The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 18, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 4
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Page Fouf THE DAILT CLINVONISN Monday, September 18, 19tli THE DAILY CLIMOMAN RECONVERSION TIME IN GERMANY f At the Movies I Ml Behind Uielcen PALAfK Sunday and Monday I . saailli l il Tha Weekly OHatoalan 1 f ... Ik Ohmum PUtndealcr absorbed In 1MM PobUahad Dailj Etieapt Saturday .and Sua day ' borge L. Carer - - Editor &nd Publisher Laid in a colorful setting of the Marines In California training HOLLYUIOOD camps and South Pacific battle- I at the FOatofflce at Clinton, Indian front b, IKO Radio's "Marine Haiders' weaves also an engross a Seeond Class Hatter By HARRISON CARROLL Klni Fraturn Hjodlcal. H rltel I Republican Editorial ing tory h round a niemorabale war time romance. HOLLYWOOD- -Newest casualty in show buine la Author Moss introduced Benny as the husband ' of Mary Livingstone. . , . Geoffrey Massey, son of Actor Raymond Massey, a visitor on the "God 1 My Co-Pilot" set He's with the Canadian infantry and la here on his first leave in more than two - Phone 88 Phone 32 Pat O'lirien. Holier! Ryan and Hart. Hs auffered a fall on hi .farm In Newhope, Pa., and broke It n tit HtiKHt-y are co-starred, with the iiH-tt as officers In the fa Mi a bone in his 1 right foot. Prob- MaBafnum nis Corps and Misn Hiissey as an years. . . . Betty Grable brought Daughter Victoria Elizabeth on her first visit to the studio. Almost ably will have Vustralian Mfrl in the WAAK's. ilPUtUCAM fOITOUM. FA to cancel his stopped work In the wardrobe U AMAKII j trip west to re-i hearse the air Sunday, Monday i jot 1 corns' "Winced and Tnewlny M-G-M surprised little Mnrraret I Victory" troupe f you Ihfnk Abbott and Cos- O'Brien on the "Music for Million" set with a miniature Dortahla (fllo have indulged in ijlapstiek tour. dressing room every thine made to Margaret's size. Ella Raines also bedded for Life of Virginia Weldler la In a four days. Com' plications r e - turmoil. Her sister's babv is 10 suiting from her Harrison Carroll before, wait until you see them in I lief r first film in over a year "In Society." the I'nlversal pjc-t.'.re whi'li Is due at the Wabash Sunday with Arthur Treacher. Marion Ilutton, Krrby Grant and Will Osborne and his orchestra. The boys, who haven't been before (he chiihths In so lone due (o Lou Coptello's illness, are said ' days overdue; her brother, Warner, is in a San Diego hospital with yel. low jaundice and another brother. injury in while horseback riding. is shooting around her in Lupin." Jack, is about to be operated on In Texas. A Quebec ran has sent rharlaa This will surprise Hollywood: Lois Andrews is said to have been followed to Atlantic City by Lupe Velez's ex-boy friend, Arturo De 9,000,000 BONDS A MONTH. For every $100 worth of War Bonds sold in the second quarter of this year, $22 were cashed in, according to a Treasury report, which says that this rate is far above last year when-only $9 per $100 sold were cashed. In 1942, the redemption rate was only $4 per $100 sold. The average American will learn with Boyer a 1918 Sarah Bernhardt recording in which the famous star denounced the Germans for their to expend. In their first picture since their return to the studio, more pen t-u p ewrey than it would seem possible to have ac cumulated. aggressions. Disc will go Into the archive of the Boyer foundation. Just as the horse-racing picture, "Salty O'Rourke" goes Into nrndiie- voruova. Shortage of baby furniture has led to unusual situation. Little Juliette Colman, daughter of Benita Hume and Ronald Colman, Is sleep-tag in a crib previously used by the youngsters of the Lee Bowmans, the Dennis O'Keefes and h),i Sunday and Monday n ahnok that between nine million and ten Heralded by critics from coast tion, Paramount discovers that Gail Russell, the heroine, is allergic to horses. She' taking shot and they'll spray the horses. to coast as the most thrilling human picture to come blazing out million individual bonds are being redeemed every month and that the rate is grow-ing. In the fact of this tendency, the Treasury will put into effect next month a plan to- make it easier for individuals to of tbe smoke of victory, Richard Trepnskis' "Guadalcanal Diary," Marshalls. Why not adorn the crib with silver nameplates of all the As rumored, Alan Ladd got a stay of induction to make the filmed by 20th Century-Fox. oaDiesr it would become quite a wvuwwu neirioom. comes to the Columbia Theatre Sunday. Featured players In a great HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Hoagy Carmichael' "Star Dust," composed in 18J3, Is selling bigger now than during the first two veant cast are Preston Foster, Uoyd Nolan. William Bendix. Richard Conte and Anthony Quinn. Pal of Artie Shaw swears Shaw borrowed a car from Lana Turner (while his was being fixed) to drive Ava Gardner around the late spots. : . . The Frances Faye-Sam Farkas wedding has been postponed until October when Frances' brother will be back from overseas. He's also getting married and they'll make after it was published. , . . Tense moment at the Trocadero when Pat Dane dropped her gloves and they wer. handed to her bv Jan. cash in bonds. Everybody knows that some people, under the stress of war bond drives, over-extend themselves and buy more bonds than they can afford to hold. Moreover, many industrial plants, where all employes were pledged to the ten per cent per month purchase plan, produced a situation where the redemption of many bonds was inevitable. Sleeping Xorth or South Many people believe, as Charles Churchill sitting at the next table. Jane was the girl who came back able Dickens and others did, that electrical forces from the magnetic poles make sleep better if the bed is lor ner purse and started the fa ji a aouoie ceremony. . . . Maureen O'Hara's baby now has a middle name Bridget Maureen's parents wrote from Dublin that the young- ward Glance Taking a Back session at the home of Miss Cailie McMechen, on Mulberry, Thursday night. In place of the usual roll call with quotations. Miss McMechen read a very in mous brawl on the Dorsey balcony. . . . Iris Adrian at Charley Foy's with Lt. Larry Kelly. Iris now a raven-haired brunette Add twosomes: Mercedes Marlowe and Paul Brooks; Corinna Mura and Eddie Silton. ... A a result of a New York radio interview, Crooner Andy Russell got 3,785 requests for pictures in a single day's mall. . . . Ruth Warrick followed a hit-and- ing when frosts may be expected this fail." the statement concludes, "Hut it is at least a wine precaution for every corn grower placed north and south, with the bead at the north. Even to this day some people carry compasses when traveling and each night move the bed around so the magnetism will pass from their head to feet, and not crosswise of their bodies. This is a bit of superstitious pseudo-sci. ence. As long as a person is not standing on bis bead, it makes no difference in which direction his head points during sleep. wuin io nave tne name of a saint . . . Helmut Dantine, who has been playing Nazis, now eagerly ought by Producer Seymour Ne-benzahl for the former Charles Boyer role In the re-make of "May-erling." . , , Very amusing on the Jack Benny short wave broadcast from New Caledonia when Jack Briggs, whom Benny had referred to as the husband of Gutter Rogers, I teresting and instructive paper on the "Christmas Train", in which this organization will be represented. The train is sent out by the ( Iiica go Herald and will c'ontain clothing and toys for the run driver 10 blocks and managed to get his license cumber for the police. Nevertheless, the people of the United States generally should realize the necessity of considering their purchase of war bonds an investment for the duration of the war at least. This does not mean that an individual facing an unexpected emergency, should not cash a bond. It means that the individual should not cash the bond except as a last resort and of necessity. What redemption means, in the way of additional money to be borrowed, is seen when we recall that in May, June and Juty, $754,000,000 worth of bonds were cashed TWKXTV VKA11S H T4HI.1V Wt4 iliUon 'onlra-Ur ilrttt JAi of I'avina; Tliird St. lllM-ti Ciein Wolle. contractor of WVst Clinton, vaft awarded the contract for the paving of one block in Tliird street between Vine arid Mulberry at a meeting of the paving of one block in Third Btreet between Vine and Mulberry at a meeting of tbe Clinton city council latst night. Tbe council also approved the bond for the. John street sewer to hold on to any good seed corn he may have until assured of a new supply. The germinating qualities of good seed corn when kept over a second years, are generally very good, provided the ears are stored in a dry, cool place." lVrMinalK Mrs. IJelie Miller and children of Clinton and I'aul Miller of I.ib-ertyviile spent Sunday with Mr. Hcl Mcuo' The new moon, having one hern much lower than the other, resembling a tilted bowl, is called the "wet moon." It is wrongly believed to be a sign of wet wea'her. Baked Sheep's Bead A Fielding