The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 3
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THE DAILY CLIXTOMAK Thursday, September J 4, IMS. A NAZI OFFICER CALLS ON HIS MEN TO SURRENDER ........ UKMHKWS01111 Highlights of Past Week in , Newport; New Pastor Honored tram their Jiome in rtlie second story of the Fooe building to the Uoubc "Bebanuu." Caruliiie Miil'tr; "Bliic,!;-birds on the B'U." h aute Morton: and "(jreen Bolptiui Si reel." Bliaabeth Coudge. Sow Many MVar FALSE TEETH With More C-oiuforl; J'ASI'KKTM. it .l-ns;ii( jilkjilhn' ih:mI i (iwntl.-r, .lioldh inlfi- Infill iitun - lirin- I.V. Ilo I'Kl Hixl l.'ill. HI iixr' rullJ'.M'l, jllri! n.i'iiil,lf ii hl.U.' l AS'I KKTU t.n yiMW (latfK. Alu jriiuiiiijL , iniey. (uisl y An ute ur .(.iMit:. ( In . l.s ir" Mi-l m r-t.r--iit,li,). .J(!i J' As:t KVM.lii id any Unijf Couuiy Library Itewiyeb jw Books For ptuuler A number of new hooks were re-ceievd iby rt.he .Newport fibrary re-(jeuUy, Mrs. W. idi. JJarrett. iiUrarian. announce.d Monday. Several of ithe (new volumes are juvenile ,bouls. a few are 4Un-1 i:t,iuu -lor adults, hul mostly itiie iisl includes fiction novels for. adult reading. , The new hooks for 'Children are;, "is'ui'HC Merfou in the J'acil ic." by , Jouiae (Logan: "Vuung Man ol' rthei Bouse," Mabl Beirh id unt ; "Susie: Stuant jfome Front JJoctor," fjiro-i Hue A- Chandler: '-J'i Brownie."; Guy GobihiU was tlie Sunday dinner iguest ,Qf Mr. and Wis. JRaliiU Aflumu and family. Miss jBillie Jean Snhnlti!, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. . J). 8hutU ul Dearborn, Mich., and Kranddaucliter f Mrs. Mary Poor of Newport, will' ibegin aturtien at .the Wayne lUnlvor-i sity, Detroit, Midi., on Kept. 18. ( Alias Seliulu will major .in KeieneeJ for the IhhI oeven innuUiH, Hhe hit ibeen employed at Kwift and 'Coui-(Pany. I Mr. and Mrs. Jtalpli West of south of Newport had as their gueHt .rr y y eft ti i nu3 p a lit. --ie over the weekend, Mr. and Mrs. .by of Newport. Wayne West of 'IJiiyuga, Mr. audi Miss lEUnor Burse, fluanita Mrs. J. JE. Fogletnan (f Georgetown, i Broady. Virginia Aabury, JLois Bish- JU., Miss iKuby foreman of New-'op, and frank A. Wir.kens were in jiort and their n!y daughter, Miss j Clinton Saturday night. Wary West of Indianapolis. ; Mrs. ,Grace Xooley of Newport at- ,15. S. JSggleston .returned do his tended a reunion in Millsdaie, Sun-iliome in Newport Tuesday after j day. owned by JSdwin iirouiiy in the west end of town. Mr. and Mra. aU P. Nelson of in-l diiinupolis, ..former Newport jesi-dents, are visiting this week itb friends iin Newport. Mrs. Qra Ingram and son, iLeroy. iR visiting .this week with her husband's ,parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,Roy Ingram and family of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. itheuby of Torre Haute spent Friday with Mr. Kheuby's sister, Miss D. Grace Hheu- Mrs. Herbert -youmans .of New port started working in the Jlegal Store in this ity this woek. Mrs. H. Milton Crooke nd Mrs. J. J. Chipps spent Tuesday in Terre Haute shopping. Mrs. Pearl Pollard .and daugltter. Jean, left Monday for Pasco. Wash, where they will visit Mrs. Pollard's other daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dewis E. Stein. Jfinroute to Washington,! they will stop ut (Grand Island, Nebr.l to visit Mrs. Pollard's grandson.l Sergent Edgar iLee and another dau- ghter. Mrs. Ralph Mtlam, at lwiston Idaho, a former .resident of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Howard JSrwin .of - ' ,.j'j i, ..d,isn M. Srwin's