The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 46
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 46

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1968
Page 46
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Page 46 article text (OCR)

44-Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 6, 1968 Reusable Space Vehicle Eyed PW1 I I "III I stage because they do not carry their own engines. " r at-m. . - X KIJ. hicle, as contrasted to the Sat-urn-I's two stages, or the Sat-urn-V's three. Actually, Starclipper could not make it to orbit with the amount of fuel carried in the basic vehicle, so at takeoff it is fitted with huge, light weight tanks that can be dropped when their fuel load is exhausted. By strict definition, these tanks are not a separate tent by the very high cost of putting payloads Into orbit and in inaccessibility of objects after they have been launched. Therefore, I would forecast that the next major thrust in space will be the development of an economical launch vehicle for shuttling between Earth and the Installations such as orbiting space stations which will be operating in space." Mueller went on, for the benefit of his technically orientated audience, the British Interplanetary Society, to extol the virtues of what, for practical purposes, is Hunter's Star-clipper. Translated into flight hardware which does not exist at this time Starcllpper shapes up approximately thus: Basically, It looks more like a delta wing fighter airplane than a spacecraft 80 feet long, 40 feet across the base of the delta, with a tall, swept-back tail like a commercial jet's, and a conventional tricycle landing gear. The big departure from airplane technoligy Is the power plant. This consists of three 350,000-pound-thrust hydrogen-oxygen fuel rocket engines, instead of ordinary jets. Because these three engines comprise its only propulsion, Starclipper technically qualifies as a one-stage-two-orbit ve . - a (Oil NEED NEW FLOORS? cad GRIFFIN compTnt Southern Blvd. at lalit Av. 832-7561 Free Estimates palm beach 3415 so. dixie OPEN TILL 9:00 west dJPITeleplwts) U.S. bombing halt for a break. In the background, the usually busy A4 Sky-hawk sit idle. DECK GAME Using the flight deck as a gridiron, members of the crew of the USS Intrepid, on station off the coast of Vietnam, toss a football around as they take advan- fJ Sleeping Bags yffe ,rm GUHS OF 1095 ALL KINDS Small Business Termed Confining For Retiree ! NOTICE ! We Will Be Open Till 9:00 p.m. Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. To supply You With Everything You Need For Hunting. Incl. License Area Stamps And v- NEW Gl GAS CANS HIP BOOT 0 i ait sVJA ney and credit, to be satisfied with failure. And thirdly, he has to reckon on staying put at least until he can find a buyer and sell out. So profit and loss become his immediate concern. That's why money Inevitably is in the forefront of his mind. That's also why he should make every effort to get off on the right foot with sound financing. Anything less than a full knowledge of the dollars and cents involved potential along with the actual condition of the enterprise Is an invitation to insecurity at the least, and quite possibly disaster at the end of the road. Everyone who looks into this subject comes up against the problem of definition. Exactly what is a small business? The Small Business Administration uses the phrase "independently owned and operated and non-dominant in the field." This is spelled out in various statistics covering both retail and wholesale concerns, for instance, a retail concern is considered small If It has no more than 250 employes, or If Its annual sales amount to no more than $1,000,000. These figures are sufficient for our purposes. Only a minority of retirees even get a tage of the recreation planes Regulations MANTLE LANTERNS LANTERNS I 195 195 BUTANE aqc i Rfc 95 BUTANE 95 0lte STOVES lit STOVES By ROGERS FRANKLIN RETIREMENT COUNSELOR A friend of mine recently remarked that of all retirement ventures, opening a small business Is more dependent on financial considerations than any other. Mulling It over, I think he has a point. Look at It this way. An individual may take an ordinary job for any number of reasons maybe just to pass the time. He may drop it for any number of reasons, including simple boredom. In many cases he has a definite freedom of choice and isn't too committed. The man