The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 15, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1944
Page 2
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Friday, S'ii'nilxT 15, 19H. THE DAILY CLINTON1AN "age Two I'MinPr Mrii'ke The purke AAtifV Miiii-ileiial Association, jsuperiuieuiients and held a Joint meeting Monday, Sejit. II and l was 4rd4 ui uu-serve Hie occasion religiously in (be nature of school observation IB each school and eiiujvb services In each Nazis, Finland At War; Enemy Invades Island (Continued frois P H MOSCOW. ' .V-Haekil. premier of Finland end chairman "I Kiuuish eee inU-sioii lo Moscow, iu mtrtum uw ijitiou today in Moscow hospital alter being slrlcken sitli paralysis. Hackwll ul'lere4 paralysis of liw right liand and leg, and Hi stroke resulted in loss of speech, according lo a meilical bulletin stating, "lh patients geueral eoudilioo to eeri- community in the evening. Iietaits TIIK riUST H.I'I'IST cm lu ll i- i'iJro! of each township program will i conjunction with Hie local jjastors. Coriu-r of H alnui " Klu ous," v.m. it bi-ing inopixd up, head now Hood W'lcM The organized lumber Industry estimates en annual wood west of 20 to SO million tons. was said. The ItellU dispateb quoted report by Ihe Swedish news ageuc s Helsinki corresjwudenl lied lcailii- Soviets Massed Before Warsaw, Guns Shell City 4Vntti.uea iioas page 1 1 AT FIRST JVlis and Mis. M:iHd J-urc ami SMi:lii-i sill of Vf.r- Haul" etuv.4-the svliwtd reunion here Sunday. Mis. Georgia Self and two granddaughters of Ctiuton t"'li( Sunday afternoon with relatives and friends here. Urn. Km J"1' Ma.vse .visited iu 'lVrre Haul' the last of the week. The Jteb.kah lodge gae a parly Monday night iu honor of Mrs. liella M.Carty who lias been an olficer for Si . They presented her with a nte' gilt and served refreshments. Itev. and Mrs. Goss and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mis. Wallace Stewart. Donald Sykes. S. K. 3c from a Navel base in South America is home for a 15 day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1'carl Sykes. spent .Sumtay afternoon witfc Mr. and Mrs. V, ; lln.ce Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Harlcy Kennedy and daughter, Betty Mu attended the funeral service of Charley Glaze al Clinton Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. it. ('. Small of Terre Haute and Mrs. Hattie iSluiml Brown of Dana former teachers of Hillsdale School attended the school reunion Sunday. Several oui of town people were there and a good lime was enjoyed by all. 1'bilbert Stewart of the Navy Coast Guard from the Kast Coast is home on lea e. JIM OF A The clash as reported as "Jj date for evaluation "1 Herman troops, under the fjmiisb-Soviet armistice agreement expire.,!. I'revious-ly it had been indicated that hostilities might develop bHween the Films and Hermans through Cermaii , faifuie to remove military lores j from Finland i time. run i iiiM' Mi;rnii hum h Ulilloid '. JokImu. Millie John U. ItwMle-, Su'iill"letll, lUiurt'li fwliooi Mre. t. W . liiv-''. MiuMer ut Music Mi, ice IiujcIi. OiiuuiM 41 ; 3 y a. iu. Morning Worship. Sermon subject: "In Actouu Wilh Cod." j:45 a. iu. Church School. you are cordially jiivited to all Ihese classic of study and jnspira-I ion. 1:3U i. ni. - Methodist Voulh 1,'ellowsliip. JlBt (J'e.der. president. 7-:u iv in. - KveiiiUK Service. Sermon t.ibj't: "The Surpiising tied." 7:lll) p. m. Monday. Scout ineet-and J' m session. 7 : ;;ii j,. m. - .Wednesday. Midweek service and studies in Jsaiah. the great prophet. 