nephew. Harold ConnerlyJ ... . ..... ... tf AS THREE YANKS hold their rifles ready, a captured Carman captain talks to .his men In their hiding place in s iwuse in Mans, Belgium, telling them that it is useless to .carry on the fight any longer. Short) y jitter, they tame out and were taken prisoner. W. S. .Signal Corps Kadiophoto. imtertiotia!i fiutb'-nl'oi d Moni.gtrtiiery ; "Fierre1 iKeepH Wa.teh." Ms.rie ii;il'tt.; "Amer-j ican Warplanes," Klisabeth M. C.ou-er; "Wuiderly," Cert.rude ii:. Mal- iette; "iJtugie Boy," iKdith Meal; a.ud "Australia. The island" tiratie Allen Jiogartii. Tito nou-Jictitui ftfil in- .oludes: 'dod is jny C.o-.lJil(t." Bob-ert B. Scott; Basic Bisury .of tlie United .States." C-hanles A. and Mary 1 K. Bewd: "living Biographies of Famous Meu." Henry and JJana Jjh-Thomas; and "C S. War Aims," iby Walter Jjipj'maun. is'.ine aiew fiction hooks for adults are now available ,al the J ibrary. They are: "Trouble at ithe Jouble Triangle." Tex Jioil : Horsetliief Creek." BUss Bomax.; "Xa-ps for pri vate Tussie," Jesse Btuart; "Cluuy Brown." Margery Sharp; ".C'resfu'tit- Carnival." Fiances Faxikson Keyes; 'Fnrlought," Fran JJoeileriug ; POTATOES U- S. So. 1 WHITES li'K No IrW SIXICtT I Our FRENCH FRIES .taatvM'K now twut 4. M. Tt 12 V- M. Sand wit-lie Soft Drinks Deacious Coffee Breakfasts SPEED GRILL DRIVE-IS tS7 MwUi Miun GET VOIKS SOW. fancy Italian . PRUNE f PLUMS : 16 LB. IXG Q QO I f-'iUley Keiltx rt,e(l MiJd ai.3 Hert (0 Z 43c i . h.. No. M-JVV Afl'tJ-.l t m.uUuui ' ji-uti. 4WUmi U.K. Z5c 10" 43c tM.. 375 ' lJuii.. 35 of Marshall and Miss uwnieen jsus- enbark of Rockvllle at the fttetho-K spending from Saturday until Tuesday with ,his siHter, Mrs. flora ;Gal-fjoway of Jivansville and another sister, Mrs. Naomi Bell and his son. Mr. and Mrs. it. JS. JSggleston, all ,of Terre Haute. Mrs. Ada Wright returned to her Jtoine in Newport last Thursday af-l ter spending two weeks with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mc Dowell and family of Marion, ffntf. Kev. and Mrs. Ruy Morlord. the .new minister of the friends Church in Newport were (recent .callers at the .home of Mr. and Mrs. itilph West of south of Newport. i Mr. and Mrs. Qn'iUe jDodson and daughter, Audra. and J. U. Hollings-I worth spent Monday afternoon in Terre Haute. I Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stewart and family ' speut Sunday evening in (Clinton. - Mrs. Edith Holton of Danville.1 111., spent Sunday with -her mother,; Mrs. Margaret (Donley ,of Newport. ! Miss tluria Ann Asbury of New-' .port spent Sunday with Miss Dar-J jene froffit of south of Newport. ,, Mr. and Mrs. John Park and family spent Saturday afternoon iu Ter-j le Haute. iGlenn Brazeal of f idell. ill., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Allow razeal of Newport Sunday. I Miss Virginia iteid. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Keid of New- port, recently .completed her nurse's training at the Vuion Hospital In Terre Haute, Ind. Miss Reid. who is a juember of ithe -Cadet Nurse Corp. will leave next week for Craw-fordsvltle where she will work in the Culver Hospital. Mrs. Beulali Chipps. Corporal Sam D. Chipps, Mildred Groves, Mrs.1 H. Milton Crooke and daughter, f ranees Carol, and Mrs. J. J. Chipps and son. Jerry, plan to spend Thursday with Mrs. Chipps' aunt, Mrs. Betty Wade of Cayuga. Mrs. ff. J. Chipps and small boh, Jerry, of St. louis, Mo., arrived in .Newport Saturday to visit her mother-in-law, Mrs. Beulah Chipps. Cpl. Sam D. Chipps wil! aocompany thetu .back to St. .Louis this .Saturday. Mary fcouisc Martin of RockvilU , I a nurse at .the I mon Hospital in Quality 4 '-tttMitfliia htiuilvint 5! tMM 85 IMPORTANT! BLUE RATION TOKENS! Blue Tokens WjJJ Sot lie Ootid, ESLEFT IS MLL-IWLrJs OE 10, Wiieu I'unliasjug tUtUm Eoois After 8at-la,v, 4Septenjl-r titb. Montezuma Tuesday .evening. The Woman's Republican Club .of Vermillion Township will meet .at the -courthouse at J A. m. Tuesday evening, Kept. (Ev erybody is .come. Mrs. ilsabelle Puese.nburg of Sn-idianapolis as viBitiug this week wiLh tiiex sistej-s. Mrs. tO. iL. Actions iindj Mrs. Marion Allen. JVlre. (Clyde AlitolieU and Mrs. C iD. WWliams. iboiih of jRidg4tarui. J LI. tfoi mer j-esidents rf this tetty. spnt Tuesnay afternoon in 2ewpont. Mrs. 'Clara Johnson if Frankfort suending tkis week with .her jiephew and wife. Mr. nd Mrs. Ar-J thur JBishoi) o,f Newport. Mrs. Sophia Delich returned to her work Wednesday in the Court House .after spending several diys in 'Chicago. Perrysyille j News and Notes j Sunday School Oas Has FareweU MaejUu; W SOS Cosefies at Local Chureb Mrs. A. Ellis received word ifrom her son. Sergeant JR. ale. Jhlllis. slating ttnat iie was texpectUig it leave for overseas duties oon. Mjs. iKay rGebhink was transacting business in .Danville Thursday. i Mrs. Merle Kewkir,k as visiting flier aunt, Mr. ud Mrs. Melven Andex-sn. iy.e,r ii unhand, it'.oriiorail iUouald A. Kewkirk flias ibemi senl fOx.rseas and now is somew,ivere iu the .south Pacific. I Mrs. M. M- Anrierhon and Mrs. jKf-l fie itrobbink were shopiuigtj Xu iCwv- ington 'riday. Mrs. ttfersclud AUe-u w.a An jDau-vilU1 Saturday. I Mrs. (lohn iJughes rf i-'ontia. JU., as viriiUng ther nioLher, Mrs. Jus. iiiT. JoluiKon titill seriously) jlesse Wttbb and wif f mear il'n- iov iCormir ws in ierrysviUe Kat- urduy jevening mt business. Mr. and Mrs. Jdomer JH'ox iww reesived word ifrom tlwnir won. rt'liuil Wttrraut OMicer Jflonier F-ox Junior, that iie is iu a fliospitai an JS'ew (Gui nea. VoiuLg 40 as suilermg iroui -ttiyrotd trouble. (Orville Allen. 5'oeuian :Ui.ird jlast; who is HUtrtioned .uX the aiaxal train-ing Htation , 4ireat Jakes, 111 . . si.eudiug a weeks ieave with jiis jiar- AMLtS. JPriiiiU' rfjuy Suiith is Kpejiding a 3 3 -d.iy Jurlough wit h ;Uifi jiartts, Mr. and Mrs. lOeorge SuiiUi. JUe will relioil -back .U :ii.nii AtU'rhury at the end of iu furlough ;biu -xiiets to be transferred from there ir soon. Mrs. rf'lutjies (Uouiy. Mrs. William' Jrake. Mr. and Mrs. JB.vard jSwiiiher iuid Mr. and Mrs. ftluy (Lewis attended tlie Howard diome icomwig Sunday iifternoon. ( Mrs. tfClaie t'.outy iias .aee-ertud a, positiou as clerk iu Miss Kosenb&r-j gr's BUre. ( Mrs. Maurine Morton. iiuuloyd an the Methodist 'hildrai"e Hoiue al 3'hanon was visiting iriends .htaie, Sunday. i Tlie JUighlaud towiiwliip sejUools t4etnid witli a slight iriw in iu oUnie.nt. JPerrysx ill iiigh sehool , hus 1 7v .divided us .follows: seuiortJ 2t : juniors JtV ; sop Uoan ores. : Ireshumu. eighth jirade. 21; iuid ""i eutll il ade. iK: tirade school sixth. 07; filth. II: fuurth. 1 liird. 21 ; second. 3 4 : and f irst 34: and first. 27. .j The Kileyaburg sohool iias an rollmeiu of iiti. rollmeiu oi riti. . ,i U i Terre Haute, spent Sunday night , jyjr. and Mrs. Earl Hoovtir of ; family, Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Robin-and Monday with Miss Virginia Reid Newport spent Monday iu Terre, son. Mrs. Joe Allison and Mrs. iititl- LI S. No. I Michigan PEACHES 3 lbs. 25c bushel $3.79 dist Church in Rookville Sunday Mrs. W. C Wait and Corporal Sain P. Chipps of Newport were guests Monday of Mrs. Wait's sister, Mrs. f ranees Broafly of WU-liamsport. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Baird and family spent Sunday in Indianola visiting Mr. Beard's Jirother, ern Baird and family. Mrs. Viola Jfiller of CUntoa spent several days last week with herj niece, Mrs. Ralph Adams f New port. Mrs. D. B. Hurd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C Parrett of Newport, is viBlting friends and relatives ,U) Indianapolis this week. QU Potter of Newport and Mayor! Clarence Wright of Clinton attended the Republican Convention at f rench Lick oi er the week end. iLois Margaret Lee .left Monday morning for Danville, 1-11., where she plans to make lier home. Mrs. Flossie West was a (business caller in Danville. HI., recently. J Mrs. J. K. Jones of Newport visit- ted lier son, Kendall Jones and wife' of Kankakee, 111. ovr the week .end Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Mi-Daniel were Sunday guests of Mrs. 1511a p. Hall of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hoover .spent Monday in Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adams of Newport pent Saturday in Terre Haute shopping. Haute. noy p,ush and Joe Broady attend- e(j a movie in Clinton Sunday Members of the Thimble Club held their first fall -meeting at the home i ,of Mrs. W. G. tr'arrott fast Wednes-dtiy. After the business meeting, a fto uurne dinner was fiervid by .the iiOHttisses. The j-est f (Uie evening was spent socially. Two puestH. Mrs. 3d. Milton Groofce and Mi's. (D. B. Jdurd. were present. The members uttendinp were, Mrs., Nell Wait. Mrs. Joe J-'oUe. Mrs. V.J it. DwiKius. Mrs, JB. Jt. Nixou. Mrs. J. N. Junes. Mrs. J. W. "C'rahers, Mtk. P. Corn. Mrs Verner Van Vlitrt. Mrs. Belle Hearty and the hostess. Mrs. rPaiTHtt. ! Announcime.nt was made i!or,tintl' of the marriage of .Helen J-IUKhes. a lieutenant in Xi.e. Army Nurse's j(U)rp,, the diiuhtAir f sVUrs- jUwa . iL-lucnes ol -HiUhaalf. to .leuten-aut Juliu J. Jvinney aj( Attclimond. Va. The marriHKe look place in the Post Chapul a,t iClraii; J'Meld near JSuH-i mu. Ala., at S:3l p. m.. July fc. and was performed cby the paHtor of the St. Raul's Epiacopal lUurch uf Sel-: ma. The bride is a graduate f tlie UjikeA ie Hospital school of nurs-j inp in Dain ille. JU-. and is stationed present at Maxwell Field. Ala. .. The groom, the son of Mrs. JVlaryi 'Kinney of iiulialo. N. '.. iias just 1 rHtutned from oxerheas duty and is j stationed ut .Richmond. Miss Alice Xe Keinsburfr ew-r sit Joe Marst . Orade "A" 5 Vomica I' wixii CHUCK ROAST MtlMLliV . 3V Urfti MXf Ml I'WNil jiruul . 26:' " niglt wlule riding in ar 4riv-i by tTt. iGuy fcinith. The tear oollided with .another xuie using ,Lunivan to e thrown through the viud-sh-ield. Mrs. Kelle Juiuison's Sunday ; Sohool Class ga-e .a ifarewell jparty in itlw CUurch annex. Monday .eve-iUijig ior (tbm -of (t.lwLr number who , are fleaving for samous mlaces. Miss ; leie Smith U) Jot. AntUuny's JJoiipital ' itt Terre Haute to resume (her .senior ; year in -Cadet jurses aranung. Miss Martha Moraoi who will enter, her first year iu the MacMurry's ; ColUige .at Jackson vUle. il UL .and : Joe jLnwson who avUl ,be inducted in to the il. S. bervice Sept. 20. The evening .prograui was opened with ! devotions ied iby Miss Martha Morgan. The social iiour was spent in games .and co.utests. Billy Swluer winning the contest. jRefreshments were er ed- : T.lw first uuurterjy .conference for the Methodist -ChuiuOi will he .held : , J-'rldwy evening. Sept. 22 with JtLev. W. N. Whear. district