who opens a small business rarely enjoys that much freedom. To begin with, he probably needs the Income, or he wouldn't undertake the venture. Secondly, he's invested too much of his time and his energy, as well as his mo- ADVKHTIhKMKNT FIX BROKEN DENTURES mInw.' PLATE-WELD Amazing Pfiti WiM repair breaka, cracka and replaces teeth. Simply flow on-put together. Plaf WtM uses the most auccesaful method devined for home repaira. Worka perfectly every time or money back. Get money saving $2.98 size or the $1.98 size at ACE Ph. 833-4073 MARKING SIGNS chance to exceed them, and those who do are operating on a level where much expertise is at hand in the finance department of the business. It's the beginners on a much lower level who need to be cautioned on the ways and means of financing. Whether you start a new business, or buy a going concern, you probably will have to borrow from a bank. You may even want to, because It's frequently cheaper to pay Interest than to tie up the capital you happen to have in hand. Besides, the interest payments are tax deductible. There 's an added advantage in borrowing from a bank, or any other institution. Namely, you gain a second opinion on the project you have in mind. A detailed statement regarding how you stand is not, or should not be, considered a nuisance. It's an Invitation to a common judgment on your chances for success. The type of loan to go after depends on the use to which the money will be put when it becomes available. Short-term loans run for a year or less and are aimed at meeting needs that aren't too large but won't wait payrolls, inventories and the like. Intermediate-term loans are usually judged to be those that do not go beyond five years. The purpose is to help solve problems as big as purchasing a business, or having it overhauled. Long-term loans are more difficult to get from local Institutions. Hence the existence of the Small Business Administration, which is charged with the duty of assisting concerns that meet certain basic specifications. The SBA considers applications from businessmen who have viable projects but no other recourse for funds. This bureau, based in Washington, D. C, has published a series of pamphlets on virtually all aspects of small business. They're worth consulting before you decide to pick up a concern to run during your retirement years. WASHINGTON The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, anxious to keep its manned flight program alive after 1970, is taking another look at an imaginative proposal called Star-clipper. This Idea, Involving a space vehicle that can be used over and over again with a minimum of refurbishing and ground support, was conceived several years ago by an aerospace engineer named Max' Hunter, now with Lockheed at Sunnyvale, Calif. Other engineers have had similar Ideas, notably a team at the Martin Company In Denver that dreamed up something called Aerospace Plane. When Hunter and the others first proposed a reusable, one-state-two-orbit vehicle with the take-off characteristics of a rocket and landing performance of an airplane, few people in authority bothered to listen. For one thing, technology really was not ready to produce the needed hardware. For another, there was plenty of money available so the job could be done the easy and expensive way. Times have changed, however; the knowhow is available today, and unlimited money is not. Hunter and his boss, Elmer Wheaton, Lockheed's vice president for research and development, dusted off Starcllpper earlier this year and quietly reminded space agency officials of It. Their proposal received its first recognition last month in a little publicized speech delivered in London by George E. Mueller, NASA's number one executive for manned space flight. Mueller didn't mention Starcllpper by name, or credit either Hunter or Lockheed, but when insiders finished reading his speech they knew what was being discussed and knew that a space milestone had been passed. "I believe," Mueller said, "that the exploitation of space is limited in conceDt and ex- Fogs Cost Airlines Revenue By National Geographic WASHINGTON The autumn and winter fogs that enchant poets appall airline executives. The cottony mists annually cost the domestic airlines an estimated $75 million in flight cancellations. Efforts to disperse fog have often had curious side effects A few years ago authorities at Orly Airport, near Paris, tried