The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 18, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 2
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Pajre Two THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Monday,. September 1911. Com Needed To Save Lives BLOWS SELF UP IN PLANE JA? RATION CALENDAR Deey toLiKf1 Labor Points In G.O.P. Platform Soviets, Poles Launch Final Warsaw Attack lrocsefl Fowls Blue stamps A-S through Z-8 and A-5 through F-5 in Hook 4 good for 10 points indefinitely. G-5 through sr. L-5 valid now and am good indefinitely. Tokpns may be used for cha nge. (Continued trom page 1 Deal bureuacracy. Importance at-GOP nominee was evidenced by an 14 1 .Meats, Cheese and Dairy Products A 1 1 red stamps A - 8 1 1 1 rou gh Z-S (Continued From Page 1) far w ?, and A-5 through D-5 in Book 4 va .ri Col. Erm-Bt von Hammer, Crermun DNB military commentator, declared tonight oer the Hirlin radio that th "Kut-si.'.nw lia e opened 1 11 r e- 'v -1 I tached to his Seattle speech by the advance announcement of its gener-J ul tenor made yesterday at Spok-I ane by Paul K. Lock wood, secnejary j to Mr. Dewey. j "Gov. Dewey's speech will deal j workingmen and women of Amerl-j with the problems that confront the I ca," said Lockwood. ! .iiali' LatHti's I'osiihm "He will analyze the position in which American labor , finds itself i today under the system of overlap (- lid indefinitely; K-ft through G-5 valid now and are good indefinitely. Stamps worth 10 points each. Sugar Stamps 30, 31, 32 and 33 in Book 4 good lor 5 pounds until further notice, Applicat ion for additional canning sugar must be sen J to board accompanied by one spare stamp 37 for each applicant. Stamp 40 in Book 4 good for 5 pounds of canning sugar. No one is eligible for additional home canning sugar except those ' - - - - -j , A lit , K, M -L ,4, h III; wLSJJt&aiisi ' .1 i... - , AiMtit i i' ii- mA&'Si 5i' .' pitU'tf larsc scale nit ark at Tardi."' Tartu, di-i'p in Kstnnia, straddles the main rail line between 1 he Kb- j Ionian and Lnt ian ca pit a In. JW-ftO ivlfn . I The German Ttansorean Agency! said that the Soviets had between I SO and 60 divisions, numbering mors than 750.000 men, fihtinK on th Baltic front and that four Red armored divisions were in the battle !. i v - 1 S3 - ' ' " 1 P. who produce lor sale, shoes No, 1. "airplane" stamp and No. "airplane" rtamp in Book 3 at Tartu alone. Warvaw Near Capture Meanwhile the London radio reported today that the battle for Warsaw had entered its "last ping agencies and conflicting regulations which has been built up by the Washington bureaucracy. "Ho will set forth plainly the mea ures which need to be taken to restore free collective bargaining and to correct the existing situation in which labor's rights are made subject to political favoritism." Th reo Mure Toast Talk The Dewey speech at Seattle will be delivered in the civic auditorium and broadcast to the nation between 7:3it and 8 p. m. (PWT). It will be the first of four speeches on the vest coast, the others being sched-iled for Portland, Ore., tomorrow light. San Francisco. Thursday night, nd Los Angeles, Friday night. e:ood for 1 pair each until further notice. Always present Book 3 vvhen making purchase as stamps are invalid if removed from the l-ook. :aoline B-3, C-3, B-4, C-r. B-5. C-5 good phase'' as the first white Kussian army slashed its way to the Vistula river some five miles to the north of Warsaw and drove the Nazis from the far side of the river with a hail of machine gun and mortar fire. Moscow made only indirect men Lives of wounded American fighting men are being saved by the corn grown on American farms! Penicillin, the drug that acts with miraculous speed and curative , j power, depends on corn to keep it moving to the fighting fronts. Its use in the manufacturing process has already quadrupled production. But the War Food Administration reports the possibility of serious curtailment in this, as well as many other vital war production jobs, unless processing plants