superin tendent in charge. This meeting will i also ibe family oiight and ail ,iuem-1 ibei-s -uf (the -church -w fiiends are urged to attend. The Jiistritrt (Conference xt tlie Methodist Church will ibe iield at Crawfords:Ule. Wednesday. Sept. 2i. This will ibe an all day meeting and will also include the WSCS. J auies Kuoddy, wife and .sou. Jimmy. Mrs. Leah Jtae Coff and daughter. Marilyn, and Miss Carol JJra-1her, spent Sunday at the jark in iLuf ay-ette. jLnd- iRecenl g'uests rf Mr. .aud Mrs. Tod .Jensen -ere C. W. j. Jjeon and family ttf Sioux jFalls, S. ilakotti. Mrs. Mary tf. jBUw.k and Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Je,H8-n at,t,ein(Ied a reunion Sunday art it he iUonve f Kd. SC. Black iiiear th1 state Hn. The .iw-Ku-lar monf:hly ineMtiug of the WSt.lS -was lit the Church. Tuesday afternoon. fKifteeu iiwunbers and three guests were pit-se-nt. Mis. T. B. Jenstn. the ,prenideut . jpresided aud Mrs. Nellie iHamsey's irrouv (had eharge -of ithe program. Mrs. Kelle Johnson iled !ih' devution. icUofiiiijt? t a ,hfr topir. "The Christians Ke-sponse to KuMering". M rn. jHnuisey presented the iessuti. "Mtdie4ii Wwk in the A.'. S. A., Alaska and itlie Do-miuican iRepublic". She was asshited by Mrs. Jitta J'ral.her and Mrs. Jdelen Myers. Mrs. Maud Jester's group will hav tiie m'oi;rai,u next incait.h. An executive meeting will ie held in the church aiuiex. d-riday. Sept . 1. A soeial liour was enjoyed. JrUfrehh-nu-.uts were wrved. Summit Grove Mr. and M rs. M ilo .iMu-skfttt and daughter, i'atiy of jHillsdale a is i led w iiii Mr. ideskttti 's i'arediLH. Mr. and Mrs. jFrauk il;l-sl:el,t Tu-sday. Mr. aud Mrs. Marian iLiciiard-wn and family of Tipton -.uU"d ju Mr. and Mrs. JCmory jBonebrake and family Sundaj- evejiiiig. Mrs. iL. E. (Curpeiiier Af Terre Hauue and Mrs. Crowder iof Brazil visited one day iast week with lUielr mother. Mrs. Viola Jerguson. Mr. and Mrs. M- J. Miller. Jisehol Mack rf JtiuiumiW and Mrs. Kuy-moiid Cusnell and sun. Jimmie, of Jairview were Suudiiy dinner guests jof Mr. and Mrs. Caritou Mack .oi Bono. Mr. aud Mrs. Homer mock and JJoaald Juwards tp-ut the week end h Mr- S uiock s du iu-.h ' er , M rs. Preston iLittie and family .of fluin-! field. Mr. aiid Mrs. 'hester Rickey and of Koseda m Sunday lm- jyrj-. bn( jr Millard iPotter and quests -of Mrs. Martiia Dickey, augliter of Ceoi gto wn , XU. spent day Thursday with Mr. Boiler's grandmother. Mrs. Alice Maris. Mrp xuv anjl Josiah Da- UUftil- .uts f the ior- uvr B aier. Mtss il)iiig-r of lta.un. Mieg Margaret Heskew who is held in the grade school ibuildiiu: at Berr.VbvUle. Wetinehday and wili continue until Friday it was announced today. Kath grade will ibe judged sperau-ly. FriJ&es of war savins stamps will be giwu to the young ntudeats dis-pla mg egetabW- and flowers. There's NEWS in the Ads. tained several of iher little friends at lier home near Newport Monday eve-' ning the occasion being iier ninth birth anniversary. The party started after school was out and lasted until .shortly after p. m. iGames were played and prizes. f'were awarded to Morris Wickejisl Korma MaxSe Retresiimeuts: n( ine .ri'HM.m jinii .enk were served' - - , - - - Ue iiouor guests jnother, Mrs. I Arthur (RamabuJ'g. Those 4Areaeut -wa-e, PaMy Moor. Patsy Nichols. Jilalne Whitliington. Norma and Shirley Maxfield. Marilyn and Morris Wickens. Jimmy and Ronnie Doty. Dale McMaaters. Dickie Stewart. Terry JJrazil. l.aiern Hal-liugswort.h, Donnie Dodson, Shirley Russell. Patty and Carol Spell man. Pggy Ann foos and Thwa Jtine Richards. Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Mor-ford and Mr. and trs. Allen Doty vieje lso present. Many. lovely gifts were received by Miss Remsburg. A reception in ihonor of Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Morford, the jiew jnlnis-! ters of Ute friends Church of New-: port, was iheld ,at the iCliurch last' friday evening. " following the arry-iu Ijasket1 dinner at 7:80 p. m., roup singing1 and special .numbers were .enjoyed by those present. Mary Harrison1 jand Barbara Remsburg sang a duet. "Dome .Golden Sunrise." Rev. i&nd Mrs. Morford sang two duets. nd eight quests from the Methodist Church saug. Mrs. C. E. Beebee ac-i ompauied them on ithe piano. Those present were. Mrs. Clara A. Myers, Mrs. lOpal Walthall juul family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Remsburg and family. Mrs. Rosie Sykos, Mr. and Mrs. William Wiltermood and grandson, Terry Hounshol. Mrs. Newt Shell and daughter. Mrs. Mary Ethol Smith. Mrs. Earl Hoover and liains and .the iionor quests. Rev. and Mrs. Morford. The guests were, Mrs. Beebee, Mrs. Jesse De Planty and niece, Vir- ginia. Miss Blanche Eggleston. Mrs J'rn, lVTrn. iditli Gosnell. Miss Maude MorKan, Mrs. Artie Wulton and Mtb. .(Jraee flaw. iititriot Sunday aclioul supvrintrti-eait MoClure wan 'tlie jijiecial eu8l at the regular monthly iimetinj! of the Jidelas Sunday School claan f ithe Metliuditit 'iiureli !lant W'edneHday. Mr. Mot'luie 4iddresnd ithe ill niemlifre present and "hoHe as JtiF topic, "providing fur the erviccuKin after .the war .tit rough the ehurch." A earry-in supper vufi 4ield art Tt p. ui. wiiich was 'Joliuwed hy a Hliort -bustueHS niett.iuK. K-porte from vairi-.ous (giuuiw luid Airgauiatiuius or the Church were given by Mr. MoClure.1 Mr. Ulara Kldeu an alno a sueni at rWi .nidutuiK. M,r. and Mik. J-'aul Oruiaoa and Mr. iuid Mrs. Mortimer bewiif wore tlie ico-liosleases lor the meotiug. Meniler8 of the Home lEconoiaice Club of Newport will Jiuld tiuiii ree-ular meeting at the home of Mra.. lOscar Kersey. Friday eveniuK. Mre.i Claire i'oumanB will aot as tlie as-' BisLiug diostess. ' Sunday dinner Kuesus of Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Niion of Newport were Mr. and Mrs. U. V. Arney. former residenta of lOoeaa Side. ialif.. who were .euroute fat lndianapolia whej:e they will make 4.heir home. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kersey and family spent Suuday with reluthes in rt;reeneasrie. Ad. IHenill Mnnehruke of Hillsdale ti.ont the eeke,..ri willi his aunt . i Mrs. Arthur Bishop and liusbiiud. Mr Mra IJew-itt "orn are planning to moe from their home j inio the house reeutly acated hy Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Williams who moved to Bidgetarm. JU- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mattery vf Terre Hnute will move into the Corn house. Members of the study of Uie WSCS of the Methodist Cliurch in Newport iield their regular monthly meeting in the church Tuesday v- ; ning. Mrs. C. . Beebee iresided at Uie meeting and Mrs. Fern B.ol!gs-worth iiad charge of the devotions. Mrs. Jv Nixon gav a short .book review during tbe irogiam. 