Duck or a Field-Lame Duck was not a Web-Footed Fowl in Old English but a Baked Sheep's Head. A Nickel Door-Bell A nickel-in-the-slot door-bell that will not ring unless paid has been designed to keep away useless callers. - ' ,', i contract, which was recently let t Carl I'lrich. This and tiie read- in. This means that $3,000,000,000 worth children whose fathers are killed in the war now on in Europe. Games were played and a good time bad until a late hour. Refreshments were served, and the Misses Alma Mooney and Hazel Gosneli assisted. Personals Miss Helen Morgan of South Filth street returned home. Thursday evening, from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. I!. F. Shepherd and family at Chicago. She reporls Mrs. Shepherd and the ba-bis getting along nicely. Miss Blanche Brown returned today to her home on South Third, after visiting several days with her sisters, Mrs. Charles Steward and Mrs. Oscar Hollings-worth. at Newport. m of the bins comprised tli' M Rest of My Life With You 2z-u:iy Faith Baldwin OI bonds must be sold in 1944 to provide .council business for last night. I Killing l"rt the funds with which to pay for bonds re deemed. and Mrs. ;eorge Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Agww sj"!it Sunday witlf her parents, and son ftobbje of Terre Haute Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Church. Mr. and Mrs. F:tri Johnson and family of Kairview spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Miller. Srt Kicie1 CHAPTEB FORTY Trr not to hate me for this. Wore o. t. 15 Vermillion county farmers m-ed have little fear for their corn crop from killing frost lefore Oct. 15. according to a Btatement issued by the Hlue Valley Creamery Institute, established to improve the dairying elfort of the average farmer and to show biin how to make more money. "We have no means of know if I take you in my arms, you won't have the strength to leave me or the wilL- "The wxU." she repeated slowly, "the will." "Well," boomed Matthew, "what I said the other night holds: you go, you needn't come back." She said, after a moment, "Very welL Please call Nils now, it's time ; the car was here." j lived for you too. Utterly subordinate. Perhaps she wouldn't have been as much so if she hadn't had my example before her. I was the perfect mother, so she would be the perfect wife. She lived for yon too, and not with you. "But Judith is different. She has opinions and principles, apart from you. She has her own strong personality and spirit. She can't be subordinated, Matthew. She has to Till If TT VK'ltS A TOIlAY Clinton 'oner To BETTER LIVING AHEAD? The national income of the people of the United States, for the first six months of this year, was at the rate of $158,000,-000,000 a year. The rate of production was at the $196,000,000,000 level. The experts tell us that "if war continues" these rates will also continue but St-nd Toy To Kuroe "t'oncreHK'. of ih Presbyterian church, enjoyed a very aur-e- 'Judith aaid steadily. "Matthew has paid it is a whim. Ifa not. I'm trying: to save tzs both, I " she smiled, a. strained, tight smile "I'm rapidly becoming; neurotic 111 end up as one of those women who have regular nerrone breakdowna if I go on living this way." After a rather long: silence, Mary remarked, "Perhaps jour going away will help and now for some news: Lynn and I are ging to be married." "Darling, Tm so tfad." Judith laid her arms across the older roman's knees and looked up at her, Matthew opened the door and called Nils. A moment later he went out and got into his own car and drove to the office. He had no ap Cemeteries fn Foreign Lands The permanent cemeteries in France. Belgium and England were acquired under agreements with foreign governments whereby the United States was granted perpetual burial rights therein free of cost or at stipuJatcd price, and no additional aniounl is required to be paid at any time. The cemeteries are main- CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffer that "if peace comes" the rate will depend upon many factors, including how the gov pointments but it was a refuge to him. Everyone would be gone. ernment handles conversion and similar Elizabeth with her too- intimate knowledge of himself and his wife, all the other people. He could sit at his desk and try to tiiink this out I tsined by the United Stales gnvenv ( ment in a condition similar to the t nationaJ cemeteries in tfcis country. her eyes shining-. I didn c think I d be happy about anything: ever," she aid, "but I am about this. It's what I've wanted for yon." "I know. And