The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 14, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 2
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Tbursdi'v, Srj-ribr H, 1344. THE JDAJJLV CLINTON IAN faje Two , AS SUPEKFORTS KIT JAP 'PITTSBURGH' IN 3RD RAID Yanks HaKMiier Daugherty and the seventh grade, Judy Kiohardson, Sponsors for the student council will be Miss Taimi Lahti and Miss JJlnora Marietta. its bomb load on Sliinuiahu, to the north. Seventh Army Air Force .Liberators, meanwhile, struck again at I wo Jimu in tlie Volcanos. several hundred miles southeast of Tokyo. ipoine Henderson Chapel Nctvs Mrs. IVi!iis ir; AJostrss To Missionary Society ; Local Visitors Noted .jfcT" Sea, Air Bases feed Costs Figures collected several years ago irom 16 northern and western states showed that the average cost of producing 100 pounds of digestible nutrients in the form of different feeds was as follows: Pasture, $.64; alfalfa hay, $.83; corn, grain, $1.38; corn, silage, $1.54; oats. $2.02. (Continued up. wge 1) ami 1 and Mr. and Mrs. Owen Downs family were dinner m-.sU of Mr tiny. Tlie raid was a uuick lullow-iip .causing huge fires and snooting idown one of our enemy interceptors. Two .Liberators were damaged by . anti-aireralt fire. 1 TI11W island (.roup.- ,Hil I Nauru, went of the Gilberts; ,Pa- gun in tlie Marianas, and Jaluit in , tlie Mui slialls were raided 011 Monday. An nmuiouniUou dump on Nau-j 1 '.! was bombed by a lone navy C'atu-lina while marine Corsairs hit sior-j age and magazine areas al Jaluit, and Seventh AAF Thunderbolts mauled Pagan's gun positions and buiidings with bombs and rockets. uf Mrs. WiHiort Downs and family Big JSuslnesg The linen supply business was .launched 50 years ago by a .man with a pushcart and a few towels. Today it is a $200,000,000 business made up of more than iiUO firms. to destruction of liK plunB in a Htnash by Admiral William F. J--I11I-1 soy's Third Flet last Friday. Tiip I'aluu idlands wliicli guard the east- 1 ern approaches to tile ,lJliilil)pinefi were also struck Monday in u coin-! bined mna.sli by battlesiiips, cruisers and carrier planes following a Her- j ies ot aerial attacks the preceding 1 day. i 1 lent Aircraft 1 Ipimsilion I .Mention of aerial opposition and 1 t 41 Officers Named At CHS; Don Heirs erio To Head Seniors (Continued from page 1) SUCCESS STORY! The Astounding Swing to th Nw wo""'5 Roachdale Sunday. Mrs. Oakloy Hoark and Mrs. Lydia Roark called on Mrs. Tln;lma Jones Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Elliott and daughter, Arlt-ne and Mr. and Mrs. August Belsar of Clirittmaii spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hiberly. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Downs and family spent last Sunday with Mr. And Mtb. .Lee JDunivan and family al Kingman. The Henderson Chapel Missionary Society held their regular monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Karl JHennia Friday afternoon. Eight members answered the roll call, li was noted to keep the same officers for the coming year. At the close of the meeting refreshments of ice teu, ice cream and cake were sered hv tile hostess. The next regular meet-teg will be at the home of Mrs. Ulen Fallen. It will be an all day meeting. ftlr. and Mrs. (' .rl Sltwab and IttvUy ere moving to a J aim near sHiugffittJ ' Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Howard and Mrt. Albert Gee of Dana and Mr. and ft St JtADIONIC HEARING AID I ymfta rftiiftai'n mi MnlilAtiiiihMriftiiiiii Confirm That No One Need fay Mort Tbmm $40 for Quality Instrument. COME IN FOR A DEMONSTRATION tile tact that f0 ,lap planes were shot down over the central Philippines in Monday's raids indicated tiial the enemy has finally been forced to show his hands in the defense of his stolen .empire. This was the first time since June IS when lifili Jap pianes-were shot down between the Marianas and tile Philippines that the enemy lias shown any large scale air resistance. Tlie attack against the three cen-tarlly located I'liiiippine Islands appeared to be following the American invasion pattern of neutralizing enemy bases near tlie objective. Pacific fleet headquarters declared :that. lvports of the -furious, air battles over the Philippines, were still fragmentary. ; - .. ... .1 PouiKl ,Kiilire:iPaciUc . . . .Headquarters also announced con-; tinuation of widespread u-ir sweeps agaitiHt Jap island bases mer a great area from the far northern' 'Kuriles to the .central Pacific. (Direct bomb hits were scored by navy patrol