The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 20, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 4
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Wednesday, September 20, 1944. THE DAILY CLINVONI AN PageFouf At the Movie SWORDS OF SAM-OCLES. Behind the Scenes THE DAILY CLMONIAN 7w IMS I'.UiAl'B Tuesday and Wednesday A run nouse or Hilarious run, PrtaMlahcd M The Weekly CHBtonlaa 1MB , Ita Cliton Flmlndealer absorbed In I0M Published Daily Except Saturday and Sunday MJr r (mainlv Louise Duoont Carpenter) "Three or a Kina, leaiurius Billy Gilbert, June Lang and Max-ie Rosenbloom opens at the Palace theatre tonight. The second feature, "Bullets Korge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher have presented Constance Collier with a little house (built like a at the Postotrice at uunum, uuiHa By HARRISON CARROLL King Featurei ByDilk'st- Write HOLLYWOOD After nine weeks in the Good Samaritan hospital following an operation for arthritis, Boris boat) on the other side of MallBU. Pesev Fears. Merle Oberon and M Second Cum Matter Indiana Republican Editorial Aseoclatlosi and Saddles" with the Range Bus ters, Ray Oorrlgan, Dennis Moore others carried her down to sea it. Gift was a complete surprise. . . . Phono S3 and Max Terhune opens at the Phone 32 Palace tonight. Maun hum W A HASH Wednesday and Thursday M-G-M's "Hold High the Torcn" company, including "Lassie" and Elizabeth Fraser, had a tough two hours in a storm or Lake Chelan In Washington. Finally made a cova managed to unload personnel and equipment. One of the best known acting giPIBUCAH EDITOR!. A cmri iriAM team In filnidom Hasii Hatn-bone and Nigel Bruce bring Sher X a r 1 o f f was packing to go home when he was stricken with pleurisy and will be bedded for another indefinite stay. Prospects now that the actor won't be able to work until the first of the year. R-K-O is left with an unnn-1 s h e d picture. lock Holmes and Doctor Watson Lie again in the new Univer Another surprise wedding late this month. Neila Hart, sister of Bob Sterling, marries Maj, Dick Benjamin on the 24th. He was Jackie Coogan'a commanding offi sal mystery. "The Scarlet Claw, which opens at the Wabash Thea- 1 tonight. The pic' lire wan produced and cer in Burma. Harrison .Carroll directed by Roy William Neill. who collaborated with Edmund L. Hailman in preparing the screen play. "Isle of the Dead," on which Karloff had worked for 10 days. The last few ha had to be brought to the camera in a wheel chair. THE END OF THE WAR. Thf. war outlook of the United States COLIJIIilA Lillian Gish, now in "Miss Susie Slagel's," recalls that the last picture she did for Paramount was in the twenties. A comedy called ''Remaking Her Husband." Lillian wrote the original story in collaboration with the late Harry Carr and also directed. Sister Dorothy Gish was starred, and the film was Dorothy Parker's first job as a subtitla writer. With pride, Lillian also recalls that the picture cost $58,000, made over $300,000. Tuesday and "Wednesday seems to be summarized by recent state For those who read and enjoy ments made before the House rosiwar ed the interesting and unusual book. "Easy Pickings," published Military Policy Committee. The Army, ac cording to Chairman wooarum, ui vnS...-ia, has "tentatively" set October 1st as the Big surprise for Carole Landis when she called from somewhere In the Pacific to tell her houseboy to lay in a stock of food and the phone was answered by her husband, Maj. Thomas C. Wallace. The major has been transferred to Santa Ana Air Base, where he will be a combat supervisor. He says if Carole can get a vacation and he a furlough, they'll take their long delayed honeymoon. They met in England two years ago toda; date for the end of the war against uer win M17 The family of Bill Demarest, who infest New Jersey, especially the area around the town of Demarest, write the star that since his last visit 10 years ago, more than 50 children have been named after him. 44MHl MA ;vM While events in Europe indicate trie possibility that German military forces will be decisively defeated by October 1st, . t:i wob-Qo nn "firm" nre- a short time ago by Brentano's there is an additional pleasure in store in the cast of the far-famed, sensational picture. "The Last Mile," coming to the Columbia Theatre tonight. Howard Phillips. Preston S. Foster, George E. Stone, and Noel Madison are some of the featured players. Cobina Wright, Sr., mother of the famous Cobina Wright of the films, has followed her daughter into the Hollywood studios. She brings to motion pictures one of America's most interesting and colorful personalities. She makes her screen debut in the PRC picture, "Danger! Women at Work," opening at the Columbia. me Army ueruumjf - l