The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 15, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1944
Page 3
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THE DAILY CLINTOMAN - Page Three Friday, September 15, 191 L Hurricane Leaves Q Clinton Social Notesj Mrs. Mck Bfbkb and family of Chicago. Mra. Arthur I'relsler and daughter Joann, son Arthur Jr., returned to Chicago after spending a few weeks with Mrs. I'relsler parents, Mr. aud Mrs. John Hamil. Path of Destruction Friday Jacksonville I'TA meeting at the Mrs. Anthony Troskey and daugh Rebekahs Elect Officers At District Meeting Thursday school, September J 8, 7:iS P. m Anyone Interested may attend. Broullelte Chapter, DAK, 7:20 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Dom Id- Along East Coast fContlBusd Vroai Pica 1) cauda, Winnie tiilfoy, assistant hos Tlie Itebekab District meeting of District 1 was lield at lioscdale yesterday. Mra. Bessie Harvey, dia- FOR THOSE NOT GOING SOUTH... It's Main going to lie time for IhoM m inter garments, coats and suits, heavy wool dresses and sweaiers. If you want I hem In "tielop" aliane In-fore Hie llr-l ( hilling dais an' lien-, send lliem iu plenty of time for an evpei Art ('leaning job have Hieiii dry cleaned tlie "MOUOi WAY". Large Attendance Thursday At Pocahontas Lodge Meet Appronimately' (my members of tbe I'ucahontaa l,odge at the ball Thursday eieuing for their regular bunco and euchre party. M'innera In tlj euchre fcamea were Mrs. liarney liereM and Mra. Florence Dlrbras, tojsli ; il. JfJ(j iUua tess. Mra. Howard L. Hauocck, guest speaker. Atlantic coast were lowered at daybreak, Tolweo Crop Itamaged trict deputy president of Itoekvllle. ter Victoria spent a few days in S'orlli Vernon with Louis VA' r and daughter-in-law, Audary and son Jerry, Mrs. Beuford I'uckett and son parents, Mr. and Mrs. William I: ran parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Idaiin. liavld John of Cary spent a few Monday waa In charge of the meeting. Kappa Delta I'bi business meet Much of the damage was to New The business meeting of Hie dis England'a tobacco crop, stored In trict was held (u the afternoon at ing, 7 p. m.. Clinton Hotel baseiueut. liriug containers for Joe K. Brown Fund and remember I'ledge I'roject newly built aheda. which, time tbe following officers wore and llarley Thompson, second blgb; aud Mia. Grace Kjuirea and Traffic and transportation Kt, Berniee, president; Mra. I'earl days visiting friends in I'nlversal. tbroubgout tbe entire coastal area aud collection of rummage. Mr. and Mr. I'aul Ilines and Miss were elected: Mra, Frances Myera Knight, Hillsdale, vice president; was spotty with moat trains In tbe Tuesday Booster Club, 7; p. m. at the northern section of ew England MODEL CLEANERS Mra, Verna Aiknian, liana, secreta Ceorgene Meterko of Whiting, Ind. visited Mr, and Mrs. Joe Granger recently. hall. attll not'runnlng several hours after the storm centers bad passed tbeir ry; and Mra, Janet Scott, Clinton treasurer. 23 ttoMlti Main lien tile Kris at Bay City, Mich. Kappa Delta I'bl pledges meet In Mrs. Ada INeidliuger, luu. Prizes In Ibe bunco gamea went to Mra. Kodnar. Mra. Cora Wake and Mrs. Lizzie Cherry, Two Guest Attend Meeting Of Caledonian Society Sixteen members and two guests, Mra, Joe ritasw sad Mr. Waller Uurnside of the Caledonian goeiety Mrs. Florence Miller, assembly sector, 74-MI'H Wind Hits Kew York is spending a few days with his fattier Mike Krias and Mr. and Mra. basement of Clinton Public Library at 7 p. tn. treasurer of tst, liernlce and Mra Tbe disturbance took a freakish Joe Kris. Clinton Township Home E Club Mary Mater, past president of fiock-ville were pr-sent, Several member Mra. Bess Kaiser, 2 p. m, Mrs. route after smashing at the