bombers on- two .medium cargo ships during a fraid on I'aramushiru Sunday and .011 the same day a lone navy plane dropped Freshman officers, .Don Jtuby. f president; Edith Veltri. vice-president; Adele .Marietta, secretary and Ruth Ann Stewart, treasurer. Officers for Junior High School f include. Eighth tirade. Billy Osnion. , president, John Markello. vice-presi- dent and Johnny Ferguson, secreta-1 ry-treasurer: .and seventh grade, ; Kathrvn Kercheval, president, Her-j aldine Huffman,, vice-president, and j Joan Kobertson, sucrctary-trensurer. .Student council members were al-. so elected Monday, officials said. !.lembers include, Senior class. .Bet- ty Lttivis,. Huhy Peck, Bob Counsel,, 'and a tie bofvveen .Floyd Foster and Martha Pesavento. The tie w.ill be j deiea-mincd at an election held :at j the .sojiool today. Junior class members include Marion Muuson, John .Graham and ' HIGH ABOVE THE TARGET, an American Superfortress wings its way across the sky after taking part in the third attack on Yawata, the "Pittsburgh of Japan." In this photo of the first daylight raid on the Jap mainland ' since Gen. Doolittle's daring mistion, huge columns of smoke from fires startad by the Yank bombers can be ' seen curling skyward. This is an jjflicial Army Air Forces photo. . (.International) READY TO WEAK 40 .Mrs. Clyde RuBsel and dauRhter of) YANKS FIGHTING ON GERMAN S05L Newport, spt'iit Sunday afteniuon i with Air. and .Mrs. Lawrence Join and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hiberly. 'Complete with rodionic 4ubas, crystal , microphone, Neutral-Color Earphone and t Cord, batteries. One model, no '-'decoys.. One price ... . One quality, Zenith' finest. ' Acteptti by America Medical AttoefmSim Council a JbytUml ihtrmpy WESTERN FRONT Sfofufe Miles Mrs. Allie -Cummins vi.-jiled Kri-j day al'lernoon with Mrs. -Owen; Downs. Mrs. Albert JenkinB of Dana spent Thursday afternoon with Thelma I LANE'S XA.BJ..EJS diaries Uunnoe; sophomore class, Sally Cogan .and Wayland Archer; freshman class, Violet Anderson and lteno Divan, eighth grade, Forrest jjjjIp Jones. I Mr. and Mrs. Levi Gephart were 'dinner KiieHts of Julia Mullins and family at Dana Sunday. ivtrc ocx a&s rox POvr?s cm Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hiberly spent Tuesday in Danville. 111. Mrs. Taylor Trosper and children, Edith and I'aul and Mrs. Minnie Wickens Hpent Thursday with Mrs. Eva Gephart. Mrs. Taylor Trosper and children. Edith and Paul, and Mrs. Minnie W tokens spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Thelma Jones and Mrs. Ernest Hiberly. Mrs. Minnie Wick ens visited witli her sister, Mrs. Taylor Trosper and family last week. ONEIaI day 71551 vitamin JsLiablbts tt--Sa THINK of it I Your rain- .ftrSl Imum daily requirements fLJc of A nd D Vitamins or of t i Complex Vitamins, in one Vfl . 1( plAMat tablet. Kememler .rV. th name ONE-A-DAY V-d (brand) Vitamin TableU. V. -NERVINE T O TENSE nerrea mak 'TA you Wakeful. Cranky, RMtltuT Dr. Miles Nervina ' tW7 belya to lessen Nervoiu I m Ttc Tension. Get it at your drug JL; "tore. Read direction and . N ma only m directed. Alka-SeltzerlV WHEN Headache. Mus- WJaJI cuUr Pains or Simple i I Nenralfia. Uistreaa after i Meals, Gas on Stomach, or "Morninjr After" interfere II,T: With your work or Bpoil Ml J your fun, try Alka-Srltzer. A - 1 JSS-- 0 25 SO 75 ,100 TT NETHERLANDS t ; v "T ' fi t L 'A RUHR i BELGIUM vfrjg i U erdun J Saarbrucken. F R A N C Ejeiborg ,,nny ,,' 1 SWITZERLAND 1 Yes, by using our ads for point budgeting, you'll save lime and money, and you'll get those tup notch Millies you've been looking for. You're sure of the duality, nhen it's from t ailed Home jlrocer's. You :nu lie sure ill' culirtoous treatment , too, and point and penny saving values. Noniuetallic Miner ala Over 7U nor.melailic minerals are Doing produced commercially in this country, but 15 industrial minerak must be imported. VICTOR PALONCY Pike & Lincoln Streets j fiEAL'S MARKET 328 N. Winth St. 1 09 25 Pkg: fjtsnEftspfiiDrJ I tv ancake Flour rwd, 3 eilclGus Sips Coffee lb. 20' PancaKe Flour 0 U TF armers Pride BIue Rib!on 1 0 Lbs NO LONGER CAN HITLER BOAST that the enemy can never invade German soil. American First Army troops under Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges are five miles within the Reich and have met the enemy north of the frontier town of Trier, (1) 55 miles from the Rhine and the great industrial city of Koblenz; (2) the British Second Army strikes across the Netherlands border t".vard weakest stretch of the Siegfried line; (o) Lt. Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army battles on broad front across Moselle river, and (4) Third Army patrols meet advance elements of the United States Seventh Army, driving up from southern France, in the vicinity of Soniberuon. (international) Farmers Pride Tomato Puree iixed Spices 1 NclCauC If&A , FLOUB ii tft HutffAN C0.J " Sixth Infantry Kegiment in the spring of ItUN and participated in I Jlodjjex Leader Of First Arm v To Reach (German v iusfard farmers Pride tlie St. .Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne j 1 ottensiies. Such familiar names ! hae revived old memories ' jwlii'li his First Army swept east-j ward toward t'lermany in recent j weeks. driving 1000 miles a month or lost SPPEfROIT JUICE Peaches I Vermillion County School I Officials At C'ville Meet I The semi-annual meeting of the j ; school adniinirftratorB in Vermillion I 'and surroiindine counties will be ! (Continued fiom page 1) j ""He mi'ivly k;lv n t'i;it tipjmr- ttiniiy and took advantage of it," ; nj, of hif; friend: tiaict. I lil.iMnitf Faiiin-.s ! NtitJiiiiM illnsnaies better Hodis' I fairness and liis un willinnt'SK to "iiOfT tlif HpoUi'ht" than the story i told alum t hint afirr units of his army liflped Krencli lorce lilnrate j Paris. According to reports, an official jlcicr was dialled fur Hodm-s' sik- -a Dauntless S C ,-- -t in -jfa; 3 25c m Crystal 28 Ozs. 23C i u. 24 3 lu 68c ALL-WEATHER BATTERY held at Crawfordsville. Ind., Annie Butter Thursday. Oct. .1. Clement t. Alaleu. stall- superintendent of public i struetion. announced. mm opjsco Here's a battery that can take it! Built for heavy duty better and bigger in capacity than rnost new-car batteries an EXTRA-POWER. EXTRA-VALUE (.ieore C. Carroll will act as the : battery that we're proud to sell and glad to guarantee! Let us fit your car NOW. AS LOW AS $7-80 EX. chiii nuii n for this meeting. Among; the topics to be discussed are. "provisions of the G. I. Law," "vocation iKiiia' to turn the capital over jo ti.e Kreiirh. 1 lodges 'phuii4d the ho:u.i i f s it; ti i iik thj-.i letter should ii io eiie ot his c.i'f.s i'lHiiuiitndt rs 1 o ;.c'M.ili purl ici pau-d in the lili- i ;.t ion. al rehabilitation." school bus trans port at ion." "statewide testing pro gram in spelling." and "distribution of material by the war department." Other counties included in this re HEW TUBES ARE RATION F&FE! gion are Iioone. Clay. Clinton, Foun- ' .b.,25. 3 KJ. tun 2S Vo certificate needed ior these tin new Goodyear Heavy-Duty Tubes. Reinforced ior long, low-cost er- Houses is a sul'-spoken proffs-sioiKil sold i -r who came 1 rout the ranks. H hi4s a clipped, rap inus-tiiche iintl hlue-m ay e es. i eHI' ut Point The tleileial enlisted its a prixate alter o;;e e.;r at the I. S. -MilitiLiy Acadeih.v al West i'oint. Alter three years as a piiwite. corporal and st-r- lain. Hendricks. Montgomery, Morgan. Owen. Parke, Putnam, Tippecanoe. Vigo and Warren. 3 Ears 22c k 2 Ltt. Ban 21C ; vice. Designed to nt perfectly. Tops I in Tubes! plus tax. I'pper Coal Branch Size 6.00-16 eti liis first iiiier Uian his lor-who coutinut-d on at Tlie funeral of James Boyd was Mi!k Is One of The Eest Foods! Servj It Daily CLIKTON PURE KILK MINNIE GiOVANII 558 N. Eighth St. largely attended by his many friends and neighbors Sunday. Mrs. Lois Nicklos and baby; daughter and Mr. and Mrs.. Dale geaill. he re siun jusl ii nier cUihsiuat the Aeadeinj liudtes w li'tiMt.".. but te e;ili;-e of R i it s. lluwvs e: bark to WeS i his Point in pel.e year All Purpose Soap Ue. Box 25C Nelson of Danville. 111., spent Sun-' weakness in mathemu-he eeiiMjaii. did gtt I'oint iis an in.-iriii- 10W COST . . " . HIGH VAIUE A AN PFFICIAL TIKE INSPECTION STATION NINTH & BOQART rOBILOAS STATION JOE GIACOLETTO tor. He el'Vi d in t hat capitcit from 4 under Gen. Douglas V.ti'l to 1! MrnArtlutr. ; da attetiioon with Arnold Webb and family and attended the lune-j ral of James Boyd. i Seerul from Danville, 111., were at i his pLu'e Saturday. j Mr. and Mrp. Krauk Stingier and family of Charleston called on Mr. and Mrs. Bert ticekhuaa a few days ; ago. Oreille Hinep and family called on Manford Holj cross and family;, IVAN SVETKOFF 1201 North 7th Street SEGONDKO EROS. Universal, Ind. !eian 1 xpidiiitrti Th yoiiiit'. self-made li--t: tenant got his first taste of war in 6 in d 31 IT wh.-n he sered with lieu, .lohn J. pershig's punitive expedi-tiuii inu Mieo. iic taiivti lur Fiuucc with tUe Smidj" alicmuuiu

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