Hint inn. In fact, the end may occur earlier, Lucille Ball left last night for Las Vegas but not, she said, for the usual reason. She'll go ahead with her California divorce suit. And, Incidentally, she denied it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. It all depends upon the Nazi will to resist in the light ot a nopeiess military mma tinn. Regarding the war against Japan, Rear Warners have come through with a three-week vacation for Eleanor Parker, which she and her Navy bridegroom, Lt. Fred Losee, will spend at La Jolla. He'll take treatments at a nearby Navy hospital. Warners will shoot around Eleanor in "Of Human Bondage." n WW- ' - Admiral James ti. irisn inuiuai.e we kov, expects to be fighting through 1945. He points out that the campaign in the Pacific "is being handicapped by the failure to obtain necessary ships". The Admiral's observation emphasizes the dependence of our fighting forces upon adeauate overseas transportation. Our Harry James, who would rather own a baseball clab if the price gia Van Lieu was her guest over HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Recent boardwalk fire at Atlantic City wiped, out Tom Neal's luggaga shop. . . ". Director George Sidney swears it happened: He climbed all the way to the top of the mountain above the Hollywood Bowl to shoot a picture and, while he lay on the ground trying to recover his breath, a little man came out from behind a tree and said: "Mr. Sidney, I understand you want to buy a Lincoln car." . . . Irene Dunne to New York on her first real vacation in two years after the finish of "Together Again." ... A private In Iceland writes Producer Dave Hempstead that some of the boya there have formed a "None but the lonely Heart" club. Membership composed of GI's who never get letters from their sweethearts. . . . Abbott and Costello to San Francisco for appearances at hospitals and canteens. . . Bonita Granville at the Mocambo with Jack Warner's nephew, Franklin Goldberg. . . . Noel Toy with Columnist Lee Mortimer at the Clover club. . . . Angela Greene and Agent Louis Schurr at the Savoy, the weekend. wasn't prohibitive, will settle on a Calclmined Walls If a wall has been calcimined and there is a tendency for the calcimine to peel from the wall, it is recommended that the old calcimine be scraped and washed from the wall before any other finish is applied. After the wall has thoroughly dried the plaster may then be painted with an oil paint, if so desired, or the wall may again be decorated with the calcimine or cold water paint. Taking a Backward Glance MIbs Aletha Carson ot North Water street who was operated for goitre in Terre Haute last Thursday is reported to be somewhat Improved today. Grace Eleanor Miller of Fair-view Park was taken to the Vermillion county hospital yesterday for observation. TWK.N'TV YEARS AfJO TODAY '. of ('. Kwumt Ally in Fire Prevention Week Observance The Chamber of Commerce se pro football team probably the San Diego Bombers. Incidentally, Harry's personal doctor disagrees with that Army medico and has allowed the bandleader to take the cast off his broken foot. . . . Hear Mickey Rooncy may be transferred to Washington. . . . Gloria Franklin writes to deny she has been seeing John Conte in New York. Says her boy friend is a hotel man. . . . Bette Davis wants Warners to put off her next picture until Joel Mc- cured a most highly appreciated ally in its fire prevention work csteiday when the civic class 01 the high school sitting as the civic club of which Harold Wisehart Historical Landslide. One of the worst landslides on record occurred in a valley near Goldau, Switzerland, in 1806, when a large section of Mount Ruffi suddenly came tumbling down, burying five villages, killing hundreds of persons and spreading huge masses of rock over 20 square miles. Crea is available. .... . Friends and grades, legion to Make Final Plans For Convention Here A call meeting of all members of the American Legion will be held Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the Legion home to make final arrangements for the District Convention which will be held in Clinton, Friday, afteinoon and evening. Luncheon will be served at the Legion home and the business session and dance at tiie Moose hall. RepresouLatkes are expected from Greencastle, Terre Haute, Brazil, Rockville and other places In the Fifth district. All ex-service men have been asked to attend the dance and merchants Classified Advertising Will Bring Results. 