receive more corn immediately. The Army ' and the War Production Board have joined with WFA in asking that growers get corn moving as rapidly as possible from fain to refinery. Starch manufacture takes the largest amount of corn used commercially for war products. Armament and airplane manufacture, liferafts, parachutes, and camouflage cloth need it. Even the paper that protects food and other supplies, and the corrugated and V-board containers used in floating supplies ashore to invasion troops take ' starch. Syrup made from corn plays an equally important role. The Army K-Ration depends on it. The drug industry needs it. And so do scores of other war items such as textiles and brake linings for war plants. Refining plants require less than one out of every 24 bushels of corn grown in the United States last year, but any break in the movement of corn to the processing plants could have a serious effect on the entire war program, says WFA. tion of the Latvian ' ish. The offiei-J IT. LOWELL E. WILKERSON of St. Marie, Id., a Marine pilot, bends over the dead body of his would-be executioner, a fanatical Jap sniper who, armed with hand grenades, hid for several hours in this Corsair fighter on Guam. The Jap died as he exploded a grenade under Wil-kerscn's feet, but the pilot escaped injury. Strips were hacked out todisarm him before removal. Marine photo, (International) al Russian communique told of beating off heavy Nazi counter-attacks west of Jelgava. 25 miles southwest of Riga, and Berlin added that these counter-blows were designed to cut off the Red salient driven for five gallons until further notice. ires . J'eriodic passenger car tire inspections are no longer required, but inspection records should be retained for obtaining supplemental rations and tire replacements. Tire inspection records must be presented with a:p'iieatio nto get supplemental gas and tire certificates. Commercial vehicle inspection due every C months t-r every 5,000 miles. B cardholders ligible for Grade 1 tires providing llKy can show absolute need to carry on essential activities; however, the boards" quota will determine how many, if any, B card-holders will actually receive certificate for tires Chinese Trace Spinach to Iran " '"' The Chinese word for spinach is ;utsai, meaning "the veeetabh im REPORT NAZIS OllsT LAVAL through the German lines some Billes to lialdone, which is 25 miles ported from Iran." ast of Jelgava. iimin In Transylvania - Nsw gains meantime were hammered out by Russian and Roman Or. G. R. McGUIRE lan troops in Hungarion-aunexed Transylvania. The Soviet communi que said routed Nazi units were be ing pursued in the mountains. ClflROPRACTOB l.-x 235z Blackmail since each board is obligated by reg ulations to issue tires to the most Driving forward on a 35-mile front to establish a 200-mile line essential users first. All A holders Spread Blight . "Throwout" potatoes on refuse piles on many farms in .the neighborhood of potato warehouses and even on city dumps, spread spores of blight by wind and insects to nearby fields. Such piles of discards should be sprayed with a strong weed killer or covered with straw, spisyed with kerosene or gasoline and burned. along the Toplita, Targu-Mures, Al ba and lulia railroad, the Reds . i- r-J i -l h- f ' U I .' 'k r ' j -: r ! i i : - -f-ff : J i 111. ' i I crashed to within four miles of Tar may obtain eertilicates-for Grade 3 tires, but only alter they have found ! 