7;u p. w. Thursday. 'lioir rehearsal. Tin- Circle No. 2 of the W. S. C. S. meets next Thursday at t vu with Mrs, ;. Hoy Siultz. S Kim strex-t. Mrs. A. Wright assistant hostess. Supplies for the supply work are to be brought. All members asked to be present. liay itl. MinMer Mie 1teliall. Miiser of Ms Miw. Ted MoJgan. I'iajiM Mi. Mollis ickid. Will MuhA tiuMiiiiidiil V:4U a, n. Bible School opened with orchestra music, 10:S a. bj. Morning Worship. Sernion subject, "How lioi Mak's Things Work lor our Jood." H.'tU p. in. Baptist Vouth Fellowship. Tbre groups. Junior, Junior-high, d Keillor. 7 : go o. m. Fveuiug Worship. Sermon subject, "tiod liememlM'rs All Things." 7:30 i. m. Wednesday meeting. 7:30 i. in. Thursday. Orchestra pra.eti.oe. HKW CHISTI I'Hi liCH TIJi auid lilai kmau tsnie-t it. i' I'oisier, l'uti' :80 iu. Bible School. It's kwp the attendance increasing. Now is the time for every member of use) UUO fU'i-ce ,oinbat which, in some eases, became hand-to-hand duels. Nazis, basing themselves on War Cold Prepaiatioatjlfjiiiectii saw's poweriul defense syslclH, resisted si ublnii ," acx'ordiiig lo the Sovii't account. I'nits of the first I'o- iish army, cximmanded b.v Maj. li-. Hillsdale Man Awarded Medal Mrs. Soul hard Kefeives M ounded Son's Purple Heart; Servicemen Home Mr. Myrtle Southard received the I'urpuj Heart award for her sou. Paul Southard who has been wounded in France. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Overpeck from Kluabetb. Ohio .visited Mr. and Mrs. Duulap IJtaut.on. Sunday. Mrs. Grave Jlooley from Newport spent the weekend wiib her mother. Mrs. Alice Lulu. Mr. end Mrs. Claud i'ontou from lCvansville spent t he weekend here Willi Mr. mid Mrs. Ollie l-'ont.on. Josejib i'earman of I'. S. Aruiy Camp in Texas is home for a furlough Willi his mother, Mrs. Myrtle r'aartuan. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stewart of ttvanavllle spent the weekend here with rlativs and friends. The Aid Society of the LT. 13 Church will have an all day meeting Thursday, Sept. 9 4 at the home of Mrs. Nora Jones. Mrs. iinogene Sykes and children ere visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Morgan near Cliristnau. IU. Mrs. Violet Sykes and children ere spending a few days with her parents Mr. and M'j. Muratt Smith at ,hrisman. 111. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charley Oormaney and Mr. and Mrs. kouis Cornianey from Taylorville, Jll. and Mrs. Mary Krooks of Newport visited Mr. and Mrs. i'earl Sykes Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Self of Brazil pent Sunday with relatives and friends here. Mrs. Charles McCarty and baby from i-lvausville are visiting her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1J. H. McCarty for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Ike Petty of Anderson, Ind. spent tile weekend here with reialives. Mr. and Mrs. Euby. Mr. and Mrs. -i'wzitik. suiged itito lJraga the l.'..... 4 A ,,1..., wilt) Ul'A STAG PARTY UHIMIIIP. Ml !'-". P I army troops following a nightlong j battle that broke the ,enuan ' lense line a nd dislodged it lie Ss'aitls from their fori it w-al ions. Seiw- l i-e illage liar First Christian Church lo get back Hie habit of Bible school The morning worship hour at i Dailey Chapel Mr. and Mrs. Karl Huxford and SIWSOKED BY THE MOOSE MOOSE CLUB ROOM 22Va South Main St, WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20 VVBLIC INVITED iliAIIV BAITIH'r (WWII a:57 lilaelia it,e Trunk (. luwr, M iuisMw :8U a. m. Bible School. .John ,,.i...ll Kinil. 