace a sehi'dule wlilrli includi'B all the slri'iitrlll or tlin Mil? Ten, anil we feel that if the soft-spoken Colonel can net an even break or better to show for his season's efforts, he a-Kain can rank among the miracle men of couching. The lilKiiest break Mc.Millin has had tills fall is the return of Jack Tavener. his brilliant center. He is an expert line backer and a brilliant field neneral. and was one of the two letterinen around whom Ho built his 1043 surprise team. The other was Pete Pihos, end. who has gone the way of most college veterans on to war. Seek HfM'insclietlieyer II Just how far Indiana will get depends on whether AleMillin can pull out of the hat another "Hunchy" Hoernschemyer, the amazing freshman who was' throwing passes throughout last season with uncanny accuracy. He's found no one yet to take his place. Saturday the Hoosiers meet Illinois at Champaign in the season's opening conference game and on one of four men may fall the passing duties. These are lien Raimondl of Brooklyn. Harry Jagade of River drove. 111., Bob Miller of Chicago and Ralph "Ciunner" Thompson of Indianapolis. None of them ever has played collage football before. Kiv lliglit Half Contenders At right half, any one of the half dozen freshmen who saw action last Saturday against Fort Knox may be the No. 1 man for the Dig Ten campaign. Thompson and Del Russell of Chicago look like the best bets. (leorge Sunheim, 200- pounder from La Orange, III., is the standout among the fullbacks, although he, too, is a freshman. CJuarterback will be manned by a veteran John Cannady, who started every Indiana game last fall. Mike Moilak, 1116-pound freshman from Campbell, O., is his chief understudy. SetiMHieil Line Ready The line will be more of a seasoned outfit than it was a year ago. Tavener, of course, will be the mainstay, linb Ravensberg, at one end: Frank Cioli and J. C. "Rooster" Coffee at I he guards, and Joe Sowinski and Joe Kempt at the tackles, all saw action in each of the 1!M: contests and should be much improved over their freshmen year. John CoiiKdon of Chicago, who also is a candidate for quarterback, is regarded as a possible replacement lor I'eto I'ihos at one end. Ted Klu-zewski, 6 foot, 2 inch 215-pounder from Argo, III., is another possibility. Some of the frosh among the line candidates may crowd one or two veterans out of starting berths. A-mong the chief threats are Carl Nestor, 175-pound all-Indiana high school guard: Lou "Genera!" Mlhaj-lovich, guard from South Bend: Hick Deranek, end from South Bend, and John Roper, 6 foot, 5 ini'h, 200-pound tackle from Campbell. O. Don't expect too much from the Hoosiers. but don't sell them too short, either. LAFAYETTK, lnd. Cecil Is-beH's new Boilermaker combination will get an acid initial test Satur- r n : II II I KUIL m mm m m mm mm r C. H. S. WILDCATS WESTVILLE "Always A Batch" At CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM - - - - - I 5 3UBE-5UT I THINK HE HAD SOMETHING TO 00 WITH GAM&LER5 AND 6EF0RC THAT. WITH 600TLESGIN'-DURING PROHIBITION AN' HE KNEW ALL A&0UT DYMAMITING Fort Sheridan, 07 to 7 and Wabash. 20 to 0. The Bunker Hill Blockbusters finished last season as one of the few-unbeaten and untied teams of the nation, but only two men from that squad are with the training station now. Lt- Mai Kutner, former Texas University All American and Lt. (jg) Jim Kubal, guard, formerly at Butler University, are back In the lineup. DANVILLK, lnd. Coach Olenil Johnson today was attempting to add another game In tin live already scheduled for the Central Normal College football team. The school resumed the sport after 211 of the 42 men enrolled for the fall term came out for the team. Normal will open its season Sept. :'.n at Wabash, fuller games to be played are: Oct. 7. a( Franklin; Oct. 14 at Hall Stale; Oct. 21 at Kaii-ham, anil Oct. 2S al Ball State. Throw Your Scrap lnio the Fidhtt I LTUST ons MORE FOR kSETFULl BETTER Wrj; Mptpiu T I'M AWFUL -...umm, u up;- -"p 1T K1N TT UOELL.BLOUJ T " ' I rFUNW-LOOKtM' RASCAL- I fy) 77) XJU j T J K - tr-xj HAPPING Si AAE VOUN . , tw- AINTCHA?) VV P'gAP-q r OJAI? V-rnzroctyccW Y A LIVE y C v S - popeye tr, ii M W ? ( HE'S RECOVERED) FROM 1-nLUE! MACCAME I IHE J IF 1 COULD MEET HISVJ6UNDS UT HIS VJOUMDED FROMiBADLyi GONE .HE CAWT WORMAWny. HES IM IHURT? ... i BACK persom WHO WAS TIT .MR i HERE 1 YOU GOT) MERCY ! YOUR MOiJr V- ITHE POST HOoPITAi x- I KcricriDCK m inipiaji . THE POST H05RTAU- REMEMBER A THINS! FEEL p toiler jfim ?"&Ti' H J I WyM"CTOW N I'T" wis NE -into SPACE -A I I vTT V ""A WMATlKlANO WE ' on A ! & JT -.J AiD HOPE FCC A SS ) 7j : ; i ''S w TuE IGWOM WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20, 8 P. M. GENERAL ADMISSION 50c Plus Tax l ' ...... .. i ..:r..., itn lMiiiifii ttt l-'iflp;i Tax HAIR - r-s& Xk V AA h; , A'fvC mrit- in iiiMniii 'i""i' t BREADTH y mm& IfM UTL kST'f SCHEDULED HOME GAMES WASHINGTON ( linIianaMilis) .Nov. 3 WILEY BRAZIL rw ft v. 1 0 i " i:--k mpim kmM rnA

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