1 irc:s which may be purchased. Fuel Oil ; Period 4 and 5 coupons valid I through August 31, 1945, etc. 1 4 CLiNTON LADY SPIT UP ACID LIQUIDS FOR HOURS AFTER EATING gu-Mures by taking Craciunesti and Nlcolesti, both south of the key rail munique said, the Reds inflicted heavy losses on the 67th Hungarian frontier group. Commenting on this, Moscow took exception to a denial by the Hungarian Telegraph Agency that Hungarian forces were fighting the Russians. Hungarians Aid Nazis It has been established, Moscow declared, that the first Hungarian cavalry division is operating with the Nazis north of Warsaw. "Facts known to the world cannot be denied," the Moscow radio asserted. "No matter how the Budapest Hitlerites twist or turn they will not be able to escape responsibility. By remaining in the Hitlerite robber camp they will share the fate of their Berlin bosses, whose point. In taking Craciunesti, the com Move. heating. ccoking and ;md cooking iiorne,tic use, r above the it coal, wood, and nas are m :ist be ob- So. American Torn Still another gift of Dame Nature to which ingenious Latin Americans have turned their talents is corn. In Mexico and Central America, baked into flat cakes and "often garnished with meat or cheese, it constitutes an almost universal food as the celebrated tortilla. Iiiict i'.n tt''iiti::g 's. d'-igm-d for in.--f;ii!:iri'M "it ' itint for he isf. . keniKi-nt. imi -line d (' nilic;'?' MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line For Service I)rop ls A Card E. W. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana . For hours after every meal. Clinton lady used to suit up a strone. acidulous liquid mixed with pieces of half-digested food. She says it nas awful. At times she nould nearly strangle. She bad tloirmdi Moat, daily headaches and ronstant irregular bowel action. Today, this lady eats her meals and enjoys them. And Nile says the change is due to taking ERU-HELP, Her food agrees Willi her. Sio gas, bloat or spitting up afler eating. She is also free of headaches, now, Pierre Laval Fernand de Brinon tiiined from local Board. fT5 -i days are numbered." Operating near Transylvania's northeastern frontier, Soviet PIERRE LAVAL, Vichy chief of governmenx, finds himself dropped even by the Nazis now, according to a broadcast over the Cairo radio which said the Germans had appointed Fernand de Brinon as chief of the French puppet government in Belfort. A Swiss newspaper reported earlier that Laval had reached the German island of Mainau intake Constance, five miles from Swiss frontier. ( International) No Quadrupeds The Mariana islands in the Pacific have no native quadrupeds, few reptiles, abundant, fish. Water buffaloes, deer, caltle, horses, nmJes, Sbeep Casings The drug phenothiazine, used in controlling nodular worms in sheep, helps to prevent damage to sheep casings. Sheep receiving the drug produce, eight times the normal number of undamaged casings. bombers blasted German and Hungarian troop concent rations Saturday night at the rail junction of Sa- tu Mare, 75 miles northwest of Cluj. nnd bowels ai-e reguhir, thanks to j this Kemurkable New Compound. I ER1J-1IELP contains 12 Great i pigs, goats, cats, rats, and doijs have j been introduced. Betel nuts are L chewed by youns nd old. w Contuur Maturity Other Red air force bombers slashed at the Tisza river rail junction PUBLIC SALE USED LUMBER 7 IMHIM HUI'NK IN MILITARY KESEItVATIOX Saturday, Sept. 23,1944 Commencing At 1 I. M. Dana, Ind., East A St. North End. Frame, fak and poplar, siding, floor, door, windows, Imnhvare. lath, fireplace niaiilel, built-in II Colorful Handwork The Middle Americans had no knowledge of the potter's wheei. Their graceful jars and vases were I built up coiled stiips of clay, I then srnootned into final shapes. In In a short growing season, a crop test showed that grain corn planted on the contour matured 57 per cent of its ears !?ofore frost; rorn planted in rows up and down hill matured only 37 per cent of its ears. Herbs; lliey cleanse bowels, clear gus from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't ro on sill ferine. iet EKB-HELP. White's (itexall) Pharmacy Drug Hi ore. nf Csap (Cop) in former Czechoslovak territory annexed by Hungary. Four trains loaded with ammunition and fuel were blown up by direct and 30 fires were started. Consolidate Schools Almost a fourth of the one-teacher schools existing in lfiji: had fi-appeared in 1940. and their ptiH! were absorbed into the tver-increas-ing consolidated school districts. Tenderizing Meat The ess tender cut of meat should always be cooked with water, and can be made