1y it! THIRTY YEARS AGO TODAY Streets Not For Carnivals, Heems From a Bource that appears authoritative has come word that there will be no carnival on the streets of Clinton at least not on the down town streets in the near future, if there ever is one again. Several business men, it is reported have gone to lawyers mid insisted that if necessary. Ill- is president and Miss Mary Ford-Ice is instructor, voted unanimously to take a part in the campaign and to send a committee to wait on Chairman John Gil-mour of tire -chamber1 committee, offering to assist him in any way that he may direct. job in Europe, where we wage war 3,000 miles from home, poses a minor transportation problem compared with that in the Pacific. " If any reader is interested in our opinion, it is that the Army is somewhat optimistic, and Admiral Irish a bit overcautious. .je.,&m& 140,000 TONS OF BOMBS. Allied bombing forces in August dropped 14Q,000 tons of missiles on German targets in Western Europe, said to be the greatest volume of any month since the war began. This figure includes 75,000 American tons of high explosive and fire bombs, dropped by the U. S. Strategic Air Forces, mostly on Nazi industries and oil supply. The total includes the work of the Eighth Air Force, based in Britain, and the Fifteenth, based in Italy. The R. A. F., during the month, dropped 65,000 British long tons, and for the first time in history, flew more sorties by dav than it did at night. The Rest of My Ofe With You Following the formal talk ot Secretary L. F. Walker, lie answered questions anil make defin he I junction proceedings he resorted have been notified to put out t Now Matthew said, "Well, here, at him smiling, the blue eyes luminous, he asked her. "Will you, Judy t ite suggestions as to how the students might take part in the to. and the statement unquaini-edly made is. "An injunction is I am . . . Where's Judy i Will you come back : . Eva had a hundred things to ask She leaned her head against nis flags in celebration of the convention. Friday. Personals Miss Loretta Johnson, of Newport spent the week-end with her parents in Universal. Miss Geor him: How is your mother? What have you been doing to yourself? shoulder and smiled, "Have we work. It is his belief that the civics club can be depended upon to take the lend In the fire prevention educational work in t lie schools, both in the high school But she saw his eyes, tverytning could wait. She said, "I'm glad to see you, dear. She's in the garden solved our problem? I wonder. I'll go home with you, and we will work it out together. It won't always be easy." She was silent a moment. Then she added, "I took advantage of you, CHAPTER FOETY-TWO Matthew went out to his car and uptown to a patient, a boy who was very ill. Matthew arranged for an ambulance and went with the boy to the hospital. He stayed there most of the night. Toward morning there was a change, and for the better. . . . Matthew thought: Suppose we'd had a son, Judith and I, and he'd grown up . . . Later he went home, unshaved, dead for sleep, to call his office and check his appointments, to throw himself down on the bed for half an hour, and sleep until Olga called film. . . . up that little patn. But he was already on the path, turning the corner and lost to view. CROSSWORD - - By Eugene Sbcfr Matthew, going to pieces like mat. Judith was cutting nowers. one a while ago . . . but I've been so wretched and I had almost stopped wore a very luu-sKirtea aress splashed with bright, impossible In addition to the bomb loads dropped by the Strategic Air Forces, the tactical planes of the Allies, which support the hoping." He said, "Tou ve made yoursem ill." He took hei thin little face in his ground troops, tlew of.UUU sorties in Aug' ust. This represents the work of the med hands and looked into her eyes . . . I had a cold, and it hung on." ium bombers and fighter-bombers of the certain to be lssuea in cuse i is an attempt to usurp the streets for carnival purposes." Only in case they do go ahead, despite protests, will the injunction be gotten out, according to the information coming from men who appear to mean business. Can Clinton et 1.-ll Out For Sunday School? Sunday was a banner day for the Clinton Sabbath schools. It is safe to estimate that the attendance at all the churches will reach about lion. It was rally day for the Christian church Sabbath School, but all the schools had a large attendance and some suggest an effort for Clinton to bring the attendance of all schools up to 1.500 per Sunday. As a result of the rally day for the Christians, the attendance was .-,112. being almost half the city's Sabbath s'-liool attendance for the day. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boyd and daughter. Nelle. of Terre Fame, n.e visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Taylor. flowers. Her hair was Drigni in me sunshine. Her face, he saw, was grave and much thinner than he remembered it-Matthew cried, "Judy," and she turned, the flowers fell from her hands. She went perfectly white; he caught her just as she toppled. He carried her down the path and into the house and Eva followed distractedly. "Put her down there," said Eva, "I'll get water, I'll " The living room was long, and hriirht with sunlight. Matthew laid explained Judith. "And I haven't been eating or sleeping much. Ill be all right now, Matthew. Please don't worry." She smiled radiantly. Mary and Lynn were still in Bermuda. He heard from his mother every week. She was happy, she wrote. , Matthew dined with the Morleys ond the Taylors. They were so careful not to speak of Judith. And on the night he dined with the Taylors tu went home early and eat down before the fire, lighted his pipe and tried to think. He thought: Judith left me be-mum and it boils down to this U. S. Ninth Air Force and the British Sec-1 ond Tactical Air Force. The figures reveal that the three air units of the United States, the Eighth and Fifteenth Strategic Air Forces and the Ninth Air Force, flew 83,000 sorties in the month, an average of almost 2,800 sorties daily. ..-oCRf Chicago Secretary of State Cordell Hull in a message to the American Legion : "Today, thanks to the fortitude of the mil VA l-1' h I' M I' 1 r I" m " ZZEML -Z Trij irn III1IJ1P 4-7 8 TZ?? so 77, .51 I I 52. V7, S5 34- iST W t m m M" 1 1 1 wr 1 1 1 y his wife on the big couch and knelt she believes me to be selfish. Very beside her. ner nanus were com m his own. But presently her eyes rtnpTipd. welL What's to prevent my going after her, for the same reason? Because I am selfish, because I want Eva came in and he waved her away. "She's all right," he said. Judith said, "I it was just the shock." She tried to sit up and he her, because I need her. Who oTartlv. did he need her? Because nothing was really good sat beside her and took her m his mi. He said. "I've come for you." Mr. and Mrs. Gurney McDon without her . . . neither tne parues she detested nor the theater nor the Mthtr. nor the country nor the The color was back in her cheeks. ald of Harvey. 111., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McDonald. Gurney McDonald being a son of She asked, "Why!" "Because." he told her deliber city. Nothing. Why last night, Olga's dinner hadn't been to his lik-fnr nion was slack when Judith ately, "I'm selfish. You've always ,H that and it's true. Probably I wasn't there. The servants don't 1 1 lie Clinton lumber dealer. C. It. Wright, Myrtle Wright and Anna Trl of Terre Haute , --re over Sunday guests of Miss 'irtha Sexton, of South Fifth like me, Matthew told htmsell; tney tolerate me because of her. He needed her in his house, he tuMded her in his life, he loved her won't change. But because I'm selfish I have to have you, no matter how unhappy I make you. I'll try not to, Judy. Ill try to see things as you do. I don't know whether I'll succeed or not. But I will try. I lions of men and women who serve the cause of the United Nations, we are to be given a second chance to make and keep the peace. There is no assurance that we will be given a third chance." Portland, Ore. Thomas E. Dewey, Republican Presidential nominee: "Let's have no more of this pretense about indispensable men. There are no indispensable men. The peace and prosperity of America and of the world can never depend on one man." New York Gov. Leverett Saltonstall because of all the gifts she brought him. , Matthew had said, "You needn't "You re the doctor," she reminded him. "It was I who made you 111," hs admitted. "I believe in you," she said; 'I've always loved you but now I believe in you." He murmured, after moment, "You wanted a child, terribly." "I still do. But you don't. Children can be barrier as well as bond. You would have to adjust yourself. Now, today, you think you could. Later, after we are together again, perhaps you couldn't. I don't know. I have been realizing all these weeks that unless it was fulfillment for you too it wouldn't be for me. Not wholly." He said, "I've been so possessive."- "I know." "You have so much to give a child," he said haltingly. "I've known it always. That's what I was afraid of, Judy. But I am beginning to see that what you would give would not rob me, after all, but would rather" he hesitated and said, low "enrich me." She said, "There's plenty of time, Matthew. I mean it differently not as you used to mean it" Matthew nodded. He put out his hand. "Come here," he said, "come closer." Holding her, with his cheek against her hair, he said, "I'll never let you go, Judy. You belong to me." He stopped and said, "No, that isn't it is it? We belong together." And after a long time, he asked wonderingly, "I haven't cried since I was a kid. Do you suppose it's because I'm so happy ?" She thought: He hasn't asked it, perhaps he never will, but