nation's biggest city, New York, wilb winds which reached 71 miles per hour. of the local lodge attended. Veda Keliey, asaiatant. A covered dish luncheon was en- FR, Churchill Continue Wednesday oiet at the boiue of Mrs, shattering big plate glass store !J',u?r joyed at si o'clock. lburs-' ' .,,. At the wight Fairview Home Economics Club Postwar Plans; Pacific Shorter on tSoutb Fifth street (ay. session, two eandl- Cuest Day, Meet at tbe borne ot datea were Initiated by the Bock Mra, Andrew Kiiupson, tv.i'l. Bring War Strategy Outlined ville staff. The ne meeting will be guest, covered dish and table ser vice for two. Mra. William Brown, assistant hostess. (Continued From Page 2) In the Spring at Hillsdale. Friendly Bunco Members Enjoy Chicken Bupper Mra. James iGiliuore and Mra. le Lawson assisted Mrs, iihorter, Delicious refreshmenta were served tty the bosteas, White Heather Entertained At Renwick Residence Mrs, Agues Itenwiek entertained Trl Kappa Associate Chapter, m., Mrs, Ann Davis, 2 Elm Visit TOMBAUGH'S 25c to $1.00 Store FOR NEEDS BIEX'S HOSE, Good Weight Pr. 15c MEN'S KOCKFOKD SOX, Heavy Pr. 22c Ladie liAVON HOSE OQA CUrse Fitting, Pr. Only Ut7u by tomorrow noon," Early said. Early did not expand this state street. fronts, washing out power lines and disrupting much of the city's vital and complicated transportation systems. Worst sufferers. It appeared, were beach and shore communities where flimsy summer homes and resort hotels caved like paper before the force of the wind-driven rain. At Atlantic City, the great steel pier buckled fa half, and approximately it) per cent of tbe vacation city was innundated by torrential tides. Cape d Buffeted The flat surface of Cape Cod, extending Into tbe Atlantic from Massachusetts, was buffeted by winds Mewbera of the Friendly Bunco Club enjoyed a chicken supper recently In the dining room of tbe ment but it phraseology left the door open to further talks between Eockville Girl Married members of the White Heather Cir In Church Last Sunday the President and Prime Minister after the Quebec conference ends tomorrow, perhaps in Washington or Clinton Hotel, The weal was served by candlelight. Those present were Mrs. Edith Miss Kathleen Busenbark of Koek- ville became the bride of Harold I elsewhere. fowling, Mra. Bybil Kperry, Mrs. Ha Children's AuMet, Pr. 15c - I9c The President and Prime Minis Connerley of Marsliall In a lovely slogi ring eeremouy performed at ter, together with Foreign Keeretary o'clock last Kunday afternoon at Anthony Eden, held di-ussioua un the Bockvllle Methodist Church. til late last night, following hden s that reached a 91 miles an hour velocity near Chatham. Espeeally heavy damage was reported at the famous summer playground which Is Tlie Rev, B, Bicbmond Blake pro arrival by plane from Uondon early Clothes Hamper, medium . . 79c Heavy Felt Rug 27x84 . . .$1.69 27x36 Felt Rug Only 69c 27x54 Felt Rug, all color ... 89c OIL MOPS, med. ize 50c cle at her home on North ISeyentb street Wednesday afternoon. Twelve members and two guests. Mra. Harry I'ritcuard and daughter I'eggy of Detroit, Mich, s Wended the meeting. Bunco was played with Mra, John Duusniore winning high; Mrs. Itow-ert Ueynolds, second high and Mra, Walter Uuroside, bunco. Refreshments were served by (lie hostess and an enjoyable time was toad by all, M. M. 1e Eugene Marshall, son of Mr, and Mrs, Fred Marshall of South Main street will arrive this tveuiug to spend a leave with bis nounced the nuptial rows and attendants were Mr, and Mrs. Donald iiobson. Mr, and Mrs, Joe Aikuian. zel Bmith, Mrs, Heleana Birch, Mrs, Mary Judson, Mrs, Mary Shannon, Mrs, Marsonne Mott, Mrs. Betty Reed, Mrs. Tbelma liaxendale, Mrs, Josephine Chambers and Mrs, Margaret Crowder, , The nejtt meeting