burning propane gas along runways to dissipate a white swirling mass. The fog changed into snow, causing auto accidents on a nearby road. In the United States, recent experiments sponsored by the Air Transport Association have been more successful Chemical seeding of fog by small aircraft opened runways at Sacramento, California; seeding and special ground equipment dispersed fog in the Cape Cod area. Proposals have been made for operational fog dispersal systems in 19G8-69 at Sacramento and at Portland, Oregon. Fog usually forms when warm, moist air blows over colder land or water, or when cold, damp air blankets a warmer surface. The moisture in the air cools and condenses on dust, salt, or other tiny particles, forming a cloud. A fog's density depends upon the number of water droplets In a given volume of air; the more droplets, the lower the visibility. Droplets are so small that It would take seven billion to fill a teaspoon. Dispersal experts often classify fogs according to the temperature of the water droplets. In warm fog, droplets measure above 32 degrees Fahrenheit; in cold fog, they form at subfreezlng temperatures. Warm droplets account for about 95 percent of the fog In the contiguous 48 states. The New England and California coasts are among the foggiest regions in the United States. Nearly 400 years ago, Sir Francis Drake beached his ships north of present-day San Francisco. Drake spent nearly a month near the great harbor, but never discovered it because of murky conditions. The English explorer complained bitterly of "those thicke mists and most stinging fogges." On the ocean, "avection," or moving "sea" fogs are common. Dense mists appear when warm, moist air flows over cold water. The Grand Banks near Newfoundland qualify as one of the world's foggiest stretches of water. The Labrador Current lowers sea temperatures In this area just north of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. When the mild air from the Gulf Stream drifts over the cold water, gray smothering blankets billow up. A mantle of low-lying, gray-black fog covering thousands of miles constantly advances and recedes In Arctic waters. The so-called "skodde" sometimes hangs so low that sailors on deck cannot see one another, but lookouts in crows-nests can sight masts of other vessl-es poking through the eerie mist. RUBBER STAMPS PERMA STAMPS RUBBER PRINTING PLATES MAGNETIC PLASTIC & METAL ENGRAVING TVCT7Tr"Pa T STNCIL CUTTING & SUPPLIES jJHi viui!i&, inc. .Cmplete Stock o Marking Devices. 3623 SOUTH DIXIE HWY., WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. 33405 w BILL i I t -.l.-XpORDON, lj GETY0UlS A; I I y 6 pm i i-v j TONIGHT j 1 j (&fek IMSw )(2)$ SH0VELS EIgaB GUN 99? ,s f MOSQUITO BARS lOjS f HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC WADERS .....Ieavyduty ZlM STOCKING FOOT Sr3f THcRMU TARPS V m 98ffmUNR Jznl 7 i SV SvOSm f" CAMPING ino J KylO) COMPLETE ,v-T A 4.98 . jf vrfxx suit nsal 4 J. . (ffar IVn WmVt $Sy iV Grommet All Around jffeh JACKETS K2 ' " PANRTS GJ M Our Reg. Hoosier Tarps SSI! fTlVy J 10 ox. CANVAS 3ftH I98 F0LDIW-.lJ TARPAULINS EA V WATER JZg&W AlcI7c, NEW VIETNAM CAMO. N guj ALL AROUND siJ IjJ ?ftcun DIAL CONTROL FOR TjjgJVr AVWMI , SUDS, RINSE, SHUT OFF VINYL PERCOLATOR , f& nft GARMENT SPORTSMAN GRILL aluminum HUNDREDS j fJJ BAG (I aluminum of uses Siuy i ii 11 nn WEBBING TofflinSl WllEDDIliU .----JlK. WE CARRY UHF ANTENNAS tlV POLYPROYLENE CHAIIIIEL MASTERX fOR CHANNEL 23, l AIL CHAXMEL ANTEKMAS o- f ,': We cany a coropWU Boe of channel NS!!?; I j matter antenna QaT"' I i f w.c.ithTS sTELE5C3PIC V4 "J-. yAST 6.S8 I U 1 I U I 50 FT. OF CHANNEL PER FT. f J MASTER 300 OHM T.V. K'ttmr IN I I j V, LEAD IN WIRE WITH J I I 150 FT. J j I! I j EACH OUTSIDE AN- ROLLS V yO LJ TENNA PURCHASE. 150 FT. ROLLS Ar4 ' SARAH 3.90 OPEN TILL 9;00 TONIGHT --i , ' ' l. I nun m -i- mi --iril - r"i i 1 1 llilf inn ill milinnill lBii.iir.illninBiilnii.l-11 ri Chrysler proudly presents THE BOB HOPE COMEDY SPECIAL with the APOLLO 7 ASTRONAUTS direct from Houston Mission Control Center. WALTER M.SCHIRRA ((apt U.S.N.I D0NNF.EISELE (Li Col U.S.A.F ) WALTER CUNNINGHAM with other aviation greats observing NASA's 10th Anniversary starring DAVID JANSSEN BARBARA EDEN in "ROAD TO THE MOON" iprcial gucil A, , -m v- Of with Let Brown and his Band of Renown 9:00 TONIGHT IN COLOR. CH. 5 & chrler ... j

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