something you stand level with you, on equal ground, and you haven't permitted her to do that. She too has given you everything she has to give, but she expected return . . . and she didn't get it because Irene and f robbed you of that capacity. And made you so selfish. Matthew was white now but his eyes were black with anger. He said, "You don't think much of roe . . . you and Judith." Mary declared, "I love you better than anything- in the world, but I've ruined you. The proverbial mother-' in-law, in reverse, I have created this situation. He said heavily. "I told her if she He sat there and watched the clock. Her train had left now, the problems. It iB strange that a great nation, like our own, can gird itself for a war emergency and produce miraculously. Even the financial system is able to take the war's demands in stride without talk of bankruptcy and financial collapse. What a nation we would have if somehow we could transfer this war unity and ! there hill's Smokes Wiiigton Churchill smokes 60 -cent cigars. A fancy price to pay for a smiike. But, still. Calvin Coolidre. despite his reputation of being 'hrilty. emokt-d df-liar rirat-F left me she needn't come back." red carpet had been rolled up . . . the Century would be approaching Harmon. He got up, left the office and drove to his mother's. Mary was not astonished to see him. He saw, abstractedly, that she was looking exceptionally well. After greetings, he said, without preliminary, "Judiths left me." "She was here yesterday' his mother responded. Sit down. Mat- ( tbew. Will you stay for dinner? "Thanks, no . . . I've got to go to ; Westchester on a calL She was j Atid, last autumn, had a good deal to do with it," Mary told her 'nhibitioIIs!f, "Possibly. Anyway, before Christmas we're to be married and go on a cruise." "You haven't told Matthew T" Asked Judith. "It's silly, But Tm afraid to" Mary paused, then said, "I didn't realise how happy I could be. "May I tell Mother 1 She'll be so pleased. "Of course -. . after IVe . . ." Told Matthew?" Judith rose. "I must go now. There are a hundred things to see to, Mary. Mat- ; activity into the work of peace. Certainly, there is enormous demand for goods, even Bing Overseas His mother s eyes blazed uke bis rwn. "You told her that!" "Well, why not?" he demanded. She rates it. "Because she wants to get away" m i fr Jr i lilllliii IIIIIIILLIIS H Il pi i? ( V. 2 3 -44 .S bil I tlri I I ferl IT if some Americans do not have the money XSW-SSJ" - - ---1Hf from you," asked Mary, "and think and come to some conclusion ? be it..: cause she is trying to save your here? You knew about this," he If 1 said accusingly. .1 ' t "yes" his mother told him. I knew, as long1 ago as autumn, the step she was considering. (f r ' ' 4$" w ill UK Mil rigui. 115 sua - .ib J V - V can look after him . . . and you, I s - " f suppose, as you always have.' "" , I be bent and kissed her mother- I t.'s t "r J I In-law who, in parting, said softly, .tim:r ? 1 1 "I have no right to try to maka "You eould have told me! You're marriage 7 "Save it ?" Matthew stressed, "Judy?" "She's still young enough to believe in miracles." said his mother. She leaned forward and touched' his hand, saying-, "Helping you has been a habit with me for over thirty years. I can't break it If there was any way in which I could help ? It ' Xm ) Ton ft!tr vour decision. Yon know to buy what they desire. Maybe the tempo of war will be reduced but not quite to the pre-war leveL Some way may be discovered to improve our capitalistic regime and to make it entirely feasible for millions of Americans to enjoy a standard of living higher than they have ever imagined would be possible. Washington Mrs. Vera Micheles Dean. Foreign Policy Association Research Director: "To achieve a working partnership between the executive and the people, the State Department must be made more promptly responsive to cur I f i ) "I 1 ' ho I feel and that no matter J S i S 1 1 1 wbst happens I shall always lore on her side, he frowned- Mary was silent. He added, "My own mother. It's incredible. Women Matthew shook his head as if to clear it. He went on, after a moment, "I've done nothing to warrant this. No man ever loved his wife more. you. my dear. When the door closed. Mary went to the window s and stood looking out He got up and went over to the window, then said, without turning, "There isn't. He added, "If you -HORIZONTAL 48 female ruffs want to give up the apartment and come to live with me . . . "Or g-iven her less," said Mary, astonished at the sound of her own voice. That's Judith," he