will be beld In two weeks at the borne of Mrs, Mary guannoH on South JSeventh street. m m Mrs. Frank J, Swlnebart and Mrs. Doille Wiltermood are attending tbe dotted with flimsy built cottages and vacation bomes. Tbe Boston and Maine railroad In the evening. Further light on Eden surprise appearance at the conference was shed when It was revealed that Kir Alexander Cadogan, permanent un Fat Alkman aud tbe bride's sister. Alberta Busenbark, ring-bearer. Usherettes were Evelyn Hartmao and suspended all its train and bus traf-fice at midnight with no immediate Alberta Thomas. announcement o t when regular The bride was attired In a floor LARGE SIZE MOP 6c WALL DUST MOP Only 98c REMOVABLE MOP, can lie washed $1.39 FLOOR WAXER MOP, with handle 2c leugUi wedding gown of white set democrat Editorial Association at French kick. Ind. over this week with a short yell and carried pink roses. Mrs. Alkoian wore a pink end, floor length gown and Mrs, Hobson Mr, and Mrs, Frank D. Wile have was dressed In blue. They both wore received word that their son, Hon. dersecretary for foreign affairs, who Is stationed in Washington, is present at tlie conference and attended tbe talks with the other three leaders, Cadogan is bead of the British delegation to the liumbarton postwar security conference. The whole subject of posl-war security planning was Injected Into the conference by tbe presence of Cadogan and Edea. JtMMUi Mrategy Iafd To all practical purpose, tbe military pbaise of the conference. Insofar a Mr. Boosevelt and Mrs. Churchill enter Into It, is at an end. corsages of pink roses, Mrs, Connerley, daughter of Mr, aid, has arrived safely somewhere and Mrs. 11, A, Busenbark was gra schedules would be resumed. Traia Mervlee HalbMl Train service between Boston, New York and Washington was halted. It was estimated that power was out la naif of New England. Striking northward through the Connecticut valley tbe storm slashed eastward and northward in an unpredictable pattern. Considerable fear was felt today for tbe Connecticut valley area where rising streams threatened Hartford, and other cities and valuable farm communities, j Passing northward through Bbode Island aud Massachusetts tile wind parents, M. M. 1c Marshall has teen serving on an Air-Craft Carrier In the I'acilic for the past year, Cpl. John William Wile has returned to Camp Iavjs, ft, c. after spending a 16 day f urlough with bis parents, Mr,' and Mra. Frank Wile 9t Haael Bluff and Miss lloseniary LaUiOert of Clinton . m Throw tour Serap into Urn right! Heavy Congoleum Mats 37 x 76 - 59c, for under stoves 36 Inches by 6 Ft. Long .... 98c 4' x 4' Size -$1.65 See This New Line! Lamp Shades 8 In. , 29c and 39c duated from Roekvlile High JSchool with the class of At present she is operating a beauty shop tn Bock- in France, He Is tbe husband of Mrs, Josephine Wile, Ira Church has returned to bis home after spending a week In the L'uion Hospital at Terre Haute for observation. The broad lines of strategy for the coming tremendous offenslvea a- vjjie. Tbe bridegroom, son of Mr. and Mrs. I, E. Conuerly of Marshall, was graduated from Marshall High School and Is employed in Terre Haute, Following the ceremony the couple left for a short wedding trip. The bride chose a blue suit lor her fait what probably was Its greatest J Notice! Tbe Cttatwiim V anta Vow gainst Japan have been laid. The American aud British chiefs of staff velocity at weswver r i- wi Kpriugfield, Mass., whore IDH miles PEBMASfENTS At ('rices To Fit All I'urse Ainumts H isi;t ToiiiiM . S6.S Sh Main f5t. Fhone 502 : sewa. Please all Mm uw To are continuing, however, to fill In Heport Modal Ae. ftione 82 or an. traveling outfit. Upon their return tbe details the "victory" blueprint and are meeting together