it will be all right, it has to be all right. Yet he asked it now, urgently, humbly. He asked: "Judy, are yen happy too!" She lifted her warm, eager mouth to his. And answered, blind with the healing tears, "Darling, forever . . . and as never before." THE END street. In the afternoon they drove to Montezuma and enjoyed a few hours at the pool. Mrs. J. W. Kenyon of South Third street has returned from a two weeks visit with her brother, at Peoria, III. can't," be said, "get along without you." She said, after a moment, 'If yon come back." He had his pnoe. wen, confound it, ha had his selfishness too and that was mora than his need me, I'll come. That's all 1 ever 62. Hebrew religious festival VERTICAL' 1 more serious 2 international language 3. hostel 4. wandered 5. being 6. saddle part 7. stame 8. beams 49 Shakespearean character 51. evil 52. symbol for nenn , 53. n u'ns 5S. Froii'-h artu le 57 lock-boring tool 59 century-plants 61- colloquial language winted." cridel He asked, with heartbreaking humility, "May I kiss you now?" He went to the telephone and mllerf Sam' Morlev to announce: "I'm flying to the Coast. I want to A little later Judith drew away from him and leaned back against of Massachusetts: "What we need now is the couch. She said, "I ve prayed, pverv dav. every nieht . . ." "Stubborn," Matthew said; "you competance, not fear, optimism not defeatism, production not restriction and Answer to yesterday's puzzle. talk to you about tne omce. Sam said, without inflection, "No reason why you can't get away. Jim Garrison would take over for you. How long will you be gone!" "Long enough to bring Judith back." "Good!" said Sam. "We've all Electric Prcsser An ingenious little electric device that will press trousers while you wear them is being manufactured. It. looks very slightly like a small, doubie-bladed meat cleaver. It is designed especially to crease trousers and press neckties, collars, hat brims, pleats and so on. without the use ot any ironing board or wet cloth. This mechanical valet needs no wet cloth because it is able to wouldn't let me know "No. You said. 'Don't comt back.' super-regulation ; free enterprise should be 9 correlative of either 10. male set vet 11 hamper 13 declare 16. strikes lightly 19. small particle 22 printer's measure 24. masculine name 26. associates. collectively 30. season J3 closing her- mctically 35. strikes 36. cede 3". consumers 9 stains 41. dispuiser 42. eagles 44 Italian river 49. father 50. Luzon Negritos 54. hurried 55 mournful 58. street railway iabbr. 60. Odin's . . bf Otiiel HORIZONTAL 1 dirt 6. scatter II. hags 12 diadems 14 sun god 15 in an offensive manner 17 neuter pronoun 18 topaz hum-ming-birj ' 10. close 21. bristle 23. deserved 25. prefix: befoie (7 gain IS. demonstrate (9. heavenly bodies 11. note in the scale 12 planet . Egyptian divinity 6 mother of Uranus 8. necessity ,0. oily fruit ,3. knock 5 division of time 6. speJk 7. abovf I couldn't, could I! You had to come eet me. And you did," she said, "vnu did." "Pure selfishness," he reminded missed her." Eva Lambert saw him first, com hpr. utilize the natural moisture presenW p,";Ri npciscpjE rR A A V O N LlAlE.ljR u n R'eIeIv glRbtMi'EyR E IT qoiuiR siglRisgoTNiKI AIT fIL ImL e 1 P p sjiHsjENaA!si de S3AkBsiIaihr aitIeIs miajxTmnHIJe b 323 A k' EC"fflAWlisjZjN rHRFPbFJr tv r - "Not exactly. Just the selfishness that's only half a self when the in all materials. nther half is missine." stimulated not scared. New York Mayor F. H. LaGuardia, as New York City underwent its 42nd practice air raid blackout drill last night : "I hope we don't have a 43rd but everything depends on what happens to Hitler." Quebec President Roosevelt: "This is a conference to get the best we can out of the combined British and United States war efforts in the Pacific and in Europe." ing up the path. She hadn't been able to believe her eyes. There he was, getting out of the taxi, walking toward her. The bungalow was bright with sunshine and the birds sang and Eva had been in the garden with Judith. When she came west, Judith had mil merely. "I've come home to you, He said gravely. "I'll never be all you want me to be, Judy. You'll be hurt and disappointed often." She declared, "That's a long step head, isn't it. that tou can think Mythology According to mythology. King Danaus had 50 daughters and his brother, Aegyptus. had 50 sons and the 50 daughters married the 50 sons and, supposedly, lived happily ever after. thnt and sav it!" H. uid. "I didn't even aak you to apfrtrtt. lt, fcr Tilth B1H CMhrafl; llll,. I.,., VJ m ai. m,-u -u.m. mother, because I nave to think , . 9 il Aipnce lime of solution' ti mioulfv jc.Qme back," and whUe she looked things out."

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