said; an "I'm sorry, but I can't. Matt hew." VERTICAL, J tvpe of wine 2 Hbiew measure 3 cloy 4 specific behaviors 5 beer mug merit 7 climaxes 8 thing, in law 49 sacred image &0. unit of heavy weipht 51. single individuals 52, eye 3. S-haped worm 54. being SO- necessity "If you d rather I came here . . . he began. "No. I have other plans. Fve been waiting to tell you this: Lynn and I are going to be married, very soon." He swung around on her. "You at the gray sky and tbe idle fiakes of snow which came swirling down. She wondered what Lynn would say when he learned of this. Her heart Lightened and then accelerated its even beaunc She would see him lonight. Judith left forthicagdoE the Twentieth Century. Matthew had poken to her only when Nils or Olga were present during1 the last three days. He came in now as she was direetinjj the closing of her luggage and dismissed Oiga shortly. When they were alone ... "Just 1 what have you told the servants?" j he demanded. I "That I am oin west for 9 visit. ! echo. "No. I didn't understand when she told me. at first. I begin to now. It was my fault, Matthew, and then Irene 'f. "What have you or Irene to do with it ?" he asked angrily. "We conditioned you, my dear; in all your relationships with us rents of public opinion. Allied Supreme Headquarters Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's radioed instructions to the Dutch following the first Allied airborne army's landing inside Hol Answer to yesterday's puzzle. and Lynn: "Yes. Are you so astonished? "No," he said, "Judy s been rooting for it." He stared at his mother, then asked, "Why?" "Aburd as it may seem to you, ihe told him, "Lynn and I are in love. We want to be tgether. We land: "Remain quiet until you receive your we were the gtrert and you the taker. I have been, she said slowly. ; "a rather negligent mother. I 1. mail 5. blax 9 wing 12. Persian poet 13. narrow binding 14. cover 15. network 16. Cupid 17. prefix: three 38. stepping 20. outer parment ?1 decimal unit 22. note in Giuuos scale 24 abash 21. harvesting 31. peel 32 prefix : apart 33. mental image 34- revised ' 3. pi'.ks ; 37. pe ial tfc?t 3S. edif'ie teed Zti Hauaan parlous 42. enalk'w ob lonE c:?he 47 9- singing vol' 10 Italian cuiii 11 entrance iy liver in Scotland 20. individual tax 23 note in the' sr-ale 24 naneral spring 25 pig; njeat 26 land-measure 27 iree 28. artificial language 29 recent w0 aertioim matter 22. darkens 25 accomplish 3 unyteluirg out-mooed tardy 40 Grecian seanort 41 hoistels 43 oregs 44 4i characterization 4. mw vehicle 4 lxsh eggs orders from jour leaders as to tne exact thought 1 was a good one. I was action required of you. .hat thev are to look after yon while ! corrpiacent about my sacrifice " Sacrifice!" i i i.. -..L t I ara gone." Tiianks. I anted to get our London British Field Marshal Sir es, of course. I dont mean for , lone time, although I would working for you, bringing yc-u up, I not acknowledge it to myself. You seeing that you had everything you j had come to see mvself needed to make you a stronjr man, j throutrh vour eves, the woman I had 1 f i I t , 1 ! T ... I lHujM0cMPEcrf5TETE AGiAy El SO Pi'clRjA M -RI PNigTDAlT!0!Nv UoAFpsrii"G-p i 1 1 LtJ-I1 itK'.L'pjLi:l t' Tl oThsDik tO' '- Il L It I T A;5nvi'Aj;c,Sr liElTUAjLlLUD.ElTlEiP Arrajrr timr ! utiH SS witiwit-. J-Jl tf rta es f iX-i-att- lac I succespf ul your profession. I made mvself into, for your sake tories straight, thats all. He nevrd forward, stumbled over a bag ind l.h-ked it. like a child in a tem-ipr. "If 1 ihoujrht I could make you op rea n by haif kiliing you " "Trat v.ould hardly be cor.Hu-ihe." -Judy - owed you that, but racrifioe jut the sair.? . . . living- in and for yon, possesnnno personal iife, wantinjr Bernard L. Montgomery: "Our American Allies are fighting on German soil in many places. Very soon we shall all be there." Peleliu. Palau Islands Adm. Wilkinson: "We've done a darn swell job of ashore and pushing to the south." none. 1 was emus, even vain about a woman with no life of her own. apart from your interests. All I thought I wanted was the best for you." (To be rontmue'i) Orrr'-Tft. in? w ri"' r, rurttssg; JVj-lied Oi aaJZ iatu r--r CROONEt SING CROSBY strides through a street in London shortly after his arrival there, Bing v. ll entertain troops in the Ku--opean theater, (InternationM Other women remarried. I Don t touch me dw t j didn't. I had a son. I lived for him. "And ween Irene married yoa she i iju a ant. i u, jxaimpw ae- fclaxed in tuuiii. "You aanut that

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