The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 20, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
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Wednesday, September 20, 194 1. TIIE DAILY CLINTON IAN Page Two I'ALAC 'K STAKTINO TIIl'KSOAV and 17th of each nionMi. and ITiOj T COURT NEWS Hughie Curry, Clinton Airman, is Awarded Army's Air Medal (Continued bom page 1) Pasture Plants Give pasture plants the opportunity to develop a good root system and get well established befot beginning grazing in the spring. mm Emotional Strain Under emotional strain the ability of the eyes of some persons to judgs distances is diminished. I Edns WilfmiK of ('Union township has filed milt in Vermillion Circuit Court aeekini! a divorce from Orion WllfoiiK on fcrotniclK of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple have Iwo children. William, aired 11. and Wanda, aped 8 The couple was married May and uep- aratrd Nov. IS. UI2. Bossie Kpurr of llilbiiale lias filed ault In Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from IVrry Spun-on proundK of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mr. Spurr aiiks lor iill-mony of floon. The couple wa married July 27. l'J3i and separated Kept. 17, 19(4. Olive S. Heber of Hilt township was granted a divorce from Law- H. Heber on grounds of cruel Assigned to a veteran B-25 Mitchell Croup which has played a major role in til" relentless bombing of enemy comiuiinicatioiu) in Italy and southern France, Sergeant Curry lias Mown many combat missions throughout the Italian campaign. Get In llio ncrap! I RUMMAGE Sponsored By The Catholic OF THK SACKED FRIDAY and s . r z".j (liarlei l.auplilon In the title role, and Marpari't O'lirieii a nil lloliert Yoiiiiu are stalled in "Tim ( iiiitervllle (ihosl," ltli Wil SALE Women's Club HEART CHURCH' SATURDAY SEPT. 21 AND 23 126 South Main Street attorney lee:- on or netore :iivi her Willi. I'ansv Tryon of ( ayuca was Kianied a divorce from Charles Trgy on In Vermillion Circuit Court oi ground of cruel and inhuman treat ment. MrK. Tryon was awarded the cumody of their two children. Lo-retla ajred 3 and Arietta ased one. The couple waa married Apr. 2. l!i:i and aeperaled in Sept. 11142. HearinK was had on I he application for suit money and maintenance in the divorce case of Arthur Salln vs Hazel Salln in Vermillion Cir cuit Court. Mr. Salin was ordered to pay $15 per week McKlnniug Sept. 25th, $75 for child birlh expenses, and $25 attorney fees on or before March 1. 1945. Eunice Chfado of Glanford was granted a divorce from Louis t'lila- do In Vermillion Circuit Court on groulld of crue, al)d ,huulan Aifrpd M Noan la been appoint e4 administrator of the estate of Char'nts Nolan. deceased. $1U bond lia been approved. Kdward "licanle" Davis of Clio- ton eijlired a ,jPa o jtuflty to hoIJ- inn ii)(oxir;i( ins liquors to a minor fn the VniifJlion f'ircult Court and wag finjd 20 an1 rogt8 T,P -n.ed to have been mad ba July 22, 1944. Transfers Anirliu Tilliliy lo Anna Kallurk Int Amis an. I MaiUn'B add. lo (linliin. (I. .Myrtle M. Print ft al to Hay Hc-Iht t. :il-Ui-9. fl. W. II. Kit'h lo William II. Patrick il. Il-IT-'I; 31-1K-9. Jl. Clainli' ('. I.oniax l ux to Walter TIhhiihr el ux pi. 27-16-9. $1. Wallir 'I'liomaK H ux lo Tony I'ovlin i't ux loin 1 anil 2 Show's mil), pi. lot 7 H'-tlil' linn null. fl. .lauii'K Kdward.H ft ux to Klizalinlh Taylor lotn 1 ti and nn Knowli's and lloKarf'H add. lo Cllnioii. fl , ('has. II. Hiikki'II ft ux lo I'aul Victors ft ux pt. sections 2ii and :i2-10-. $1. Hay I). HiikhpH ft ux lo M. O. WiKKins, truKtfe to re-convi'y lots Ti3 and 54 original ilat of Newport. 1. M. C. WiglnH. tnmtee to recon-vey lo Hay D. Hussell et ux lots 53 and 54 original plat of Newport, fl. Ituth (Jerrleh et al to John Vearo el ux lots 1(1 and 17 Hazel Bluff sub. fl. Klsle Hawn et al to Wilson Kin derman pi. 29017-10. fl. Home Owners Ioan Corp. lo Krer-ett Mack pt. lots 27 and 28 original plat of Newport, fl. Kverett .Mack et ux to William BayKiriger et ux pt. lots 27 and 28 original plat of Newport, fl. Wlllielmlne OoKnell to James E. Murray et ux pt. lots 29 and 'SO in Falrvlew I'ark. f 60. Win. E. Moore to Faye Weir lots 91. 