while the President aud Prime Minister ex (bey will reside in liockviile. an hour was reeoroeo. ah pianea-from this and other military air-j fields that could sot be protected in hangars wer flown in inland j fields, . I 10 In. LAMP SHADE, All Color 9e 12 In. LAMP SHADE, All Color MM LARGE 19 Inch SIZE COMPARE OLK PRICES On Stove Supplies G Inch Pi;e 22c 7 Inch Pie 25c Elbows Tie and 25c Dampen 25c and 29c Stove Scraer 15c Stove Folioh I5c -LARGE COAL SCOOP, Well Made $1.89 and $1.98 fOMBAUGH JJ- 256 TO $14)0 STORE plore the further fields of Internat Christian Services Society Observes Fourth Birthday ional diplomatic and political prole lems. Fifty members and guests of the CLINTON STORE Women's Society of tbe Christian News and Notes l Services of the Methodist Church met at tbe church yesterday tor a 'covered dish luncheon and birthday I ROBERTA'S I BEAUTY SHOP 17 oHU Ttb m, CHOKE l-W I GI.'ABANTKEO 1 I'EKMANENTS First Lady party in honor of tbe fourth anni ; versary of the organization. Each of the twelve tables repre In Universal Mr.SoHi VMtwIn Cleveland; Guet Are Noted In Local Home Mrs. Mary golltls is spending an senting a mouth of the year bad ri ANkrrc; Uik been appropiratety decorated by tbe bostesa and several of the groupa responded with clever skits in keep- extended visit in Cleveland. Ohio, with her daughters, Mrs. Bertha Pe- 11.90 tro, Mrs. Mary Petro, Margaret and Julia o!tis. Mrs. olt!s is also go ing to visit her daughter, Mrs, Helen Kress at Pittsburgh, jug with their mouth, Mrs, W, ti. Kelly, hostess chalr-iman, assisted by Mrs, W. E, fjer-! rish and other members of the club : served, I Mrs, Vara Osroan gave the devotions, "A Christian's Itesponse to Suffering" and Mrs, Evans was the 'program leader, he spoke on the ineed of both the foreign and bome ' fields, emphasising the necessity ol keeping this work going since the i ret urn of service men from tropical ! countries will probably result in ! growth of the tropic diseases. Joe Scioldo aud Joe gappo of Ga Warm 4-lb. 72jc84'-size in fine quality 100 wool. Thidk. fluffy high cap. Sturdy double weave. Luscious colors. ry and Aiao lUardolluo ol Mt. Car ina!, Pa. were recent guests at Mrs. Mary ttcioldo aud Mr, and Mrs, Joe Soliis. Aldo Cardolino is a nephew Holland Tulip Health Blanket ttt Mrs, fccioldo. They bad not seen each other for -21 years. S-L.b. warm, mothproof blankets in the lovely hall and tulip design. Dusty Roae, Peach. Mrs. Joe Vanzo baa returned 12.49 M ltVIt K KM un it COLORFUL JONQUIL BREAKFAST SET 5.90 Hribten wartime uiealc aith tb-se colorful dishes. The pattern is finished niid-r a hard Klaw-d surface aud won't cowe off. Can be nwd for loncbeoua aud dinners too. HrviuK boi aud platter included. SALAD PLATES Just the thing for afternoon luncheons. I op They are large enough to be used a ls3W dinner platea also, Novely fruit design, lie of home after spending a week's visit The next meeting will be in October with Mrs. Hoy Staats as program leader and Mrs. J, H. button, with relatives in Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. William Pence and hostess chairman. family of Kerudale, Mich, are vis Mra. Mable JSamjuenetti and sou, liilly, have returned home alter iting bis parents, Mr, and Mrs. Kl-uier pence. Mr. and Mrs Henry Harnaek, Mr. and Mrs. Bay Kcblicbt aud children of Milwaukee. Wis. Mrs, Trauner and daughters of Indianapolis aud spending the past three weeks with Esmond Slumberest Blanker Warm 25'' wool and 75 cotton in large 72"x84"-iz. Peach, Kose and Blue, idea! gift Mm. On or for your own home. V 10 per cent Wool Fieldcrest Blanket 75 Rayon, 25 'c cotton and i0 wool, A Q O 72'x84"'8ize in Rose, Blue, Green, Cedar, Fvt. William ftanquenetti of Camp Maxey, Tex, Miss leoua &toriu of Indianapolis