10:45 is a fall to all itbrjsuans to be faithful. The pastor 'ill be in charge and bimg the message. The sermon subject wili we, ''The Cross In livery May kUe." The coiumunioue named II tillages that had been taken near Mar-' saw as well as the railway slatious at Zie'Jenka. ftembi'rt.ow and W'aw- er. ! tti northern I'olatid, of the town of lioua, the ISussian froces si'iwd owogrod, ' an Important stronghold on the (eft bank of river Narew. Advancing despite seven Nazi c.ount.ei'-aHiwks. the Hed nrniy sent hundreds of tiermans re'ling bark across the river under fire of Kussiaii artillery and machineguns. One Soviet unit, participating in the march upon N'owogrod. captured Morning Worship. I Sermon subject. ''What Will ou i)o With Jesus?" liilJ, J'BIW HI l it Mrs. Wayne Huxford of near Calliu spent the weekend with Wayne Hux- . ford at Willow Kuu, near I'iosiianti, Mich. : Mr. and Mrs. Foster Brener ud daughter Joau spent Sunday wilb Mr. and Mrs. Wren Braner and Mr. jand Mrs. Luther Myers near jMou- ' tezuma. I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brown and j.childreo were Sunday dinner guests G : Sti p. m young JVoples ser-ice. 7 'Sit u. m. Evening service. Wit fcoi tli Mglitli JHe Itoy (tHuoles ijJilx'i'g, Minister Sermon subject "What Does the Bible Teach Concerning Baptism?" Si: 8o a. m. Sunday school. :5 p, ui. Tuxis Societies. Billy Watson leader of the internie.' 7:80 p. ill. Monday evening. ihe inhabited locality of Mentwie where they wiped out an estimated .cottage prayer meeluig at tne iwiir ANNOUNCING... 00 Germans and destroyed six tanks and self-propelled guns. diate Tuxis. 7:10 p. m. Evening Church service. Sermon "O U r Father's Hand." 7:15 ji. in. Thursday Choir rehearsal. iJHFI'AHDSVIl.l.F 'KW Take ''our Trajisyivauia fctalious of Mr. and Mrs. Itobert ianey on the Terre Haute Koad. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday evening, midweek prayer service. Children's Hour sponsored by our Missionary Croup Friday afternoon Horn 8:80 to : SO at the ehurch. of Mr. and Mrs. Wiliuer Huxford. Bobby Joe Huxford speuit flie week end with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Keltz and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huxford spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Win. I'hilubauin at West Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Bianer called on Mr. and Mis. Chester Dickey Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bert King of St. Bernice visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller Saturday night and Sunday. TriKTilMKKT CHI l n Hn: Josiiib li, H uuieiicMiouM-. MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 9 For Service frop I's A Curd E. W. Walsh Monumeut Co. 21 14 Wabash Ave. Ten Haute, iudiiuui All children are invited to attend. A cordial welcome awaits you at Calvary Church. i--AittviKW r&imm UNIVERSITY COURSE IN ACCOUNTING TUITION FREE The Indiana University School Of Business Under The Program Of The U, S, Office of Education Offers INDUSTRIAL ACCOUNTING 15 MEETINGS Starting Monday, Sept. 18, 7 p. m. Domestic Science P.oom, High School Gym The rinss Will' Enroll Both Earther south, below the town ot Hzns7.oii. Russian forces improved I heir position with capture of a number of villages, but ju northern Transylvania. where the Soviet troops are battling side by side with Romanian soldiers, the Cermans lost si.vly inhabited localities including four strategic railway stations. The Transylvania offensive, smashing toward the Hungarian border, brought the Ked army to within a dozen miles of Cluj. capitai of Transylvania and railway center controlling it he principal escape highway for Cermans and Hungarians J-'a-slr JO: on ni. Sunday School. 