92 and 93 firondyki? and Slc-Kee's 1st add. to Cayuga. f000. Small Margin Earnings smaller than in any other major manufacturing industry were reported for the meat packing industry in estimates made public by the American Meat institute. The industry obtained, after taxes, a net income of but 1.1 per cent on sales during 1943; the figure including income derived from investments and ether sources as well as straight sales. Real Estate AT FIRST .JI0N0FA USEl Cold Preparatlon$j3ldiicUKJl INVITED ana innuman treatment in v ermn- me and awarufd the CUFlodv of lloo Circuit Court. The couple was ther ebMna i.Uis aped and married Feb. 2C, 1910 and .eparted Caro, ag(?d 3 Mr chjado , to pav Hay 1, 1944. j$15 per week maintenance, and it ' i to have the custody of the children George W. Toppai, of Centenary from 8 lo 5 on ,e frs, Kuday of was granted a divorce from Mildred each month The cou)le was mar-Toppas on grounds of cruel and in- rjwJ Dc 3 ,937 and spanned ju-buoian treatment In Vermillion Cir- jv j 1944 cult Court. The couple was married " Jan. 22, 1943 and separated in Jan-( IIarry Runvan ot Clinton has uary 1944. .been appointed administrator of his son. Benjamin Hunyan. who was Roza Zinn of Cllr un was pranted )J1!t on le Philippines Islands more a divorce In Vermillion circuit court u,an a y(lar a(;0 f luu U0I)d ,,aB bwn from Walter Zlnn on prounds of a,)rovt,d, , liam Garuan. Air Corps Exams Offered to Loeal r,oys,17-l. From all over the Nation air- minded young AmericaijR are responding to I.'ncle Sam's call for 17 year, and not yet 18 year old men to join the Air Corps Knllsted tenerve, and more and more of thnse young men are expressing a denlre to serve as gunners on our fighting planes. They know that gunners wear wings, and they eagerly anticipate the exchange ,,f l.ilt-ttS---Jtl.l-llllIO I'Jhol iitthloMi Dewey Escapes Injury In Train Crash, Again As Car is Sideswiped (Cootlouea oage II today that the train, involved In a wreck at Castle Kock, Wash., yesterday, had 13 cars and that it left Niw York City fur the west coast just 13 days before the crash. . , A group of newspaper men, Riding from the wreck scene to Portland behind Governor Dewey, were state police captain, that itipipy once featured the number of times l:j bad figured in his life. In the midst of the story, just 13 miles from downtown Portland, the car In which Governor Dewey was riding was nearly clipped by a huge furniture van. When the press association car pulled up in front of the Portland. Hotel, the police driver pulled out his watch and remarked: "Ii'k just five thirteen." wi-'B i. fwtf,M-.i wMi.,rtt"!J t"e driver, a Washington STAC PARTY SPONSORED BY THE MOOSE MOOSE CLUB ROOM 32V2 South Main St. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20-8 P.M. PUBLIC Kdward fiadrfiiff of California. 30,v"" "asic iraining ana aurm inai a pal ntl . FTft H Q vfaJvfA o Urn uuuuouu n 4?Bm vf cruel ana inhuman treatment, iau-( ure to provide and abandonment. The couple was married In May 1943 and separated in June 1943. Hearing was had on the anpiiea- Hon for suit money and niainten- anc In the divorc case of KoBalyn Roiber vg Martin H'iber hi Vermil lion Circuit Court, liy afcreenn'iit of the parties. Mr, Ktuer ik to pay $25 every 15 day pending the di- voree and f&o attorney iees on or before Oct. lth. Hearing wa had on the application for maintenance in the divorce cam of lyfu SarijujiHjtti vh ttaz Saniuenftti In Vermillion 'ircuii Court, liy aniuent of tin partis Mr. Kanqunetti l to pay $15 fver two weeks pfndinr the divorce, beginning with Ht'pt, 25th. Hearing was had on the application for suit money and maintenance in ttie divorce case of Olive liennett