4uriug tne (business meeting. Uie district meeting t be held at Terre H.u-t ext Tuesday was diwubsed and the rt rf the -weuuig as spejm sieging and socially. Mr. and Mrs. Faul Newlio of Cliii- ton pent Wednesday with Mr. and M rs O. JL. Adams. Ensign and Mrs. Konaid Moere of Clinton were in .Newport Tuesday afternoon. M rs. Fred Sanders visit! hr cousin, Bert JfcKen and ile of , j j i wwr man ia M-jui, MiMi' iKif, w fit lit CLOCK EBEAD Vitamin U tin WMI'H.N'KSH Mi- k KllJlOOtM lieally 4ei;M'iu)UK. JMJM:iJ.S(i I'i'J 'J H Mj. fl. Vu Mi-. Jti--yuii Sv a- UJP VtHi i m Ji l t SSIOAK ci:xF4 BACON la hh.b U 25c 2 Vt V- 19c 40c Cross iioa4s Auit-rica 2 Efc. 4r - CHOKE 28 Oz CHOICE - 5 I A. Mf Zv 59c ISc of Newport. Vera Aston of Newport returned to her home in tins city J ueaaay after being a patient in the I niou Hospital in Terre Haute for almost a month. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Biggs moved Wzht cew Pep 2nd Vini? Thousands of ooiintaw rf wenK. w urn -flirt. i-tinuBtftl milftly becniisc b(xly lackw rB. tm nin, vitality, iry usir' 1 oriic niuiru' i or Bale at all timg wturt cvt;ry-iMiieiD .Cltutuu, ut (Jiiliw i'tiariiuuy. ES'JPIIJWIETS waliav cughifi; of CHEST COLDS Whenever the Quintuplets catch cold their cheat, throauiund backRure rubbed with Mutiierole. So Muftterole must be juat about lite boat col d-re litrf you can buy! Musterole helpa break up local cun-eettion iD upper bronchial tract, makes ireathing easier, promptly relieveBCout;h-inf and ticht, sore, aching ciieat muscles due to coida. in 8 Sirnngths: Children 'a Aliid, .Regular, and Extra Strong. From -fiere I Toil hear some talk about how when the ts ar is over there's going to be bad leeling between soldiers and civilians: how the country will be divided into those who fought in uniform aad those who stayed at home. Well, muybr you saw xiutt le ter from boUber overseas im 4nr f our Iie luaKUiues. It said that niro in uuifuru arrt tUiukins an KMch tliouht anv murr than folks at home are. The en -st important thing is, that we're all engaged in one titanic fimiggle to preserve our i J I at I i I Soldier In i PEANUT BUTTER APPLE BUTTER MI BEAKS "OHTHEBX eoiiil Er TOMATO SOUP 3 Ol Camjjl'U's Joints CO! MKV UA H I roiiit A Caa HOT OATEO LOEEEY. EVAP. MILK SPOTLIGHT j v$, Civilians Tomorrow's World Miss Maruta i organ. ow .oaugn- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Armour Morga-u. left Tuesday tor Jacksonville, ill.. whre sle will as a frhman in the MacMurry College. Junior Swiut- met iUi a j nw. ttie I j Cui accideut a 4ew .nays ago. win visiting at Jdwiu Brown' home, iie j was thrown iron a borse. An x-ruy . ju-aciiiug ai Homer. JU. speut Uie showed no hones broken irnt iie i . frud visiting her parejits, Mr. sufteriug from a -badly bruised body. ,ftlld Mrfc jpmuk H-skeM. Sex eraJ JJerr s ile residents at-i , tended tlie funeral d James Boyd on Sunday. flowraJW letdbW Mrs. fUchard iiouald celebrated. 4iOW Hi4 al PerryhvtiU? iirf-iiirth aiinierbary Sunday at the i riowej- and vegetable siww w EXTHA SPECIAL! VA ' lgg Keeije AKGEL FOOD CAKES I'usurpaswd For Ouaiity ohly freedom and our rights-eot Juat as soldiers or rivilians but a Americans'. from where I nit. that aUkd guing to win the w ar and win the feaoe too. If we cm reflect the r igUu- ot othexs whether t' their right to rsjof a glass ut beer, or to rotr the vajr ithef we're ;o a nigh) hound fuandatiuB ior oar oeace tunc world. 52c ;::r home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James JdueM.011. The guests present were. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Carr and Mr. and Mrs. Carter Massey of Cov- iugton and Claude Hueston of L b- iinun. Mrs. luiiaid's husliand ha- teen transferred from Bruol: l it. N. V. to Croton. Conn. He is a Seaman Second Class in the V. S. Navy. Holly Dunhan is suffering from a 'pfcdiy livcerttted ia;t received Fridty Copyright, 1 Brewing industry f yunrfufaw

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