more tender by pounding or by cooking with an acid tricate designs and hguracs in ciay were n:odci-d em,reiv bv bund j such as tomato juice or vinegar. fine one and v.ide. cupboards, shejitlilng:, poplar boards, one ft. inch thick. Cliange in Work Week Major Issue In Postwar Labor NURSE-IS THEEE ANYTHING J THAT CERTAINLY IS AN EXCITING " I YOU WANT DOWNTOWN? j NUMBER ID LOVE TO SEE J T - jvlUMSY, ARE YOU SURE YOU 1 : If MYSELF IN THAT ( ME - WILL BE ALL RISHT TILL I GET fT v. Pi 1) V JOOf J VI I l 1 BACK FROM rH F (Jr J e'ssrj GRAND NEWS for won (Continued From Pane 2) ririniil or least eil'i-1 umuiljiy. the in ijnt plants wil Ik output per be shut duwn and liiaii hour will In- rasc. "A rodtKii(itit of liniirs I'roni 4S wtcU to 4 0 jiT 'fU would re-- jiroduci ion by 1 and two-lirds percent. out labor cits uouid p down ""j ht chtii, tli" pan el naid. I TOT FR i " f I 'LL. HAVE TO QET SOMEH DOCTOR, I'M SfeORRy I'viE IT1LLIE, VOUR MOTHER'S AVALiLii, - MOMV FROM BROKE .COULD 1 GOT JUST UM ABLE TO PAY ME-COULD OHi DEAR ! I'VE ONLY THREE ;! MUMSYfT YOULEMDME ENOU6H TO bU GIVE THE NUfcSE SOME-o DOLLARS AMD I'VE r- y KY A FEW J BUY My THINS OrJ ACCOUtr'r)IJ" y got TO pay j f L r:1 dollars? j lumch V777- Wape experts explained that sucli an event would leave, "eilu and a third percent pravy" for industry. Hence, the way would he clear lor tie prompt aui hoi i..;:t inn of :in U'ht and a third perfent hourly vasre rate increase witliout affect in s: The PRE-WAR rViC'BEl h" hfbor corit popiiion of huiin's. or requiring price boosts. The WLU, as one observer pointed out. is confronted, however, with "'a two-headed monster." After V-E Day millions of workers will he freed to return to peacetime jobs, while other millions will remain on war production aHMgnmeiHs where the -iS-hour week may continue un-til the defeat of Japan, l iiie War Kuniiiiu One of the maior demands of ki- Is Again Avail ah" el . . and at PRE-WAR PRUTS! hor leaders is th;tt wartime earn- j ints he maintained to preserve full I ' AND NOW TO FIND THAT I Xfvi FIRST THINS HE " f H TU' OLD "1 KtOAT WEBE A NzTSFEH EVEN OS V " wUKY THEvXonlY " I B FOOLHARDY GAL BEFORE 5AE I n SWD To TO WAS FILL J RANCH HOUSE TARNATION TOUGH J I TI0 OL' INJUN -V- A WAS A ONE . ) I SETS INTO THE CLUTCHED til- V TM' CHINKS 4 V WITH MUD !V JOB SCOUTS S ' -JEr.rr 4 CHINK. ! sj46 ornery redskins .y, 2irwmrr 2 r TirTi - .-J-- iSKJ-P pi. re having power, prod net ion and .'i.ii'hiynit-nt in the postwar ear. Henry I'ord already has announced hi; iiite'ition to raise wages as soon as the government will p-rmU it. New Fpoch A new epoch in medicine bepan in 1935 when the "sulfa drugs were introduced for treating a number cf these serious diseases. This group of drucs has relatively simple chemical structure und to date over two thousand compounds of this i RDFAI1TH Ebr: t ' ,!05Y ZJADOvy P Yai I rue uiTukie j '"a sal's scream! rr is i , ON. ON .TARANTULA! THOUGH WE (RlDE TO OUR DEATH .WE MUST ' FROM YONDER SUMMIT .'SHE HAS FALLEN INTO THE VARMINTS'. ,'0'ERTAKE YON BELINDA AND group have been prepared in synthetic organic chemical laboratories in all parts of the world. Out of this large number less than 10 members have found their way into practical medical use in this country. The following are employed at the present time by doctors: sulfanilamide. U1DDv Voh HARREEEEEy 1 S.HER savase Captors ! -VCgOOL HANDS 1 imivni l Y, fh wonderful MAJESTIC StyMned Rang U back again with all Its pre-war quality feature. f material and workman-ship. Extra beauty has been added, be side i yet the price it ttill exactly what it was bock in pre-war days. Cam In and let vt tell you all about it. A. J. DOUGHTY fi i:iTi hi: sto i;s f ut ;s 2:t-.tH Kim St. I'lHttif H4it S ill r- V I sulfapyridine, sulfadiazine, sulfathi-: azcle. suliaguanadine. sulfasuxidine, suJiumerozine. suiipiirazine. Ptant Early Under average conditions, early planted corn has a better opportu nity of making a good crop than J tLai planted later. 1 -tl '-

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