vs Jess' Bciim-a in Vermillion Circuit Court . M r. IWutwtt , v. as ordered to pay $5j on the 2nd Dr.G.R. McGUIRE CH1KOPKACTOK X-Kaj 235V Blm-kman MONUMENTS 0 A i'tmipb line 0 For r" rp n i ur L W. Walsh Monument Co. 21 1 4 Watravi 1,-, Teriv IImuIa'. IwdiMitit FOR SALE 10 ACfiK GRAIH FARM Hiiland Ttmuliip All lias If n LIMED In Iast 3 AH L ne'er Cultivaiiuii seeV.H-ASBORY m;vunim Ulnnm ftlannrnG r-COAL HEATER- Amazing-patented, interior construction is bringing astounding results to hundreds of thousands of on tier throughout the nation! Holds 1 00 Ibs.of coal. Heats all day nd night ithout refueling. Requires little attention. Burns any kind of coaL No clinkers. We'll b s'"" sl,o 4011 the Genuine W ARM MOK -ING and its many amazinj; fesnues. Com u' A. J. DOUGHTY SNOH.C20 , I ! , ' ! i i j ; : . ! ' ! ! j ! 1 i I j I ; ! ; ; ' Insignia of an AAK gunner. It Is (lie hlph school and junior collie student to whom the ACKlt especially appejlK. Such tit udentu have been advised that they may elect to finish Ihe senn'Kier In whh h they are Ktudyiug at the time thy become IS before bein called to active duty. When they are called , to audi active duty, they will be ."'""d will aim be given aptilud 'stH to determine the place in a. combat crew for which (hey are bet fit ted- ---gunner, bombardier, pilot or navigator, A col b ge eitu rse is a vai la ble I o eligible young men accepted for t 'ie ltesrv'K before i In y are called to active duly. High school graduate between th' ages of 17 ;uid 17 yea is A months, who now iualiiy for acceptance by th- Air Corps Kn Tided Itesetve, or ill Klilisted Revive Corps-C'nassijiiied m:y h" t to tai.e advantag' at the Armv'H Hpeefalize! Training Uest-rve Program. Thin provides college jiiKtru't ion at government exp'n'( for m'n approaching nil it mi' v uiFi'. Interest'! outtR men may take in- iif.-il ?aiuiijy) ioijr a( 7 V Lab- in., on hUwiy, K pi. 25. ui th Tin tuy r'( tm- ni' nits art that (hraiplh;hl )jfJniTVfMi"ljim ln? 'aukwat ion aejdk'aiimis lor traurt' (ho Air "oio (ill-d out in dijiliato ami jrorJy by j liot Ii ia i'jnt h, and X h r l tjrs 4' r'oiiioi'-ndatioii and lir)i v t lifi- j f.aie, Th application hiaiii may h - had iy wridiiK to tiw Army Air Kor-rs Kiamininx lia!4i, 4 1 y d.-rai UJdi.. Indianapolis or Ui Warian OflkiT, O. lUrt Witlwt, T-TK Haul KfJKravjiJK 'tnpany4 T'Tjj Hautj. Indiana, )tu in elmrt:-of th? lamination or by 'rwnal Ui juiry at tb latter addr-:. OffU'- of tli CAi" winli Ut aV this ortuiiii) tu "all to th1 attention vf thus1 younji nn'ti who arc of fJitiW age that any youn: jj1an who ha ejilintd in tlij Air mK will not be transferred to another branch of the sen ice. Southern Franri Invasion Fourth For Spit. 15ltraim (knttnu1 P i P I ) i-M rritn l daiin -roui husiiie:;." railed S .1 . Jiejt raMje. '-We il' i intrant y : -ui'jected to aii.aKi tj Jan Zi ii'S. ue of our j'tanes ahsoro-d lui bullet hole, in addiiiiii lo lohiu' a wit!: t ip. H'iil another ot our C-47V wa forced to b'lly Jand in 1 he dense Indian jungle." "One Zero didn't bet av ay after anacfcinir o:ie of our pianes. Jt scooped d'v n on t he tail of t he transport. hewt-d hijr hei-tion of t he erf ieal ki abj ijn-r and t hen rrashed. Our t w inn i ned t tatif-puri rein rued safely to it: baw and the pilot rcei-d credit lor uottiiin the e'-o." And ii wasn't only Japs that we w rii- 1 if hi iiii: in India," con I in ned Uej! t a.llie. "ThlW dl'ein llilli.' imm- siikii nnii.'i turned out bivouac a rey Mit'i a miniature '"'uii of iniid. A ! ov, bo;, WiHI Id ha been Itei i m - pot i a 1 inn than a jeep. i ttlT.e. fMiMplieK lo I'l'HM When put part i'-it;ttnt' in para-drojiii StiiU Sereaitt lahtaiueV I t tiop ( '; t t ier ( ; roup cart ief food , eijii ipiti ui . a Mini n siit inn and arms up !mnt Im and vacuate dej Hi!- ttf I, oi !M- . lit I T !,( l' at Ol hi iK.lutoii hid -eSHb- .iliapn !l; , Hid. lie 1,: the Mr. ,iid Mrn. I.'ti'i lieit t me ot 1 7 Nor i h sixth Si reef . 