visited Mr, aud Mrs. Frank Storm. Bill Toms left for Milwaukee to spent the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Ileury iiarnack, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Counsel! and Beautiful i-'riut LUNCH CLOTHS family and John Clay Butugarduer Fine quality cottons with bright 1.39 Kulph Shattuck, 73 Kim street, was admitted to the county hospital Thursday as a medical esse. Famous Merviile SEAMLESS HOSE Fine quality rayon with cotton rein- forced heel and toe. O O C Vista Beige. Patio Sun. Sizes 8J to IO2. fruit and floral to I2.S8 designs. S2"52"' size. f'loyd Peatman, l 1. Clinton aud Andrew Audersou, SOS North Kighth Street, were dismissed from the county bospital Thursday. visited friends in Kuliivan aud lug-ger recently. Mrs. John Hesford and Miss Patricia Ann Ouilagher of F-iiuburst. Hi. visited Mr. and Mrs. William Counsell and family recently. gt. Harry Kincaid of Camp II u-iau, Tex. spent a short furlough with bis father Frank Kincaid- gt. Kiucaid is transferred to lyouisiana- Mr. and Mrs. Louis McCleland and son lounie have returned borne after spending a week with Mrs. Mc- 45-CAUGE HOSE For dress or the office. Vista Beige and Patio Sun. Size 6 Vi to iO'A. Guaranteed 1 Year-STONESWEAR SLIPS Fine quality cotton with built-up should- ers. T arose and o9C White. Sizes 36 to 52. ESSEX CHINA TEAPOTS 1.89 riv quality 'sj x China ix-Im. Hdtid a.ut-d difu fill-ith'4 uu'-r ihf km4 Ht-4 fcuriay h't Aha ii wiii w eviu off. Au iikWlU-ul Klft ttrw. CLASS DOUBLE BOILER 1.98 IJau'Jy Ui us', tr-stff Ui i-aii. Can it' Ufcd fj-iir at 4tuhl' tMJiir or fc'i'a-raw s a X i euw pan. (.bM Tk-Hi4 I.aW Cielaud's mother. Mrs. John Amters. Miss Jynei (jrauger returned bome after visiting with Mrs. Klmer Nolan of Clinton. Mr. and Mra. Anthony Troskey and daughters, Victoria aud Borotb) visited Mr. and Mrs, rirwiu Kuloe at Terre Haute. A Mau4 la Ktery Hoawebold: BATHROOM CABINET 4.98 To k"V four tu-4Uiuf bandar eattd WhiKM avtiaow-l tiuisii in- iiv aud uui, twu jfJafes siiH-t;. Wood ff a m fl-riwifd baufk. oiaHal ti'tiut catcb and swiur UTILITY SHELF 1.98 Can be used as a vanity shelf for bathroom or a Cpl. and Mrs. Phillip I.. Jones are tlie parents of a aon born September 13. Mrs. Jones is the former Jeau-ett Ferguson. Feaaast Battier A peanut butler idea for breakfast is to top the toast or pancakes with peanut butter and citrus roar-malade. For lunch combine peanut butter and bacon in broued Sheer Celaaete RAYON HOSE Full fashioned, 45-gauge with cotton reinforced foot. Vis- oOC ta Beige and Patio Sun. Sizes 8J to 10!;. inu.v SHACCY RUCS 3.98 JinliOn up your birtMjiu or fjaili. tthUtttz or oval 24 Z$. Colors to 0 iiia your color fe.ii.ixi'. J'luffy aru two 00 25c METAL ZIPPERS 7. 6 mnd 9 inch size for skirts, df mod slacks! Wide e- lection of colors. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Iawson aud family visited Mr. aud Mrs. Siebert Lawson and daughter. Mrs. Lucille tMiwell who has been very ill lor the past week is report ed to be improving at her bome. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Brann attend 98c 1.49 Blue Work Shirts 141-2 to 17 Overall Pants size 28 to 46 Scissors 5", T 1.29 139 and American Beauty Shop Vera Mae Black 812 a. Maia Itumr KptYialized Hair My ling aVmiaiM at taatea rtMii' Vur Am Appoint aavaaf ittat 22 K 4H 4Am iHtUm $ s Zl H.iHt ed tlie Tribble reunion at Brazil. Mr. and Mra. Hubert Brann of Marshall, 111, and Mr. and Mra. A. L. Brann of indianaiioiia visited their parents, Mr. and Mr. Ivan Brana. Mr. and Mra. Ceorge Pilipovicfa uaa aa their recent guests Mr. atid atiliiy shelf for the kiuhen. White euauiW finish, full mirror back, 2 shelves, towel bar aud 2 books for banging. and 8' 1.49

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