11:00 m. Morning Worship. 7:80 p. ni. Evening Service. 7:80 p. ni. Wednesday, prayer meeting. J. . j.o,lwiu. Miiii.-K-r 1 c lie itig westward. l''aiivievv V:40 a- in. Sunday School. Andrew Simpsou. Supt. T:SU p. ju. Worship. Seimon: ijur Fatal Heritage. Note: We will be back in the auditorium Sunday, if not attending elsewhere, tisit us. We are a friendly ijeople. Kttieiu i m:00 a. ni. Sunday School. F. H. Uaiidolpli. Supt. . , J J:00 a. in. Worship. Seriuoui The Christian Standpoint. Beginning and Advanced Students WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY and TUESDAY Due To A Jewish Holiday f VASSER.WrS SHOE STORE 21$ S. Main St. Clinton, lud. Smashing U. S. Column Moves Deep in Reich ifContlnuetl f-rotn tage ) 'Kllii'tHlJ ft. V. nu.n'ru. Terre Haute, lud. INSTRUCTOR; Dr. G.R.KcGUIRE CJIIIiOPKACTOB X-Kaj 235', Kiackmiw Oihh To l--rsous Mitli High MuA rOdutio tiu Aiivaiu- JtesiiMatiou ikecessaiy I f. . I (A 'eU'l' ' J " - " 3 0 00 a. m. Sunday School Myers, Sept. attack aKaiust file .Genua ns. "This morniiiE a.l g o'clock the ' ' , -- - , CIH.ST JHIiTI';i4i IrllHtW A Thii-d and Mulbeii-y it. Itoy iiclw ijnliejg, MiiiislM' MKi..H. HuKliiM.sou, igajiis V : 30 a. Hi. Sunday School. ,10:dE a. ni. Stvn U;u .of Worship. Sermon. 'lioilHCming The Clay." Miss Elizabeth Eai'les will sing a Vermillion County's Most Complete Stock of nvery oaturaay mi solo. ' town was completely liberated." 4 wail Allied TrooU Headiiuarters of Gen. liwittht 1). lOisenliower had no .confirmation of or comment ou a,, report publshed iu the 1'nited Stales that American iroops had effected Nancy's libera-liou. but fresh nrosiress was reported on all sectors of the West Wall balllefronf . Residents of fv'aucy "now are a-wailinic Ihe arrival of Allied troops," lieu. KoeniK announced. A spokesman lor Gen. llwifcht IJ. Kiseniiower announced that the eily of f'hariues. 25 miles south of fv'aucy. has been laken. while 1'olish unit's of Ihe Allied forces have pushed into the vicinity of SI. Nicholas. Tmo Mile lioiil AaHicw The great German communication Some Christmas planning of the young people's society makes this PAHTS reuuest necessary. Please give our AUTO BEER-WINE-WKISKEV-MED DRINKS No Cabaret Tax Until After 9 p. m. pastor a copy of the latest addresses of the young people whose names appear upon our honor roll of those iu the service of our country. .. I'KFF Htl,INriS MISSION Mil .St. ISish,,i Kim . Jm.-jmm I 'allimiii of IWkiiiic 7:,';o p. in. Sunday night s STOP.. . AND CHECK THESE ITEMS HASTINGS PISTON RINGS v ices. Mhlv prayer service Thursdav If M evening. ;niri Mrs. laifersoii will be Ninth at Vine Street huh of Aachen is now within a two-mile reach of advanciiiK American forces, and Hie German radio admitted thai "several strong points" iu Ihe SictUried Line have fallen to Allied troops operating in overwhelming strength. Allied Iroops which crossed the German frontier on a six-mile front east of SI. Villi are advancing u-gaiust stroiiKly-fonilied positions which are being protected by .enemy artillery and anti-tank fire, head-uuarters said. the speakers Sunday niglil. The pub-jic is in v iutii .' ' - ,. . . CHK1STIAN SCUONCE SOCIKTlf tti -g liluekuiao 8t. (FyUiian Jlull) :S0 a. in. Sunday School. 