'Imien. 1 tid :a ua. IN -lure eiiiiTtti' in the V. y. Army Air Kotce;. St't. fieHtallie Wiis !llplo(d by the tS;itlta Kosa Tib- and Mosaic Coiupanv. Ind'.aiiapolii. He i a :rad-uaiv oi tbt- rknuiu Hij:ii fcciioul. Keep Harm T:e average cssufaity rate in a beginning fiuitt of 25 ci-icks i ti:ree or luur. ll is :::ipor:.u:3. to keep them arm for tr.e tusl six weeks, and tms can easi:F be aucompiisned by a homemade hover, eyuippea wita and Ann JIoubIoii. 21. of Clinton, i obtained a marriage license from the circuit clerk In Newport. ft As It Appears to Us . , . litMlerM ate Invited to oii-Iribiite lo IIiIn ioIiimiii. bid I'Ai li Mtr niuKt In limited to ti momIk. No rontribut ion tvill ! publislicd unlcw It In i g e, yilthoiigti (he writ4rN nam Hill ttH 1m Kfntd 'pl by rMiuei, Opinion. pn'M'd r' t nearil) those of The ( linfoniitii. The Daily clintonian 'iiniii, Indiana Dear Hii: ; I wonder it you wuJd print ihe following letter mj eop!e will know wh.'it tlje loss of a bailor's money really means. I thank you. i'lariiey O. Fortnr S 1c C. H. Naval Barracks Navy No. 1" Div. 2 c Kiwt P. O. San Kranciwo. Calif. To Whom it May 'oncern: This is to thank you for th re-tui'i of my billfold with all paper? intact. The loss of my tuiiougn pa- pers alone would hav caused me to he restricted for around fiv? months. And to whoever found the money be-! tore the bill! old was turned ! which probably was altogether a 'different person. I want you to know the money was of only minor importance. It meant first that my wile and 35 month old son and niy-, self must do without food for thf net three or four days it took us to get from Clint oil, Ind. to Kich-mond. ralil. It meant pay of almost iuur months of my merseas dut-? which to be eact hae been tw niy-iwo months, nine months of which was spent on an island we call the rock pile, ttiifrp yuu muM w-ar sun laset all day r go ttlind. vhere .there ar1 no women of any kind j;md nothing in ielip th momtoi! of our work except sillr gontx'y lifrdti and a kind o! bird i hat 1urrws 'and screams and moans all night long and bounds like worn n dyinp. oh es. of coins- there is ahvas ex-peeTytion of Miemy planes which is not always xpefiation. You say why did I not go to the lied cross. I did my friend, in Chi-. c;i".o. ami waited about fixe hours after guing my own and my wil'eV lif.' history. 1 finally had to h-a in order to eaieh t he t t ain. Yes. J M i'l had our 1 i'-kets. ne Udltliin ; lih-s her soul, followed Itie dow li-i f'its and pressed 5" into my haioi io ln'v in it If hr th' baby. iHlini; m i.t lite sitlti' HUH' V. ;ij:;'.Hi'.t tdd'T ;i!.t' II Imth tiM liHMit lis oid rliild luu Innj; a t ri of ec urs'. linn ii Me , i,- I dad i. ii ' tt-f Hi!, a 1 ' ;mi li;inl!y t;u in without (noi '! muiii' sort. Tin' last day uii tli- train a w.r man (l,Ncoyr-d wt wrj wi'l nli1 u nds. she wt'tit i i-i'ou;di i h' i ra i: and took up a cnH.ft in aad vn- ai-.w in iht- l.infnld auain. I ay I iiiii; :nil j.M'ai''l!il. iMViiiisc i-v. iiimiilh r si ri'-i urn Inr km- t i liiat ttif.miih was n-M a ! asaiif OlUlnni,. Clarii' V r"--tiuT Sfi: man Kit'M .('lii.-.s a -urqoeiu aip uo anpun pue uoiji-Joia juaAsjd 03 ji ui a':u3A3 punuje sa 1; jo! 3 mq:jj -s'P 01 ajns aq uaup ociXi-jduuidfa- e .eu noX 31 'i0J 9t;i jo q;Suar sjijua eiji j9ao a;u3a3 siuuijpg am -qujsiQ jaSuu. aqj peopsAO j.uoq ' 9LJ UI 33JJ SIETTIDJIO pmo-js b.;:ioio uoiuai oi;j uicjjs pue Aoua.a ' i IT'S THi TELEPHONE RUSH. Every nigh thousands of service men and women dash to the nearest telephones to talk w'rlh families and friends at home. Most of the Long " Distance calls from camps and naval stations are crowded into a few short hours. Many circuits are likely to be crowded at that time and it helps a lot when you keep the lines clear from 7 to 10 for tervice men and women. INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 4 fll!oi j bulbs.

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