11 . m. Churt. Testimonial meetings every 1st end 8rd Wednesday of each month. PERMITE Valves, Piston Pins, Mufflers, Tail Pipes, Water Pumps King Bolt Sets REPLACEMENT PARTS Chevrolet Plymouth Ford SAFETY ORDER of the day lin itiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiin iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiii Poles J'ush to ItoubT in., si Nichoas area, folisll In iroops puslied forward five miles lo y.andlooper. 2'2 miles from the liiilch frontier south of the mouth the river Scheldl. while palrols of ached l lie border Uselt. liavi Allied which crossed th" German frontier easl of Kupen in Belgium are meeting stronger re-sislauce. including extensive minefields and obstinate road blocks, heady uarlct-s wild. i;oi'ii Aiivaiw'is. Mowed THERMOID Brake Lining, Fan Belt, Radiator Hose P and D IGNITION PARTS - SHOP SERVICE - HYDRAULIC BRAKE CYLINDERS, SPINDLE BUSHINGS SUNNEN HONING FOR PISTON PINS BARRETT BRAKE DRUM LATHE (Handle An) i- luui) VALVE REFACING and RESEATING. Valve Seats Installed TIRE VULCANIZING TUBE REPAIRING result. Anglo-American ua-iu this secior have been As vaneel slowed down appreciably. Gen. Kisenhower s spokesman said that anadiau troops had been compelled to withdraw from their bridgehead near Moerkeo,ue as the result of stubborn enemy opposition in "exposed country." Women War Workers URGENTLY NEEDED E. I. Du Pont l)e Nemours & Co. Inc. Operating Wabash RIvsr Ordnance Vorks NEWPORT. IND. .o Kn'nviu:v uirrd At i'locEii Time and O.M4na!rri WUnr MINIMUM AGE 21 YEARS MINIMUM HEIGHT 5 FT. 3 IN. MINIMUM WEIGHT 320 LBS. Ajl.v At W'AK MANPOWER 1MW!SSIO V. S. KM Pi All MJ!.T tSKEJVK'K :Ji"JMotr StarBuiltliiig Terre Haute, Ind. UK: E. I. DlT PONT COMPANY Eii!jIt.vnH'!rf O'fit'e Kttute (iS, Near New jitirt CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Matter" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in U Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, September 17. . The Golden Text is: "Wilt thou set thine eyes on that which is not .' for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven" (Proverbs Among the citations which comprise the JLesson-Serinon is the following from the Hible: "And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying. Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust do'.h corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lav up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and w here thieves do not break through nor steal: tor where your treasure is. there will vour heart be also" (Matthew 5:1, 2; f. li'-2l )- , . , , The Lesson-Sermon also includes the follow-in? passages from the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "To have one Cod and avail yourself of the power of Spirit, you must love God supremely. ... It is not wise to take a halting und half-way position or to e.iect to work equally w ith Spirit and matter. Truth and error. There if but one way namely. God and His idea which lead t spiritual being" (u. 167), Parke County Completes Finns for V-K Celebration BRAKE AND CLUTCH REUNING SERVICE BATTERY RECHARGING 0 Paul .Myers, chairman of the educational phase of Ihe 1'arke t'ouil- ty t'ivilian iJetense Council, will act as general chairman and coordinator of the county-wide program to observe the end of the war with Ger-. many, il was d.-cided in the coiumit-. tee planning meeting. Friday. Sept, ! . The meeting wa.- held in the of- TO SUPPLY STAATS AO of l'arke County Ag--ut Aoah .-. ' Hadley. "THE PLACE TO UY" Mr. Mv Superilitel Uuriug ers i.- alo l'arke C'ountv I'lellt of Schools, the meeting it was pln-ceneral public ol-rv auce ned tli at be arranged iu each of the ?hould thirteen tuwuthio. . J

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